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Come And Talk It, 01/22

Jan 23, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for comment socket with your host Michael Cargill. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael. Our Jill good afternoon. Austin, Texas so loud music capital of the world let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Today on the show we have inside the studio Andre Brower she's executive director of Texas gun sense. Also we have Johnny Wayne the owner of knocked in loaded. Also Texas gun since has a new model of gun violence prevention in Texas. Now according to John Woods of Virginia take graduate who helped start Texas gun cents he'd. Help founded the organization Texas gun since I was. The purpose was to countered gun lobby disinformation. With an objective. Fact based perspective. In an after the end conceivable immense says sandy hook. America seem ready to talk about guns again. And we knew already that Texas was prepared in this legislative. Legislature having twice rejected the campus carry bills which many observers viewed as sure to pass it overwhelmingly conservative Texas legislature. Now Texas got a sense also brags about the fact they played an additional role. In the Travis County commissioners voting against renewing gun show contracts. For county property. Absent guarantees of background checks on private sales. And they take pride in defeating a big guns in clashing legislation. In previous session's. And he also. Were very instrumental in. In bringing a the Texas I guess trustworthy source of information on farms Carl C for the first time in years so we are gonna welcomed inside the studio and Andrea Broward who's executive director of Texas gun since how walk on the common talk in how you doing. I'm doing good thanks for had a neared an awesome now. It in I know we met like about a year ago in. We medic on the capitol floor. And yes said you know does he know if we can come in in and come together and have a media or something like that that's OG. That under no circumstances you know that would ever ever agree on anything. You know but today I invite you on the show collecting hero you know exactly what you have to say yeah because I do know the history of the organization. Because we've we've had to fought you know we're really fight really hard against Texas gun cents. With. I am. I guess a bunch of different people. Who have it like John Woods who. Like he'd like he said in the statement I guess on the White House website. That's. They really wanted to make sure that we didn't get canceled here on campus pass. And so we were able to get Ellis stuff done which is very hard it took several sessions to get that stuff completed. So I like to walk into the showed data cannot talk about you know what's what this change with Texas got a sense. Well. I as first line at Texas since since he's always done gun violence prevention organization is not a new. I'm way of framing what we do what I'm we've always seen it that way I've been involved with the organization two years. My beneath second director for a year and a half and since I've been involved I'm. That's that's the way we frame and because we look at it is this. Basically two things safety education public awareness safe storage trying to prevent accidents suicides and things like that. And then the other. Part being enforcement trained and better enforce the laws of the state level. And try to keep people started prohibited her might be your risk of harm himself or others from having. A gun and and I think it's valuable to be here today and I know a lot I'll just say right after that I know a lot of people don't like me right off the bat I know a lot of people. That there Leo I can hear what what I like you I I don't think you are very nice person OPEC. Perhaps I just disagree that DS yes aside just disagree would go out and I'm like OK and I think there's a lot of things good but we can talk for five hours and probably still disagree but there might be a sliver of something we agree on and I think I even heard you say it in an area before Michael let. You think people need to be responsible with their guns and I agree with and I honestly I don't think people are responsible enough and that's from. Talking a lot of people. And seeing what I see on the news and then. Sermons and not your find until he. All right so you want people to be a little more responsible shall what should be done in Texas team. We'll note take kind of help that we don't think she BS so we we AM I feel like I spent the interim researching what's going on I've talked to the ATF I've talked to prosecutors have. Tried to talk to young gun owners gun dealers trainers to find now. I am what could be a sensible solution that wouldn't infringe on gun rights or take people's rights away. But you know a public education awareness program so we worked at Moody's office on that bill. That would just direct DPS to come. To try to do some public awareness unsafe storage Campbell we looked at the gun problem Twain hunger and that fear. Thirty for a hundred motor move the vehicle does fear and but look at hammonds money we spend in Texas on numb. Trying to make sure people drive you don't don't kill themselves with a car they we do Dirk you know click it or ticket drive safe and sober. X attacks. These are all efforts to states are being gauged and so we thought. Some kind of program that would help. People understand how important it is to secure their guns. And we think that's in line with Saatchi Reese DPS that spends eight point four million and by any Monmouth. They spend. One point five million year on a motorcycle safety so that's that's some thing and then we did we did something where. I'm in the bill says you get a discount on your 140 dollar application fee if you. Show us proof see bonus gun safe. So that's that's a bill that would infringe on anyone's rights it's all public education and a discount if you buy a safe. But I think people are still coming down against it so some things like that I frankly I don't understand why that would be. A problem are also working on a suicide prevention bill that again wouldn't be a mandate on anyone one take anyone's rights away would just address the problem month. Suicide by firearm they're 17100 year in Texas. So it would we didn't feel TC program just this child access prevention is and that it would authorised EPS to work on the gunshot project like twenty other states have. I think the reason a lot of people I don't like. Anything that's different from what we already have this because we already have laws on the books that actually. You know prevent those stinks so I own blood you know it's it looks illegal deals to kill. You know it's a murder so. I think that's really what the problem isn't reaction have you state laws and also have federal laws that are re in place and we don't think that but I guess vying. Bring in other things into it and you heard your dearest a chance of making a person a criminal. If you later on down the road in and you know and a penalty to its right now there's not guilty to any bills. Two bills that I said or just public education how can they they're not about criminal efficient they're really about exactly like a public education campaign I mean I get that the argument is always at the slippery slope soon we'll take Iraq right join everyone's going to be knocking door to door that has nothing to do with criminals are laws on the books it's truly. Like what we do now offered drowning and save sleep for an offense and I don't understand how I can be. Interpreted as. It's just one step from Tay pulled because we we actually have safety programs and already in place she of the Eddie eagle with the NRA and that's stuck through the department of public safety analyst is not as wide while they can actually they can use that you know it's it's a great program and it's actually been tested and tried insulin actually works really well yes and maybe they should partner perhaps but I think that. I mean do you see that 3500 deaths and injuries ear problem. I see a lot of problems with the you know. People dying from getting all the deals on 35 all the fun out there what about but is that a problem that should it be addressed and are simply just say now this to me that's dressing wolf 35 is a much bigger problem anything we have in taxes so why does there have to be one or another it's not like are we even got people working on traffic safety and not enough even get the car industry the works fine in insulting -- done enough when they had to do with the because right now people listen to position on I 35 like my goodness. You know I got to get in my vehicle and I am getting crazy would that but boy I really wish this person friendly would get the heck out of my way. But if we could do something. To turn to reduce the 3500. Means and couldn't we couldn't we make an effort to Italy clearly we actually have classes we we have class is now that people attend the old. I they can go take a gun safety class you know all those different things so how are you and him you know you can't make people people are trying to get away don't get to get rid of those two people really trying to get rid of its constitutional carrier we. Called her and dishonored your government's gonna make it basically. Optional on Texas yeah but that that litter that would be the state saying this is no longer important you do not have to do it let me ask you question what you think you're gonna tell somebody about suicide that's gonna make and decide to not take their own life well do what is let me show that 90% of people that have tragic masseuse that he knock on to cook kill themselves. I mean this is this is research this is always the argument they're gonna kill them fast I don't understand people who have tried to kill themselves hmmm so your saying they've they've failed again. Okay and you if you feel like that's because they're getting an education after that. Yeah they're getting mental health treatment most of them melanoma I grew human mental health treatment could do you know could could certainly help but I just don't I don't know what you think you're gonna cram into. Which which are gonna make DPS do that's going to change anything public health most public health experts agree that suicide is preventable and that if people read the signs and warnings of suicides in the risks that they would. They can help people for the people are we start getting this printed onto the labels a pill bottles found. About zawahri trying to force us until like on you or you're saying you're gonna you're gonna touch into the LTC go to. Why don't we have like you know. Labels we do have a feeling like an animal like you mention that talk about suicide colors tones a label and I'm saying why acquiring pursue any avenue of the LTC class is imminent saying trying to get DPS Arnold side. Verses taking another avenue as well. Well there's so that there's a suicide prevention council of Texas and there's so there's messaging in another way is I mean it's done very robust and I mean. They're there's a lot of warnings on drugs and pills and I don't and I don't know premiums and I know that's a good idea what he's skating at which I would agree. Is that suicide it needs. Once they've gotten a gun or gotten to that point Jay yeah you're not gonna have any impact on them that's so. And and to backtrack. Attempted suicide is typically done by females studies show very high propensity of females do it to get attention. Okay men. Commits suicide yes. And they're the ones that are grabbing the gun yeah so it needs to greet prevented before guns are not an issue because I guarantee that the man who wants to kill himself. If you have access to a gun he's gonna get a nice. He's innocent NASCAR he's gonna do whatever it takes to get the job done they will get it done so a lot of a lot of this has to do with these veterans and stuff. That there. A military needs to get the VA needs to get way better at helping these guys that's where the problem is guns. Have nothing. Nothing though they have absolutely everything either because all you're gonna go crisis and you have easy access to then you're much more likely than you might I point is my point is if hill are still hit somebody with his vehicle still go off a cliff title finally that Ellis studies show that does not what studies show limited studies in my town and many class way it's been proven that men commit suicide women attend knowing your dad and the most people that commences and Texas by firearms or middle aged white males. That's exactly who are most Neil TC holders in Texas. Does the LTC class already requires of the fourth thing that it requires a child access prevention there's foreigner and 43 kids killed her new career in Texas people say that's worthy right let's keep them away from kids because we don't want a toddler to pick up the gunman's on the night stand until somebody right. Suicide is 17100 not this foreigner and 43. I'm what do we just don't. Made people where you know what it's fine you know law abiding citizens if you wanna have your gun for self defense but when you have Simone a suicidal like you're seventeen year old daughter. You might wanna just be thoughtful level. Locking up here's the oil and we are. Making them aware by teaching this in the class so what more do you want us to you each about suicide prevention and the funny we talk about a lot of different things in class. There's no way in the world and I'm gonna be able to sit here in and give a person education on suicide prevention that takes years to get an angry and that. You know an opt out not a doctor so I can give snow and a person enough information into there's always so much more than I can do. I'm art classes for the classes by the state of maintaining mandated before our Jim from K act she's been six hours from from actually going over that limit. We're giving them so much information and I are leaving we don't even take breaks we take like one break. The entire day explore new we'll take a break and then we're we're going you know you just have to get a mr. Sherman and we keep going we keep going I keep pushing keep pushing. And would given so much information but should not going to you if a person wants to kill themselves they're gonna do it looks like you don't see any value on suicide prevention. All you know I don't analyze the avenue which you pursue it but the thing is. This is this is definitely an issue you could raise funding on an insane hunters can literally doing a right now one of all the signs you see on the side of the highway they showed. The number one what's killing our troops and it's not bullets it's still ball Olson moved in and sang those people are getting funding from somewhere and I would argue they're probably reaching more people who then you would be trying to pursue and LT. Else I know I Harris and I think there's a lot of good ones who should be tackled and I I like billboards and I like when you know PSAs and that's what I was hoping that. Then I am DPS. Could get involved even more than a small way but I guess times and think to what's the harm in adding a five minute module what I'm saying is what you get content together for there's nothing stopping you from doing her now more lower but I don't. All right so winner he'll talk with Texas gun since we also have Johnny weighed inside the studio old owner block didn't knock in loaded. How we're talking about the since in his state of Texas and what that really means this is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk to. Pieces in my race you Lipton. Common call the radio what might argue. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael kargil. All right we're in the studio with Texas got a sense also me owner of knock then loaded Johnny wade so let me bring into the conversation now Johnny wade going to step up to the Mike did Johnny welcome to come to talk concern. Thank you Martha there are bigger heights a journey you know. He had and I do have a thing because. I like the fact that you get involved in the legislative process you know I love that. But what I don't you know what I don't understand is. Why you chose to Yoon lobby with Texas gun sentence. That's still one thing that I'm confused with had the capital an idea that there that I. Their first. I don't know that I own lobbying with them. I was invited into their campus if you will. Motion for an educational purposes Morristown mayor of the day I wasn't down American lobby at all I was drawn into it. Yes opinions you know from different people and so and so forth. Come my way my purpose. Was to get to know. Both sides I wanna know you know. Those that would be viewed as anti gun and also very pro gun and then just like this right here I don't think. If I wasn't there I don't think we'll be having this conversation right now where you beer and conversation the interest. I don't I want to bring to people who table so we have a common sense approach to. This issue in this not so much and there are also room on the books. So orderly what do you want to accomplish what he wanted to change work I don't wanna necessarily change in you all's I want I want change attitudes. You know I want to speak to Europe. Your listeners and to be and to be involved I don't know who personal level of their own. Safety and and genre stations of what. If somebody means accidental death everything you know some worked. What's involved you know a million ID not believe that people know different team right and wrong. Some people don't I don't think so. And human example. Or yesterday and got a gun range and claimed there was a gentleman there with his two sons who. First page they shot. Murmured into when he too. Maybe he brought his Glock 23 there and shooting that this boys who were one was just barely a teenager. And this is coming from. Mesh shorts and development corny it was. He knew he was you know us anyway. They're sudoku you can cheat sheet to go and he uninterested in the girl next door or in the next lane over Democrat and before. From the master sergeant noticed that when the boys know Roman had a gun pointed in the face whose brother. Went over and arson dead too soon really being kicked off the range well. He he knew exactly immediately and what he become from Monday Anderson mind your own business. And so. Question mesh or she goes through the range restaurants just keep an hour. For now what is a given at a each meeting mealy kicked off the range immediately. Well done understand this tell you what it works Aaron I don't have a problem the range safety option there but yet again. Every new year and then there were made and ripped. The other thing about news this is that's a foreign thing where. I have I have a problem with somebody goes is endangering her children. Now. Can you can you rate like that no bits into more stringent you know responsibility of all of whom will the range. But did they did they go home and safe than gonna wait I doubt it and when they left they went home. Probably the dead was chastising the range for looting amount. I don't have answers for any of this policy don't underscore you know our reach out pin and I want to be involved. You know I don't if I can if I can be part. And this is not Margolis floors and my own personal. Growth rate gratification that if I can be important saving more than one person. Preventing one accident then it's worth it so me being in that camp. With with Texaco and since you know so they're knows I was there in observing. Issue psychic and you know you you believe in you scratched. You know when Arenas talked into the sooners you know they're right chastise him for doing it should be just us four. Being in. In net to try to educate myself and also can I go back to the point that now Anders here in there in the studio. Darkened you know about this and you're audiences here and yes. I don't want to I don't want. Infringe on anybody followers do this participate. In his game also in gun safety and prevention of Columbia and see it's hard. Mean in a bit until Monday morning quarterbacks something that wasn't their exact I honestly when I met the range I don't have any problems at all. In talking with people and and making them understand what they're doing is wrong so anyone would come to sit anyone I've ever had to do with deal within the range. Can understand when I tell them that what you're doing is unsafe he should not do something they fully understand that so maybe there's a little more semester I'm not sure. But I like to ask you this happen. Why would you go to Texas gun since why not go to U. The in Bahrain unit which your concerns. Wanting something done or go to new V. Texas State rifle association. Well when you go to them first. I don't know him. You know I happen to meet your own urban gun store how do you not know they carry the text they ref association I don't know who those people are memories I have to remember him. Just recently so loud you go to an anti organization anti gun organization first. Well again how how and to to how do you best understand. The strategies of what they're trying to do. If you if you don't go in and in view. And listen what they have to say if you can't you know missiles remote to us today you know we're at a table were discussing business. And I don't see I don't see a problem that him. I certainly have not. Received. I've been criticized for but I. Again it's like this there's some discussion. And if we have this device in this everybody has taken their boundaries. And it's a little bit like you should understand in this. Sometimes when you dig your fox hole too deep it becomes your grades. And I don't I I'm all for. I don't want my guns and fringe and I don't want my rights infringed work well our life what I do I like Morgan source. I'm I'm all for it end but I wanna be proactive in and make sure that. That the future of gun ownership is secured. It to me the more. You all wish they had no. More vocal. Outcry from the left who we'll call it. I don't like to see a little more. Subtle and I guess has to be in a bit more kinder. And general. Approach from the program. Well that's because gun controls always been races and then they started back in the eighteen hundreds. So yes but but before we get into that many I want I do and ask Andrea you know something. And that is you know I'd have all the Stacy United States. And I think ashy this a couple weeks ago and molestation United States what state would you you know pick as your idea state. Forward. Guns I don't have an ideal Saint Paul I'm trying to do is take some small steps from Texas to make it safer and precision I don't know one state or chicken cannot say hey Baird process they're doing it right or I can limit that stake hazard. You know they're doing the right because the agenda I crafted and then I've been working on through. That this session has banned and I would love to work on with TS sorry I tried to region yes are they -- Saddam this is why I appreciate Johnny because and she knows I'm not anti gun because why what I mean or 2 but then I am working with him but why would even talk to me why would we be friends. If I was trying to take his guns away and then why would he hang out with me if he thought not you know -- why would even associate with me at all iPhone app that I'm. That's my IMAX Canada views and all that because me if I had a problem with. Yeah I'm thinking that maybe some people are coming to the gun store in their nod. Possibly. You know they they don't have good intentions. You know I'm gonna do something about it if I have a problem with the process or are how things are working. And I'm gonna go sit in area of the Texas State rivals say she's saying hey we may wanna do something about this. But you know. To go to you in I'm gonna see it again an anti gun organization. You take your concerns you know to that organization you know I I actually do have a. Problem with but yeah he's not taking his concerns he he cares about the the 3500 deaths every year and I'm in Antalya. You don't see safety bills coming out of the TS RA they they don't they don't. And when you say towards safety they shut you down they're coming out against the moody bill that they're there is no right infringement what's that and I. You disagree with that because he who don't fit the story that Johnny just told us. You know their basic safety rules you know whenever you you you talk about guns whenever you start talking to you start teaching a beginning Hagan class he's our teaching firearms safety course. You first go over the basic. Cotton gun safety rules. And when he you know if a person volleys those basic rules he'll that's a no billiard done. In your finish even when a person does that and if they don't understand the fact they just violated the basic safety rules five point regardless. One else then you're done but Michael most Connors Texas don't take feel TC class there's only 5% come of this is not just LTE class does this in Harry's safety course right now getting hanged the course don't you a lot or other source do you there's. Many many Texans that never take a class so they just buy a gun so what are we gonna do we're gonna force attack take a cloud onset of the what he's saying I'm saying exactly what the bill that we've we worked on says to do some public awareness doesn't hurt anybody and it could help somebody do you think do we we do not do that when people walked as the gun store and we're selling them done with telling him hey. By the way you know you don't do this don't do this as a point dozen or so had I mean it every purchase I mean some people are just doing their background check in their Lehman and they don't have any any education and people would think it's common settlements like aren't on drivers Brandon how are we still do campaigns so we're gonna force Cabela's in those old and the academy in those places to do this and they don't do gonna punish him no. Not at all so I didn't say anything about forcing any gun dealer to do anything. I mean so had he gone to Cabela's or academy see what does she do X now I I I have gone to Texas gun trader I have emailed Emmons said. I try to go I said hey what am I am one about just saying on their like. It would be. Investigative background check when you seller dinner went to stranger. And they didn't respond I went TS aren't the four open carry innocent anyway I just couldn't on the edit the three point harness with a that it was out. Eddie what we should do is we should go to Indy car dealerships and we should say hey you know what. When you getting your vehicle you know you should do better than an hour arrogant all. Why can't my driver's license our pitchers that there's no gun shops around the with a nine if you were to come and their like the stock of pamphlets he wanted to leave their they have some information on Maya whether. Suicide prevention and gun safety. I would I would. I'll bet you there's no gun shops and deny you then there wouldn't let you let them leave the stuff there for people to pick up in a reunion and I'm saying marine and the stuff Farrell. Whenever they do sell stuff in and saying went down when it's. When you start forcing taxpayers to pay for stuff like that can produce stuff like that that's were becomes an issue you know I mean yeah but again there's no there's no gunshots around review malice that would you know he went in there today got to leave a stack of and rational families here and I'm sure they just leave it there. I wish we had a really big budget rainy day I don't know that we actually originally didn't do Passat a safety pamphlet. That's given to us about in Bahrain with every gun we know every guy and whether she's gonna bring new gun. Comes with a safety pamphlet that comes from being you know the FBI. And or the ATF's and then also must gun safety lock and so we're given that information out so they're getting the pamphlet with all the information in and what more do you want a single source safe enough. I mean do you think that the 3500 and they probably learn information they're getting they're getting all the information you're talking body. Everything you're talking about they're giving America and we've done at least we will look into it. I've. Believe I have but I yellow immediately enemy in the Eagles with every single gun when you purchase that gun so it's up to use Europe it's up to. That person to actually read that information. I cannot force them to do I am here I can't force anyone. I can't afford that person is driving on I 35 to get out of left lane get in the right lane getting the middle length kills a left lanes were passing only yeah I can't force an idea that she's not going to be forced anyone did you do what they should do you can't or aren't just drink and drive what religion and he was educate them exactly and that's what we're doing with our with. With classes that's what we're doing when that yellow Pamela bagels with every gun when you walk kind of begun so yeah. And I and I agree there is some stuff that goes on that I still see a 3500 numbers problematic some people may say were fine with that but I am not and I and I'd like to see it even better. And I I would also say that what bugs me so much honestly is the anti gun because. It always labeled anti gun you either have to be pro gun or you're anti gun and there's nothing in the middle well let's shall tell. It is gone since came out of the gate they came out against gay we've never gave their we've got. With John Woods CEO fighting us on campus Kerry frighten us with everything really anything that we wanted to do you know like 45 sessions ago you don't have a log it was. Had many step into the state. And I understand the fact that he lost someone that he you know love that was dear to him you know in a particular. I shouldn't happen in Virginia Tech but you know what. I truly believe that we need to get rid of no gun zones and more guns do equal less crime we're talking with Texas gun since we're also talking with I've Johnny weighed the owner of locked and loaded this is Michael Cargill. And you are listing to come and talk. They've been bringing grace and I get my level of venues from Michael cartel is uncommon copy. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael kargil I'd tell you may announcing that. Why you're staying in Ellis had a great time. And all these people came in from the protests from downtown which 11 of the largest protest this you know off the city losses actually seeing. It's actually pretty big. And they would just sold Schrager you know when they were just seeing all kinds of crazy things you know like. Asked you to use the I guess is go drop in it's I can say. Try to let me go to the phone lines that is our phone number is 5126435483. That's 512643. Lives. Right let me go to line one AJ AJ you and would come to talk to serve. I think Mike yeah I can't so I've been looking inserts in the first part of the show here. And we played a whole thing that gets going through my head listening to all this. It goes back so early nineties with Eric Holder. Which is little speech saying that we've got to brainwash the public into thinking firearms in a negative manner that we can with we can do this. Well once in awhile they need to be daily repetitive thing so I hear the words comments. Sands. Are assault rifle or feel these other terms and then no we're not trying to take away your guns start is their children insult. Six to. Bring walks Republica an expense actually of course since some. You know early ninety's and this seems like a car that contrast here along with Scott I heard all the showed video of this. Statistics. At all there's all these there demolished us. But it's not broke down that number it's not broke down between what Honda was actually you know what you're gang related violence. And it otherwise we would any of these. Things that they are starting to push I didn't. Wait a program here that I'm you know what the breakdown of these statistics. And he he he knew would see that young. He's saying that they are trying to push wouldn't give me going to another brainwash the public into thinking in the arms and a negative manner or shall then they can't come back for the the magazine. You know who. We cap untapped capacity magazines wouldn't have this we can't have that close oppressors are now do you know. Yogurt like rarely ever used in the crime. Here is a live journal nature so which are saying AJ you're saying hey. What this is his deal was starting out with just to safety aspects of it in the year are you gonna do you a little bit more than a little bit more than a little bit more he just gonna nipped. At the gun rights by piece by piece. Well if you look at this stage what economists and earlier we kind of pinch it around saying oh what state and United States would you model. You'll hear you're gonna walk but you're trying to go laughter. And yeah don't consider our somewhere you look at the streets were the most Stonewall honor. I sort of Chicago and look at all the carnage going on there would hurt that's gone on your knees your balls aren't doing. Anything here to prevent that so. Forum you're you're saying I have lived so the look you know more restrictions you put on people. It's really not doing things so in Chicago like he just say in number penis because some people can't hear you. But like in Chicago. They have very strict gun laws in the city of Chicago is a matter of fact there are no gun stores in the city limits in Chicago are an awful lot of people even knew death. I have actually been you know in contact with a group. That out once opened up the gun store and that you want me to come here and open up the ghost or Chicago. I'm like nonetheless to change a law to Wear and tear my guns to the action if he did not go to Chicago but yet you're right so let me go to Andrea with that. Texas gun since this seems to see she has a replied to that. Yeah I mean we're not we're not turn a brainwashed anybody we are the absolutely fine with gun ownership certainly for law abiding responsible citizens we don't have a problem one bad. Your right there are some out liars of states that a strong gun laws like Chicago. But there's also been studies have shown states and really strong gun laws have lowered gun deaths. And then a lot of these these some laws like background checks they do work so I know what what we're trying to say and then and that you asked about breakdown. 60% of all the gun that's in Texas or suicides then then you have homicides and then you have come accidents as the third. Cause and I don't have back breakdown within all of the homicides but. I'm what we're saying is you know guns are the you know I I agree Lisa guns don't kill people people kill people that's true. But let's let's be careful about who has the guns guns are inherently. Terrorist I mean just like cars are in the in the hands of a you know when when someone's driving that is misusing it so how do you make behavior of the person that has big guns and how you gonna make sure that person does he get axis of the guns okay well then we we better educate we better educated so they keep my hands of children people who wish who are suicidal for illegal and that because we have a pamphlet bagels out in every gun. It doesn't do enough it's not it's not working enough than our view I mean the numbers suicides are going up every year how much are you hoping to reduce it because. I'm there's no you're gonna get it to zero you want right this hip I mean I had a problem I'm not it's not going to be easier you're absolutely so what. How much impact do you think you might I have in. Is it worth that indeed it does as any public education works it should we just take away the click it or ticket drive safe since number I'm so we take all LA I mean. Is there any I. Nobody thinks the mid no texting while driving is actually cause more accidents. That campaign I think that's actually created more than me because now people are actually instead of then my whole wonderful look and in their face they're actually hold their phone down below the steering wheel yeah look up all our guy does curry the. Or is data to back up that that. No no texting laws actually increased accidents. So you are acting when you get rid of all this you know. All this regulation and and then you know I think it's too much public awareness isn't isn't regulation it's it's simply an effort to educate I mean and and that whole anti dumping look at look at the monies against people don't know that guns are not safe for their children and you know they sure do not look coming our 43 people illness every kids know they know there's just some stupid parent and then we need to work on that. That we need to work on any list crazy you know there's no way to an alleged. Crazy the problem was just trying to educate people because a probe like I would have to agree with the color. I think often times this is. Oh wait to subtly get your have you ever seen that happen now. I'm trying to get my government tell to but but women don't mean you've had gun rights for hundreds of years no one's ever taken away you'll be right. To have a gun we've people of Hannity the CH Alan 95 norms taken away there's no inch we have now many. I just restrict everything that we can hone the word eventually gets to where we can't we can't have a plan. Not a stick with the California right now. So what happened when in Texas says you have even restricted from owning any time all of them let's go back to 1871. When he said you know what. Todd none of the free slaves are going to be and had access to the guns only no free slaves and then. We're gonna takeaways in guns from people and we're gonna allow you to cure your lone guy and that's when I'll start it. Well that I mean I'm sorry I had nothing to do that back in eighteen semi one might but I mean definitely I'm actually insert a story I don't I don't agree that that was wrong those laws first on the most of us. Well you know I mean that I'm sorry look at the Mothers Against Drunk Driving and I am. I am movement they aren't they aren't trying to ban alcohol there a trend in what you do when you drink in and get behind we'll look at the people that are trying to address. The prescribe you know literally no one else through that what helps is what you can do is help us bring back over and list. So that we can have other options if they can actually take a ride home and that would eliminate drunk driving because now people don't have that option can at least people women we have this event you know that the New Year's. That the people that left not overlooked but the other companies that was left you're in town there website is crash. Right when people needed them the most and New Year's Eve nestled in people just drove home drunk. And so you know if if we if you know we elect people into office that actually instead of them trying to line their pockets with money. Actually have people's in good intentions you know in within them I think that would help a little bit. Yeah I admit it but I'm saying there's a history we have in our nation of people and industries coming together the automobile industry the alcohol industry saying. Use it responsibly. Let's be safe let's address the number of people that come armed you know killed implied by alcoholism or drug abuse or. Automobile accident let's make our cars as safe as we can make them let's make sure we tell people to use them safely. But there's a closed door to the gun industry and many people gun rights advocates and easier I see me and people don't know what's driving laws are do you think that people don't know it. How many they've they're nostrils to speak we spend. Hours and hours and hours educating blending Millard you have to have a light they do anything less than forty hours yeah do it anyway so are you saying that we shouldn't have any laws against being right in there and I don't necessarily see this people million national's history all right everybody a liability and Astros to speed. So what sewage we didn't do nothing if people are gonna break laws in and day and do wrong things we should just stay out we actually have laws already in ways we that. Joseph Daniel and a country of innocent until proven guilty you Merkel are then you go to cordon you have your day job you have well I I'm just. I'm saying that there is when you when you try to educate and you try to. Promote and make our state say this week we care about responsibility we care about safety we want young guns don't we just want to be responsible event. It shows the state we're trying to address the problem I can't tell. I can do that in my household we were were pretty certain safety. Thought we'd take person personal responsibility and we've we have. The kids issued Sen. We teach in drug gun safety and he knows how to handle firearm and it's taken all the curiosity of the farms away from Khamenei he he can be around farm or not they want attention to a because when he wants emotional visit was asked. Wi-Fi you've heard that I'm sure you're more well informed me average boy what are your thoughts and universal background checks. Me yes. They're great fly effective they work. That the well it's just inconsistent right now if we am an analyst at studies have shown that states with a universal background checks have 50% fewer. Domestic violence that's law enforcement deaths. And overall homicides so I am we we do believe that background checks if that if the federally licensed dealer has to do a background check before purchaser. By the gun then why should need to do it over the Internet or at a gun show when people are clearly selling some Hubble oftentimes as their business. It shouldn't matter. How often you do I think about like the practice of dentistry whistle was practicing dentistry once a month as a state say yes double license you only know once a month similar adventure you're you're going once a month to gun show it doesn't matter. How often you do it matters that the receiver it's the buyer if you're if federal government says that so now we should get into the business of regulating private sales and individuals for different products. And that's our government to give you a firearms they that's a product PLO and we already have regulation and that. So that means said hey you know we should getting into the business of Haiti are wanna sell yelled this remote here notes this gentleman right here and you know I need to deal a background check now on him before I don't ever know a little further term. Yeah I need to ask when aren't so hot Colorado where I'm biased set and I've set Bed, Bath & Beyond well we're clearly not what I need to give back there's attack there's not. You know mass killing with the with knives and it is different than handgun and Jen disagree a lot of things in people used to kill people with a things that you purchase at Home Depot for my little guilty would more things even percent home deep Amherst more than Arthel see exactly did they do fire do you believe in background checks at all. That the gun stores do background check but we background checks in the gun store we do background checks when we conduct is in the gun shell do they have to balance to a private person being able to sell a gun from one person to another. No I don't think we should have to give a background check if you don't want teeth but does that so do you that's a private Silverstein but like any other view of the dealer -- if you because you're in the dust are selling guns and that's Wrigley about a federal don't think people but but if you had your way why disagree wouldn't you say no I don't if if you could see each user not wanna do a federally backed Urlacher and would you say I choose not to I'm just gonna Celadon ever walks in the door here's here's why disagree with the UK let's say a person when they worth thirty years ago near eighteen years old. They actually committed a felony. You can't and they were convicted. Thirty years ago they never done anything since in anything wrong beard outstanding citizen there because they saw the error of their ways they need for their. From making that mistake they paid the price he went to jail Ford. Thirty years later they want to be able to purchase of firearms guess what. That if you pass universal background checks that person will never be purchasing a gun any gun store ever. Or private sale. Well my clarity OK I agreed aggressor I'm so arms and if they're not violent felons then the nation they should have their rights back and so I mean you know they don't. Because citing pass universal well. A convicted felon yes can only gun at home for personal protection at the five years may have to get it hasn't Travis sailer is a gift they cannot purchase in under the privacy or will never be able to do if you. Forty years ago you're an outstanding citizen you saw the air in your ways she paid the price for that. You will never be able to purchase a gun from a private individual ever. My own kind perhaps things like that should be you should be looked at and no we have laws in place right now and that's why they should stay in the way the art. OK well then universal background checks what we know we believe in background checks we think they're effective and we we think people should be sung to strangers as a and a person could never would never paid a price for their crime. You will go to what was the person sitting people. The purpose of sending people to jail and never ever you know them being forgiven and. How soon do you do you consider it my the gun show loophole has do you consider like would you would you term that. I would I would yes I would I would say that then and I understand the theft of cells do background checks there but I don't I don't. If your if you're there in your pain of senior Salomon masked his song strangers and that's the point if you're Dick Weiss is an awesome one. So that's a thing nobody had a gun shows selling a mask I privately what does it matter if it's it's an I don't know here's here's my mouth move I can sell a firearm to somebody in the parking lot of a police station yeah. Why don't we call the park though the police station parking lot loophole. And no sign it and hold that thought we come back. Were talking with Texas got a sense Russell talked to a Johnny when he donor who locked and loaded knocked in loaded I don't know why. I see that phenomena thinks that this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk. This is bigger than it has just been particularly I think you're listening to comments at all it is fun talk third the only. Welcome back to comment socket with Michael Cargill. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael Cargill and now it's time for GG in global good news global Dendy sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online guns stored. In Texas. In the knees. MIT student arrested for his gun rights. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A student who just began his semester after attending the school for some years. Has been jailed pending an investigation. The 23 year old was staying in a single dorm room on campus when authorities searched the premises after receiving a tip. About illegal weapons. The tip reportedly came from a counselor at the school and weapons were found in the dorm which is strictly against school policy. The student had in his possession a pistol. A rifle and ammunition for which he was lacking licenses. And or illegal firearms due to their capacity. Angel de La Cruz was arrested on January the sixth after the search and is being held without bail. Void period of thirty days as this investigation continues. He was not released nor given the opportunity to be given bail due to the Middlesex County district attorney's office via. That he presented a danger that required his removal from the general public. Now there is no evidence of threats made by Della crews nor any type of violent behavior yet he is still being killed doing. The course of the investigation. Which could hinder him from assisting in his defense. And providing an acrid assessment of the case solely because he was in possession. Of firearms. The student it's a previous Texas resident. Over in New Hampshire. Earlier this week the New Hampshire criminal justice committee held a hearing during which they discuss the future of house bill 201. The bill introduced just after the start of the year is a gun control bill. Which was designed to mandate background checks for any commercial sale of a firearm. Normally this would already be the case since it's mandated. Under federal law. However the first definition detailed indeed bill defines commercial sale as any sale or transfer. Now that takes place at or on the cartilage of a gun show or pursuant to an ad or display. Now the worries believes. This is just another step toward full registration of firearms. Despite how benign the author of the bill claims it to be. The astute for legislation. Of the National Rifle Association argues that term commercial sale. Leaves a lot open to required background checks for all stills of firearms including private transfers. The NRA also argues that even if this were taken under weighing for all transfers of firearms. It's almost entirely unenforceable. Unless. You were to institute. A mandatory registration system to keep track of who owns what firearm. Now built in the past that beer striking similarities. To HB two O one have failed to pass in previous legislative sessions. So far no further action has been taken open carry in Tennessee. As it stands the law for openly carrying a handgun in Tennessee requires you to get a permit and pits you and all of feed to the state. But he speed forty could change that. The bill was introduced by representative James. Vin costs. And it pass would no longer requiring individual to octane. A permit to open carry a handgun concealed carry permits would still be necessary to conceal your handgun. But you wouldn't be restricted from carrying a firearm if you lack the permit. Now state rip van Haas has saved fuel other lawmakers on his side. Including senator John Lundberg who stated to the local news that he doesn't believe. The legalization of opening Kyrie in many. Obese surrounding states hasn't changed their dynamics. Local gun store owners and customers also had their own opinions. On the laws restricting their gun rights. Me making me class that are making it traders are Carla you know what it take tomorrow and apparently bled to slows people down and you know. Think also more money I think more people drawn by hanging honestly felt like you Cary of Lowell playing 200 dollars to the state to lose. More of violent protests. After the announcement of the election of trop we saw bold peaceful protests and violent riots. Doing the inauguration we saw even more displays of violence along with peaceful protests across the country. A couple hours after the inauguration ate a political commentator. It did speaker and break Bart editor Maher William topless told one of his many speaking events at the University of Washington. An avid trump supporter of breaks down and die sex political tactics. Of the left and the cultural the west. At this event there were protesters. As their use the doing the event which was on this subject of the cyber bully in an individual was shot outside the venue. Now the 32 year old victim was taken to a hospital with potentially lethal abdominal wounds and underwent surgery yesterday. After being on the run for some time the shooter finally turned himself into authorities. Don't presentation. A man in the audience and for the Marleau about the incident moments after it occurred. As he watched news coverage of it on his phone. Now once confirmed. Milo decided that he would address the audience in this statement. From the police to tell me that it is indeed the case. That we currently have press call for this I don't know if it was a fatality or not come until like you know that's. My suggestion is that the show should go on. If you up. If you think hazardous insensitive inappropriate I precedent stand and please please them because of that now. My view is that some if we can continue they have want and if we can continue we have set the precedent. Okay. My second time. My view on this and I'm happy to hear from audience members if they disagree my view on this and and we are by the way what you know way to get you out if you I'm safely my view on this is that if we was cool hole to the event now we would set a precedent. We woods sends a message to these people that's come this is the way to stop. That's one witness he was outside the event provided aid to the victim just after the shooting before officers arrived on scene. 3-D and attendees were shot at with paint balls there's one incident where an individual to Iraq at a police vehicle. And protesters words seemed displaying inverted American blacks. And that is true. Global gonna support for this week of January. 2070. All right so where he had been studio pat today Texas got a sense and and so injury it was tell you what she handed us the legislative agenda. Of Texas gun sense and they're a lot of different sings on give their cobra different deals on here and there are some things there there's something from. As senator west's you know what's that bill from senator Wes was set about. Yeah SP 206 is an anti am struck purchasing milk certain purchases are big. Problem in Texas there's a lot of thumb on trapping new happens in Texas. There's an estimate on the FBI said 40% of crime penciled in Mexico come from Texas. Come the national sports I'm shooting sports foundation recognizes straw purchases are big problem. Come federal law outlaws straw purchases. But Texas does not despite many interstates comrade in Blue States that establish a state law. Against straw purchases. So what would you estate longest straw purchase we only have the federal law school fielders or visiting them very well enforce I mean Johnny told me that he get a straw purchase a couple of weeks ago called the aide told in the the ATF ATF never call them back. We are the ATF is under resource genome that is. As an FF fell some of their hands are tied to resources aren't there so we're not enforcing. The laws as it should be it's not just entered the straw purchases but the other one what you think that it's a straw purchase G shinji did the sale. Johnny. I didn't do the sale OK but it's horrors. I addition foreign bail them. That the list of the potential transfer. And if they need to do anything about a war to be informed about it felt like it was and he was marshals milk to human form. There really a phone call back. Can reverse that situation so I understand that they were overwhelmed and 11. Slip through cracks may not be. A big deal for a movie or destroy under the new mouse port. You get an N a lot of this stuff I'm seeing on your legislative agenda. Or things that you know really we have laws already in place for these things. He can no actually we don't have state law for strippers do we don't have a state law on the niece they don't have federal well but that I ivory energy prosecutors have interviewed the DM and interviewed am I when he was designed here are probably is they're not doing their job. Yeah and this is the only other days old they need to do their job other as he is a prost is a state prosecutors addition attorney Vinny do your jobs and and plus there's an alternative Michael there's an alternative than what states that have stepped up an established state law that they they say it's against the law in Tennessee or come West Virginia to. Do you straw purchase sort of cells of people in the two categories of mental moments that are come prohibited renowned Judy it is mentally ill or involuntarily committed. When you establish a state law he strengthen enforcement as you. Say it is understood to mean you know cops and and local law enforcement their charges would enforcing local law not federal law that's not what they're there to do but when you're the state law you have another option. You can refer the case to. The state prosecutors or am. State local law a state law enforcement and they can step up and provide better enforcement you here now all the time you sit here and there. But theirs and we don't need more laws we need to enforce the ones on the books. But what if the one on the books aren't adequate enough to enforce those very laws if we are aliens. They are adequate because what you had this yet people that actual light on the form on the 4473. Com tells people are not being prosecuted from line in the form can meet people that form you lie on that then that if the FBI VTF should prosecute that person because when you read that pay for it it clearly tells you okay. Are you you know you've been to make it a felony you know you need to make the domestic violence you know clearly he'll say hey you know are you any of these things you've answered this question truthfully if a personalized and they should be prosecuted but they're not right closely you're probably is not with gun owners here problem is with the federal government who's not doing their job apparently he should be at Washington DC. -- I live there and I am London there's other people who work on them but would you before alliant trial on land and some of state the states have passed lion trial laws that states can get involved and prosecute when you're lying in your tenure. Buying unlawfully I mean would you be for that right I think I heard senator cornyn say he does for things like that the only tough fight crime not. But just sad it can't just simply a the last step that's limit and that's not on these state level this federal we have federal laws right now that are in place they're not adequate. They're not panic whether we need to stay descent you know the problem major state your your prosecution not doing their job and that's really weak argument like what is the state could help and insure that the guns are out of the hands of people that are. Violent or. Severely mentally ill gotten federal government would get out of the business of doing other things they shouldn't be in the business of and actually focus on these things right here I think it would make things that those are things we can't control of one people like the NRA block anything that ATF from doing anything or getting anymore recess resources are for my laws of our employees and somebody blocking and they're just not doing it though but but they're not doing it because they don't but they're under resource that they don't have staff to do it. The they they have. There I'm prohibited from computer renting their records they have to go out to. You know cabinet cabinets and pull paper records whenever there's a faster sliding. There are collecting so much data they don't know what to do is to begin what I don't think it's a matter of them not being able to collect the data I think did you state state takes so much stuff. They don't even want to do it. Well I mean it's not computer they're they're prohibited from computer renting their records in 2017. It's crazy so we don't even have an efficient way of dealing with criminal. Activities eighteenth housing guns were can be lost or stolen Texas and that's why we don't know mandated reporter. In 2012181000. Nuns were lost insulin. But now there are going to be you talk about government agencies. Sales companies to be done with those government agencies and not what does the people I'm not trying to not do little thing wrong I'm not trying to hurt law abiding sorrow and people are criminals aren't on the. And let's go back to the and to move the same gun stores thank you hang in that that is done and that potentially could end up harming somebody abide bought a firearm to somebody stole that firearm. Minutes not a gun owners' fault that somebody broke into her house and out let what is his. Thank how many I mean and I know this 181010 stolen. Maybe there are all savvy criminals that got into it you know about how many of those were just sat in the backseat to their car or when around you how well you're allowed to possess a farming in the view and in your real goal right now street Kim it is it's Smart not so I mean how many well we want to. Institutional carried us some people's only choice and also things that we tell people religiously. Even in your vehicle lock your gun in your vehicle you know why because everybody knows that in Texas everyone's got guns. So lockyer gun center vehicle this stuff that we see. Every time in class and class spell. Exactly in class that's. And we need to keep our class is mandatory that we don't have there are you know there's a state law that says if it has to be a sign in the gun stores can say hey you've got to keep guns. I think handsome unauthorized individuals in a certain wording that all gun store owners have to put your gun room from me again they had that sign so we have all these things that are in place I don't know what more you know there we didn't do. That's you know that's gonna just tell people hate you know Neal that a gun if you do the wrong thing you're gonna get in trouble. I had other things storm and haven't returned either Yemen saying I've had speakers on my car has stirred a storm on my car and stuff wiped out. I don't. I think that there everybody has their line right I mean but that that. You know OK so that's that's gonna happen crime's gonna happen so what do we do. How what laws to we put on the books I'm for you know being tough on drilling solid ideologues on very well defined the pedals and is now to make everything legal let's months it's just isn't a current let's say. You know I mean no I think. Should absolutely be a crime but the point is there they're not finding other items either I've had other staffs only in my zeal Coleman never found that I. The guns are particularly troubling when they fall into the in the hands. Of course they I mean you looked at me kind of funny but you aren't chill a little worried when you're gonna its own who's got it sure. You know I mean I've seen some elements might find guns locked up the purpose of me having had done this site can have easy access to it you are locked in a little do you have kids. My daughter's older now but to see during a pocket book and the answer is I can give you a story my sister was raped and murdered and she had heard guns in storage. But the people broke into her house before she got home held them hostage raped and and then shot her fiance in the back of the head with a sawed off shotgun that was heard. Sent I'm sorry to hear that must be terribly. Upsetting and and Terry and I understand your reason to have one have a for self defense I completely respect and I understand that. And you have a choice a story however you want but I can tell you another story. Where my friend Susan Nelson. And the ninety's was having dinner at a friend's house and hissed there was innocent his some night stand. And a guy broke and I mean you know he was there anyway he took it he shot her in the back to the head and then he kit she killed particular friend. It wasn't locked up so a gun as you know can be still taken away from being used against. But I could reduce disease he showed up with a gun. Certainly but that having an acceptable that a fire on medals after pavlik and on not DeLeon and send you could tossed a corner on the I mean the guy can shop with a gun or more guns or could have been several people there's I'm really some studies that this there are some studies that show that when you have a gun home you're just like tire iron in your house are more likely to get cut I guess right just like they're study I don't know I was studying players play any of those studies that I think the FBI is put our. Law enforcement how many crimes are prevented from people owning actually the FBI his they're comes self defense if you cook and gun use is very very low on this is from their own statistics OK so law I said Lon here here's the prime time they don't report crimes that were prevented. You know I'm saying they they report crimes that lake there were committed in and you know if somebody didn't Killian and when you no nonsense one need to learn. Mean they're not always there not always some reporting here's our here's our current lines I'm talking about like friends is why I'm open to hearing in Texas and somebody is thinking about robbing me and all of us on the CIA have a handgun and they turn around and go the other way that is a crime that is knock it may well the argument I mean that that's that's all blunders a lot of speculation there are certainly should be all right let instantly going to be. I mean this is documented the FBI said it was used in I think 2% of break cans. Was used successfully to defend I mean this is FBI statistics that I that I have so when somebody does sport a criminal breaking and that this document. It's just very rare I mean. It is very rare self defense can. And we also how statistics that show that as gun ownership goes up crime rates go down. That's no nods on the not often if it's done months statistics and no I'm demos of indeed Don let me go to the phone lines are to call in number is 5126435483. That's 512643. Live I line one Michael you're only come to talk. Yes there are very interesting program I just wanted to do make a comment. Andrea and folks like her from the anti gun or gun control organizations. Are very clear have been quote studies let's SpinRite. That's fundamental problem undermines your whole position these studies are paid for Michael Bloomberg and other anti gun. Foundations and they're just junk. Start now it's FBI I was putting the FBI study and I get happy listen to you. Speak Graham. I IG that's something incorrect so I wanted to correct you. Spam I didn't through reference FBI study I'm talking about all the studies which you've been quoting throughout the whole program. These studies are junk science. They use stalking methods. They used cherry picked data. And when you have two large sport should position your position has no validity at all. Note to those folks who want to see your rebuttal and of course everybody should read your data and also in your studies and looked other sources as well. You say good job a lot has been deep bonds to. I would argue with that very he has not been deep down to what he's sure that they're just means that some of the scientists or academic. Or press spokesman. That are paid by your foundations has said that he's wrong and it's not a carries. I would recommend that people read your studies and then give a book called the war on guns. Our job ought never achieve it's the studies that you're talking about and the statistics. Reggie quoted every opportunity. Thank you very much I'm gonna hang up and listen I. Thank you for you call Michael. And drift. I mean I I don't I don't do research amounts were small and one half person organizations I'm not doing the research myself. Yeah I mean there's there's there's research that finds findings on both ways I I understand that I mean that's why like clicking and the FBI statistics cents. Com something I hope we can both agree with or that are fairly objective. Now I understand people are very suspect of every town. Again I think Gasol boils down to it does and DC and you know and I know some it's not just. Am gun violence prevention folks do you see that it's a problem is the theft in the crime in the 181000 stolen guns the accidents in years is it a problem does it bother us that only us I was already illegal okay but could weed if there was a way to do more. Could we try to do it and ran her out but I haven't heard one half okay well I if I mean I've given you some I have done my research throughout the inner him and I have talked the ATF and I he told me. In net sales are huge source of crime guns. I mean what they're up there are somehow because you're required to send a farm to announce a film figure out a statement not in saint I mean you could sell out our hesitate Michael if you sell some of the of. Arianna offshore farm all on on line. Somebody from lawmakers something in your gonna send in the gun you can't Berkeley Sonoma younger I know you can't ship it to them that's exactly it's not there's no there's no no FO fellows is is allowed to do that period now where state. FFL you're exactly right I'm talking about private dealers there's. Thousands of private dealers in Texas that are selling unknown people across the across the street NN's. I can do this in the parking lot of a police station now has nothing to do with the the Internet you're just you're geared asthmatic people. Advertising their farms for sale on minus one and I'm mad at people I know I'm a trend that people are meeting in her in person to do this this is not like you know I have to you know gun show I mean my not mean that the gun dealer because because people are caught of the gun salute Coleman's not a not a loophole we can do it anywhere in the state okay or any property that allowed to stand on. We could physically do they aid and an exchange right there. Wal-Mart parking lot PF I think it would be best to walk in the though Wal-Mart and ask them to do your background check for you then you know who you're selling the people than did the shooting in Dallas says that comes killed the five police officers. That was sold over FaceBook that none that that the without a background check and you win when we are lax. In. I think we should do our best to tread and make sure that we know who those people are not the gun isn't bad but when a person that is intended to do wrong and they are. You know or there your response more than severely mentally ill we we should try our best. To keep guns out tempers and also had a bomb team there's there's nothing that you can do this kind of prevent you know also when he's Obama him but then there's nothing you gonna do to prevent someone you know who really wants to do something bad. They're gonna do it you gotta be endlessly crazy. Or anything like that so there's did sit on the committing murder which is illegal. You'll they're gonna. Do whatever they need to do to get that tool to commit murder agree I think you make it harder for somebody in released your detained here deterring and you're delaying and you're you're trying to enforce the. Let alone let me ask you question the harder you make it true for law abiding citizens to bed possess farms do you not think that puts people's lives in jeopardy as well. No because how anything I send like a back project how does that put it harder for law abiding citizen. Indeed the law abiding citizen to pass a background. Just noticed some of the stuff that you're talking about you're not allowing the legislator legislature to make this up you're allowing bureaucrats and stuff right down to make it up and not everyone wants the government to go home and their transactions for instance some of the mental health stuff you're gonna have doctors deciding that snow. No absolutely not I mean that we are not making up any new categories of mental illness this is the federal although I mean an end. Even there's even a portion your word says somebody can go into to go to a judge and have have you ever you know have a restraining order Don and stuff like that what didn't with the judge's anti gun. Right now we're talking with Texas got a sense and we're talking about you know better ways of doing it we're trying to agreement I don't know we may have to agree to disagree this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk. Knows don't causes such earns him the argument on this from one group called Q phone Cummins who can. It. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael kargil. I say I'd get knocked down but I get back up again. At where we're trying to work through this we're trying to best we can but let me go back to Johnny wages are even kind of quiet beard and in. His. I'm just trying to understand how well here's what I want ED Jenny I want you promised me that you will talk to. Alice trip with. The Texas they rifle association and it may be try to sit with her and meet with her. And you know give her some of your suggestions are what you think should be done which I haven't really heard today and I. Well actually chores. Suggestions. I'm not here to make suggestions I'm not appeared to. Try to enforce anything at all but educational because I'm here to educate myself. And then also be proactive. The end. In the future and again trying to secure the future of of from ownership. But you bet you I would love to sit down and visit with a can anybody else I don't know these people and and probably I don't know that I would get in the door in less of a kind of opens the door. And that's the reason why you have to at least try first you know Ed me you know because being an owner of a gun store. I you should know you know the people that are with the NRA unique. PS teaching classes or anything like that they are I don't understand. But he Australian striker but you shouldn't be you'll be familiar with the Texas they rifle association the one organization you know bad. Easy you know you're backed down backbone here in the state of Texas beat me a gun store owner so I would think that you would you know try to reach out to them first. This is just me personally. I'm only just recently gotten involved and I'm just gonna make the rounds that I think I'm sure things. First of all well I'm not gonna say anything not track so decision that I will say. That the reason the Johnny got involved I think I think if I'm incorrect Tony. It is because he was concerned about safety he was concerned about the number of deaths he stood up and he spoke out just like the other firearms safety range instructors that I've been working with two men I've been meeting with and talking to I'm not just making stuff up to be anti gun. He wanted to talk about safety we're talking about safety we're talking not reducing deaths that certain texts say rifle association is not talking about these things and will not talk about these yet they are they always talking about safety all pro gun or what I. Just talk about safety. You know that's not what they're tough we are religiously also preach personal responsibility. To get I can also say. I'm pretty sure Jiang knows that the N Aaron it's exit rifle association lone star gun rights in Texas Cary. They pretty much got Don writes covered in the cabin ever hear any any programs from the NRA you need the Eddie eagle program soils things they they're teaching gun safety you know. We are throwing their numbers but not everybody wants to be -- you want you'll have to be a member team you know to get access to these programs and mullah AMA safety and shortened the nation get its course easier when eleven if you age doctor anyone wants to teach gun safety. It's best that you actually get a certification from the NRA to beat you teach gun safety and muscled in Ari is the gun song or music I've you know as a show of good faith if they truly believe in gun safety they should support HB 111 and and now. HB powered snow which is also a safety awareness program because it's all about safety in an -- that's horse anyone to do any Anatoly disagree because we have a pamphlet. But if that comes with every single or you're okay every 3500 guns at you we were doing good enough I'll give a pamphlet that comes with every single gun sinner is nothing more the U gonna makes you are you gonna meet them read that information and I. I I would video on YouTube right now and look up gun safety had been taken to find a ton of videos that talk about gun safety yeah. But aren't real quick to migration lack of information Mike from how many handguns dues so to come with a gun talk. Every gun comes loaded gun every single year and every cent every single time that I by handgun lowering gunned it comes with a walk it comes with a gun lock it also comes with that yellow pamphlet that tells you about safety but that doesn't mean people are using those gun locks clearly that he Celine Wendy do you wanna punish him for guns I would not put gun safety concentration camp is there anyone. I'm I'm joking obviously a mom. It is so to me you know and I owe your do you hate guns you try and take guns away your anti gun. What if what if believe it or not I really just care about the kids that are the for a forty gamma mom what if I did what if I just can't could that be the case. Bird MI really I. Anybody tonight or not but admitted at the end of the day we all do as well an enemy and we just let's join together on some things that we can work on that truly truly where and I you know Elvis you constitution very fast now because that's not safe I mean that's Lazio. And here in as oh it's absolutely have saved that would be the State's standing up what first of all law enforcement knows it's not safe law enforcement against us. It takes away the training so the state of Texas would be saying. You don't have to be trained to have a gun everybody have a gun and carried openly and do whatever you showman battled back got up 3000 how he might then and now they just send me the data to back that up there's eleven states are now in our constitution carry Vermont's how to since. The 19100 so we're not in my we're not West Virginia where I'm wondering are we have my email send me the data that supports the constitution Thursday you're right we are. Texas and we should get rid of these no guns zones and allow people to carry a lot more places we should fixed some of the things that we have done wrong Bakken 1870s. I get rid of this gun restriction allow people to get access to guns. We should reduce the fee for the handgun license yet you're right this is Texas and we have a lot of work to be done. I don't wanna think Andrea Brower the executive director for Texas gun says for coming on the show also want to thank god Johnny weighed the owner. Of knocked in loaded for coming on the show as well. I'm Tully will there's information people you guys have a dear. I yet decide for yourself. I think we need to get rid of these gun restrictions let people carry in a lot more places that they can already Carrey is time to get rid of it it is time. Do you let people know this is Texas this is a lone star state we love our guns and gonna keep our guns is always more guns. Equals less crime. Gordon by yourself again. You can listen incumbent talking. With Michael Cargill. June yours. I.