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Financial Safari, 01/21

Jan 21, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Imagine a time when you have the freedom and resources to do help boost things you dreamed. With how worrying. But time and place where all your hard earned money works for you. Some government bureaucracy. The tax free so. Call bill Capriati had a 18511636. Again that's. Why and why six. Threes. Information provided is for certain purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be relying. What better accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional we were taking any action. Hi this is coach Vinny and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement incomes. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. Kicked Fitzsimmons here were back on the financial safari and our special guest Phil capriati's the president of senior tax and insurance advisors LLC is here with us. Phil has been an Ed slot master elite advisor for the past eight years. So if you're in the Austin area and you need help taking a second look at your financial plan. Or if you need to pull one together to begin with. The number to call is 800. 8511636. I didn't want to take a look at an email from a listener in York area we always like to see what folks around the country are talking about. And right there in Georgetown this email comes from to release that Teresa says. Every week I treat myself to two lottery tickets because you never know. My husband size every time I sit down with them and says you wouldn't know what to do with the money if you won. And so I've been thinking. I know there's always the house to pay off the car setting up a college fund for our granddaughters. But if I walked into your office having just one say fifteen million dollars what would you advise I do with. Treason that's great I loved the way your thinking in fact of the matter is I've actually had a client who is a lottery ticket you know one of the biggest problems with many folks that win the lottery is in many cases they're broke within five years and at the Max. Improper planning. So let's assume you won that fifteen million dollars and he came in to see. Till Caprio I mean company Everett senior tax and insurance advisors so. One of the very first recommendations. That I would make would be. We wanna pay the taxes so. If we were to take out your you when you win a lottery you'll always have an option of taking a lifetime income which I very rarely recommend. Or a lump sum. Now with a lump sum many times with the wind it will let's let's go back out with a lump sum yes you do have to pay the taxes all upfront but now you have the iris pretty much off your back if you take an annuity many of these annuities will only pay per Euro lifetime in for a certain period certain. Five years ten years or what have you. So with a some like the issue can really do a lot of help for your family for your children your grandchildren so the first thing I would do is add. With fifteen million probably would take a lump sum option. Second thing I'd do is pay the taxes. The next thing that I would do would be to recommend to set up the family trust. We would want to put this money and protect this money and surrounded into a trust. We want to protect your money against creditors. Financial predators that is. And unintended beneficiaries. You know it's funny when I use that term unintended beneficiaries people look ME amid very first question is what he means that it. And we're on unintended beneficiary for instance would be. Let's say your grandchild got married and let's say that this money was in Darren name or child got married in and inherited a budget this money on many times unfortunately money changes some folks. And what may happen is any. In law who gets divorce or or even a potential. In law permits from a grandchild. Coup may get divorced what caught would very possibly lose their share so only put this money in trust were protecting it because the trust owns it. And then to trust her exit so that would be number one. Number two I definitely would wanna start to look at. Setting up a retirement income plan and in ordered it to do that while we want to take a look at this wanna take a look at your family's priorities. We wanna talk about things like risk management we wanna talk about ink. So for me what I would recommend especially with the with a fifteen million dollar figure after taxes you're probably gonna have about. Nine or ten million we were gonna wanna set up eight were gonna wanna set up number 18 tax reduction strategy. To make sure that you're not getting killed in taxes. As she starts taking camp so I would probably look at setting up some sort of they have a blue chip high dividend yield offering term. As well as tax free ammunition million as well as tax free municipal bonds this would be just say I'm just giving you kind of at an earmark. The other main that we would look at is we would look at tactically managing the rest of the assets. We would want to maximize returns. While we minimized. Risk and minimize taxes so. We want to take a look at that M so basically would be a comprehensive plants away and you hit that fifteen million. Come on in let's have a conversation about it and we'll set you will will set you up without the right professionals. And with the right plan to make sure that your family you when your family's interest are the main priority. And not someone else. Is that number to call is 808511636. And now is the perfect time to do it. Felt Capriati has limited space is available but we have partnered with him this weekend to make sure that he keeps space is open on his calendar specifically. For radio listeners so. Whether you've won the lottery or maybe not that lucky but to meet a successful retirement anyway. Today is the date to give Phil a call. That number again is 808511636. And Phil this is a perfect time for them to call right. Yet that's correct I told my office manager candy we have three open spots these are complimentary consultations. In our office. A personal sit down consultation we can talk about anything you'd like we talk about taxes. We could talk about asset planning week that he didn't run a Morningstar reported your portfolio or. Talk about getting you a second opinion on year around a UN your assets under management. Anything that you want to talk about whether it's talking about a trust whether it's talking about taxes whether it's talking about income planning. Whether it's talking about managing your money. We have the professionals here to accomplish your goals and financial objectives. That number again 808511636. It's your chance to meet with Phil Capriati who is an ad slot master Lee advisor with senior tax and insurance advisors LLC. And start building our retirement plan. We're get a second set of eyes and your existing plan no obligation. Absolutely free the number again 80851. 1636. Will be talking more with bill in just a few minutes so stay with us here. On the financial so far. You're listening to the financial safari needs next well. Let's talk annuities. Annuities come in many flavors. These include fixed. Immediately thanks for indexing and variable. While we would never recommend a variable annuities because of the potential loss of income. The other three types of annuities fixed immediate and fixed indexed and are valuable unwise addition to an investment portfolio. Let's X forty's. I have a fixed annuity operations similar to a CD at a bank. An insurance company guarantees of periodic accept payment as well as a minimum interest rates. He immediately knew he acts as an individual pension plan. And income is guaranteed for life regardless of age and you have potential beneficiary options as well. Now unless a new would be to cover this fixed index and we are very popular today because they protect investment dollars by offering their share of the market's upside. Your return is based on an equity index such as the S&P 500. So steer clear of variable annuities and remember how fixed immediate and fixed index of new movies operate. But before pursuing any specific investments and remember to be sure to have a clear understanding of the good bad and ugly. And mentally establish an exit strategy before you invest. Rooms. It. It's coach speak retirement comes a lot faster than we realize it will. Would that be great to be looking forward to it and be financially secure when you get to the magic day. Well folks that's what's important work with a financial coach who understands the need for proper planning before during and after retirement. And why I recommend you call Mike close personal friend and coaching your area in the Austin area I recommend you call my financial coach Phillip Capriati that they. 808511636. That's 808511636. You know that's 401K. Is often held on a hidden fees that could be eating away at your savings. Don't put an expert who won comedies these. By visiting these safari to you at financial safari don't call. You'll listening to the financial safari news next. If you're lucky enough to have an iron or a 401K. Or other qualified plan you also have a tax problems. For example. A one million dollar pylori is really worth as little as 600000. Dollars after taxes so. Do you really want to give 400000. Dollars or more of your hard earned retirement savings to the IRS. Most investors and even financial advisors have no idea that a tax free market risk free solution approved by the federal government has been available for more than fifteen years. No listen I already rebooting it provides tax free lifetime income and a death benefits for beneficiaries. It can even be used to cover college course support provide long term care. All without risks for market closes. On like an IRA or 401K. There are no limitations on the amount you can contribute. Make sure you were considering all of eruptions by sitting down with a financial professionals. Yeah. We're back on the financial Suvari talking once again with Phil capriati's of seeing your tax and insurance advisors PL LC. The number again take Karl to reach him and set up that initial consultation. Is 80851. 1636. Or moving quickly today are about we do have another email this one comes from Neal in Austin Neal says. I've been living with my fiance for six years and it's unlikely that will ever actually get legally married. Where both divorced and no matter how we look at the numbers. It doesn't make financial sense for us to get married but were only two years from retirement. And we do want to be on the same page in terms of our retirement income. Do you have any suggestions. For handling a situation like this now this is is sort of tricky area aware. I did financial decision is affecting their life decisions so let's take a look at. The benefits of being single vs being married as you're heading into retirement I can't. We have to really take a look at this and dissected from a financial. To a point of view. I'm not sure fuse. And advising you on its better up the matter how you look at it do it I don't that your who's advising you that is better off being singled them there then married that let me give you a few facts cause we like to look at facts. The first thing is. If you both have significant assets and you're concerned that once and and maybe have different children let's say and you're concerned that if you get married you're gonna lose control of your individual assets. That's not true you can always have a pre nup signed seat can still segregate and protect each other's individual assets such you've earned prior to meeting each other and prior to your engagement and then then subsequently marriage. Here's one of the benefits of being married once we've set that aside. That that's what's your concern is first the ball. Taxes. If you worry single individual viewing your wife for you when your fiance are single. You realize a year and 15% tax bracket from 9225. Dollars up to 370045. Pure make an over 3700415. Up to 90000. U immediately jump in what 25%. Tax bracket that each if you. Now let's assume for mom and again looking at it from attacks aspect your married. Well now a few Mary do you get to join your income but for 18100415. Up to 74009. And again I'm basing this on. This year is tax rates. Year in a 15% tax bracket. You live in what 25%. Tax bracket from 74009. All the way up to a 151000. So you may be inadvertently. Putting each other in a higher tax bracket by being single as opposed to being married. That would be number one apps. Yes so we always want to take a look at number one I wanna take a look at the tax effect because what's most important folks. We've paid taxes our entire lives we want to illegally paying the least amount of taxes. That's required under the are under the law so we want to take a look at that. This is one of the questions that listeners can get answered the wind they're coming in for a debt free consultation that initial consultation to go over where you stand now and where you want to be moving forward that is why it's so important to pick up the phone and give field Capriati a Carl. The number is 800. 851. 1636. Are well let's talk about Social Security then because there's a lot of different ways that Social Security can be taken. And I assumed that he gets a little more complicated if you've got to. Unmarried. Partners are trying to figure out the Social Security situation right. Yes certainly is so when you take a look at Social Security. And depending on when you were born. Being married certainly has is benefits so for most of us even though through the new Social Security changes that went into effect last November 3. Where we're no longer allowed to file on suspend based on our age depending on what age were in some of them are still grandfathered in some folks are still grandfather then. But you're still eligible to take spousal benefits. Now the ability to take spousal benefits is the ability to be to be able to collect one your spouse's work record. 50%. Of what your spouse would normally collect the full retirement adjusted strange. While your own Social Security benefit on your own work record gross and 8% a year. From 67686970. Then you can switch over to a larger Social Security benefit that can be up to a 132%. Larger. Then if you collected on your own benefited 66 this is huge. It's in many cases well over a 10050000. Dollars in additional Social Security benefits so being married. He again has its major advantages because now we can run. Social Security maxim is Asia reports we can actually take a look at you your fiance. And take a look and see what's my strategy upon single what's our strategy at five married in my really going to get an additional 750050000. Dollars or so security Bennett's. By structuring. Might by structuring a strategy. That benefits my fiance in nine. Absolutely so again I'm not sure who's advising year but I would want to take a look number two in addition to the tax effect I wanna take a look at what our goal lost benefits by not being married. And claiming a spousal benefit with respect to Social Security benefits. Absolutely now I do want to continue this conversation but before we have to go to break really fast I wanna make sure that people remember that today is the date to Karl. Phil has limited space on his calendar. Get on the calendar today so that you can get and get your questions answered and get the process started. Today the number again 808511636. And feel that let's talk a little bit about what they can expect from that initial consultation. We have a very deep bench cheer that senior tax we have CPAs attorneys we have I have advisors to specialize in income planning Social Security planning. Tax reduction planning. In the even doing wills and trusts and things of that nature so when your first appointment we can sit and talk about whatever concerns or what ever issues that are on your mind. By the way of candy just sent me an email Tom instead till we had won a point that was taken so we still have two left. We try to leave three appointments per week for radio listening audience silly do you have to lap it's a complimentary consultation. If you can't make it to one of our Social Security income planning educational workshops. Call candy make an appointment will be happy to sit down with the U and out discuss your current situation. And whatever concerns that you may have. Well they're going quickly but there're still two spaces left this week to make sure that you are one of them. The number to call is 808511636. It's your chance to meet with Phil cap pre out he and Ed slot master elite advisor with senior tax and insurance advisors PL LC. And start building your retirement plan today. They never again eat country. 851. 1636. We'll be back with bill in just a few minutes so stay with us here on the financial side bar. You're listening to the financial safari news that's why. Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase show me and for most folks this means getting a mortgage. Instead of laying out cash for the entire city. There's no room for error with so much on the line. Here were the sixth biggest mistakes to avoid. Wanna. Not shopping for the best deal that is the right loan preview. Smokey Robinson was right when you better sharper now. Mistake your failing. To get preapproved for a moment. Getting preapproved can make it quicker and easier to get along and close on the house. Number three spending too much to avoid this and calculate how much you can afford before you start looking at houses yeah. For taking out a loan that could eventually increase monthly payments to levels that are too hard. Such loans might be adjustable rate mortgages or arms. Yeah interest only loans and option arms. The Christmas Day. Not knowing how much owning a home actually costs. Utilities insurance for repairs can be an expensive surprise. And mistakes sixth. Look at for the lowest interest rates without checking additional charges like fees such as the points charged by lenders. It'll cost you money. Yeah. The folks since that time of the show where I go out around the world and find someone who I think is making a difference in the world and especially. The financial world. And today is no exception we've got a great author met effect I saw her she she writes a lot of articles for US news. I found out she's an author of a great book called pension lists the ten step. Solution for a stress free retirement her name is Emily Brandon she's joining us on the show Emily where you located. Or San Francisco all right. Well egg what is going on in the venture world these days many people I guess they think that they're gonna work for a company for twenty or thirty years or maybe longer than that. Who may be switch and worked for five or ten different companies but when they retire. Many people are not like our parents and grandparents they don't have a pension do that. Now but I don't receive a traditional pension through our jobs anymore though it it ought to find our own retirement. Believe there's a lot you can do to make it back to their chairman back at you. You do have and in the bucket goes through ten different ways you can really prepare for retirement if you don't receive a pension three year. And I think percentage wise and I hate percentages because in Aiken twist him anyway you want but I think about 85% of Americans are not gonna have a pension now right. Yeah out but most of us do not receive a pension through our our top anymore. And so it's something we really need it the plan on not having a much you have a specific guarantee tree here. Your current employer and if nothing people who have government jobs market went very large companies to still have. Now speaking of government jobs is just came across our newswire the other day you're out in California and you have calpers and that's a government pay faced with a government pension accounts and I saw an article that they are reducing. The amounts are going to give the people that are retired are retiring. And so having a pension isn't always guaranteed as well as a. It true end the public sector is that is true and it can be changed I'm in it actor. And her parents served by the federal government and though and that can parents are up to a certain amount. But if you have a pension that promised a bad about you might not get the entire amount. Pilot on that they might not be insured up to the full amount he might look at her reduction act. I've talked to several pilots who lost about half their pension when the when the airline they were working for went bankrupt and then of course the airlines who they are they reinvent themselves ligament of all the stock. They get rid of a lot of the pensions are a lot of the pension liability. And come back out stronger than never but the employees are. Exactly and don't really speak to the importance of having a backup plan and bleeding on your round. Stick to make certain it will be okay if it's something like that happen. Yeah and so is the again the the one of the subtitles under Booker the quote on the come recovery book retirement is a beginning. You get to leave all the judgment behind to pursue your own fulfillment so retirement is at the end that's what we used to look like we retire at 65 died at 66 back in the old days. But now people can live. Swanee 3040 years of retirement. Which is otherwise known as unemployment. At the beginning of a new lifestyle that doesn't involve going to work effort and and you don't reinvent your life and a and a new way and leave with money that correct me if I could get by. You know you talk about in the book one of the enemies is is taxes and we wonder retire we have some personal pension accounts her ire raised we take the money out. We don't get to take all that money home doing. Exactly their money that you haven't and traditional retirement accounts doesn't really belong to you because you haven't paid packer funny that tell you you have to prepare for that. It is very important to realize that if you have a million dollar an entire way you really don't have apple amount you might be paying a quarter that in taxes. And they need you but nothing you can do you didn't like the Packers Aggies pulled money. Out of your retirement account and thought it important to look at acquired land distribution and have a plan for getting that money out of there in a way that it might. Every now and I'll have someone come in there're over seventy and then they're complaining about having to take money out of the diaries because the government makes you take dues are indeed required minimum distribution to what I tell them as they. The government's making it takes the money out have some fun with it or reinvested for your grandkids and their Korea a legacy something like that so I know they make you take it out but some -- gonna have to pay that taxi muzzle pay it when. When you know what the tax levels are and get in a place were not taxable anymore. Good point do people out of that account doesn't mean you have to. I'm you can do something great with it and not something happier children or grandchildren so it doesn't mean I have to and that they're actually one way you get it out. Without paying taxes now while if you're over at Indian how she. It you give the distribution directly to a qualifying charity you while not a low income tax on that distribution up 200000 dollar. Spell it you are charitably inclined you can do that to avoid the tax collector looking. Andy get a bigger stake when the have their little annual parties there for all the givers the fifth. On a part I think that's right. Folks we're talking Emily Brandon she senior editor for retirement at US news and she's been writing about retirement and aging forward for over a decade and her book is potential list. And it's a great book you can get on Amazon Barnes & Noble anywhere books are sold. But it's step by step tenth step solution on how to make sure you have a stress free retirement and and we will work that was some of the big steps to you'd recommend people do to get the stress free retirement you talk about the book. There's a couple of different things you can deal one that the basic things you need do you have a plan to act my thought the security. Don't you want it pay careful attention to when you sign up and look at the strategies that are available he'll get a pilot but the outlook security payment act you can't. And our political ways back that you can do that but aspects sort of that the base at that they retirement income you what happened is that local security act. So it is very important that to pay attention to the agent and I. Yes Social Security is one of the the most important financial tools to do do we call flooring in retirement which gives you the money you need to pay your bills. And some supplemental pension plans are always good as as well lists for one case the more you can have coming in. We call at the green flag on the mailbox during retirement. When you walked to the mailbox usually. You walked out to put the red flag focus your pay and bills would that be great to walk out to the mailbox and see green flag waving proudly and you know there's a check in that mailbox each and every month through retirement for you and the bigger the check the better that's why maximizing Social Security is very important is that. It exactly at one of the most. Important requirement that the until makes wind to sign up for backing. Could think about the green flag it's pretty good in the you wait the checkered flag that's retirement then you walked to the mailbox and others a bigger green flag and red flag out there that's what you want you want bigger greens and reds and that is what you say in the book you have to reduce your cost of living sometimes if you retire and don't have enough savings you can still have a good retirement but it involves having to minimize what you've been doing so what I try to do the goal was always have people be able to do more retirement not less hasn't. Exactly you want to do the thing that you've been dreaming about doing throughout your life and finally you have the period I'm in which you can do that caught it it deeply import if you plan well and have the financial cart picking care. Yeah Michael you income ID you need to know which incomes going to be identify what it is what you need what you want. And but a lot of people unfortunately what I see play catch up towards the end when they get to the financial reds though. Which is about five years out of retirement. And they take way too much risk with their money they can't afford to lose and we what do you think about that. The problem as you get closer or retirement there's but the attempt he then you want to take at risk try to make up or pop a lack of anything. And and it did you that it. If the stock market got go down in the years leading up to retirement can put appeared to back stepping he's coming at ranked in your portfolio because you'll. Will have a little packet of retirement in all likelihood. That you'll need the net that you eat you want some of that Rick and you really need to have a bye. Find a balance that matches you're you're tolerant of red and and how long you expect the lip and retirement. You you very well might and several decades to retirement and you can't have strictly on your money because you have a longtime Mac I'm. Actually you know I called the court explore you need some money in the court that the court needs to grow every year towards retirement because that's gonna funnier retirement. But the export side and have the potential for higher horsepower knowing full well that you could lose this some of their money in this explore side but if you lost it all Leven. Your core is still safe and so as we get older we want to make short corps builds and we wanna make sure that we take the right steps and here is one thing here well wanna talk about towards the end of the interview is I've been to Vegas several times I have no idea how to play craps craps is that tape or the roll of the dice there would get all excited and people seem to be making a lot of money. As of your walking through the casino when you see that table while people give me to the high fives. You go with start putting money behind it to be basically copy somebody who's making money and then also someone rolls a seven I know fuel seven that's a bad thing it all the money gets swept off the table by the that the dealer and you lose that money. That's what happens Wiener a winner upmarket a lot of times people watches TV shows there Olympics are an expert at the market goes up everyone feels like an expert. And then the other side of the coin shows and that's what we want to make sure people don't do is take too much risk as we get closer to retirement. I agree it easy to get caught up in bad financial news that record mad that you. You've gotten you eat and based on what's happening now and the current means. I'm at but it really brick it danger inherent investment strategy based on something that's happening in the current year especially when it's our long term. Financial goal like retirement that it. It's going to go on a per packet while it is it easy to get caught up in that. But it's important to try or that about it at least with your retirement money. Our money that you can't afford to lose. It sometimes it can't be on to play a little bit about but for your retirement money is important that to try to they always are. I paper ballot. Well it's always fun when you're winning but it when asked to remember these the crowd stops cheering eventually for everyone and folks again. I'm cheering because this is a great book called pension lists and you could pick it up anywhere books are sold and her name is Emily Brandon. Angeles again the ten steps solution for stress free retirement and we thanks for your time today. And folks if you join this interview late wanna hear it again it's an entirety can always go to financial safari dot com quick on that has heard on the show like god. We'll be right back after this. Coach Peter Ruda told house financial would find. Just don't buy any of Oregon come for trial information. He's seen his recent appearances on the Fox Business channel. That's financial safari dot com. You're listening to the financial safari news next. When it comes of mapping out our financial future. Most people seem to know exactly and specifically where they're growing. In general terms they may know what they want. They want freedom. Independents and leisure time but when you ask them that coloring the details. And explain exactly how much income they expect to have coming in each month doing their retirement and exactly where that money will come from. Can't tell you. And yeah this frisked would you like to have a guaranteed lifetime income in retirement the resounding reply for most people would be yes. The fact is safe grew through guaranteed income is not only possible. It's absolutely necessary for your retirement plan. A game plan of advance and protect wins the Super Bowl. And coach Peter flies into the game of retirement where you must win in regulation time. For money and explore money by the twin engines that drive these events and protects strategy. Core money bringing your protected wealth. And explore money venturing out in search of optimum return this. Together they make a winning combination and. And we're back on the financials safaris begin once again with bill Caffrey army our local financial coach right here in the Austin area. If you need any help taking a second look at your financial plan or if you need to put one together to begin wit the number to call is 800. 8511636. Now Phil before we went to break we were talking about meals email. Neil is not currently married to his fiancee. But they have some questions about what it means to be married or not married as they're heading into retirement and what the difference in planning is. So let's talk a little bit about survivor benefits. Is there a difference between being married and having one's spouse pass away and being in just fiance he's an having one partner passed away. Well whether you're married or whether you're just partners. Boost. Plan to spend you know the rest of your life together. Its most important really important that we do a retirement income plan. That takes into account the survivor. The eventuality is so let's face it I think a very intelligent person one day said there are sometime long ago. The only thing that's guaranteed this year born you pay taxes and you die well when you pass away remember this folks when you die. You lose if you're married you lose a Social Security check. And the larger checks days to smaller check goes. So it's extremely important if you are married or do you have any partnerships civil partnership. You may wanna consider marriage because. You may want to use some Social Security strategies that allow you to collect a partial benefit Purcell a security. From 6270. And then collecting much larger Social Security benefits sometimes a 132%. Larger. And what you would have collected. At full retirement. And then had the ability to pass that larger benefit that 132%. Rural up. To the surviving spouse would many folks failed to do is retirement income planning. As a joint unit. In other words we wanna take a look at 1 mom when am I going to leave my significant other when Greg and leave my spouse. How am I going to leave them and many folks. Do not realize it but the one of the largest. Blocks of poverty. That we see is widows. And we see it really coast to coast. The reason for it is many folks simply do not plan itself buy recommendation. Quite simply again. We want a look at Social Security we wanna look at maximize strategies. We want to look at the survivor Bennett with Social Security if you haven't IRA if you have a pension. You wanna leave your spouse part of attention all of the pension if you don't have attention and you have a 401K or an irate do you want to leave guaranteed income. You know that we're going to lose the Social Security check only lose a spouse. Do we want to leave an income plan using some of R&R I aim money or 41 K money for surviving spouse. So the question is how much too I love my spouse how much they care my spouse how much too I wish to plan from my spouse. Well this is why it's so important to sit down and go over your entire plan and make sure that you were on the right track. Make sure that your entire family is on the right track because retirement is not just about EU it is about the people that you care about the most. Insured that you're taking care of ensured that they are taking care of and to know. Ahead of time where you stand so you and they are not surprised down the line. The number to call to reach fell capriati's is 800. 8511636. Again that's 80851. 1636. Today is the date to set up that initial consultation. Go over where you stand now go over where you want to be in retirement. And make sure that you are getting all of your questions answered the number again 800. 8511636. Phil this show has just flown by today thank you so much for all the great info have a wonderful week and we'll tucked in next time it's my pleasure and that number again 808511636. Thanks for listening everybody and we'll look for you next week as well. Right here on the financial so far. Current CRA. Information on this for the strength purposes only and does not constitute investment tax we're real advice and information contained. Sources that are deemed to be reliable what are. And receiving. We just cannot be guaranteed their Peter. We guarantees copies only a financial strength and claims paying ability to pick sweet company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract specific details of cost income payments of withdrawals from deferred annuities are generally taxable ordinary income in the year there.