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Jan 21, 2017|

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Well guns are real estate radio read your host Jason studs wanna share your real estate stories. Coming out at 5126409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. They welcomed the show's central Texas were back this is real state radio I'm Jason stub your host in you war. Consumer advocate for all the usual state also the branch manager of general mortgage or an analyst number is 181407. Guys appreciate student amber here every Sunday at 12 o'clock. And join Obama co host a pot not. Senior loan officer Sean Finn again how he served under our Harry today and happy Sunday to yes happy Sunday NFL football day when my favorite are Sunday's over the years yet I you know us talking my buddies this little bit ago about. Yeah Leo we are four teams left NB a Texan fan its jump it's it's looking bright for us because apparently you don't you quarterback. And well at least your team in the playoffs. On the jets fans are season was over hot pink about week four I think your next season is over at this point to. He now might finally draw I think number I'm debating might finally stopped getting the Sunday ticket next year because. Obviously I paid for this year and I just not worth the type who maybe watched. Fourth quarters of jets gain you much interested first quarter and that's how I watched weak wind like part of we tear them by week three hours like forget it. Fantastic. Way Gaza. Leaders to it is real save radio and other shows up possible without pat law firm up out law firms are closing office for Texas. American title so what's a special thanks at Tiffany mark Brian Lisa Josie. An Allison in the whole crew over their patent law firm. Now realtors builders if you have not used patent law firm to miss an out. There close and after hours we have clients. Bayer yesterday which is on Saturday. Until it's almost told yup yup they will do that too on the also closed plants in their offices and in their homes a bad law firm we appreciate your. Guys up they're given a shot also DN controlling a with the church roofing don't sell your home without haven't yet come out don't even leave your home. Without having dinner with assurance rooting. Combined value teacher roof and what he's doing is he's used to come out there take a look. Initial prevent you from delays later so basically you're your had your home inspected. And when when your bar comes and and then you you wanna know both forehand whether you roof needs to be replaced or repaired or it's perfect because they're neck and neck and helps your marking value little bit. So did kindling. Church roof and we appreciate you guys are great show coming up on me will be talk a little bit about interest rates will be talking in a little Lake Travis. Also be talk in millennial. What the lovely Sarah rose holed Keller Williams. A Lake Travis shall be on the show. Here in just a little bit as always we will hear from you. Guys got any questions on and your loan. You're long process your realtor how to choose realtor if you need anybody for you you wanna look at potential home builders. Or anybody in in in our industry. What we try to do here Rosie radio as we try to vet. What we do we've that everybody we bring on. But we've got a decent network of folks if you need to get in contact anybody had any questions Tex lines open right now 512640. 9610. And guys will be answering your your questions later we've already gotten a couple. Thank you folks are for a support us and reach out to listen in and keep that up. Also are apt is out there we've got over a thousand. Downloads. Out there and Sean what some of the things are what what's her by doing that now. I say most common pry another rate calculator. More more respect later is great my clients love that bit that way if you know they're. Yeah Josh special shop only at night they're real owner sends them a list of properties there may be a look at over the weekend incident happened to you know call loss. Offer each individual one it gives them the tool that she you know. Play with prices. Played it down payments opt you know putting your tax insurance and antsy with the payments or look like without. Have enough speed up costly pick up the phone and call somebody else they have had to have them do forums so off. They love it absolutely. We'll gusted to get that app releases do pull your text message open up a new text message and 31996. Is the number you're texting. And you're gonna type the letters AD TX. Kits and you're gonna get a link. Click on the link and scroll over. Click add a home screen and you can search search and homes right now looking at rates asks a question give pre qualified. All that stuff so be sure take a look at the outcome in were over thousand strong and we appreciate you guys for. For for a supporting. Us there so well art without further duke. Sarah real salt Keller Williams Lake Travis high you don't. Kid Harry hill good welcome oh welcome to the show house this Sunday tree here. It's going great. Finish out strong yeah no doubt we'll get deals so. I mean you're I mean I want to talk about a part of town and you know in this show we cover he wished we talk liberty hill we talk past probably talk downtown and you know. We talk lots of areas but one of my favorites were were hopefully. The stumps and we will end up will be. Though the gorgeous lake way. Area so but let's kind of look over that way let's take it west. Out there to to lake a Lake Travis. Took let's tell us a little bit about you to what's going on. In Lake Travis area. And and kind of we knew what would are aware of what's our expectations for for buyers and sellers is forest you know we view price point and things like that. We have a ton of new construction coming out the day and still going strong out there. Our biggest subdivisions that are gonna be rough hollow rocky creek. Alec Coleen as. And they're out going to be starting some of Amarillo 300 average Lou liabilities 500. And they're going up to over a million so we got everything out looking for. The new construction is really the way to go and you cut and a boy aid. You know some of that stuff the big issues on the older homes for almost the same prize for the warranty from the home builder is a step by steps to get on and go. So unleash on you live out my quest Darren you know what they can tell you about lake race is exactly right I mean especially if you're looking in that you know let's just say 350 yeah. 400000 dollar price point I mean you're you really have one of two options. Ya you've clicked said you should you got the new construction rough Paulus we water in las cleanest ugliness all those great neighborhoods out. Or you can go you know all Blakely proper old likely it would every win everywhere or call your gonna buy something. Built in the eighties you know any source a lot of remodeling and die as in I've firsthand. And dealing with that. Yeah you you you bought a a reseller I've I've got to resell bought a house bill they seven Clinton said we did a little bit of a kitchen remodel we've had you know fix a few other issues house I go. The history miles done and I'd say we got 90% of the other issues fix that they needed to get fixed you know some issues that we knew you know when you when you would. But you don't house in 1987 you know they weren't. Preparing for flat screen TVs to be down to the last thing. Fireplace so that they didn't think like hey we need to put an outlet appears sesame can mount a flat screen TV. Do you know. Things like that electrical you know wiring wasn't necessarily the same net than it is is NASA a better place to warrant but it's really. You ought what I wanted was I wanna centuries I wanted to be known established neighborhood. I didn't want cookie cutter I didn't wanna be a look out my kitchen you know and in my neighbor's kitchen bath which is some of the issues you know with that with the new construction but I mean. If you're if you're OK with that I mean we did look we looked in sweet water reluctant Roth following the since I was never present their beautiful houses I think he. You know it just wasn't for Ross but you know that's really in an insert confesses when those are your two options if you're looking at that price point your options are brand new or 25 years old players and is somewhere yet there's nothing there's really nothing in between you're not gonna find that. You know 385000. Dollar move in ready house no lake like this you're just not gonna find it. Template I got them step in the real quickly you're just tuning in this is real state radio I'm Jason stubs are here. Every Sunday at 12 o'clock in guys if you missed our TV shows. Our show is on KB BO. And that's spectrum while hawk struck a got that right. Spectrum channel seven or not hornets and Warner eight eighths to be hidden hate AT&T in the rest though Marley and Ollie north and I do know direct TV's channel 51 there again that much draft he needs 51 NI KB BO channel senator guest actor so you can catch on and high end a war trying to do is bring central Texas. Two. You were living rooms so where you were out there quite a bit you know million households are so can can view what we're doing you can see us here we fill most of it right here in the studio we also kind of take it out to show you some homes and you know we try to bring some folks on if you want more information about how you can be part of our show. Or to join our team you give us a call. Or she does Tex Tex lines open so all questions everything it's 5126409. 610. All right back to Sierra rose taught a love that name killer Williams had yeah it is it is. Let's talk a little bit about a a large group of people. Thumb up in its until bitterly about 30% of our bars this year will be millennium goals. And so I wanted to touch on that real quickly got about two minutes left but you would what types of buyers. Normally meals. The millennium holes are gonna be a little more like the baby boomers they're going to be sad being cautious on how their purchase seen. But they wanna make sure they get their bang for their buck they wanna make sure they're in good neighborhoods safe good school distracts. They're not having issues spending in the money in this one another spending that wisely as a second spot they're looking for outside the suburbs as an urban area that's where they've been spending their time. Where they don't mind making home again. So it's just get in them up that they're going to be good portion of our. I airs yeah I definitely yeah we've got us a couple working with now. And what will what will no names here but you know. How learned that over there ask a lot of questions which is good and then from from our standpoint as professionals and you what they're doing is a mean they're hiring us you know on more side obviously you guys in the real stateside but you know your work cut their their their coaches and their team. So it's you can't release over explain to home. You know we've got you sometimes you have to answer are you one question five times and fifth time it's just a little bit different or maybe they just to be you're a little bit more but. Yeah it seems like they're they're they're they're cautious with. All the information on the Internet was some of which is coming from sources aren't necessarily few reliable. Kind of marketing based. Information out there eggs. And like you said a lot of the information is and always going to be Actuant so please even if it's not me contact an agent. Let them out for you make sure you're not getting screwed in the deal. But they're definitely trying to do their homework they're wanting to make sure they're fully aware of the decisions are making a plan even if you after repeat at a time. So I think here in Austin wanted series along the whales are. In the tech industry were or engineering and just in general you know they like to analyze it and crunch numbers are paid and things you don't. Everything everything has a purpose try to fit yet everything has its place and yell at her office and you you know. Very analytical out there I mean we got several engineers if you drive around your sob but I don't know. Get mad at us but does does a damn good cars and those guys entered so I got forget we got to pause right there we come back we'll we'll have more. From a right here in in Wesley gets talk thirteen seventy. We share rose talk coming up we're talk more about Lake Travis more about colonials. Now we're talking about potential loans were talking interest rates stick around be right back. Your welcome back in the show's central Texas this is real save radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Appreciate you stick around we're here every Sunday at 12 o'clock or talked thirteen 78. Film they end up before the break we're talking about colonials in Lake Travis some room we're gonna get back to that but before we do we've got Alex crossed with team price rule state. Well on the line. Analogy there. How you do in this Sunday's our. I'm doing good on their Bankrate bull about to air an outlet just deputy dean I don't know strike. We're located just went and attacked ten minutes and downtown. It's look at street by her 23 under after how little green belt yet great easy access is get golf course now. I we have it listed at six under 64000. Which is about 278 dollars per square foot while that is blown out in the area. That is out of that everything isn't there appliance says. And cabinetry granite countertop quick load type back. On a Cuomo ought reject these. Pride in addition really shirt and just inviting your listeners come around Zia. Fantastic and we. Are who we've got a lot of folks out there driving around I mean with the you know with the weather to good day to do it guys go take a a peek at this one bum. Alex how do our little RO listeners in contact with yet if they wanna come take a look at your home. Yeah that you get vehicle any directions orders order comes in and out. It is I want to school 198781. That top 41987. Lottery just. Even army. Like this team price outcome that once again the address it's fifty cent and seeing. And don't drive will be here to about 4 PM today. Perfect we appreciate you calling in and now won't get you in the studio us soon but today have a have a good one out there and double talk you soon. Give it ticker it's a great little neighborhoods yeah that's where are good friends. Christian and I just moved up to longer uttered you're the domain in five minutes you're downtown in and that that's how hop right Jumbo pack I mean I've got to. A freedom on it's actually got one listed over there she's. Single gal she's been there for a couple of years that you have the the appreciation just through the roof from me it's crazy insane crazy. The amount of money she's a make on that but it's all I think you know our friends that live down near a date and you know we're we're Serran I still are they were in the on greater Lake Travis lake way area and the traffic getting numb. In downtown every day for them was just become too much and it's getting crazy. There's. Making six when he now three Elaine so are you get in the red what is attaching gun on my fears what's the two years of the construction that's gonna take I lived here a number 71. Hunger. I mean they're still not want to serve. Mostly don't send anyone at this point. No doubt crazy yes in you know three to see or talk about traffic all day I mean you know it's funny when they talk about like some they're due to 360. They're cool woody just cut all four corners that bridge off just jacket in the Internet that we believe the Jetsons already suggesting Wally we joke we took our officer officer of I 360 bridge I gotta go up 20/20 two. To get home and you know all look at a clock I mean. If I'm not out that door at 357. To get up that hill watch for compromise or sickle six holiday break on me yesterday I like 430 yeah yeah shoot yourself traditional Sigalet I'll stop me conversation. Run out of the office and someone called on the self unwelcome. We'll finish the wolf in his conversation in the car yet because I've got to get up that hill by 4 o'clock absolutely does appears to it is. Central State radio I'm Jason stops and I'm joined by Sean Finnegan singles a senior loan officer for an hour a mortgage Sean I've worked together for first in years and he's not my cohost of pot and a it also or Tex lines open if you got any questions on whether it's a mortgage or real estate related or remodel or builder a lot or what ever it is. Let a sub let's start let's hear from him we want we want talked Tia. It's a it's easy to text line it's 512640. 962. And we're also joined by Sarah rose hall of Keller Williams Lake Travis and syrup. We're talk a little bit about for the last break about millennial and what types of buyers they are where they're buying and I mean you know what what what's the U what what's the hold beckoning. Do you think are are they a little bit timid coming into the process or we knew what he funded space on your experience from like the initial conversation. I'd say they are timid commended experience they're worried about the down payment how much needs to be put down how much income their having approved. Necessarily. Where do they really wanna plant their group rest and build a fan morning go that route then. Some of Omar enjoying indication mean and starting careers and having their free time so she's kind of really getting grounded and want and make sure that's where they wanna be. Yeah yeah we've we've working with with one now and he's he's looking on the side. And you know what I had a conversation with them just Friday and we are just talking about. You know it whether it's the intricacies do you still want to get that mindset that this is a absolute permanent saying that they can't ever get out you are so few songs you'll like it. You know come out and do it I'll get on the again exactly if a couple years or rented out with a remark at all like I mean there the rental markets going through the roof. And so you know you have potential to you to written your cash flow there but also you're just gets kind of the mindset. Of you would not give you don't have to picture. You know. You've embracing your family in Indian visualizing the kids are showing even have yet you're swinging on that tussling in the backyard so it's just not that. You know final and what they open minded yet he is remember when we necessary so what are you notice I mean obviously. You know. For the folks that don't have kids you know someone else what I mean what do they. Is most imported them location is most support them a minute amenities. I mean what I'd say one of the main things that they editor overseeing. Is location. Some of them aren't even necessarily worried about the layout of the envelope of that home there and their place there and as long as they're getting close to downtown are close to work or where they're hanging out in extracurricular activities. So many people on costs and our outdoor people they're going to town lake they're meeting someone for some yoga class. They're going all over the place of them haven't spent a lot of time doing it to get there. It's ideal to them need personally. I'm young single mom I wanna be in the good school distract them safe neighborhood I wanna be in the suburbs. Plus ran between two lakes relate Pratt's. Swear whereas. In affluent. Definitely so shot I mean talk about mole hills and let's kind of keep it fair for second. Yeah there's a study that came out that says the majority and does so I don't get Texan. And they curse settled a sex lying if I if I throw percentage terms to say the majority of Molineaux Moline meals. Polled thought that you needed 10% down to purchase a home. Yeah I mean you say take out there still folks out there that that think that you know there you don't honestly. A couple things one that's not true I mean there there's a lot of doubt him assistance programs available. Some even in Travis County you can make as much is a 100000 dollars just even a little over a 100000 dollars. And still call fire for for down payment assistance. You know FHA loans you know three and a half percent down and they just raise or lower limits I'll about semi 5000 dollars or more to 361000. And that's 100 league deal in the Texas area Travis County. That's usual really heavily qua especially unlikely no that's now opened up. The late remark did or Wes Laker AD nineties here is where your starting in that 35360. Range you know it's now opened up to. FHA which also helps and you know credit challenged people you know that was always the basic up if you had. You know below 680 and and we're gonna conventional logic you could get a big hit to the rate in you know really. Become expensive now that FHA is you know open and you can you know you go by 350000 our house and FHA loan you can go by 360000 our house and they two on. Or know or even a scenario two where is someone that selling their home they're looking to downsize. You whether your income is decreased a little bit your debts up FHA you can hold a little bit more debt facility. It could be up to that and they drop me an M I's gonna drop a little bit BMI is dropping roughly about 20% monthly. FHA suited hit she was dealt the only upfront and fumbled though the monthly. Premiums go down a little bit so I mean rate compares. You know your rates and you don't want to jury it's going to be a quarter you know it's a quarter to three it's less than a conventional loan is now that's if you're if you're you know let's just say your credit score the six a your last your 680 and above. I'd say 90% of the time you know conventional still probably to make the most sense. Bought in LA said you know to Mitchell's got tighter debt restriction in me know if you've got maybe well I picked up in the past in your credit. I know FHA's and allow for more of those thinks it happened so. You know there's more often Jeremy Glick said you can get away there's little zero down I mean like you said would you know Travis County to make over a 100000 dollars. And get down an assistant zeroed out dot com. Are so tell us a little bit about immediately as far as like the down payment options go I mean obviously you know FHA streets of British 3.5 percent. Of conventional can be five there's some commences with three but for the most part commits a gimme five feet a USDA you've got zero you do your down US TA. And the Dow the way to dump him assistance works is you can. Partner those with either conventional or an FHA loans so really the down payment assistance is a separate. A separate program. That you pair with either in a feature conventional which. You can cover your down payment. You know so you laugh like. The 10% down is just not not the case anymore yes definitely and especially your pain red right now meaning that you know rent you know lot of places threats gone for dollar square footer or it is you know it's cheaper a lot of times if you get into a house with zero down and lower your payments. And build some equity right now. It's crazy not to at least take a look at seem to make sense where it is it definitely is if if you're sitting in this is real state radio. I'm Jason stuff we're here every Sunday in death you missed our TV shows be sure to take a peek at that run KV EO. But K be the go maybe it's called real say radio you can see exactly what we're doing right here and insists is on TV so be sure take a peek at that. We are joined by Cerro assault with Keller Williams Lake Travis. You have did you enjoy your your. You enjoy hanging out this'll that this and a and it's not too shabby all good hockey for to get that out sometimes I struggle. Okay that's all right walker deal will have we appreciate you being here we'll get you back on. And enjoy the rest of your Sunday. And which are constant and delegates there how how can people get a hold you. Yuck can reach me am I found 5129039330. It is always on me or email me at scenarios as they are a RO SE KW dot com and. Tennessee our guys we got to pause right there stick around we will be right back. Welcome back to the show's central Texas this. We'll stay radio I'm Jason styles we appreciate you stick around with this is Sunday. I'm joined by two guests to view full of people. And I'm excited we're we got to a lot more coming your way. I've got mark mark co host a partner senior loan officer tomorrow mortgage. Sean Finnegan. Sean how do you. Pacing the show's gone so far they produce our it yeah yeah not you've been there and thereby is hanging in there I think sooner we'll get deal it would also we're we're joined by Ian drew Rincon with frost insurance welcome back to show sir thanks for army backed out of here and now can do has this under a tree you. It's doing great you know a nice relaxing happy to be here answers some questions yet to do with the guys again it's definitely coming out little bit extra fun due to come up. Gays and out the window a electrical look out there a seat. It you it's kind of looked wholesome what's going on in Austin. It by the amount of big cranes you can count so. Yet we're out here now and intercom and our our studio and he's gonna gave up look at people who look at 1234567. Stand up young 89 nine tree watching the old the old saying he's you know as the greens go up eventually the economy Mother's Day out. Right no doubt also. Guys we got done lots coming up on me we've got to interest rates going up obviously insurance premiums or talk about those on here shortly. But I would not be doing her justice if I did not introduce once again share whole Sarah rose hall with Keller Williams Lake Travis since you're sticking around. With this for little bit longer. Got TI too entertaining there you go people cool let's get to that let's talk a little bit of insurance. Or talk about up in drew a me first which is kind of talk about where premiums are going. What do they do now. Sure and you know we're seeing premiums increasing I wish there was better news to tell you guys they are going up. And in a lot of that has to just do with some of the recent Nash natural disasters that we face you know I'm hail storms flooding things like that. IBC insurance companies are paying out claims and they've got to make them any back up somehow yes definitely a lot of times they do that by increasing premiums upon policy renewals. So texting and driving through there. You know that deathly that deftly. Affects affects auto accidents and other claims as well so I. Absolutely or an knuckle heads are pressure Ferrari off for our red bud Leno I got to find her and that ordinance forty feet here is that you. Mickey you have my Ferrari crash that really Ferrari I have is up on a shelf. Definitely worried and acts but. We did also a lead you into. Interest rates are going up in people kind of associated too but I think you know attitude to be fair you know it's. There's there's some uninsured motorists Ayers and fixing driving in the floods and hail and in all of that stuff I mean what what kind of a effective central Texas saying I mean I know nationally it's fair to say premiums are going up are we kind of the same in the same ballpark. You know we I am were actually suffering a little bit more than most that some other areas of the country. It were like you mentioned hail from the hills just such a big factor here is central Texas yes and we had some really serious tell storms in Austin and San Antonio. West Texas most recently. And and unfortunately that's causing our racer resolute more quickly than other parts of the nation. Yes definitely guys if you got any questions. For. Any of us please reach out to us our Tex lines open right now 5126. Or 09016. And it our own dual some. Let's do the top five things. That cause premium increases. Church so what's who wants to start with what's the first one. Well of course we talked about claims that that's the biggest factor mean claims history is going to definitely raise your home insurance premiums so. When Anchorage on my clients that to do is is they can actually request was called a clue report drum there agent and they need to review that you know at least every couple years and make sure that there's no clean sitting on there. That are you know inaccurate claim that's right into the can actually talk to the insurance company get removed if they are inaccurate. Another big factor credit and a lot of folks so no you know but when you when you. If you're getting an insurance rate and somebody doesn't ask you for your you know for your social pariah they're not giving an actor arrangement. Because most insurance companies if not all to use credit as a factor when it comes you know insurance premiums so you have to philosophers have been keep in my opinion I it's it's crazy to think that you know many many people don't know that that's a factor yet. And you know the reason to. You know make sure that those critics who works and it's scary you know folks that are out there. Especially first time buyers that are are you know told by their mortgage lender they do not. Do not go ran any credit on anything out their little skeptical to give an insurance each and their their social yet one of the things they do need to know is that it is a soft did. Morse companies typically understand that they're going to be shopping for insurance rates and they're gonna they're gonna hunched and definitely I mean what a mop biggest pet peas is good to have pets. Peeves is thought to have trouble can self selfish on what's a good thing it's Sunday long busy morning I got sleep. You know. In on the there so any level I mean let me get another shot and what are my most. Packing into. So so I guess authorities pet peeves you got a shot at had a boy for a tongue twister had it out right so it's it's. You know it it's. It's a credit polls you know your Chris was just don't drop nearly as much as they do if you go any culture Nordstrom's card in you go. You use it you're halfway to your limit. All really hits you is it's not you know generally in a window of your shopping for a certain items have few if you're going by car and you go to Maxwell when you get to Covert maybe get a Hannah. You know they're gonna give you little window they know you're shopping for car and you know salary figures or that much wit what really gets yen people realize it's. If you have a mortgage company pulled on Monday and then a car company pull on Tuesday and then a credit card company. Pulled out Wednesday it conveys an off your purchase in motions correctly you know the old. And that the reason that is is because then they'd look at you as a risk like oh my god this person's about to go. You know possibly take out of much credit so. So it's just don't have it pulled by a lot of different. Bryant these businesses that have the same at the same time able we'll get to that guys coming up we've got the top eight things not to do. When buying a home and that's one of my favorite segments that we had before yours up we've been doing this but. So let's go me let's get back to the top five things that could cause you're in church premium to go up on me we sit claims. Obviously your your credit card but the sound is an issue in what else. One of the experience. Shot and I were to with a client recently and we came across hi protection class that's a factor that. Can cause insurance premiums got the protection class is really just a score from one to ten. That kind of rates how easily the fire department can get your house in the case of you know on the case that it they need to be there for fire whatever it's in my piece so. You know higher score and then 89 or ten is definitely gonna causing insurance company to raise their premium because. They're not as likely to get help out there when you need it now. Definitely so what's a number three. Yeah we talked publication you have different parts of the nation are experiencing. Higher increases in other parts unfortunately we're in one of those parts that is suffering from higher rates. And and last is really just age of the structure so. But that's Rosalie now it's like a winner is number five the second is on it obviously you know if you buy a house like you know we did we bought you know what we're bogged domain and it's. It was 1974. Untouched in it and I walked in their in house man sing this old. And that's the house floor itself. Did you yourself yeah they're a toll did a good time yes I think he age yourself out of the millennial whenever folks throughout their Dumas show them that's okay. But furious aces structure we obviously the home that we purchased ninety semi forced and happen. More issues bride is something built in you know two dozen fifteen or does succeed. So I mean what what are some of those things and he wire or is that such a different risk as far as Chris I well it's a bigger risk you know on the in the eyes of the insurance companies because older ruptures have more problems you know. Especially you structures that have had multiple owners we don't know how has the mean it's been kept up on it how old is the roof you know. All those factors can deathly cause additional. Problems you got cause you know additional claims leaks and things like that so. Definitely any anything that's going to increase the risk for a claim being filed is it you know the insurance companies and it's Anglican and while we're gonna have to charge accordingly for it definitely yes and just keep that in mind I mean we are going pros and cons of you know what you wanna. Do a new house or a resale we don't we don't use the term used homes if you in in the hidden in the industries. Yeah I will this will this. Previously loved after previously loved alike that so before you go I mean injure I've got to ask you Q what's an umbrella policy and who is this ideal for I mean that's just something that and we we had questions and it folks have asked me recently sought told her that I get that if from the U. Yeah that's a good question his question we get all the time that are agency and you know there's really two good candidates for umbrella policy. One is family or household that has a net worth to protect. They they deathly wanna look at putting you know enough liability protection in place to cover at least the amount of their unprotected assets coach another you know I do Klein is somebody who just kind of has a lifestyle that. Is susceptible to you know a lawsuit being filed against themselves back to be somebody that star lots of house parties. You know may be as young teenage drivers at home. All the things you know factor and to the need. And whether or not they should be taking on an umbrella so. We say that's it's it's never prompted at least look at it they're actually very reasonably I heard you know very reasonable to afford so but Geathers and kind of the top two for us what little that's awesome man so injury I mean he's as with frost insurance semi you've been and contribute on the show you we appreciate you how the war our listeners in contact with you. They depleting their reach out you guys they yup impediments such as me or they can add comic directly in my cell and reach me if I went to four to 67491. Fantastic who appreciate you take a little bit bigger. Tom on this wonderful Sunday to spend it with the symbol get you back insidious and sounds great thanks wolf. Our guys got a crick. Quick break we come back. We've got one of my favorite segments where do it again it's helped the top eight things not to do about a home stick around. Back to the show's central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason stalled six or stick around. I'm joined by Ian drew reconnaissance back with us for this final segment of frost insurers appreciate you stick around the Sean Finnegan die in RO mortgage. Student loan officer. Product rate mortgage numbers genius because that and just all around good guy very down and are right it is human he's got a two year Ono. In a wonderful life in Lakeland yes sir good deals are. We're guys we were gonna take this to something that we've done before but I loved it. So while back by not so much popular demand we're talk with a top eight things not to do when buying a home. Correctly from talk Sharma. Yup first odd number one. Because in going through this right now with a client don't change jobs. Competitor and if it's even a possibility that you think you might be changing jobs. Let your loan officer in real owner now. Were gonna get through this one. But really the other thing that goes with that too not just this say changing jobs changing how your PD your job. If you've been a salaried employee for five years. And then also they switch you commission base right or or is Boris or some kind of bonus based in all of that can really affect. You're being able qualifying because you're gonna need that history you need a two year history of clock commission and bonus believes that itself. Make sure you don't change jobs or change your pace structure. Of your job off until you. Clothes and house of number one definitely what art so. I mean number two is one of my favorites so huh. Bobby don't take out new credit. Why dot. They can affect year ought debt to income you know almond and pricey out and beat you can affect your credit score and put chip below or are. You know you have business I put you below what you qualify for you know. Yeah you trucker has scored ten points a mighty creature interest rate a quarter percent in March is coming up Charlie got a Bob vote I literally have actually had that happen I luckily. Luckily. Net income was not a problem Chris Ware for this particular clapper literally we are sitting there. Like three days before closing months took declined to launch and he showed me pictures of his new boat he had just purchased and I said. You've got to be kidding me did you find that won't bite my first Christmas did you finance it. And you don't go by who you know don't go buy a new car when you're trying to ask the Israeli if you can wait I mean if you can't wait you can't wait in its emergency. You don't talk to us so any I mean it if you're thinking about. Opening credit if you're thinking about making a large person come talk to us talk to drillers talk does it do you I mean if rubio mortgage and real professionals out there I mean yeah it's definitely your job to make sure that she did have these conversations with your client correct because it's easy to do in the sit around. You got your pre approval. And then boom contract homes under contract option periods Al were in clear. Everything's going to be five were to get this house done. We go about furniture yet today and don't go by that time share at NASA wanna had a had a Sony by tuck. First off your mind it's I'm sure come talk to me first anyway prosecutor if you're buying a house for not you're gonna buy time share that thought come talk to me free buy timeshare yeah because I've got some ice to sell yen at Alaska Cyril and I got a website you may have heard of Ethiopia. Yet yes but don't do that times are remic. And then I guess odd number three I would say it in line with you know don't take out any new credit up what would goes and volatility and credit make sure your paying your current bills on time as well don't don't every late payments on your existing credit right the only threat yet don't pay don't make LA car payment comically credit card payment. On tonight goes monetary and credit and this is these B top eight things not to do yet reminder number three out taste don't make any large deposits yes that's long you know anything that's a ball of you know standard operating procedure and say that to as you know we've got Andy you were gone back you know usually two months and we're gone back to get your bank statements are different asset for vacation. If they notice any large deposits. Outside of you know a normal paycheck or like a little bit of money here there. They're gonna make you sources I date we so you got and I say they had any under idea here under the moderator follow other animated source that. And if you can't easily source that it could be a problem so it seemed like gambling money. You know or you pay mob mob but the he owed me agree and correct just wait to deposit that put in the safer put in the tour until. Do do people do met mattress money so. RIA. I actually one time had a gentleman. Show up at. To a closing with 25000 dollars in cash in a brown bag that's awesome which was interest and yet people still do I mean the people slab mattress money it's crazy job. Saw it's they don't make any large deposits and if you are making large deposits. On May trees so Dmitry can easily source at or that large deposit halves be gifting a lot of times you know mom dad grandma grandpa are giving you you know little gift to help with her down payment that's completely moving expenses are about records sure that's completely fine there's nothing wrong with apple we do need to sources and there's a letter. You know standard form letter to partisan deflect or so that's okay it's the same thing talk to your loan officer talk your realtor. If you're gonna if you see if you think it might mean is she just call Cephalon com. Less so guys if you're just tuning in this is real stay radio I'm Jason cells were here every Sunday 12 o'clock noon in be sure take a look at our TV shows on Sunday KB CEO and we're on at 10101030 into well also take a look at that. Also our Tex lines open it'll remain open throughout the day choose a questioned whether it's mortgage. The insurance title real state. But we can't help you we can definitely each in the right direction that number's 512. 6409. B 610. We're just talk about the top eight things not to do when buying a home shot what summer six. Numbers wall in line with don't make large deposits I'm sued don't move money around so if you've got a bunch of different accounts checking savings and eventually you're trying to. Consolidated wait till your loans approved. And then you can move somebody around rates is it just goes wants a large deposits as if the you know if the underwriter sees money coming in money gone out funny kind of smaller they're going to be they're gonna make you source words come from job the next one I would say. Bubble we said this RD don't pay bills late doesn't want to take any credit don't send yours is inspection report to your lender. That's on the between you and your agent and the sellers. We don't wanna see it Rihanna I mean if anything anything that's. Good to be an issue for the lender is gonna shop in the appraisal anyway right on me you know I've had it you know once or twice accidentally. You know it's it's somehow got slipped in the following specs are forward in any you know calls about a three week delay closings has built under under assault and you know said. You know even though they were minor not major things no they were marked an underwriter flagged it. Job and then it you know just sublime to the same things you've talked about mrs. you know this is. I'd say did for your real odor and your insurance guy you know injuries here don't withhold any information. They es death we think can be a problem today you'll find out we're gonna find out. I mean we're we're gonna find out. So it's better to let us know upfront because you know. I feel like 90% of the time people seem to withhold information and not tell us you know and not give us something that we find out on the road. You know most of time it ends up not being the problem which in some of the loan closed but it might delay if so what about like you know. I'll know more viable come aka telling. Yeah we're gonna find out of or what if you you know I've got to you pay stubs from my previous job I'll start my new job next week. What's safe thing we're gonna find out you know it's but you know I think and child support if you know if you're paying child support make sure you remember to tell what is there overall. You know here's the thing we've had that come up and like we said there's inaccuracies let's hope you know most atomic tonight that time even things we find out down the road. Albeit if you order another property its owner finance we're gonna find out yet daddy do immersed searched eight things not out to do when buying correct. If if you know that's I mean really good the be transparent with your real owner and your laughter. Let the note is a young wanna waste. Anybody's time deals they treat different frissora make sure you pre qualified I mean it agents for you out there I mean I know expects he spears sings and governor I had an agent. Taking god. Price fifty houses. Without it pre qualified pull discredit get a 555 credit score put up an agent is not it and paid till you get your keys out of that you're at a gas and figure out of that tire that's time he was found another client. Yeah on your really just be open be open with your real motor vehicle with your lender be open with your insurance guy you know we're all here to help where you know. We're in the business of helping you were not looking too. You know it's like the days of the you don't approved stamp and denied stamp you were order yeah exit to tell you know that might not. You create a plan for yeah correct it and we've done that I mean I'm and I haven't really got a call last week off the TV show. And he calls enhanced site on TV I know on probably separate months away bought. I wanna be prepared I want or need you know I admit this gentleman his issue just yet go together a decent out of debt you know he may give money had had actually Chris Cory just kind of had a lot of debt. Didn't have a ton of money saved up some may see him and I formulated a plan you know kind of told home. Where he needs to be out and so he was able to actually say okay well I know I make this march and I'm gonna pay off X amount of debt lemonade why. For down payment so I that's my plan so I now know every. You know out of every paycheck. This much needs to go in savings this much easier debt. You know his lease runs out in the I think September October but he has appliance and he knows and he's like you know on scene as I had no idea. Because I knew I give credit I know I may give money but I also not a lot of debt. And you are now lined up so I know what I have to who had no need to cut back on my spending a little bit and I need to maybe not takes me trips this summer of. Is put a plan in place I mean exactly the home buyers plan ME is. Healy exactly that and you'll I've got all sent conversation of the guys like lump on on the in college. And does he called it also author radio if he's okay I'm in college and you know I'm a graduate coming up here in the summer. And you know how one of all of make sure that I'm you know able to purchase a home after you start my job in the real world. I loved it and we're talking and you know I I knew that he colonel and asked me some me fondly did. You know what's your kind of halfway through the conversation he's like so how much is this cost me for what you hope to begin this thing you know three and it well I mean it. You know the only waded deep beanie Elvis get paid is if we get you into a home in I think that's important I mean that kind of goes you know even. Near injured AB kind of comes to play on on your end as far as just you know. Advising advising advising him in teaching explaining and you know I. I think at this point we can't release over explain your win if he ever thought you like and that guy's explanation took forever. And it's just rare in this industry with friends with what we're trying to do here with. You're buying a home I mean for the most people and it's cliche but use it could be the biggest you'll purchase sure deal of your life so. A casual more time in drew wrinkle on with. Frost insurance may have we're gonna get out of here buddy but give us your contact information real quick for Lester or get contact with you yeah let me give you met my direct sell you can text me or give me a calm that any time and the numbers 5124267491. More reach out you guys in and you guys can sort of touched that finish is great guys on he's my insurance agent now. Probably from pursue future site about trying to sell the guys that this in the show we appreciate you tune and and now reach out to me right now Albie you answer calls taken tax 512640. 9610. Will be back next Sunday twelve noon. We'll see that.