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Jan 21, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well. Two then natural underground I'm your host Al springer. This is the radio show dedicated. And podcast never forget the podcast and it's very important it is important Cass are cool there cool. We're not cool with it podcast concept that you can't see us and so we look really Greek could be way cooler than we sound when we only be cooler than me I might be enacted. A rolled it. I made up her arm weary of people on helmet. I don't know what's going on. This is the show dedicated the natural food industry. Joining me in the studio today just one person and no home are Ryan are sick he's sick he's really think he's got quite the flu going on him we don't want and in our parents you know when his Germany's blown it in this tiny room. Attending hands a bit but. Let's see we got all kinds of crazy stuff right yeah and it just me I'll just one and I are actually. They. I don't know how many games he still sort of the new year and we're kind of recovering which oh by the way yeah I guess today guest today mild rally the country rally recovery drink so when we get to that after the in this second segment you're gonna. Learn all kinds of cool stuff about. What it takes to recover. Did you do anything fun to an end I actually. Did in the holidays we went down to that coast of port Maine it was so funny when you are the beach in the winter. Ain't nobody's around that's kind of funny everything this week cheap that I can mean fun yeah. Easier to do fire like that and yes and the weather worked out it happen to be really nice enough to come but as we mentioned we've got Eric and Alex coming in a bid and then we thought that. Perfect because it's what is it does sort of mid to the third week of January and those just. Far enough into the new year then all those resolutions are falling apart that she says that. I even wrote mine all I typed them up that's when you know we have some time off during the holiday is black tie him up a pro professional on one side personal on the other. And I've already missed about two thirds. I think they hear it and they say years I don't remember the percent that your far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Yet again yet keep looking man but I wonder if that you think you would feel different a few of them in your own handwriting like typing them you're almost a little removed. Lou I know on the on that yet but you know. I wanna put it on the wall like him look at it all in your hand Bennington in my hand I I would find his disparaging tonight like a crazy person I him not well dribbled through. Look at that that is just awful they any goals you wanna share that I know that things are all private goals for personal folder into metal that's a that's done is to give those to myself. Have to pay that is there's no good radio and pretend bluster and theater while yeah probably like that yeah. Blow my nose and check my teeth before I talk to people line that's that's actually my own personal problem I can tell your self conscious I points up here tonight cannot. Well thank you I can't blow my nose in front of people. Is all I don't know what it is but because you're worried that there's maybe just a minute address flattery I just I'm an extra. And I know when I SLO if you if I'm Beverly you I will be dismissed myself I've noticed to the bathroom and then that's weird because when you want and pins bathroom. He needed just blow your nose and leave people are kind of like. Was scared to the Internet where there can be people. And they act like oh no this is all ahead and hill and now it they don't buy it you know they don't by the think that this guy just couldn't complete might not say if I've ever seen anyone who has something on their face something in the knows something and he'll face oases of retail. And yet I hit I hit once amounts of Brian and I got in the car got a big black piece of peppered my fronted bands like thanks a lot idiot. I had I like it because we all have that he thinks that what this show go through terribly I'm running on bigger than T let them back to New Year's resolution right right so this is. I found this that it just got me thinking it was a 25 most popular leave popularly. Goofy because I don't know what the word is pop wrote in New Year's resolution. Mean and this sort of start off by there there really basically the top 25 new healthier. Yeah that what was weird is I would've assumed things like eating healthier mean number one and work out more. But in the read a book in the 25 that that we poll we that we were looking at. Those are like number twelve and fifteen in nineteen so let's go over really weird very easy thing. Thick stuff. Like ride my bike more but I think that's sort of falls into AM like I'm gonna ride my bike to work can be healthy right through and tenure and do something for charity. Right I did that Hansbrough can. I did Judeo. Now every year I say Al talk to pick up the Al we've got to Lou let's commit to Hopkins and people other than ourselves a and then I do virtually you might need some help I agree virtually none of that and then each year I go oh wait a minute this New Year's Eve and I better commit to this for the next day they're handing out money you're you know now we know that that wouldn't be alone. But it's more like at all seriousness I'm thinking in OK we will work with food brands a lot of stuff. I wanna do one of two things the the easy and definitely needed one win and nothing funny about this is will be a food bank or am I. But my idea is this as dangerous to put this out we'll get caught calls on and in no way a process that. But we were thinking when to be cool to find it in May be. You know more people just are in kind of a bad spot maybe don't have. The resources to try and launch an idea but they have a really good ones. Eat and so AM and then maybe write it if you could do it any get a business going in an area that is starts to create jobs in in that same area might be will be a challenge global lowering come. I'm so how we go about creating that and trying to find those people filter red and then the problem is if you have a business you can't. Do you got all they want you go broke right to get it out a way to may be. Pick one or two of those a year and then just commit to helping them make their dreams happen in your email inbox just awful. I know that it ever hide for a little while I didn't up without approach that but I think that be really cool and a underneath. Yet collect what are the other here's the other all right so we weren't working through these New Year's resolutions and this is kind of a bold one run half for full marathon but again that's sort of an in the spirit why do you sort of. Or romanticize that idea and then I run four miles link yeah it's perhaps right. Try and extreme sport is number three like what. I don't know listing literally think that many people are doing that or maybe that's got quietly fail I got meaner some nine I guess. The one that really weird me out the most so what it was number one wants that have a baby so. That's an odd resolution. Via that seems sort of just like a life plan and even the exact I think a stage of life but not just. Have a baby yeah oh I finally into those this year AM remember I gotta mow the lawn morrow and keep them clean just slowly and keep get the lead some more so that doesn't blow they. When have a baby. A little workout yeah right how does that work and that's a broken resolution lets us well I guess yeah maybe there's more to it they find a partner there's other things in. About the stepping out of. The first of all I find new outfit and a. So as it as we kind of pass through resolution time did you make any big get commitments for Torre seventeen well I feel Allen's here because you wrote them down and they're like formalized you show me your sheet at a military a really nice that they've played and it's thanks to wanna do Microsoft Word thank you can insert a table I do everything you know you love those do everything in this even when it doesn't make sense included in the table which is a problem because that's why I'm always running her blue ink. Because I cannot. I've got nine boxes oblique and you read or something for now I'm making a totally I've been I've been experimenting with green what a but it seems like that probably be yellow pink and blue link that you think. I sutures and doesn't only like three Carta and the like my rent and so let's resolution. We. I. Well it's sorted general worry it's too general OK and you might laugh at this specifically that I'm trying to have babies more and more organized. I know that a lot of our guys prism but oh yeah and two putted but dated gay. Like I feel lie a could the day gets away from me and I I wanted have a better read team of like wake up maybe read a book for twenty minutes and then do my stuff like. I am and I don't like spend less time on on my phone I'm not a FaceBook and post all the time. I think I did that when I went in my personal ones I have a problem I think most of America most the world probably does I cannot. Focus on stuff. Because I tend to watch a movie you can win friends and minor tell me a story like over the phone I'm still looking at I don't know what it is it's an addiction. And I'm not entirely be rude or just I'm just I tend to look at it's much and when I put it down it takes about ten minutes to separate out. Again the I eighty and I have had then you actually are present in the. Illness is terrible honestly sometimes I wake up in the morning for saying do turn off my alarm and I look at my final will do anything terrible happen in the world right you were good our nightly on the first thing idea Lego and go to a new site at Twitter I got a Twitter anything weird happening yeah we're good that's right while upsetting so I'd like to a form a healthier relationship with my son blanket. All right speaking of healthy relationships so if you work out if you who need to Gil healthier you had a rough night. We have got the guys for you coming up and they're really fun they're fun guys their characters one's a lawyer the other guys is an amazingly successful cat in his own right as well. And they are involved and are launching a brand called. Rallying rallying recovery drink we're gonna talk to them in a minute when we're back to listening to the natural under. Crazy. Remains. Welcome back to the natural underground loan. But here in new listener this is our favorite part of the show and gasoline up again. Yeah heart or you don't talk as well OK okay you are now we're gonna play it. This the part we get to interview on two for Norris people who were out there are actually doing all the stuff we talk about Carolina brand put themselves out there and night out just how hard it actually right you hit. All right on today's show we're very lucky to have the founder and and the two guys that are really just drive and everything it rally recovery drink. Right and we all need that this is hope and really it's been product because this position. Really for people who are high performance athletes who were looking for that rehydration replenishment recovery food but a little secret on the side you know who also uses the stuff for people that may be pushed her body a little hard on a Friday or stagnant he is this in New Orleans ever nears again hence the name recovery in the as well that Eric and Alex welcome to financial underground. Thank servers yes they absolutely thank you wrap up. Yeah so why is there a different people don't know and I noses news a lot to be able don't know what his rally recovery drink what is it. Yeah they're not so this is feel like her at all. We are and they are very common well known and well established. Our company who was making a recovery drinking and we wanted to it will work. And those simply make it available to all other walks of like the side Popper a whole new ball. He had the time so what. So who would buy this who who who who use it I get what. Or for toddlers who are getting are now neck yet learned to be or it is easily if they're sick is that kind of who like little baby or is it punished so much I. Stipulate where it started off for that toddler baby at your light so it unfortunately losing much of their fluid dudes being ill they're too much else beyond that. But why why adults while adults cannot start using the network. It is simply the functionality and that is where we wanted to take do you like it rebrand it everybody else and you're old enough. Hello that I used to regularly do you try tri athlete is a tri athlete in. In his EP gap we go to lunch or something in the back of his car like on the floor board. Would be MVP Eli but bottles is that there is because they know that like hardcore athletes we use it as some sort of Gatorade 2.0 right. Yet Al that really funny that you you said that. And out touched on it earlier like yeah we're would feel like that bird dog we did want to recreate the wheel. You take your body had this all voters score boards a night that actually where I noticed. Kind of overlap there that would be the occurred totally different read that touched on the floor but I don't want my buddies color is a work out three. And yet he liked everywhere too and Alec manner so up until this stuff that really do the trick across all all collide. In the adult sector to walk wanted to look into it and that you know truth be told there really wasn't a lot out there that look and tweaking it in ways that didn't need to be. He'd be dot com which is kind of ran with it improved. Well that's kind of where we are today. It's funny you say that because I actually this guy didn't have a kid cited a what was going on man I'm like well let's give a baby's not tell me about what's happening so what was going on in your life. That actually made you want to start this brand. This might be my question unfortunately. Were speaking openly here. Yes absolutely hold on we're in a circle of trust. That's been halted a little drilling body and it yes safety net circle of trust whatever extra. Say hello. Between you and myself and I'm Syria thousands of listeners. Antenna tens of listeners tend to get. And the listeners tend to that and so you're and LSU the boy Alex is well. And honestly are our lifestyle in college was perhaps not the healthiest. L Ellis and I'm not I'm shocked that we got Louisiana may have run down the parties read a little bit. Out cult that the harder the south it's we're not we're not known for our academics good maybe just a dark. But between the call it lifestyle and I continued on in the law school but I. Maintained that call it lifestyle for some reason this you know we're we're playing pretty hard right and then. Of course block cool no joking leaders who work world so I'm playing pretty hard and an expected to be back in action until next. Goals. When I say playing hard I mean like LSU part. Yeah this. And that is yeah that's the professional lol aren't I believe. We knew we were not seen her around and so I ended up at a that are really large law firm during trial lurch and every kind of dinner meeting you know these partners are ordering bought the lion. And their crews in at 10 o'clock in the morning. And output to be there at six and it just wasn't adding up. And so actually they're getting music ridiculous ridiculous hangovers I go to the doctor's office actually looked obvious some draw. You think Eric this is this a particular year you're just going out to art and then you're waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning it's all illegal babies. Now new cuts. Don't like first year of law to from what I've heard. They run new pretty rough just. By definition right kind of almost every now and then you're then you're up at night dinners and your everywhere than you want out your friends. And is survival mode. It is they're island and that's why are moderate kind of work harder Q you played hard work hard to recover faster. So. Given like. Yeah certainly that's exactly what we we stuck with cadet who we are doing and so every day for every Sunday at least. I'm sitting here crews in the baby islanders single. Man with no child I mean like what's weird and that isn't having it treated lightly opposite the net. It's. Update your blog you know it there's nothing out there that not doing the trick known marketing this properly. To the adult demographic that using it just off the charts. What do we just don't do it and so we went ahead and started researching how to do that that was an interest in caught dispute. How did you figure out what ingredients should go and it. I think the best part for us was that you know without the big part of our recipes started fifty years ago a large pharmaceutical company. Reaching out to the American pediatric association met release saying. Bottom line worst case scenario when your body loses everything needs to auction not water which makes it a 70% of our bodies. How we write that wrong. And get all the all the pharmaceutical company never exceeds the my did you view that period forty years ago global war it probably created something similar to what you'd be drinking and CEO. But as time went on pace change and look what the marketplace. We've got a horrible we want or will use really high in sugar so that they construct which would always stick with what we're not reinvent the we will be at our at some success. Regarding hormone when we wanted to do was kicked out what you give me your soul but personally have no artificial. Tiger colors. No artificial preservatives and no artificial flavors. And then we also stripped to grow the table sugar than we ought to be twelfth. So perk corny ounces are getting only sixty calories and nine grams sugar. Yet. Benefits that go well above and beyond you know you try to drink your case. Being more commonly found export strength that the future and today. So those ingredients you wanted to take out with all the high sugar but what what is actually in a rally that makes it they see those who recover that quickly. Well the biggest thing you're going to be the electric lights are reported assaults. Armed that would be absorbed by your body into the bloodstream and Leach Eric waters throughout your body. Which again dehydration and a lot of water you'll experience. Duty as nausea headaches I need to be across the border one of those and to be our biggest component struck you the electoral. Look at the salt and it I like the further on that just. If you really wanted to dumbed down and make it why is rally so much better than what else is out there you've got exactly what Alex just said you've got it. Stamped up version of electoral like that it don't need and that actually the root of the problem. But they don't go out there and look at all of these kind of like. You know for the party people that they hang over gimmicks and all that they are these. DB twelve shots which make you feel alert. In you're you feel like you're doing better but then you crash because they haven't really thought the root problem due to gracious. We're looking at it too and I'm Michael. Moore talking of the chemical along the way it could literally just smashed these two things together. So when you shut the rally. But you immediately feel alert without opening your heart greater good like bet there's nude therapy but you're feeling better. Put in the back and you actually have that electoral act solution that that solving the problem. So not a joke you're actually getting their country that you need in real well. Crank so you figure well what ingredients need to put and it makes people feel better how do you settle on what flavors and what was that process like in formulating those. Continued I don't want a public flavored drink. Listen to no one's only hurt you. We looked at what was available. And the original or Betty just mentioned cab for cutie urgent that that is not palatable and adult. So what that okay what's working you know what is monkey don't look at any cooler your seat went July through orange orange and green. Just done the classics. Well if you're starting a new brand you don't wanna deviate too far from which he knows that it worked. So of course we kept them there is in the mix but we are also looking at this trend towards. Things like Brett very gray cool blue dress all of those are actually really idea. On the pole for. America's favorite. We thought you know we can play it safe so what do we make our Ford Wear something a little odd million not a additional. We will put that raspberry grade and we've got about a million others in the making that or are you ready to go. The you'll need to newest pop up here and there depending on your retail outlets that are. A standard for you yet the women lined through college tangerine and then the rest very great which it might there. Yeah no man they're all delicious we are sipping on some earlier today come before the show and there. Near hysteria we are getting in the spirit of it in fact we should add some spirits and LA how does that yeah little yo Danny how would you add out here all in the rally. How can I take this on. Don't do sense we we broadens out. You know we went out Padilla. We're actually in Austin it was just read this year. It was labored. Through an audio or dwell on establishment out on the lake. Dig decked out there music's going in my blood and to do if you could. But it happens to have. The connection with de a market company did not stand out as. Austin, Texas. And so. Out on the road and had to come over and we said look reliably check it out see which can't make some not Nixon beat this works. So the bartender grabbed about a bottle the rallies start going to count on that there's no way. That the recovery during his supposed diminished with the blockage or it's or not he comes back like Dick each shot. And then next thing you know you've got this whole party go and you know they're rallying for this surroundings for that but man they're gonna need Camara this year. Six you know I think it follows the generally widely held view are excepted rule that bobcat and a lot of things percent to ultimately a pretty fun. Who's gay but he did so but AM makes sense usually also the flavor of it a little bit sweeter I can see where that would actually be perfect thing how fun. I let's go back we only have a minute to in this first segment. I'm sure you hear lots of success stories anybody that's pushed their body right whether there there hardcore athletes are just recovering from a hard hanging out. Old what are the success stories is give us one or two the share with the listeners. Yeah they're dealing with extreme not beliefs dealing with these special forces guys go to we get away at all the way down here just your traditional weekend warrior. But a lot of the success that we've heard of and that's. Again. For health reasons people asserted to ship what they're drinking without having shopping maybe I have this state is it is just kind of on and played with in terms of our past. Everything that we see out there. What looks on the road trying to do the right thing it's just not getting you there. How engine. Alex mentioned one of the things is kind of interesting about this is just got to be a little bit of any issue with people grab you know walking around with a appeal like bottle loses there's. It's kind of a weird factor uncool factor fewer if you're not a kid or a mom of a kid. So this must address that right so I mean is this past to help with that kind of stigma of carrying around some this not a sports drink you know to address that issue. 11 of the reasons we start this company had Eric being a single spot on the man could not walk radio. And I got weird a weird. Yeah I couldn't have my best you know Parker that's great that it works there. I'm not here and we now have the sense of violence. We actually thought about that in the initial brand so. You know there is no stigma I would carrying around is it doesn't look like it's labor it's there that doesn't look like a melted optical. So you don't know for what purpose did you need it all he knows that you needed and it work and it doesn't look ridiculous it looks like a sport streak Liz is way above and beyond. Absolutely all right we take a break but we've Demi Moore with with both Eric and Alex when we come back. When we come back we get into more a little that the entrepreneurial side of of these guys and how they started the brand will be back in a moment you're listening to the natural underground. I mean those laugh and be in new man now. I'm sick. And this game. Okay. Okay. Welcome back to the national underground we're continuing our conversation. With Eric and Alex from rally recovery drink. Are you recovering or ready just slowly insipid. Yeah you know and I just. I'm wondering if they think this but just when I'm just general generally kind of rundown it seems like it helps still I'm not hung over our. Well that's good yeah you know I got hung up yet. Is he just I'm drinking eight minutes ago it takes in hasn't kicked in yet has not that I'm still around and fitness so we're gonna ask you some of the same questions Alex and Eric do we ask all of our guests and one is where did you guys grow up. Don't know I'll tell. You know in the end I'm but phony story. That is big look at it it ended this segment going asked that we cook crook accused. Do you realize that help beating it was how we actually met in use them to where we are today when that we're picking your little bit out there you have. We were they body count full and though we are carrying twelve packs of Coke stairs to the pool the day. But twelve packs of Coke we mean you can't right exactly. Yeah. 80 yeah. No parents at the house. The parent we're gonna effort they have not left yet so air power on a recon mission well. What within daylight hours. And we were we were avid speaker out together in the first and then we get that. You didn't actually hand it to get the job done. They see yeah each other from. From Houston all the way to college and LSU and forward. Yeah. So that back fortunately forty years back and you guys were younger is maybe even before fifteen what did you want to be when you grow up because I would imagine. You never thought about the selling beverages. So entering Deborah Johns Norwood. Well yeah I don't I did that damage trying to believable. Oh god Eric what do you wanna be. There are married document. You wanna be an entire man under just hidden event and I neither like one of those lower on the street yet to have a little bit every. They get every we infinity. Very cool was he able to go in all seriousness is out to know if you wanted to be. No I mean I was. I don't know I guess I'll Mike Mike Stanley has quite a few. Really ought to lawyers hit it solid kind of destined to and let right but I never thought that idea. Beverage Lincoln lawyer but that hasn't. That's I think combo. Alex will what was your big dreams. Oh my god I would probably a particular my interest is flying and the pilot. Oh lol do you really couldn't tell you about my drinking. The I was gonna say if you are pilot we may wanna re edit some this just fears they are. For now I play on my iPad simulator so I'm not a danger seventy people yeah. So well let's fast forward a bit what did your. Family and friends say either when you guys we got involved in kind of you know I'll launch a brand. Well. Nick. I get away it really started I didn't didn't really approached him and so we had. From what I thought at that time with a legit plan to attend that one and he got talked out that it should hand over a table and then look good do it. We approach the minister Netanyahu he done their research. What helped Seattle little bit and so they thought it was. If we are looking back into hearing her talk about it I think they thought we would learn more by failing. And yet you are getting getting that experience to they're very supportive and it felt we are crazy but I. Certainly out there I think my title and maybe don't quit your day. Yeah off yet that's the hard part is there because as family and friends I'm sure they worry that like it is is cool it's admirable it's kind of gutsy. But it'll scary at the same time it probably has proven to be here even in the early stages. Every entrepreneur we talked to entrepreneur we talked to says the same thing they had no idea. You guys are pretty early in it somewhat early in how hard this game can be build a brand. Yeah I understand I think yeah you get it done until it. Insanity at our annual I feel foolish looking back at our remember. We're trying to yet a first round of capital a year and Alex and I would feel. And entrepreneurs how it's done extraordinarily well would several brands throughout her life. Because you're sitting on the couch and here you know. You do how much study when she comes down. And my college tour was how much you believe how he used in so she can't learn in. And looking back after two careers Mike analysis stupid comment I'm sure she was thinking this just get ready. Did it earlier to wait five minutes and it's gonna change. Yeah so it's it's been a tough process you know between. Figuring out how to. Raise money to work with friends and get job done when you get you know resource is let he's got to be created in with a little bit. Absolutely do. Well it's an Eric and I will get NBA without reading with 80000 dollar debt yell all you do they'll be different history. It just different diet. Annan and well it seems like your first probably task was choosing the name and it does seem very self explanatory but as her story behind how you settled on around link. Yes just what you call wait a minute what we bought it. All of the late group didn't like not just like the grand ingredient like recreate something so natural. The go all it would it'd. Make it what it is and make sure order could just go why do your concern because this stuff will make drought that's sure. Rim has so how did you see the product how did you get as you approach your first single store how how did that. What was up how do you walk and start talking don't. Kind of yeah. A lot of time and money on this unbelievably. Good looking sexy bock. We walk and a fire at a that the before he can be put your black agreed to do. That effectively had like LED lights go into the bottom of the bottle. In this perhaps a little yellow we were so proud of this one little box. I can't tell and I are not sure where you're going to get you said sexy we rarely and then they got cleared their first like that. So why I can understand what you just that describe you had an LED what I what I. No imagine like that they'll hit boxer. You can open the front and it only a lot of they're like beauty you know beauty up yeah threats in underneath each bottle they had like this battery pack LE DC you'd open up the box. He was she really bright bright light duke model. And if you look awesome and it looked like we're at super established product little this guy knows that we had. Funded in produced. Like a trailer load of this product without any customers although he really had a word a lot of product and it. Yet how many of those body agreed yeah I did you a lot of emergency is make Onebox. We had a lot but never like. The most extensive boxes they're never going to be. And then. Imagine there's like three music playing too when you open it up person in the. They have those interest teen market of both you know how performance or athletes as well as people out there some fun. How do you market the product and I need product out in front of people. So I mean everybody in the I think you know stood out. We what we would put our money were adopted and disarm. Which we stand and this is something that we accrued vacation. We we felt that aspect every time we get in front of people which again this is not a priority per our. Yet even that we're both founders and owners. Everything from street level law you know we have from daily involvement in it. All I mean we started the effort to count Alex and it in the door and that mean Thatcher Thatcher marketing base you sit there and you talk to people and educate them on what you are. You know hopefully you can build up so other people can do that job that you're never gonna be worn out like you've got a cat and dog. Marketing from flyers we get a huge party with. And Austin based group were like that monsters tailgate and kind of head teams out there explaining every single person just. You know keep possibly make sure everybody knows what you are like you better. One of the things that you guys did I think it was kind of funny as she did something with like a fraternity row outside a major college right where you basically literate drove a truck up and said take as much as you want next thirty seconds or something out of that work. Yeah I admire you your taxes do you learn yeah. So we we had that big tailgate and you know we brought down eighteen wheelers size truck to just fodder and that is the big tailgate and really it was multiple Decker. Beat it out there making it likely 500 people on her as an uninvited and he is due next. Epic but afterwards I had like you know they're good course and just looked overall quite do it now I don't agree that Houston and I guess we could. I just thought you looked at that exposure to argue it was slightly. All the fraternities and I had done that. An immediate yes Purdue is completely dehydrated in the sun you know working on whatever problem all sorts cola truck. And screw up the back gate values that you guys that parties yeah thirty seconds to rip up as much you can in the meantime. You know we had our street girl telling you'll pay that is what we are this is Howard hearing it I guess. Through early Korean ambassador. And it and then watch a ministry literally have to. And you know it is clever though onion that's a little different. Yeah so they these these pledges just went crazy on the truck I'm not even getting Jewish completely strip like Lucas hit. They remembered because every weekend at our account and Austin we're sold out. Little later in the show after you guys have. Exited stage left or right or whatever it's supposed to be the theater person just on this you connect it whichever way the error Iowa. So what what's interesting is we're talking to a bit about brand ambassadors and you I think Alex have talked to a little bit over lunch about brand ambassadors then you birdie building some interest team people because. In the world of high performance athletes high performance people. You know I can imagine you've already made some instant connections. Who are we yeah who who would give me just an example that the name names yet just what kind of people are you are you looking at. Oh my god we've had great success story to get it from our special forces group. Sniper that so are using out in the field during training. Down to shoot some very fit Austin writes. Are you. One of the night to US sub promote potassium deficiency and with our 930 kilograms and she can actually complete these bear arms do it on her arms at all. And I didn't experience that cramping that they can come along without. While very cool through. So so there there's always that common pain rightly get it's not so much. A specific type of person just they all share this. Mentality they go big and when that your big they need this result so. Pretty wide range of consumer out there. I love it well this is this is fun so if people want find a little bit more about our rally recovery drink what's website they should be look at. Drink rally dot com is our web site and we are actually making some adjustments to it as we speak everything in the wild world. Dehydration. Or understanding who we are we should have opened running up by the end of the month. You only get one up there now and you got clearly the no end to Graham accounts and everything like that at all linked together. You can also email us sit in so drink rally it like every single one personally and I will miss. Aren't you and we loan abuse that power I don't like it. Our go to guy is sort this has been great I think the product is really unique and that's what our show's all about is finding those kind of products that are very different. Consumer and for that. The industry so this has been terrific we've got to we've had Eric and Alex on from rally recovery and we'll hope to have you on again soon guys. There we had seen enough evidence. All right we'll be back after a break we're gonna hit a class on brand ambassadors on our new bring university drop and you're listening to the natural on the ground. That. Yeah. Yeah well last night. I'm in town mile an every now and then itself. It's only natural underground. This is the cool part of the show where we actually try and share some little snippets. Some learning from these workshops we do called new bring university and and they should be candidate Christine because our guests talked we just mentioned from moment probably didn't get into it enough we talked about the concept of brand ambassadors for me. What when you hear that term rantmaster what do you think. I think of blood cool person who gets a Thomas lag and whose job it is still like pump it out into there. World yeah its interest in do you use sort of you hit one of the two right so. In it in marketing terms and then in our industry. If there's a spin to it so in classic marketing no matter what business you have right out there is a listener you don't have to be in in our industry any business you have. There's a concept. That's been around for a number of years of a brand ambassador. And I and I sort of view them as an influence her outselling other words is that there's that sort of level I level of type of brand ambassador. And what that means is so for rally for example since they were our guests it would be anyone from a cool special forces guy to. On somebody who writes on you might such a blogger for trap on some track fleets. It could be people that are you know muscle and fitness it could be runners need to be party people in the end. That whole millennial kind of social crowd that that that's you know attending concerts and staying out late inning eater kind of bounce back the next day whatever it is. You look for. Folks who have high visibility. To that audience in our real info and their league jet. Link there yeah I really do mean the triathlon expertise. My expertise followers right to them an audience. And that they have some sway or influence over who's so. So he could see that in like an extreme example I suppose. Like a celebrity that you hired to be the spoke threats and and that's kind of an extreme example of a brand ambassador. More often. For sports that this kind of things energy bars people like that. There accomplished athletes may be it's a and it ill for many emerging brands are midsize companies and smaller. You can't go higher Michael Jordan when I worked Gatorade years ago. We signed Michael Jordan and I may get these numbers wrong and I think it's been you know so many years they probably can't sue me. For saying that's still view I think it was public knowledge. But I feel he got something like. Eighteen million bucks over ten years and they had him a couple of days a year two days then access to him to film everything via. So that's like that though the ultimate definition of a brand ambassador write to me that that is like depth piece of the brand. But for them a lot of emerging brands is maybe somebody that plays on the pro beach volleyball circuit or do you famous runner or. You know or a trainer that's where that's got quite a celebrity following. That is the classic sort of definition of a brand ambassadors ready you can influence her audience. We'll want to talk about today. Is more the brand ambassadors that. Represent your product out to the stores that your selling to correct make this that make sense link lifestyle. Anderson yeah or just that sort of a represent the brand and that's where this wagon all the stuff he talked about in kind of comes in. So another words it's that that the first a brand ambassadors more the celebrity influence or the second is a representative that comes in sort of smile lean and and chat not to people who sell your product. And there are much more local level or and often their part time people who. You know need and become looking for a job fit that and they also have the personality that is. Big and kind of friendly yeah. And you just happy to see them when they bounded to the store I and it's yet to we have to bounded to the store don't just. I'm here. Yet as to how well he gonna get a little theater. Insight and Lenny is sounding like a really good Korean ambassador Powell yeah. Particularly he sang on the way and then just sort of danced on the island elegant people's attention I wonder if anybody's ever done that in our industry he. About. Five years ago from walking into a meeting. And a choir of about what was color I guess to quell and on some among some and owns a home with they came they they were walking along and they or they were sort of inquire outfits but they were around. Yes but they represented a brand they were singing jingles on the corner and then they walked out and I can't I can't describe you how fantastic it was because we cool back home off the charts. Because when I was inquire we weren't very cool and now donated buyers like I inserted the a little choir singing in jingle and little songs about a product like it was a toss so yeah something new and it just not home that sound beautiful all. It did there very talented and somebody had written taking the time there to serve right out. Lyrics that made sense into your stale as clever right Clinton so. There there's all kinds of ways that I doubt anybody's ever done that but he wanted to do is bound to do store and make a presence. The lead in a realistic setting there's five things that we look at. That's my cute a man to say five things funny thing we look at. We had talked about a second. But there is there's five things that makes sense from made little secrets to make a brand ambassador at the local level work for you by an easier to to do your part time people. That debt cereal company or a poke or whatever would send you a so it would send you and that is our producer not just so man yeah there's never need to keep this man. In my mind he is to voice them makes you definitely so what do you think he'd be right so here Rio. The war on love them voice and I never I uneasiness Brian what day is a blow when you now now now. Start with just one marketer retailer we get approached by a brands all the time who say oh man I'm gonna put a team of people out there. You know and they're gonna just do demos and sample and talk number net. And where are we like yeah cool love it it's great idea. But you treat it like a lead market or a test mark in other words use one market of one retailer as a test. And get the process right you know we wrote in their lip with the right stuff we give them the right selling materials. Do they danced their way in or just walk and what is that whole look like and then that way you can kind of adjust inning get it right for it makes sense that if awesome. To when you hire like err on the side of finding a brand ambassador the once a very specific set willingly in the east and with a date specific set of skills writes the cook but they most likely what part time maybe get to pick their kids up at three or 230 whatever. The reason you wanna do that and you wanna Koppel with overpaying them and I know that sounds like easier said than done with a small business but here's the problem. If you if you hire and deploy a brand ambassadors for whatever your businesses. And they go out there if they're eat good at all you know what's gonna happen someone else is gonna hire them PM pat or they're gonna find another job because. They're putting their good. Ju ju good vibe personality out there and everyone's seen it like I already do a while ideas but. And the hours are really what I want to or not which I have made paid a little more. We learned over the years we've trained and deployed folks. And paid him we thought was kind of competitive. And then they bolt because they get that job offer because they're good people we found two people were telling the farm league for everybody else marketing. So now are saying OK when we do this let's find someone that has a unique set of hours they wanna work. Work around that schedule be supportive overpay him a little bit and then eventually will talk about another step. Isn't it given some chance for progression writes Graham and went right. I like it yeah you just let he's got a happy trigger finger with a lit every three brawl on more time on number three. And yeah. Providing incentives above and beyond performance so another words. You have these folks represented your branding going to grocery stores natural food stores like whole foods whatever they're doing. But it sounds pretty self explanatory but it's overlooked in other words you want those brand ambassadors to be thinking how else can they help. You want them to be really engaged in present and what to do NBC get imagine. Even if you're taken shirts and hats and cool stuff enrollment on behalf of some company. You want them to be able to to either that gets old right. So you want a deal to think hey guess what if I'm able to sell big display in or finally able to cross promote this energy bar with a cool drink that I see are ready and those people. Then you give them a little extra right there's little chance for them to make more money and that keeps him engaged and and and plugged it. A full. Give that kind of falls in the same spirit give them something fun did you every month. Right so. You like EEE we all do have my name part of our jobs for for Jocelyn just this. Radio show isn't mine named Harvard's John to weaken up every day and if it is stuff my name that's right. But you know it and they may have to do mundane things like making sure that your product is on the shelves and they like facing our Elaine try it all that kind of stuff but. Maybe you help them you know organized the display contest among all the stores the most creative one wins or. You give them ways to kind of let their freak creative freak flag fly. And the arts rails I easily eat at a freak flag. I'm good I'm saying is that that he's even gone tongue twister. But you give them that chance and that way they're out there being creative and having fun in that by definition. Is rewarding. No you don't far. All right final one even though I love here in those numbers but ultimately given your brand ambassadors a chance to be recognized. For their performance. Is something that because here's what happens it's so important. Will end up watching companies hire and deploy people and then it's like Pete check that list off that they did it. You got guys out there are women out there are men out there doing their thing I'm onto another part of the business. But those people have lives to IRA want to progress and they want to advance and they want to be held to be creative and successful. And learn so if you if you just let him be and think you're OK there it's a classic high turn over job. And sort of the is just a place for people switched jobs. So instead take some time and say guess what I'm gonna set a path for you if you do well and we start to grow. I can send you. To train people in other markets where would you wanna guy we're we're thinking about doing for me Durbin of Florida it's exciting evening and then never been somewhere exciting. That you could say I wanna give you the responsibility of helping pick people there and train them and get them up to speed in the maybe they've got to report to you. And that way you're giving people just like in anything else classic management. You're giving them a path forward so that they can progress and that's what we see with teams who do really good job this they do while those things right he tested out they get it right. A given the chance to progressed to get the chance to be creative. And now you're making an impact to your brand ambassador is that shiny face out there that's this make you retailers think this awesome and last thing why is that important. It's important because we hear all the time when we walk into stores and we meet with these people who run big chains. They say that's funny we haven't we got rid of that rank as we end heard from them and for so long we never see them their people never come in here yeah I actually think I'm helping sell this stuff but and you know annoying about the there's no emotional connection. Brain you can make that emotional connection guy who. Ran. A bit a big part of whole foods at one point told me. He said you know. The challenge for the brains to do the best here in this is more and that kind of personal care whole body area. He said of the ones that win our hearts and minds. Of our store people they come in and they give moral educational tidbits they give them materials that give me surety of Manhattan remove buttons and there there regularly and at them a problem there there on it and they come answering questions for them. That's what these guys do when they're at their best so his can be such a wonderfully important invaluable part. Of of your marketing plan we wanted to kind of just offer that that's our show for today we hope you enjoyed our guests thank you to Eric and Alex from our rally recovery drink. They were awesome there and hope he enjoyed the class hope your New Year's resolutions are doing better than all right. I'm down in your way more likely to succeed that's you have any questions in go had an email us at info at new brain university dot com. Follow us on face spoke at the national underground. In be sure to tune in next week are also available on nineteenth if he just can't wait until then. Yes to me to knicks couldn't hit it. We'll see you next week I ice.