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Let's Get Healthy with Bill Swail, 01/21

Jan 21, 2017|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life. That's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. One thing about it is you know one thing about it refused justices let this news snuggle with you up so you sit through more. We have really show how c'mon it's under that restless leg this is like but you leg rightfully. Brag about for music. LP good morning to you and by the way we get us this morning. You probably area gesture. Warning from if you don't have to own your priority got a warning from the weather report that that's the nice doggy. It is hardly news stories it is so it is so funny indeed that the text that I sent should let you know we are going to be meeting here in the studio. Got Lawson arrived here after I did and that's our foggy it is out there is serious enough. It's so funny I think the whole environment going through menopause well if I by the way. You're out there if you think is a side effect of drugs is not what it is a Israel the fog fog brought Israel to deploy the fog extends beyond south Austin rank. All right I. After you yet you at the I change there's some drug effects of McCann told me the candy and dealing he had the wrong rung balance to it don't development blood jury issues an awesome. Did you got a brain fog. And there's a lot of a lot of people particularly the pre diabetic or threaten our way recreation drugs you know that can cause it to thing. I've never did tell me out that next hourly brought do you mind yeah. So who Anna Wilson is our first yes. And a 10. Good morning morning good morning how are you doing today. What are called Ariel donor I think brocade another we're OK we view all he's incompetent download business got a picture you know Victor. Do I do have a sandwich guy well do that you may wanna admit that in public. So where are you willing to the soggy weather here I was and I was in the mentioned Miller lots of things they can cause that's for. Bill apparently is currently at bills talk more about when the south Austin things I. Senator remembering on Leno December blood sugar issues and a lot of those people usually recommend go on a weight loss program. Because that's when your big a risk factors for that which is kind of what we bring in two days so it's gonna with a weight loss program. We are really excited about this class citizen called keep an awfully long. And it's a little different so we are going Q cast first test snaps dorks. Help with some cholesterol sounds blood glucose. Hemoglobin a one C body composition and blood pressure. And then we are going to implement some. I'm personalized. Elimination I want to hand to work on reducing inflammation and healing the cut. Improving chain of election and that we're going cheap again after four weeks. So it's not it's not just a matter of high were gonna go open and step on hundreds scale and I and I and I I've seen patients that are so woods' first event they literally go get on a scale backwards and don't have to see the results when pops up. And I know you've seen that as well but other nor are they give authority metro selling info they can't see so Anna Anna Wilson a year are nutrition. Therapy initiation of therapy practitioners and people's pharmacy for a couple on the corner of 62183. It is worth the drive. Apple and we just to see you. And you agree that job Lisa thanks. But anyways so these tester kind of expensive sources told precautions program. Roughly. Well it's actually pretty affordable for a four week program to meet you 129 dollars then I created here. Your arm passes in the beginning and your task the end. Plus well plus on the sessions and the and the personal at all. Absolutely we're gonna meet record time Sunday afternoon at 430. And we are going to talk about so much with so much contents. This is our first line of the program we hope to do it can kind of continuously. And we have a lot Q a lot of inspiration to get in those four weeks. Well if you if people wanna learn more information about lead the program and what may be in a deserved plays thing goes amending call. Absolutely we're gonna have people call the Martin are on the senator Chuck Norris fair. I'm and it is I want to. Do when nine. 8600. And as the that's the same number they called they were there Anderson signing up correct. Iraq has yeah prime 122198600. Does their website and go to the bottom were both us. I'm Michael Lee. I am I'm not sure that we happy Inco up on our web site ER. As always we are let's say that people Barak stuck. Armed. Right now I think we've probably moved put more nerves that you won't laughter. They're Cuba yeah absolutely wonderful do you start to program. This is gonna start Sunday at January 29 to Sunday thirty descendants. So makes this so we come to our. And tomorrow OK Curtis just eighteen days laughs you've got to nature pass the darker nature of the it's heading you know probably. Yes we do your doctor Amy Nelson and has developed quite a bit of its contents. Then machines we are very passionate about this program in she done a wonderful job organizing an opinion yet. We don't get this I think she's great we'll also somebody else's great interviewer we've always someone I'm sure you'll be involved with a some doctor Victor cursor. Who has a doctor pepper commission decided I have been told you involved with the so you. I I and others are bridges Sharon may be a subject but I will be involved with us. Yeah so that's great melanomas so just a pleasure talking to your. And we where I don't women really heavy on next Saturday so that you can. We can talk about a little bit more dark early starting on it because that's. Just a day before net doom four shown again if anybody's Anderson 5122198600. Get more information in the sign up. Hardest European Missouri start com and they'll do something about it so. Let us thanks again is an error on the and I hit Astros are we got. Another million NA in this honest so hoakea. We'll be careful okay all right thanks again and a thank you appreciate it OK but if all right right now we're going to. Not take a break because we have cool straight and don't go low this. Author of take back control. And surgeons guy to you New Year's time without the medication or surgery. And a great. In assume. We'll and out think he's holding. Kim should. Presumed doctor resigning. The joys of life radio folks. He's holding against his young Asian you know Californians so. There's there's a folder Julie Gibson. Can count you know usually things I would keep trying to reach him so. Well I mean it's an answer it's kind of a radical idea if you look at the current the current medical model. For back pain is largely just wanna be there giving people drugs or is that doesn't work out surgery low so pillows sir how you doing. Are moderate liberal and do you what a pleasure talking to you what a great program you have got her out how you pronounce your last name I'm these doctor residing. Prisoners always. Reasonably OK. Can we destroy cube. I could put a toe you. Yeah you know Texas or Johnson or their tongues are really. Not to talk and we talked Texan a smooth we we speak Texan Inglis is more my fourth language forest. I love I would injection shortly humor brotherhood born there are started really well I actually your brother were sure you don't do your brother were true you. WR Joseph yeah doesn't. I want to put a pleasure. Now if the the title your books a little as a little allotted to us it's a surgeons guide to basically dealing with back pain without surgery. And just tell me editorial about this is a mean the the traditional approach toward. Back pain in spinal interactions is largely just to give hope you had medications in the current that doesn't working on and pull out deny prisoners. You know meeting some guy and a darkroom but you're writing a book the selling is there are other options to. Yeah. Happy that we actually go over past third surgery are likely. Avoidable fish I'd be sworn here she didn't know who knows what they're getting into what other options you have and it's just been an evolution over the past twenty years in my practice. I have shown that it is best around the edge. Its sole hard. Being I just did a surgeon you're used to use people who are each. Chronically either like you said on medication and had a bad longstanding came to party tried what date they get everything. And you amateur law. And there is this solution with surgery side so eighty dollar multi tried everything I guess here this finger looks. Looks bad on your mark get we get takes its. The truth is that most of these findings are we all right Karen would mean not so. And they are just normal AG the editors. And in the wrinkle or anything else and which they are pursuing and was surgery is usually not a good idea enact found that we don't. Cabinet options and in this high load kind of health care. This is what happened you go to search and in champ who are you know you're gonna get a surgical option not because they need there is something serious going on it's just that. You big electric try to be everything else send good as those. Surgery. Yes sir you re like standard care. Like a doctor prescribed medicine I gotta would you prescribe mission where you are giddy about was really helping people. With exercise and end up the book is really good route good December stores because you've got not know I don't as to what this means but you've got. Really really. Just exercise you can do like China's version of dominance activation. Has sounds heard sounds painful blow to state a citation. Yeah it's (%expletive) like you know it is it the idea here is just like any any other third. Injure you may have if you break your armor dare her have a knee injury what happened is this is big your nervous system. Shut down the multiple that area. But we are near here are your she and it's going to be row actually easier to read our when it comes your Barack. There are these small stabilize the multiples. And that are in your back bit aren't good really rich you won this yet atrophied void you have an injury. So yeah the longer muscles that are kind of movement muscles they continue to try to move your backward stabilizing muscles are working. Then. You get more strain imparted on your back and that's what can colleague from earlier disk injuries or partitions or generation or take. So the idea to wake up these multiple more limited this Chandra so bonus which is the abdominal muscle. Which helps but also there's muscle to look back at her very important market called a multitude us. And the idea is today. Strength in the whole course at all where are you spine and that he would. Remarkable match really if you don't mind message and it's firm for these past Cheney years. I've found so many people which abnormalities bit. More programme are getting our order but needed surgery in the path pot do. Did get better once they do appropriate strengthening and really getting their body to their maximum. And you you actually get some of the exercises you're talking about on your website correct. You are the gonna take back control dot com web site and I also have got our articles aren't. Well I mean we had a decision making because. This sort so complex about spine surgery when you are in that State's chronic pain and desperation. And anxiety. Anger. It's very easy at all. Until this need error occur carrier pursuit of having their solution like surgery. And so are you happy it's not eat you need multiple. Message in an art to deal that would restrict any one aspect. Correct posture. And correct mind and all and so I talked about all those on the web site I am. Kind of you know I just articles like fake and I'm hoping to get that message out that people rich. You don't take care yourself you and your body currently he'll realize that your mind is a big portion. You're recovering your ability to recover from these conditions. And again and for anybody that wants to follow along and home when that has since. The website is taken back control the outcome correct. And then there you get the book on Amazon I know it's been a great price. If I were to carry this in our stores because I think that people who have back problems need to know about what you're doing. And you are by the way we didn't introduce you properly but you're an orthopedic surgeon in San Diego. Right. Yeah a surgeon. To know you are. You've reduced twenty years. Yes my 21 year and into it's it's been quite right. So I did you got into this I would think don't listen it's a very complicated women of their sorrow about. Somebody drops. Oh I guess some input temperament in the government. It is the rude or something in the didn't think I was paralyzed so it's a very tricky operation. Yeah I think you know that. It is and but I'm sorry it's gotten safer and safer and people we're trying to we're doing it made only occasionally sort of a lot more damn. My alleged spammers city. Associated her surrounding muscles. Still the king did I always been hot where managers years ago whereas cash to meet you in the decision making ripped the key you could have all these tools for its decision making this key you know direction. Just say your good surgeons know how to operate. Better surge is nowhere and not upper and I was up this many years ago and it really good it's started to ring truer insured her with a B over putts. So let me let me ask you can as long as one's agreement surgery there is a lot of advertisements you see out there for this. Men only and minimally invasive laser surgery. To come and we and we see a lot of particularly here in Texas is I travel around to what what he has a surgeon. What's your what's your take on those saunas clinics that are advertising that. I see some patients who had surgery there immediately neither are likely skilled practitioner I I think this. Do you believe dirt in it of itself is only eight hole and it lighter school and that when it comes despite the surgery pitch and actual terms you know patient much they enjoyed this show. As I checked in that kind of a late username and actually did it attracts people but it's really. The distraction. It's not eighty Majorly used towards spine surgery. Even used to shrink yes well we view credit in this got Rick's surgery and it's very good in doing that and but it it doesn't do well and removing all. So bear it doesn't do well at some type to distributions. And see I would bet many of the surgery done at the latest artist is suitor not third layer into any any any any of the laser institute. Are or not they are necessarily with the later or so argued that they may just what many tools you. I'm so and well and so let's let's if if Star Wars marketing laser stuff doesn't exactly work force. I'm what's gonna go back to what your finding does work before we get into all pure usage or surgery your stuff like that. You stir up with some newest core strengthening Lancashire exercises again you got some of those on. I take back control dot com from. I'm assuming weight loss programs can you be part of this you send them to. Mindset as a big China and listening diet meaty part of the. Yeah diet and nutrition is absolutely important I know you had to guess start earlier regarding that absolutely it's Saturday here this Dutch. They're in multiple ways in their wake you Sherri obviously gonna be great to the action. You're seeing and can't impact it directly. As far as the amount Strasburg also. The book food to eat the amount of inflammatory. Foods that we eat there's also a big factory you're huge you have. Where all of the free radicals there ordered. Overt auction did oxidation and they can occur what is true and it eventually quickening of the aging process that it can occur with. We eat food very eat here or here carbohydrates per hour or her. Are you especially gracious writer editor and also. And also animal fats. Verses. Fresh. Vegetables and fresh. Through our fresh fruits which of its oversight how the anti inflammatory agents. Not so for example there's just each is very simple there into the good thing is it culture back its culture hearts. There's no question that diet is the key piece. Appropriate to buy it else. Kim the will get to we've got we are about two minutes left so how long make sure. How they reach you by the way comes up I'll tell you what I've got a friends discuss the next two vertebrae. And it probably our life pretty much. So. Disaster to younger workers. Yes sir actually Burberry are very common that doesn't. Bookshelf doesn't mean that you need anything again you did it easier. We're all for a very different. Different and ask. Well there's some I listened to show that knows somebody or hasn't children back from their Frazier your people are afraid of sure drew so we should do as you say okay you can do the surgery. Are we can avoid that. I don't give the morale of the book can store they can read the book and find out maybe if you're a shoe sizes what they did come see you don't think. Are you a yes everybody yards you get not everybody can obviously come all the radio what we've done is we establish these. Clinics call spying it's fine don't click who were really trying to expand this model throughout the country and age. Reproduce a bull method of now operative he treating disbarred but I think wherever you are you don't need necessary you you couldn't start with so many things in your area where you are. Written by asking a lot of questions and really educating yourself well of these these topics because she's 88 you may have a you have to piece it together yourself. Scenario we don't know what this final likely have a good Diego but are looks like you can't you can't do you can't get doctor narcotics you can get out there again. Your body out of the meeting recuperated combat you can get rid of anxiety and depression all the issues. They're our compound junior team. So little. Just keep to keep. You know keep an eye out for this type of information and there's a lot of practitioners are more open up and argue. Being your local Harry Eva. They can help. We will have this book in the story can do good read about a bit. What's interesting is that spine zone treatment shown to decrease cost of spine care about 40%. Yeah. Yeah we're we're sure you're study in there and it medical group in San Diego where we have deduction of sub group of them come to our narcotics cigarettes went to the regular therapy and other rapid and we really treat their rate of surgery at a complex 40% of sorrow is that it's. There's significant amount. Well if they had to do you know San Diego is not a bad place to go does it affect at. We are orally or getting urgent used to come home and make when here rent. So strike zone is doing the things despite zone assuming that you consume video work and spines and yeah I know there's great and if you wanna get ahold of the books take back control and so either on the website or on that. Not Amazon correct. Yeah. OK for the pleasure talking to meet you back in which we are you to move in the store and you feel inside. So if you got to go to our website root talk with his website I'm sure. Yeah and find out more about it and you got a great program and I appreciate very much Richard do. And I knew I had Tyson camp. Here I you can. I will take a break even. And we're getting Intel information is right around the corner and you're listening to elect get healthy and it feels well on top thirteen seven deep breath she knew by people's. Let me helping the bills well high. Rusty by people. Hello hello saying I'm 26. You're free I'm more. Ornate dream. London just bloggers are probably. You're you're you're dating yourself mill you know you're dating yourself for a it move it through just twofold we know he headed if you if you you're number this song for my school or later. You might be India might be aligned for the show. I wonder who won and people would recognize from the beef that you continue. You know when I saw I saw a picture of her now trust me are organizer now. So I know why we we don't doctor Victor cursor is part. Coast and they don't really talk much you used to movements no law and and how good juror no I agree you're maybe right. Didn't do you have a US is five dollars you Romanian there was. Without thought Garnett caught and I you know what I've found your target area feel in my target so anyways so you were you weren't actually your practice. On the car themselves 1236. Tony Padilla do. There's a I'm part of a well listener of their round and therefore. Who's seven or eight years now at this point thumb I'm there was doctor Jim Meier whose. Easily one of the Trier foremost as far as people are met my wife is a clinical nutrition swells and doctor of pharmacy. And I streaming Nelson the aforementioned who helped design her weight loss program. I'm Jane you are acupuncture is free and Bernie young whose. A life coach and also a massage therapist she's going to talk a Monday night by the way. There's a whole range of talks we give for people around Austin they're perfectly tree on usually Monday and Wednesday are free. Free yeah you have free free free like fish showed bella free yet. Because now because we because we NN annum and I don't mean to do not selling and Tamil party line but we believe. You know as a group and is part of people's you know the information is what does he only going to make. Informed choices found that those choices like to make better decisions and her life and your health will be better when you have that and from we've boiled down to one sentence educator Medicaid. That's right that's what we sort of crimes or you can educate yourself just like we just talking about K we're talking about you know like. You can read books and learn about things and educate yourself and may be enough to have surgery yeah we have more surgery there are any day in and sometimes it doesn't require incredibly complicated things to get there. Thousand times you know endure during natural substances for example it's like one thing will do multiple different things your health innings take for example one of my. One of the things that I standard we use or is Cole Austro. Hum cluster was one of those is one of those things in the the the national pharma co PL earn natural. Natural collection of things we can use that as multiple facts come. Collage trim is that first milking that you know that the Cowell produced. From that allows them the calf to grow and activates the immune system against the slime is activated. Come NL skit the natural killer cells working it's got lack of sirens and immune globulin since it was good for your immune system. And if I can computer just a second you just mentioned from account. Current howl so it's interesting because the animals are getting a bad rap today because the way we treat women who give them what they feed him. Sir these cows are really you raised properly prepare properly Mario I there's a dollar a school's third there non. Dickerson. Well okay so in so and that actually gets back into into an important point. I'm not that not all cost drums are arming equally numb the I understand the collage true promote from a legal standpoint can be anything up until I think like the seventh milking or something on the first when he for a 48 hours. Which gets problematic because the further along and then milking process should go becomes contaminated with. Come after all human and Casey and things like that so if you've got to milk allergy becomes more more problematic. Thumb the we're very picky about the cautioned that we used the woman I use is from is manufactured by company called new medica. Dear production facility is actually on an Arizona and then actually is a collection of the largest. From collection of organic dairy farmers in the end the world. I'm the guy who's dude who designed and is and is not a guy by the name of doctor Andrew key chassis design because. He's very stringent asked me the first know it and to actually I think it's the second milking because the first gallon of Gloucester goes back to cash in on the sounds kind of in a kind of tune wishy and healthier but but it's important for the for the health of these animals that. You know what that pregnant cow gives birth okay that the first dose to Gloucester and actually goes back to the calf. To maintain the health of the animals and help send her to her right sustainability alone it's also it's also it's it's fair for the hour right here writer for the caps. So the calf gets wind up then we get the you know basically the second gallon on. For the first milking. That then allows us to in tune to castrate them down now I say us this is doctor teaches facility. Doctoring Andrew teaches you leading expert in the world the more we call an amino peptide chemistry particularly work lost from his concern now he's only you re Smart guy I mean. Light years ahead or all big keys don't eat he actually design he's he's so Smart he actually earned a second Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Because he designed the entire plant that purify as the stuff down from. So if you do your therapy immunotherapy using your own immune system to secured by our our final hole certain things whether that's. Infections in your god or cancer or immunodeficiency. Is. So this cluster becomes very important not a great disagree protein and so would we live pictures like two tickets. And using whale hunters well I mean I think wait winters and eager and really great idea medal because it's good source of protein but also because. When you're stressing your body like that your immune system typically gets older than that and you know that's always a good idea and stood to lose that up. Bomb them. The two win and when it boils down to a mean all. There are a lot of these therapies boiled down to how how effective your gut is how. How healthy it is a weight lifter for example can absorb the proteins he needs. If his god doesn't have the integrity doesn't have the ability to absorb it. From one of the things a cluster does next and anti inflammatory for the got so if you got a Kevin this is assuming that it took this out there assuming your kid doesn't have dairy allergies because we ought to be careful about that. Listening to doesn't have dairy allergies if you've got some kid will colic if you got a kid worst moment of an upset stomach. Tom he had a kid with you know knew a little gun diaper rash or something they've got to candied infection. That cluster was a great thing to do from a lot of my mother's that command that her. Are bringing other pressing their child had recently given birth are having problems producing. I often suggest either adding caution to the form of weather using or sometimes just substituting that interest formula because it is literally nature's perfect food is so perfect in his almost identical across. Virtually every man million species out there or whether we were used up for myself but who put what's interesting is that a lot of good use it to. For their complexion. Yeah to look Prater who aren't your guts not healthier skins are going to be healthy this right so so. So this Gloucester were just great awareness great programs will win here anybody here's the thing cluster of focus is crumbling on the health of the gut and utterly wrong and help us serve a lot of your health now what happens though if you want to start affecting your immune system outside the got a you can use cholesterol which is great but there's. Tom there's an extract from collage from called PRP's. Pro only rich poly peptides now these are signaling molecule now even if you've got a dairy allergy these are safe. So because what they do is it's extracted out nope no Casey no I'll be human no lead lactose you don't remaining that. And the spray actually is absorbed he didn't sprayed onto your tongue. And he gets directly instincts and really should Hendrick cells under underneath your tongue and starts affecting your finest. Come belts is that your immune system and basically she got any kind of problem with your immune system it'll help reset that through which we call your teeth helper cells. So if you've got you know an autoimmune condition will help bring the reaction down it would call modulator. If you're immune suppression helps bring it up accomplice studies. And steadily studies in both Italy and Japan. Peer peace fruits peer peace spray was shown to be three times more effective than the flu in the flu shot and prevention. In there's some question about the flu shot even more humor well yeah oh yeah well I mean we really talk Roy talked about it before a little longer sort of holed up at 33 times in the insurgency only about 3% is not hard to be easily RP RP ERC is who lost jumped appear people who could appear to come from courtyard yeah it's an extract from it once I forgot to ask is is if you're emerged to milk Bewkes. Digital you can. Now well. And their there's some argument that our doctor Q Joseph talked to directly we've had him on the show a couple of years ago. Some doctor Keyes says yes actually in central leave safer people we material geez. I am of the opinion I am very hesitant always recommend full blown Gloucester with people with full blown dairy allergies. There are some people can handle it there are some people can't come I would suggest that if you're if you were interested in doing it do and and supervision of some kind of a practitioner. But you know it. Theoretically according to literature should be safe RI I am just a little more hesitant about the European of the nuclear piece of perfectly safe gras there's no there's no lack there's no help you know Casey you can do that. Tom is standing up anyways and it's effective it's very powerful stuff against Honduras and study the doctor quiche did in Africa are showing that. Pure peace free actually boost CD four cell populations and HIV positive patients better than any drug known to man well. A couple of years ago my grandkids my door most European Gloria great 100 kids and Scioscia 303 boys. And the only come down with things like most kids and you had a five year old because of Boozer boys' training is right so what happened is that. They they were abused European and Dubai school the next day clear in her friends. The big kids' friends who stay. It home and my two to three days of my kid has actually become so Wasilla Augusta this he will actually go into the PR piece for himself mr. dose and AM eastern stealing some deal and add your own pace so good now so if a five year old ya it's his guns almost five year old. It's hard not enough to conform we've been on since that's a pretty good endorsed house if you are traveling especially over these are just tell you wouldn't know. If you come that was something going to be locked in locked in a silver two with a that I will amount modern fifteen you know possibly. Possibly six people for a couple hours on an airplane flight you betcha I give my peer. Sore throats prom like like what we have clues seasonal allergies and helps with numb I'm using an autoimmune conditions we use it and you know almost any infected commission. He got something we need some kind of modification your immune system either who super pro down peer. Because I'm dumb as a demonstration. But you know multiples plays throughout the day the studies are done enforce brace for a time today. Leave it like nagging your immune system mechanic Jim Bakken well there are some doctors there may sell this in this great. And other Lucas Michelle does but I'm just saying I think running already bought amusing and you know so that other place you can buy this but we have it and all the stores have ya and can come on by mean for those fielder Anderson we've got we have plenty of plutonium colonial that. Cluster power of the purified stuff from doctor Keith we employ any of the PRP's themselves. You know gone by ask some questions for those either really Anderson we've got a couple copies of doctor teachers books book amino peptide chemistry faulty it's a great Wayne K sure got a case of insomnia. Okay just knock you out I'm not going into your own. And thought oh look I say hi Jessica OK bush and help today. Yes I've gone I will reality get more information doctor Victor crusher who can make you reach you that determined I don't like 5122198600. He's 600 homers go to people are stuck on the got your picture. Yes a slightly better a slightly more change version of the PS out drawn into this country for sure and see your picture. All right let's take a break and we'll be back. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bills well brassy invite people often favored pharmacy will be back into next to him. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with Phil's Whalen top thirteen seventy. She's like people's Boston's favor are missing college life if I'm 26 boards three mile. That's my 26 point three guys foreign aid dream. Welcome back it's the we have to assume with a suit. Yeah this move if I jump before what a pleasure having you back. I can take thank you I knew where I. Talking talking. I don't know we just record my you're keen. You know act and next week going to be. Actually get a little unsure on him in Ellicott which are children opt in an ugly and they had used sick and tired today. I don't know I ran I'm going to actually be. You're not only about now but having people it mattered in the bookstores to act up but it. Yeah it was bookstore people's books are. I mean to be acting in ballet and I'm an idiot and look. Most on your ballot. The ultimate odd and it sound is people talk people boot this proposal because he met on Wednesday on the twenty except. Mr. Clinton has this to quickly inning the most time on the road and needs some pain control. Exactly exactly I'm driving and hitting your hitting it like sentence so it was sitting back held to death at the car that are now below that of the canal I thought of actually look pretty since what is what is the mail message what is the Mel well. Yeah it did eight simple treatment technique that I developed it started out as homer try my client as a match in Paris and Q. I'd get their own chronic issue that only between I special on that didn't turn into. Treatment technique that anybody can do at home there aren't as well as include. There are any instructor well why he got thirteen hundred chapters worldwide and shared the math and it's the books that translated into eight language and so yeah they did hear yeah I actually though the book that he credited the paper. I did here because actually it would impact said. That I really realized he didn't change at your conference but at twelve years you get off to a letter. Can manipulate that connected tissue and our body and it was a little bit you've had trouble getting. And that regularly experience without a checkered record because I keep the roller so that we can get Smart people all. And I thought we did 30000 more change to the black cat on a book tour of. Well we're we're gonna first snow will melt comes from the word didn't Akron and how much pressure actually. My pleasure energetic attitude. Was linked equity concern leads the trial I sure energetic like the way things. I wanted to do because we borrowed time we wanna be sure and and talk about your son or talked about we're not talk about to feel the Summers your victors don't. Announced a similar us coming up here and here's your all of them that wish you the truth if that bookstore quicktime. Is it going to be you know I'd. Heaven and 7 PM Ali there. Are yeah limo I wanna come to. The outcome of an experience that the candidate that how many people do you put up I'll turn handed treatment techniques. Teaching their hands and people right. The source so that they can actually experience. Exactly what the methodology is that what makes me calm everything else cannot sentiments he kept on. You don't my way just a matter to her own good run through the other. I usually have coming up heroes you're so. The events oh yeah well I mean and that actually fits quite nicely and if you're so if you're if you're having that kind of since obtain. By the way for those of you were dealing with pain from say Lyme Disease that's for crews going on now by the way down and people's pharmacy on south Lamar. Bernie young our right in moving up to our north side brand is doing a talk on habits for health happiness. I got to bring your your secured back and a and a balance on it. I'm and that old Don money in January 23 that'll lead during nicely for those of you want to into your talk on Wednesday the 25 down the bent people bookstore. Some we've got healthy eating classes coming up on Saturday January 28. Against the north point store and followed up by a talk on food allergies on Monday January 30 at 7 PM demise by myself and doctor Meyer so. There's a lot of so that'll lead very nicely into Liu China gets himself help going on and I certainly think that this the Nelson and our would be in do you disagree when I cannot. You know the meat in the sandwich so to speak in terms of getting some also help going on. Jaret Wright fifth all I guarantee you that there's feelings prices. That's a sustainable food center so learn about spice is how you can spice approved prudent and actually. If you're healed they say now spicy food if you live longer. Putt from so so anyway that's this coming to tunis. Well but I don't boo don't don't do the spicy food during get one of those no strollers so I don't think that's going to be next. I. Nice little area and yeah. Third leg and I both. Oh my compliment of almost all the is that what is offered Ali I everybody you got your right Sheikh Abdullah walks. So the melts in BLT the milkman. We're gonna we're going to register manager but. Year old to book and you're coming to talk about it and let people learn because it really changes loud and. It married as you know I didn't people go and chronic pain it becomes a very helpless hopeless place she you know you got your doctor and probably hit it you. Pain medications. I knew making eagle the paint but they're nearing contracting the card. I'm chronic pain in when I'm really get battered and that diet and actually citing an acute you. Are already saying. Yeah kept people still kept her from chronic pain we are you know comes from a lot of things happen and owner and are you in heartbreaker look at your brain thank you paint that elk. But it could become chronic you haven't issue in my culture connective tissue which would support here. Tissue under your skin that teacher who holds your bombs you're in that everything be able to balance. Adrian I like you know repetition are sitting. Store or on your power and congress is what we call up certain lull but it. Connect it to should be education everybody experience that like you you know you can't carry it and you get up your joint appeal like he just turned ninety I don't really little parallel application because it on TJ well the answer you're dealing. I treat pain jumped on that could ultimately lead should not only joining me but it big shots and good system to function efficiently and it merely gotten a lot for all I could I reporters in these hypocrites unchecked. Collect retreated from day to day we can't predict champion red that's stimulating in your body can leave you feeling good every game which make some. And in him is in his senior bring this up because there's a lot of people who were or acupuncture for example a lot of people are trying to figure out. The mechanisms by which I which acupuncture works and there are some people are now under I kissed his pistol dislodging examiners for example. On the thing that acupuncture is muted largely through this connective tissue matrix you're talking about a. Yeah I think it in fact impact when he put a needle into the issue is actually a attacking me your eloquent public. It's actually very. Women respond until you put a needle in that issue and you and that you know. Significant issue grabbed onto it and why you know you look great you could put the needle in your finger or. And it could alleviate your you can't speak and that is why signaling back hurt. Drew who are connective tissue that can reduce those I don't look at act OK you know I mean you are so why are all. You don't hit a helping people with chronic issues I think the problem with hands on body work or those sort of things that you can find it great or try. There are a lot of money you Mary do you have the right after that. But you are issued and you know highly paid the illegal outside of yourself but I dissolution could understand that summer the pollution carton he felt carrying forty our own self. Trend data day in the did much of a missing link. Most people in agony again even if they do see a guy that you're not caring for a technical issue. Hurting yourself learn. Accelerating. Apathy about I hadn't HR eight in ancient data. Dedicate a summon up the belt method by the way we've got us through this month we wrote the book groups now. A great move will carry this in the stores also what you think. Yeah I know I then entered. It looks and harsher yeah I know oddly it looks great to me is he lives with chronic pain and the great thing that I like about it is. It's going to do very simply and homicide at a cost a lot of money in the fund produced. And only looks like you caught it and it looks like it only takes about ten minutes they didn't do as someone who has got to go in for an hour long class you know spread so anyway this does is take the keys of bringing really. Ailments is dude nutrition especially. Is this soon connective tissue. Problems as you bring in my health election central. What are your act or else. A local kid it's actually keep it active and healthy and again you can get into a very able to issue. It way to explain it to think about it like it climbs a you know like I'm more pungent flood water that then try to outlawed. I can't think she turned dated may become cellular they see jaded on everything from abstract. Gone the way that you terrible aren't removed you know you had. So are mine are very impact sculpture that issue. But the admitted it just for working laid back into the lunch if you know that treats you're you're not it's it's it's it can actually were punished just like you said in less than ten minutes did a you can keep up the issue working out your hand courier we are getting any other treatment techniques in the book is trying to take about ten minutes you could do it. Far more power and if you want it cheap to do a whole not actually. Just an Iranian issue a little bit from day to day really got it go along lake fears health care over your lifetime. So the book is under three dollars. Right Amazon.com. I don't news is available at the stores like command. You didn't actually that's yeah I'm excited everywhere you can also get it you buy it way right now that it dot com you can also. Find an instructor who and we have actually instructors on intact and all around checkered that they keep an instructor they feel like they. In your state of chronic pain and you know and we hear you're in pain sometimes you think you want a little help we cut and structured. Looking guy GO ilk the methodology to really develop it but now you. I'm at it until until you can quiet Madonna and the product they're all well that it got on he can get the right tool to be able she actually. I Jerry you're tissue you know the great thing about how good it feels really good when you do that it makes my immediate change. It change the connected at the arms and efficiently. Stable balance at great feeling good for David. So if you're worried about falling and how do we give this would help you couldn't come now that just they released this equipment shipped to get. Do you. I'm developing. There there are we developing shopped a little letter and they need a permanent on eight she issue. That we kinda Blaine in your own body and you just apply these very gentle Fashion Week to the body on some people Peter Weller they think I would like. Oh well I think well he didn't own going to explore we're starting blood flow too much salt. Not done that but it does pumping more troops out of it just allowed to connect it to you try to. I in the water. Lara progressive weight very easy older adults after this we re using now and we up again and picked treatment ball. And I'm you know democratic front about forty bucks and I'm good eight different ball that Gigi extreme you're handed me. Cloture I think the most part of our body and the ones that I am a month and I think it will get outraged mom you are you sure he's entered me it can really think you are. Your leg and frolic and we spend it scared her but you have Butler Marla in. Our empathy and all I and that you're gonna care what you're gonna look like when you're seventy tiger ADV. You can certainly at the feet you're you're on and get. In grade your balance. A beer joint. Able and they don't have those chronic joint ache and pain at the core capture. And again if you might occur from untreated and connect it gives you can it knock your nervous system are functioning efficiently. I think you get sent them better actually related like troubled by get big polluter on the leaders asleep and then the bigger problem you know but we want to keep it LP and that is welcome it's all about. Listen you said the magic words seven be sometime next month. And it's true I don't care what we're about looks like the under here I feel. I stand behind you and I'm married about a month bill. We have a while shorter don't have. There are so you'll be that good wishes that for his fifth have a good time 7 PM with a virtual people vote. OK so I think OK okay you'll feel you know zero okay thanks for being you know. Thank you offer lists and picture all of this. We appreciate. We got to go to.