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Come And Talk It, 01/15/2017

Jan 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Cummins not get with your host Michael Cargill. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon. Austin, Texas a lot of music capital of the world class praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Today on the show we won't have Mack Mack of the act. I mats is a political communications consultants. And the president of Potomac strategy group. And we will discuss wouldn't match the possibility of a national reciprocity bill. And here in protection act passing within the first 100 days of the nude trumpet administration. Also we won't have almost only shady and Anthony. Who was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in Arlington Texas. For caring it long gun but was found not guilty earlier this week. This is so pathetic. Can you believe that officers in the state of Texas. Which has long been seen as one of these mortgage gun friendly states. Arrested an individual because he was peacefully. Carrying illegal firearm in plain view. But before we get to Matt in our guests. Most known about. Most people know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his nonviolent civil protests we've all heard of Doctor King. What most don't know it was that he believed in americans' right to bear arms as outlined in the Second Amendment. And even once possessed in arsenal. And posted armed guards in applied for a concealed handgun permit. Now most people think that Doctor King would be the last person to own a gun. Yet in 1956. As a civil rights movement heated up Doctor King turned to firearms for self protection. And even applied for a permit to carry concealed handgun. Now this was not out of the norm for civil rights organizers. In the 1950s and sixties. Nor was it the only firearm that Doctor King. Up around him. Receiving countless death threats from both civilians and law enforcement. Our supporters took turns guarding king's home. And Daley after his permit was denied knowing too well that the Klan was targeting him for assassination. They also knew that they would likely received little resistance from the local authorities. Now what do worthy losing black journalists who covered Doctor King in the 1950s. Reported that he wants went. To sit down on in the barn cheered in darkened teens living room and almost set on he'd loaded gun. Now king's advisors. Glynn smiley described that they grade pacifists. Cone has continued an arsenal. So now the Mississippi doctor he founder of the regional council of negro leadership which is TRM Howard. I he kept me said he kept a Thompson machine gun at the foot of his bid. And escorted those affected by hate to and from their homes in the heavily armed caravans. Now likewise white sitting organizers John Arne salters. Who also. I traveled. With doctor king and traveled in the fifties once said that I'm alive today because a Second Amendment. And the natural right to keep and bear arms that Doctor King Dallas stayed true he Dallas. And Joey distinction between what he knew would bring success to his civil rights movement. Nonviolent resistance and love. And what would protect him as. His home. The violent resistance and guns he was more concern as a family man in the civil leaders. And carried out success in protection of each differently. What lesson they gun advocates. Took from the early dark became. And his more aggressive followers. Is if the police can't or won't protect you. They got to may be your last line of defense. Doctor King did not require his concealed carry permit because. Of prejudicial reasons but that didn't stop him from trying to apply. And then while Rosa Parks was pushing the bounds of buses Keane was pushing the borders of bullets. By requesting state authorities grant him a firearm permit because his life was threatened daily. Clearly meeting the law's requirements. After he was assassinated. The first major federal gun control since the 1930s. Was the gun control act of 1968. From that point onward. Democrats have you civil rights sentiment. As a weapon to dismantle. Read that in justify. Americans' Second Amendment Rights. No one really knows of Doctor King would have given up any of hope it of that hope. Of armed self defense. If he would have been able to acquire his firearm permit. Some people love to show how Doctor King altered some of his self defense views later in life. But the facts are what they are. When he came to self defense. As a man of the cloth. In the 1950s. Doctor King dues so to speak till the Bible in one hand. Any gun in the other. Even Jesus. The night before he was crucified. So disciples. Whoever has a sword. Is to sell his coat and by sort. All right so now let's get back to our guests. Right so let me walk into the show. Matt's Mecca react Matt is a political communication consultant. And the president of Potomac strategy group met and welcome to come and talk to certain. I outstanding so mad I tell you know Friday. We have inauguration day president pool so to be president trump will be inaugurated. And we're gonna have me change in power so how's that gonna look after the members of the Second Amendment community. Well I think it. You can make pretty strong case. That from the Obama administration. It's really had a target on lawful good ownership poorly from day one. You could look at. The gun running operation is the you know really did trying to shut down the gun manufacturers will be lawsuits. But just the way the Justice Department hasn't prosecuted gun problems. Still but obviously not supporting things like reciprocity I mean the list goes on and on at all I'm. And of course I didn't. We have these tragedies happened and schools across the country the first thing they wanna do this. Take unsettling and social law abiding citizens. Can actually criminals have guns so he's become a matter of sort of religious belief on the left. That two guns shouldn't be. Lawful the United States and wanna go to a model similar to what you see in a plea in a country like Australia. It's pretty clear to me that disrupt us administration is 280 degrees the other direction. And one of the most touching things about the Obama you pursue charges is something that senator John Cornyn sit on Friday. She's really senator Ted crews there and try to. Which is that. Studio this this this desire by the Obama coasted to try to make guns. Unlawful it's really made people go out and purchased legally purchased guns. How much more quickly and anguish greater urgency these last three years. So that we actually edit actually the opposite effect of what they want it so look I think your question on Friday when president Charles trump rice present my cancer sworn in. My guess is that did the best part of us as part of that the first to actually on Friday or perhaps on Monday. They are going to rescind executive orders data limit. The lawful Ontario spoke guns in the United States there whether that would include some like. Like reciprocity. Or some of these laws that make it illegal suit to carry you have federal. Area after driving to a park to get from one city to another I think those kinds of those kinds of regulations as picture in real danger I think that the challenge is. You still need sixty votes in the United States senate to pass the bill and you only got 52 Republicans. Are you might have to retrieve. Let's say pro Second Amendment. Democrats in the senate you can imagine someone like Jon Tester of Montana perhaps. No idea I'd campus. North Dakota perhaps. Joseph Manchin of West Virginia perhaps the delegation of 55 Sochi still find good short. Protesting. Serious pro second amend legislation silk. I think it again and I think did the good news is trumpet cancel stopped the dad thinks Obama this two part department of justice and HS have been doing. To try to really shut down lawful gun ownership and America. But I think taking positive steps. It's going to be a much much harder thing to achieve is gonna get sixty votes in the senate. Now what do you think it's gonna happen whiz he with prudent hazy gonna play a role in the how old trump is going to lead the next four years and is that going to affect us here in Texas and don't. Them. Well I hadn't thought about new Russia relations Russia the terms such as Washington. I think there's no question that the US Russian bilateral relationship is bad understand. Probably twenty years. You have. What seems clear mean including those communities Russia. Taking action taking cyber hacking action against Americans and American institutions. Trying to impact the elections normally today. Decided the election adding that city. I really a bridge too far. But I think that's cyber hacking is going to be investigated already is but senate. And House Intelligence Committee east. Now the challenge precious. Russia's not just say geopolitical adversary like Mitt Romney said for years ago. They're also essential ally in Syria. Because. A while they are cropping up beside regime in Syria they're also anti crisis. And so I think this is what chalk this it's really tried to just focus on things that. Don't we don't necessarily in his in his you need to have a adversary relationship with Russia on every single issue all the time. It's possible. Which you can. Situation we can work which Russia to try to do sea ice is Xperia. And try to fold in the refugee crisis and I don't think gruden would ever. I come to agree that this dog would have to leave and I don't see how you and the refugee crisis is associated power. Just part of life. The searing questions such a complex work blood. Look I mean I think I think we had two or sober about student. I'll probably be as American interest in mind if you want to how we constitute dual Soviet Union I think he wants to break down NATO. Tell I think he wants to task. America he certainly tested Obama realized diploma was not serious and that's why he sees Crimea. And that's why he's threatened Ukraine and that's why he's still around. Make some noise smuggling in the Baltic States and casting our NATO commitment so these are all really serious issues in world war three. Could potentially starts. In the situation where he's. I don't see his closest O'Neal and the Baltic States in the because of article five commitment to NATO we have to send troops descended slowly up. My guess is most Americans don't realize we have to defend Estonia and it probably don't sort war three. Over Estonia. But if you let them take so you do what did you take and actually take Ukraine does it take poll and we're where we draw the line. So these are the kind of book of questions I think really important for the future. And obviously. You know there is a lot of interest in exactly what rob what it was up to. I out of sight and our election and look at results and decide hacking investigation. Ultimately show. No get and then what about the national reciprocity bill axle that license holders would be able to youth. Carry their firearms in different states across United States just like get a driver's license you know you get a driver's license and Texas. And that driver's license is recognized in other states so when you think that's something that we can actually get accomplish because I know the bill's been filed. Sure child every two years. And it's. You know it's always it's always kind of right on the precipice of certainly would have I think majority supporting those houses. Put together certainly you have to have sixty votes noticeable for you only have 52 Republicans. So this is what's so interesting about the next two years you have Democrats. Promising pledging. Swearing that there are opposed trumpet every turn but the problem is at ten of them running in 2018 from the senate. In states patrol one in November you more of gloom. Are running in Chinese workshops when 56%. Of the vote so at some point. Democratic unity is going to. Display it and the question is over what issues is going to split I think obamacare could be what issues just obamacare so unpopular. But obviously Second Amendment Rights are very popular popular with a majority. The public and they're very popular in risque to kind of seeks actual foreign. So I don't know whether it's Democrats are going to be able to. Block pro Second Amendment bill in the senate I do think it's so heavy lift to get fifty democratic house and senate to get some fifty to sixty. I disagree forcing introduced congress for six. It might take more than two years to get sixty might have to beat. Some of these so called moderate Democrats from red states if they take enough bad so it's the coup against the wishes of their on top of their own citizens. I would taco and Matt Matt you react he's a political communications consultant and president of Potomac strategy group. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. We didn't much rage you listen. Come and talk radio what Michael Clark it's. Welcome back to come and socket and now here's Michael kargil. All right so we're back. Talking with the Mac back in the act. But in the political communications consultant and he's the president of Potomac strategy group. Also late in the hour we're gonna talk with Liz Cheney and Anthony who was arrested and charged with a resistant arrest. And disorderly conduct in Arlington Texas when talk about that case and how that all that stuff came about. But we're talking with Matt about the concealed carry reciprocity bill also we're talking about. The suppressor act. And Justin. And Eric what do you think about that deal. Are like the fact that it's grandfathered in that if it does pass like that there's going to be a lot of people getting refunds. Oh it's eight minutes the I don't know I wanna say that it's back from October 2015 cinemanow has to dispense paid for a stamp. Since October October 2015 why should get a refund that's if it passes like that we all know that the government hates giving us money back so we're talk about the hit protection act which would remove sounds oppressors from regulation under the national firearms act the NSA. And that's an ad in the that was in the end yeah but I also think there should apply for us sure are rifles or shotguns and stuff like that you know especially we've got a Republican majority and both chambers and pretty much across the country I think that. I think we should be going a little further now. Elect what Matt was saying you know hey we don't have that sixty. You know we had its you know we have only fifty right now. But the we isn't. I think we lusting for a second. You are gonna have cute bills that are going to be must pass in the first two months the first is that debt limit. The debt limit increase which I think development and expires in about six weeks and of course she could. The catch you know any builder that he could be potentially reciprocity for example. Because I don't go out to past I think that's still has to secure threshold in the senate. Out of nowhere and choosing bill is ready is he is the reconciliation bill the budget bill which is southerner repeal obamacare and all that is just a 51 vote. Threshold in the senate the majority in the house. Q you could perhaps. Including Google like that I actually think Republicans may want to have Democrats vote on reciprocity. I'll in this in this current congress because it does put a number of Democrats who are true election the very top spot taking different approach Second Amendment what are voters wanting to where they can put against the Second Amendment have been the consequences were there and free elections so I guess candidly I'm not sure as the process to happen in the next two years. Wouldn't surprise me if it does happen in the intro and first term. But again you gotta have a path to sixty votes. Again and even you know it's it's not like Texas and Texas you know to build its. If the language is not germane you can't and it's something else in the when he would dealing with the US congress. You can attest sexy anything. You Q leasing you can't do you can't turn that you can't combine. Also rising languished which appropriating language. You can also rise or appropriations kind of looked in the weeks technical term. But there's obviously there's obviously authorizing bills and there's appropriation bills goes is spend money. And those are generally totally separate. But which are right I mean you can attach a reciprocity built in the debt ceiling or two of budgets to reconciliation bill because it didn't reciprocity probably wouldn't have a score to it so that there's got to be different ways to do that I would presume the NRA the National Rifle Association. Has their priority bills abortion with the drug administration and obviously strongly supported trouble in fact. I think endorsed him earlier than they've ever endorsed a candidate for president in the history. And that was poorly because trump is right on the issues that's also partly because Hillary would so radical. And again against the Second Amendment she wanted to be happy do you take what Obama did in front in men and Milledge still going on steroids. I think again I think Hillary is going to be a very effective. Advocacy groups try to get these major pro Second Amendment bills passed through the house and senate to. All right so let's bring this back to Texas now how we looking at feed the Texas legislature this year as far as the Second Amendment and things of that nature. From the GOP. Yeah I mean the one thing I remember a lot of the a lot of bills I'm sure there are some that and I'll let him know one. There and got some efficient passer will again as soon as the idea of constitutional Kerry. Which she wishes and you were talking before about. Figure the little little belong rational. Illegally possessing it and being around you know arrested and having the charges dropped. Obviously they're easily concealed carry bill was a concealed carry law in Texas considers itself a handgun. You know can can be concealed if you have a permanent. The question is you know what do you have to have a permit have a concealed handgun and that's what is cautiously curious this is a bill. There's been filed in the past question represented jobs and stick and a veteran up near Dallas for world. I don't think got killed just to be really can't nobody has the votes in the house of the senate you had law enforcement. Go about against its. So we know we'll see my guess is there'll be a fight you know be a discussion about that dolce and I guess is senate senate just generally more conservative. In the house I don't know that it has to do is get in that house but it will be another fight till happen legislatively to capitol recession. The actor I've Agassi I actually agree with the Matt I'm just gonna let you know right now but then there's some people that disagree now I know here's the deal I don't disagree that we don't have the votes if we don't get it to the floor I think if you go around you asking if Republicans really supported or not I agree you agree with you we don't have the vote. Now let me ask you this. We strategically get it to the foreign reforming force force a roll call vote what do you think is gonna happen. Well that's interesting it's essentially ducked could be. The kind of go to could be used against two Republicans have no mention of primary. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure they don't listen I think coming to question is. I'm not saying they are mum on what shut the other news saying the question is is constitutional purity. A majority viewpoint. I mean just among the public access think if you have police chiefs testified against it I think that as. It wasn't so what's your wasn't it wasn't the public that elected them no it was it was it was 20% basically goes. Of the the population that is allowed to vote that elected them though unum sang so sure that you are you can say. You know we need 51% of the public to support this in reality no we don't. That's not who's letting these people. Well that's true yeah you're you're you're you're right you're right I mean there's you know you have to get through a primary gets gets through general election I think the bottom line is you got a 150 house seats. How about twenty of them perhaps thirty of them could be competitive in the general election you have 31 senate seats and basically. One of those 31 as competitor in the general election so all these. How come this critical it's incumbent Republicans are worried much more about a primary. And they are about a general election. That took your point that's why. You know obviously any go to the Second Amendment. Is this series touchy for them because they don't wanna create a problem for themselves and primary. So we'll see what happens saying my guess is it popular vote for the reasons that that digital tracks made clear. The only problem if you put this out there we only need ten Republicans to force a roll call vote on the house floor. And I can tell you're now the we have those same Republicans. Via you know. So I don't I don't supersede all of us to tell you this if it's that simple Biedrins are saying that and I'm sure that's right that's. Yeah if that's true then they'll come before they'll be a vote and my guess is Russia should carry gets thirty or forty ghost. You know in the Texas house for fifty bullets maybe something like that ended its sales. But. Feel I don't know I'm from my standpoint I think sanctions or destroy the second administration the country go to truly popular opinion in in terms of formal launch. So I don't think maybe I'm wrong and you guys all these things closely I don't think most Second Amendment supporters and try and think god. Taxes isn't strong enough for the president of the cholesterol laws we gotta be stronger we can always be stronger what do Smart things are Smart laws. I just don't think there's a huge passion broadly speaking for constitutional Carrie I could hear about I don't know you guys discussion about it but broadly speaking on rushers there. The question is do they wanna gamble a primary on. They did today do they have the data to back it up or they urinate or they're wondering whether or not we have enough from our members and our and our bags hoods so basically get rid of them come the primary. Yeah that's good question I mean I you know I actually I've I've been involved and been successful primaries my dog or they are straight hard to beat an incumbent. Because you can't assemble these images say yes. Put it on the official side they have their fundraising they have their staffs they have name identification may have abused him more money give all the Udinese you can have a super very hard to defeat. And so you know if you wanted to try to take thirty or forty incumbents such a good luck if you wanna look. I think you can tell I don't think we need to it that many out because I don't focused you don't if we get this vote on the floor I have a hard time believing that anybody's gonna vote against it just RC Republican. Who was there about what they're doing their vote two years ago. There was there was not we had we had what we thought was the ten members needed but not all of them have done. Testicular fortitude does to stick it out now when they came. And it kind of fell apart but were were feeling pretty hopeful about at this time around. Anything can change because just like we just saw ray now. Joseph Straus you know got. You know he he became speaker of the house. You know initially there was no opposition whatsoever he's also claiming this is going to be his last session as well too which which which leads to a lot of confusion her confusion at the house right now. A lot of people are scrambling triggering now you know there's going to be a lot of power struggles there are a lot of people wanting their position and and trying to set themselves cells off an opposition. So I think that while we're doing now they're not going to be paying attention to a word on. I think there's some speculation this may be his last session he has not said that. Also not so this is going to be his last session I have not seen that I think that would have been huge news that was the case I don't I don't doubt there's a chance it is this last session he now broken record. You know even their long time he had a very ugly primary last. Make a lot of territorial recession goes and how he feels about the results. Most expensive house seat in Texas that's for sure. I may not say what thank you men are really appreciate you coming on the show today an end why the sellout force. We know we have to contact our our US senator we have contact or US House of Representatives to make sure that the hearing protection act does come up and in this past Wenatchee. Is a bill so it EC. You need to contact and make sure his passes senate bill 59 in in its HR 367. If you want the ear protection act to pass. I contact you US senator senator John Cornyn or senator Ted Cruz and let them know that hey we need this done. We need the your protection act passed so we can pull the sound turns off force oppressors off the unity list. And also you know called and let them know the you want the I can still carry reciprocity bill passes well so that way weekend. I don't leave Texas leave the borders of Texas and travel and other states free lead. And not worry about you know whether or not we have the Weaver got a Cold War swished a gun out because our magazine capacities too large or something of that nature. So let's you know let's get this stuff done this year we can deftly get it done and I hope that the trump administration can actually get it done. In the first 100 days we think about that match. Yeah I mean we'll see I mean you know we're gonna see what his priorities are and what his first so they priorities are I think Josh reform. Repealing or replacing Obama care. I'm putting Supreme Court this could serve on the Supreme Court goes to the big things I think he's gonna go after there will be other things too I think you can make a lot of news either Friday or Monday. How when he particularly rescissions Obama's executive orders surged to a single on this first day in office. All right awesome thank you sir and enjoy that Dallas Cowboys football game or her hate. All right so that was Matt Mack you'll react. He is a political consultant for the fact that strategy group the political concern political communications consultant for a that then also the president of Potomac strategy group and he is also the I think he's like the vice cheer of the trends kind of Republican Party is well. He and Travis county and Matt's really he's a great guy deftly helps is not a lot you know here in Texas and also in Washington DC. France also coming up we have machine ATM machine Anthony. Yahoo! was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in Arlington Texas. After Kerry along gun from him but was found not guilty earlier this week. And personally I think this is you know this is really pathetic because. They officers in the state of Texas you know which has a long it's long been seen as one of the more gun friendly states you know arrest this guy. For openly Karen a long gun which is something that's been legal ever since like the eighteen hundreds. So let me in Texas we heavily regulate handguns but we don't do that for a long guns and that's what the big fight is about constitutional Kerry Hague. You know. Long guns you know they are fifteen AK 47 has been legal. I you can legally openly carry a loaded AR fifteen a loaded AK 47 and walked down congress avenue with it. In the state of Texas and Austin. In the open without a license or any idea or anything. But you know they handgun he cannot and that's what the big fight a constitutional Kerry is you know we. That's why some people feel that we need to pass constitutional Kerry's so that he is no different in the long guy and actually it's a handguns are smaller so we should be able to openly carry that handgun without a license. So that's what constitutional care is all about. I've been you know there is I think the problem with that is gonna be. Maybe you know I don't know bit. Who. Whoever's sponsored the bill or something like that I know there's a fight with Staten. So hopefully we can get all that stuff washed out and you know because of our resident stick was a great guy. I he's trying to do the right thing for his constituents he's also trying to do the right thing for the state of Texas. And so we'll see what happens when that let me bring it to the show machine in thirty Alicia Avian walk in the coming talked a certain. Or at your own rights Alicia you tell me a little bit about. This story you know because it wasn't about EU initially. It actually was about someone else something else happened and there was a protest and you were at the protest to what happened to you initiate you being. That won't initiate the protest started. Were rally. Well actually there are protesting these old deal. The officer that shot and killed unarmed creation tailor our bread hero college athlete and student. Who he dropped the ball so cars that it dealership you Rashard Cuba were key outs and the grand jury decided not to prosecute as they do most cases. And so this dead this guy's a football player or something like that. Yeah I in Seoul he was in a car dealership this is late at night during the daytime. This close so late at night. Believe that he was going to be able to some other. Bureau of not sure. But he Asia and our property there was nobody around there was so Couric. And the officer who violated. All policy took it upon itself. To go inside and shoot it or launching it over property damage. OK okay and what DD charge and resultant. Okay so in the end he was no bill now is there a civil suit against the police department and other police officers. Well I'll Russia with a fair to do agree there to support him but I don't know much about the legal matters but I do believe they are pursuant. Any and everything projections which. Okay initiating happen like last year's sometime correct sir you're OK I should she'd have to last year and it was in north Texas. And our country in Arlington OK and so this was the Arlington police department. Yes sir right so you guys were in Arlington and you're doing it because of this particular shooting in the officer being. I guess no builder not charge you whenever you guys there was a protest in so what you wanted to do was openly carry you're long done your ER. That the protests to make sure I guess the protesters geno where they take care of their safety make sure they're going to be okay. Kind soul what happened. We start we start our protest at the police station. So or at the police station and so the police are we're gonna bear. Well they were our follow all he had another guy who they want started officially. As a starter Portuguese. It out there act this week our whip it out actually about what it but it mostly to other requires it is going lower. So I respectfully declines that are above and it's only. And so we continue to archived at the police escort so they're wearing an unfair. And they're scored a civil arch are so honored to. Bob barber addicted to the origin of the Ulster Cutler took is that. Actually your weapon. I respect it was double that. Got a critical equipment this blog and that's why however there are grossly immoral it. So continue to march or Israelis already what do aren't ready to drop sort of a console or what it. Well there's a public concerts or foul or put it says that they're counselors. Definite the band that was our agent Scott Phelps. Just that the crowd let them know why would Bayer who therefore and show their support force being there. I'll bet that thought. But that's I want a new lady that was concert of the park was good friends. But police officer. She article stops they're let them know that we are counselor concert. And at that point they decided to violate our lives moderate and that brought it up. Try to sort chocolate which are cordless shame Anthony niece tell us about what happened in north Texas how with him being arrested with openly carry a long gun. In charge width. Cause alarm and disorderly conduct this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. This is bigger than it is thought I was particularly I think you're listening to you to comment at all it's. Is funded almost thirteen and us. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael kargil all right so we're talk cordless shady and Anthony and he breaking it down forest tell us what happened in Arlington Texas about a year ago. There is there are protests or rallying. T who protest the fact that an officer was no bill after shooting a young man. Who is now. This is what happens I can I jump when you a little bit machining does that. Now you but you know just this whole situation because it seemed like that's criminal mischief and not to me you know I'm not America AL TC instructor. And you save someone's doing something you know the dealership. You know nighttime. Emit that into what you describe sounds like chrome mischief under Texas penal code daily force would be justified. Yeah I mean I don't I don't know anything about a lot. I don't want it done armed and travel and that's probably shouldn't shout that the Arctic under the constitution and every at a lot of we have. Right. Situation closely did you date in court for a body acute period in the cinema apparently they're very important for our border is still in reverse so certainly doesn't deserve to die. Now you your situation I mean I don't think he. Annan Aaron and I listened to that and I have to honestly tell you you know I if it was mean you know my property or something like that mean he's yeah it's cruel mischief that night. I popped him. Yeah are in our capital cyanide around I'm sorry to the daily in all that stuff but they messed desk just how I feel. I think if it was you and your property and Willis senior art I think best. Somebody dealership and they all those cars there are insured or not I think that's totally different circumstance. And then. Kind of let me let me ask my in my studio audience will think miss my stroke what are my structures. IA I think he was definitely in the wrong. You don't know look at the substance anybody's on in. There's there's so much open to interpretation especially nighttime right. You don't know what you're dealing with an officer doesn't know what situation is getting into especially with modern events officers there you know attacks are on the rise. It's. I wasn't there but I kind of I'm with Mike on this one. I think it's a tough call maybe Sherry got taser instead though content sin from the end and the. Dark you're like yeah. Yeah yeah I did the bogey then he's got days okay all right. But they did bigger bigger issue or. It's rare sort of contemplate that. There are mean you don't superior officers cannot believe he's fit girl really they really product. Yeah he didn't follow protocol he violated every bit of protocol and emit argument and they took a stance immediately bit. So he was so there are so he was fired from the police department. Yes OK wow OK and now what so what is the Ku do you know what the Arlington police department's policy is. I'm just don't know what it nobody didn't follow instructions okay matches most. Department okay sounds give me that you know we think. Yeah I agree I don't I don't think that he should have been there doing that yet EE I wasn't there. What what substance was that was the gentleman on what it is is there 1000 marijuana use no go to marijuana are OK did you think you should come any menu lace was something. But marijuana simply you know some think he should calm so you know kind of so that I don't think that really affected anything unless there's something else in the end they're really you know PI don't know immigrants academic as a navy. Something happened that made officer Phil threaten to these guys do with situations all the time is a big with ebitda I was in big guy. Or even the leading the nineteen year old wide receiver not very being not very strong product. The social and create young kid down. You can forgive I'm not I'm not about think about forty new joint I don't believe that that's the reader we have a judicial court systems that ask you don't go to Charlie didn't. And have a big quote the jury of their peers circuit court judge in addition to Clinton's determined that we are able to ask. I have done far worse thing you can go to court and indicated that now no I agree that that bad losses life. Absolutely inning in his defense who's not here to defend himself on the save this. Yes you know they initiative the officer probably should in San K okay what is we anything going on what's going on I'm sure there was. May mean some communication we can hear my guys dash cam footage or something like that. So maybe asked a couple questions and then maybe each attempted to take him into custody before adjustable knob and the machine and or like you also instead use the pepper spray usenet bad. The taser him you know would have been deafening a good option. So yes say in his defense and yes absolutely. Right so now you so you tell us about the story so. You guys were at the concert deity march from point a to you the concert you have the concert and the the band and actually acknowledge the fact that you know you guys would stay here. And then what happened. And air out what we're leaving we're actually believe in the concert because locally. Oh we started the protest. It was started arms won our Marty aware that I'm a black male which there. What are they are fifteen. Some are you aware that that a lot of people are gonna like that so full. Outlook and we're there we're gonna go into a public concert. Oh my initial painless soon. I don't know. You know do we got to do they were better. Your picture and actually talked to the people in this state who could look where. He got in given announced they'll pull get out of here because I was uncomfortable that many people around knowing mark situation. So. They made the announcement that I've gathered all the people elites elaborate or you're now I want an Arab. There are several officers somewhere between Kirk and Richard officers. Who met and say hey. Bring your western and that's until I'm not regulatory low at an idiot. BR for certain logic that however edit and you're very aware and harm our. Mark Julian what are your pro actually he was only. So many feet away from me maybe order Garcia or heating give me enough saved we experienced this or not aware there from the position at work. Export arms Norton power. Surgeries going lower than anywhere Oliver notice or hear because or this race or if you're so. I'm not a one or malware and out of our soldiers shield in Europe and I and our two itself. I know what they're capable of Sepracor theater is particular to her tomorrow arms. Any Strickland a weapon or could go on court that the crowd of about 16100 people. Others thought at that point he'll let it go home because our Morgan surely horn and then maybe guard no means solid door and go look rather than speaker Kenneth Kurtz. Now all year haven't you had that port arms you know what I call port arms is judging by the pictures that I see online. And just so people understand what port arms is because I'm in the military out I won't used to be in military and that's north and south sold a barrel this morning north at the sky. Andy but stock is going toward the ground solution you know straight up and down. Now because that's that's your marching do you eat this this this whole thing that quite awhile correct so we're talking and like maybe. From beginning team and appointed this happen maybe in. Hours. From about 3540. Very. OK so 3540 minutes 45 minutes or so. I you you have an airport arms not your arms are getting tired he is so any any time you think that you may be flashing the crown in all. Never you never flashing everybody down and don't. Terror and who you know and why wouldn't he because we are in May because I'm I'm just not as strong as you are you know maybe do a lot more push ups and I did. But I probably would slug it you know because it goes that probably I ask you don't want Martha but in LA still you want to do anything wrong to visit Puerto arms. And because it just so people understand Porter arms you know like in the military is it when you have a fire arm. EU brings you put it at port arms to you kind of like do a salute two years and officer Rory a commanding officer somebody like that. Sylvester shill that you know they are an artery knew you know and I'm in I'm not a threat. So that's kind of what porn arms is so to me that's deftly not a threat maybe just because I have a military mindset sounds like you need to do more push ups Mike OC. I compressed county and the minute that. We're gonna pass and disorderly conduct in the if the critics are. OK so you can write it down. So you EC AC is no time ever and were you flashing the crowd or anyone like that. At no time ever he can and saw I went to. I actually trust they took me to trial in September. We actually had a mistrial. And then they took me Charlie did an eight. And so this this past you're talking to pass to grand jury phase where and yet this is actual trial. Yes that's okay us. And so weird trial and to say that I say this to say. They called all the videos that they had. Police. Dash cam police have. Cameras installed at the concert all the all the videos. Everything and why that was a Trout and out. And I was ultimately acquitted because that no point in any video or any any evidence or any pictures that they have. You know that I remove what what you know or added any manner because a lot of. They're all the pitchers all the videos your import arms you know and it was not flashing crowd anything like that. Correct that's I don't see he had how's he would do anything right now you know trying to find something wrong and I can't finding the wrong I am actually trying to sleep you know. No I can't find the round so they Justin now most are gonna ranks they do a lot of marches a lot of open carry marches. And you guys do do it like a little differently. Yeah we typically obviously we we tell ready to selling the guns and don't touch them just because there is outlawed disorderly conduct which states that. You're carrying in a manner calculated to cause alarm that's disorderly conduct and it's it's hard for them to claim you're calculating the cause alarm when you're not even touching the gun. So that's why you know typically if we do these marches we've done some huge marchers I mean we've done. A 150 people marching down 63 before you and mean and we always hear people before we're doing it. Keep an honest playing keep your hands off of because that way there's no way they can claim they would disorderly conduct. For our end and definitely I definitely see Carrey and carry all of timing Kyrie every day. She Abilene catering to a 30 that's just me. You know get our resolve them exactly that I'd go to the I swim in the pool with a gun and not care revolver when instrumental bashes me. But what I what I would ask immune. Is I would ask that you know do you even use a sling you know. Does that I don't wanna see you put this situation busy you can only do this stuff so much she Nike no legal system so much because it wears on you. Vernon and he really does even though you I don't think you would do anything wrong but I don't like giving them the benefit of the doubt in my. All right task I know you are found innocent obviously. But just out of curiosity why didn't use want to sling it where you really what was the point or is that just your preferred method of carry. Why. Where you caring man. We do right. I mean hundreds. Of opening series. And then we always. Always security reporter arms did it's it's just more straight. Form me. In down. You know how are trained in how we train it ultimately since we train that we will mark Kelly that's the safest way to Kuwait that I know how to handle it okay and I think more so if that was there to protect I was there to protest. The police officers. And they were trying to make an example. In in make me do something that is unlawful for them to make me do I so because I was there to protest. Well what they were doing anyway in violating. Our intake and young man who I. I didn't want him to handle me any cartilage and because I know are right. I told them look command our respect what you scientists and I'm not gonna do. Yeah that definitely liked you would be respectful and all that I'm I'm I'm very grateful that I like I said I don't think he'd do anything wrong. You know I didn't I just in next time I just definitely wish he'd do differently but hey you you honestly didn't he knew he did not do anything wrong you were found not guilty. Yes sir and I think that out sort of the biggest pessimist that I can say is. When you're doing the right thing first of art when you know you're laws and no you're right and you're doing the right thing. Being you have something to stand out because votes really what I want to court they brought in eight different officers. They couldn't tell the truth they've made it there officers at different stories. What that what I had a scandal at the facts and truth that I had not broken any law and I think your relationship lied on. For the disorderly conduct law it's. Pinnacle 4240. To a war and all of the laws they give so much power these police ourselves and even use it when they have nothing else. Discharging live pages. Tack on a disorderly conduct and I think it's something that we quiescent state need to look at. You can we come back from the break I'm gonna ask you about something you know actually what happened in the in court so when adds to that but let me go to my producer for a second so what's the score of the Dallas Cowboys game. Our room mates we want to in the Dallas is playing a little bit better its pre made up right now Green Bay 21. Cremate when he won all million dollars discord though now deep in the plane a little bit better so. What are they where doing good lord don't matter what quarter million. It's five minutes left in the second quarter IRA car Dallas we can do it is. Wise between it's that we got and we got to beat new English is but I'm glad I get money on this I'm just joking no money and again we. This is. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Hello this is Gerald already have the precinct three county commissioner here in trials Kimmel and you're listening to common talks. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael kargil. Always get what we want but you know what we're gonna try for this year we're gonna try to gonna try hard. And we're gonna push hard and would that we're actually going to do a press conference. On Monday. In just is gonna tell you about that it's gonna be not this Monday but next Monday were gonna press. Conference. Here are going to be holding a press conference at the capitol and support a constitutional anchor I know for a fact while Johnson stick on there. Or some other speakers some other senators and some smaller house members are reaching out to. We don't have an exact list yet but keep us keep posted on Mon star gun rights on FaceBook page and also on Texans for kind of a government on their FaceBook page. Because what we're doing is we're gonna bring different organizations together that don't normally talk to each other. We're gonna step on the same stage and say hey this is something that we're all trying to get past. I like oh selling kid here he knows like death. You know he's he says that you know every time he comes around me can as one of my instructors did every time he comes around. He does like all these different personalities and all these different types of people you know because like. You know I'm a conductor you know and I'm just conducting the orchestra and just put bring in all together got streams. Our government wins over here I got my brass like him would winds just got to bring together and tell your mother by the way. Yes ma'am I Kyrie in the pool and I our my guns on the poem yes ma'am calm I was Pacific holster that I Wear. That I carried inside the pool like gets anywhere but I do carry my gun in the pool. It just amazes me because every united. We were just talking mental break every single say. I've never seen you take a day off. It's constant it's nonstop you you're having to bounce ideas from personal life. So public so whatever organization you're dealing with it's it's impressive. How I would go that far been and then though it is crazy. In the is a seventy to seventy job you know seven days a week including Sunday's Sundays like oil and action weekends like the busiest times. I different organizations Texans for accountable government. Most ardent gun rights African American gun club. Log Cabin Republicans are attacking me and I'm known for getting somebody is always different organizations that you know we work with. They're trying to get things done in a lot of different conference calls throughout the week in different meanings in different groups in the everyone's pulling you this way and that way many get upset if you don't attend one of their functions. Corey how come you didn't know that this if it was taken heat on this and that was going on glad you know no one told me I didn't see it. And they canals and another minute that same time. You know it's actually pretty crazy. But we try it's in in one session happens you know we're we're trying to get a lot of things done in the short period of time concession is only six months. The legislature only Eagles to session the odd years. We have six months to get what we need done accomplish. There are a lot of good deals out there. There's a bill that's trying to eliminate the intoxication. From the kingdom licensed. I sold that the other it what they're doing is they're saying hey. If you go out and shrink. How about being able to put big guy and he'll unloaded and locked in your trunk in min drive cold. No VM began in the vehicle but have in the truck right now if you have begun in the truck you still can recharge would end. In toxic you a lot of champion got my license holder in that's classy misdemeanor so there's a bill that says hey. How about we allow license holders of put a dent in the truck in drive cold. Because maybe they didn't plan on going out you know so we Miramar in the bills out there there's another one. And had that reduces that the fees you know of course constitutional Kyrie you answered a lot of good deals there's one. For EMS first responders EMS paramedics I think that's a great deal. But let me bring Jim Rice in to talk about some of those great deals goes there's some good bills. This and I'm Ed Miller Scott Anderson crazy hills there are for sure you got some good ones there's. A lot of bells. And I've got stacks of papers here there's. And friend may have got. Over 800 bills and that's just the house bill also studied in the senate. There's a lot of bills pertaining to gun rights there's no. A lot on immigration education reform. Allowing. Parts of alcohol on the weekend on Sunday. You name it. So there's what the salute the one about the alcohol on Sundays at that one is CU. Say hey you let us purchase alcohol on Sundays yes that's HB three Tony sounds like dead because that was toll in the got the New Year's when he is even music Ellis of Phil on the weekend down and it was sucked on Sunday to not even goal you know I read an alcohol on Saturday sunny it's not all on Sunday. And my goodness I couldn't praise the lord Jesse ammunition Hillary you know do communion a method. A what I find particularly interesting is HB 64. Abolishing the death penalty which I don't think many Texans are going to be. Very happy that I can't talk I'm not in I can talk about that and minorities Asians as they lead Abbas the indefinitely so I can't say nothing about that you hate. But there's made speed to 81 which is establishing a statewide system for. The evidence kids pertaining to sexual. Offense last summer they are deathly we now need that for sure because we've got great kids that are. On the shelves for over a year and that's centering in Austin, Texas you know rape kits that have not been tested. Who moved my goodness you know how you aren't in the world you gonna find. You know on the rapists and yeah and and caring guy ladies here again the exact play that's it that's what I've done to carry again the purpose happen. And then there's some other stuff doesn't really funny bills there're there are there some. Trying to allow no tax on home. Feminine hygiene products I'm I'm I'm sorry Cindy can putt putt putt up the no tax on feminine hygiene products. Temp on those Tampa and tax. Cut detained but no Tampa attack this could put it gets easier attempt. Until trips he took up uncertain what I think I had a note in context. You support the no Tampa contacts. I don't have an opinion and runway here oh yeah you know everything the site. I have an opinion I I or abolishing taxes altogether total get a grade narrow lingered you know this you know picking and choosing who we are we getting condoms next. I say it might not I'm not give demand something they got to support it and I don't but the sport safe sex. Plus tax with condoms. Disney woody think. I was unexpected. Probably gonna snow I a I'm not a woman I'm not the claim to be your mother listening to she is is new. Didn't doubt since the end I've got no opinion on this one game yeah a mob he's letting stand up for you. It was a houseful of the youngest of three sons I I've and I don't know anything about this world. Yeah off. Okay the RA where and so are the notes upon tax and that's definitely stay tuned to that one. Can get what is that they. Something probably a lot of people on Austin will like is eight B 82. Relating to the penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana being decriminalized there. Perhaps I I go for that its own paddles smoke weed. My thing I'm sorry sorry to disappoint you is did that I a then you can do what you wanna do you know I support you in what you want to do that are disappointing it becomes the next. Don't feel you enemies could put a bow our bed soon but can't. Them. Let me say I've got so many as extended. I am life and I am lonely out that's what weight training will do for a exactly. Can. You Kyle Madsen you know nets and clear reason. You know reasons and things of that nature right to the end of my own a fried chicken Collard greens mass contains. There's a lot of Planned Parenthood. Abortion. Bills out there who knows gonna pass in Texas. You forget that this. Femi savior. That's I think there's a NS as a Lotta Lotta good you know great guy and stuff free and analyze and then there's some terrible anti gun bills that are out there is not gonna get any traction at all. My question for tampons are they tax and higher rate my pleasure I'm gonna talk about a because if they're treated as a luxury good there and in that strong balance but if it's across the board and then Mitt now all your persecuting me for being a male which I don't appreciate. I wonder you know our anger and I didn't I dream is shattered didn't else. No don't say you can buy some tampons gay you can buy them a combined. Types be tax free means is well Dell. Ha ha ha you're saying that there there why pick that particular item one I think something for me and then something for one is what you're saying. I'm just saying be fair across the board if you're gonna be selective why specifically that then what is it four images of luxury get as at a higher rate. Horror you know is it. A medical it is obviously necessity but. It shouldn't be something that's. Treated as a necessity is a luxury good and I can understand that argument but if it's the same rate is everything else it should be I've actually never created by using this is a man's world. I'm saying it's a world of equality in America are. Okay just make insurance just check him. Okay radio the bills or make us wait we gonna get some of these. So he's still authors inside the studio or over the phone to talk about some of their bills. And is some of the gets stuff the best stuff in the crazy stuff and matter of fact not. This week you all it's called me this weekend and I think we're gonna push back we're gonna get Texas gun since inside the city they've agreed to come on the show. Texas gun since. The anti gut well. They're not they say they're not anti gun organization. I'm unfortunate IDC the art probably put that to the test but dutrow they're gonna come inside the studio. And we're actually get a chance to sit down and chat with him and talk about. You know. The organization and what they actually tried to do and we'll see what happens also we're gonna have battle owner of a gun store. In Atlanta passes. He's gonna be in our either in the studio on the front piece and be on the telephone we're gonna talk with him as well. And because he's act she didn't continued to dance with Texas gun cents. Which I thought it was kind of Sharif to have begun sir owner let's convince with the anti gun organization. So we will have them on the show and what the Texas gun says will be a studio. And now believe the gun's owner would be on the phone we're gonna get down to the nitty gritty causes a whole lot of lip and eleven slipping a slam Jagan jam going known. And they need to find that was happening. Right but once again just in our press come. Lets you surf. It's going to be on the 23. 23 within invite the media they're gonna talk about. Different organizations come together and supporting constitutional Cary yes and since we're still on the process of getting the room and everything that's where you're at the tune into our Texans recovered government FaceBook page and moans turned on our FaceBook page. Because we will be announcing what the room number is what the speakers are but we do know it's going to be on the 23 as can be from 3 PM to 4 PM that we do now. And we're gonna stand together as one. I do a lot of different organizations from different backgrounds whether it's African American gun club where there is most ardent gun ranks where it's Log Cabin Republicans. Whether it's you know as state senator or state house of representative. It doesn't matter we're all gonna stand together and say hey this is something that wanna try to get done and get passed in the state of Texas. It's it's it's like a boulder that's coming down the mountain. And that boulders coming down almost need to distance in front of and try to stop it it's gonna run is gonna roll wrecked cashier or roll over yet but it's coming down. And so constitutional carry eventually is gonna get past and I understand that licensed down. Reduces the fees that bill is definitely I know that's gonna pass this session because that's the signal that I'm getting the things and I'm hearing from people in the background. That they're going to either reduce the fees or eliminate the fees from the kingdom licensed as a way to do not pass constitutional caring. Now we'll tell you that there is not free there's not a very good chance of that bill getting off the house or not being amended. So we'll see what happens to include constitutional care. Right and we still have a machine and the on the phone we're gonna finish with him in talked about what happened when he went to court. I this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk. So this is Gerald already hand the precinct three county commissioner here in trials animal and you're listening to common talking. Welcome back to comment pocket with Michael Cargill. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael Cargill now is time for GG in global good news global Dendy sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online guns stored in Texas. In the knees. Washingtonians may lose access to magazines. Washington State attorney general Bob Ferguson introduced a bill on Monday that would limit the sale of so called assault weapons. With specific features as well as so called. I capacity magazines. At a press conference held in September of last year he told the public that quote. Just as the First Amendment does not grants you the right to yell fire in a crowded theater the Second Amendment is not without limit. Simply put assault weapons bans are unconstitutional. And quote. He goes on to say that if the bill does not pass this session this time around which he believes it will. You'll continue to bring it back next year and the year after that and on and on until it does. David frock who was the representative for the 46 district of Washington expressed his support for the attorney general and the proposed legislation. The attorney general also introduced a bill they can act as a back up since the success of the ban isn't likely. The second bill would expand background checks for the weapons and magazines listed in the van. As well as introducing a license for the purchase of those items. And restricting the purchase of those items to individuals over the age of 21 as opposed outright banning them. Much of the stated reason behind these legislative measures is attributed to them local TO shooting that occurred last year. When a young man killed three other young adults in cold blood with a rifle he purchased. Utah our representatives seeking constitutional Kerry. Representative Lee Perry of Utah unveiled his attempt for legalizing constitutional Kerry for his state with house bill 112. While the current law does allow for open carrying a handgun representative Perry has suggested that it puts law abiding citizens at risk of committing a class B misdemeanor crime if they happen to have concealed. Due to unfortunate circumstances. The governor remains unconvinced and believes the concealed carry permit process to be satisfactory. Despite this represented a Perry still feels confident that his bill will pass after he has a chance to convince the governor. As we reported on this a few months ago represented of Perry who is also a Utah Highway Patrol lieutenant. Has been planning on introducing this bill for some time. But says that his bill is not endorsed by either his or any other law enforcement organization. Of course even if this bill work to pass the concealed carry program would not be in danger since many would still have. Of course even if this bill were to pass. The concealed carry program would not be endangered since many would still keep their permits for concealed carry in other states that have reciprocity with you talk. In fact the state supplies more concealed carry permits to non Utah residents than it does Utah residents. A batch of new gun legislation for Texas. The 85 Texas legislative session will be the site for multiple exciting new gun bills this year. Aside from the constitutional Kerry legislation house bill 375. Being proposed by representative stick climb. There also a few other bills being introduced this session. A total of four legislative proposals are being submitted by senator Don how finds of the sixteenth district. Who spoke on the senate floor just last year on constitutional carry. Does it work in law abiding single mom who lives in a dangerous neighborhood at the time and resources to jump to the government hoops. Why should she have to when we know that her right to carry in to defend herself this fundamental. And constitutional. The joint resolution number thirty proposes a Texas constitutional amendment. Making the adoption enforcement ordinance. An order of a mandatory registration of firearms illegal by either the state of Texas or any political subdivision of the state. Another bill senate bill number 458. Would change the laws that apply to LT seat holders a while under the influence of alcohol. And would make it so only an individual with a firearm on their person can be charged with illegal possession while intoxicated. The argument from the senator is that if an individual who carries legally has firearms locked in their trunk while driving after drink. But still being below the point 08 driving limit. They shouldn't be charged with illegal possession. Another bill senate bill number 459. Deals with taxation. This legislation would restrict municipalities ability to tax the sale purchase or manufacture of firearms air guns Nuys ammunitions. Or supplies other than what is authorized by the state. The final proposed legislation has concurrent resolution that would appropriately make of the Canon of the battle of Gonzales the official state gun of Texas. Taxi driver self defense from an ice pick. Earlier this week and New York taxi driver was able to defend himself from an assault committed by one of his passengers. After the Rochester taxi driver by the name of Collin green drove a woman to multiple locations. She refused to pay and became aggressive. When calling got out of the vehicle and tried to call the police the passenger stepped out of the van wielding a weapon. It turned out to be an ice pick that she had been concealing. And she began threatening Colin and walking toward him. Thankfully he had taken the time to get his license for concealed firearm and pulled it out while ordering her to stop. After she continued to approach he began to retreat again and tried to talk her down. Oh tonight. Below the don't go many fried died I don't want to do is don't let me after her idea. Later he realized the attacker used the ice pick to break his calves rear window as he was escaping. Lieutenant John Ballard of the gates police department said that Colin did everything correct and only using enough force to protect himself this guy did everything cracked you know. He he was his his his hand on protect himself. But the use and above and beyond what was necessary just to protect themselves Colin learned a lesson years ago about self defense. While he was working at the same job. He was attacked and stabbed a total of thirteen times and luckily survived the deadly encounter. From that he learned about the importance of having an adequate means to defend himself. And this has been your global gun news for this. Week in January 15 27 team. And now back to Michael Cargill in the studio. Justin tells about their petition if people need to sign. We've got a petition for constitutional carrier it's on our it's on our FaceBook page right now futile OnStar gun rights on the FaceBook page diverts offices sign up. Go there read the petition last session we delivered. Towards the end of the session we had about 45000. Little more than 45000 petitions we delivered on the first day of session we delivered 151000 petitions daughter anyone legislators. And throughout the throughout the session we continued getting signatures. We delivered on food delivered him to Dan Patrick's office Joan Hoffman's office. We did a lot of work again I go to or go to our page signed a petition are we doing the same thing this session as well. Right so Alicia didn't Anthony cried so you were in. In court after being arrested and charged without resisted arrest and disorderly conduct. And and also own efforts here alone gun. Which is kind of crazy. So you're in court and you're saying that the officers came in in in in court to testify and officers were giving different stories. Right so I so it's good to me yet Wendy. They find them in contempt at all. You know what it's funny. That it would deter our slice and they've brought in three officers reappearance. This. Sony doppler sort of off came inning gave contradict the stories they were our ally. In Algeria you know oil downs you they got an order from top to caress me. Period he didn't have anybody could do it great so. Beat committed a crime or not. They had an order for their superior ops. Come take my weapons permit. Commentators and also they gated in so the three officers they came. They got beat up for all the standards but motors. And they the Pixar lucrative charter that trial yeah we got a bench trial so they brought me back to trial gave. For the big solid well made it trotted out are completely different officers. And disarm that brought the superior officers. And that way they avoided. Perjured themselves but the other three offices go to our bottlers are Bernie give up all the things that they had articles supply chain. And chose to keep simple perjured themselves they brought five feet for a while there. It. OK I see okay and so in the end you were found not guilty. Yes sir. Not guilty. Us argue you know I think there. Argue that he's done it takes away from her heartfelt innocent in the first place. He always stayed art you created this so to come stick a foot of the fact that I was it has been the first place I think it's it's it's just. Now do you think you would do differently the next time. Actually I though it's. My arm a heat and I'll be at church or from Arlen. Definitely taken it it into account but to think about opera character they're supposed to be a comfortable. You know if if if they were comfortable they would be protest. Control number on barely make their about the law that are either outdated. We're just not conducive to the black community. Loyalty care treatment and legal. And just picture them until we Credo just you know people exactly what we mean. A lot more like did mark richter got to change and a lot of people don't know how they work together their policy each other I think it is if you Daisuke giver. Their treatment of the court. In this alternative. We'll just continue to feature community armed. So Khalifa our own community garlic and Warner and start picking up arms and not church and this is that there. Been treated fairly giver or bright clear that a lot can go to order that we know. You know should go away that they don't control it up and darker treated fairly and that is that or this is PR person. Man that was great. I'm with you one as a percent and that's why. We do things that we do here in Austin you know the legislature to make sure. That. You know you can continue doing the things that you're doing the thing you that's important debt limit. Cuban owner of the Dutton amendment that was an amendment that was. Added to open Kyrie in 2015. That was to remove it was added in the house what removed in the senate. You can thanks thank John Hoffman from yes of the debt limit to what that did was I said hey. He Knoll just like a long gun. You know even your situation long guy and he'll need I dear anything. If you can and he openly carried along doing not doing any threatening manner it's the united commit a crime now do anything wrong. So they say hey you know let's do that with opened here with a handgun they say hey aren't his Kanaskie for any idea or anything like that. And so on that amendment was added in the house would be and eventually removed in the senate. I'll win. That officers like cheat off chief are awesome NATO should look to the capital. And the senate committee end with other chief long force officers from around the the the state and had that amendment pulled out. In so lad I think you know that that was actually that that was a good tool it is a good tool and so luckily. Even with a handgun license you care and he and again the law says that case. You know if you can't that he and then the loss is useful to show last year your handgun license. But. The punishment was removed that punish her it was a move quite a few years ago so there's no punishment for not showing your. Your draft lies your ID but always so my seized Gordon showed tomb anyway because this is CG from you know their confrontation when law enforcement and they will take you to jail. If they will they will be will detain you until the end and find that your license holder. Yeah because even those on a penalty for that once they put the handcuffs on you are in their eyes you are legally arrested in if you if you refused idea at that point then. Then and then it is a crime. So is it shall there are a lot of laws that are out there and it's difficult so you know definitely you know I urge you. You know I I hear which are saying and I lobe which says a matter of fact and that's what we do we're doing here in Austin so you continue to keep doing what you're doing. No make she'd do and safe. In the end make she formal laws and then just continue to fight and stay strong and in the end. Not guilty. All I appreciate everything you got to do and in Austin and keep up the coast try. I mean go to new initiatives towards their chart up come burn source City Council here mechanical issue or. So we understand a lot we understand that we have to be in a position change a thing or fabricate and change on our level so I appreciate that harmonious you got people that aren't there were definite our year. Current thinking LeSean and Amanda really appreciated and you keep doing what you do and NBC thought there are you are at. All right so let's see how we got. Session is already starting starting January the tenth. And it's it started out with me I tell you it was really clear. With the speaker of the house. Getting a majority that well you unanimous decision. And I was actually shocked by that but it it's in a signal he said hey yeah. Well here's the thing I understand while the Republicans sort of form but the fact that daughter percent of Democrats voted for him is the scary part. Kool Aid and an insane because they know that if they don't do daddy noble formed their stuff not gonna pastor didn't water. Should be that way anyways. Fry fans and that Republican majorities are majorities both chambers I agree so now that's that's all I'm saying the fact that a 100% of Democrats voted for him is quite telling to me. And the bookkeeping mine you know we get we did get beat that the first piece of get legislation and any quite a few years they can still legalized in 1995. Keep in mind that was a democratic. You know house a democratic senate. Not a Republican House or sympathies are not the same Democrats I agree but I agree I mean. Parent so now what you learn from the experience you're on the show. It's and it's there's definitely even more information then I was already expecting. And be ready to run for like. For mere presence of counsel. Prison let's you know student let's go ahead run for mayor of San Marcus gonna run for mayor of San Marcus and Esteban that's the fun out there eventually if I if I am a San Marcus myeloma might just a taste count hearing that yes he does and were down there he's counting yes okay her was he definitely keep up the fight. And then engine guys gonna keep us up to date on some of these different bills as. She's gonna let us know and. Yeah I thought every way we can bring up we should mention five bills. Let everyone know who the elm. Author of the bill is and then we can try to contact some of them and get them in studio or on the phone and talk to them about the bill. So nice so you definitely get an inside the studio and say hey what's gone on this crazy bill. Ha ha and definitely don't forget most are gonna rates perhaps petition. Def wanna sign that petition and is located where. Lone star gun rights on FaceBook are you can actually go to lone star GR dot com as long you'll find that on our web page but urging Europe FaceBook page because we just create an event right now. For the press conference go ahead and get signed upon not knowing any Tommy update the information my Calista speakers and the exact room number that way you you you instantly get the notification. An awesome. Right so we hope to see here and hope to start this session out nice and strong and get a lot of things done get a lot of things pass in the end and make it better for Texans in in our way of life. Alicia in Anthony was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct and Arlington Texas for caring a long done. But was found not guilty earlier this week. Now this you know I think is actually pathetic. And I I honestly can't believe it. That officers in the state of Texas which has a little you know has long been seen as one of the more gun friendly states. Arrested an individual because he was peacefully carrying a legal firearm in plain view. Even build this particular case wouldn't have been affected by the Dayton amendment. Because this case was with a long gun not a handgun. It sets the stage of why the amendment is important. The deck amendment would have barred law enforcement from requesting proof of licensing from individuals. Who were openly carrying handguns while not committing a crime. Police chief are also video showed up to the capital. With heads of law enforcement organizations and influenced the senate enough to vote out the amendment. Now people talk about the quote normalization. Of gun culture like it's a bad thing. Instead. Recognize that the firearm has long been a culture assembled in ideal in our history. Both nationally and locally here in Texas. A flag was raised with the words come and take. And it didn't have a depiction of a pair of yoga pants. Or a gluten free pastry. It had a gun. So remember this. More guns. Equals less crime squad by yourself we'll get. Even listen to come and talk it. With Michael Cargile. You keep yours.