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Jan 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to inside us saying it is January 15 2017. And here to help police are off to showed today is Lisa mangan and she's here to speak about no name calling week. And Lisa is a co chair of close and Austin. Lisa welcome to the program. Thank you so much for having cramps and I appreciate the opportunity. Well you're very welcome I was telling you earlier that we received calendars for public affairs announcements PSAs and every month and every week there's something different. And that's week is no name calling week but before we dive into that. What is it glisan Austin. And closer Austin is a chapter. Of the national organization. Of which is glisan gee I'll ask. And it's and basically at one of the largest anti bullying organizations in the last series founded in 1990. And has grown nationwide and that I believe there's 38 chapters. Nationwide. And in this news as a as a chapter here and cost and this is our first. Full academic year being tapped her show are fairly new chapter of the definitely excited to. I am sure the message and he and you know help support students. Well yeah I was I was noticing that that it's it's not everywhere else actually pretty surprised not surprised but relieved that we had an Austin chapter here. He sees it by year old crest where you one of the ones that helped found this organization here this chapter. Yes I'm Jessica cost and myself. Her co found dean I'm coach Myers Florida Austin chapter. And actually I just moved to Austin and I a year and a half ago. And starting a person's capture was one of the top three reasons black and wanted to move to Austin to sound. I'm Jessica and I got connected and we met a few times and just started getting the ball rolling and learn we're definitely excited to have a chapter here. And definitely think that it's neat it's so what kind of things you guys Steve for the community. So a number of things that and we do in her capture areas. We do professional development tray means for administrators. And educators. So that they can help treat and cultivate 'cause he's pieces in schools. They are an organization. That focuses on in case of education. And sometimes you know folks can alone nervous and when you talk about. Diversity and he knows it and screen and an educating and you know and a younger ages as far as elementary school age but really what we're focusing on is is respect. For all students. You know regardless. The generation and he expression and you know religion race any any type of marginalized group we wanna make sure that. They were taking good care of host can send a treaty takes beasts that they actually can learn. So what if do you parents or even students reach out to you guys if they are happening and happening to be bullied or discriminated against in school. Some parents and students can reach out to us album mostly believe they do at that point. Would provide them with resources clinic and you know report and follow through with those types of situations. I'm all we do is we provide more of me. It's more of a support role for for teachers. As well ask for McCain straight alliances. And treating professional development so it's more of as a general situation them but we definitely have resources to attract. Contract parents and students who is on. So I'm looking through your website right now then which is glisten dot org says that's GL SE NN dot ORG. And people can go on their you have lots of bulletins about who you are. The policies and matter. And ways to act and also ways to teach cramps so. Could you elaborate a little more about that. Sure there's and we have a number of resources available on our website. For teachers as far as activities especially you know firm known name calling week there's activities for. Elementary school teachers middle school as well as high school teachers. And basically with no name calling we it's we want it created around classroom discussion so it's not just. In name or Syria only in the it's no name calling we could really want students and teachers to be active. And really clean outweighs that. I'm name calling bullying those types of things how they can affect students and how we really want to. Help support positive. Communication education you know even in interest social communication and talking must Xbox. What it is and it is the very distracting and I think traumatize and persistence to go through something like that I don't imagine that it's. It keeps them wanting to go to school and they inning keeps them. Kind of like maybe. A wouldn't say how would you say not looking for it to something as. Well it actually necessary it's as it does increase student anxiety and reduce heat. Increased school absenteeism for students that are bullied. A lot of times when it's regarding the sexual orientation. For example if a student hasn't come out of their parents. Then they might not be able to communicate with her parents exactly why they don't want to go to school or what's happening in America monitors show a number of the situations that happen. But we see is like image and that increased absentee rates also NT Kris and she PH. And it's not about. The students ability to learn it's just about the the social situations that they face. Usually on a daily basis that you know that absentee rate in you know it kind of rolls into. The decrease GPA. And then release he is you know increased behavior problems. He interest that all of the things that that are unnecessary and hinge creates stress for students that pitch is really doesn't need to be carefully. If we cultivate safer spaces in our classrooms. So what are some of the things. Maybe teachers and parents can do. We'll teachers and basically a week we can do with our was Austin chapter is we can. We can have. Professional development earnings for administrators and educators and go into those environments and help. Provide you know who vocabulary. And definitions for you know it filters aren't going up you know vocabulary that's that's changing on killing bassist and you know with. With young people in general so I around these topics you know that that's true also. And just basically it provides him information on how much you know whereas how. How to kind of manage her arms are on speaking in our own talking. There might be terms or phrases that. And that as educators that we use now we're not aware that they have you know one negative meaning and so it's just. You know that that continuing patients have of Nepal's king. So do you personally go to schools and an educator or pass out flyers. Yes we certainly have. The weeks and action her days in action reckless and among other things that we do is we get this really close cloud whether it's buttons stickers are posters are those types of things. And so we connect with the number thanks yes he's in the central time access you know I sent an outlying areas and provide. Provide those with them for the GSA's so that you know they can't sometimes half and and some talking points and we do go out and is that the TSA's but I know a little bit more about glisan and what we need to do. And is I plug we are looking at or. And she thinks that would be Anderson and becoming involved in a leadership program that we have called shine squad. I'm picks you know specifically sent out term middle school and high school students. And we also communicate with districts and let them know that and we do provide Chinese and that's patterns of animals. You know what my next question was going to be about volunteering in a bug in involved with your organizations. So the shine squad for high schoolers in middle schoolers out there. To treat a young teenagers for the most part. So what kind of things that they would they be expected to do or. And within their own little community at school. I'm bullet in the school's well was a number of students are RE actively involved in their schools GSA. And so you know we provide support materials hurt for them measles a student land organizations. I am if a student is interested in becoming a part of our shy inspired. They can email us at. Austin had chapters dot listen dot org and that will come directly to us and and we can start communication with them. I said it's in the organization. For her segment of our our our chapter and word you know looking from Christian leadership and and helping develop an asthma. Well that's you know as if that's pretty awesome and I think you're doing even I would I was in high school from 2000. One to 2005. And I can't think we had any organizations like this. High school I went to had its bullying and name calling and the other you can really do was just to go city counselor about something but when you have. Handful of counselors. School Philip over a thousand kids and it can be tough. You know a lot of pulling situations. Can go unnoticed especially if you know like I mentioned the size of the school and and the number of counselors that are available you know teachers we know that her time is. As they're just maxed out so. You know we can do is we provide you know support to choose teachers and counselors and there's a lot of great information on her website for students has a lot of stuff. Now he's trying to help kind of bridge where where there some gaps and and he had a good community support system. Now you can I think it especially with close by me schools as we're against. Complicated and we're we're columns may go unnoticed. Sometimes how does the state compare. To the rest of the country as far as being the safe. Place for students. I'm not a very question. What goes and does every every two years is a dozen national school climate survey. And so it. This is and after research that that they conduct. Ands. So with her recent report and we just kind 2015. As far as Texas goes. It's it's considered not a safe its own state for schools for education. Live over in 92% Palestinians reported that they heard he the term game being used in a negative way. You know a number of students over here teacher and administrator conversations. Using terms. You know in a negative light as well. And you know those those types of things. You know really really affect how a student feels you know attending school equipment earlier about. You know even if if they want to go to school Lendale or you know their grades and being able to focus and those types of things. It's whom you know those those aren't the only types of things that seems hearing. You know they. They hear. Things as far as you know negatively as far as race in ability and it's just a number of intersections that's two things. You know hearing the negative things from. And a lot of times if if you know teachers or adults in the school system are aware are seen these types of things happen and they don't know. So kind of generating that awareness I really hope so that they can they can start and an intervened. And just knowing that a teacher. You know cares about issues like diet is it is a huge importance for students. And what we have that the teachers can access is called a safe space cat so they can go online to glisten dot org again. And to taking orders he space camp and what that does is improvise and stickers so they can they cystic from the classroom. There's Emilia as a young walks into the classroom visually they know OK that's a teacher that I can go talk to no matter what's gone. Some analyses. That the kindness rules can thumb in the those so every kindness is now focused on the scene for. No name calling leaks are asked that's really focused on that that was celebrate kindness. And just you know helping NASA mission in Ireland which is kind and our actions are kind. You know want another. And to save space camp is. It provides you know materials for teachers so that they can. You know definitions and understanding vocabulary. How it in different ways that they can intervene in situations and how they can. You know treat. And mark he sentencing for environmental. And then asks. So how did you get involved with with closer I actually moved to Austin from the Phoenix area. And owns a I discovered close and actually include Elaine online as looking for some organizations that I can volunteer my time my. And that we're in line with my personal. You know desires to give back so glisan lands am one of the two organizations saying I understand and I can't dedicate my time till. And I became an onto it and Phoenix chapter and hinges silent. He you know just a great work and we detailing events at the number of high school's first whose crime prevention weekend. You know just a number of an activities like that in to be able to be face to face with the students and watch him up to the table on and ask what we're about and and see their faces light up that there's actually an organization. You know out there that they cares that they're being bullied for me you know regardless of of the reasons why and and wanting to treat six basis for students out. I was involved there for him Beers and then I realized that there was not a chapter here in Austin so I contacted our national. Howard and let them know listeners I moved here in stone. Gay connecting me with Jessica and to that you must act together and and we actually feels like a grassroots and the thing right now yes it is anywhere where smalley we have aboard and you know where. We're kind of stretching ourselves as a board plant. You know on adults if they're interested in volunteering with us. You know fame they would reach out to us Xanana would be fantastic. And would that be on here to bite you know as well sure they came Alice in its Austin. At the chapters cyclists and dot org or are we also have a FaceBook page so it's act act so Austin. Necklace and Austin on FaceBook dot com can. What can we do maybe even at the workplace to. To ensure that we all have a good note name calling week. You know that's that's a good point there they're actually used in discrimination ambling and that does take place in replacements. And I think just. I think you know as we're all iron. You know personal trajectories as far as her own personal attorneys those types of things is just making ourselves aware of of his own language that we use are the toner. You know even how we position ourselves and standing you know one person can be looming over another number ambient meaning you know just just those types of things and and as adults you know we can you know we can move there's a lot of great information on her website and I keep on you not country she's yen notes there is always great. Yes it's definitely not a plus side I mean there's they're just kind of kind of create information. You're just reading through their periodically and am looking to see in a ways you can get involved in the community. You know hopefully with coalition but if that's if that's not where your passion or your interest lies you know find an organization with in the community and just. You know I think if if everybody comes becomes involved in some way the enemy so rolled about her place and and just naturally you know most hard. So to speak with kindness. Now one last question sure. Do you have anything that you'd like to add maybe about your organization. Your time with listen maybe about the sub this coming week. I think with this week and for people to get more involved and connected to a trust with our local chapter. If they don't to face curt and like her page ad. Adkerson Austin. I am will be posting a lot of information about known name calling we and those hash tags and we'll be using. Which is hash tag and ends TW seventeen. And also hash tags celebrate high post and if we can focus on and who's. You know on the social media platform does that kind of helps with the grassroots efforts as well. And you know to finally reach out and it's just it's an organization that some do it like to volunteer winds or. You know life. Somebody has a fundraising idea of trash can on those types of things because. You know like I mentioned we are bear brand new chapter here is so Howard we're basically looking to you know to get involved with more GSA's. And I'm GSA's actually can go on our web Spain and and register as a GSA's and then I'll get you know slack to write directly from our national office has. Outs but that's great. Small organization but you plan to grow absolutely planned to spread kindness throughout FiOS and community. Now no name calling week does last. January 16 through January 20. And if you have any questions you can always visit glisten dot org that's GL SE and now ORG there is tab there. For the Austin chapter and you're more than welcome to click on the Austin chapter link and get connected that way. I you know I think Lisa Mankins for joining us on the program today and and goodness started for today's show Lisa. Thank you again for coming into the studio and speaking with us thank you so much definitely appreciate the opportunity and I hope celebrate kindness this week. We'll do it again that's glisten dot org GL as he ended up ORG. This is inside us centers and we'll be right back if welcome back inside us and I'm mad all over is we have a busy week ahead of us and the Saturday January 21. The awesome Maine society teamed up with Hyatt regency. And their hosting yap via. That's you know just replace. The agent happy with the white and it's the happy hour in here to speak about yeah happy hour. Is marketing manager for Hyatt regency Kress old Ian thank you so much for having me Matt well thanks for joining us today. So let's get this all started what is yet be our. He happy hour is. Potentially happy hour where pups are invited to where inviting all of our local well behaved animals and their owners to come down to market ten Hyatt regency Hostin. Join us for cocked Burton 50% of the proceeds for it's like items will be donated to Austin humane society. How whenever great partners that we've been Portsmouth for awhile. So this high eight is actually a whining you're telling me before the interview it's a one across. Lady bird lake great Barry went across congress and half on south congress bridge right across some lady bird lake the best views of Austin you can get Kenya. Yeah and I an easy access to the lake is well on the trail so tell us a little bit about what to stay will entail. So weird between 1 PM and 3 PM we year are going to be getting 50% of the proceeds often select items for. To benefit directly to us and me society in if you come down and grab a cocktail or. The server yeah. So we're encouraging other attendees to come down with their animals are between 1 PM and 3 PM for this events then directly benefit Austin humane society. We're asking that are encouraging them to you bring an item offense hasn't humane societies which lets such as puppy pads. Wet dog food peanut butter the hold this can be found actually on our FaceBook is and web page. Yet there is a link to it and it takes you right to the Austin humane society dot org slash if slash items and yet there is there's a big list of things that. That they are asking for so there are encouraged to to bring those items to diet. Yes definitely and I bring him when those items. Or making a monetary donation of five dollars and more than actually enemy entered into were raffle to an island I stay at the Hyatt regency Boston home nice has increased so. Ross I have games such as likes staying and a giant to connect four. Down there so it's gonna be really entertaining. To be a lot of fun from the animals to get together and maybe they'll make some other puppy friends who didn't. A low. So this is open to go public. Art corner yeah a local I mean everybody that's happening in the area have we invite everybody to come down we have grassy Knoll as we have. Delete down in the area that's really easy walk from downtown there residents in the area that happened to be just right senator. And so. Lady bird lake is the hike and bike trail all he really convenient to. All areas of cost and do you do you have any pets yourself do you. Are you an animal lover cat person dog person I do have a dog but I do have friends that have dogs and took them for. And I have no I've. If Aston humane society. Happens to bring any times in their future events which we are hoping to have it moved I mean just take one home really her so many of amazing dogs there. Yeah I mean if you're really good job hasn't putting them out there. I and I don't know I can't pass really by an event without seem like a dog I wanna adopt personally and they take a lot of care and a lot of attention and this is. You know just great to even bring amount and socialize with other. Drugs absolutely I think there are so many. Austin so pet friendly so we just wanted to make sure that we where. Giving back to our local community and we are really excited to partner with us and humane society because they give so much back to local community. And high really wants to be sure that were given back to local community as well. So this event is perfect ever. All pet owners to come out socialize with their dogs and us and so pet friendly as it is that this is just. Adding onto and hopefully we can continue this throughout when he seventeen. Well as as being part of Hyatt regency do you have any other plans again while all the other non profits are up here. Definitely we have. Plenty of opportunities humidity so we're actually looking into different events in the future I seeming society is just the first stop in a couple defensively plan to do for the next year. All events can be found on her FaceBook page should and will be posting them upstairs along with the local press for anybody that's interested. Make sure that your following Masso you don't mess on our next event and you have a website to we do Austin dot Hyatt dot com. That's were we up Gator offense as well. So do you have anything that you'd like that may be about the events and what does they are. Opening it helping putting all this together working with the hustle humane society we've been in Austin for 35 years and read. Her huge supporter relevant community the real excited. To partner with and really looking forward to getting everybody out here and seen what kind of beings Austin humane society does there'll be a local Booth there. Let's talk a little bit more about the different events that they have. And what they do in our community in. Now and song and it go and speak on behalf of the us and humane society. The house in Maine say he has a website Hamas and humane society dot org. In on the site that where you can find all the things he can donate. Stuff like wash costs and bottle kids stuff like that they also have stings achieved hands that they cannot accept some as like expired medications and and shredded paper and and stuff that just really doesn't belong and the wrong hands for like a dog or something so there is a whole list that you know and check on there. And for more information from the Osce humane society on what exactly canning cannot bring. Or maybe even making separate donation you can email development at us and humane society dot org the event also feature chef created dog treats these you know going to be given out to anybody that comes out make sure that the dogs have a little treat other socializing with their new friends. And besides. The great weather. Like I think it's expected for that Dave sounds nice sport yet what else are you hoping to gain out of the whole thing. We're really looking to just showcase. Raise money for Austin humane society and showcase what they do this community. Well with a great care they put infer the animal is sent her just looking for great homes in a great family to be wet. Kress thank you so much for joining us today thank you so much for having me it's been a pleasure to be here. Again that's yeah happy hour at the Hyatt regency from 1 PM to 3 PM. Saturday January 21 he can go ahead and visit us and humane society dot org or. FaceBook page on I regency Boston and under their events tab you'll find yet the hours Saturday 21. This is inside Austin and we'll be right back. And welcome back and let us and I'm Matt Albers and with me right now is Robert Segovia. He's an awesome comic. And usually on the show we do a lot of public affair announcements. A lot of nonprofits raising money but Robert is here. Talking about a show he's soon at the new movement happening in January 20 when he seventeen at 10 PM. And it's benefiting the American Civil Liberties Union the ACLU. And the event is called what a joke. So Robert what into the program okay thanks for government what is what a joke about why I think the ace. You you. Wanted to bring awareness on inauguration day. To use just the basic things that there are there for. And so it's a national festival it's it's in about thirty cities. I just happen to be hosting a one in Austin. With the pre pretty awesome lineup. And yeah I mean I think the ACLU just wanted to. Really. Bring awareness through there they're nonprofit and kind of doing a national way when everybody's paying attention. Yes those kind of one of those those those deals we were discussing before the program as in why it. Exactly the ACLU does. And that they've been around for about a century. Just like Intel from the and basically they provide legal services to people across country that have been discriminated against the other there's actually like a wide range of issues so I mean they're pretty famous for fighting for affirmative action and for our protecting the rights of women when it comes the birth control and abortion and for. And really in the recent years because of because the Citizens United. Which which was for people who don't know which is Supreme Court case that pretty much struck down so there sort of our track campaign finance laws. They have been on the forefront of trying to fight against that and trying to get money out of politics. So I think I think from a national point of view they're known sort of is. For those three things that they also do. Pretty much everything you can think of a mean prisoners raids. You know you know against the death penalty I mean. They're just in a lot of different things against child pornography there's just a ton of different things and it's pretty much just. The for lack of a better terms the average citizens lawyer now did Alec if you need a lawyer and neither government or big business is kinda. Encroaching on your freedoms and your rights and a civil liberties that's that's where the ACLU comes and they provide pretty much of a stellar ride web site but I can see it's it's pretty easy to contact them it's pretty easy to make a donation to them. They are very open for everything yeah I mean I just think it's one of those I mean. I can't even think of you know. Other national nonprofit that has a bigger sort of name brand recognition and and it has been around long her. And has sort of its its hands and a lot of things even this even this festival. What a joke Fessler putting on I'm looking at the website right now and it isn't awesome website so if you go to what a joke dot com. You can easily click the Austin Lincoln buy tickets which we want you to do. Cities and shows you can also bio what a joke hat which is kind of fun. But yet read it looks like another had those kind of Fiat and campaign he has yet it's got a plane on make America great again but this is what a joke. But yeah I mean I think. Is he used the kind of group the can organize. Something this massive in this big game and is definitely one of those groups that if you're warning to make a difference. And wanting to know. It's going to go somewhere it's going to be effective and it's gonna have muscle behind it. It's your year was a great sort of organization against him so let me ask you this Austin is a very big comedy town and Friday night's. You have. An array of shows to choose. And so they show that your putting on how did you get involved with that. Well I mean I think I've wanted to do and I may do in the future. Sort of and a show for just charity have been thinking about it for awhile you. This just happened to come along where I was thinking about the show and the theater had this opportunity and we kind of join forces. To do what did you also my producer on the shows Nathan Herman has another Austin comic does gut busters. Every Thursday. And so we just basically both kind of team together and tried to go out maker are great lineup I mean I think. I wanna do shows like this that are very important. You know. It's not that comedians get paid a lot for all choose anyway so if if we can do or show that is. Giving money to a worthy organization not to these series the only worthy organization but if we can do more shows like that I think it's going to be important and it's a Smart and it's just makes you feel better. So what do we what can. The listener right now expect from the lineup. Well I mean it really is kind of a stellar stellar lineup and create a mag are is one of my favorite standouts in Austin. She is super super funny. Aerial Norman is it is a great comic Deborah walker cac homes ralphie hard to see Eric remember I mean. Most of these comics have featured a cap or out of Soviet around. All of these comments have been on festivals and I'll cross the country. And he really is and I think part of the drawing for the comments he did this comics these these kind of comments you asked to do a lot of shows me. And the draw for the I think is is to help out and to do something. It's just a different kind of shows are. The interest for people being on the show I think has been greater than your average sort of just stand up show right. Now I do think it's cool to get a issue like this too because if you're one of those people who was like what's gonna happen to the country what's going on. I think some of these voices. And it's a very sort of diverse group to. Some of these voices will help you Canada can't had to cut it. Deal with that and handle that because I mean they're just so funny and they and I tried to take a lot of too that. Is comfortable talking about politics and comfortable talking about the nation and has different perspectives than you would normally see kind of vet. Some comedy shows are a part of comedy is being interstate in line you can remember that person and that they have sort of and I don't think I guess the hold the old comic cliche is you know finding your voice. I don't think any of these comments have trouble finding their voice sort of being very clear on who they are. And honestly doubt. To me is why you do it do comedy is to try to figure out who you are and and try to be open. And be vocal and it kind of lends itself so the times we live and because a lot of people are. For lack of a better term afraid and it it just wanna be on social media or they just wanna be hidden in their little bubble or whatever it is and I think these people are great examples there they're gonna tell you how they feel you know when you may not agree with everything they say but they're gonna tell you how they feel and that's how we all should be. You know because we can't come to an understanding analysts were being honest with everybody else so. I think people really enjoy this lineup I think it's a great lineup. I'm excited to be hosting it and honored to be honest enough. So where isn't human and theater the new move a few theaters downtown it's on seventh in the Malacca so it's right downtown I mean it's pretty. It's it's kind of on the north side of of oval northwest side of downtown so it's easier to park where. But yeah I had just right there on the corner of some of the rock and then you movements actually prequel could disappear. Kelly basement theater yeah it's it's it's it's kind of yes shoe box theaters what they kind of call it in New York it it can probably. That Max at probably can fit about a hundred people so it's kind of intimate you know so if you wanna really see again some of these comments who have been a capital have been at Bellevue room. And kind of a smaller space. More open space. This is a great opportunity to see some of these people the man and a great opportunity to have him back at same time yeah I and it's bit if I mean I think that's that's a great part of it and you know honestly just a great opportunity to make yourself aware you know. I think it's it's good to know about an organization like the ACLU and I think some people just think. No he's doing anything noted citing nobody see they'll let it become kind of fill paralyzing but there are groups like VCU that are fighting and are trying to do the stuff so. Mom gliders and bringing awareness to it. For people that don't know about it yeah I mean I just think it's you know like I said it's ten dollars on line it's twelve dollars at door so. I think this show will probably sell out just so don't warn listeners it's this January 20 at 1030 so I would. You know save the two bucks but also make sure that you can actually go in and buy a pre sale ticket. I think we're just trying to give awareness Obama and all the comics are are you know super aware and super excited to do this show. And like I said you know I'm hoping to do kind of a show like this for charity maybe not TCU but a different charity at the new movement coming up. Be I mean just I think be aware that go outside. Yeah go downtown. See people who who have different some while the same opinions that you do Samoa have different opinions that that you do. They'll definitely make you laugh and hopefully make you think. And yeah just just fleet command support and support the ACLU. The new movement here 10:30 PM January 20 when he seventeen. You can go ahead and buy tickets at new movement theater dot com back slash Austin and there's a calendar on there there's also a link that says shows and you'd be able to find. What a joke. I wanna say the ACLU first of all and also just some of the organizers of national organizers only winner in Jan two Welch are the two people who organize this pretty soon you all over the country. That's I think TM for hosting this show it's it's really cool Venice a really cool thing to do. And other shut out tonight my friend is in Herman is going to be produced the show and doing a lot of the the promotion and legwork for the shaft wall Robert I have no doubt that the show more unlikely seller. So I wish you all the best of luck now thank you thank you for coming in the end of the problem. Welcome to inside us and and 2017 we always are up to new year where if things about the community and bringing people together and on January 15 is Martin Luther King's birthday. But we have the MO came march that's happening Monday January 16 2017. And with me to speak about that march is year vet Crawford and she's a board member and a secretary of the board for the Austin area heritage council yet. Welcome to program thank you thank you for inviting me to be here now can you give us a quick background about the Austin area heritage councilman our listeners know what. When it's about. The Austin area heritage Kelso or a 88 seed is a group of individuals. Who have come together is about nine members. Board members that served on the board of the heritage council we come together. Each year to plan for the in my case celebrations. And events for Austin. And the surrounding areas. We all have full time jobs. That would basically volunteers that this is our way of giving back to the community. And helping to keep doctor king's dream alive and to continue his legacy as one of reiterate you are voluntary. Correct and you work. From the nine the nine if you work from August all up until that day of the march were correct sometimes it may start earlier. About five or six years ago we also had a keynote address which was part of the amount they celebrations. Which we had a sponsor who sponsored that entire event. For that but with the economy changing and on that they were no longer able to help fund that particularly in forest so we no longer. Did the keynote address. OK let's get a quick understanding of the importance of march I believe I don't wanna over the speak for every city. But. Several cities across country have memo came marches. Celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday correct and it's it's national holidays while correct. So why do we do the march. We did march. In order to signify the importance of Doctor King not only to African Americans but to individuals from. Different cultures different races. He basically stood for every one he wanted equality for all. We are to think of each other as Brothers and sisters are fighting for the same costs. Where everything is fair it's not an equal. You know it's funny that you ask that question because this year Spain for the market celebrations is. Love unity and power what all of the issues and incidents that have come across. This country for the past couple of years we've really need to unite. As people for the same cost to have equality fall. You know over Gaza you're rich for a black white green yellow moon. You know we're out here for the sinkers purpose but we really need to unite as as swine as a family so that's why we continue to plan. Events such as this on a yearly basis because we want. To keep his legacy alive doctor king's legacy alive and to have his dream become a reality. You know we have to have. Israel to become. True for our youth for our future for our children. Yeah I'd. I completely agree with you with in the past few years we have become a divided nation are sharply divide is something that I've. Never seen before in my lifetime and a lot of people are experiencing for their in their lifetimes while. And if you don't know history didn't repeat it you hear that from ever professor you hear that from people everywhere. We have a country that's divided. Between race. And between religion the marches is really important and we all need look back I think Martin Luther King's message correct. So before that before a march on January 16 seed you have. Events leading up to it yes we have we can we go into depth about those. Definitely. On on Thursday January the twelfth. We have the implicate oratory competition. This is the twelfth year for this particular competition. Is basically open 24 fifth and sixth grade students in the Austin. Independent school district or charter schools within the Austin area. On each student is give and as tasks to. Write a five minute speech or report. If Doctor King relive today when they basically discussed with him. And the theme for this year is as we continue with the legacy of doctor king and if we in the if he were alive today. What would you personally discuss with him to demonstrate to the people of the world that change begins with self. And with the possibilities of positive change these differences that make us uniquely gifted and strong. Can display greatness. With that topic the children well we search they'll study about Doctor King. They will in turn come up with their own version of their own speech based on what's going on in the world today. That speech is five minutes they have to know what I'm memory. And believe me over the years since I haven't worn in this particular event the children get better and better and better and it's amazing to me. See how these children think and what they come up with now as a solution to today's issues with today's problems. The first second third place winners they will win our cash prize. From the air we will have the next event which will be on Saturday. January the fourteenth from denying Amazon partnership with the united way of greater Austin pants on central Texas this is a volunteer effort. For a day of services where individuals or groups and come together to volunteer to clean up areas. To give their time back to the community. If anyone is interested and volunteering. All they need to do is go to Debbie Debbie Debbie hands on central Texas dot org. To find out more information on how they can volunteer work they will need to meet in order. To get their assignments of where they went clean up or repair leaking meaning tier and it's centrists after. Also on Saturday the fourteenth. From three to five it'll be the animal Cain. It's scholarship awards. And basically it's a scholarship. Presentation for our ginger and senior high school students where they have been nominated by the peers councils teachers are community. For eight different categories. For significant accomplishments. Each winner of that particular category will when a 1000 dollar scholarship towards college. And then the final event for 2017 will be the citywide march rally cultural festival. Which is open to everyone in Austin all the events let me say are open to everyone debris over to the public. But this is our final event the celebration of doctor king and the system where we will march from. You the University of Texas from twenty firsts. And speedway at the MOK statue there'll be a short program starts at 9 AM. We will march on to the south steps of the capitol there'll be another short program at the capitol. And Lou conclude. The march has hastened Towson University where there'll be accessible for everyone to be free live music. Children's area and vendors are people to enjoy it and keep celebrating. Doctor king's legacy. Well that sounds like a wonderful day and you know the events leading up to it is. Purcell I think it's great pitcher in the children involved. You get them to get those speeches together Ernie is on that topic and to see what they come up with them. And it's certainly anybody that. That appreciates. The spoken word would probably. Be very you know into that kind of thing and it's not easy. It's not. I'm really amazed of how they can get up that down if front of people to speak because government run I was that age I. What a blast McCain thought it's okay to let your speech is so powerful. And is just. Amazing what comes out of their mouth I mean. It's just so eloquent and insists. It's unbelievable and it adds I'm really proud of the children. That. I wanna do it I mean they really. You want to do this and you know we have to understand too that children they know what's going on in the world whom they may not talk to their parents about the men talked to France about it. But there's some things and I'm pretty sure that they do not lie. What's gone on a world we know what they see most of this is their way of expressing. Themselves the speech. That is it is getting an insight to get yourself in their shoes it is I'm pretty sure we around. You may need. Volunteers. At times. And you know you may work in August or may do a little bit may start a little bit before prior. Arms of anybody that wants to get involved with your organization. Was let's say they can visit. They can go to our well website I am like LK celebration. Dot com. They can find out more about. Our events we we've what we've done in the past. They'll find out about. Who'll Doctor King was. If they want to donate money you know we would be happy to receive you know any type response sponsorship our donation. It'll earnest yellow rose towards the events in the march or not only because we don't have the funds to to pay for the events in order for them to take place week. We asked for sponsorship. And that is how we are able to make these events possible. For people to insure for people to come to. Moved and they can volunteer they get in contact where it's the share to find out how they can't and become involved with. The heritage council of what they can do to assist the heritage council and trying to make things spare you know each year we learn. Of how would implant things accordingly how we can make it there for the upcoming year are years. And we. Bluff individuals to give us there and put it you know things we met in my they've done in the past things we can bring back. This actress center. Thank you win doing this some time and I think we got a good coverage of of some of the events leading up to the march and the march itself what are some final thoughts about what the stay mean CU and know why oh why you do what you do. The reason why I I do this. I'm an aide of Austin high. And one thing that my parents instilled in to me growing up was to give back to your community. For me this is an opportunity for me to give back. I'm not only given back I'm also learning more about Doctor King you know I was a little girl when he was assassinated. I felt that if he had not been assassinated. Hopefully things would have been a lot better than what they are now but. We want to. Keep his legacy alive. And if we don't do it who will who would do it. So this is a way of of celebrating his life celebrating his let legacy. And keeping his dream alive. And keeping hope that things will get better for not. Minorities. But for every one. Planet think bringing in the youth and educating them is gonna do just that. Yeah man I am so glad that you took some time out of your data come and speak with us. Thank you so much for inviting me to be here today again that's event Crawford board member and secretary divorced her Austin area heritage council. The Martin Luther King march is Monday January 16 2017. You like more information on. The parade you can visit MLK celebration a comic again that's an okay celebration dot com. There. Greivis. Okay. Welcome to inside us and my guest today is Dominique. Williams and she is the president of the town only chapter here in Austin, Texas and have an event coming up. But before begin until all of that I want introduced Dominique Dominique thank you for joining us on the program today thank you for having me Dominik as we were saying before the show. Town lake links is actually a part of links incorporated which is a national organization. Now for listeners of would you be so kind to let us know about links incorporated and possibly a little bit about town lake links in Austin it's. Are the links incorporated is international women's organization predominantly black women and refocus our areas and on five different facets. And the facets are the arts national trends international transit services health and human services and services to youth. And basically what we do is try to create programming. On that will impact in the different areas so you. Have you know voter registration drives you have impact from the schools on the tele chapter in particular. Is one of three chapters in the Austin area. And we have a lot of focus on the youth and we do a lot of stem programming. So we work at Norman elementary we also have. Unchartered junior now as the group which of the national sized society of black engineers. And we have on the middle school and high school students that are preparing to do robotics competitions and to encourage a stem education. On in the on young people so that we can get more under represented. Minorities and on young people interested in getting into these kind of on jobs and I'm going to school to study these these areas. You're the president of the town lately next chapter in Austin how to how did you just start there what what made you want to. Get involved and how did you get to where your today. Well I am originally from New York City. And when I got married I moved here to Austin area and my mother block was actually a member of the atomic chapter if you thought it would be a good way to get again involved in Austin community. On and to meet other unlike minded women and to kind of on forms of friendships in the basis of the league's incorporated is a group of women and working together to serve our communities but doing friendship and service and so definitely that's just a good part is a big part of the organization. Let's face off I can only imagine your likeness of color I I barely of the group I've been a member now since 2007. You have an event coming up Marty gram magic correct and that's going to be happening. February 11 it back at the height at the Hyatt downtown that's what is Mardi Gras magic. So it's our annual fund raiser and it is a party with a purpose and so we do this every year to help raise money for our scholarship fund. The own food program means that we helped to support with a capital area food bank. And also. The programming that we talked about like our stem programming and some of the work that we do in the community as well. So. Is this an annual ten of it meant yes we do this every so how successful was last. I'm successful actually we were able to sponsor the backpack program at umbrage that means I'm Sadler. Elementary school it's young women's academy. And so we were able to address the issue of food just efficiency and the young people there. And so we work with the central Texas food bank in order to do on support that back program. On week two at 20000 dollars worth of scholarships every year. So once stood it I am to four students I'm 5000 dollars each you know each year we have a new personal lot. We also have two arms of smaller scholarships at Houston to thing university on AC CE on and we work with students at the University of Texas until we've just done. Tried to and I mentioned before with our stem programming and trying to do robotic he can imagine that kind of getting the kids and different things like that can be very expensive and so. We raise money so that we can kind of do our programming on the comedian try to make a difference so what is an angle for that here. The main goal for this year is on hopefully it on to read a 100000 dollars a he's tried out. I'm support even more sound we wanna give more to the stamp program print on we wanna continue definitely the back our program and we know that. You know every year there are more students that need the help and so we can even expand that is looking to do that. And then to continue on our work at the elementary schools on and with the mentoring and some of the work that you do with our national organization so. We've been our western area of our group on is supporting and initiatives in Haiti. And so we'd have an international focus as well so we try to broaden our reach anyway we can. So to help out a little bit more into keep everything else and you'd done in the past sustainable exactly. And it is what it is only possible through donations and and everything else that you have throughout the year but of this fund raiser is it open to everyone and it. Open to everyone most definitely will be selling tickets online if you go to our website towns they could links dot ORG. I'm you can it will lead you to where you can purchase tickets you can buy an ad he could also make a donation and we also are having. I'm a silent auction so that if people have donations of pieces of art pieces of jewelry here and in that they think that. Might be of interest we do I'm restaurant on. Gift cards and things of that nature so we can make a donation a monetary or. Peace for our auction Horry combined add or can buy tickets because of course we want bodies there. So we've been here in Austin for about a decade and you've been involved with this organization for some time. Have you personally seen the lives. That you've helped people students changed. Well definitely I mean last year at our event we had one of our scholarship recipients come and talk about the impact. That on the scholarship made in his life in getting him through his college education and he is an engineering student and so we've seen. You know graduates come through we've seen some of some of our other members who have been with the chapter even longer than I have. Have seen some of the students they'll be used to mentor in elementary school only mentored fifth graders at a Campbell and not Norman. And they seem them go on to become college students and soul. I'm definitely see an impact there we've gotten letters home from our scholarship recipients and also again when you go we've gotten on. Mailings from. And the capital area central Texas food bank to taste I mean it's I'm guessing Iraq. The central Texas food bank innocent when they send out their annual report it talked about the impact that. Food insufficiency and the backpack program has made in the lives of these children helping them to achieve their educational dreams because they don't have to worry about hunger. And so you know it's very gratifying for us to scenes that what we're doing makes a difference and even if this just in terms of exposure. You know that sewing you know young people that they are not only helping them with education Michelin them all the different opportunities that are available to them and so it's very exciting. You know I didn't want to mention that you know what if somebody has something that's also their hearts. I'm soul. One of our members has a relationship with Wal-Mart they wanted their donations specifically to go to helping to feed children and so baby. Is because of their support that were able to support the central Texas food bank in the backpack program. On some people feel strongly about stem education and so. Another thing too as you can specify worried like your kidney donation to go when we you know we do fund the need. But there's different needs their scholarship means there is the backpack program that the stem education as of someone has something near and get to their heart they can also make a donation. And specifically say where they'd like their funds to go to. Seek and always direct the donation and sort. Well. Dominique is there anything that you elect and maybe about town lake clean zone which done your experience here in Austin. I think that what's been wonderful. I guess I guess again about being a member of this organization is that we have a lot of dynamic women. In our chapter and they all are just doing different things we have educators we have physicians we have businesswomen. You know and they all bring something to it just kind of get exposed. On our young people to just the different opportunities there are that not the traditional you know necessarily lawyer doctor. I'm accountant but that they they are very. They're very diverse in their interest and I think that you know they they work hard to try to make a difference and in the community. And so hopefully you know that through mentoring and you know our visit increasing our visibility we can make more impact. Well dominate I'm sure you purity are well on your way to doing that I want I think he's so much for joining us an insight Austin today. And really appreciate it thank you. That's Dominic Williams the president of the town lake chapter of the links incorporated again their event is February limit 2017 it is open to the public. It's a Mardi Gras magic. And for more information you can visit town lake links dot org again that's town lake links dot ORG. This is inside us.