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Jan 14, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well guns are real estate radio read your host Jason studs wanna share your real estate stories. Coming out at 5126409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. They're welcome back central Texas good Sunday this real state radio I'm Jason Stubbs presaged unity and in dubbed guys we got a great show coming up I'm just excited sock and be. It's been mum Sundays with you now for about four years total so appreciate you guys that have been reached out to us recently with. With your questions and most recently some good feedback that we got so lucky that self up martek slides open right now anything mortgage real state involved at all. To excellence 51264096. Channel slowed it down 512640. 96 tenths of a branch manager in our mortgage in an LS number 181407. In your consumer advocates for all federal state. Hope you guys caught our our television shows on every Sunday we've got to be run a block of a four hours. Want KB BO so network station. And done guys what we're trying to did you bring central Texas to your living room so. We've got to recover to Lake Travis we go to see him markets we go downtown. Condos and investment properties in and be in rehab and all that stuff so he called the the baby. Central Texas HGTV. Is what it's on to what we want you don't push that too much but did you did you get the point. So I guys Bob Jordan we got a great show and today we're joined by we've got Dan que hurling. With assurance roofing. And we got Alan outlaw was running realtors. And mob buddies friends come lifelong friend actually Adam fogle song also the rally realtors house or buy don't turn and I couldn't do in the air base there good deal good deal well you know we got last couple shows we've been talking about the U that fourth quarter. That kind of slows down you know historically. And you know wherever like how would shall we list our own shall we not sued by shall we not give those sorts of things so I'll wanna get sucked it just point of view on on what folks are doing what they think what we think it's common out. But with so Ellen what you've been doing lately were you working on it. You know when you said I was thinking about my fourth quarter was busy yeah. Yes easy Christmas AME some us some of view out there who you know are the you know do we can call you talk to and. First senator out there are so maybe you more than now so they wolf congratulations to you and makes it historically you know we it was good you know normally November slopes there's Thanksgiving in year old in day you know the Christmas holiday and new years and people are kind of to spending time with family that. This past quarter were super busy and I think the last two weeks of December slowed Alvin at cherry picking back up yeah I've had. A few listing appointments this past weekend. And some clients coming in routed towns I feel like Austin is rocking and Roland yeah fair January's starts off right you guys yes out of. Adam it's happening and yeah and they're really so you see your face yeah. I know it really is just this first two weeks of the year so Florida. I am getting pulled by all kinds of strengthen. I feel like everybody and and I I do feel like there's a little little lol everybody had. Reserved times. Was waiting or were waiting for the big spring opening got and now I feel like it's coming earlier every year you know. And have fun. Yeah I mean it's it's it's central Texas I mean it's it's happening and and you know we've had this this five year pretty consistent run here so yo I'm I'm excited to see what this 2000 something's gonna do here especially with you change administration. You know economy and it all that stuff put. Guys are I cannot tell you some real quick how how happy. I am with our app broke quick Bobbie do myself a disservice by an thank you offer for download are out the ones at that have done that. We've got over thousand people use in the app currently. And if you want to download that happy can it's easy you can. Look at interest rates as mortgage calculators for everything there's refinance calculators there's mortgage news if your rate nerd like me. There are. There's elect a FaceBook news feed becoming goes through all the while everything that affects interest rates and lots of an inch interest sting. An industry news there and we could also analyze your your insurance in a talk about your homeowners. We are all know. Their sub there's title feed calculator you ask me questions get pre qualified look at homes all that stuff. It I'm done it's really easy here's how you get it. Text atx 231996. So pull up your phone open up a text message is the number that you were point two Texas 31996. In you're gonna text the letters atx hit send you'll get a link. Text view. It click on that link and you'll have to scroll over add to home screen so be sure you do that it doesn't show would not be possible. Well with als the the gist of the support. From our our folks over to church roof and got Dan. In studio today said hey dale appreciate you being part of the show were works on you for having me yeah no doubt. Houses near treat you well. As you guys are saying it's starting out fast review pre list inspections four out. Anyone who is that you malice in their home and our you know phones or read we're sending our guys out too. Check for all those things they can come up in the property inspection. And if you do it before you less than you don't have any surprises waiting for you when you have entries that multiple offer offer situation yeah. And you're good to go. You know anatomy anybody jumping on the. But I mean you mentioned multiple offers are said that term on this show probably a thousand times but. You know you can potentially put yourself in the situation to where you can lose that dream home and after that you chasing your tail is all you warns that initial how she law you lost out on so. But what are some of the things that folks can kind of prevent by having you come out. Do you a I'd I don't think I mention it but it's a free. Post or are pretty listening. So it's a pre listens action and look what we do is we just come out and look for everything that. You know just takes maintenance on your home you've had your home for an average of five years under upgrade moved Mon. You have some flashing this Lucy have some hail damage from a storm that you know never league scene ever worried about it. And we can take care of that prior to. Like I said he's going under contract. Yeah definitely guys you're just tuning in this is real state radio. I'm Jason Stubbs who appreciate you being with us on this Sunday a mom accompanied today all day I'm folk song Raleigh realtors the lovely Elena outlaw also runner realtors. Being an owner of assurance roofing Dan kick curling and Indiana are just discuss and you if you're out there and you have a home whether he'll your listing or not you may wanna have Dan come out take a look. You do in other some things out there let's say that fueled the roof does need to be replaced but what are some of these other things that folks just don't know to look out for. So you have on your if you have all the events every drain in the house has a band and Ayers flashing around all those fans and overtime those who have deteriorate in need to be sealed. That is one of the main things. If the roof should be. Need to be replaced one of the things we do a little differently at assurances we can't take payment at closing. Which. Allows you to bring you the property to market with no money. Out of pocket you can then advertisers as a brand new roof right and will take payment at the title company. Well and I can tell you Jason that's valuable for realtors job offer that kind of services it's great for clients it makes us look like heroes so good for you. Yeah enemy and what what is do the value amid let's say that you've got the heat you know you have someone come out and you don't reap regardless of you how all that roof is well let's just say it's either it's old or been damaged. You what does that increase value. Sure does you know I mean and that if you're gonna take the time to didn't care for house like that even and knock out. The smallest of details for the inspection I think that means so much yeah yeah so it and then when people have less to complain about. Your value is just is typically more today yes I even felt like me the appreciation. For our you know the you're the appreciation value of cabinet new home. It seems like yet to me if you if you come and you before all of this house you get to inspection back to like a love the house but the roof needs to be prepared. You that's almost like to the foundation needs to be repaired opposed to doing that up front in the blockade is a brand new roof. In mind for marketing warranty that's I think any doubt entertaining about is when you can market mean it's just like appliances and HVAC systems but I ripped the big one anathema to it is a big one even if you get through inspection that can come back to bite you know and yes at appraisals so I had that happen where we you know we can it would there is my cellar my buyer. Somebody didn't want to replace the roof and they came back later Monday is a force that's a close and now or have we gain new roof and it's really. And then there a window that we didn't. Fit that into becomes like tighter because there is iron shots we have an option is running out there's rate locks their underwriting requirements that service costs again to have you come out. So we we go out for free. Absolutely free liable if you add a servant and a plan we'll both here and in a good. Baxter is playing that's commitment to what they did I got more for you so me what to what areas you know of town and obviously huge you know you handle Austin. A humble what other areas do you handle so we are central Texas we go from. Basically. Temple. Down to San Antonio. So along the -- 35 corner or man at a board that that's a tough tracks of luck with some times of the day we won't get traffic we will get into traffic here we re trying to save two you're but they got written got a quick little Tom out we've got to a police got Melissa Roberts would royalty also on the line. That we got Melissa Milan. And Melissa you care and how you deal on this Sunday. I'm great great yeah. We're fantastic missing Ian on the show this Sunday willow we'll get back on simply tell us a little bit about your property you you have force this week. Look alien. It about we're so excited. It actually currently being that we haven't even talked about adding not on metal at it's not pocket linking quite yet it. Nowhere. And make that her and our brains in our share here. It and then dipping bring them connect school district and that could eat dead polo club and it could gated community. And in the polls but how is the parent and a court then and equestrian obviously and it is fun. A little under chilly acre level. Yet why it. And opinion bill that's not even completely yet it should be done around April. And it. 3715. Square feet. Or bad can. Media brand new game added. Apple has like a mom in Asia and the program as you Delonte Graham thanks hidden age then it really Lillian eat. And you say kids station. In the end result. Well it played great hit and ran out there it paying an endless. You know I'm seeing us he's seen it carry. Kids are players yet declares I bet you didn't fancy on the girl I mean that fantastic go I mean this house is not listed guys and you're the the the benefit of that is you know you've got to start having a conversation now opposed to win this thing hits. Of the market and then you've got a little bit more competitions of the Gaza wanna. You know chat about this will look period in love military outing didn't have to Bailey but what what else yelled at house. I'll I'll tell it and not teenage yet the cabinetry. Is then. Gained yet and I'll tell you could pick out the warring and we're not to that age spirit perfect timing to be able says. Yeah yeah. Fantastic you know rub it Lotta folks want that yet to where you can kind of come on in a ditch just the finishing touches to where we're not making those hard decisions that. You'd drag on the the bill to the completion date to be in overcoming their pick paint flooring is a huge deal. So how are how our listeners in contact with you guys. Well you can come to mean not let that yet but weren't you 769. 0877. And create an octagon them Ellis then daily statements paid. Eight barrack. Back last week I don't. CNN. Co co fantastic and we appreciate it guys we got to run a break will get you back on. In the studio soon in to be sure send me email me information on that Hellman and dominate a bust somebody for you but we appreciate your. Debt 850000. 850 Coca. Fantastic our guys we appreciate you to get you back on soon and guys we got to take a quick break we come back we'll have more stick around. They're welcome back to the show's central Texas this is the real estate radio we appreciate you tune it and it's been a little time with this this weekend now we've got so. Great show would we talk until I got a pair of Riley realtors in here Adam folk song very strong courageous and very very strong yes yes that's. And it Ellen how long we've also got intellectually yes there's there's you know I'm very strong agents very intellectual. We're talking rose were talking more we are talking also roofing with the owner of assurance roofing being cute hurling a we'll get more from Dan here in a moment but I'll take a quick call. We've got Bob L and vote on the line he's not talk about eight ape project a community that is just incredible. Bob talked to us I don't Sunday. Hey gross grown so yeah happy all of you learn about you thank you sir yes that I vote yes on both. Well good luck and growing income you're or are we ought. Well all girl openly I know what it. Good meal is. You know I'm happy to know which. One little. That didn't. Go our community. And mark and we certainly look. And they were in partnership we are out there are Smart to. I don't leave our group's single and our parents and to partner in the coming your order and arm its projected a year and eight in Europe are. Let me turn it. I'm here to draw our courage porn star war all of our points and shot Austrians while I'm forty or Norton. Fifteen are important at fifteen for rookie and we go according to 26 square feet and certainly not on our birdie. Sure incredible. Book of course aren't married and swimming hole herald sure. The post Cold War include not just not mean taking all. 226. And retail shopping worked hard for you couldn't walk from your own commuter. Are you easily routed I don't blame her elementary order but you are secure ladies aren't elementary schools in the often are your feet. This can be of your city or in purity and have to be off and yelling at. To be able to murder eat pretty often utility federal host city of corporate tax rate a few dollars and 43 cent per hundred dollar valuation. Wow we'll fan just we you've got so a lot going on and I mean you knows wells argued that the that price point under 250 is hard to get into. We've had listeners you have for all the the TV show in radio contact me go and you obviously used to you thought you know Austin's out price of first on home buyer so you got to be able to get in there it in in to induce something like that's been incredible. But Bob we we got around how to how to or folks can contact with yet if they want more information. All of the good night. Come out to the model home which is located at the outgoing but he could learn a lot age old let me try. Or you can call him OR one. Not one yeah. Having any luck. Peter worker in any. Fantastic Bob Dylan loading cancer Holmes thank you surge or the rest your Sunday in Abu Kamal there annex we can take a peek so all season. Great import torture and thanks very. Art what we're Burton if this is rose radio I'm Jason subs in we're here every Sunday and we were right before the break we are talking to a dainty hurling. I'm about to hit his company shirts roofing in the importance of you guys have in your your your home. Inspected which she doesn't charge for so basically what we're what we're looking at do and here's our goal is to prevent any hiccups in the sale of your property. Which can can hold up. You know buyer which can I mean money comes into play for sure so. Dan you. So we got to agents in here you would do you work with you directly with realtors yours is mostly just homeowners are. Yes so. If you put on a great roof here in central Texas. Your homeowners probably only going to be a onetime client however realtors. Are repeat clients are only repeat clients and so we'd love to. Provide them with a great service of the uses over and over again and so we pitch ourselves all the time as. Austin and or central texas' realtors favorite roofer got you. It in how does explain to us how you let's say you come out you've got damage from you know wind or or hail. You know how does the homer's insurance play into that factor. So we have perennial hail storms here in central Texas and the cumulative damage. Can. Is a name apparel in all of your homeowner's. Insurance policies. And so when we see the signs of the hail on the roof. Then we would let the seller know that they should place a call into their insurance or get online and file claim. And then we will be out there when the adjuster comes and be their advocate and make sure that. They get the optimum pay out so we can. Take this. Not tragedy by up this this event that has happened in turn it into an opportunity for them to upgrade. Their roof. Gaps in I am I can kind of relate to that I've got to claim right now that I'm dealing with. The end got to have an advocate on your side that kind of knows the ins and outs. Which which I don't necessarily have to this point but you don't say I'm not a mask to about seven hours on the phone call on the phone right now I'm kind of finding my way through transfers and hold times and you'd it's just it's been a mess so to have you know somebody dared to kind of understands. Yeah so once you once you make the claim that we take over from that from that point forward. And make sure like us or that we optimize that for you and so he can get everything taken care of we can get to pre loss condition yeah. And that in most cases. Is an upgrade beyond what you had death on. So we've got a a listener question here that that's come in but. Because if you wanna get involved in our show please do it's really easy Tex lines open it's 5126409. 610 we'll take all your new rules take questions mortgage questions anything that you deal with pass stories. You don't like your realtor. Bureau or your hazard not sure about you know is different ins and outs and there's lots of things involved you know in this industry is as most of you know up there. But here's our listener question it's an easy when Daniel Redick I don't know and it's time to replace my refiling think. On the Internet so you just have us yeah now let them take a look but as a rule of thumb a asphalt reappearance central Texas really only lasts about. Seven to nine years yes. And regardless if you put the forty year or the thirty year or the hell resistant roof if it's asphalt behavior at nine years. He need to give us a call will come out chances are we can get your homeowner's insurance to cover it. Is she knew Ruth Gator property brought to market or just a new roof. Changed the color. Whatever you wanted to him. Gadgets in you know which seems like there's a lot of roofing companies out there. You know how would. You know our folks who listen right now I mean how how do you know if you're your company's good irreparable as far as just the roofing industry as well you can always go to the Better Business Bureau and then another thing is if you've already trusted to realtors to list your home. Chances are that they know good roofer and I always say go with the word of mouth. Referrals. And then you can always referred to yell people Austin. On the Al they do and yeah a lot of business owners don't throw that out there are considered kind of worried about that you know that warned got to solve. This often you know we've always kind of saying well and and most importantly again it's free. Yeah I got it three that comes out he had no doubt area no doubt about it so did tell our our blisters how to get in contact with yet. Whether you know your your builder out their real estate agent or just a homeowner it's curious about you the life. Expect the expectancy of your roof or you what you can do to your roof to make sure that it it prolongs. Beautiful life a bit but how to weed to out touch with the you can give us a call. 5127319446. Or you can go online at WW dot assurance referred dot com. Or find us on FaceBook or Yelp as I mentioned. And get in touch with us and let us know your needs are and we'll get to taking care of fantastic that's Dan caroling with the. Owner for sure it's rooting also a supporter of rules say radio day and we thank you for that thinker come on the show. In guys as always you any questions for Dan. You can just reach out to every job to us at 512640. 9610. We don't cut it right there we come back it's all Riley realtor stick around. Welcome back to the show's central time. This is rural state radio I'm Jason subs or host we're here every Sunday. On thirteen seventy top thirteen 70 AM at twelve noon also be sure take a look at our TV shows on KB DO. All at 101030 and twelve and also Monday through Saturday. You can CIS in here in the studio. Talking about a real shady mortgage and we're just bring in truck trying to bring a little bit essential taxes and your living room. So and also if you wanna get in touch with us to get me questions we got a couple of couple listener questions on that come in recent we'll get you guys are a little bit but that number. Is that text line is 512640. 962 and we won't hear from him appreciate you got that debt have. Reach out to us and unlike us so we'll get you here just a little bit but before we do that. Hopefully we got Michael under would owner broker of were a real estate on the line under what you they're. I'm we're here tonight or today I'm good sir houses Sunday treat you. It's gonna want to talk Orwell called mortgage deal in particular that Garrett Jim Wright why tell us a little bit about the prof be a force this week. Well I've got the property at 13001. Yen guarded well Steiner ranch in the blast election. Which is about a quarter mile from. The actual doctor Steiner ranch so weighed on the bottom right back and peaceful community here but that's the thing at these action. Israel hit it's got a lot of things don't work for sure that that. A larger home that's 4667. Square feet you know it's got four bedrooms downstairs. Open floor plan. You have these two huge. Motor trim put another bedroom and there's a work program on the in the top as well. With a two tiered balconies to do achieve peace. The canyons of lake Austin I would say you can actually see the water which is seen in the Canyon's history gratitude to a cost. Got you demand now mean that thing sounds like it is just beautiful. It I know we're talking about sick you're talking about down equivalent park you're getting closer to the water if I mean that the community almost feels. Kind of lake like what you start getting that close to lake Austin I mean you've got to the amenities right there the boat ramps. I absolutely love the bluffs out there and saw her ranch. Yeah that so it it is they're coming in so many folks out there have their own they have this slippery car garage so boat could potentially get inside of it. And you see this done that every single day to come try to over the I would segment looks like amounted to give a couple of hills course Texas that. It's been successful right over the back of this property for every day you have to sunset in the in the aegis to marry involved either. While fantastic so lump. Which are you going to be out there today are your are you not. No no hitter yesterday yeah we'll have them. Start probably on Saturday never open houses are controlled the sword you care to take a look give a tour and you can go to our FaceBook page or what's happening in Steiner ranch. And there'll be a tour of this property you know and information about it one point one million. And cut in how to aura of listeners in contact with you. I'm not to have a scholar yet whatever is most convenient at 512. Sorties trading. 568251. It is porky three sides to say to Michael Underwood that's great mostly. Appreciate you buddy we'll talk to you soon. I argued that. Man have you guys been out they're the boss I have not yet that's oh we've got a got a body that lived out there. But a man it is it's it's almost all the way down well and I know exactly where you're not a resident I mean those are beautiful lob and I walk him and particularly they are. That that is that the Mets live and you couldn't get negate doesn't Romney again though that at brown fat than a month that only guys like him he couldn't think it. Yes no doubt that. You have thank you thank that are doubtful Gaza you're just tune in this is real estate radio I'm Jason Stubbs enough on the company today all day by. Two Riley agents sought to my favorite site Elena law. And Adam fogle song and some guys I mean I'm ready just to get into some real state. And you know which we live in it how Matt's. You know it used to be you know where you were in the world. You you could say I'm from Texas and they would know. I think our city is becoming now popular that you can pretty much say Austin in not only people out of the country knows it's taxes but they have their start to figure out Austin got. Love Austin I mean I was born and raised here it's so rare to find some made actually grew downtown Austin everybody's been moving here for the first real you know I learn real. Yeah that's who you can doesn't listen or not Iraq. Well and and you know when you go on vacation you know you always talk about taxes down and and people you know that Internet access they again and then then you say Austin and they go oh awesome awesome you don't wanna go to Austin I've never been Austin to foresee that that one always strikes of the good conversation with any time you make no doubt I mean with a client tomorrow at the nicest gas station in the world on 360 years. Erica I'm a lot I. Kind of gridlock days and in the whole country views. It's a twelve dollar coffee I value remember anyway he his lines as those guys. I had a conversation with him on Friday he's like man. I jump out from Texas I've been living overseas. Doing business is an aviation industry and army's command I just I cannot believe this place you know he's like Cameron for a couple months and then yeah I'm looking Abbas on don't know where when whatever apartments we come golf it's us or doing. About our cards are New Jersey can't worry whether my Jason Woolley I'm Melissa Molinaro select and yeah you. And I as far as I'm not. You might in my head I might lose on no doubt no doubt so anyway it is not knowing what oh got a new elements and I'll start this off with you. I mean you know we've we've. We've we've seen you're what your work how speaks for itself from the ya know that you do a lot of business. Up around town but I kind of want talked Indian army at a job and earning top but I mean I don't talk about Cedar Park. Potential price points potential market temperature. It kind of what the drawl is on to that. Cedar plot area Cedar Park is hot so. I remember when Cedar Park was like one road it was all country every lately doctorate chickens and goats and I know what I mean you've got there twelve years ago we actually buy a house in cedar park at twelve years ago. There are several Khamese like butter cat creek there cypress tree was established fueled it no suitor Kirk no I'm talking about me but now I mean Cedar Park is. Considered close in because now people are even buying in Leander liberty hill Georgetown it's moving all the way out just fine in Cedar Park you mean you get from. You know any central location in Cedar Park to downtown is only twenty minute press people we never believe new iPhone app and like I. Actually do like three times today I hit my car comes and goes more than me well that's old road coming in was crucial yeah perversity to park community looking back and twelve years what Brian hates any ranch in the hospital both my girls were born at that hospital in Sierra partners how much of me now. And this is so much value for client asked you know I mean vs what do you come in a town and you look at houses that are three and earn fifty to 500000 dollars kind of midtown. And the bill in the sixties and seven out and and you're dealing with all tires and Seattle's. Not just the price of the home you have a lot of maintenance your minds and you know even even your pick for homeowners insurance plays a par I don't hold your home is too which is something you know a lot of folks don't know you don't take into consideration. So yes it's the ability and you know it's a lot of people know a lot there's been a few people that are you know bastion how are you actually Parker what do you like about supermarket like it's not Alston. Yes so for trying to cover whatever that may that would be the first thing I'd say but I you know the people they do have families this earth you know how leaning on having via the schools are really really get if you're in a football Cedar Park. I mean that's one of the toll that family it's it's it's. Where you can go with family I mean the blasting wanna do is get stuck downtown in traffic. With my family and and spend time in traffic I can go out and enjoy my lifestyle and he reported an unsung I have to ask is out for you I'd rather I'd rather spend some time and and a nice. Oversize a lot you know where that eking it out there you can give you can just get more home for your money and. Deathly Gaza Helen tell your techs on is open right now if you got any questions. For either of these agents at a mile or Ellen our text lines 5126409. 610. And I can assure you that you noise folks who help you out and you know I got what I try to do is be in a lot I try to make sure the folks that we bring on ars that the people have been in the business for quite some time. You guys got years and in many many transactions on your belt so I appreciate jolt being here and in turn out here that you've got no problem. But I want it so that I mean Cedar Park is is you know I don't think receipt any any potential slowdown in growth out there but. Paula ASCII art or corn question for both of you and wolf we'll go ladies first again on this a little digital. I I looked up and yes I she's looking and and so here's the bad what so what are your three of your top neighbors we're your three driven interest. In Cedar Park just wherever wherever yeah. Site living crystal falls now I'm I've got to say that's when my top in green may says his mean it's amazing has crazy hills and he used and they don't allow. Street lights out there are so de skyline is beautiful and our sunset almost every single night you've got. As sky lit up with stars in the sons that are super super vibrant red and purple so I loved that I also get I don't. And it's not so good out there like I cannot believe I get to CSF also lucky felt. Crystal falls on the top one and other top one up north is Regis CNN that's a new community it's renewing community. Neal and the developer does some pretty spectacular things in the communities they. Have a lot of green space which a lot of developers build neighborhoods now and they pretty much fit is many homes as they can possibly fit in the neighborhood so. I like I sell audits has mark comes out there as it reaches CNN Levitt. We'll talk about selling homes a mean you guys would tell you got a couple listings wants you not tell us about two aren't got a couple of I had a really good line it is going to get pictures on Monday next tomorrow I guess yeah. We're gonna have pictures and then it'll be going live on I think Wednesday or Thursday in this is hard to find a gem. It's only a few years all play I help my client purchase this image from one Cedar Park neighborhood over here. Right whenever they were and starting a family and I have three kids so five years later three kids and believe busy it's an eight. And they are ludicrous it's a fun. I just have a new worry about alternative sentencing but I am it's over in butter cup westside preserve his right by an elementary school it's an exemplary elementary school that address is 2208. Alison weigh it it's 3334. Square feet. Sits on a Greenbelt Wyatt the privacy in the backyard is spectacular mean you can hardly see there are side neighbors that you really can't cede. Much of any thing in mini just how likely green space they're really clocked her fireplace. Beautiful. Custom pool and hot. And then all wouldn't tile downstairs master down office down three bedrooms. So it's that's really hard to find out it poll you were not looking down so I mean I can see now my you're just visualizing. Walking this properly. CNN I've seen everything nominee and I closed nice person I don't do a fantastic guy who started out. That will that's good because we got this morning that there and added that one is gonna be listed for 449 now and we're gonna go live this coming week fantastic somebody gorgeous home early does terrible artist we'll talk more about that how to get touch with the element we get back but got to. Quick break gossip around. Welcome back to the show's central Texas this is real estate radio I'm Jason style we appreciate you. Take a little your time stated with us on this wonderful Sunday. In beautiful Austin, Texas on the company duck by Elena outlaw and Adam Vogel song both with Riley realtors want the best reportable. A companies in town and in I'm not just saying that about worked with many. Of their agents send out these guys big deal thing about Russia Daschle tells a little bit about Riley but done a good new Korea. You'd Riley Rogers has a very kind of a minimum production an appeal how I mean alma contribution an astronaut but basically. It hit winners go hire anybody of their and he's got a tough criteria over there got to tell yes -- we should regardless re want to redo it I was getting good Doug you know you guys they'll run a long time -- especially you you know you guys are due and held the job over there herself on being accused tip our hat well in the heat he provides great plaque normal yeah yeah Michael does you know and and Michael and shape it you know they make you feel at home number one yeah number two they give you best technology out there got. Deathly still ahead before the break guys we are we how we're talking about a listing on the Allan has and I would give us a rundown real quick of that property and. OK so that address is 2208. Allison weighing its sincere part. Butter cup westside preserve. It's only a few years old it's a 2012 year bill 3334. Square feet. On the green bell four bedrooms three and a half bathrooms plus a study to NASCAR garage. And the list prices gonna be for 499. In how to lower blisters in contact with the oh gosh please call Mir in only my email is Allen Pat Riley realtors dot com that's our EI LLY realtors dot com my phone number is 512731. And 9481. Or you can check out my website which is Alan self Austin dot com fantastic. Our mobile we're going to turn the page job. Mr. Vogel song and dump. Because we Adam and I were not only do we we work together but we've been buddies for a long time we've com. Kind of in I don't know for democracy take over for him but. You are lifestyle we live and breathe this leak and environment we learned those who loved what we mean I was they'll say we love the wake board met. On the forty year old knees are hurt notice Obama's hours surfing out and enjoying the kids like them so tell us about this project and hey folks if you're just tuning in this is gross at radio I'm Jason Stubbs who were talking about. A property in Katy so it's on the. Well Jason I'll have to say it's a little hard. Trying to decide what to tell people about obviously some mean. Do I tell about low Waller county Texas yeah do I'd Selma about Katie schools all of that school systems and and Texas are. Gets numb about kayaking you tell me about surfing you tell about. Boat docks in negative ads pools and gated entrance of the season you consume a lot but that the number one thing I like to tell people about August lakes is that. Of the 33 scoops of lots in the neighborhood and then there's only eighteen left while so I feel like that's number one them on what I like to sell and they're all one acre lots and 200 -- worth a waterfront our homes up their start at one point one million dollars. And we have some absolute monsters going up right now. I had a new listing coming out right now it's you can check it out at 136 tied appoint dot com. That's a non MLS home right now I am we've got the Stucco in Iraq on the outside of it it is lake front. It it it has some of the most beautiful views. All the way down the lake so you you pulled right in our August lakes and you can't miss this monster. Their tests are seeing this home and I'm not not a stage it is now but I mean just a brief walk through the dot did we had little luck a surf competition out there will be debt which was just amazing I mean you could feel. That vibe and kind of you I think it in the Houston area we kind of have to paint that picture though of what we do and take advantage of here in Austin is. Q where can you get that late comics community. That that that leak feel in Houston I mean you got to go to Conroe. You gotta go to Aaron got to deal with choppy water all the time. Here in August lakes we're really conveniently located and to do neutral way you can be there in the energy court or an all time so really where we're finding our buyers are coming from is is that memorial that downtown Houston. Super high. You know kind of memorial area death but David I've got a guy out there we've got a big major announcement out and I'm where at the Houston boat show right now saga and yet my my my marketing Manger David Wilson's on the line we'd we'd like to give you guys some exclusive. Still pay David we got Dave on the line Matt. Hey David you there yet I look cool houses Sunday trainees are. It accurate well world. Eric BU boat show it it'd be handed Joseph where are coming out here. Check out all the cool boat you're cool other items here I would suggest that anybody is an area c'mon lion. Give a call her finger on over it it's going to be good day. Fantastic to win where what do you guys next you're out there some obvious you're author robbers in August lakes but so we're gonna find you know in the bush have. We are neck to bomb like a boat that is actually a some are some of our friends over their that we we had a boot. Right next door to I could vote beard I thought we could beat all their boat picked out about. And it in both appeared editor hitter you're a beautiful sight to the beautiful like the. Well and and the big announcement here Jason is that. August lakes is decide to release a couple lots free him pre before we wanted to do it rubbed at the action out there's been. So great. Tiger boats is come out there and and and obviously they rein in the surf competition last year they've got some of the best votes. We'd like to put you in a tie got in an August lake slot today so we released two more lots. There at the Houston boat showed that that only your listeners. We're gonna get a crack I absolutely love that man hey. Here how are also on the water how could put on weight or vote is your thing and you're not gonna be you're not gonna really feel. You the power in the value of that home without Abner you're you're you're your weight or boat. Because let me explain to us on either Dave around explain to us you know what to what you candidacy pulling your drive way in and then one. OK so you walk out through your kitchen that you can see your negative edge pool you'd who you're walking down a couple stops steps there and to your air conditioned boat dock right. Lift the sides on that drop down your tiger boat and start to surf wake board paddle board anything you wanna do. You're living on vacation that's Armonk Trout in August lakes is that why spend time in Austin traffic I mean in Houston traffic keep it you know and on nights and there live in your backyard and you don't have to travel traveled to Austin anymore vacation you can do it right there and Houston. Fantastic what hey hey David we don't get some folks out there to see we got to David Wilson represented August lakes up there at the Houston boat show column in a lot on Dave we appreciate you being a part to show. And they go Woolsey is embodied. I help but wonder that they won't add a lot and it looked at 140 pretty. August Blake got called in you can be one remarked how that it go or not it should be done here what market do. Got that is a beautiful home 143143. August lakes dot com you can see. Awesome pictures of that home. Go we appreciate your body yet you bet. All right man mullah Cali pay debts but she's motion is shot enormous this is your chance of buying Wendy's Holmes Jason zoo here I had energy generally. Found on this just make to dry I'll tell you this you know what with you know with mush him into other families we've ideally get into you know I felt I got the good they are and they are they're not gonna let guys know that they're very very nice putts analysts say that's coming cars we have a dry well there isn't a group we've got to for a five car garage dornin right now now and that's with the boat divers all the first time. Yeah hey I like that though man I mean you know if you're able to you want to newcomer and you just don't want anybody in there you bind a hole like that without having to wait we're both of you you need to be you know. Need to be the guy in the neighborhood without a at all and it says he you know you gotta be the guy and directly yell come check us out we have a our model grand openings February 10 to twelfth. That that house is absolutely beautiful to about 5000 square feet. Negative edge pool like us an air conditioned boat dock will have a nice big tiger sitting right there we're gonna have all the representatives from tiger is out there. We're gonna have 45 different boats that they're gonna have on sale out there are so he'll come cius February 10. August lakes dot com is the easiest way to get ahold of me August lakes dot com. Fantastic and got our Tex lines open if you got any questions four Adam. Or Ellen both Ruth Riley realtors you can. 512640. 9610. Handgun marijuana show will show that hey it's again what I want and next time ailing comes only come to you I. And the yeah. Not kidding and China and others that if you guys make I got a good little combo no doubt about it or happiness you bet so before we go I've got a list or question just came in I want it. So on this kind of throw it out there beyond its say in Amy in north Austin says that she solicitor homer home's been on the market. For rod around eleven weeks in Chicago not see in the traffic that she wants to she's wondering if you should advise her agent to pull off the market. Gosh north Austin I probably way ads were only the beginning in January I mean I would take again hard luck. What are her looks like being really honest I always tell clients you know highlight these super transparent set expectations up front. Take care of things that should have been taking care probably before enlisting enough that your homes on the market north Austin is really again market up. There's something going on enterprise order it's the home doesn't look the way may be that the buyers are wanting it till now. Or probably combination in and marketed. You know that Adam you've you've told me some you advised me years ago Sunday said they completely stuck in my head and sometimes that you got you got your term you're tops on that PS take your turn you gotta do what you gotta wait man when when other inventories out there every dog has its day eventually your house will just fall off the list but. What does it cost you do that is what it really what what it really. I will downhill now I'm kind of liking it once to be the bride's made you unbeatable and I know I don't away. Yeah when it gets picked let out then but then again you know on the you give you get customers in situations where they have to sell out you know and and we had to we had to go a guide attic and contingency offer new and a short story basically he had. His his cultural pop up perfectly I was even price 101000 under. But it was four sides bright red hello Rick you can. Meaning it you know reports that a wise yeah that's hip now that's really really quiet like Andrea if pops of Greenland mounted in the red brick I mean obviously we knocked out Michael Hughes. Our call Houston stoned. There but tell ya a lot of a lot of homes off their nation on earth are Redford but here's central Texas that's just not something that you see a lot of now so you know and also you know solve their Sweetwater which can kind of you know that's that's it ultimately is but tough fight that are believed to listen the nice apple did dual -- not tell our listeners on you in contact with the. You call me anytime at 512. 9881151. Obviously such come as the easiest way to get a hold of me right now let's just such a big project that I got Patten and but you can always visit my website Adam sales taxes that come. Thank you so much as this is during his my third time and I really enjoy this fantastic Ellen how how our listeners can content as. Arab and give me a call at five point 2731. And 9481 and. My website Allen cells Austin dot com in all of super all mortgage information questions give me a ring 5126409. B 610 I'm Jason Stubbs is real state radio how good Sunday thank you all.