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Jan 14, 2017|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills wail on talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life. That's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Welcome to the show okay this is real royal and this this is not really relate they talk producer as ever cousins but there. They're based on science yet and they are very careful when did companies are you by talking about something that. That isn't based on some real experiences they had under. Russia real science or something you know so so granted that oh pharmacists I can tell you the law of the drug we have today. I'm still need NASA science yes and more testing because we don't know with a long term effects are. Can any of the Marshall testing 2%. Impartial testing exactly right so it's our way there's there's most of confusion out there in the world. And the rule of medicine. But here's a kid who had a interest can come shipped. He it was studying there were actually skew their learning about how you unison just under after likening it did tell you how. How close it is you know what part of no doesn't can be so and so is a hot. And it ace ace always says it television Wheeler in the class how closure comes to getting hit. If you don't hear it he got hit so never mind. If they deserve I'm up. So. That's good news for us sir and good information for us to be aware of right now with this interest in whether we have today don't maybe issues and I entered. I feel like the no no no no reading Grayson who today. Her partner doctor Richard Massey is. Still under the weather today and Andre like stand this guy took competitor but he can afford them wanting more. Yeah I guess I told and it's a really good idea instead of taking a bunch of things to make himself feel better to just let himself heal itself kind of returned later and everybody away. He he is a very healthy individual for sure so. You never. They don't know if you practice health I think a lot of this kind of question on this story about the kids that. Was sent to send their mind you know because. Condition we fear. If you're out there that you might get hit with line you're studying something. And just never mind you know you're you're you can't determine how close it was Israel closer drive there. But when you study medicine you there's so authors say don't. Post a chance to shoe might. Not learn the truth. And there's some people out there that you know that takes a truce and sort of coach Lou too far with a little so. We're very careful on the show. Well basically who we've talked a little bit about the so an elevator on the way happier than others just to put me way way too much creed and studies that are not really sincere honest studies they're designed to end the current. Help somebody make some money you rather than to really show the truth of what's coming and so brilliant you were at the before and conference yes I was anti aging yes so we're gonna talk a little bit during the show. Do you think coming up he can bring it up. Out of step furnished us. It's anti aging measures. Being healthy you know that's different you the truth cause I sustainable your. Not age you know you donate to monologue which is more sustainably over the veteran. Yup and you know I think it's coming back to just some really simple old fashioned principles if we live in tune with nature. If we live the way that are healthy ancestors lived three to 400 years ago. And yet we're really going to set the stage for our own longevity. And we are so far from that on every level. Not just food wise. As far as staying up way these use of electronics. And my eight to all the rest of it now. The closer we can come to being high in tune with nature of the longer I think we'll live a healthy. Happy and so called life. Exactly we'll yup. So. This is the show folks they'd like to pick up something during that this atrocious and responsible one or two little tidbits that might or might change your life leader and we will. Sure I should look like you never know something but right now good. So even his witness Lynn. Good morning Harry you know I'm sorry you had to know very well. And I'm doing so if you're right driver for doing your cancerous driver. Could you survive it. Getting curable cancer to the dark ocean incurable chronic and put the Pacific leukemia. Asserting curable disease and yet you over payment. By the end zone billionaires. Tony five years ago. Run you were Tony notably Richard. I want. You know you know your age from. It you know probably just so happy to be allowed you to you don't take life tightly do you. Well diagnosed with they get older person's disease. At a very young age. And it was considered incurable just like it is today chronicle Pacific leukemia. You know has no curative. Period of options. The options that I would give them upon diagnosis. Would this create. Would either an experimental bone marrow transplant which was potentially. Curative poorer. What was the very nil just called watchful waiting. Waiting again. Before the disease to become more aggressive. So I ended up going with few options. Offensive. About where transplant or you don't watchful waiting I wanna live. Proactive observation. We're really took it. Control that and to the extent that I could. To learn about all the different ways about my go about. Better managing. Might help and trying to create. You know are very. Healthy environments through mostly polite style approaches. We're gonna talk about those is just a little bit but you've written a book. It is available. Mourns and noble and Amazon right. And you know and some good book by the way because it hit chronicles which you do. To overcome which you would you mentored and people can use that information try themselves the book is called the end of one. The end of one. You explain how you can Lovato. Sure and end of one trial. The trial where there is so one subject. There's no there's no control. And every one of the and it's just the number. And one is the amount of subjects and in science doing critical. Studies there's always and a number. That's attached to the candidates so I am a sample of one of course custodian one and that's how we came up with Kia put a title. Elected you know one. His toe broken we're talking to glimpse Saban as say VI am. Your English is the coach of Alabama. So you know the unfortunate but I couldn't. Who's your top targets in northern Maxine. It was a tough person of Zambia has Nancy. No and I don't neither MI related to the vaccine greater say 08 Xerox did something that significant I think the bottom looking up. And of course is about vaccines. So you discarded what's what we would say is the real science. But and then oncology and and other mustard gas no please we do people see this car they say you know let me just see what I can do my own because Marcos today. Is the measure passed. And she also overcame some shares cast yourself. How many years ago since. You know it's almost thirty years ago and again it was an old person's cancer I had colon cancer. And not when I spoke with the doctors they basically told me I was gonna die and miserable horrible death when if I didn't do it they told me to do and I told them. Well hot but I'm gonna try something else and I never went back to seat them and I'm here to talk about it. Here at Santa I wonder really curious Glen what you used and I don't you know I I basically did didn't take Kelly program at the time. And my own inner spiritual work. And I had a sense that I was a single mother with and I didn't want anybody else raising him. So I had some pretty darn good reasons to stick around look look look and your attitude in your group. Yes actually diagnosed I didn't have a family and I and I have the couple boys now are now fifteen and 120. However I wish it'd stayed. Then I didn't discard in heaven discarded you know conventional medical oncology. My cases have been chronicled through the Harvard medical system and Harvard dean news. Who's in charge of clinical and translational medicine at Harvard medical medical school so I actually had me. Significant. Conventional. Oncology. Team every step of the way I'm a proponent of didn't based integrative oncology intuit a medicine but as opposed to alternative medicine. And inside had a chronic condition for which. Curative. You know interventions didn't exist. The you know I had some time. To become more healthy and continues discover ways that I could go about. I kind of maximizing I have immune system. An and I went about through Canada. Pretty straightforward. Lifestyle approaches side I changed my diet from fairly highly processed flour and sugar. Nutrient. Depleted kind of foodstuff. To becoming more aware. He has. These have been nutrient dense plant strong diet was select fish and didn't mince words he's very helpfully. I assert a hydrate a lot more to clean. Purified water. I would be such you know physical activity. Every gay. Decent different mind body work as close to T. To this stage you know a assortment of well placed and it's supplements dietary supplements. Mostly informed by. What we call my biochemical. More Lou you know beaten by the way it should get cancer. Tell either Dieter try and trying to create an environment that's. Less hospitable for of course cancer can girl. Isn't important to us clarified you know for different. For your listeners. Though he's been speaking for myself. I am therefore you proponent of the best of western non apology. Long this. It's you know it's potentially curative and at all as they host the person the patient. Is it being protected to do well through. Conventional conventional approaches. I had to. It's remarkable clinical. Responses to the program that I developed. You know over the course of time where we're doing here acute. An episode of my. Leukemia. I became very ill and the various other folks from Harvard lows on top and the specialists and experts in my particular. These. Recommended Ito to conventional standard of care at that time. And the way I did is I. I took a few steps back and thought about that and then I made some changes to my protocol and extend my experiment. To see you know what I can do it all my own to perhaps. Am I have an effect on what what I can through doing. I was very fortunate that I met over the course of a couple months actually turned around. The disease where it was written and not detectable. And in my bloodstream. To restore detectable in my bone marrow or leukemia originates but there was no longer detectable in my bloodstream and on the effects doesn't go that are having from the active disease. Dissipated and eventually. Disappeared. Infidelity then 2003. And once valid able to kind of achievement that. It would be six more than sixty years who hadn't I went by before the admitted he's kind of bared his head. Are reared its head again. This is in 2009. And I was able to. Working with a full time a new set of folks including the first time. Actually work with an integrated medicine position. I keep block. Who's arguably the father integrated oncology. Sir working with him and his team and we had some pretty remarkable success and then which we not only. Normalize my blood and has what was achieved the first time that I was facing an acute and episode. But this time we could be Merrill was actually cleared of McCain excels to a point where Harvard. Pathologists cannot see evidence salute people who came excels in my marrow. Clint can you tell us what methods she used in order to bring that about her re doing in the eyes he therapy is store. You know I eat your peas and I and I also wanted to steeper. Him yet for the listeners that I'll come do not prove causation the last third down in the chronicle. You know a formal clinical trial. Senate but what I will say is that I I brought to. You know this regimental whole host of different approaches to. And we just don't know what the bio synergy. These various you know interventions. Because we can't reduce. We can't reduced to war or two or even three things. That I did over the course of time to really definitively. Proof. You know causation. However it will have in going into adopting the court expensive lifestyle medicine. That you know who. Restorative sleep making sure good sleep hygiene getting plenty Bruce. You're silenced as good. Yes physical activity regular daily physical activity for the various mind body work site I chose. You know I'm humble on the believe there that there is no one missile worms just. Bullet. You know way and exercise saying or away and try and eating and end and so forth people are gonna. Different in terms of how they go about stress reduction of some folks may do you mind you know Hamas promised these stress reduction others may. Go on relaxing walk soared deep breathing and then what have you. So the combination of really healthy living healthy eating. Keeping my metabolism charged with plenty of exercise. And utilize being true. Some big you know consultation where it. Over the course of time a number of nutritional pharmacologist. A clinical nutritionist that are trained pharmacists. Wit deciding what types of supplements. Might be useful for me. And the underlying disease. As well as a little bit more and step in later years starting when I. Try to work would keep block. Who would could block Pallet actually getting a lot of lot and can still give Glavine done that are looking at different areas of different bio markers different nutrient global success that you are taking a more functional approach. To create this kind of anti cancer environment. From nutritional standpoint. And which tests did you find most valuable in your situation. In terms of Aladdin that would inform supplementation yes. There's a whole you know range of things that are that are looked at a including you know our nutrient levels micro nutrients. Did in Tampa inflammatory markers like fear appear IL six. You know. The opportunity to stress you know not free radicals have something you know in the body. It is just it's a Brit so it's a wide range. Who pretend to be glad there are also. Have been done through the last quarter or even question. After in the mainstream enough where. The agreements appear to especially glad necessarily to get a lot of what these are. So I had that are going to be 36 months or so at this point. At least in the book by the were recruited aforementioned one more times here again of one. And we're talk another command Saban and he has overcome. Being curable cancer. Which is phenomenal. Some say he went through your you do have something to do about it I'm sure you were writing team that we don't have as well here. Street which you know like it is hope for people I think the key. If you have cancer you do have hope. You know they say well you have six custom or I don't wish you were told but you Susan they say it was incurable and you said well I'm all work on the I think the holders would probably save you can. Sure well you know getting involved in my day in my own care. Really the you know engaging with the best minds of folks the in my case you know academic. Medical center where. These folks are the scientists stand the clinicians need greed and lived you know in my case is particular disease. And you know it it's important for. Anyone who diagnosed with cancer almost regardless of the exact diagnosis to get seen as an academic. Cancer centers that there. Made aware so that they're properly diagnosed in stage and made aware. The most current studies and trials and and that sort of thing doesn't mean that you would get. I treated. That the academics that are but that's an important baseline and so when you. It involved a desk dimensional mortality folks and and created team. That includes cities if he'd used to involve an integrated. You know practitioner would whether that's a fab news certified you know Patrick had the position and or an MD. Or an ecologist. You know protection you know how it is with intuitive you know. Medicine training. Innocent you know get involved a lot of place style. It's one thing to just you know what. To to say okay. Probably this systemic therapy undertaking that therapy and I'll get deeper had surgery or radiation therapy. The end and just deal with the bad as I approached a whole other thing really getting involved. In your own care becoming. You committed to two eating properly and engaging. Getting regular physical activity even through active treatment medical files and these things make it make a difference in these things. Do you bring hope. You've mentioned doctor Keyes block. Receiver to Booker I think it cannot elected diminished. Deed yes key block where the book in 2009. And it's called life through her cancer. Minutes it's really a wonderful book it's like Bible who fled into integrative oncology. So you know we we've been able. Work together over the years and then. I would just really terrific person he's. In the forward of this a little bit of people lots book. And you while. Did the forward. And then hit it well it in the forward he mentioned that if he was just heard diagnosed with malignant and these are telling members that. Or diagnosed that he wouldn't ask him to keep plot and it's quite you know testimonial for Fordham. Well we've been fortunate we're a producer on the clock you're so. We what a pleasure talking to you what a pleasure to see if we should've done to your life. And they need what are we are sharing with the other people what they can do their lives. Because you can actually go through program you go through all this was we talked about exercise though thank you mentioned but you get your big catch and it's okay. Absolutely a lot easier to prevent than it is to hear orchard trees. 50% pummeling the disease is prevent. When you're trapped here you have to drive for pleasure have known. Thanks so much and I when we get your facts a ton kilometers you can stores I think people know about this. The grip naval commandos storm. We have cancer than it is. You live here have a great weekend and hope so few later this. Sometimes. I missed a great. Don't go anywhere. Get help with bills well dressing like people Boston's favorite farm yeah back in testing you won't. And when. And thanks for listening to let's get healthy good deals well on top thirteen seven need a proxy fight peoples' Austin's favorite pharmacy you know Collins live there live once used six point three lives and that's 512643. Live morning during. It's. Burned to. Welcome back to show my mother or that look here's a look at those are just that you get. The end of one you know one end to the letter didn't perform and she can title. So sure overdue. You will this all you can't do you know you should know. Yeah I'm all up and a doctor Bob Clark got a number of patients for a world. Here's the thing is fair create good Mary's anti oxidant in combination with chemotherapy under the picture says Janet had amazing outcome. Show I'd recommend not so official out. There's another doctor were just talking about you're talking about yeah I was talking about doctor Seif street back to Thomas C street yeah and had. Purchase cancers and metabolic disease and actually. There's a lot of his trip to ties in with what you're doing today I and that. Organisms living in our cuts and controlling our news in mental health. Those organisms are also have a lot of effect on cancer in mitochondria. And all I could stop so. Brilliant and very sure in fact I am actually at a conference right now and Orlando. And I wish depth now the keynote speaker his name is Alexio Castano a nuclear researcher from Harvard. And he is here. Specifically talking about. The Michael why don't more bug in my gut and he went through them up it's cutting edge research Harvard shelling duplex connection by. When we control Emily war clip of Bob and I got switched interestingly we are ten times more. Top serial style and our bodies and we do human cells are body so brilliant or more back. Be it. And you really not very scientific perspective steps guru how she. Changing what's happening in our god he is responsible for chronic disease in the last bit again. You know this stupid thought from a lead researcher at Harvard and body works to it and it pediatric gastroenterology. Daily activities to be shown that the battery circuit applicable not only true healing act which as a condition of the gut but the question and then I had days. And he's just talking about everyone's favorite weight gain as. Stepped out of there and so the more we began to understand our god the more we can begin to understand our shelves. Yeah it's true it. I was at just sit at 84 and conference in the there's so much night on the micro bio woman before that and it's conference call about how to cleanse the celebrating with a cell membrane and mitochondria and the micro by not and the micro Biomet and how incredibly. Important it is for bringing balance in healing and sometimes. Serious diseases disappeared just by getting their right. Microbe bio mean there is that means really supporting our interior micro bio men are in Erie college he. It's really true your very strongly in making the point that I think essential point that we let our assurance. That though are good to hear it cheeky show all. Convened its not your genes that not something you're born whether it's not something your garbage from your mom are your dad. But it's interplay between that bacteria and the gut and your change action that we can. Or you don't have the trigger to turn on the busy I mean think about it. But most chronic conditions you were born with our start actually you even more born with the way. Something happened to change did you not expect we can change them in one direction we can change them back he had actually actually you weren't born with a genetic. You know it's a little screw up it's called question. Each jump and turn that on what you can turn something off you can just go out there and he could not conjecture I'll turn it off. An understanding that a lot antibiotics. That are actually ways that we did that. Now there and there are geez that they have played they express themselves so. The other thing type and I think that when you preferences some people can drink coffee at 10 o'clock at night in garage to bed. We lived there on the gene that's you know how could. Probably. And this fits so amazing is the micro probe by not hats. So many more into genetic. Implications than our own personal genes it's amazing. The news outs I can't I'm sure we are not thought they. But what you what you do to change the buy a home. And would you do that which you we know the things you do in your life you know that washes over James. Is critical. So you so are you haven't there's a product as you like to recommend Carl hold my ago. And that ten are changes that abound because they are mission here. All Slorc and that that trial bar three inch gaelic a page tonight I don't buyout explode. Again we think about the fact or are bacterial analog make up ten times you know our show that we do. We don't want a little strange amount now but that would mean that we need be higher dosage or bar but. We can stop with the higher dose like 360. Billion what they call you could treat colony forming units how the bacteria close. We can really shift thing it's another fun thing about being that's comprehension that. A man around able that the number of optional all over the country and we're sharing between studies lurch sharing what we've seen in the past year that was. All bought the bad dramatic improvement but also a number of the transition into your talk about that Obama is Julie Eckstein. And you being optimistic about them so what they talk about what these kids that. Or making eye contact that well that would developmental delays. We're really seeing shaft where the where you can get the Michael I am in the right play and so we can use a higher dose like they're. What eighteen different strains are really tried to these conditions should now that's not to say that. And in addition to healing and things like dot confirmed. Down the line in terms other autoimmune conditions around values colitis but don't get limited thinking about the because. Mood improving. A lot of these are clinician you're talking about how they saw improvement in the actual disorder or sleep disorders because so much signaling. Let's start in my gut doesn't stop them and got a affection entire product. So there's even evidence now that you know bacteria. The wrong bacteria in the gut can develop. Alzheimer's and. Maybe does that optimal. Doctor Hasan from Harvard or just banged into the gut as a training ground for an army and that is where. She would be immune system and your gut is exposed to more change more. Up salt. In one day that the immune Justin and your blood it's expose you and your entire life to their being trained and we only. Below junk they're going to grow. Has the thought the other explore more. It does Beltran and the got began to think they're at war arch. And they get turned on but they don't thank you ventured out I'd move to the angriest early even move to the middle of body. To create crop biology at those different areas. About the battleground in your gut and we are you there camping actually soldiers to go fight. All we're keeping them tolerance. I'd still bet if they fight appropriately about you know many of us could understand. We don't want a war that goes on and on and not a very your immune system get confused and is fighting verdict should map what's gonna happen and we want soldiers that are ready just by age when they're gonna action that can be able to bring them back home enable each. Sure we don't really recognize the training in the gut that we're gonna end up west. It's a decade before going not. So the regime gives the pro bod X number pumps on their recovery popular in her pharmacist to treat people love him. They still better when they take them when they're happier emotion there there are depression is enriching don't know you know it's just amazing with what drove us can do. They're they're the most now on the future seemed like right. Absolutely and you heard oh. Yeah. The second half that they think about how many although she did so it's not a how ironic that now you get more attrition premiere there. Now you know better and function and many people don't realize what that that's where we're at 95 per cent childish and not preempt matters that are not the instead gamble that so many things began your career. No would have given it in though when they purchase provides who has very confusion there's there must mean just in our store lottery got about forty different brands or something like. Because I. I got into an actual option then I think every day we're gonna figure out a different strain that we're gonna figure out. More and more and that area but I really good starting place detection that can bottle up. And look at the name that you see there are a lot of herself or death but go back Jerry and and and then looks just seeing if there's a number are. After about a genius and speed these like HN 019. Thumb and it looks kind of like a license plate. And the legal do you want the speed that it means that the genus and species it's just basically I'd get outside and specifically studied in the research. And that really matter because it's interesting. That what I mean people public heard a block oversell it but you know it's a mediocre that it had good floor that should it should be helpful but. Actually Sean luck there before lie that may wish it means that make this inflammatory compound that can actually make it worse. Chanel their luck in the July that are gonna do you creations domain and black out. So you can't just use lots of Phillips you got to know which one you're using. And the way you identify. Who won the bump our rigorous research trot out a bunch seeing that number after. The powerball that let you how can product pick yours up. But they have a license plate and I did not fire on it. Then you know bush species is researcher doing what you're anticipating a camera yeah. Through this so we're trauma Psycho bodies now and I think says I was determined to become more pop. Promotion. Worth looking into which we have another hour to talk about it. H America only noise you know imaginary time for you exile was used drove my own minds. Lap salute it. That's another thing you ought to look for something that it's gonna be alive when you get so many I think that's all that's. Paul. You've got to let your refrigerator but it actually propagate and publish your pocket travel if they can move around about another way to keep your species living and working for its. Doctor murdered would you come back soon. After I mean that primary function it's I appreciate it all right drew take care of everything thanks unfamiliar. Sorry incontinent OK okay thanks a lot. Let's get healthy reveals whales presented by T. Often through local. Ballistic pharmacy will be back with more cutting edge. And for listing for less than healthy. Well on top thirteen seven pricey by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Life. Once he is 64354830. Welcome my new Luther. Maggie loses. For you with us right now hey how you do that thanks so much for having me well thank you for being known what a pleasure. Where you have by the way for you know the showman. I'm up in Chile now. Go Honolulu hi hi has it's really cold there today. We made sure and look what we're complaining about fifty. So well Aliyev wreck yes it Syrian. All roads are you journalists. So well. We're good cholesterol challenge doesn't care equipment armor pro bodies but also was another critical thing people need to take. You can these fish things let's what we all know the fish. You know is it is. Pesticides and they're ten you're all kinds of chemicals were then so. So you just walk thought even this is got a problem so I think that people are turning to. Cleaner sources tell her. Promotion center. So tell me so there's you know this whole mega individually in PGA. This is about what is available and told crews are the push to right. We got to make sure that we don't have exclusively because people can buy this in place however we don't challenge there were were offering through your company. Where you can you take your Omega three and shake your cholesterol for free for free right. This event and then you come back can stand a monster too was it a want to you're too much you're. I believe it's around there and say yeah I'm. For thirty days you act. Are you guys yes out on the rose thirty days I just want to do leery of their personal people that for real busy you know you before you come back do you ticket again. And watch what happens. Pleasure MG cholesterol. Nothing like doing an actual clinical test day the scene are. I'm praying it yeah I'll. There were allowed back. Yeah it was so less so what you can do with food. And could turn to walk Osama things like that and get Omega threes that this is cashing those are great way. Two to learn. Tell us what's unique about your product MacKey. Sharing. You know homeland they're really that's singular fish I've just the waste half that so we kind of equated to an extra virgin oil because. It's tractor rather than being treated to chemicals. Or keep what you know a lot of what happened an official oil industry and very exposed gene variant and Steve what can actually. Transform. Oil and assume you know maybe not as healthy as you'd think help first call you know the way we make it it's also are sustainable till we use sort of the last government official terse you know. Very much healthy but it's not hurt you're gonna eat like. Ahead in the pale and sort of the backbone of bad jokes. The last do you really dig our inability which is great and there are you know a lot minutia and turned the skin and other parts where. American Menino article you are you eating a whole entire bit weary of traditional cultures have always done I've. Why should draining particulars incredibly Dennis is an ice packs in enough to put the but to cut it and I'm Erik yeah. I met my heart at you look up impunity that the new. What that pillow didn't do duties you might be glad now over IRA but just tell. Even. They can I think even especially accurate saying you know we do a lot of issued a patch but I mean even to getting people. And making sure preparing the change which in the recommendation and a struggle cooking a lot of people. Down traditionally eat a lot of fish sounds. You're right Pete that showed. Fisher shrunk has puzzled trouble it's. Cup crazy about. I actually learn tech absolutely love Sar Deans and they're just so incredibly nutritious and easy so it's that's a recommendation for people to try even if they won't. We've got your Mecca. Yeah. Yes and problematic. We are running the class drug task challenge and we do have bum a double blind placebo controlled trial on Iowa just fascinating how we ran and helping people she and it showed that even in healthy people triglyceride levels dropped about eight and a half times. I would let me I'm significant Fred healthy folks at being dropped we know it looked tried can be an independent. Risk factor for cardiovascular disease that really are Simon and we also apply and that is similar study. They get three index increased which also I'm angry about government can tell. I think it kind that you got a healthier profile in your blood. Show it's so exciting for people would take that challenge and see how it treats them. Edit your post and drugs you want to take just and drugs you know she would happen somehow think this is no harder richer all. Yeah yeah I mean obviously you always talk here. Practitioner about cap but I don't you know that. Don't do it's just exactly that the recent 10-Q until the day that you go the day. Is equivalent to roughly the payment out of a mega you would get cute it recommended should treat serving in the weeks and you are. Feel like taking that you told the day you're starting guarantee that you're going to be getting away. I recommended with. Eating patient healthy fish oil. Did you found scrape up camera you know. I'm just curious are you just tacking on total cholesterol are wet but numbers are you testing. I believe we're getting total cholesterol and then HDL and LDL. With the update and I got. Those kind of cool that she'd been different. No different on that and it. I have to look at our Bershard keep it would also try to assert. Ha. That's real well the big thing is you're getting some group critical evidence are you new information that's. Yes that your food and and Omega threes are very helpful in this. Poland I got hold my gut is really a good product very clean. We recommend a corner Booth. And the nice thing no sorry a nice thing is just available. You can find it easily so you know work if your crosstown. Want to know go into whole foods are. The other coast are secure this prowess and I think kind tenacious grocers. The other do most bush George Carey and usher in the George changed in the they probably do it up. Yeah and it went up plenty of things I love about this bill and that's part of the beauty if I'm. People's pharmacy. Is that your healthy people to take. Their own health back into their own hands and actually show them what's working in what is it with this testing new and there's nothing like actually seeing the difference in your own body so I really. Commands. You are in people's pharmacy for doing this kind of wonderful education and support for the community. Were you resistant we have actually done this in the past. Maggie and we got some good results. So those are doing that again. Then yeah now I am also appreciate it didn't just it is the empowerment where you get access. Sort of witnesses within yourself and with another you know maybe your wife have been partner. Nation helping you can help support down route you know about the calendar we're gonna do this for thirty days so. It's awesome thing to wait Nash. It's your and it's just great to Burgos food as your medicine as I say. Yeah Parker conditions and and this is a salute. Basically. We haven't we got to coach do you. I don't look at. The puck up the good deep fried see what happens I do is I'm not sure you know and edit I think it's a I recommend it knows that there's no. Yeah malignant and hope the weather is better if they're hoping there's an opening here so that you can always. Come down to Texas. Now I AIG needed to adopt and then not that's one point cannot ban landed on the popular. Well if you come down you now wanna leave so. Is there were and prevent the spring or fall. Look how you have mind and then you thanks for being on what a pleasure you know we're good I can use them. Thank you so much you live all right Luke. Talked you know hopefully you know the monster to contribute to Dario all right thanks again for life. All right so we just some similar to them don't we we do it always peoples has the best things to offer to our community so. I'm which likely talk about if you come don't. So there's endorsed store where they clinic is the wellness center. And and on Monday January 16 to 7 o'clock there's going to be very important discussion on biological dentistry. How your mouth affects your house and it didn't so many more ways you could ever imagine this is true. And then habits your happiness with Brenda young. And she'll be talking on January 23. At 7 PM and I think happiness is the court to health really. If it's sincere true authentic happiness. And then healthy eating classes. With Barbara Kasten. And she Saturday January 28 at 9:30 AM. And then food allergies the hidden epidemic with Jim Meier and Victor cursed. And those two gentlemen are absolutely brilliant amazing people who work with fill up at the well on the senator. And that's Monday January 30 7 PM and they bring their brilliance to support you in your health. And then people sound is having a discussion actually aligned disease support group for the community on Saturday January 21. And to the community events this coming up this winter free treat care. And that Saturday January 14 at 2 PM. So we hope you can come and join us for Rio through tree in the front yard don't shoot threes do we have a pair cheating goes crazy and produces over a thousand pairs and three year but not minimize them. It really entice I gotta get strategists are combined anytime I. So why bill when there when they're happening. Growth. Well we just have a little time left here but just let you know those the addition biologic district doctor Alain Freeman. Since he has been very well respected in the community that's companies are these really good people so. You are some good by the way if you go to peoples or start come. If 'cause you and you're driving you can't write these down right away just just don't look concede. There are free yep tried bouncing and it charges Brothers. No there's no cherishes. And if there's a form of testing that I data comes from year to actually looks at every tooth in the mouth and shows that sits on economic health state in gives us a really good idea of they'll or against it might be affected by them. Because each tooth has a direct relationship to an order again. And different muscles and phones it's quite fascinating. And now so we've got to know that oh yeah so we need to let people know so they can. Have the test run yes yes it's quite an extraordinary test it's I'm used to live in Europe and cancer clinics and in that line clinics. And the idea of regulation at the dominos this. This is Liam. Support group a hot this coming up yes Saudi lovely. We cheek he charge a move he got charged and I have to actually pay for that to do that test your control even though I am on the equipment part of your computer we will what will have to have. We can talk about Antonio road OUR website we will how can they creature they can reach me my name is security increase my app partners doctor rich Massey. And we can be reached an awakening health dot com and also my phone number is 512 you. 6987009. Thank you for that if you go to peoples are stuck com otherwise it would take him they can search and project to realize that were there yeah. But anytime by the way we just so you know in my keeps this this handy. 643 LOV were not real big. We we've we've incurred due to call him. A lot of people on weekends. They think this is some kind of Jennifer marsh or something is not a commercial nobody pays me we don't pay anybody. And in my mission to. You know nothing we talk about it has not been approved by the FDA. And that doesn't know certainly Muster stations like promote people. But it's also a right yeah a few of talk about today is not safe effective if you don't if you improve and be sustainable. This seems that the so called say things. Are the ones that people take today than some there's some reason we jumped on the march in the world food and health care of the movie and show. So pretty scary we think about this I just heard don't do about the seizure and ha ha ha I could do all right so I apologize for that folks about a tough couple of all right let's take a break for a weekend by the way you we love you and hope you come back. Half a fantastic. Breaston a year and happy or Luther king's daughters yeah Hyundai assurance that's trying to establish your own. Can. Man. I'm listening. Let's get healthy and feels. 72 again. 10 AM for more cutting edge health news and wellness information from people with Austin state. Pharmacy.