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Jan 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for comment socket with your host Michael Carr guilt. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as sports magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon. Austin, Texas the Latin music capital the world less praise the lord and pass the ammunition. RA today on the show will discuss the new 4473. Form being enforced by the ATF that's right. On January 16. 2017. Pet. Oh win Edwin Walker Chris my attorney for Texas US law she'll gets on the phone here we're gonna break that sucker all the way down for yet. And the most notable changes is the federal government shoving their nose into the State's business. In Europe natural rights to self preservation. Now section any question eleven he of this form will outline the you know Jess the slew of prohibit individuals from purchasing a firearm. Will be those who use marijuana. Including for medicinal purposes. And boy. This really ticks me off here I checked this out and it I can tell yet. As someone who is known multiple people who have felt the incredible impact that medical marijuana has had. On the most burning of diseases and mental disorders. These are people who need their rights protected just like everyone else. Now people are being treated like second class citizens. Like children who can't conduct themselves or like slaves who are too much a liability when allowed to own firearms. Marijuana is still set as a class one narcotic meaning it has no accepted medical use at all. And it's rated higher than cocaine. And methamphetamines. And hired in the anti depressants. And paint peels like xanax and OxyContin. That our fellow citizens who are ignorant of their options are still being prescribed. Despite their hysterical drawbacks. Now a lot of individuals on the right may take issue with the quote normalize nation of the drugs and drug culture. And I'm speaking to them specifically. This isn't about shrinking out on acid or getting high. Is the same as the Second Amendment issue it's about Europe natural rights. Now also we have been studio at number oppose that he's the head Austin attorney and DW I keen. An attorney her and was considering running for district house seat 46. But it seems things have changed because state resident Donna dukes. The Democrat in Austin will apparently not step down. As previously reported last year. Prior to the general election. Now according to Travis County district attorney Margaret Moore who was newly sworn into office this week. She said that a lawyer represented represented dukes has called to inform DA more of ribs and of Duke's decision to not step down. Now the trust IDA and said she was already scheduled to meet Tuesday with Texas Rangers. Investigating. Represented Duke's. For possible ethics violations and who would proceed with that meeting and then decide whether to go before a grand jury. And seek an indictment of ribs and digs. Now the decision to not step down did not come on the advice of of ribs indeed so attorney Michael high skill who had been ripped zinger. According to eternal high skilled. That was not his advice to turn. High school says Duke's head not consulted with him before reversing her decision to step down. Well apparently. Attorney heist goes not ribs and a DX attorney at all. Sold the attorney said he had been contacted earlier in the week by Houston attorney. A day and all who said he was looking into the matter that represented Dietz requests. Not high school said it had been his hope. Then if dukes had stepped down the trash county district attorney would not have sought an indictment but all that's been scuffle now. If what I am hearing is true according to attorney. High school who was reps and deeds I don't read using her earlier. Now so let's talk about multiple sales transactions today. Now the gun control act which was written back in 1968. It requires federal firearms licensees that's FF fails to report multiple sale also other dispositions. Of handguns. To the saint purchaser. And K so what we're talking my theory is if you purchased two or more heat in guns. Port to a more long guns in a five day period. Then that F I fill that federal farms licensed dealer that gun store and has got to report that to the ATF. And also. See your local. Sheriff. You're chief law enforcement officer so let's break that down. So basically this sale or disposition of two or more handguns. Must be reported. If they occur at the same time and within five consecutive business days of each other. So back in August of 2011. The bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives the ATF. Was authorized by the Office of Management and Budget. To initiate similar reporting requirements. On the multiple sale or other disposition of certain rifles. From licensed firearms dealers in before border states of Arizona. California. New Mexico and Texas. So in November of 2014. It was submitted for renewal without change and approved by the Office of Management and Budget. The expiration date of that is November 13 I'm sorry November 30 a 2017. So we have until a few months into this year in Iowa but in the this year deceive budget met change. There reporting requirements mandate that all federally licensed firearms dealers. And pawn brokers in Arizona California. New Mexico. And Texas. Must submit to the ATF reports of multiple sales or other disposition of certain rifles to unlicensed individuals. Went to a more particular kinds of rifles are transferred. At the same time or within five consecutive business days of each other. The types of rifles that must be reported Dole's with the following characteristics. So low wind gusts and automatic. Our caliber greater than a 22 including 1993 and 5156. And the ability to the except detachable magazines. Now the ATF has long used multiple sales. Information to detect and investigate. And prevent firearms trafficking. ATF views the recovery of one or more firearms used in crimes. That were part of a multiple purchases as an indicator of firearms trafficking. Now particularly if one of the farms was recovered a short time after the multiple cell occurred. Known as short time to crime. Not only is this a for me reported to be TF via the national tracing sinner the information is shared with the FBI in yes. Your local share. So when you're pulled over your county sheriff has that make model serial number of your guns. Just the handguns not to long guns because the long guns are not required to be shared with the chief law enforcement officer. Now the weird thing about this decision is if you are a manufacturer. You're not required to report my own guns for instance at central Texas gun works we -- type or seven FF fail. Which is a major factor so we are not required to report multiple sales long guns. Also we're reporting multiple sales strip mall receivers or complete low receivers are not required to be reported only complete ER rifles. The ATF is also doubled down so on states that decriminalized. So just. Be aware of this. Watch out for it and just remembered this past like holiday season so when you went to that gun store. And you purchase a two handguns may be for your loved one may be one for you you got those matching guns guess what. That information was reported to be the next system to the FBI. The make model sir Norman that done everything about you everything you filled out on that formed. And then also it was shared with dear chief law enforce notching your county. So when you're pulled over they have that information. Best and he goes and more in a five day period. So just so you know. Today we're gonna talk about doubling down. Decriminalize. Legalize marijuana you're banned from buying again we're gonna talk about that we're gonna explain that new 4473. Who gonna break that down. You're guns are being racially in Texas without your knowledge find out about the secret gun registry that is happening in Texas. Here county sheriff has a list of your guns including make model and serial number if you purchased to a more handguns in a five day period. This past holiday season season. This is Michael Cargill. And you. Are listening to come and talk. We didn't do much to raise you listen to come and talk radio what Michael. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. All right so we're back in the studio we're talking about. Changes on the new 4473. New OK and we also have Adam repulse us in the studio and that. I was gonna run for and I state representative bad district 46. Against resident Donna dukes. And so now ribs and I've done addiction actually backed that race so before we get into. And breaking down this 44 semi screen for getting T talked about multiple sales transactions. That gun registry here fear bordering the if you're bordering Mexico or any foreign state or really Mexico endearing in this southern states they're in the next she border Mexico. Year and guns are being reported just so you know to the FBI and and also to your county shared so many Coolio may actually have a list of all those guns if you purchased to a more unified deep period. And that's gonna beat me that he and guns but the longer as the gospels reported this year just to two or more he and guns. But let me bring Adam repulsive. That to the Mike here Adam welcome to come and talk insert. Thanks Michael I so Latin then so she now she's like flip flopping you know bridge and reduces stepped out in. So news we think about that. Well it's interesting. My re obviously is. More Moore must've changed the conversation. I mean there was a plan it was announced publicly. The plan was to step down and a bully who is Greg Cox but some representative of the district attorney said that if she stepped down that would be considered. And that's why I think numerous people announced that they were running because everyone assumed. Did that was the plan that was in place it's certainly appears although I have no. Way to confirm this but if the only thing that really makes sense is that more grew more. Changed that plan and she's obviously announced she intends. To meet with the Rangers which if she didn't intend on ever indicted or would be unnecessary. So clearly. More or more is left open whether she might. In fact indictment ms. dukes I guess ms. juices and well commonly get indicted but I'm not gonna step down and I'm gonna maintain that everything that I did was proper. And that's the only deciding factor in this is we have a new DA in Travis County qureshi is an and the fact that she actually. It's made a statement to the to the press about this mean that you know without someone asking about it. She is you know she's done something well I mean. This is that this is a Democratic Party trickier if. And that's why I'm wondering does I'm not privy good it looks bad if you're the DA. And the fixes and that's what is at the fixes in it looks like buddy we're just gonna give you a pass and that is not how I think more or more wants to start her tenure. I mean I really don't know I can't speak for her. Bush and I know that I certainly had no problem saying that how do you have a Democratic Party. And a democratic DA and democratic represented all agree okay or just gonna get elected and step down the first day in intentionally. Leave the district without representative. That is not properly has not the way politics is supposed to work. It is really sad because oh she has to do she she really didn't campaign at all. And didn't put up any signs whatsoever. And she just put her name on the ballot in people just electorates office because she's a deep. Well you know there is a a very nice lady. Cat group now who he's working at the capitol right now to try to get rid of straight ticket balloting. For that exact reason it is is you have people than just broad deep and you get things like this. No. And it's it's crazy and it hurts like and I know Justin. It is you know always you know we're always concerned about it. You know getting somebody's bad people out in the eighty Jesus people out of office you know this anarchy is it's crazy because. And that that's a seat to that you know could be killed us so when that key you know can help with the things that we're trying to get done here in the legislature. While I mean as much money as a Democrat or he puts into. Pushing their candidates in these these liberal areas of Texas though I mean they're probably end up being another Democrat either way. Right but now that suddenly get that get chess piece would be seen have someone run as a Democrat against her in doing the primary. That's a bug that's certainly a possibility. But I can say yeah you you've experienced it running yourself fun in its heart. Yeah because they've got the you know in these areas they've got large mailing list they've got they've got all the contact information and he's only select as a threat then they're actually go and who you know launched an attack against she entire party will get behind that candidate before the before the primaries even over what you guys you know the Republican Party doesn't typically work like that they wait to allow for the primary. Before the party steps in and start helping candidates two words Democratic Party does not typically. Work like that they've taken in choosing Maine they throw the way to the party behind the candidate me but you've seen it frank frank frank so. Now and I Anna Nicole needed DW I king why is that. Well that's. Funny you should ask only. He would. He goes nicely with the way you were just saying I changed my name to king Blackwell or oppose. Because I had the phone number 512 DW I can. And the state bar says you can't have that phone number. And I'm you know not certain why Jamie blasier can be the DW I dude but I can be the DW I came. So I gave them my actual. Case history because it's available. On line. And the Travis County clerk can you can actually look up any lawyer here in Travis County who's been on criminal cases all the cases they've handled. From that data you can synthesize what you might call a dismissal rates or conviction rate put other way. And then mine is actually better. Then pretty much any lawyer I know I can't find the lawyer who I guess the same kind of results but the state bar says that fact did not matter. The only way to claims superior services in the state of Texas according to the state bar. Is to be recognized. By a lawyer you're recognition group like Texas super lawyers or cruise to. Now if you've seen any of my performance art pieces you know that I would ever do it. Who recognized by any more you're recognition groups so. In order to just win now I change my name became so that I can be 512. DW I came. OK and you also represented that the some of the motorcycle. Guys am. In Waco camera that little fiasco and that that's still a mess even today will you know it's a real split between the lawyers a still follow it and I'm very interested. And a lot of people are talking about what happened on that day but the real lynched in question the people need to be asking this what did the government do. Before that day. Because they spent several months preparing. For what I believe was a operation which is part of a larger campaign. I believe that the federal government likes. To be able to classify. A criminal organizations and street gangs he gives them a lot of power. It allows them a certain amount of leverage in here. They posted. Around the perimeter weighted for what they knew and I think a lot of people didn't know was coming and then just started firing. And it was. A pretty amazing. Moment because. You Adam prior 140 people had no idea what was going on and twenty law enforcement who did. And they did nothing to try to prevent it they just posted up on the perimeter and waited for it to start and then saw how quickly they could execute and really just managed an operation therefrom including media and the in suing legal battle. And so far you know as someone who's just on the outside called the balls and strikes. There what an ass I mean the government is doing a great job of getting away with whatever they want to in Waco. You know they pretty much subverted. The requirements. Of the law as far as charging someone with engaging. Prizes conspiracy actually have to abet the conspiracy not just be sitting there frank frank well they've gotten rid of that requirement just sitting there now is enough. So if you just sit there next to bikers that's enough to be charged map and that's the message that the government is sending loud and clear. And they're getting away with it and sell. I think they consider his name is considering them members are shriek and gang members yes losing is that's what's interesting is that. As far as as that's pretty serious. And as when you do that you lose you know you lose whatever generates you have as well because have you considered members street gang that means you canning be in possession of handguns. And a knife or a club. That is exactly the issue Michael and no one really has talked about that that it violates separation of powers that. Law enforcement part of the executive branch not the legislative branch the executive branch they get to decide who and who is any street gang now. It hasn't always been that way and that's a power that they have given themselves and then nobody is gonna try to take away from them. So that's why this litigation is very interest and I'm watching very closely. Because that's exactly right in their probable cause affidavit they say DPS recognizes the band deed goes as a criminal street gang. And you're right that does seriously and I yeah that's next series staying because they appear infuriating motorcycle group and they consider you a gain. And that's it you're done I you cannot you know you can't have a handgun in your vehicle that means that motorcycle. You can have a hand on a motorcycle you can have an equal knife on that motorcycle and he can't can't have a club and a motorcycle and that's why the work you're doing is so important Monrovia as the regardless of political party affiliation. This is something that affects all of us they take away your ability to possess firearms anyway. At least in my opinion they can it appears that the idea is is that. Law enforcement and just a couple of people get to have guns is the idea moving forward I certainly like any impediment to that progress. That's crazy not that Montana you're asking about Heath. The forty foot Sunni three whoa your concerns about. You know the form follows Morgenstern on what are they changes is there more questions or religious change the wording on things. What they do well that there's there's a bunch actually that they're changing bunch a little stuff but the major stuff. Is that you know just that question eleven. The etched there there's one thing they're changing as far as like the six east to be called gender but now sex so it's male or female in in mid block his name sex they don't have a T. Come on man I don't have a team where other PG. Stimulus. Leo it's all year but what if you don't identify as either a UN get a united either hello intricate well hey Erica yeah. Heck you gonna do that and what would ask it whenever he gets on the you know what if you don't wanna check that box you have deep. So yes sexist day you actually guarantee that they got to do and 23 for you getting ELU toll down and it then the next thing is. That's an AT and be wary. He got a you have to fill that out before people would go back and forth won't Timmy says are you Hispanic or Latino or you not Hispanic Latina. So you got to pick one soon either Hispanic or Latino first. Even you you get into question. Are you Hispanic or Latino or not Hispanic Latina who know who was once leaned so you know not get and then you get a good team beats NBC is okay. Well now that we know that your Hispanic or Latino or you're not Hispanic or Latino. Then are you American Indian free agents are you black African American are you native hawaiians are you white. CN answer one of those questioned why Caribbean white American. Today no bid that's not that that's that's now one year older American and all the other options here are European or American Indian you're black or African American. You're a native Hawaiian you're Asian or your wife. And. Yeah actually eight when he's a self farms on that list those two questions messed everybody up because they just skip right over the the spank or non Hispanic and Latino boxing is in our courteous to that question I'm like no we go back there dame be so it's kind of breaking down Michael if there's a yapping at Tucson canyon banter be put in can't skip it. And what kills me about this is people always call you may say wall I need to know if I'm able to actually buy a gun. Would mean will I just need to find out first back in buy one before I come into store. We'll heavier been arrested and you know that questioned enemy is really simple have you been arrested. No I can yeah always and a felony. No okay. How will ye and you've been conveyed sit convicted of that domestic violence. My nose OK then there was a problem that we you ever you know this early destruction of military. No not putting you can buy again. Yeah I don't really know what to do it's really not that difficult I've had people go can you do the background check in then ninth to provide not only knows burglaries in the NF Phyllis thing now. I got asked knicks or the and then stores just can't run the background checks just to run a background check yet they haven't yet. Have to be you know Washington and answering and really wanna purchased at gun. But you know we get in an unfunny it was gonna bring called a downforce little better. But you know I. I had I you don't deny him downgrade rights so how has your week how is your add New Year's is great we went to Panama. And spent that period in Panama nice house that was Dana Mozee is nice and warm was nice and warm seven degrees. 35 and band camp militant. No I didn't think yeah. So we went to the Panama Canal but that's some other stuff now seem less than I was in Panama was in the military. And that was all we're chase knowing again. And so we're down near and around I am leaning is you know it's trapped he was actually in. In a church that stood out it's less than a bit of Panama now. He sure wasn't it doesn't look is it the same as it did and I was there. Any viewers you're decided at a town just as we continue it. No just depend on the Alex went from a nice time and that we haven't seen David in a while David hey we are here. I wouldn't even have to David. Man hours. They're busy you know birthday and Thanksgiving and then I got this respiratory. Thing going around exploring issues a virus or something. The knock me down for a couple weeks and Christmas mono thing I think it's mono Federer and I don't know man and I know mono. It's been and a man to split election. Do the same or similar. I see an act you back to normal now next year up to speed on his star voice in this stuff from us start gun rights. Just didn't contact me with stuff does that. First we'll start doing some stuff for new loans are gun rights. How we're gonna get into it we're trying to journalists at a session Myrna start putting out. Lies FaceBook feeds and we're gonna basically just start start doing that on the air so that it's coming wee 279 and a lot of fun yeah. And when you do to keep you want people on formed episode. About what's coming up for this session and and what's clinics and no we're we're trying to DS medication stuffed you know ranked Justin. Yes. We have a set a date took and obviously mean you've talked about getting getting an event together or we can. Train people on how to testify on these bills and some people a little less nervous about going to the capital and and trying to figure out you know what it is they need to do in order to make a difference off. You know we can Devin puts himself together decode to store training some people. Has indeed it's a lot of people or. When we sit in class. And you start going over the different laws and everything and people like why is this that way and why is this way hasn't world. Because you don't top tier legislature and because you want to adopt a pulmonary Canada yes I saw a day because you don't get involved in and say something then I'm telling you this stuff is coming up now it's January the tenth session starts. Illegals from January to June. And there's going to be a lot of deals are going to be thrown out here that you're not gonna lie and this needs to be defeated Iranian you need it does not need to pass or anything they're all those things that. That people are trying to get past like constitutional Cary and that stuff is not gonna happen a less. Unless you show you want the back exactly as may have been at the end of the day legislators need to understand that this is this is a particular issue that will cost them. The election next time. If you if it if it's going to pass because. It's not a pass without people blowing up the phones are blowing a three Mel's what autos dropping petitions off without us keeping people updated and it it's not gonna happen without any of that and keep it or if you do. Don't get rude keep that poor people can't this just an excuse is just it's a distraction industry excuse. That people use as to why something did not happen again that being said you you can also be polite. Tom you can be put the white while while also letting them know that you'll be block walking their district next primary season and there and accelerated from a solid all I don't know custom mountains if you don't you know don't threaten and just the very first I want change their mind but if you tell limits you're gonna walk or third district you're gonna you're gonna actively work against them to make sure they do not get elect an hour session. Who now works. The retailers like a charm. Right so. I so we gotta talk about that we come back from the break we're gonna have Edwin Walker added principal US and I know someday I'd lost you was when we give back was that. About about Florence. A old Iraq by Florida incidents and how I think las could be changing. Yeah we get back we're gonna talk about that that's right that's cheating and for London though that the for a lot of airport up. Yeah I don't know there's an issue of euphoria wring and up it's gonna need ammunition is no guessing about what. I think they're going to be an outright traveling with a firearm I don't secure mail order check your. Your farm anymore because that's what he did he check did he didn't take anything but his gun. He went to baggage claim. Got his gun went to the bathroom loaded up went back out especially have been like a big huge red flag and you're traveling from what eagle from Alaska Anchorage Alaska. So it's out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with nothing wrong with not an Internet traffic with DD de bed nets and I like how does that ZoneAlarm I see like they they could be some sort of crazy BS presidential. Executive order crap coming down aren't saying hey. You're not in real trouble with the firemen anymore because now you can educated at baggage claim and go on a shooting spree like this more on. Because he did everything right I mean he even Argentinian like he's supposed to make sure that every Serna right from Garrett at the last minute where he could legally get it. And then unloaded on and it's what scares me is I do that same thing like it when I travel. I go back and forth to Atlanta and what I like if I get T Atlantans you know channel with my Gunner I GO into the race June are loaded back in that put it on me before I come out of the airport you know it and asked eventually I actually do this let me crap. Foreman joining us are watching in the restroom now that you never know him that's why senator Maria back from break we should talk about that a little bit special is Edwin because. What kind of repercussions are going to be here and then plus. Right so the ATF has doubled down on stays dead decriminalize or legalize marijuana you are banned from buying a gun. We will explain the new 44 semi three which goes into effect January 16 2017. Your guns are being registered in Texas without your knowledge. Find out about the secret gun registry. That is happening in Texas your county sheriff has a listing here again including make. Model serial number if you purchased two or more handguns Indy five day period this past holiday season. This is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk to. Oh this is Gerald already have the precinct three Kelly commissioner here in trials oh and you're listening to common culprits. Well in back to Clemens socket and now here's Michael's car you know what I'm trying so yeah here in fact I mean we're talking about the. ATF Dublin down decriminalizing and legalizing. On legalizing marijuana have you. You know if you're one of those states like California. A year in Texas where they're talking about decriminalize. Decriminalizing marijuana make it legal. If that does happen in those states. Then he would not be able T purchase a handgun or firearms period from NF FL if you were you ever met medical marijuana com. Our and that applies to CB the oil too yes that applies to CBP oil which is absolutely ridiculous because there's a lot of parents out there that have see Rudy. Oil you know prescriptions for the marijuana cards for their three year old child five year old Charles epilepsy. Hands. Now they're being banned from being able to her by a firearm. Even though they literally don't use marijuana. At all right so let me bring Edward Walker the principal attorney for Texas and US law shield to talk to us about let's talk about that 44 semi preformed. Because everyone this is gonna go until fact January. 16. It 2017. And so lead the effort fell dealers actually have to start using this new form. Yes so we come right now one in the let me think about this one is the dealers none of the dealers in this area actually have. The copy of the new form. Well that's the part that was very interest stream on the how many ships web site. It is bad. You know it's so stupid book form there was a mean you have. The document is on the web site that was last reviewed was reviewed at the end of December. And it gives conflicting information why did the very hard to become used to sit really close. It is a violation to use the old form after January 16. But all of that they say. Please vote the vice warmest not currently available through the downloading or ordering. And the that there were spread dealers were supposed to be delivered. Their initial packets of forms back in December. And he what I did was actually called around to the different dealers on the ice check early brides are called a stored firearms and out of all the dealers I contacted most utmost are gonna reach all the dealers only one dealer in this area reef. Received about a packet. Like 25 to fifty forms and that was stored firearms and that's it. So no one else received new forms yet and it it this goes into effect next Monday a week from tomorrow. Yes so it's going to be very interesting amnesty ATF's position going to be very. Basically all gun stores shut Salem on the sixteenth and on up forms. I mean that's still bad but what is suppose. The yeah I can't believe that they were breached but you have to be remembered as the government. Right federal government. Not always used to most organized. Density can pay any. And it also rarely if he's in the electronic form Soviet she could use the electronic version. That has not been updated as well. So I'm gonna QC and gonna do this next I don't think that is controlled by another group another area so I don't think the left handers who is. Actually communicating with the right. Now it's it all seems quite ridiculous then do what the only thing we can hope is bad you know there's not got a mean good. Dealers or purchasers. That wind up getting your screwed over by this in all. He would be up to him gluten imported. Implementation of this new form. OK so now let's go to this new forms of the new 44 semi three silk starting January 16 when you walk into your local gun store to purchase. A firearm. You know when the singing got a long gun the new form the you're gonna have to fill out so it was gonna go over the actual different changes. Well there'll be other quite a few changes. Just. Some albums seem merely very benign mergers reorganizing your guests are doing that because to discuss similar data collection. One of the interest in things well about the news that. For some reason they changed. Gender factor. And it's kind of funny he'll try to do because speculate as to what sort of behind the scenes of political tiptoeing. Resulted in net change we're. Yeah we're talking about that earlier because you're asking you know. A and they don't have a team and that's strong military as India no training Islam are paring. Knife or other. Hezbollah as well and again but I'd lose Obama won't forms. I think that the old forums used to site so that. And then everybody got weirder well by the war exact. And so they were like okay well you know in order to make sure it would not about HMO your intentions are going. We'll just put gender and now other hand drew backward slide by bullies. You know you said purely speculation. So that they would not have to deal with any of these. Gender identity issues. I never had a solo and I've actually had a person checked both boxes. Not well. You know and those who actually the buttons. All this information is shows. Specific. A lot of your things that I found about that I saw was in the didn't have a question that they were bodies. Or how they got more specific about being from racial equality question number one the we hear is somebody really goes on we have an initial permit remained that you now have to specify good that is. That you did not just. Randomly initialize it that it isn't cut. An initial only middle lane. So I mean they're gonna get so hyper technical good good if you go up the Foreman played John W you have to choose they'll have to say. KW of initial only. Then. I can just imagine what somebody coming in check most boxers would do liberals. Well it may makes a really hard and FFL because now when your read the release forms you gotta check all the stuff you know for errors. Then makes it very powerful because they actually pay you on this stuff when he come to inspect. Yeah I mean it is ridiculous like cold I think they've got a lot of these changes you know it's going to be. Some of them are old sort of strange in Nevada new things. Well one of the things that I thought serious and and I may just be here about this evening to use my. But. Cream just we couldn't have their thought oh. Pretty much I guess conduct a transaction. Not really anywhere where they need more of a video just too long the got some later go appeared to have formed a great deal and conduct the transaction. Because now it's been stabbed and have her go specifically limited only to they're approved purposes or. Thank god show and not just Jimmy young show but it doesn't show that specifically meet the definition. That they have now included in the instructions Greg. Correct. And that's that's how has been for quite awhile now. So. FFL. Or you know at the gun show that's an approved gun shell. Yeah and I want those strains that they could put film there's a great you know go to eight. Actually helped me to include a definition of gunshot almost that was. If there's some sort of motivation behind Matt to. Tried to. I guess he emboldened these sort of tried to put in regulations that limit gun shows so at gun shows are. The types of folks who can sponsored gun shows yeah those sorts of things. Then there was I don't yell or could someone like your earlier talking about the whole melt water restriction another element put on the warm bath. That's. And then whit what you are from. What do you think that actually came from because that there's a court case surrounding that isn't. Well there was a request for clarification and more actually yeah. About is somebody and unlawful user because the other question are you a lot easier Merlo well. This state who also is that you're not unlawful user and you're no longer an unlawful use. And they're just haven't we use or marijuana but dubbed them so they had to specify you know. Federal government says regardless you're still an unlawful use or Clearwater it's easy richer state to legalize it. And that actually kind of hum groom brings up sort of commerce clause issues. When you know cut the what technically good marijuana law the national letter of the federal marijuana law. Oh we criminalizing marijuana that is that is regulated. Through the walls regulating interstate commerce. And so what is the federal government comes and says no we'd Qian regulate. The person who grows within their house for their own recreational use MF not a violation of state law however the Fed could come still mum governor door. I gather up their marijuana plants in the end and then prosecute them court. Then that I think her dad has interstate commerce clause. Ramifications. Because the federal government have the power to regulate. That and that does not the fact interstate color. Because clearly if you grow yourself and slowed yourselves in Europe so consumer. Then you're not affecting interstate commerce. Especially when the interstate commerce of marijuana is supposed to be illegal anyway. We therefore the marijuana that you smoke in your health that you grow and smoke it year old who else would seem to be solely. And the issues for state law enforcement. Which means it is your state has said it's legal to do that. Good you're no longer an illegal use of the marijuana. So you think it's it's wrong for the for the men have that in eleven he. Yeah our yeah I met a camera posing as an attorney here and in Austin. DW I attorney was actually seeing he was not in you know a year uniting seeing yeah. We'll certainly be. Its flaws then the federal government is enforcing is always gonna involve the sale mode. Narcotic cocaine human companies whatever it is and these conspiracies across state lines are slowly the question that he brings up his valid. And it's the same problem that all must practitioners have which is. Yeah a sure you can be right. But what judge. Is gonna say OK you're right. Right when you make that challenge insane and and an anonymous and no this marijuana was all from the state of Texas or it was all from the city California. But it hasn't invoked and you your federal powers because it is. This can actually be the first time there's a real. Genuine. States. Rights concern yeah because the reservation of all powers not specifically enumerated is reserved in the states and states absolutely should have the right and and voters should have a right to say what we want. To have criminalized or on the other hand what we wanted taxiing. And the federal government saying I don't know there's way too much money. In all that for us to give a normal ordinary interpretation of the constitution. So you know these judges aren't prepared to give power back. If he could do it. They simply got it taken away. Yes that's correct and the last time that that was done. Words actually image firearms case it was a case stepped. That's declared unconstitutional be original federal gun free school go back to law. The casing US and Lopez goes back to 1995. Do you have Supreme Court said this law doesn't do we know all regulating interstate commerce dealership almost therefore they occurred unconstitutional exercise is a government power which was the first case in this year that it held sort of thing. Now this case is big into this case will Bobbie if there was a California guy goes like hey I know I got three planned. I grow it from all muse like smoke in my house. And now you're claiming that that I Chilo are better of so violating federal law. And therefore I cannot pass saying towards or simply background checked. That is an illegal sex is that that declaration by the way the interstate commerce clause. The action going here is is that this takes has been litigated high scorer conduct is probably the most blame those interstate commerce called K called welcome Bruce Cockburn. Then basically it was Hussein saying there was a man who grew wheat. On his own ball unlike say a broken my own consumption found this back part of the agricultural jobs miraculously may incur a week. They came out they found out he was going to say. You know you're violating prologue you know not because I'm I'm growing it to my own purposes in my own consumption. And the Supreme Court through an exercise I've been credible. Legal. Intellectual. Gymnastics. I read. Just the code you're throwing a girl could function on your own property you're still affecting interstate commerce because the fact that Yuri you know we. Mean stitcher not bind weed through interstate car first you have needed to drop in the bucket aspect. That if all of these other farmers grew wheat for their own personal consumption that would heavily Kuwait impact on the interstate commerce in the airport congress power to regulate what you really only in for your own consumption. Now. This case has the additional wrinkle that. Walls are declared that the interstate commerce of marijuana familial. In the airport Gordon though internationally interstate commerce market for marijuana. I would talk a way I did when walker with Texas and US law she'll we have at a ripples and inside the studio as wolf we're talking about the ATF knew. 44 semi three day goes into effect January 16 2070. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk it. They've been Britney grain and I think my level of venues from Michael cartels on coming top kids. Welcome back to come and talking with Michael Cargill. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael Cargill and now it's time for. GG in global blending news global Dendy sponsored by central Texas gun works the largest online guns stored in Texas. In the knees. Lawmakers bush or less gun free zone. In this upcoming session house bill 560. Which were threatened to expand the places LTC holders are able to bear arms do you tell them the Texas penal code. And auto six and section 46 federal three. This coming to Texas legislators. Representative springer. Introduced the bill back in December for the 85 legislature he has also introduced other bills in the past including HB six NBA and Tony thirteen. Which require fingerprinting facilities to be within 25 miles of license applicants. Or another bill someone HB 516. And last year's legislative session. Vieira. The Texas farms coalition as well as the TS aren't. Have backed reps springer due to a starched to a bills introduced in the past few years. And this bill is no different. The bill would loosen restrictions on those licensed to carry. By allowing them to carry an amusement parks. A hospitals. And all government property while protecting the right for private businesses and private property to prohibit. Anyone from carrying while on the premises that also reduces the offense of open caring without a belts or shoulder holster. From a class a to a classy. According to news line reps springer. Aims to rid Texas of all gun free zones and this bill would just spew the start. Californians buying up bullet button guns. The slew of California's legal stipulations surrounding firearms and ammunition is known to be the cause for the creation of the creative bullet buttons solution. The law that effectively can treated to the invention of the bowl button product was originally written to restrict gun manufacturers. And firearms owners. By requiring a tool be used to remove a magazine Furman described. Assault weapon. The bullet button device was created by Darren prince of bullet button dot com after it was legislated that a bullet could be considered a tool. Therefore you could use it to remove the magazine. Last July however Governor Brown of California signed into law a bill that would restrict the sale of any so called assault weapons. With a bullet button which is implemented January 1 this past week. But weapons sold after that date would be so far grandfathered in. After the news of such a ban was heading toward Californians. Sales of these weapons shot up. Reaching stats of over 300%. When compared to last year's numbers of the same time period. 260000. Rifles have been sold since July 1 of last year. Here's an account of the type of customers one gun store owners seeing purchased the now restricted weapons. A lot of female. We had a lady who community but she got three daughters and herself she bought one for each of the kids from my personal. Chicago's problems in the last year. Shia Iraq. Continues to hold its record. As one of the most violent cities and our country moving in a Tony seventeen. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson still does a lot to deal with and his city especially in regards to violence and crime. 116 held the highest stats of homicide in the past twenty years for Chicago. Totaling in at a whole grand total of 762. Yes 762. Murders in Chicago alone. New York and LA had a total of 628. Homicide incidence combined and Tony sixteen. Which of course is still less than Obama's hometown. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and superintendent Johnson have a note some policy reforms. After the police department was investigated by the Department of Justice for civil rights violations. The superintendent. Has stated in an interview with Chicago tonight. As he believes criminals with multiple crimes need to have longer sentences. And it is apparently working with legislatures and a bill that would accomplish just that. New tech will be added to the department that will help monitor activity in high crime areas including more cameras. And the shot spotter system which identifies and tracks gunfire the violence started out. Bad enough within the first hour of the new year two people were killed in a drought but. Then just a few days later a video has now come national news was released on FaceBook live of a mentally handicapped young men. Who was kidnapped and tortured by two men and two women while they yelled. And white people and after round. Fill in the blanks people. Drew has sent. Been arrested and charged despite the mainstream media's attempts to empathize with their actions. Self defense incident in Georgia. After an attempted convenience store robbery a clerk and five patrons of the store are safe and are robbers dead. Just a few days before the new year. A group of armed thugs attempted to rob a convenience store and Carter's Ville Georgia and barely left with their lives. The group of five people were said to be in the backroom of the store playing video games when the incident began. The clerk took his position behind a door that led into the back room. As he tried to stop the suspects from answering they tried to force their way in and began shooting. And that's when the armed Clark kicked out his own gun and fired back hitting one of the criminals. As the injured attacker lay on the ground. His accomplices escaped fleeing the scene in a dark late model SUV in are still on the loose. While the injured armed robber died from the altercation. None of the patrons nor the clerk were hurt during the attack. Yeah anonymous clerk had this to say about the incident. Douglas. And this has been your global gun news for. This week. And now back to Michael Cargill in the studio. Damon had a question won't be he has something about this sheeting in. The Orlando airport. Or and in Florida you know what my problem is is this guy did everything right. It's kind of weird human you know check the gun but he checked it and Carla planes flew all the way rare. At baggage claim is where he picked it up where you leery to pick it up and went into the bathroom loaded it walked out and sort of shoot everybody. And my problem is I just see the sense or Obama. With his pen and phone saying they I'm gonna go I'd make this to her guns can be traveled through airports at all. So if you're gonna go to Georgia to sear your your folks. You know I don't to check your firearm anymore because now you could. Uncheck it and go shoot people which now I still go into and a porn shoot people he wanted to but. Obama likes is full no access to mortars and I can just see him being overzealous and those last few days and try and do some stupid. I think what we what we should be. You don't do it. All on one thing is that he can't lol wouldn't that effect on you know like FedEx and UPS single and manufactures and you can't force checked ship that there there's everything missing go to ground. He thought that's why people hurt her worried about all kinds of stuff now I mean you nothing shot shows coming up what a few weeks look at the end so if Obama did some stupid and made it's where you couldn't travel. They are travel. With fear firearms Romero everybody from. Well everywhere is gonna have to go to Las Vegas by charging and that makes a whole lot of sense struggling to Vegas. I don't I don't think he can do that to executive. To have executive order that's up eleven executive orders reduced limited took its federal agencies. And federal contractors and so anything like that would either have to be the product. A revision to the US code what triggered an act of congress. Or. And FSA regulation which would be at least a year now and couldn't be stopped and in time. Who killed Netscape opera that is under and that's what I was that's what I was thinking man's I mean that's that in some contrasting him in honestly I can see them. Maybe come out and saying OK well. Ammunition you know we're not gonna lie in munition on the you know you to check in the national. So that. I would oracle would be something. We wanted to mention things about picking Florida. Is that Florida law as as important as some corn firearms laws I mean maybe so but no lack of arms alternate date. They really are a very very slow on some would say except for a couple of brilliant little quirks obviously wounded U states that doesn't allow. You know like Texas was flashy earlier or last they don't allow opened here even kind by any body. And also they have been triggering. More we wrote there are always airport exclusion. Unlike Texas which you very clear they're you know they're always prohibited in the future part of the airport. Toward we wrote it so that be and how alert you of the airport. Here's a prohibited play. So what so the and so you're not even be under Florida law you're committed a violation if you go to baggage. Area how because they said airport terminal the entire terminal even obscured an obscure areas. So it was kind of weird because I'm sure that as you did not know this sensitive leagues of Florida law. But it is kind of ironic that you could go one of the very few states. That says instead that our arms are prohibited from the entire terminal unless of course they're packaged won't put checked baggage travel perks and. At the end of the day the firearm charges at the least of his worries though. They usually get the heat got so I mean it's still thinks creating one more law or girl that even prevented her one of stopping anybody is ridiculous because. If you did you got in your mind you're gonna you gonna go massacre must be the last thing you care about is what the laws are. Correct and I think the Goldman clipped at that that's specific point greatly illustrates that. And why it's more weapons Florida pro whatever reason whether intentionally dinner at a potential. Florida is one of the very did one of the few states and so do the entire terminals off limits. However is that it didn't dark curls gun free zone. But as we have seen. Boats. You know over those lawless saying stop we got a gun free zone did absolutely nothing to prevent issued. And when he's finally charged do you think there's going to be any firearm laws are firearm charges. That he's Arcelia charged forward because I don't think so. Now another malveaux bill bill bill they are they'll probably all these years because they like to include newsman Charles possible. But no it's not going that it's not going to be significant it has such a prosecution. So again it's just pointless. Most port our group I think the tone what should come from the administration be making any statements and all it should be. That what we need to do is say look you know we have veterans that. That we have veteran here that's been asking for help. And he reached out to several people and ask for help he went to the FBI. And asked for help said he was hearing voices his family members knew that he was he needed help who was here and voices. This is that this is a perfect example of where the VA know that VA system is that she filled our veterans you know with talk about people that. We have asked to go and do as a job you know that some of us cannot do. He knows some were free to do you know just not people do not old enough to deal whatever. And now they've come back they have issues in disguise asking for help. And no one gave him that help in this is they thought I put this on the BA you know and that and that entire system he's just not being helped at all. As you sneak. And I can't disagree with Arlen clear that he gave stocks. An actor grief. So I'm Betsy so it went so listless change gears a little bit let's talk about the multiple sales because a lot of people did not know that year it. Chief law enforcement officer any county. Act Sheen. Received that multiple cell transaction formed before two handguns or more in a five day period. Well. You know about. If they go if they didn't know it could mean you're assured though it now. The way it is just another way the code the other federal government's trying to involve local law enforcement. What is going to be memorial what could be interesting is of course in others bill could compete in the upcoming book it's shot. That says that. The other so as a local authorities are gonna be prevented from cooperating looked straight ahead in the enforcement of any kind of firearms. Regulations. Then there would be interest in years. It'll all be so interpreted. The threat and that sort of that sort of activity would be branded as well yeah see accumulation of that information. Six I you know I at it when people walk into the shop beyond me that they try to ask that question like look I can he be any information about multiple sales or anything like that. You know you're doing a transaction here I can't tell you that information here in the classroom and teaching a class I can tell you there. But inside the gun store. We I can you be any information that that's can be you know obstructing justice so. You walk again you know I I can't tell you that I'm feeling out this multiple cell transaction form on you inter into the knicks. As an into the FBI and Sharon would be in the Travis County sheriff. Disaster forever. In his is our list of a permanent blisters or for one year like some of the lists are what are. He hears lol. They're supposed to destroyed after so many days. Have meant the look chief law enforce launchers missiles get rid of that. There'll around too but what happens is when people get pulled over that information is a database there's no assists and Eagles back and says hey. As a chief law enforcement Austrian off following you know federal guidelines you know we're gonna punish you for that they don't do that. So there's nothing they're really goes back in. And says hey share you know even hold on this information yet in a database so when people pulled over you pulled up a whole list of the guns and they purchase. In this county. And that actually happens here and Travis County just say enough. Homeowners say same thing is that a friend and officer buddy I'm Bryan College Station anyone to go by two guns is gifts you know to give for Christmas and and they only had one by at all mall Haley should not on the list and he's like well list so even even our off some officers there like completely clues they don't you know that it exists. Till explained it. You know I'm just saying. He's getting back to move through these additions to sort of 473. One of the good things they care about this was there expanded definition. Of corporate pension and eleven. That you know you are allowed impacted by god hasn't yet asked. How could we get that question a whole lot at all until sourcing Christmas and I haven't they actually did newsletter about Jean given yemen's yeah send a lot of people really concerned that they would be violating eleven aor to play worse so weird about going into a gun store and saying hello all by vehicle mile wide demand you know being accused of initial purchase search that it could see AGF. Actually clarify something bad. Bad things designed not to get people in trouble. By saying you know don't don't worry slogan no bed it's okay you can still buy guns is just. You just can't do it whenever there's still some sort of exchange. And hopefully they would never ever interpret the fact that you didn't exist back in exchange feds say some sort of remuneration. Now for giving somebody a gift but that was sort of a welcome addition to the quorum. That's a that's a big iffy situation there altogether. You know when the years and yet to insult the illegal. On that side the house could have. You will certainly did it was not helped by you know move the chase several years ago. I don't know where rumor. Whom we're discrete court upheld the straw purchaser law. Whatever the argument was I could've been straw purchase Serb beat. I was just opened my nose is so my follow all. He goes yeah I can get a better deal these and completely qualified to Kirk's a firearm I was not doing it's sort of moved to touch and couldn't buy a firearm. I would just give me the better deal. And the stream court melt still straw purchase doesn't matter if the person you're perceived Gore's intact qualified. You cannot use somebody else's money to buy. Conceded people and anti gun to meet you don't know how really difficult this really is. You know let's you could say I wanna buy car you could step didn't say when you know what I'm gonna go I'll go for you I'll go down there and and in negotiate you know buying that car and input now on the money for giving the money finger down payment and all that stuff you can't do for a firearm. Now that I think is that that all that stuff can be considered a straw purchase. Are correct. This interest and as. A lot of crossover with their retention of data issue that you speak you have because that is something that we have here in Austin with the fusion senator. And a lot of considerations have gone into exactly what your talking about which is. Federal mandates to store this data which then has to be perch he does an auto purge it has to be purged and were of course trust sting. That these things get done by an. It's always much nicer to just not have to be in a position where you have to trust the government as he disinformation. There's actually an infusion sinners in the regular stayed there. Unless against purge which they've promised Michael they promised that they would do that and there's no way we can go back in chicken see core routers don't you trust them now that dogs are safe PD in their crime lab. Yeah come on now. BP never screws up murder ever. Every aren't going to be are really cheap at. I know we still have and Harry and turn chief found these aren't working out over and sizing and Houston SEC when the news quite a bit this time a lot about we argue. Think he's yeah he's. Make it low around closely. You know we'll do what happens. Of course yellow auto play with a Super Bowl come and then there are still. Right simple is gonna be in Houston so while Michael simply no way from there man and I covered under URL is still they've got to criminals. In my new it might be an alternate who Super Bowl cowboys' first Texan who Kirkland Reliant Stadium so. We cowboys and Texans you think. It couldn't see if we can't divide the state Maura foam at. It happened is it to actually get you all heard the Boston actually. Then yeah I can't see is Texas going to anywhere and that qualified they're not you know then now and the position is you're saint test. Horrifying. And the cowboys are a while I was there I cowboys a quote by. And I'm just not his Texan I Houston Texans fans. Have been sorry this area and we're not cause us. Erica current. And I don't think I do talk a bit when walker we have Adam ripples there also an attorney here in Austin, Texas and we're talking about these. I knew changes that these two BF 4473 form as a mother things. This is Michael Cargill and you. Our listing to come and talk to. This is Doug to boys' junior executive director of the Texas State rifle association. You're listing to Marco per yearly income of talk radio. We're. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael argue. I'd say we can't always get won't want to thank you know what we're gonna try so we're gonna work with the Texas legislature this session starting January the tenth. Going only down to June for got to try to get rid of some of these draconian gun laws that are being forced down our throats by the F federal government. Who gonna work hard gonna work with our legislature we're gonna push them to do the right fingers and did you would they're supposed to do. So Edwin. Let me ask you about the main factors. You know when you're main factory in an old seven FF film you may affect sure. You actually don't have to report the long gun sales. And when it comes to heal the multiple reporting. Chip low receivers. No one has a report tells you not to report mr. Lowell receivers he don't have to report complete. Receivers complete low receivers just complete you know rifles. That's kind of weird in the long. You. Yes yes and your concern about this kind of winning this. Well eventually wound up there is a warning on the new form. That. Season over pines and receivers are considered firearms and if you. You know if you actually engage him telling you close are you first. Veteran core blood sugar cooperates you've got to be a licensed dealer so. Yes because I guess a lot of before actually purchasing a bunch of strip will receive missing complete receivers a complete lowers. He when this shortage was going around and so they got into that business of you know selling their little receiver Darian and I warn people you be doing a for profit because that's a fine line. When you look on the back in the form you look at the instructions. It's a really fine line you know what is dealing. Yes and they were attempted to clarify that Biden torn that out by putting now almost warm. You know you're doing it for profit or livelihood minority you're saying you are over. You know your bureau are considered that notice looking on the forms on the new. I move he did. Now back. The other six pages of new changes here so. Colonel were aware of ball. Continue to. I think yeah definitely of their related. So like you know it's definitely check that out. So but it will. On the rare access see the change of the qualifying gun show even in to see that cancel its a lot of stuff a lot of little things little things that really teaching trouble. They're people on the well cause intentionally. Like got a lot of these I believe our. Gil de and maybe they're doing it just good. For job security group who Craig. 640 years control as well as go as far. So I don't I don't over the though we have them all of our world. You know Warner gonna affect many transactions. With you we thought since six in midstream why they've streamlined data per. It's in section B and the question sixteen instructions for question sixteen. This second paragraph. If a framer receiver can only be made into me lone guy and rifle or shotgun is still a frame receiver or not he Indiana alone again however frames a receivers are still firearms by definition. And by subject. Of the same. So when you talk about. On terms. So the notion that somehow let all. None and none no worries and then it's something totally different element toll may ship and the qualified restraining orders. Was so would that be Mason changes there. Well I don't know that they made intentions are anchored just simply trying to lead cut to clarify I use. Because we're and so these are. Anything bad. He didn't assist qualifying match to be in the US that would require a change and more the law hasn't been changed. I think what they're doing is cougar just trying to clarify. What is in the isn't interpreted. As I need. As good as or qualifying assuring border. And that's assuring ordered that helped voters. You one thing that we always warn people about is to standard boilerplate taxes restrain mortars this containment Campbell coach. Is qualified restraining order. So even though it's very generic given out in every divorce proceedings. It's rarely questioned by the family and a mother yes I am lawyers. But it just goes in the air but technically it actually need the definition of a qualified retraining order the code. Say you have an opportunity there represented get an opportunity verso lawyer. It's a hearing where both parties are present or already given notice that it can be present it's rendered by judge and it prevents actual parliament Baidoa. And so therefore if somebody's just got to boilerplate to crucially ordered her divorce. From today. Cannot purchase a handgun. They got in the jet purchase and firearm. Because there under the sort of high so we talked to people all the time about that what you don't do divorce. Be sure your criminally or knows this and specifically request the judge to pull this language how. Because it can have an impact on your farm tried. Can't people just not aware a lot of different things that are out there. Agent and I tell people you need to get yourself a good attorney who won that you know especially one of those in the firearms stuff is well. When you deal with a lot of things because you can lose your rights and it it's it's scary. Yes start restoring order one moves one knows particularly. Most particularly troublesome. These you because it's just because it is so mysterious thing and then. Of course the poster child about. Was doctor Emerson who curious case and seduce almost twenty years old now. And he was caught up in there right after about law look past. Opinion he lost everything. Little literally lost everything. And it's all because there was a family court order there's. Even in the absence of finding that there was a routinely act fairly violent. But because the court could well lose don't don't commit extremely violent. So that was a qualifying order and called his election you have this firearms even become a federal violation both federal court. Allow an anatomy you're here you're hiding. No that is. They eat the large intersection of the family code in the move towards you know. Getting a hold on family violence for the past thirty years but absolutely. With a protective orders with temporary restraining orders. And all these orders can limit sure are right to possess a gun under. Federal law and then it happens however many times a year. And nothing ever gets said but win they want to say something about it now you have a way to construct a case. And that is like oh say one job they are doing is so important because you do need to get rid of some of these bad laws are Cain never enforced unless. They just happened wanna make a target at a view and then well let's just find some way to use. You know concoct some scheme and that is exactly it was never intended by judge you. Create liability there was never any a warning given to somebody oh by the way if you possess a trend you can go to the federal print men that ever happens but it. Certainly now standing well it is a and order. And then you ordered did prohibit and then you did then go and intentionally possess and that is in violation of the law or real sorry did. You know it's your game singled out here but that's not gonna get in the way every good prosecution. It because here and that's as good as luck would patent go go go become a part of that got really really is troublesome to me really rubs me the wrong way. Is that. The law does not require. That there is really showing that can only violence has occurred or to try to train the pilots hooks. You just go back of the order exist for all that's required in the water can exist in the lab and chameleon socially. Oh god that's the polar we're the law was moved very very poorly drafted. It's my way it's too overly broad but it's been upheld as constitutional. Politico constitutional mired by our very own Kurt the United States took a look at. Code they're gonna have cold it is constitutional and could feel there's no way any other circuit kind of declared our constitutional. Only going to pick committed to change a law but yet if you need congressman even under very. To try to get him could change the law. It's gonna be all over CNN and all over the New York Times that congressman told so really loved extremely violent and won't abusers have gotten. And in the enemy there there at their campaign commercial given non elected. Correct I mean that's they way and. Thank you and one for coming on and talking to us really appreciate that thank you Adam Adam propose for a sit inside C gotta get you back in and in talking about some other stuff that's gone on here locally in Austin. Austin, Texas and those listening throughout the Internet. The first week of 2017. Is over done on. What did you do what did you accomplish. It he won more weeks to go before another year comes around again and that's all. Every day could be eight fight for what you want. Quantify your year and you'll find out exactly how many opportunities you have to change it. That's why the Second Amendment is important. Because life is important and valuable. If your passionate about life you're passionate about conserving. And protecting that. And guess what you can't do that without adequate means. Will 2017. Be the year you create yourself. The year you start or continue or finish that project. Reach that goal start a business or crushed debt limit. Maybe this year will be the year we finally focus on helping our vets. Maybe with medicinal marijuana. Or maybe with the VA clinic. So another veteran doesn't kill themselves because they have no avenue to get help. Or any worse most extreme cases. They don't lash out at the public and in the lives of their fellow Americans. Like in Fort Lauderdale fort who. So we're gonna in today's show on a question. A question for you to think about but the rest of the week. What are you doing for your fellow human beings. Small actions can have a big impact. As always. Remembered. More guns equals less crime go and buy yourself a guy you've been listening come and talk it. With Michael card. You keep yours.