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Jan 7, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well guns are real estate radio read your host Jason studs wanna share your real estate stories. Coming out at 5126409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. There were back central Texas it's Sunday this real state radio I'm your host Jason styles branch manager in rural mortgaged our Somalis number is 181. 407. You consume rapper Furl things drill assay guys were talking real estate mortgage today we're talking Austin, Texas central Texas north. And self. East and we only west hello little bit today I think us but and we appreciate your your. With this every week we appreciate that would be sure take a look at our TV shows. Also KB CEO on Sundays worry at 101030. In twelfth in also on Monday through Saturday 830. And for spectrum to be weird to say spectrum Kayla channel seven the rest I don't know but check it out Kate it's okay BDO. Open house atx and aim to show real state radio in dubbed God's got a great show coming up I'm excited. Got aboard welcome mark my co host my partner of back in the studio sharpening an argument on dune are married a man may have we're gonna we're gonna Gaza give. Charms. Then the end I mean just absolutely rock solid man I saw when you walked in today assault a look on his face psyche ready get down and dirty. I am you it's that time beard timed. You know people than the slack a little bit they ended December you know in the November issue and it's time. Get back to the sound get after it what we've been doing lately. Man just jobs. You know enough football's one now a little bit my weekends of Opel asylum taking care of those honey do list in had a few. This is the house and ammo electrician out appliance repair guy out so take care that this week to have enough talent all done gets out of the way things haven't put an offer little while blood. Besides that to truly get back in the saddle reaching out on my you know my real owners and and what not nice and trying to get a good kick off too much when he seventeen to deal well I mean out of your for those unit hadn't listen our show missed it Sean bought a house recently and like way in. You've had done electoral do you get done and get beat up plumbing man. Tony yes that's I think that's the worst on most people's list as it's kind of the one that can be you know the biggest problem yet plumbing you definitely don't pay a certain plumbing is is tough a lot of times you guys started seeing holes places you don't wanna dig but. Electoral also not as much fun when you know just randomly. You know power in certain groups are search going out for no apparent reason. Yeah definitely man no doubt has got a great show coming up when we were talking. We'll talk real stake in Duff for you. Folks out there I mean you you we've been here in mobile interest rates are going up we know that they have gone up recently we've we've been telling you this. On Pashos for months and months and months. For those you out there today haven't refinanced. You might still have a chance you may not in and that's just kind of you know where we are right now. Rates have made a little bit of a comeback though this week so they they started their they take back down. A little bit I'd say they're kind of in between where they were in before the election and where they went after the election I think you've been a little bit of a market correction I think all that. Immediate fear. So were in a are still looking good dummy richer still historically. Really really give good good good good. We gotta say for you investors out there listen up on the we've got to. We'll talk we'll financing you know what I'm speaking interest rates you know what won't get into it but you what to expect in interest rate wise on. Investment properties and also how to invest this Tommy year of so don't touch on some. Some folks at that time have kind of been left out a little bit. And you're here and at 30% of our purchase market's going to be a millennial which will be first time homebuyers sort of talk to you guys whether or pay your your you know what you got kids out there that are thinking. About. You bind their first home or you're actually out there listen in this of you are first on Omar you wanna pay attention. Or teach you how to do that it would depreciation levels in this city. You know eight to ten to twelve to 15%. You if you're not saving that amount you're going backwards and you're literally backpedaling so you don't wanna let this market get out of control which is I mean you that's debatable but we would you say. Shot. Yeah it Stefan debatable. You know like you said I think the biggest issue especially with them you know that quote unquote colonials. You know a lot of Olmert loaded up on student loans yeah and just haven't been able to save as much I think that's the the biggest. Finger onto them the most common cause we've gotten lately or those folks you know 34. Years at a college you know still make in. Between fifty and 60000 dollars that. In other they're paying no rent we on the red trash anomaly called awesome right now only two bedroom apartment up by the domain where we live. Is more than my mortgage payment yet and it's it's crazy we initially did FHA loan and yet we put three Epperson down we decisive yeah right I mean a lot of places you know we're talking more than a dollar square foot for rent it's unbelievable and so those folks are thinking hey what you know why not buy. But you know I don't have 20% down but you know what you have got we've got options out there for you and you know like we said interest rates are still still great right now yeah. No doubt my guys if you're just tuning in this liberals say radio I'm Jason Stover here every Sunday we appreciate you to an end in duct tape and that we got up. We have Michael line no okay we got one of mob mob. Mob buddies in in in friends. He's got a a listing he's on call and chat with in your for those of you out there you wanna get involved in our show euros a realtor builder you we love to hear from the we like talk and talking shop and if we wanna know about you we don't know about sure they areas that your real men and homes are selling so feel free give us a ring fob 126409610. Also text line is open so tax questions they come directly to me 5126409. 62 and and to be sure to two. To check out so our app and we were over a thousand downloads now and John before we got no one here you're kind of mentioned some of our copyright. Papers one thing I don't like about the if you're like oh hang on us not doing anymore yeah go figure technology threats that technology but. Yep for for those of you got to knock on download our app it's easy to do. I'm your text. You're text atx 231996. Support via text message open up the number is 31996. And then you're gonna type in. Atx hit send you get a link text you click on that link scroll over in you're gonna click on the button on your phone says download on screen. In you can start to knock on the stuff we've got mortgage calculators. You can monitor interest rates. You can look back at two year. You overnight averages you can literacy was graphs and charts all that stuff what interest rates are doing all the news that affects interest rates is there or is also on there. So you're a rate nerd like me. Of your car wanna take a peek at that and you know we've got some some also there's a news feed on like FaceBook with all the Tenet leading. Industry news. You can also search homes right now you just are searching homes you also got. All kinds of give prequel far you can watch her TV shows you can ask me question. And in more so you know again thank you folks that have been support Nelson in download our happen. And that that number thousand was a milestone and we are past that now so fantastic. Fantastic bear. Also I want you to think I'm pat law firm we couldn't do that show with Al then this is the fifth year. The patent law firms have been sponsoring us here on the radio. In Gaza if you're out there in Europe a real cities or builder you have not tried patent law firm. About there was Tiffany mark Brian Lisa and Joseph see Allison in the rest of the crew and in these folks are argue it done. On the builders and in and expressing a Condo prod projects. Agents out there they're helping you grow your business or helping you develop systems that allow you to give better service to your clients and I think that's a kind of sets him apart a little bit. And also Sean we know that they are their clothes and do you know their clothes and homes in people's offices and homes in after hours witches. Pretty nice expect see in this this busy city the top three named baby. Hollywood did they really go out of their way two. To be of great customer service psalm we you know we work a lot of title companies obviously yeah. And all you know not to name names but some masa marked differently it's like no you need to close between this block of time at this time did you leave it yeah that's never a case of patent they work with you and you know my hot rumors had a they closed they did to closing a Wal-Mart parking lot of high 35 and round rocker when time. I had wanted Denny's and a lot of studies of ten yeah. And that was just go and it was Danny's. Oh mark met me over there at Denny's in and you know got move they are leaving her home of remember a situation as years ago but yet still doing that so also guys we got to think damn with the church roofing. Thumb don't sell your home without getting dance team over there to evaluate your roof there's no cost involved. Assurance routing is the name. Dan and I know him personally and part of what we do rural state radio as we make sure the folks that we bring our. I've been doing this this fourteen years in this industry and you know there's a lot of folks out there. And on Tony Dan that was assurance reviews get it done. You know what he can help you do is you know you have to come out takes a look to Ruth he's a look at rain events in the past. That have brought hail sometimes you're in church your roof can be covered what this'll help you do if you're someone out there its listing your own is yeah you can prevent. Get a bad home inspections or you'll at least know that hey look you know we've got a hurl right here. You disclose that to your buyers because the last thing you want is your summer put off from her home you know home inspection back it's like Ruth is awful got a mere placed. Yeah that's almost like you bad transmission or are bent frame on your automobile you kind of gives that bar that. Man you know the house is little bit tainted well you can get that done upfront before you mister Holmes in a lot of times it's. Covered by your insurance that's Dan with the assurance rooting. Our guys were take a quick break out we come back well more Sean. We're talking more and investment property opportunities not owner occupied. Purchases cash shelves read models. Credit inaccuracies when you should start taking a peek. And having your credit evaluated for you purchased it for a we are back central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason Stubbs you're just turn him. We're we're glad you're here if you stuck around through that do that break we appreciate that. Or Tex lines open more here all real estate mortgage questions sent it over 512640. 9610. In for those you've got to breached already assuming your questions here a little bit but. You know some questions that we're seeing come across. Pretty frequently. Is you win is the right time to list my house and a revised kind of think in. You know it's it's march wait for that type grass it turned green and all that you won't get to that got coming up tiger just a little bit. We've got Kathy Della crews in she's the First Lady real state she's re Max posh properties we're talking now we talked with her just little bit. Goal to get stuff like coming out so sick around a bit before the break we are talking with Sean. Billion loan officer with the in RO mortgage and done. Sean you know rates have to have gone up a little bit but what you know it wouldn't we can open the show you you're saying that she seemed kind of a little bit of a market reset. But there's Hillary say I'd say were you know we were you know. Hi three's. Yeah that we went Tynan the mid to high fours now we're back kind of the low to mid force depending on you don't. Credit things like that based on you know when you overnight averages that we've seen on this I think there's been a little bit you know market correction yeah. You know because obviously they don't want to police you know banks in general you know that they don't wanna stagnate refinancing and don't want a stagnant lending so yeah you know if you get rates did. Too high you know scan missed its innate you know create you know big slowdown what's or not they're not totally look at it is yeah I'm. But you know like we are talking about you know a lot of what we're at least I see this year you know a lot of the folks that are. So on their houses right now. And a lot of them have to sell these are you know it's not may and June and you know men that the prices in my neighborhood right now are just outrageous how moms diplomat how's the market and throw numbered if I get my number ominous take it you know it in Jay you know you've got. Either people have bought a house. You know and for whatever reason didn't sell their previous house. Maybe they got transferred. You know whatever AB a lot of folks right now that that needs is that how their customer need to sell and now's the time. Yes precious as some investors come their kind of scoop those up yeah I mean you're still looking at you can you know with 2125%. Down. You can still get a thirty year. Blown on. Investor property under 5%. So let's talk about that we were talking invest some properties and you know let's define that I mean invests in properties and non owner are correct about Barack services most of them are going to be your law most not honor ox you know Lisa Austin said concern here is. A home you know they're gonna be long term rentals so these are you know prop property you're gonna buy. And you're gonna put somebody in their young at 121824. Month lease calm you know most people are doing hindered your Jennifer cash flow and appreciation. So. You know let's say hypothetically you find at 300000 dollar investment property right now and you're gonna put 20% downton. You know OC you're looking up are you roughly 240000. If you use let's say hypothetically. You don't APR four point 75. You know. Let's say two and a half percent. Taxes. Tax rate in Alexei roughly 12100 dollars a year for insurance yeah there be room you know just under 19100 bucks. Beno 300000 dollars and certain area especially high rent a players in that might be a yet 232400. Square foot house where your get a dollar square foot so you think about he can rent a place now for 232400. Dollars a month. And you know. And your opinion cost is going to be 19100. You know you can you look at cash on 3400 dollars a month out on that property so your notes get covered and you're too little money in the bank you know the other the other people let's say. You know a lot of people just a year and bonuses may we got they ear and don't answer. You know final commission pay out you look for some dude that catching up his. You know interest gone up you know bank bank rates are so like great you're still make and I think your point 07% on your. You're saying is count maybe you look at some what do park that doc. Part that your bonus and Leno take it pretty down a down payment investor property and they've really loosened up the guidelines you know used to need to have a two year history. Yeah of owning rental property to offset. Them what you're extra interest free mortgage payments can be qualified not more yeah you can call fly off the anticipated rent right now we're. We're seeing some of the of the credit guidelines gonna back up a little bit there's an article came out literally. Today and docking quote because I would front of me but you basically they're saying is that there's we've seen here in the Jumbo market we've seen a Jumbo market move. In a direction that's more friendly. To the creditor which is you know buyer. And done that's the wanted to move the most and then all conventional second so the conventional. Products are yeah anything non government Jumbo mom. Have kind of loosened up a little bit and second of Jumbo in the end we we have seen. So must some of the government stuff and opening up a little bit so. You Becker comes with those interest rates on the climb interest rates are on the move. Then we tend to see some these credit guidelines kind of back up a little bit because you higher interest rates means you know higher margins more money basically. For you know bill the servicing folks in Wall Street their for their risk factors go down. Therefore they lightened guidelines a little bit so I think we'll see more that is these rates kind of creep up a little bit. So you self employed people Gil ganymede Sean just said it and you need one year tax returns you know he got to get in there and show that you can. You don't need you you can qualify but you previous years and what do we see Shawna who was from we needed two years and you know self employed you know where I got it's not easy. You know it's not it's not it's it's it's definitely several Billick said he knew it was one year. So for all you folks there think about self employed folks are buying a house here in 2017 dollars rental property idealistic call. Onkyo we're gonna wait I mean you know what we're really gets people on investment properties of when your text they'll do this isn't just primary residence of yourself employed. And not thinking about by an investor property you know same thing when your tax returns a lot of cases definitely cautious attack. 5126409016. You can re Sean or are at 512640. A 9610. In your show let's talk about the DC ability to do to pull cash out I mean you right now these folks that may have missed the bus on the refinance. Yeah oh yeah they can be sit and knew we had a potential client. Our potential we had a client that wanted to YouTube to potentially refinance. And bubble to say that that he you know. If he could really lowers interest rates but you know as we had our conversations kind of went a little bit you progressed. It turns out the guy had you know he is holding 3040 greening credit cards fassel you know Sony somewhere in that position Charlemagne how can they improve their situation. With Tucker refinanced. You know if you're pain and you know 67800. Dollars a month on your credit card minimums which right now bullied or not I'm I'm surprised Emmy folks they CDU. You know if you're carrying 203040000. Dollars. You know that high interest 1213 fourteen cheat 18% in some cases I see your credit cards. And you've got when he equity in your house you know you can take it means that four point you know 754 point eight some five ish. Interest rate and get all those credit cards paid off and white you know. Makes you ready your pay your minimum you're not really you know your jacket you're not getting anywhere you know it's it's it's you know I mean I spent a thousand dollars like car last month my balances to hire. You know wipe them all out one cleat what one clean swipe yep no doubt about. And you know the point of view refinancing saving money. You know he's explosive increase that belts on those credit cards increased cash flow. Yeah that's kind of win that benefits are coming back so with your interest rate stays the same or goes down. In your able to pay off some stuff with equity and your home. I mean you've created cash flow and you know we've seen it U whether it's 300 and you 300 dollars a month means a lot to a lot of people. You know we've seen 712100. US on the we're looking to get nowhere even more than that so measured up to reach out to us if you need that 512640. 9610s. Of take a quick break we're quick we come back we've got stuff that you agency got away tradition to will be talk is an investor properties were talking markets. On north south. In east so. If you're in those areas you wanna you'll stick around we are back. Here we are back central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason styles we appreciate you tune in. Thanks to stick around be sure to take a peek at our TV show biz is also. On on its own today in we were on this morning at 101030. And 12 o'clock him more trying to do is just bring the Texas hill country. Into your living currency can take a peek of you have different homes that are listed around you and and also what kind of hang out to us for for the afternoon and talk a little law Austin, Texas AKA baby Hollywood. And done that's all right cal for his keep moving here just Russell bumper sticker the other day Shana said. Don't talk California my taxes I did see that end you know I think more those are common that's Washington don't Dallas milestone announcements on my roster yet but now we're just like okay we get shut the gate on 45 and I -- so you at Dallas and Houston's already here yeah come on Houston on here but I hear you know teen years seeking claimant I think we're have to move that to fifteen. But tell yes eligible her little and I remember those bumper stickers out there and it would mouse in Colorado and it was you Californians get to on here and take a Texan with yeah. That that makes you feel welcomed into that last year over there guys. I've just I've got to introduce a Kathy Daughtry is she is the First Lady rural state with re Max. Posh properties welcome show how you don't I'm doing great thank you for having it while sitting over here just black balloon in in dust and Solio their anger and and in. I'll on the stranger here are doing the Sunday home life is grade I tell you can think for a better place to be this morning in the it will can deal. It I mean you have are all over the place I mean you've been doing this a long time. You're you've volunteered you settle boards. Guys were in for treat. I mean Kathy is one of the best agents around I mean her her reputation. In resonate speaks for itself I mean. Just many many clients she's helped out along with getting back to the community. In debt Kathy tell us a little bit more about you your company your team and and globally about what tell what you like about the rules and entry. I own that will pinkie. What. Ing about. Re Max posh properties of course we have to make you locations out there I am we have over. And it's the 23 he agents took a network with us. For myself I have an assistant that's on my team you know and of course I partner with many other agents that are part of treatment thousand. As soon. The great thing about real estate is that there's a lot of it. Yes how a lot of people that are moved into Austin is ready to buy your two so their property so I'm here to help definitely. What capable what do you remember most about you adjust the rules they market the industry you're what do you remember most about 2016. It's been passed him figure it wasn't it no doubt I tell you. It with the growth. Individuals that are moving in Thompson in the group that Austin is experiencing. At this time and we see the footprint continues to change. I am that. Bringing on and I individuals and are looking but yeah so I'm for realtors very full time or if. Truly realtors that out there be an active season. It's just been great year effort. It is yeah we talked about it past shows you the importance of getting with an experience realtor we've also had almost you know. Full shows on how do you know few realtors good or not you know and you know eat you know there's there's folks out. And actually tax and asked a question or get hound of my agents couldn't you know I've got what we've all got ways of finding that outlet. You know there's just think with the competition in central Texas. You know I think it's folks are start out a wonderful industry and we support shall there are folks who just get in the industry but it's important how mentor and a team that can help you get to where you need to be because you've got clients your feelings on the line. Appeal coach doing how are you list a home in like flips through ten offers if you haven't you know. Done you if you don't you come lesson that you in your career so in importance of getting with you know an experienced team is is is huge and you guys are their posh properties I mean there's like 23 point three if you eat yummy you. You have quite the name I mean you're branded dollar all over the place some love it will tell so I would turn the page double that and we've we've got tough. You don't folks at Texas and broke quick guys keep those are questions coming in our text size 512640. 9610. And we've got a list out there that's. You know. Just kind of wondering you know what's what to expect. Wind or solar homes and you got folks have been their homes for years and years and years. And right now we're vessel within their home for eight years you what can they expect in the upcoming few months and weeks before they decide to list their own. Well you know one thing that's important because often we have individuals that feel like okay I'm ready yeah it is time for me Davis but. What I always tell everyone is let's first take a look around the home because you know it's in according to ensure that the home has happened. You know if if various items that sphere and it keeps reappearing yeah honey get those who aren't. Am a great week to get started is having a home inspectors are coming in and have the home inspect. I love just on the initial side give that home inspected it and we can explain to folks at what what that does for you you would have the advantage of of you don't listing side that the seller to get that home inspection upfront well am I do that then you're not surprised linger. Am in need and also. Help T ensure that at home wholesale and and that you're not surprised if the buyer come and say well the person thinks is wrong with the home I don't know if I really want to purchase it can. I already taking care of some of those things will actually be a class for you. It helped move back home a lot quicker yeah definitely in Hewitt's Jaco ours were. You know I'm thinking about selling and we got foundation issues but you know what. Tons of people in our neighborhood do so getting that inspection on the initial side. You know we know that's an issue so for us to get in there. Have that fixed it there's a lifetime warranty after that so something else goes wrong best sellers come an end because a lot of times he's. Empires or command. Especially goes back black coats out of deviation for for foundation and then they're terrified. In nobody wants you know a home that we'll not know why are lawful because and I are kind of you know that's there's investment opportunities or that's an ownership. But you get those inspections upfront you know you just said it it it's you know exactly what to expect centric. It it is so you know with that being said do after the inspection. You didn't then what I mean what else can they are of course they can be clatter. Cut and it's a great time to give away he had some items that you kind of held onto for awhile and that's hard for some people. And a bit cause for our agents and leave our house on the market balked and she has got to go got to go got to go up. Mean it's just part of from part of reason removing anyway we're just we're out of space yeah so we we knew that stuff had to get we needed bigger more space to keep all the craftsman. That's not espouse the first thing are his mental blows. No doubt can also hold out deep personal getting home take DeLeon and take and some of those photos. You may wanna go to wit and mutual heat because you may have UT color Sylvia now for how this guy may have Dallas colors throughout the whole dead. I bet that a man cave with the Dallas Cowboys. Helmut. Not a good idea gap gap or Linda yeah of the Bruce Meyer of the Bruce Springsteen picture had to go by house unfortunately Honda is that right in the deep personalizing it means you don't matter of me to explain a little bit more. Kathy to folks who don't understand quite what that is. Well one reason why you really wanna do that because of course you're winning sell your home you're not trying to sell yourself for so yes seemly. In what we have failed that when individuals allow those items to stay up. And I in their home and so when we're showing the property to a potential buyer that fire walks in and they're more focused on you and your photos. Both look at the children with a few doing yes you know things to that degree so you really want to ensure that when they want into the home that they're looking at your house yes they're looking at the amount of space that's available they're looking at the actual rooms and thanks to back. Yeah I want them to be able pictures themselves in the house they don't you want them to picture you in the house. You want them to picture them in now definitely a big gap you stood a grand idea of downtown property tours in the eSATA property two or 357. And they're 379 and down. I remember going to and you Sicily a bunch of pictures around. You know the whole crew for agents that we rear view touring through these homes would go arrived to the pictures out and see if they knew the people or other personal items some are gonna say I remember we were the I think we're out of the downtown property to one of the yes one of the condos had something that. Legal it's Colorado but not quite yet Texas just sit out on the kitchen carrier and they're ready in fact that's of that and guess what nobody was talking about. About a features of the Condo they're talking about what was on the kitchen counter yeah yeah take you to death yet you got us for the coming customers the I don't know what guess what was on the counter used to box and all the time we ask you can't have that yet you know the the life size and number got their man but you don't need the lot size you know statues of of anybody in there either so I mean definitely there are so. Caddie it would it would also mean let's say were getting down to it on dvd personalize. Now we. Well I am of course you know if you have pets. Everyone isn't a pet lover unfortunate although I AM yes and you may want to tackle ways of pet. Items and even for children and you may want to put some of those children like MCI. Because again you want the home to make an appeal to her to the majority yup not just. A single individual. Just so after I of course having home professionally cleaned and I'm getting the carpets cleaned or you can replace it and he beat. Again you just want to ensure that your putting the best foot forward yeah Europe has inning home and having it open for sale. On the market for so definitely a job yeah amazing it is just going in including some fresh paint. It's amazing what that done in and it's cheap is it means it's a cheap way to. Just while somebody sometimes you know it it is I mean we work with these folks all the time so many fear out there are your figure get this stuff done. I mean give us a ring we got I mean I got tons of a haters out there that are good depending on you know what you need done by its. And as always our Tex signs up it's 5126. Or 09610. And in Cathy before you go. A senior couple properties that you tell us about. No doubt well one thing that I was gonna tell you vineyard looking to list your home and most important component that you want is always makes you have a real tree and pop yes someone that's knowledgeable and professional know how to negotiate and have your best and definitely so that's important I green light things I think that people miss you know these folks that they didn't come out there and do it themselves for so -- owner which I mean in this market it's it's not a good idea but after the inspection this kind of the second round of negotiating I don't think a lot of people understand that they're out there and just you know doing the math on the commission's in this anatomy. You but put these agents who worked and worked for yet another caller yes definitely let it caps get Wanda you're going to get in touch with you get in touch with her. On the give us a call 5126409016. And we make that happen to us about your property well I have two properties that don't like to talk to you about today I'm both of them are located in central least Palestinian costly no right now that is a very very roof pockets of weakness that you sent a note to Hillary is going to go in and am I to purchase some of the older homes and rehab then there aren't tearing down and put something's coming mean. Am so I didn't have one will keep on 116. Team could lead to even that particular property is close to it's. Point eighteen. Acres so very very nice size it opens the opportunity where you can kind of recap the current home and stay here. Or even put two dwellings wind that that's quite popular right now. Lot of folks doing that and you know only makes sense of me with the the of the way they're designing nominee a lot of times they kind of offset them a little bit too that's a pretty good opportunity. And so that's about 8000 square feet so they got a lot of opportunities are. Another property that I have dislocated China and 5609. Am Samuel. Right across from school there's opportunities that you can take that particular property in turning into a commercial probably if he chose to. Or you can take that turn property keep Nancy this. At another scripture he can pitch two homes fear two additional homes. So many got three dwellings investment opportunities. All over the place then you get in we've seen our investors like you know is your room to invest in Austin well there you go geysers to a home. So Kathy tell our listeners how to get in touch with you. Well the best way of reaching me as I am by giving me a phone call you can reach me at 524704877. My website is ATX. Moos now dot com fantastic guys there you have it. That's kept Kathy don't interest First Lady real state re Max posh properties that particular little bit your Sunday outspent and with us now I've enjoyed it thank you for having. He Jack Johnson our guys we get back go. We've got so we got more comfortable around. Hey welcome back central Texas is Jason Scott shares rose radio we appreciate just been a little bit your Sunday with us on the company bomb my boy and co host Sean Finnegan. Sean thanks for. For for being here and you know hey make you trust they on the straight narrow math anytime you could deal. When I got something we could take a quick call. We've got. Michael Underwood. On the line hey Michael you're there. I want to figure out how you do well I you know money. I. Yeah yes sir it's cool guys if thug that Michael is he's the owner broker of rave rules state. In Dublin Michael understand you got a property force this week. I didn't I don't what what the end of yeah eight. I'm more fun lynch is well and it won't bring your Irwin then. You know could you check it out. I'm almost here. It happens. So where it won't call a lot to turner anchor. These don't. You're saying all hooked up in my hand so it really certainly. We're both cool. Let your kid play Wimbledon without the automatic import goods to help them. Or it hit quirky QWERTY flip. Thought better. For all that we've got former Portland or won't let them say how hurt so. What you put a call into question. They. What they desire so. You've got to be the match without court too much sleep in bed upstairs. Yeah she. Was a law will take another room when people work on the cheek there actually. He quote this is what it is I'll you know there's you can get I just got back over them. Good future debt. People you don't work often. You know it didn't work she done to achieve yeah water. Put them there is something that you. Not that it Buick from a bit you know I never thought. While so in the blossoming that's a pretty diesel spot out their son a ranch. You know it it out. Of Tampa I'll get that courtroom I'll let go since. What Coppola thought from a resort and do what they won't say it you know almost find it easy very quiet. Yet gotten very unique so. Certain little traffic. That could ever go live now there but where children. Fantastic so. Act if but for listeners out there wanna get in contact with you through this home in Steiner in the bluffs. How they contact you. I did not quite as you know what I won it for big hurry. But that any kid Michael under what I want to enforce the glory side and say hey you know what part of it is. And then they beat up on the ranch homes they stand in the way. Good deal fantastic way we appreciate column in enough delegates in the studio pretty soon some give you ring let's next week let's make this happen. I'm a little bit but he's so lucky and I won't believe how hard these. How do about it take care. Our guys without further ado we've got to sink even does a real Turks Austin Costa group. Texas ally real state and how you doing what Michelle can't beat you for having me we'll get deal aren't excited your here. You've got one heck of a start in this industry. And I mean just as impressive as is is you can be. Mob a double hull more colonial and does so well done keep up the good work and we're gonna get in little bit about about what you've been up to become so I'll start with you how loud you how house last year forty it was very busy yeah very very then. For sure it was a good yeah yeah so what do we remember the most. You know bidding war steam back home turnaround at an off her death and gay man komen NIC on the in my as a Tariq pending yes. Having to count that as soon as a house hit the market hey guys we need you know do an offer now the -- waiting to see it have an option for you to get out. Because by the time that we really do not the property mean the property was our depending to have you back ups and it was just horrible. While yeah. Goodness so opt army earlier this week or chat a little bit about excuse certain areas and I don't wanna leave these folks out enemy it's it's the first time home buyer is still it's the family that needs that bigger home but let's talk Maynor I mean mayor Texans it's been there forever. And dumb you are now it's just get a little more attention. I don't think the folks really understand what's going also tells a little bit about you Maynor in in in why is it done kind of taken about their ultimate. Yeah yeah for sure so we have guys to my knee and the 130 to a road yeah. And then can I call it the magic Torah because it's kind of like that new I it's thirty thigh at a time it gets you wherever you're trying get me out. That bumper to bumper traffic yes. The price point is amazing scene here but again appear house and the price range. You know. And see you get more house is let's competition to use so you're not having over bid on a property so much in Maynor in L again yup and compare how it is and then dove valley are like off standard cayenne cute Hannah. In so I I also think that once you buy in Maynor once you want every sound the same thing that happened on sending coyote and Buena. The same things gonna happen in Maynor an elegant so by the time that you're ready to sell yet you've got to. Good good deal on the house that she just bop you're gonna get a really. Return react return on the operating. It's you know it's it's it's just jobs are talk about this all the time you with appreciation level said you know 789101112%. If you're not saving. That percentage of your income. Every you know every year I mean you're you're going backwards so you may or you've got me with 29 B just 41 run out there. No not the 9993. I tore rode it out yet the 130 till noon 130 C guy you can decide if you've got new aunt's eighty I mean both those directions can get you. You know where you need to be in central Texas and I'll just out there. Just you last week and I mean. It the golf course looks fantastic on the commercial properties are common plan crazy I mean that the Starbucks look like they just took the tag off of it looks so brand new that. It's a great place to start. You know business yeah you like we have small restaurant taking we only have about five we have ones as Mexican Chinese we all get excited once we get something AM yeah. And so we got the water burger and so we bobbing gaining a little weight. Jimmy Johns is coming right behind it soon after death and no kidding OK we'll do just that tells a little bit about Maynor price points I mean. You know let's say a first time home buyer year old husband why if you're looking hasn't kids you know what can they expect. For you prize square footage can you kind of give us you know some what those opportunities would be it would look like. Yup still. Mean Harrison's it's not very big bear the different communities you know like we have shadow grand it's like Maher. Class Kenny no taxes aren't going to be entirety because you have you have a golf course yet. But there's still other areas like and you know there's and new home built properties where you can still give for like a when sixty nap while for new construction and a time so you're still skiing a wave better deal on in Maynor and Ellen end. You know and cost and you see you're still yeah. Sure there's a greater grameen mayor's USDA eligible yeah most of it if you do one actually right now yeah we got folks get in now I think. Also their perch prices a 181 thousands it's a resell but I they're all 180 wanna I wanna say they're. They're PI TI's you be about 12140. Bar which is staying put or PI TI for folks up there don't know what that is it's your total housing expenses your principal interest taxes. In your insurance NYSE type HLA style so their revenue into a 181000 our house for the about. 2503000. Dollars out of their pocket that they still got some closing cost sides' ads as you're down payment you know super low thirty year interest rates still enough. It's a great deal may especially Maynor you know it means prefer feelings out there that are just. You know you've got good credit you don't you're jobless and was compensating factors. You know that the reason why the USDA is the United States department of agriculture and it sounds kind of strange to people but. It's it's trying to promotes. You know smaller communities economic developments in the in smaller community so. They're lending money to a 100% in the end you know Cindy I mean you know you that area is is blown up just like you said. Yeah exactly so I me have first building Kyl. And it back then it was just one road going in and one road going back and now it's expanded so mind just like the new south Austin pretty flat it is it is south yeah. That's when I think and and them so whenever right so as I was they would again have 40000 profit out of that house when I saw all the prices going up the heat and I was like man wearing my enemy is now so I mixture my next profit is can be just as big as a one when I got my. And so I need to Maine button. He huge house for a like an amazing deals in 273000. For hundreds Griffey in the golf scores. And now I can sell in a year two years and I'm gonna make. A good amount of money. Back to little rock and the golf course that in the shadows and I lobbied banker blocking off today it has yeah it's. You go what you got are not you know a Wednesday afternoon at 230 in play for. 35 blocks yeah with a cart and it to me it's a nice of course it's an hidden gem over there yeah it sure is so it tells a little bit about you got a couple properties you talk about. Mom my Sims retired but elegant and Maynor have to an L again no one is when he won 828 and showers an elegant. And it's 2151000. Industry badge into bad. And it's eight points when he acres. And it has to set 61 barn into ponds and the seller is motivated severing has an offer and how much is that it wasn't him at 215. He's fifteen and you're able to put it has to septic see your gonna put another home are another. Build it could extract or put another mobile home on the property there's no restrictions. On there's also like a little creek that runs through it's so peaceful. Time and then I have another one that's a new balance is the actress is one night he won north woods of Maine Elgin Texas. And Allen's 235 with one acre and it's a 1600 Griffey. Three bed two bath. And he's also my edited so willing to negotiate on the price for share. While it you're speaking about us veto financing and in bond sell homes and he. What what are some of these be no other then you we've got your USDA. Which he talked about him in a 100% financing. If the government loan. FHA Emmys three and a half percent down. But what are some of these in the RUC and opportunities out in those areas for for folks that you may be self employed and haven't claimed a whole lot but owner financing the. I do a lot of masks. Time so if your credit is bad he just got a divorce pre he got a for closure you know learn you know whatever the reason is he just came here and you don't have. The record or whatever you working for so many years I do a lot of owner finance it with a good down payment with at least maybe 20000 and I can get China home owner finance and gulf finance house for thirty years or fifteen years whenever that gives you enough time. To refinance get a gets under my toughness and you know refinance a property get a better interest rates. So the only down thing about it is that you're getting a higher interest rates but I mean that's just another motivation for you to get going and then start Ricky nine your credit he can refinance. But there are a lot of opportunities out there for people who can't get a lunch we're looking for owner finance. That's a great way to go in you're not wasting your money Ren teen. Yeah you are paying their bit more interest and that's okay you're not wasting your money on rent and you know it's actually something that's going to be years. Fantastic and we think shots I'm all for her finances yeah and the property great disagreed. It's a great option out there if if if need be data from the property that I bought two and Maynor I'll abided owner financing it was great opportunity don't have on your credit you can buy a other property without not having to affect you know your credit score nonsense. Fantastic what's Cindy we got to run we're gonna get you back to see action review on TV show here coming up soon. It for all of our folks out there that wanna get contact with you guys if you're looking that mayor Kyle. Abuse they'll gain area Q what are your investor first time home are you need to give Sunni call she knows what she's dealer she's up and coming have been follow owner she's unbelievable. And I'm just super prosperous and had a we can't equity. I'm you can give me a range you can send me a text message 5127571490s. I make sure don't miss your calling if you leave me a voice not Richard Neer costing -- awesome fantastic bull we appreciate hearing your Sunday with this in central Texas I think you've just been a little bit eager Tom what this help would be back right here next week Texas.