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Financial Wi$e with Suzette Blackburn, 01/07

Jan 7, 2017|

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Broadcasting from the top thirteen seventy studios. You're listening to financial lies within your host Suzanne Blackburn and Elizabeth Jane's let's start the new year right hits your financial house in order as fiduciary is Blackburn and James are required to work in your best interest. Helping you until own retirement in today's economy so stay tuned as they bring UN informative approach to your retirement. Each and every week and now your host and Suzanne Blackburn. I know Elizabeth James. Welcome. Two financial wise I'm Suzanne Blackburn and the fiduciary owner. A capstar financial. You can go to our website capstar financial dot com to check us out and my host here's Elizabeth Jane. And she has a charter retirement plan specialist designation she also the 66 financial fiduciary. Financial advisor. And we are gonna be bringing in the new year Elizabeth wind retirement planning for those people that are starting the new year in the wanna do right. Well that sounds great see is that I know you listening you might have a New Year's resolution or two year old. And we're going to be talking today about ways to give it your. Financial house in order to get things organized and start the year off right. You know. Some of the main things that we've done. In the past. To attract people like queue and then our retirement classes. And the retirement class were going to be having coming up in the future. We've got one that will be in February and then one that's going to be in March we really don't have any more details on that but the show today. Is going to detail out kind of way it looks like to sit down with the retirement planner what is that first appointment look like in getting your. Retirement plan in order and we want to make sure that you know what's best practices because we. Our. Some of the only planners in Austin that focus on retirement. The so security aspects the in bracing that fiduciary standard of meeting your needs first. That's a big deal and that's something that we really want. You don't know about. So today you're gonna highlight and walks you through what that first appointment that experience is. When we meet with individuals. And so you might jot down our phone number 512. 2159. Or you can visit us on the web capstar financial dot com. But we want you Colin today we're going to be offering a complimentary. Consultation with us to experience this. First appointment. And Jesse helped you know thousands of other people in the Austin area right and I think the first question first thing I want to highlight for are you listening has. Why why would you comment in any way fast. And just as I share with other. Families that we meet west. First and foremost we are independent. We are an independent advisory firm as well as an independent. Insurance for our. And you might ask yourself well why is that important well I wanna tell you it's very important because you want to understand what licensing. Financial professional has before meeting with them because you wanna make sure that what they are. Providing solutions for you. Is really your best interest not suggest what their able to sell because of their licensing and he you know if you walk into insurance only shop. Guess what you probably gonna get insurance is a oh are you know vice Versa if you walked into a you know stockbroker. Only shot you pride can I get in mutual funds. Access is that admire both independent. Investment advisors. And duly licensed with insurance. As is very important to have a comprehensive. Plan. Secondly case is that mentioned we are both fiduciary east so. You know you wanna make sure that he you're working for RV you're working with they work for you. And have to you see your best interest and I think our biggest value. Is that we are a planning. A retirement planning firm we really have purpose in our planning we can make sure that your working with some wanted to dressing your. Needs. You know. But there was an employee that was with me for 55 or six years in you've probably heard about Emily sent. And Emily moved back to Dallas where she grew up we both grew up in Dallas and Kenneth sisters from the same neighborhood. And an Elizabeth I mean Huskies beat Emily semi Christmas card. And she said you know on working for another. Fiduciary. And she says I really miss. The way that we were planning with a purpose. And so she's just about you know. Gathering assets and trying to invested in mutual funds at this point and not really enjoying her work like we did. And you know I have one of those great jobs Elizabeth and I do where you know we do it and we love it and really love what I do. And I really enjoy sitting with you because. That the emphasis is on you it's not on so it's not how great we are and what wonderful stuff we have it's on. What do you trying to accomplish in your life what the focus on that first appointment. Is about the purposes of your life we're gonna ask you some you know questions that might make you uncomfortable like howdy wanna spend the next thirty years. And I deep dive into that planning with a purpose because that's gonna bring us. Right into our mile walk you through our first appointment and these questions and and what exactly do we mean by planning with a purpose. Well more often than not we meet with families and they have a collection of accounts right. And this just happened over time they worked here have an IRA retirement account. They've got an account sitting over here but there's really no purpose our objective assigned to necessarily. They all know retirement as a goal but. We really get more specific guarantee purpose if for example we see people all the time coming in with insurance. Policies. But when we asked a question wolf why do you have this what is it four. It silence them and so really we have to help you we're gonna help you uncover. You know what is what are you trying to get this investment. To do for you. And more often your needs today. Are very different and your needs when you might have purchased an investment. 1015. Years ago. And so really having to hack comes with an answer. What do you want this to do for you or why do you have this if you don't know if you can't answer yourself right now. Why I have this investment that investment. Need to call us at 512215980. Parity. And you know go to our website capstar financial dot com and look at their videos and look at our educational. Different topics we've got one on estate planning we've got one an income planning we've got one on taxes we've got. A lot of articles and they are they're very helpful you are you know it's the beginning of the year it's time to do some new things it's time to. Investigate. You know the last fifteen months has been brutal and if you're like most people. It's time to. Do some different things with your money to have a different conversation with somebody that's gonna help you. Preserve and protect but yet also navigate weird new pup a new presidency in new interest rate environment. A lot of things are changing you don't want the old. To be in you know where you're headed so you've got a call us 5122159. Ask your right it's very likely that the strategies. If you had any strategies in place for your investments. You know this past year. Are likely not going to be these strategies that are going to be best for you in this upcoming year. And we wanna make sure that you have a complete understanding have. What a risky you have with your investments and if you haven't taken a look at what you have today and what that's gonna mean for year. You know projected out to retirement and are you doing their right things today. And you need to give us a column. Well you know I often times we'll sit and ask you here's some of the questions. You know if you doubled your assets right now would it make a big difference in your lifestyle in retirement. And then you might say yeah well what if you lost. Half your assets. Would that make a big difference. But then would their response I hear with that as well oh my gosh yes you know most people if say you know. Had a big increase they're pretty much get. Maintain the same lifestyle all and enjoy life. But it can be a real problem if the opposite were to happen losing half of your assets are half of your income. So when we come back date to end we're gonna talk about some hidden asset classes you don't know without. And really talk about some advance planning options and how we work with families to preserve the legacy. And remember some folks are financial lives and the rest are otherwise. It's Casey Johnson talked thirteen seventy talking with our host of financial wise radio retirement specialist Suzanne Blackburn -- financial you know I love working with families that have worked their whole lives to give to a place where they have comfortable retirement but they don't understand income planning Social Security choices taxes health care what happens if somebody gets too sick to take care of themselves or someone dies too young what is the impact for income for life not to mention the fact we're living well in north ninety's so you have to get -- a competent retirement specialists is gonna sit shoulder to shoulder with you and look at everything without trying to sell you products if you're within ten years of retiring or about to retire call our team caps are financial Collins and we will build financial house for you Dennis sustainable in good times or bad times schedule. No obligation meeting with Suzanne Blackburn today or learn about any of her informative events call 5122159. B thirty today. By went 22159. B thirty. Welcome back to financial wise with C said Blackburn and Elizabeth James. Welcome back to financial life this a great show Elizabeth we're talking about. All the things that's gonna happen TU on your first appointment with us when you come in the cius capstar financial but you've got a call us. At 5122159030. And what we're going to be talking about next is. Kind of how that appointment goes with you it's a new year you gotta do some different stuff we've done a new president new interest rates a lot of changes. Are you dealing with all the old stale. Out a date things that probably not doing so well the last fifteen months has been brutal in appear in those same models and haven't worked with they financial planner. That's got a purpose for you. That's what we do we'd love to see yeah. Now in that first appointment it's all about your purposes we ask you questions like what's a reasonable interest rates that you want to achieve what are your goals is protection of assets important legacy of that to pass on. You wanna spend everything. What do you going to be doing in your first five years of retirement the next five years after that ten years twenty years. Then we help you understand what it enough. Some disasters come. Is you know we're not getting younger and so there's some health care issues that need to be addressed such as you have a planned in place if you get sick. Our what if what if he dies young. Because that is gonna impact you so security. And you know pierce sitting down with a sales guy that selling annuities are selling mutual funds. They're generally not gonna address the planning issues of so security. A death. Of risk of what's gonna happen if there's an illness what if what have you would have both of you guys how how is that gonna pass on in legacy planning. And. I know expand on that from mom meant the first appointment when we are discussing and really defining purpose for your. Retirement and your life in your dreams your goals those are really personal feelings questions it's. Far more than just a checking some boxes on you know the standard risk tolerance you've all seen on. You know daddy daddy daddy brokered dot com our retirement planning dot com yeah we really want that. Deep dive and do what your. Goals aren't very personal. And so that first appointment it's all about getting to know one another. You're gonna feel like you know a year and a doctor's office are getting interrogated we are going to really do a deep dive and really get to know each other on that appointment. But the outcome of that and their reason for doing that is you know the more information and we are able to collect and more personalized. Personalized to your situation. Were able to provide you with really three very important deliverables. As a result of that meeting. And that's going to be the our risk analysis. I've your current investment portfolio. And the risk analysis and also the fee analysis. Big deal that's a big deal and then just as Suzanne mentioned the Social Security timing and how does that play into your overall. Financial plan. And then the cat and the the big picture of this is the checklist if you Willits going dude take into account all of your inflows and outflows and your assets and your risk in your earnings on them and projecting out throughout retirement. And a year by year cash Phil analysis. And uncover where those risks my idea of running out of money or someone getting ill or so my dying down and you know what I went through. A wrench in the plane and because if you're sitting there and you're listening to this is like blob lob linemen in no way of what this is about I know you. And there's many view as couples frankly that you're not on the same page with your spouse. And I'm thinking of stories that we've sat with couples that like ice that would when this afternoon and one of them is of by jitter and very clear on the numbers in the other one doesn't really care doesn't wanna know. All of that. And so how do you how do you work with that family mean what what do we do Elizabeth. Will we try to meet people where they are used some things in life Dillinger energy and some things in life just Wear you out cook. So we have to have day expect a happy medium rare and we see it all the time to you know some might be about Jeter and some might not. But we also see a real difference between someone's comfort with the red scorn their perception of rest and that has to be a discussion and in plain English. And I can't begin to tell you how many people are always talk in over their heads in using. Language barriers that you don't even understand we're gonna talk in plain English that's what I love our class that we teach so much because. Again it's really about what is the perception and gaining. Everyone on the same page that they feel comfortable and they know what they have their portfolio and they know what it's doing for them who. Well to help you educate this Sutton I love about our firm. Is that we're constantly having events last year. We did a geeks glide to a wonderful thing where they came in and explain how to use your heart your phone. But we also had someone there representing a real estate investment trust for data centers. And they were able to explain. What exactly is a real estate investment in a lot of people don't wanna be in their sixties and seventies collecting Renton retaining house and re carpeting and rental. That you can still participate. In some really cool investor stuff without having to go buy a house. Right so again we make it so that it's. A you know appropriate or understandable for. In the average investor and they really understand the purpose of why they're doing mess. Well and the other thing too and I remember ever calling Gallic came in for that first appointment she had done a great job. With investments. But she had. Cash 1015 properties that were in the oil and gas industry shoes in her eighties. And I said the you know eat we are defined Elizabeth by the questions that we ask. And so by asking the best questions. We're gonna get answers to the things so that people can uncover problems. And make sure they've got solutions for that in this gal with all these oil and gas properties those are deeds that she had not set up properly. To pass on to her loved ones. And in her eighties she died that would have all gone through probate and everybody have to get fractional and trends send all of this mess and so we were able to use our affinity relationships with the attorney. And put that into a revoke global trust and set up some estate planning she's thrilled. Because now for very low cost she's able to protect those assets from probate and from the cost of death. That's a great. Example and when you talk about beauty about financial planning or your retirement plan. Most people. Individuals as well as professionals stop at the investment accounts at financial planning in retirement planning. Has to have all those other components. Again what is going to be the distribution of my assets and my passing. And how does that impact my tightly in my and what do I do today to make share. That those wishes half then as I hit and directing. And so you wanna make sure that you are working with someone who really does look at a comprehensive. Holistic. Planning approach yeah. So you have to call us. It's be red line report and the Red Line report starts with view. We want to get to know you we want to give you this report it's about a 500. Dollar value because. We are going to spend about an hour to an hour twenty minutes with cute in the first appointment then we go back to the office. And we analyze where you are what it cost of of what your investments are low a price your relationships. And we wanna see if they're meeting the objectives that you have put in in place in that red line report. And then we wanna see are you gonna ran out of money now you may be one that you save like crazy you do and great. But you've got everything too risky. Or you've got everything in one asset class everything in mutual funds everything in your 401K. Are everything in taxable assets or how about this one. And I know you know I'm talking to out there that everything in cash yet our money market it's right has you scared. And so you don't understand how things work. And so that's what we want to do is tell you things in plain English on numbers 512. 215. Nine B thirty and next day tin next we're gonna talk about. Which account land and peeling off the intercom in the best possible tax advantaged way so stay tuned. And remember some folks are financial wise and the rest are otherwise. There's a new reality facing all of us and retirement planning it's a perfect storm. A storm of unpredictable markets pension erosion and uncertainty. Surrounding Social Security. Hi I'm season Blackburn owner of capstar financial and host of talk thirteen seven knees financial lies radio. I'm inviting you to make a planned a retirement plan because now is the time to start. I'd like to offer listeners the chance with a personalized complimentary. Retirement analysis. Or are Social Security timing report. Com leases at Blackburn. Today at 5122159030. Retirements coming when you're ready for it or not so let's make a plan together. It's 512215. 9030. Our capstar financial dot com investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC an SEC registered investment advisor. Welcome back to financial wise with C said Blackburn and Elizabeth James. Welcome back to finance two lines you don't let this is a great show on our first appointment with you. And explaining TU the. Questions that we ask. The information that we're gathering so that we can give you the best practices in Austin which is called a red line report. That you get to keep for no charge you to call us at 512. 2159030. But I wanna give you the key concepts of what we're doing with the folks that need our help. Is that you've worked your whole life you've been an expert in your field you're very knowledgeable what you do. But what we do is we bring to light by asking good questions. This problems of Social Security timing. Of should we keep the life insurance or not she we do estate planning are not. We to count when do we withdraw first second third. What how do we build this financial house. With the risk or cash. Or annuities or real estate or stocks and bonds and mutual funds and ET sent all that. And we have done a great job by educating our clients on how to do that and through the year we invite you to different events that we. Have to highlight those asset classes. I see it very frequently we will have clients come to us. And they have you done all right and they have worked and saved and through that accumulation phase. In their life. They have a nice mix of assets as Suzanne just mentioned sound IRAs and some brokerage accounts and annuities and insurance. And then it's yeah the million dollar question. You know I retire. I got these different buckets of money now why. Where do a how in which she cannot do I turn on. For a paycheck and what order and you know what mix what's gonna be the most tax efficient. Way. For me to do that. And it's thirty year life because we. We believe the buck hitting approach is about the best and if you come in the office Collison 512215. 9030 will explain. We really really think it's important that you choose specific accounts to have purpose. In different segments of your life in different time lines. A 41 to five years five to 1010. And beyond an emergency fund a recovery bucket. A risk bucket OK a fund bucket. You know those are things that we want to assign purpose too so that if you've got one this designed for fifteen years from now and it takes a dip in the market. You've got a long period of time to recover. And that also really helps with just be. Expectations. Or perceptions and if you have a good plan like we have with our clients at capstar. When we have purpose and plans for different buckets of money well then we don't have to the worry. If we have a long term growth they cannot have a little. Volatility because that's what it's designed to ditto that's not our. You know Grisham storm Bonnie today that's another camp now you might be sitting here listening going only got I don't want to lose a dime don't lose a penny of my money. Well we know how to do that we know how to grow it with absolutely no risk. And will explain to the good the bad and the fine print C you know what you're getting into as well. That's right and everybody has again everyone has a different. Perception and a Def different needs different objectives. And so it's going to be a customized approach it's gonna meet your needs you know if you want to lose control of your life. Lose control of your financial life. And I say that a lot because when we're in our thirties. And we have a financial crisis or forties. Our bodies can handle the stress at a different level than if you seventy. And so by looking at this report you're going to be looking at age by age year by year. Which account do you withdraw from what's the tax implication in that year do we turn on a pension duly delay. What about Social Security we do we take it is 62. Or do we wait 'til full retirement age or do we wait til later what about a spousal benefit. Those are the things that are absolutely. Official important you or repay replacing a paycheck. For thirty years and Social Security is about 4%. Of retirees incomes so it is day. A big portion a substantial portion of your retirement income so yeah and that is an irrevocable decision. That you need to get right the first time so you don't just make a big decision. Without planning so call us right now 5122159. And sit with us we'll have a cup of coffee we'll have some intelligent conversation with Q. There's no obligation we're not gonna too early on the ground twist your arm we haven't done that a longtime employee. I I distance is that DN a wild planet while. So anyway just we just planned but anyway call us by 122159. Film pulled our financial eyes and the rest are. Otherwise. 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