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Retirement Planning Show, 01/07

Jan 7, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the retirement planning show with Teamsters ASCII. Call Steve now at 1804571298. And now here's Steve's just asking. You know welcomed news money and so on and so this is Steve's necessity. Euro's. And thanks for them an undisclosed weekend. You know I'm located right here in the Austin area who were in round. And who with the news. It is important when you looking forward to apply them the option. To zone's been in the business. Would move through the 2000. Lou in 2008. And you are part of that. And not my clients. Lost in the money because in the market decline. It's I'm from it's extremely important that you use them as at least it's necessary to use hue with your. Welcoming yours. Coming off to retirement. Wars in two. It's crucial. That you have some huge business suit suit you though you bonuses feud image of that. You. The use you retirement. You know afterward. And it is that you don't have to worry butchering them. Obviously. When you didn't. You know. Choose which changes the entire. And recover enough to retire. And start thinking about him as mr. stern thinking about risk some of the components certainty. There's going to be concerned about. In. This is there that that we specialize. When it comes to income mean. And this is what we do day in and Leo. That's what you do we talk about right here on thirteen seventy. Every Saturday. And Sunday mornings you know. You brought us talking about. In sports. So that you. Used it in your dues and number. It's 104. Cars one team and 1047. Well. Give me a call let's discuss your concerns my team receptions list and game by. We'll enforce. And call and and you pull the information. About you personally. Ian and number news one they loan. Fourth prize 7129. Days. On licensed by this is taxes. An independent agent. And work Rooney is supposed to go in large corporation. That those are rough was knows what to offer and what not at all. Well we do is call into the world hands. And that does cutting edge products. And solutions. To meet your specific financial goals. As an independent. Now restricted products and services that we can offer. We've Hulu professional independence. Whose critical vulnerabilities through your best interest. The variety of options that we can offer as a result of independence. Is one of the main reasons our clients choose to work with us. We feel that financial options available to use should be limited to what's available in the world. So it was a call. One they've known for Faris. One and they. In. Indians are two receptions for standing by force them would take advantage of worms. Which it is WW dot C money taxes dot it's a money surfaces dot. You know in the forest more core philosophy news. Blew that all wealth comes from. It is. TV it's my responsibility. You get good Steward would go on and trust in me. And a good stewards should first. Protect his wealth from loss. And second. Make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base hallmark cards recommendations. Give us a call 1804. Pars 7122. And I need you wanna take advantage for free consultation. That's true or radio listeners whose. No Foster leadership spoke at home. On to our office soon in round rock or will come to place of business you resonance whichever you prefer which Ruth. The world so best for you appear on it will make him because of health issues or time restraints. So give us a call at 18045712. In the ironies. In game you can call 2.4 seven. Team receptions for standing side. You know as always we're going to be discussion. With a radio listeners who are approaching retirement. And those who view a review retirement. You know one we look at does. What's available today and what's not available to this for us. Investments as we. We news. Difference with different. Animals with our fans and news. Is. It's a safety. It's news that teacher counselor. Guaranteed. The safety of your principal. We look at the index accounts and news and news that you talked about. Room composure ovals soon variable and news. Will rule which accounts. Which involves substantial rose in tremendous uncertainty. The advantage use the tees will be there to accounts control or Maine it's CDs. Money market accounts. And the course is truthful compound in. And steps that you can play today it is simpler. Answers. We've looked at CDs and money market accounts interest rates to extremely well. Even though this coming year. Though it was looses it problem on. Interest rate and some to. With that said looking that was very modest. But in these these pumps will be in the park basis point boos from world in the so it's even with after three problems. Will be lucky you are making one person at the bank. So with its. It's almost impossible. On that in history and money in CD's and money market accounts. Seen nothing about the fact that after union boosters. Minimal interest returned. You steal and a pay in taxes. Which you towards him but he noses right around the corner. You know the fifteenth has come an apartment. So and that brings us there is another area that is the taxation. We look at taxes it's extremely important. With the brackets are we have. To take advantage. Of tax deferred plans that that ministers to help you. During times like now owns those taxes are common on the redo. Com it's certainly in the eyes you can make that decision on when you wanna hit those taxes. Mania. Lean textures from. It or more. In the we have the ability to do that with European. You'd have a banner year. We divert those taxes. And keep your money in your cupid in the current yours come. You'd have a tremendous amount of flexibility with the accounts when we talk about solution. There's a lot of advantages in that area. As far as you can reductions Social Security tax simply because of via an able to do interest firms have been enough home. And taxable Tata. Sue news ways around it opens as you make sure that your. Ian minimal taxation minimal taxes and your income middle taxes on national security. And these are things that are all becoming very very important to Kia and especially now. So give us a call 1804. Pars 1112 mediate at 1804. Pars twelve eight. Justice peace process can. In your listening to save money in the climate shall. You know. You. Thanks for listening to the retirement plan in show with Steve's recessed keep its you're looking for annual interest rates of 78%. Guaranteed up to twenty years with income guaranteed for life income that can continue for the life of both spouses and start and stuff as he can lead us plus all moneys left on your demise go to your errors then Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to Easter recess PM 18045712. Night that's 1804571298. Working at Stephens hassle free there's no sales pressure Steve's been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for you. And he can help you as well. Only for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market. Gobbled up by broker fees were taken by uncle sale. All Steve she says he's now at 180457129. Innings that's 1800. 457129. This needs to assess fees. It was into the news money was totally kill. Thanks to tune in this week. You know we're located right here in the Austin area we're in round rock in Hampton who was thirty years. And open people and prepare for retirement. To in retirement. We've been on thirteen 78. You know for over eight years. Or on every Saturday at noon. And Sunday morning's media room. So grab a piece of paper and you're gonna need this number. It's 1800. Four pars 71298. That's 1800. War 57. Well nine the date and don't you know web site. Which is a money. Taxes. It's a money taxes dot. So give us a call. 1804. Pars and one time a team receptions for standing by warning for seventeen colon. He had some questions you need some answers. Give us a call on will be back to you personally and answer those questions Oreo. In addition of that if you like to take advantage of through consultation. There's no obligation. No pressure. Come into our office who will come to you with your group warns. Whether it be you lose business residents speak to him make him because of all issues or. It is time restraints. Give us a call 1804. Pars 712 radiate and grow so appropriately. And make sure that you receive the appropriate information. You know give us a call when he goes under par 79 you to. Yeah and check his web sites money taxes. And you'd weigh in court shouldn't contact us who went so well. In addition two through consultation. Indians know obligations and no cost to Moscow were trios. And but you know addition of that you. You like to learn about these indexes news and there's news to hear me talk about. And is Lauren about. Financial planning to real tournament. We are used so forests forest real retirement. Then have another option for but he among them in touch tone. He is rudeness exceptional book called stress free retirement. And with this walk of stress for retirement he talks are particulates in incidents loss. Our primary income streams. Mentions ever you know. In how to receive on unlimited upside gain potential was who was problems. Now wouldn't it be exceptional. View of the captured unions. At least majority opinions. And never worry about the announcement. Sin the market goes crash from those falls 15%. 30% 50%. So who cares. In net. Yeah this is just in the exceptional tool again. If your poem you know to retirement. Or if you are in retirement. This book should be in your parents. And you'll learn about all the stock in those annual management fees Jews stockbroker in your money managers. This is of interest give me a call 1804. R.s 712. In Iran. Give me a call in the womb make sure. That your shoes exceptional read. Stress. Relief retirement. You know it's a great book if you come about retirement or in retirement. You need to have this you need to read the book. So give us a call 1804 point 712 the date. Its long we're talking and you hear me talk when you review shall we talk about. In complying. With talk what protection of your assets. And NASA protections. Extremely important to you and your prominent retirement yours within ten years to retirement these errors he needs to look at. And verify views you definitely need to be an. Arm retirement. You definitely need to be. Looking at this and then taken into consideration world it's in your portfolio. Give us a call 18471298. McGinn my team recessions are standing by 24/7. Take advantage of that from book offer or free consultation. With the free consultation we do offer. Him. And income analyzed as well. This is just an exceptional program. Again become a retirement or you are retired and this is mrs. A program that you wanna have. So that structured on for you. Just really use you know bring bring everything polite to do for you and were you rent along console us. Com in his Houston and just import highly enough about his Indian command retirement income analyzer is just a great tool. So if you like to take advantage of that with a free consultation were happy to do for Leo. Calls 1804. Point 712980s. You know we talked about in come play I mean we talk about protection of assets. This was an article chrome thank advisors in January 4 just recently 217. And it's Harvard. Harvard academic c.'s debt grow worse than 1994. Bar and a master. And goes and bond market is confronting the perfect storm. It is mostly in and debt investor. Peso mall a year period of sustained losses. In goes and if you thought through it already ruined the gloomy as possible prognosis for bonds'. Weight into issues. Fall shorts and a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard university and visiting scholar at the Bank of England. Said if the latest on market bubble burst. There will be the worse and worse than in 1994. When global government bonds offered the biggest annual loss on record. And it's looking back over its centuries of data. I find that the 2016. Bull market was indeed one of the largest ever recorded. Quotes Nelson. In an article goes to them bank on the ground which is a blog run by the Bank of England staff. History suggests this reversal will be driven by inflation fundamentals. We've investors worse off than in 1994. Barn massacre. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch global government index of bonds. Fell. Three point 1%. In the worst ever annual loss in 1994. As then. Federal chairman Greenspan. Surprised investors by almost double in the benchmark Corey. Treasury dangers yields from five point 6%. November. With the word to use what we talked a little bit before. News that is increasing those rates. And you think about three terms in wanna increase from the in this coming year. What happens then is the current mark mark is trees in the perfect storm. Of potential student in the bar and you'll ever. Monetary policy lightning and pool. In Malta a year period. Of sustained losses due to a bush who shall we. Inflation. Resembling that of 1960s. And he's in the last quarter it was the worst for government bonds since 1980s. According to the data compiled by Bloomberg. By historical standards. This implies. Sustained double digit losses embargo means sub par growth and development marketing. And balance sheet risk for banking system with a large home bases. Shipman Olson's. So. What can use. Diverted. And it might be worse than chipper. The result from the news that's the good news. With our advance planning. We can choose to Walt tattoos and some options. That. Entity in future immune to move. The proper position. Give us a call 1804571298. And wellness gurus does the great news there is some exceptional. Exceptional. Alternatives. Give me a call 1804571298. You know if you like to take advantage of our free consultation. Or if you like to provoke offer. Gibbs called union call one GeForce seven. Martin Kaymer receptionists are standing by at 18044712. Justice to use successfully. Through listening to save money in the apartment show. You know all of you back. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve's recessed cheap if you would like to reduce your future income taxes reduce the amount of your Social Security income included as taxable income. And avoid taking required distributions from your IRA that you may not need. Plus provide airs with a lifetime of income tax free distributions. Steve can help. Got the phone calls to Easter recess PM 1804571298. Working with Steve this hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. Oh wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. All Steve she says he now at 1804571298. That's 1800. 457129. Ain't. Welcome back this is Steve's success. And you listening to lose money in return plant and Joan. And thanks in tune in this weekend you know we're located right here in the Austin area were in round rock have been improved with thirty years. Went thirteen seventy area home. Every Saturday at noon and Sunday mornings at eighty. You mrs. insanity from coaches who owns on Sunday morning that he. We've been with thirteen seventy now for overeat years in a great working relationship with them. So. If you need some answers issues. Concerned about your investments you're concerned about. Were you headed. And used you know like the uncertainty of the market. And you again if you're coming out of retirement of close to retirement. Use give us a call take advantage of our free consultation. That's 1804. By 71298. And then again it's a free consultation there's no obligation to do chip broken home. Come to our office. Wore it warns his bill through the time restraints put over. Were have to come to you. As well do you know when that puts a business residence. So give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. Find out. One notes is available Alter. And him potentially comparisons and showing you. Different alternatives. I'm sure that you be more than impressed with the current events in the you Jews real issues congress in compliant and his warriors. Specializing in. He it's something we've been doing for years and yours and yours. Like to mention when the first segments that are clones were concerned and 2001 concern to 2000. It is a decline in the market now birthers. Principles at all and other phones that news accounts from las. Known over cars lose because of market declines. It's you give us a call 184571298. Opinion our team receptions for standing by 24 sevenths you've been calling it. In addition of that as we're talking in the last segment about Barnes and true. The government to Saturday evening news from our options options used. And they wrote this and these from the US Treasury Department that Americans should convert at least hand from the retirement Susan to a new. Short statement. And is it annuity sales were. And the kindness Susan. An annuity pays off for as long usually. There are also in the insurance against general's stock market declines. And or individuals. Investment decisions. And this is what junior mark are we deputy assistant Treasury Secretary. Recently announced that the Obama administration wants to make options for a new testing come more attractive. There is a serious problem with the Americans were running of the rule moaning as they get older. And in addition of that news or lack of financial education about the benefits and new Moody's. And what's available this is from the US government accounting office. Accountability office. There are. Even suggesting because he noses and there's problems that you had. They know that you need. Good solid answers. Something this predictable. Something that you can count on relying on the matter how long you. And that's we bring to the table. Known voice it was Steve this is so darn good wars and everybody. Well in 201554. Point five billion dollars were invested. And fixed indexed annuities bind them to. 54. Point guard bill. Lamar. So people do so. You heard me talk many many times of pastors. In the last four partners so they used in news news news in my notes from increased an increased new inquiries. So of these but or soon to our vote is two to four billion in this Jews Jews last year. That was. So on news literally billions and billions of dollars and invest it and you indexes which you talk about. And simply because they are an exceptional tool. So if you like to learn more give me a call 180457129. And and in India and deal with pints of in this can provide you with predictability and certainty. And process which indeed when you're close to retirement or in retirement especially in the tournament. Acid allocation is ruin you theory. Meaning there is simply to take testimony importer of monster from reporters inequities. That doesn't mean that's gonna work out. Numbers so when does. News have been predictable. So that you can count town and something reliable. This would bring to the table. Give me a call at 104. Pars 71298. That's 1804. Faris. 129. Days to. You'd like to take advantage recruit book offer. My books by my buddy Patrick. Yeah and aliens and he writes you wrote two books stress free retirement which administers an exceptional read. And I'd be happy to get there don't your hands of issues like free of cost will have to have to have been postage begin handling. You know if you. Sued just you viewed like that book give me a call 1804. Pars 71298. Review appropriate information with my team a receptionist. And I will make sure that you received it. So give us a call. 1804571298. And and say take advantage of the free consultation or revoke offer. Remember in consultation. Lone goal in the news retirement income analysis. Which is can't talk currently in a potent tool users just exceptional tool so. Have a great weekend misses the use to assess you know listening to. Save money and time poncho. Even all be better. You've been listening to the retirement planning show with Steve stores asking. Call Steve at 1804571298. And today next week for another edition of the retirement planning staff.