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Let's Get Healthy with Bill Swail, 01/07

Jan 7, 2017|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Hello good morning your body this is coach royal. Depreciation. Joining us this morning for an hour and we got a good show we go to the doctor mark Shannon. A mercy sister chiropractor nutritionist. From where Austin, Texas let's say if he had I believe I hope we just ruined born and raised and he and ready the second generation and the director was his father mother so I was handled. Not just about these keystone. The book is the original designed for health. So he's consumers just this upholstery very inexpensive 220 dollar we're gonna talk about that. And I like him because reduces them for the pillars of the few things seizures to leave a really good life. Ray I think that's that's great shared I haven't allergies this morning from more recent cover charges from it would NBC nearly every senior now. Hi this is itself a sharp shouldn't escape via. And then mass daughter he's gonna talk about immune health. But he seems. To big look at how you can get it tells me. When your immune system so your voice really serious conditions then you used to be an allergy problems but it's he still helps to. And then we go to oh coming. Kelenna. Doorway of he's gonna give a talk. And on this season's gone to deal think it's that's Thursdays January 12 seven Thursday January 12 some Obama at the people's sons cellphone my current top venture. Our programs abortions. She usually has a lot of people who I don't know who's telling your chargers know. Pushes more people lot of interest and. Again this is an important topic it's a boat that's calling gut feeling and it's about leaky gets engines a lot of people heard Ben don't really know what it means to look at talked to her and learn more about her upcoming talk. No she understood. What we are similar you're always. Hopefully start to show us minister well how cold is it tough code well. How cold this is it politicians. Let's say capital have their hands in their home park and Parker stuff. General partisan has their own hands and that's usually move yes. This is consuming Booth. If she should they don't like this. The Jerome. Do you condition called Polaroid. Cut heroine of the Polaroid. Cook the consumer is. Your your boy in my life them like UCL yet accustomed. Real news will do some more who do some more in just a little bit so we'll have to ruin her. But right now we're we're gonna get a little more seriously mark. Marsha. Good morning and good morning mark how you doing. Man I'm there and fantastic carry off when I'm doing OK to Seoul's top justice were not allowed to reduce. I'd put my hand I have no idea I haven't haven't recorder to my patients talking about it. Well you talk a bit better do it could go distorted what it is blue dog doesn't eat cheese cheese she's gorgeous Austin. Now what ordered federal level. Rewritten the second highest in history last week. Yeah that's two. And the temperatures close to six years I was not allowed tiny streaming now does that mean although my sister lives up in Seattle area. North of Seattle and the temperature of one degree. Fought. So we can would you wouldn't complain to you never know where. Where you go to America for the push to underwrite global warming doesn't. You know they hammer in his chair and you know. Well let's see let's talk push your book and by the way you your practice here in Boston. Here's a consideration chiropractor a first successful practice by the way I heard much it's. I appreciate that it was your mother compress your dad. It's my dad doctor George Shannon you've taught me everything announce. And you know I've been in practice together for twenty years back. But he's been an option or 58 years oh well. And so he is still in practice work five days a week. Mornings on my but five days a week and that. He is an absolute inspiration to me in. And honestly inspiration for this family at all the whole community Casey is. He's reliving. What we were taught and and you can do to benefit evidence like you wake up very day trip. All right let's do this and maybe cheered dole. Next month so I think come over that's so. I need your straight ticket I. You it's always had to assure you pay lurid. You have amazing wife appeared you wrote this down. Don't raise my wife and two beautiful. Daughters. That's correct and why the green is my mind. My right hand she helps me with everything that I spirits she is an incredible credible election and thank you girls are being Katie here at seven and nine and in school here Highland Park and afternoon and that disk blood and lives. Great the issue audio I don't know like then there was I just gone. I am extremely lesser man though it is really made up good good genes you've been hunger were you born in Austin. Yeah I wanna read more bruised. For usually depression for twelve years. Insert the time flies when you haven't learned she and we. There ya located decent union square right there where. And twenty chronic seriously pretty north but now it if I Central Bank hit adolescence in Austin blew it. Relax it's crossroads you get people coming east and west some funny if you try pyramid. North and south from OPEC Eritrea. And PG. Plus briefly talk about your book. This is just barely Amazon on the web and I still use us mission before we started that is very inexpensive zones trillion dollars right. Yes so the you see the price point. The paperback version it is 1699. And that was really so we could make this easy for everybody to access it's not. You know something you know it is truly believe it's the acquittal literally. Or. Every day guy and gal you know this is. Kind of written at a level that is. Conversational. Did not how I am Smart and I'm gonna talk about Holyoke mayor pro Princess Diana continue to sit there and less Eric. It very simple stuff and it's all of the basics you know what I. Kind of figured out along the years served being in practice and cork in it my dad you know I would sit together in and talk at the end of the day and when you. Look at people that are saying oh really just seventy. You can't help but notice some patterns and so you kind of have to really distinct groups of people you have first. Big big group that is. You know it's really shared and there are going to be routinely imminent they are just getting just man's. They're rarely have pain Alley circuit map exercises that they do they eat well if I ever asked to focus on producing extra as. And here's an interest in paying me for not taking that kind of medications. And then they travel a great deal they're very actor who enjoyed life they get attitude yeah. And really those are. Such fun people to be around. But then you would imagine the other groups are we see that really cleared distinctive because cutter. You know maybe in the future many counts they don't get excessively optimistic at all and there are. You know and a lot of pain they don't exercise or eat and go horribly did not sleeping quietly stepped up taking a bunch of medication. You know they have trouble getting around and they obviously. Don't really seem to be enjoying life and they. They have this kind of negative. Attitude around them and you know it's not fun to be around them so you can't help Placido patterns and go there and there's a little bit of a formula here. We had did you you terror they have both. You should know the truth and the truth shall make you free. And that's what you. Not our members in equitably around gonna cause. A year but it that it makes more sense to me now because when you know the truth you're free you're free of diseases and conditions things and that's the best possible. And I think that where we're learning is that they're living through chemistry was not the troops. Not going out and there's a freedom pharmacists and as you phrase murmur through chemistry. I guess there is a make I would up clashes I guess I better limit for the time being. We got a lawsuit lawsuit advantages. With chemistry book but it's tough the whole answer. I did say it 300 they have spent served our technology in medicine and I have absolutely saved lives during where. Living in the country that bled and pioneered. You know really the most technological advancement and pan am I pharmacology. And you know tied the matter improvement in the world. And yet we're still having. Multiple challenges in this nation in other rate of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and cancer and obesity are are. Going to root really more than a lot of other countries that are. Leading technological advancement so we've gotten great things that save lives and I you know it's funny it sometimes she'll have a an opinion that chiropractors. Or nutritionist which you know on both of those. Are kind of anti medicine and billion U know me serve long time now that. Nothing more could be true we work hand in hand. Which indeed to have a good number and you know a trend that I Berkshire to on a weekly basis where a lot of first name basis cellphone call to leak. And got just patiently going about that and so to meet its day. It's a working together and about the appropriateness of the treatment not that one is good and one is that there is there's great. You know synergy and working between the youth. That you field. This is all about collaboration. Aren't absolute weigh heavily doctored Musharraf who would need to do they don't turn me Tyner. Yeah you can never return July sometime. And yeah he's had great on his current zoning board with a Molotov your clinical nutrition drink. Yes sir there's a doctor archer were a little further north poster carpenters who has lead me to pass in his office in Washington. He's got your officers to me. Yeah and that that kind of collaboration and you know working it was just kind of modest things and I tell people all the time is. We wanna try our our like what I grew up where would my dad was that you always tried to. But guess what her condition that you're dealing whereas after. From the most conservatives. Who least invasive and natural way first and then work your way. Found Melissa to speak of things that. I have more potential down side you know there's not a lot of down side it is. Just supplements or. Getting an adjustment or. Stretching or you know dealing with some emotional issues that you're going what the when we get in Utrecht in surgery we have a little bit more of a potential. Challenge so we'll see what we can deal on our own. And then use the great tools so we have. With modern medicine's. Right and well. For a camera or make sure we cover your book because the original desire for health. You have the original lender out its two available at the source anywhere in an America that books are sold you know like Amazon and Barnes & Noble fact. And this morning we're having had this afternoon having a launch party. And book signing absentee Barnes & Noble arboretum. From two to port so we'll have. Some student and I'll get to talk a little bit signed books and then really occurred to me and am really looking forward of that agreement I. They had that today the leader of poor adding the that there arboretum Barnes & Noble pink and so that can be called. And then. On Tuesday this coming your base something that. You guys Q3 we. Used pretty much exclusively standard process. Supplementation and opera. And people's pharmacy is a great resource strategy to be able to send people. Around the city that need to get some standard process. Supplement that aren't able to come by our office because you guys carry as well. And they have eight. That that we're doing and we've incorporated curve ever has a long and as I can remember. I'm doing. Talk automatic. It's a two hour class that the literally goes from. Bottom to top everything you ever wanna know about I. A clan to why would someone want a quote peacocks. And and and how to do it and that's going to be at shoreline church. This coming Tuesday that ten. From seven to 9 PM so entered on the court people come out well who exactly so there you. And that's very and that's where that is. Such eye and tell you that people would come to that. That really get motivated. You amazing consistory. That come out of their anyone they could petition challenges are amazing it just. Every time we really you know we lead probably a little under two people there at every year. And certain stories that come from another life. Changing things that happen are really remarkable and now it's it's exciting to see. Yeah that's a great program and so and it's a combination of nutrition and supplements and so that's going to be a bit right hours till now prove that. Particulars of how to deal looks agree a Petit said Tuesday that 1079 it Charlayne churches I mean. Short on church Catholic Church uses she seems to institutional and your lines. You know denominational church literally we have people from Eric. Every background and in christianity and it could very welcoming and loving church. My brother in law. I've passer Rocco is pastor. Yeah. And so he he may access the doors open. All all people occur it you know. It's just great meeting place and that. Place that we can get together and and shared their honorary man it's really get. A great. Well there are used. Yeah sure yeah. Yeah it did its north from up north compact asked. And so in that you just mentioned about the books are really didn't make it short sorry no real gut other folks to work on Cuba. You know this. This book is. It is really something that has been out my heart hurt since I was a little kid I I wrote a little. The thing that a little project or the second period except when I grew up I will be a doctor because. Well I like to help I'd like to help be awful. I didn't stellar real us. This my my handwriting was actually better than that it is. He he's insane Nancy Johnson I feel like I just I actually politically mom's favorite farming and and match so I have a cramp in my how does that. Really it's it's been my heart it is in my dreams really that it ends. You know I absolutely am thrilled to get help people and so. This book is. Everything that I've lineman Tony years all of the patient interactions and and you know of course older education and training prep. Really just seen the light changed in trying to figure out what is it got really. Create hell. And I mean I I see the frustration impatience guy's gonna and I just. So confusing though it. What nutrition you got. One person told me to leave me hanging up the other person town meeting he Giuliani has and that you know me wrapped and make it. And and I don't know what to do your right I'm just confused him you know I try to tell people really not that hard I really feel like god wanted it to be on hand so. He maintains. And inception he anyway that if we just look at it. You could have been around for thousands of years that assist saying to people. There are always going to be the best sources vs. The chemical Lleyton one better. You know the highly processed in genetically modified and covered him in calling the drilling Arab pesticide and herbicide than. And then just eating in moderation you know if you hear all the time but it's true I got this year. That's about 5000 folks here this last. Sunday and you know one of the story can really hit home what a lot of Pete Rose I told my patient won my first nutritional patients long time ago that. She just felt really. Who know discouraged sketchy quote tried everything. And didn't seem to get anywhere and and so we talked and I gave her all this great information and told early supplementing color about Caleb Brussels trap. And she said I thought that the great information thank you got I don't think I'm gonna do you any sorry you set. A I could well that's gonna make little harder for me to help here's. But let me see here and you know I said just so we'll quick in my heart like her and god help workers verse or idea. And and so we just came tuning and I said you know what. Plea and he and I seem so well Tuesday so we go to Serrano they got a Super Tuesday deal. Laureate duke played since allotted to build a case of too moderate positions among Mac and I could mean that sounded very. I sit here and we'll go ahead and go to an order everything your normal order. Okay. Like this I can do that and I couldn't tell her that is going to be. Just start what happened and it directorate harmed just cut your portion size still he everything that you love. Not may be ideal but looks stark error but stick maybe maybe step me step of good to save a thousand miles starts with one step Brent. And so she did that and over the course of really you know are a few short weeks and the months she'll also open the way she's got more energy issue started feeling like working out she. Loved what you saw on the marriage she sort of thing you know happier inside NC started. Going to have figured shopping divide new close girl on Britain's says. Yeah finally mowing. They stick underclassmen take tsk this trend toward one day per vacation don't lose weight. Yeah fell forward that I dynasty whose to not want to make sure we covered the uniform colors in your book I prefer he do. The physical chemical not torrents and spiritual. They're already you duo quick thumbnail sketch of those. Hey that one minute we have left. Yeah you bet that's really kind of the whole gist of the book is that it's not just about your gut it. It is also. All of the other things like it was first talking about it here raskin it here yeah you know sort of certain the amount of I'm Lisa and Richard scrambling and reducing stress and getting exercise and all those things have a role and honestly extra people who create balance. Among those four pillars that seemed to be there healthiest a lot of people are trying to seek help through one thing. Thank relive that whole foods are they'd live at the chance and go to those are fantastic but alone. They really don't create optimal health it's a balance of all four of those election. Well the third party used to today today the Shelton two to four it'll thaw out. The sun may hurt well great and you're going to be the arboretum margin noble. Yeah go right come out you. Hello and you get your hand and he did it get air time book and and Nash is great Alison great folks are going to be some really Yemeni certainly got more economic. This morning and already getting things ready we're all I'll organic has some history and penguins and everything that in the air original design so. That's so great and if Fred anyone who can make it Amazon iBooks Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million there's a lot of great Hispanic Christian books as we can get induct him marks CNN. That comment. As many had never really Devi got doctor Marcia NN dot com and on the web site specifically we have. KM have a more quick keepsake hardcover edition that I'll sign and and not send out to people. Thank you Laura manslaughter pleasure doctor mark have you on the show award. We got man loved loved I loved it I really enjoy your show and I appreciate Elvis built using her to suffer is that health and off tonight. Believe TC UT had to be tough but thank you thank you. I used to breaking. And let's get healthy. We don't smile on top thirteen Fannie. Boston's favorite pharmacy policy lives I'm 26 point three lie okay I'm willing to news. These guys born Adrian. And welcome back to the show from my show and don't. We're gonna do I think we have our next guests on the line and we drove we got to go pretty fast here. I shot should proceed west on her right. That's how are you withers. I am worried today. Pull up OK you know that's a bad weather here. I mean if he gets below freezing which is bad weather we've stepped back for just kind of move things. How many minutes I don't have to listen to people are there right now I think it took all of their degrees are. We we can't it's only here than it's 23 so that's sounds chocolate and red. The so many months. I employed army took to make. An employee benefits so that if you're. Especially as they get older that they can't that you go to work house if the temperature is below there age. I do that allowed them. But that would be it worked today for sure. It was who's 21 this morning so while there are not an oh yeah. Just try to lead in the teams. Via 182 and a cup. So mad is vice president sales and America being fair and means health the basics. And it's and it says that you spend and the national products industry for twenty years. Yeah we've been in this day and I've been saying that you put one years that work communal basics you know I've been on your show it's you know we've got a great immune product I think it's one of the best in the industry especially now. You know cold and flu season and you know everybody is Cochran brought even ailments and salt pork and you know we want her body or took our product he'd I think that it's a great product to take daily. Yeah and so the product again Ximian healthy six active ingredients Caldwell immune so before we launch until what it is and how where ex king. You get a full primer about the immune system in general. Well you know your immune system is made up a whole variety of different things you know you are white blood cell that typically push you know carry oxygen back and forth at different organs you've got fuel low white blood or cigarette and I felt Leo you're right there that she can help the unit made up a variety of different types. I'll say all the you know typically you know you've got to side of your immune system you got your innate torture kind of born what you got here choir that you are overtime and there's different cells associated with each one that. You know you all immune system is there to defend yourself. Again variety of different packaging it channel and let these behaviors system so that is to get healthy and if you look at year. You know again the environment we live and Norah your immune system it's constantly being struck out you got a lot of things that we can your immune system and things like Strauss. Popcorn diet or alcohol or smoke or you know if you're overweight lack of actual exercise nutrition salt or so your immune system. Is constantly being suppressed during the day whether you like it or not. And anything you can do to support your immune system. You're going to be better off than he had no matter what kind of tradition you have what you you've come you know eye contact with what does viral bacterial or anything like wraps off. It probably won't be too effective against to a we have here in Austin for the highest in six years the cedar. There's a junior allergies and I will help you do help prevent I have problems infect. And we dug in and out steady and rightly so because you know there are unique mechanism. On the war you know it strengthened some key immune cells in your systems on the -- does what what sort you out called McAfee is new crucial natural yourselves. But overtime we've always heard from people that it helps certain autoimmune challenge so we did Greg we studied double blind placebo study had a great week. And wiedmeyer large large anywhere from 38230%. Decreased I don't know into the low severity and duration. Of the fact that your body when he. We have an autoimmune challenged certain well when you're a little dumb one lap based skyrocket they increase in the number and they ought to overreact. We actually keep some hope that all at basically keep you know they'll let you decrease symptoms associated with those types of autoimmune challenges. So not only do the product. Strengthen your immune system. But I Marat and Lleyton down it is also certain types of auto immune challenges you know we've had great results with people taking our product because again we equals certain itself typically run ramp or increase the number. As they are people whom you know surprises. OK and so what is the magic ingredient in this product. Well the magic ingredient is bidding group and they get good hands then around for a while. But there's a lot of misinformation about beta group can let it go power works in Seoul court if you look at after the British we've got to lower short of fifty million dollars on the technology pop and politics are or traditional got with the mechanism. And again there's different types basically camp on the market any of the more popular ones are there. Oh really mushroomed and east and really there's a little bit difference in. The more push structure up mushroomed and he's got the biggest differences. Yeast to. But I'll give you more the actor Gregory in Russia are only became quite percent of this molecular structure of this 1316. Our product each other and 85%. A model 1316 but even in the Easter arena. There's problems different strains they're different they're 20 are you may get sold for so it really you know you look at the researches done on the ingredient in a ball or ours to help people we've gotten numerous double article evil studies on a product. From our bacterial parasitic studies console port we got a lot of great information on the so if it is debatable canned product so that's what I did destroy our car. As I know someone has a sensitivity to you some assuming some assistance. Compound from the east it wouldn't be an issue for them into two. I'm not gonna have been you she the whip them at all because you know we don't buy the products we manufacture and not an active yeast and molecule also know people have an immediate matter could probably get benefit from our product. Intent. There are some animals that tend to get tumors variously. I understand we have here and so we compound it a few years ago we still make an assumption would do. For the best amid the duque and topical cream there were schori well so we know. We know as far as she is that it is very powerful and just do Bosnia reduce it even given to reverse. Meanwhile ever pharmaceuticals rubbed his stick in it through drug stages because that is synergistic effect and certain immutable they're beating cancer treatments insult or so. Calm cool and right now the biggest you know your excitement in cancer treatment is called. Amino therapy truck wanted to give her console port than we've actually shown. I product act together synergistic are certain types of a new therapies and so forth then tumor reduction as well. Let's face and is there a deal have feared. The studies on your website or somewhere where. Well yeah they condemn you know basic stuff common get all the information on the ladies and so forth. And let you know he didn't have any question they can send an email or. So okay. Cinema practical side and there's two forms straight there's capsule and a suitable for kids are people who have difficulty swallowing capsules. In the capsule libertarian cal balloon you know you can actually do what capsules. Our our end you know you can put it in water editing like that particular starter and whoever our people. You know they'll match you got to we've done studies animals as well and one of the largest speed. He's in the world uses an ingredient to they've done that is part of what happened I worked and when they pick up the antibiotic but what you debated glue candidate Surtain mortality weekly gains overall happiness of the analog act won't. There are Chalmers. Antibiotic. You know other Q did you lead the true tablet. There's just have to strength and hope of the adult. Well you know we recommend court judge should do one milligram I'm a moderate to children's probably 25 milligram product we recommend broad are is armed to earn fifty milligrams. In the mentioned we try to do. Promote their credit to our product as the daily supplement because again you're immune system is constantly being depressed part Roddy of different. How urgent challenges Luke Donald what are every single day. And you know your immune just more fluctuates and like it doesn't do a lot of things that we can your immune system that you can't seem to get out of your control. Whether or environmental conditions here you agree console port port nutrition smoking you know medication agent also thanks so we can recommend. Elected truly cool because when you're traveling. And you can just you know you can chew on your far right closures Cotto a lot of bacteria. And then you sort via this gives us another month and next. Doce let you mentioned as enemy in instead daily SF how many capsules is that a day. You know I want to hold there and we did our lives you know typically get doubled to 250 milligram come to look pretty easily see how we try to do our. You know you take a want to do it because we will do happen. These immune systems you know the main belt that we have our carbon neutral also what you are more abundant like Australia Peter's system you know sixty to 75% your white blood cells are future also at all. Major oil well. You don't come off the map numbers the largest population he 122 billion our media system. They're typically the power so all that response to any apple how legitimate challenge personally I'm in the personnel on site. And yeah they're very short lived so well they don't live ball one to three days soul your body your bone marrow actually punishing these cell so we actually recommend taking baby who can every day because this felt that we mostly get back what can you ever saw your system you know sometimes it just a little walk this you'd like. May. You know are there any side effects. You know to really know quite effect whatsoever I mean Mike always told people in our ought to get really three main selling points is one that and activate wanna largest population what what else you have a system. Which is very beneficial because a lot of times you come down with challenges because you're immune system. Doesn't react quick enough or just doesn't have the immune army you're gonna get that project challenge and take care of it. The second one is just the safety aspect because again it's very very safe to take we've done numerous safety studies. The CW and so forth that have no indication that he type of solomons and the title in a pharmaceutical mr. going oh yeah and Lafley broad protection with a unique mechanism that we just got worked a number of years ago. We don't care what pathogens that challenges a bead on the east at all. Didn't do their job and we don't care of the ball bacterial arsenic it doesn't matter we get these new they'll sell more active more efficient do their job. In a non specific way so you don't care what are the connection on. And that's eight sits nice it's also safe for kids because a lot of parents want something to help their kids get through you know the AMC's newsman. I like in the game six of frequently it's nice test them and so we just have one minute left and son. Can you tell us so. Anything else that you announce that he wants to know about this products. We talked about it a little bit 'cause have you been doing this twenty years. I don't look good let me tell you I've been in this city should go a long time and I cannot I'm were updated in Minnesota here went to the university of Minnesota. You know looking to duplicate the group immune taught because it is very safe to take on a daily basis again we have the research behind it we got double blind placebo studies. Our military today area of the immune system in you know we let it go ahead in only one of your body of different wards are and they're then. All study that looked at a variety of different immune are. Competitive about the and we are traditional and so that was just a great a new product particularly. You got called Lucy right now so obviously people are going jewels like the challenges you've even. People who come down what challenges and don't take our product in the it takes only about being happy to do your system and received a. OK and if someone gets it. That big intake I had as a looks like they're cutting us off but do they go to ahead doses. And they can they have a 500 milligrams product that's the good fight climate can take back a few days. Again it's very good page you can overspend what you mean listen you can't get too much of observers. OK okay well thank you so much the suspend. Very limited then I shoot neutral morals to be cash every ten years if not sooner or not. The end game is an easy thing to thank you and bridges and I believe. And Margaret reversing. More yeah getting Intel information is right around the corner you're listening let's get. Helping rebuild is well on time thirteen seventy tomorrow to unite people come. Favorite pharmacy we'll be right back. Eleven NLV was built now on thirteen seventy. Boston's favorite pharmacy. Well as I can live once used to exploit dream lives. 35083. Doctor Lee yeah Google Wave and we're on good morning how are you doing. I'm doing and ask did Gerald. I'm duque what a pleasure. Can you back home and use your fear you're so popular were these seminars. And they are happy you got a good turnout every time. But well I just go to make people you know there's some good people there and keep. It's always fun. And believes I'm very informative and. That means you've got some good points you're having people. That's what we're trying to do has used you know make it. The interest being an informative karma on relevant topic. We got yeah our theories coming up in. Coming up starting. Next Thursday actually. Clearly giving NASCAR per period term you know one each month sure or complicated and now we're real excited about god. Oh yeah Turkey gets your blood vessels as combative and you. At the fact that I they're yelling at me exactly do you honestly he gets. They'll talk about it Toyota's assistant fund leaky goes a bigger than idea. Yeah well. Whenever we're talking about leaky gut where we're really talking about. I try to really simplify extra people in pain now. Our gut had recurrent Kirkuk come. And commonly called in the final of the cuts. And when it's disrupted. It just a couple of problems in the body as actor had shut down a lot of other engines in the body it's. You're leading issue it. You know not only let you know people would normally think and act you know direct gut issues but it is believed to issue could island unity. Earning at least two issues with the other chemical imbalances and the body. You know commonly I tell people live that can have your cut interest. The ad mean chemistry factory it's a location where a lot of things happen in the body that we wouldn't normally think of light. We'll know you brain chemistry and a lot of gas coming into concrete action happen actually in the gut. And sound. Do you get do you do that things are going to going to be catching on in his sound you know how all how important enrollment at it. Ecosystem and the guts function plays. The important that it get under rolled it plays in the body had come and all of the different functions that it can't interfere with that trip not working out. So this is such a brain. In many cases it they really don't. You know and Arab Omega threes they recommend that you know was these anti depressants people tuning. I'm actually so and so you have nothing goes like so. I don't know what percentage of your your health who's probably how that you're 2%. Well absolutely it is you know your body is is it a chemistry factory you know what we're looking it. And Aaron had at a function of the body you know we have to go back and help biochemist. And you know when we look at chemical reaction of the Sistine I try to explain elected to the patient clean up your body at this series of chemical reaction have been. In medicine we call it biochemistry and when you're looking at chemical reactions you're looking. Come you know at dad taking several ingredients and then you come what the product and and a byproduct. And wanna cut isn't working properly. You're not able to assimilate and then you're over the different ingredients that you need to keep all of your different engine turning in the bottle. Terms and so you have to isn't Edwards definitely going to be catching up and hit a great way to explain it when he played like that to people they're like I didn't think about. Re over it I've got a doctor and meet Tyler shares of questions for you she's a doctor Michelle Robinson. Yes. Highway with the economy and the city than before and so yeah it's great so look like you said here. Helping people make the connection that's sometimes continents starting in the gut might be affecting their joints of their skin or their mood their energy and so many things if course or digestive issues. So how does so how do you go about testing to see if you confirm that someone might have we can get. Well you know a lot of it can't believe it or not can be done just by looking at their court. Although as doctors you know and ask tactician as you know we liked to have stayed and that's where the lab tests come in and so. You know we need we made gear I'm on today functional blood chemistry count. Which showed us patterns. Issues too is the with disruption of the cut ecosystem. We can all so. Even look at these genetic. We can look at the genetic reports so we do a lot of genetic testing here are on the something that I'm highly highly passionate about should and firm. We can look at certain genes that are directly tied with gut function and immune function and inflammatory response in the body. And you know go to our couple of the task that we used to break commonly hear and the U. Confirmed. Not only that there are gut issues. That are factual. Not just like you said not just a good guy but there are affecting. And other issues in the body that the patient might have. But were also able to use the genetics to look at. Why they've got the issue that they have. Okay those three in wedges some one approach that you would use to help these people who are. If you determine how this issue. What approach do you collect Q4 revolution that these. Laid to help me to slip and just to give people an idea of you know once you know this is a problem with some something that can be done time. Well you know all. I explain to them that we have to recreate this ecosystem and the we look who we have to reestablish. And he got function and in order to do that you know re establishing the ecosystem heart attack is is that isn't the important. Com that's critical not only that we're gonna take the issue and and I tell them I'm taking underneath. And I'm knicks heat shield how smooth cool either. Helio or at work earlier has passed and we're gonna units for a period of time that's not we'll be crab are all well by the time you get but here. I will bet you that you're probably gonna ask. Some pretty big change its Q what are you putting into your body is that you're gonna wanna stay away from the rest of your luck you're gonna be feeling very different. And in addition to look you know making them create radical changes so that we can make some. Radical changes to how your body is this is asking can we can helium. Scored nineteen add different. Compliments and you know be just sit based supplements and these. These different ingredients are going to be things in Egypt ingredients and the ownership going to be. Things that are going to help recreate the ecosystem ever got to help lead late in the cargo to help inoculate. Armed with the proper bacteria can help eliminate any. The bad bacteria things that don't belong there. She and shall I tell them we're gonna do it to the combination of foods that are going to put into your body. After the pitcher going to eliminate two and then a variety of different supplements that were going to use or she help. Along with the product. I can go faster. Hat and yeah that's that's pretty much the approach that we can make them very great except you know. We just were I had time but what would it let's do this what also. What is your it's when you schedule heavier. Some sort our our target going to be next day at 7 PM at out Lamar people are key location. And and all of our series every month what we do digitally to show up Thursday at a month 7 PM south Lamar people's pharmacy. Poconos and stay January 12 and is there a sign African they just show up at the door. Who we eat closer for them to go ahead and sign up they can do it through your site stir that people are marquis sites. I'm more they call are often directly. And Linux now and then we actually have people who dropped it last minute like they have enough I'm like can make shot got enough handouts and enough. Chair and everybody is yup that's people's acts that come we have an event say or what's your phone number for your office by 51232805. Euro hot. OK three to me is their friends if I look great the sounds fantastic and this is the first of several series they are doing on that health so that's exciting for people who wanna. Delve into that topic I think it sounds fantastic. It's going to be out there maybe I'd get to meet you know I. I thought it guru or those who tell you she's actually practices their own Thursday's interest and can I do and I definitely have got to settlements into homes so sometimes they can sneak away though before event Tencent I have to do that helped us. Well if you're able to sneak away Italy can check the general. Other free ads look at love it and so what assume Webb say to people who wanna learn more about you. It often. It's often holistic doctor dot com. OK okay we got that article in the leave and we look forward to talk and other athletes had to be there. Third I missed Thursday's great okay. Thank yeah. That topic he's got a cleaning or it's yeah. They wanted to name it OK but I all right. I routinely Cabrera can move irreverent look we're gonna come back through a talk about okay. Through talk about how they're coming up so we have we just talked to doctor on the we've whose thumb upcoming talk on gut health is Thursday January 12 at seven. Ends we have. Some other upcoming events don't forget today's from two to four. We have doctor Shannon who's gonna be doing a book signing on his new book original design for health. And other upcoming events we have anxious tired and hungry combining eastern and western viewpoints on tires help with Jessica Manson. That's people's acts out Tuesday January 10. And we just talked about he gets engines same location Thursday January 12 with that in Illinois. People's on the center in north that's location off when he three hadn't Monday the ninth is the gluten free dairy free easily they've done Barbara guests and we have that same night at 7 PM back to back you didn't wanna know about irritable bowel with the abducting Nelson and that's a patent doctor. And this is not this coming week but the following week a Monday January 16 at 7 PM. We have a biologic dentist doctor Alain Freeman and she's gonna talk about how your mouth affects your health. And she is it's gonna be. Talking about all the different ways that oral health can actually affect other systems and our by the hands should be very interesting so that's the following Monday. And that's also that's that wellness center north. There are few community events going on today's financial Garnett starting in just minutes. They have to talks about seeds the first earns 10 AM starting seeds indoors and this is again a financial Gardner. And at 1130 there's another talk about these succeeds saving for the vegetable gardeners the sun grief he can make you know in the chilly weather. Next. Saturday believe January 14 from two to four at the sustainable food center and as a winter fruit tree care. Discussions so summoning good events because go to people's next dot com events if you missed any of the details. Found great opportunities to learn have very little to no cost. Great this really great now also. Thank you very much for doom and then and also if you go to peoples are stuck com. Well we have these posters so you can. Don't try to remember all these may remember our jokes OK listen there's another state. You know. It's. And I believe that our employees are going to be as she now because some people people who are getting older. That they should not have to come in if the temperatures below the age. That's sounds good to me assess goodwill you get a little older I can hear your twenties or at half half you wish to set a big milestone and yeah. Listen code so listen this so coal dust or things. Thanks to his his his old. I and that no we will register to pull them. Really suit happy Saturday's game unless they're Kennedy we can write and publish your name thing. Slam on Austin's top thirteen 72 again next week Saturdays from nine to 10 AM for more heading Intel. Misinformation from people's Boston's favorite pharmacy.