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Dec 31, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon and play the show where every. New Year's Eve December 31 last day of the year welcome you to today's. Show thanks insider I'm your host Jim cargo we are on the very last day of the year with the very last show of the year on talk thirteen seven neither right choice. DJ Collins good job they're getting this cranked up with some. Aria speedway again from behind the the last run in the operations today and we appreciate you and join and us to talk a little bit about that she doesn't hit seventeen year and what happened this year may be in politics that's kind of. What we trying focus on the end what happened or what's going to be happen in 2017. And hopefully you'll see that we do you have a little inside a little reason maybe even some sanity. Gone on and be sure and check on the Texas insider dot org web page of war on FaceBook some of the things we've got up their act. Right now a man we talked a little bit about last week. There was a poll came out last week American surprise surprise by 57 to 37%. Preferred to the phrase Merry Christmas over happy holidays. Know Christmas is in the rearview mirror but that's type of thing you'll see up there and then. Story that talks about how good the next great American metropolis is taking shape. In guess where of all places you guessed it right here in Austin, Texas and talks about how with a guy 35 court or in between Austin to San Antonio is gonna. I'd guess within twenty years being like the Metroplex you drive from Dallas Fort Worth on highway twenty and highway thirty you don't even know your commoner can go and it's just one big. Metroplex but them to be sure and check in and get the latest news straight from the horse's mouth we also got up. Little. FaceBook page on the on the right FaceBook icon black for those who you interest in who were thinking about going to be our inaugurations have had dozens of friends and some call and ask. They know how to get a job some know. What are known if you know how to get into US some of the inaugural parties where they're not it's worth going it's going to be cold or hot but there's a little. FaceBook icon there on the right. Where you see black tie and boots black tie and boots is the biggest. Fanciest most popular party during the inaugural ball. Go to the Texas State society if you're a member of the Texas State society can get tickets if there's any left anymore is called the black tie and boots for those of you. There may be interest didn't go into the inaugural. Events here in a weaker to you but short of that folks we are down. Q I think I saw somewhere in them. In the coverage this week we're down to a mere twenty. Some days left before. President Barack. Obama will ride off into the sunset and it's been absolutely fascinating to watch him as he. Said during his campaign if you. You my supporters don't go out and vote for me I'm gonna take it is a personal insult my legacy is on the line quarter and quit he did the same thing back. Two years ago when there wasn't a presidential election but there was. A big mid term election and is in every other election that's happened. Since Barack Obama has been president the Democrat party. At the state level at the congressional level at some of the more local levels have lost over I think the last total I saw was a 1042. Total seats they've lost. The senate they've lost the house they've lost governorships. I think Kim went from no there's fifty states in the nation so that's fifty governors I think. That had been about 36 democratic governors and fourteen Republican or maybe an independent and chew up there in Vermont or some tumor Bernie Sanders is strong. But it that's exactly flopped it and and now Republicans control. The statehouses. Not only the governorships but the state passes the attorney generals and and Barack Obama is concerned about his legacy and he was saying that. If you don't vote I'm gonna take it as a personal insult he got involved in. Hillary Clinton's campaign and if you look two years ago to 2014. A lot of people were. A lot of Democrat operatives on the one hand the guys semi popular you want him out there on the stump but on the other hand. You just saw two years ago that he cost his party seats. Therefore you were worried about him true enough came. If you wanna be brutally honest about it he came to be that. One can let them build a very legitimate argument. That the country was sick and tired of what they've been get me and him leading from behind enemy we get into that a little bit because there was have. Our art Israeli speech there was a from the John Kerry gave there was a UUN vote in that movement of the United States went again dipped against its long friend and ally Israel and the most contentious area around the globe the Middle East. They're worse and finally. Sanctions yesterday or Thursday issued by President Obama against Russia for hacking that's going to be interesting but. We'll get to that after the break welcome the point I'm trying to make is that. If Barack Obama is worried about his legacy. It's a little bit late to be talking about it now and you look at previous presidents they have been. Once the election's over and their time his comic Dave try and be as gracious as statesman as presidential as possible. Yet in this day and age what we're seeing now to president Barack Obama. It is a little disappointing because it's quite to the contrary I industry now out of some folks are. And our own Austin on American states person you know you don't wanna say states may and you go on me generic they're in this day image for this is from December 27. Just a couple days ago and Barack Obama. In an interview with his old campaign manager. David Axelrod and David Axelrod one of the former political operatives from the city Chicago that helped get Obama elected to four years ago and eight years ago we got to give them. Kudos and respect his ability to get. The nation's first black president elected because it was not easy it was eight. Soundly. Run and an exceptional campaign but David Axelrod now is set up his own podcasting. Online type of in her view service serve it's called that X-Files. On CNN here it is and you know this is what we get a lot friendly interviews his only type interview Barack Obama. There is been doing of late but because of what. Marco Rubio remember during the debates she called the mainstream media the largest super pac in the country I think that's still fairly. Accurate but Barack Obama goes on with David Axelrod and says that if I had run again. I think killer reacted to cautiously if I had run again I think I could've beaten Donald Trump and feared like. OK so you're saying first of all that did Hillary. Did not running good campaign that's not look like presidents to criticize people in your own party. Second of all you're saying that you're still concerned about yourself. Presidents are not supposed to be concerned about themselves they're supposed to be in and if you're Hillary covering up your. Your career and lifelong dream list obligors supposed to be worried about the country that's one of the things that Donald Trump articulated. And frankly that Bernie Sanders articulated. On the left people wanted to somebody who was not part of the political elite in Washington DC. Who was not part of the political elite that thought that one set of laws applies to us average people out in the hinterlands of America but yet they in Washington DC. Get to break the law or get to skirt the law or get to. You know even in their public statements just make double speak and not be held accountable people are wanting. Somebody who's gonna speak honestly and obviously even know what Donald Trump if if these. Odd enough in the way he puts what are you speaking honestly they overlook it. Because he's at least. Given the American people credit for being honest in saying what he thinks is opposed to saying what some high minded. Consultant says so here you've got Obama stressing that the Clinton Campaign didn't do a good job he went on to say. How his administration has been. Them income basis or suffered from attacks from Fox News. And talk radio. And I'm thinking okay. You know. If you wanna protect your legacy you go out on a strong note talking about some accomplishments not criticizing your. Your fellow party. Members and they've got a big election coming up we talked about this a little bit last week the Democrat party is doing a lot of soul searching everybody. Here in Texas you know maybe. Focused a little bit more on Republicans and outside of Travis County at least because that's what Texas is has basically conservative from Matt Manger Republican. You know things may be appearing to get ready for the legislative session you're coming January 10 and be hunky dory but if you're the national Democrats or the state Democrats. You're looking for new party leadership and they're gonna have a new election and in new chairman come January 20 so I saw the other day that. This all the candidates for the Democrat national chairmanship used to be Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign during the democratic mentions a lot of you'll remember that and Donna Brazile had to resign because she had. In fact it was proven. Coordinated some of all the leaks or it was leaked that she had coordinated some of the questions during the debate. But here just ten days ago all of them. National candidates for Democrat party chairman were in Austin. Trying to appeal to the Texas Democrats we got Keith Ellison a congressman from Minnesota. In his second term he's the first Muslim woman ever to serve in congress when he. Swore himself in and took the oath of office he did not put his hand on the Bible he put his economic Tora. I mean on AM. On the Muslim. Book of prayer and Muslim holy book you've got the South Carolina party chairman you've got to New Hampshire party. Democrat chairman you've got. Idaho Democrat party chairman you've got labor secretary Tom parade as from the Obama administration. It's going to be have debates ahead of time. At any rate I'm just finding it curious that in a microcosm. Of the election year if you look a little bit. And then. Or you listen to this Texas insider show here before we go to commercial break because you're you're more interested in having a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. But if you do have to suffer the insanity is yours truly doesn't some others who hang around the capital are followed politics and Austin. You see these snippets of things that come together and work ending the year. On them from December 31 in the last week of the year pretty much as we've gone through the whole year and mats. As too much. Political doublespeak being part of the problem and not enough. Political honesty being part of the solution. Like get beat as it Maine that's just my take on things and not that we. We don't have problems even in the great state of Texas where the economy is better than most but. You know it's just been of fascinating last week or two to see President. Obama and some of the Democrat. Folks are worried about obamacare. Which is legitimate legitimate point worried about their legacy worried about. I'm you know attack and negativism when it's just been shown that the American public wants something positive. As in make America great again so with that folks. We're gonna take short commercial break thanks for joining us today on talk thirteen seventy the right choice this is the Texas insider show. With Jim Carter when we come back we're gonna talk a little bit about the more recent development cement includes president Obama's. Kicking out 35 Russians mutineers. Going to be sanctions for. Tapping in and cyber hacking. America's government and Nam and there's more international politics won't get into. Let's take a break if I'm Jim Carr earlier ho sung Texas insider show be sure to check us out on Texas insider dot org and we will be right back who can. In it and and it. Another good one there. Columns run in the board appreciate him doing everything today on this. You very last day of 2017. Happy new year. Folks welcome to the Texas insider show on your host Jim cargo on talk thirteen seven either or choice we've got. About a half of the show to go here in and try to keep focusing on them provide Neeson. Sanity some analysis some reason what's going on in in politics this last week so you don't have to. Put yourself through it all weeklong and maybe can just get it in snippets. Talking first of all about them that 2016. Election and now. Maybe looking to 2017. I tell yeah. The media has continued. To. In a lot of analysts minds and make mistakes and take the Donald Trump bait. In the last one that was in the last 48 hours where. Barack Obama has hand the department of homeland security and the FBI who were rushing. Now that we're down to Matt 1819 days important president elect Donald Trump cool would it be sworn in on. January 20 the state legislature here in Austin starts on January 10 but. The president. At least president Barack Obama that I'm referring to the president's only hands about 1518. Days left and there is a lot of activity going on. Although probably. Not seen in the news that does not mean this not happening having worked in Washington DC and been part of a transition. Or two and seen how things operate it's not always the elected officials themselves that do things but it is too big bureaucracy or some of the staff to gets things done. So in a thirteen page document released Thursday the whole Department of Homeland Security. And the FBI released a joint report thirteen page report that says it was in fact Russian civilian and military. Operators. That debt that compromise the Democrat national committee's internal communication. Communication network. And heck thousands of emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton. Her campaign chairman John Podesta as well as other US government and political and private sector entities quote. These cyber operations have included spear Phishing campaigns for those of you in the tech industry and you know that fishing it's spelled PH I SH. Fishing is junk email that you get word. They tell you want a new car that you need to update your password to win it's really not the case and we gotta be careful about that Steffi clicker when you're not supposed to you. Mixing you know you got a virus and as a matter of fact that's hell I'll talk about that in middle let me just finish this sentence here. Spear Phishing campaigns targeted government organizations critical infrastructure and a piece of that was in the news yesterday that the Russians are packed up. Utility company opened Vermont they didn't do anything once they got in there they just wanted to see if they can do but a lot of folks are interested in protecting our electricity remnants. Finally announce that they've done it. University's political organizations corporations leading to the theft at the information the report was released on the same day the war Obama white has imposed a series of new sanctions. I'm Russian officials an institution as part of its pledge to retaliate against Moscow for interfering in the 2016. Election. So what they're saying. That is three things number one. Were hurrying in before. We don't have the power to issue a report has. Lord knows the incoming administration probably the rest of the country would. Just as well forget about on all the monkey business in the pot poke in the odd that they had last year during the election. Number one they had to get a report out number two. That they're blaming. In essence. John Podesta in the Hillary Rodham Clinton Campaign because what we talked about this three weeks ago. The way that they got into all these entities is that. Some Diebler who may or may not know John Podesta was Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman she was chief of staff to President Bill Clinton. Twenty years ago or 1516. Years ago he is a leading national Democrat operative. One of their key leaders he knows what he's doing he knows how to win selections. He hadn't won at the hand held devices one of the one of those tablets or whatever. That got a email communication from somebody like. Google saying you need to update your passwords he sent it to. The campaign's technology department. This campaign's technology department analyzed it verified that it was a legitimate email sent and no back to him saying this is a legitimate it's it's a big huge problem in camp changer under attack. You know that our. Federal government like a Library of Congress suffers from about a 100000. Internet attacks a day congressman Michael Moore calls mentioned that to me in previous Texas insider interview. Two big big problem you all know it you're on your phone all day long it's your life it's your personal secure Social Security number. And is subject to being hacked John Podesta had his own. Machine hacked and that is what led to the entire WikiLeaks to the entire Russian. Tapping once they got in the Podesta is devices they can get into the Hillary campaign. Servers once they got into the Hillary. Campaign servers they can get into the Democrat national committee so here the Obama FBI and Department of Homeland Security is saying that. It was. A result of justice Russian civilian. And military actors that compromise the DNC what they're saying is that it was the Hillary Clinton. Clinton Campaign and John Podesta that screwed up on that and that's what it's led to it and number three they wanna say that it was that. It was not Donald Trump that won the election it was and most importantly it certainly was not Hillary Clinton lost lost the election. It was the Russians who. Influence the election and I'm telling yup and much less and until. Those who view in many walks of life will understand this unless and until you can admit an address her. The fact that you've got a problem you can't come up with a solution to a problem. So. They've had this report. It comes out. And what is. Donald Trump do. But says it's time to move on he moveon.org. That's used to be the Democrats old mantra we need to move on. To give them what they're really trying to say is we can't focus on the real issues of the day in the truth we got out because it will kill us and in fact it has come home to roost in this last election. Many will say but. We need to move on we'll Donald Trump says we need to move on so once Obama. Has his Department of Homeland Security in the FBI issue a report. Then that allows him to kick out 35 Russian. And diplomats. And issue. A wouldn't do declaration that he's tough he's. Not gonna let the Russians get away where this. And guess what the Russians do. But. Not that Boris Yeltsin would have done this sir Gorbachev Bernie thing bit. The president of Russia mr. Putin comes out and says. Essentially that we're not going to. Engage in the tit for tat. The President Obama has done were not going to downgrade ourselves to the level of irresponsible kitchen cabinet diplomacy Putin says. Use and a common Russian idiom for Corel sun and un seeming accessed from today's front page of Austin American statesman. Story and it explains it in a head's spinning turn of events Friday president Vladimir Putin of Russia announced that he would not retaliate against the United States. And its decision to expel Russian diplomats. And folks until I mean here we are this is just another example and adds. Frankly is a political analysts had just didn't doesn't necessarily break my heart it does but it just makes you pull your head out and think. How much more this can we take because. It is not the type of international. Statesmanship and activities that we need to be picked exhibiting. In the 35. Officials that the Obama administration on Friday says that they're gonna kick out come from. Two country club residences have been the only one in Russia and one in Maryland where they've. I have had these properties since the cold war one of them was bought in 1952. Son unmet and well on Long Island and the other one is in Maryland minute that's been. A property of the Russian government since nineteen. Fifteen Q in 1970 to you were these properties and dirt like vacation homes for. Russian diplomats in Washington DC their vacation homes for the families of the UN Russian diplomats. And Obama claims that these shutting them down and kicking spokes that because they're involved in intelligence activities. Whoa hold low that's wit diplomats do they come. They come to leave the country that there end. And a member when. I was first. Dating my wife who's happy birthday it is today. The New Year's Eve baby haven't. Birthday Elizabeth but when we were first working on Capitol Hill in Washington DC in the early eighties to. The Russian embassy a new Russian embassy was being built and it was built up there on the highest point in Washington DC by. National cathedral that some of you know and they bug the place of course they do and here President Obama is saying. Debt these people ladies kicking out our. Guilty of intelligence activities will that's what America that's what spies do it's basically. Their summer cottages that he's getting rid of even though the leader of England came out. That was. That putting that aside in just the last minute that we have here folks putting that aside it Ford. For the intelligence activity then President Obama turns John Kerry believes that the United Nations to talk. Poorly about Israel one of our key allies in the Middle East and even the new leader prime minister of Britain. Patricia may says. That she does not believe it's appropriate for. They government to attack a democratically another democratically elected government and ally so. Where end in the year Panama and I'm mad now. In terms sexual activity. But I'm always optimistic because it was a great thing to have tens of millions of Americans come back to the voting Booth and and engaged and that means you out there across the city of Boston. And a rate of talk too much that's all time we've got DJ Collins great job at all folks go to Texas insider dot org Texas insider FaceBook page and join us next week's first. Texas insider show on talk thirteen seventy all right so I'm John McCardell. Happy new year.