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Dec 24, 2016|

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You hear him. What are over this wedding. Christmas even lovely downtown Austin, Texas another day in paradise thanks for joining UCL a Saturday I'm Jim hard all year. Host for in Texas insider show every Saturday from. 12321. When. Joseph the fastest half hour talk. Political show radio and in Austin in net boy have we got another. Hi all I'm stoked to be looking at today another crammed agenda through this. This. Christmas Eve day haul we try to do by and large is provided little sanity and the reason and truth for. Texas politics maybe you remember you're either an insider or you're not you can check our. Texas insider. Dot org home page or. Go to the Texas insider FaceBook page BM down just post a little something here on. Our FaceBook page be sure to listen I am what's been going on that. This last week a couple things and of course today Christmas even next week will be. Doing a little bit of look back on 2016. And what a political year it's been going. Can have fun doing mad about any given day admin election all elections to be. Cover and then thrilled to have DJ behind the Borden. Helping with the show today Arab. Triggered first let's talk about some that's been flying a little bit under the radar screen and if you're really early Britain. Political insider and political junkie and follow this stuff fueled. Seen some of it but did the Democrat national committee is having to go through the process of course are looking at everything after. The election is parties do worthy winner illusion go back and you kind of a post mortem and try and figure what went right what more wrong and clearly on the Republican side and I think some folks are wondering not necessarily what went right but how did this happen what's Don trump gonna dude you are. Party the Tea Party can help give him over the goal line him. What the Democrats and independents crossed over the Democrats on the other hand her. Trying to figure out what went wrong and where Hillary came apart and other than a little dishonesty and there's I've always said it's tough for political parties to win a third term in the White House has only happened. Once and that was after Ronald Reagan and been president for eight years and daddy George Bush. Carried today. One another term but. One of the things the Democrats or haven't you right now nationally. He is. Pick a new chairman of their party the Democrat national committee in May have been. Struggling mean some of you will remember we talked about a couple weeks ago him. Former DNC chair Howard Dean of former presidential candidate he's got a bunch talk shows frequently. Me he had entered the race and now he's gotten out there's a congressman from the state of Minnesota that appears to be the frontrunner Keith Ellison he is congress' first Muslim. When he took oath of office he didn't put his hand on the Bible he put his hand on the Korean. Him. A lot of Democrat. Operatives are saying we don't need somebody hears an elected official Debbie Wasserman Schultz. If you may or may not remember has been the Democrat party chairman she had to resign during the Democrat convention after some. Exposure by WikiLeaks and so on now about her mean in the camp for Hillary Clinton and madam. And they race to be some point did it take somebody you can devote a 110%. Of his or her time to them. Position and not be a congressman. You gotta run around the country raise money you gotta run around the country be the face of the content of the party on. Talk shows on television on. All kinds of fronts and it is a full time job you've had here a bad ten days ago via a Obama labor secretary Tom Perez is a Hispanic obviously. He's jumped in the race we've got. The New Hampshire Democrat party chairman. Running the South Carolina party chairman running and the executive director of the Idaho. Party. Writing is well. Interesting development this last week the so you'll know what may rally is the national association. For the repeal of I'm abortion. May or else what it goes by the president of that organization was thinking about Ron and she dropped out but. That leaves are right now and it's not going to be decided until. Late February and they have got a Muslim. Liberal who is a Bernie Sanders supporter. As the front runner he's been endorsed by Nancy Pelosi he's been endorsed by Chuck Schumer who's to new head of the senate. Democrats replacing Harry Reid. The end. You are gonna have. You know a very visible nationwide. Confrontation. Over what the direction of the Democrat party's going to be so. We'll see what happens there are there's going to be two forms in January 2 forms in February before they decide light. February interestingly Joseph Biden the vice president said this week that. And the party needs somebody. Who. Can appeal to the Bernie Sanders side and who's going to not have a problematic. Nature. As the face of the Democratic Party a lot of folks were you wondering. What that. Means he was asked to give some some names and he ticked off five people and none of them. Were Bernie Sanders or. Types but yet says that we need to appeal to that base and that's the exciting thing that is one of the takeaways from this year where the year. They Bernie Sanders supporter on the the left that got energized and was brought back to the election process this year more than your Donald Trump person on the right and are sick and tired of being sick and tired he wanted a change in direction. And things are going to be different in the future that's clearly the case where the Europe. Trump Republican. Leaning. Politico or you're a Hillary. Bernie Sanders Democrat. Type plane and and to one of the people we've. Guy who's in that mix some thrilled today to be able to visit with them old old friend who is. An elected official here. In Texas Sid Miller. Has been agriculture commissioner. Of the state of Texas he's a former state rep from the city of Stephen bill a little northwest of here. He is. Currently that and her commission agricultural commissioner but most importantly he's a former world kept broke champion. And he's been. Frequently covered. On the Twitter front on the FaceBook front he's in the running on the short list for being secretary of agriculture. For the Donald Trump administration commissioner Miller thanks for joining us today. Well cam. Greg grip on the record look dolls that didn't get to hear from me today. And will also get two of them to the Merry Christmas. I should wished everybody Merry Christmas at the beginning of the show we've got them. A lead story today commissioner on Texas insider where. Marist poll says. That. Fifth by a margin of 57%. To 37%. That's twenty points it at any elected official would take that margin but by a margin of 57 to 37 most Americans prefer the phrase Merry Christmas. Over happy holidays in. Agriculture commissioner Sid Miller you've been a state legislator before you've been involved in trying to protect. Religious liberties and encourage folks in the state of Texas to new oldest and say the phrase Merry Christmas what are you. What do you think of that poll has come out. You know let's let this. You know no croquet or go to Mike American red again you know Michael McGrady hit. Out back in vogue try to recruit politically I'm never stopped. I'll send little you know I don't call commercial that bad. Let. That's good that's what they are good basically moved this sober craft work. And that's what idiots who keep up Bobby Ginn open should not promised that he had that that's. Equipment failure. A lot of us here in Austin because it's not too far up the road I'm 35. Have seen and been following the case where a they nurse's aide in the temple highest. And it quoted the section of the car to the Christmas cartoon of Charlie Brown were Charlie science. States plainly that. Christ was born in Bethlehem and I believe it's from blue committee quotes and slow -- hold them education blob had. A little sway and made her take current. Her statement down Leonard sign on her door down in my lawyers got involved and it was upheld that she could in fact do that that there's been Texas laws passed that. Protect the phrase. Merry Christmas you've been following that I mentioned and what are your parts thoughts on that perhaps. Well like this school board reduced this to all know massive. Cordoba who do wind low tech. Some electrician. And equipment blogs you think about this government discriminate against the very employ. Four you know so much to load the message. For example well that care so little path that live there are brought a bad idea that we have to have a law throughout conversely Merry Christmas. I mean that's the best quarterback we you know we should let them. There are many here should be done period. In this nation that was founded. By Christians since Leno impression from the European. Kings and the European. Supported church. I'm interesting day today that were in red as he referred to Donald Trump that where there was make America great again the phrase which was brilliant. Or. Voters just giving up as I was saying in the introduction sick and tired of being sick and tired and having you lead us in Washington DC or perhaps here in Austin shove things down our throat and tell us what we can or cannot think but mostly just tell us what we ought to believe. You've CNET sweep. Of the state I'm sure and and sweep the nation with Donald Trump and tell us before re going to break here you've been involved in you were statewide. Co chairman of the Donald Trump campaign what's your your read on the trump administration. A true president elect trump administration and and now I'm the developments there are so far we had an article not too long it would go buy one Sid Miller. That said Donald Trump has already made America great again. Well it won't air you know back early and I'll be established. This trough campaign Rick got the mainly in the morning episode Labatt brokered buttery committing. Doug let this message I got about 030 people Goodell met including Governor Perry in the smoke promised Texans plus. My colleague my other triggered that Coca commissioner and director across the nation and the bitter Republican remove governor senator who. Agribusiness leaders and so. That would go to Google that that was that was my card so. It. You know it would greatly odd but all of a lot of people if you're. Wouldn't return my call. An alibi he's only going to let blood. Elected official it was out promoting dog across miles. And now they're calling you asking used her job I imagine. Yeah now being opened that package bullet with the chairman of the I actually a little box in the border could look let me BC he'll different breathing stations and radio interview aired shouldn't. He's however article you know promoting cross you know the coming up Michael let degraded him in the so long. That would happen people could Lolita shot I could create you know how well the disputed all the older they were all wrong and sure enough the word out that this. No trouble when Beckham but double digits in the Alamo or can't look Katrina but I'll pretty cool so you. Know it's. We're making history up according to our country it will be great again cannot let go help already lady great outing he got. You know. Carrier air conditioner toward. You know we're all about how he's been limit other the governor look at the very well he'll bring jobs back America in this. They decided by a bullet out of trouble when I wouldn't go tried a little bit for airport or more would go go look at that would get that cost them extra bit. So the American American grated me up with no leader we now have a our relationship backward Israel already you know will weaken after those people vote. Like a triple there just. Big big huge deal took. A lot of Americans. Absolutely. I would. Laid out couldn't move let me add up from the excitement cigarette Coca comes secondly I think it would at least get a really cute so I don't get with a torn up. The second circuit that we start talking about Matt certain border security and try to between our countries and after you bet I absolutely so. Well commissioner let me interrupt you let the trumpet given us so respect back around the world already getting picked off. You mention a couple things there in Mexico and Israel and in Nam. Let me take a break real quick here that if I can in the middle of our show folks were talking with agriculture commissioner. Sid Miller on the short lived blister for Donald Trump secretary of agriculture position. Talking about a number things will be right back on the Texas insider show with Jim carnal and connect commissioner Sid Miller car. Moved in it and and it. And tomorrow. Yeah. You know. Oh you came to us. A good job there leave jail little. Love the lesbians Avery you're being load and run low on your great great loss. America tonight. Console for the music industry sing a little. Christmas music stare folks we appreciate you tuning Manhattan joining us here for the Texas insider show I'm Jim Correll on talk thirteen seven to either. Right choice we'd go and inter were gone and our final segment here talking about things that have happened in 2016. What. The outlook is for 2007 team we've. Been joined him thrilled to have our interest Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller. Who's on the short list birdied Donald Trump said commissioner. And secretary of agriculture. Position to have them. Commissioner Miller you mentioned a couple things they're right before going to the break about. Folks from Mexico region that you a lot of folks. Don't realize how big and important he. Agriculture Department is I know you and I have talked on Texas insider TV before that the live. The little stickers on your gas pump that. The says you're getting the right amana gasoline coming out of the pump is regulated by the Agriculture Department you mentioned Jimmy before you go into a pawnshop. In her gonna buy some gold that and scales in those pawnshops are regulated by the agriculture. Commission before we go back to Donald Trump to give us a thumbnail elevator sketch of some of the important things you do there at the agriculture commission. Well everybody thinks we're you know give out block out the work that. Would. Consumer protection agency from the state so would you like all the weights and measures were in charge of Michael parallel bar code Garrett all the details. All the well. But you know around the state are darker and accurately and no one getting treated you know we did play a lot. Heard about the lottery ball for the lottery commission there we bleed drew Lowell due to oversee the pesticide program making sure that. You bet for your children they'll get poison that is what we have a bank I would pick Greg cook about it to order your body language during the year yeah. We've mentioned here the food program black. You'll want programs over breeding programs school breakfast program. They're letting you know whoever WS BA programs. You know we're responsible for Mike injured battling in Skokie advocates say it every day so. Think it'll put a lot of thought we'd you know good things are black. We run XBLA stop export opinions. So viewership any kind of South America through Mexico yet come through as a pure put it on the are going to go to our facility is fair. Houston that their support bush Intercontinental airport we. Would it would go a lot of current about a 130 different direction or function with this that we perform. And here you mentioned Jimmy before that the commissioner Miller and it is Texas not responsible for producing enough content to. Produce seven million blue jeans or something to that effect. Scott McCain decadent lead briefly caught any other state is a certain number one cop who. We could register and upload Scotland AD cheered like two billion prior to the merging of Caribbean and skinny finger you'll look. That's unbelievable. OK I wanna get back to them to the politics at hand and talk about. Donald Trump a little bit there was a December 19 article in Texas insider battle word entitled to Donald Trump has already made America great again and it was written by one Sid Miller. And starts off by saying critics said he would never win Hollywood celebrities many in the media that. Golf fought at the thought Donald Trump would become president pacemaker does is that is try to campaign slogan. Laughing at the notion that a billionaire TV reality show could ever really make America great again well they're not laughing. Anymore and you predicted Donald Trump is gonna defy his critics and and you mentioned before the break that IBM's announced a billion dollar. Initiative to add 25000 jobs to America can everybody thinks familiar with the carrier the carrier air commissioner. Her air conditioner. May curb what what is your general overall outlook I mean clearly this election was about sudden change in direction and and a lot of I think of people him not millions of Americans who have not engaged in voting in the last ten to twenty years came back to the polls and that's a positive thing for America correct. Absolutely absolutely well here so. Peter Pan out. Ultra collect our our America great again. Aren't dying. This support conservative constitutional. Got this could sprinkle. Incorrect America for the next thirty years. The direction of the Merck some people booted just. Exactly exactly I mean more you know when. But. Now we really don't we wait a Supreme Court that's a big deal to open. He'll say let taxation and less over regulation. Feel every new regulation or Corbett cocoon. So what you're current government and end world. You know sort of afraid of trying to talk me. Out but I got like fielder is that. And I'm excited glad Coastr. Com note confront the particular don't cry but we don't win anymore so make bad legal so we built a record badly. So. I'd like to read it really you're correct culture. You know already got these three Mexican government emasculated little you know when we've always call him. Preparing the prepare you know breeders and took credit built right but Massa who. CPP and in the I would not support or do what we're due to collect a better deal. That's the trans Pacific partnership that. I tried to listen and think yes. Hero might be good deal for some people would go go go what a great deal what are we haven't yet. When it comes to bailing out traveler. You'll have a huge trade deficit return leg billion dollar trade deficit. I'll let you lead might be a rough villain he's got that's got to blow up Germond and John you know. They're breathing but only network shares that there. But what we get down the road we're girls we're gonna export and what we export China. You're pretty good call poultry and pork and grain Goldman rock and Corbin. In you know. Go to commodities they're so heavily Greg good American farmer. Let me go back to that not only that but item number two you said about lifting the regulations and changing the tax code I. As that economist in somebody's followed politics in the nation's economy for thirty plus years and I know you're in the your nursery men NM NM rodeo Mahan as well. It appears and that and the stock market is reflected in just going absolutely through the roof in the last month. The weight of the world it seems has been lifted off the American economy money that's been overseas or money that's been in banks sitting idle. It's all going to be loosened up or are we in your opinion at the brink of a tremendous economic. Revival. With this well type of approach. Bieber got a Robby got idiot reluctant grapple. Ukraine a lot of Donnie car up put a moment bed go to battery committing any. Under the big bailout outlet Decker PLO. What great supporting the project. Yeah because we have video. A programmer not in their works so really they edit setup green card table and Bogans chaired the covered all the customers. They sell more cars and trucks on November well after the election. In mid choke in the previous thirty day. I'm not hitting that car crowded. Americans are about our new president. And if they can do it in west Texas they can do it. Darn near anywhere and I'm in America so. Whether it's the American consumer corporate America investing and hiring me. You've got to I love those anecdotal examples you've got a positive outlook I take it. Well absolutely you know where Rick you're currently. They smuggled into play low. You know old every color correcting him you know below what kind of just wouldn't go good luck. We'll look at America first and look at every American. It could wrote a competitor so be it but Mexico first. Okay commissioner Ed commissioner Sid Miller. From the great city is Stephen bill little northwest of here we've got about a minute left them. And we started off our conversation talking about Merry Christmas what are you in the Stanley got going there for the next day as we sign off and wish everybody Merry Christmas. Well. What are big Battle Creek was good able little ability to hear about it seemed minute and then met. All the family and a dollar grandkids are here and and Mel's laughed good. Not just block the sports drama. Christian Brothers and sisters dropped their Merry Christmas how much you're grim economic. Well we sure appreciate you can join in as good luck on the appointment of possible appointment being on the short list for agriculture commissioner. Under the trump administration. Folks Texas agriculture commissioner said Miller we really appreciate it join in the said. Thank you and folks thanks for tuning in for this. New Year's Eve I mean Christmas Eve will be back on New Year's ebitda happy. Christmas Eve to you a Merry Christmas insurance check out Texas insider I'm Jim carnal and remember. You're either an insider or you're not America.