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Dec 24, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's visions look. And knew where you. Take a look at the five. Listen once again. With the candy canes and Zulu. Well. Natural underground and I'm your host. I'll springer and. This show is brought you by new brand university. Educational arm of the touchy agency. Joining me the studio today an expert team of brand builders we have Ryan and as we get into the sort of Christmas holiday spirit. We like to think of Ryan and SARS and include a total time. He will not watch you all yearlong. Judge you based on your behavior. And then who ultimately very unlikely to respond to any of your letters Susan Jenkins who won and created that's quite. A bit. It's the only way to die down and senator logical yeah. And I am Chris Pringle and I see no problem at that lovely voice you hear in the background is just a win and liked him to list to a Christmas tree we like to say just one is that to our show him like that he provides holiday cheer. A little sparkle hi. Ultimately though may be gets everywhere in the house and you sometimes regret putting and on the tree in the first place. And what it used against Colorado with countless. Concludes it's like the silver. It almost looks like a little tiny like metallic strips of paper and and not paper like aluminum foil yes I guess cleanup oil far and I like throw it on the treatment clinic can range from kind of Scrooge. Yes there's always the don't know intensely as Lyndon. I think it might be a regional thing a little bit. Pretty neat that could be we'll have to check off to check in your tinsel background like apple pulled a popcorn on the tree thing that's like a regional thing. You know when Nicki like speaking of weird stories and I sort of I call have you heard of yet that Malcolm is a lot to Malone I don't consider them that's pretty good. I don't think about the holiday time and I have such an odd memory my dad to act on a now dead if you snapped back in the day. He would hear them the early day video camera right who long time ago we're talking like late seventies early seventies. And he had but what team with that was and I think his camera was probably out of the fifties he just kept it. He Buick Open this suitcase and have a bar of just a bar was set of Marley altering key missile Peja. Well he he would set a little light bar though that look like he was in a film a commercial or maybe a major movies that and it would take him. Power to set this thing up so we would all be waiting at the top stairs. Desperate to gonna have to see what Santa Claus brought nothing to feel like one more minute one more minute and by the time he came down though the room was so flooded with light and heat from this thing. You couldn't even concentrate you know what was happening there was no audio in cameras back in the days RA barking orders you. You better smile or like this market or like trying to look at the camera. It was a wild experience how and how does that make you feel. I would like to talk. You both very troubled by that memory. You know actually miss it now I don't walk into a room at Christmas without expecting their DB do you have their family just yet gentle colossal flashlights it to recreate their phone. And you can handle anything that I'm here yet he Naseem now holiday memories that kind of come. There. You know I really think Beckel and I got a microscope for Christmas I thought I was gonna be a forensic analyst. What did you see what do you look at first when they gave you a little slide that came with it and it was like a piece of grass hair and then there was one that was like a little tiny. Look like and Nat. But when you would put it under the microscope it's like eyeballs were gigantic and it was really scary -- team and our members announced like forget best bankers I got to my computer because the kid and had a honestly went the slides that you really in the microscope was blood yeah yeah I it will I would let's get equal I would pick thanking her and put my own blood on it. Disturbing twist and our Anderson it is. Think this. She doesn't just sit tonight out of it but yeah I think we'll let down following the student I'd like they only ever heard that says everything's drawn around in my blood and yeah lol wow at all. It was eight. Still looks at the last minute shopper what last few days before Christmas homes Honecker it to us if for some folks and depending on the day. What kind of a last minute gifts can be bullet can we any big idea LS does that shot I have probably 75%. Of my shopping still to do. Relay you just you know what's your kitty island here just go and just buy things they see. The this is and hit here until stare grandma. Who I know you need this auto can't you can take I can redo your car I don't know. I get desperate here's some baking soda and ice now capsule and you know what's worse I respond to those. They'll order a really good looking ladies are department stores I was respond to them through being. What really I erupted you know like they kind of got for Mother's Day you did that's right you've talked in the stuff like. Like perfume you mile everybody smells great because talk is always limited edition everything's limited edition yes I immediately got angry and earnings or other questions I don't know yet I guy lose the ability now. But since he right now like a bunch of you know princes who need a million dollars right now on the Internet or finding new and they know you're in Asia hit it like these are their open. How great southern Nigeria we all you need is any upfront money and then I can get this other money does it. All together get a free perfume on the suspect well let me help you out sons Helms like you are struggling in the alone him. I did find some great last minute gift ideas for sort of that food deep in our life may be the healthier. Eaters someone his ended trying new things those people are always very hard to shop for yes so I want to start to buy I found a movie critic beast so to streams. I haven't seen him for years of the department store and I'm you know in the while not huge soda drinker. I've always been kind of curious how they work and they actually tastes pretty close to what you're making home. And I guess I don't get why do you make and so then home to make him more well you know you can you just used tap water CU just can't take water out of the tap an adult turn it NG sparkling water. Which is oh that's pretty wood just off the out I don't really know what happens in the CO2 cylinder. And I soda water had a wills does water is daddy comes at a dinner went I thought that like if you have a soda water there so is like five milligrams of sodium or something. Maybe that's an I don't know ebitda is here's a link well it's pretty easy yeah five or no batteries or electricity required. So about a man Jack pot of the you know how do you get it if you went down do you find that his daughter well all this the saddest Jamie can find it online and they have it pretty much they like it department stores and tar gang even go to lake Bed, Bath & Beyond where they have everything you can ever need. And then you can add your own flavors and their two like fruit tournament let's go away from technology for a minute I saw on your list the Smart. Herb garden I yeah I think we talk rows of pleasant herb garden yet herb and herb from the industry and herb garden what does that all about. It's just cool and so if you're cooking in the kitchen and you don't wanna have to purchase like herbs at the story UK and Ryan I see you running to make a joke but they don't illegal. But pickets at the effect. Go ahead make the joke. So it's like this a little like foot long tiny sort of like tub. And it has a little group grow lights and it's like at this NASA technology. And you can make like hazel. And and then you roll up his pitches get significant at the all of the oregano. But right. You had some. Some herb garden guys in Collins and botanists enough as it did on the sofa. So do you have an abundance earth and to. Fit now with so cool and it's it's supposed to do because of though like NASA technology it's using it's really energy efficient you're not like running really strong. Electric light my favorite one is some of these monthly subscription boxes and I know whether it link clothes or food everyone's into getting their little monthly surprise every month. And they have these are some boxes they have one that's called best of mouth. Think that I don't like snap that's look at that. And then they have a try the world box and they're both back I think those are both nevermind yeah. Well as the Pentagon officials you sound like things you could spend extra Foreman go ahead and it could. He's fit and they cure it but like sacks from around the world that you couldn't find just to your local grocery store they have like rare and not stick it big and others a trip propel the world. And all of the other went a trip around the world that America have not tried a world and yeah well. And you say that they're they're they're snack boxes and they are great to get to our producers like an ass like while the heat are having to move a little club we pick it up. All right if you guys have some great ideas some last minute thoughts for shopping. Put them on our FaceBook page at the natural underground we want to provide you a service if you're down like I am the last couple of days. Maybe you'll see something great on there and you end and just let me meet a load these ideas up on there that definitely need you need help they're not want to necessarily but think about right away he when we come back. You're gonna love our guest today. You we all know the growth and cold brew coffee these guys are taken it to another level limitless literally limitless and its potential we will be joined by Matt and Chris. From limitless when we come back you're listening to the natural out. Got into the business lean. Unhappy. This. On. And come up Jack this stuff. Welcome back to the natural underground holiday show. Couldn't be more excited how fun is that music yeah and love it and my answer number I hear our can't be good it feels good moves are good with it. Well you know who else has some good moves our guest today had no idea what that means but I guess that airmen may try to send. Chris the new chief from limitless coffee and tea we are addicted to this stuff we love it this is like. Cold brew 2.0 you guys are gonna love it. Matt and Chris welcome to the natural underground. Happy holidays actually have a. Yes so maybe Matt I'll ask you first what is limitless coffee NT. Yes so we are coming days here Chicago Illinois and we are relentlessly pursuing the cleanest copied in the world. Copy considered by 50% of Americans on a daily basis so what most Americans don't know about the process berg. Part of thing in bringing cop in the United States is literally stoked covered it dirt and old it. And rain and landed often have bugged and other things that. Yeah we limitless source exclusively a white wash in which means the team that has been launched at the source farm in central South America. And then brought to America where read that aero kit which means we spoke up by a contaminant. And that recruited were curse osmosis water purple personally like to say that we are they clean it up well. Does that mean that normal beans are not washed. Check out there about 50% of the beans that are tensions. At the world what's called natural process in which means. They're talks from the tree in the least bit out anywhere from three to four months. I'll walk through of the cherry basically dried off. Or wet wash speed they get walked to the source of that friction it immediately quiet. The troop call up ominous to the beans that we those crop producers. Sorted you likable and institute a wet and Charl and they also draw broad switch carpet the op. Contaminants have further corporate I've got to the PE. What we get it we only about a well event that we on the error that it was sort of that perfect storm. Clean being. On the come back to that process and 12 where do you source the means is that party your story. It a little bit silly and we like it could we nurture wreckage trade which means we buy direct from armor so we went down to El Salvador Honduras Colombia. On the other parts of Central America and and created a direct hand shake deal where many are so we will put that just means that they get. I'll higher percentages of the bombs from our transaction that we're work with the third party. I would then import the. That sounds pretty pristine and then when you talk about the wet wash came in the air roasting how. How do you guys discover that sort of process what became appealing about it to you. Yes I was traveling around the world we years ago and found myself on copied Armon Bali alt buy it you know in. Job as the largest island is Indonesia opposite job as we don't touch burger copy. And as captain embedded on a copy or are witnessed firsthand. The natural process them and I literally sped up time and assists just the I dirty process of Americans if I'm not sure Eric and it is not copy it they did. And like any entrepreneur. I said there have to be a better way churn up by Barry doing experiment but my body. Robotic you know every day I would trigger different copy and act found that though wet watched being combine the aero just gave me a better performance I just literally felt like a better person. And I that I need to Adidas spread this across the country and it get this word out. And up toward what that looks good for. Any mention reverse osmosis water it's been a long time since I've been in any sort of a science class can you face. Reminded me what osmosis. Mean yeah and I'm glad you are about to this most people used water that comes out of the ground. And in those municipalities in the country. There's pretty strict. Clean process this silver who's got all the curl and pop at that and that we are tricky auto just quiet day. I'll trust the Americans subject water rat out or reverse osmosis water that it could actually take that water out of the ground. And run it to her about six different builders. And it makes it almost completely cure any better altered pop that that would be normally. It's similar to the water softening process that he heard about. War. And how does that how does that affect the flavor. Of the product. He used had a lot of it it. Just how you can definitely take difference between salt or water or any other sort of pare sideline or weak so that it that extra. Level of what's been describe choked by our fire consumers is just an actual level of Chris. Or clean actually take more of the labor copy verses out. Patent and so you kind of hinted at it but how does limitless compared to other cold brew coffee. So in the world of coal group said manual which users to sort of like cold brew one now on concern collide Colbert different but I don't look out below. Yes so I copy which had been considered activated basically just copy that was brewed pot. So they took our order that ordered over copy around just like you know where are you still grownups came from object that our kitchen. That it throat in the frigid it or not I have a copy. But we'll Colbert did it actually a takes the copy ground then you so okayed an eighty degree or lower water temperatures and what that is it does two things one. It to carpet the copy two soak overnight what you did you did a little bit more that cap. The unit soon. Because hot water or start a chemical process which actually kill the capping it with Kohlberg YouTube preserve a little bit more attack me. And then number two because you're not adding water inserting a chemical process there's a little bit left of an acidic. Labor serious so we'll call bridge vs regular desktop is that it's more subtle more balance labor person that is that a paper that are also. Anywhere from one I have to keep tabs were trapped in a cop. That's why we love cold brew that that bridge we think it's gonna be. The category killer energy drinks because you're looking at an organic apple product that. In the instance that original Colbert has zero calories. Nurses day is monster Red Bull which has fourteen ingredients of which twelve people can't pronounce. Have a couple hundred calories and at this number eighty chemical appropriate so that probably about cold brew the glory. And fired tragic and every day. I have one more question real quick on that now maybe Chris if he can incidents or. Whoever. I just because it's cold brew can you still drink it hot and do you have a ways to. Do you recommend people heated up as they still want hot coffee or do you not recommend that. I think so eager question. We X experimented with. How copier Colbert coffee in the hot warm Arab street EU and we found that you can get really delicious flavor article group copy when you. And some customers of your and I'm a meat directly talking about how they exude article grew up and use it as a catalyst out costs in the more critical. Awesome spiritual so cold brew coffee by itself is kind of innovative in the last couple years because of an innovating even within called a copy of some crazy unique delivery forms what is the buzz back. But the book bags are really cool hood gives consumers the opportunity to grow grow colder. And what are basically users do you think about the game tag of course already used clay the tailgate. Just literally not to act. And not not a college literally just a bag of coffee grounds that a consumer could then put in a picture. Overnight put some cold water merrily then surged an overnight. 24 cups of cold brutal week. To really low cost way to bring the consumer. Now I'm Carmen you know. You know transporting water when you can have it right that your house. And then when you're done can you play corn hole with it was if you are out there if you can't speak and innovation you guys also have developed. A fridge pack like a multi serve. What does that look like. The first type is really cool actually comes into different sizes. We wanted to utilize this is our multi serve shall. So we have a 48 out there and in 9648. Ounces or consumed it's called at least and urged. It's Serbs. Six cups of cold brew coffee Connelly your prime VO YPD. And I don't see him yeah. And I continue to confront they would like Colbert morning. Yeah I don't like it that's. That's a little let this is breakfast as breakfast. That is record here has just. In the 96 rounds we've got a lot of extra. Kind of be your office hero bring all your employees your coworkers. Twelve cups of cobra copy them could print it out. So in addition to coffee also have not just he knew tells little bit about much analyst Montel about. Mark potter and so what ought to powder that. Very rare form of Japanese green Jeep. Or exclusively in Japan and Levi what's called the first flush or ceremonial brick my serve which didn't really did those first few leaves drop the tree. Which means it's the most sure most packed with anti oxidant. So people drink much Retief. People drink in general because that the cap back in that he gets out and put it more mop to keep that at the highest concentration of captain Gary tuchman. Oh how much did this week it's these greens that are taken from bat first harvest there crushed up into a fine ultra fine powder. And then be blood that to our green key base. That's a fair trade treaty that we get China and the group. And our street. You get what you get shrink that's got that's Ers see. Delicious she liked later than we have a couple excuse that we Jack Keane trigger. And snapshot that action since it a little bit horrible but it that you. Much of an opt out. It's a way to get that is being happy about without. Happen yeah. That act upon that corporate profit and. This stuff is so well thought out mean there's a science behind it but there's an art form has a taste absolutely delicious. I know you guys are just launching the product now but GM any locations anywhere blisters might be able to find. To try the product themselves. After we we started our business back in March and our focus was mostly in the office. World so we have about a 160 office accounts around Chicago and Los Angeles. This country out of our customers Linkedin and Twitter cougar. And Dora contreras a number of trading bombs flower we give them much bigger greater. So colder option key for their employees he's not happy who like to say there aren't today. Within the last few weeks we've launched our bottle core brewed and ready to drink. Much cheap products and she's forty very Hershey source which it a beautiful Hershey store chain here based in Chicago there's forty locations. And her much harder and it hurts Canada. Partner at them their first major retailer or bow out there on the shots about a week and begin to give him the authority in at number pre orders in the products are turning him. When we get additional. You know lot of and to stop it. That's spectacular we're gonna take a break but when we come back we're gonna talk about this early entrepreneurial side of all this. And at that point we talk about your amazing packaging just the design a look. Gorgeous product. We'll be back in a moment with Chris and Matt you're listening to the natural under. So good. Famous. Us today welcome back to a natural underground. Our special guests today are Matt and Chris from limitless coffee tea. We've already learned all kinds of cool stuff about the product. If you're just joining us limitless makes great tasting cold brewed coffees and teas you got a triumph it looked beautiful. It tastes fantastic. Now we would alert a little bit more about the business side of limitless so in keeping with our holiday show man Chris. What's the worst holiday gift you guys can ever remember receiving and what was. Poetry certainly found not because of you know. And just dropped the cup match at a funny story come from under him back when I think I was just starting to work out for the first time in my life. So my mom wanted to give me a incurred. Kyra and I was really excited because. And I was seeing some also that yeah yeah yeah yeah he's. Cute cute activists said that at that point and so. My I have in my about the president open it up on Christmas is because we have one president. This is CN. I hate that I hate that ruled by the right way to do that ruins scratch each and never let one sneak in before the deadline. And the best. Part was I would Hosni get more than one that's scored by the yes. But I open up the box and inside it is actually equate. There's an old man leeway there to workers shape they shake weight I. I don't chick quaint and you get you by yourself wouldn't know camera notable lines owned all the lines in agreement brokered drew about myself. Did you let us you get no credit is a little difficult once you get over is the international shock it's just looked every when it comes over that you shake it. Buehrle governor tried. It makes it makes up and man what about you you've had them one down one. You know our own authority order of about the world and I'll take that he and tell you the worst gets aggregated to some line. But still taken taken proper. Might need a thirteen year old niece achieve this political or elaborate you know from those kids yet try to beat a cool uncle and every year try to get hot mutual is. All around her Kurt went shoot eight years old state or whatever outlet maybe four years ago there wasn't really hot toys I didn't really know to get herself. And it go to the law and go to Toy Story just I don't like disputing a bunch of stuff from the clearance then end to a big bag. Well written it was sort of just like a coterie of different things. That would shield she bottom of the Jack thank you literally out of the chair of economic it's good now affectionately referred to at the box of Kraft that I. Our I. So bad so you were trying to kind of make it interest dean and you put in a much different things it just didn't come off right. Move and respect go over the next you're incorrect but an iPad. Well now let's have gotten man that is completely gotten well we always ask the same two questions of every gas since since served two of you guys are loading here this. Where did you grow up and then what did you wanna be you you know when you were growing up and I I don't think that cold brew coffee was probably in the mix at that point. So Matt where did you grow up. Yes Margaret Brennan. A little bit outside a lot and looked out on and then what I just wanted to be exportation that was sort of always my thing and I like to say that. You know my greatest accomplishment is that not only did I say I wanted to be a sports agent but I eventually became structured finishing at USC. Artwork from Beverly Hills sports council represent baseball players. About what went the insurance as state and install a special connection with the athletes and says album contractual dispute entrepreneur. Did the movie Jerry Maguire just change your life. They can now what are the senior high school and that was the year whatever lunch hour soccer micro woody you're gonna college buddy wanna do it of course everybody I wanted to keep this or didn't just because of the busy. The first salvo pressured by that but that actually later on while I got ended my career as an agent actually sort of helped me explain to people what I was. The people had no concept of what I did I can tell legislature before and they figured that it is true. I like it that's where did you grow up. Well like robbery outside Chicago in a little town called. And so those are you familiar with Chicago where and it's really close to Naperville yup. And I guess. What I wanted to do you split up and sued two different sections you know when you're younger maybe between Ed. Fourteen you kind of have. The whole world is your oyster kind of before you certainly realistic cleared to answer the last link to that rebels during a cluster. Of being a stunt men I know and I'd be sitting on the sometimes you don't put all my family jewels are stops. And my mom's a little the could have some men out there other crazy. So. I go to market run. Great school but look what attacked UK and looted just an epic snowstorm there's ice covering entire ground in your shots are broke. Of the way that these carmaker was short handed Mediterranean now what did you want you have to. After and that kind of stole the show I wanted to obvious forgery and actually went to school or sport management and get a little projects distributed Padres. Before our in my area. My calling him back and so on all over the place for you to yeah do is meet. We match. A couple years back because I had I was involved in a company called Korea. Which was an arm and my approaching drink at the time and that was running page in a restaurant called protein bar. And I was trying to sell them our product grew into his restaurant assess adolescents. And also that we planted some touch a couple of owes back. Now how did you how did you guys start limitless who had the idea or which party or group had the idea originally. Just so when I was after Fred exited purging Marshall that you department equity firm took some time off traveler on the world. I saw that copied arms and then came back to the US in middle of 26 team. That's sort of what I said there's got to be the better way coffee. And I started getting into research and went all in with my life savings and daughter rooster business out of Atlanta and new deduction Chicago a lot of the paper placed the put. All that's rusting equipment stumbled upon Christmas Altman not kitchen. And that sort of worry connected inch cute at that time in the process that Michigan business out of Southern California they are and I'll bet that's that existed Monica. And then the opportunity presented itself thrust toward together. We didn't and at putting our roster in as all of the kitchen respondents couldn't. Well market but it. It was as the logged that sparked in it has been an awesome things about. And then just real quickly before that you heads built a business to protein bar right man all over Chicago gorgeous gorgeous places. Effort in bar is be on the good destination per copy prostitute. We have twenty locations across Chicago Washington DC. And Denver boulder I like to say they were sort of chipotle needs coal it's. Breakfast lunch dinner we have burritos. Cheeks wraps ballot. Uses the whole mind installed on the business just so on the day today. And that that got you into the entrepreneurial mind probably. It's yeah you wanna get one of those Austin on the greens you have plead not yet to retire in Austin for sure weirdest sound I actually looked real estate until Google. Some well I just in time buy your product design it's so clean and modern looking it's really different so. Yeah I feel like some of the other cold brew coffee brands go with this more sort of vintage asked design style but you guys really stand out at the shelf he won a really different direction. How did you and how did you get there and how did you present that story to retailers. Did you nailed it that we need we want to differentiate it from all of our competitors because you really want in the category or create a category around clean. I'm on the world of copyright now it activated there's three conditioning and there's convenience. Which would be sort of McDonald they're America runs on Duncan. There's community which is what Starbucks is built over the last forty years. You know be a part of this club this is your third place or much recently there's that you mention that event juju the church it's what we call cracked. Copy scene which we wanna be our own thing we wanna be performance needs UD we really want to. Clean that. And that sort of wire packaging are present that we want to. We like to say that you know were not rebuilt 1967. Chevy we're the past what. A copy or reading we are not you know up the current yoga studio we are still cycle so popular that we're of that performance he edged meets beauty. And after a while in the western that this could hero our productivity. That's all we felt would be inching to retailers to is that cold brew coffee it's become so popular right that your cold brew coffee 2.0 you really the next generation it's not looking back is looking forward. And that packaging seems to reflect that which I think is really eye catching for folks. As they want that that shelf. So very cool. What is been your biggest challenge in starting the business that if you kind of go back in time and say wow. This you know we all have been doing and a year but. This is a learning that everybody should know about. I would of the biggest things are limitless says Ben and you know copied the contents of the 16100 so. Yeah it did the bat there's a blessing and a person that the you know the black anger that it's the number one thus continue our urged after water world that the person did that everybody has their own sort of ritualistic way in which they liked you enjoy your. Or make copy a part of their day so the biggest thing structure of the big count truck has been trying to disrupt. And especially take on an industry that had a lot of the local sort of old school sent in their way typed. Waited going about it does not sell magician commission understands. And then throughout the best and at best trying to be innovators were written were booed or losing fat and a lot of top industry can step. Knew that a little bit slower equipped so I've been a little bit of a job right now but. With every challenge brings opportunity and that's records have been super excited about what we been able to accomplish today and why we are so so pumped happy what we call crucial concept with all the opposite that we have Chicago that are that are really the peacemakers for us in the early in nov. Curbing at least that we can that are are on the right match. Write your product does showing up on shelves for the first time as entrepreneur or is how exciting is that. Not so great. I know met I would agree with me that. I mean you watch in the store and just look at it go there it is again. I mean it's going to be satisfying even more so I know Maggie the walking into a the protein bar. And the certain reaction the first time that senior product in a shelf of someone else's business. Have to really goes away. It's exciting but you know that you departed getting shelled the hard part is saying shops. You that's why like you know I never like just. To pat myself too much on the back and I know that the real work search right now. To get in a consumer turned in Munich had been sent back and give our. That we had a reason for being especially because. You know I'd imagine copy is so prevalent and there are a number of competitors in the states. Can have a little bit but not not there surely gives. Consumers are reason. So two to our product out. Last question for Anna the chance to visit your office how did you guys find it was cool if your product is so is your location near the full market area and you find that space and as commands and we will when we visit their office of Prodi's trucks out front it had kind of a market vibe going on. How did you find that spot. There we knew you know we're Chicago where homes are Chicago business sense in in the country right now there's probably three neighborhood. There's just this really hot and sort of like bastions of cool that's you know that the top street become a minor Williamsburg which is a section of Brooklyn. You know you have to at Dick Cheney district and batch California. And then the open market district of Chicago so we knew that anything coming. At a Chicago that's cool really starts and originate in open market there at the heritage of food manufacturers on the street. As you mention the parity suppliers. And fish and meat Packers do we need it if were to start obeying from the food manufacturer perspective bull market aptly put it. And number of relationships it's real estate developers and got lucky on torture which carpet basin. Now what we've been brewing since March. It's awesome. So last question if people wanna know how to find more about you more about limitless what's the website. It's just a warship being nationwide. We hoped to be. Coming nationwide that are ready to drink products everyone who walked interest and learn more about our story learn more about our sourcing standards where we get are being how we cleaned up. We create our products can go to limitless copy dot com. They also. Since you ran into FaceBook and Twitter following Saddam that are pretty strong and to trust also. Still free to join us on our on our community and walk as we spread the gospel would topic. I love that guy and guys thank you preach on brother who think human and Matt Chris limitless coffee and tea so great having you on the show. I will talk to you soon thanks again. Guys we come back yeah when we come back on the natural underground we're gonna talk about a class are gonna get into a class from you bring university. On cause marketing and whether it's said dead or not how zephyr shot in little intro hit hit it you're listening to the natural underground. I. Okay. Welcome back to the national underground. In our final segment we're gonna tackle questions. We get asked all the time of the touchy to CN in our final segment we always trying kind of get into our educational arm which is new brain university right rank classes the workshops that we offer. Folks and then emerging consumer packaged goods industry. Typically those that specialize in better for you matched Brenda so as you can imagine a lot of those brands have heart right they were they were created because they have heart for the planet. Ingredients environments people. The communities that make their product labor practices all those kinds of things. So sort of inner mixed in there is the interest in should my brand linked to a cause cause marketing. Should I partner with a nonprofit her cause of some kind I think of Tom's right she is a threat all the mid exam you know as a classic kind of I wanna give one. Yeah buy one get one mom's great questions and noble questions but one that has complicated answers and I was probably a little provocative there and potentially so. With the the lead into the segment is should is it is cause marketing dead beaten and the only reason we I say that is because. We see. A lot of those relationships and it in our industry in natural foods are you going no whole foods are sprouts are. Wheat fell on earth fare fresh time around the country. You're gonna see a lot of brands to donate. And they did put a little low go on for a cause they believe brain right but one of our sales directors at the touch agency the other day said it was interest in talking to retailers. Cause marketing seems to become a bit of a non starter and I think it's more complicated than that right so first some background. We've had some major success even at the touch agency over the years with cause programming. An example would be kansans blue sky soda. He Hanson's which owns lots of beverage companies or did I think before they were acquired. But they own a blue sky soda. So a few years ago we built a relationship with the blue sky and then humane societies like SP CA's around the country half so we put together I we put the blue tab on the top of each can. If the consumer collected and sent that ten men. Then the brand would donate ten cents a tab to a regional. Humane society in one of meat markets around the country so it was a cool way to localize it. Yeah did that Portland Austin boulder. Couple in Florida the SP CA LA one in the northeast and when Chicago. And so is kind of a cool way to take the program local and to get it connected with folks. But in doing the program we learned. Alou a lesson that sort of played out every day that big lesson this console marketing only works if the brand is all in. It another words just putting a little logo on your package or the back of a package. Or even just making a donation and mentioning that the people doesn't really seem to move the needle much right. And we believe it's because everyone from retailers to consumers all of us including us here at the show. All of become a bit jaded by summoned yes. Kind of magical all non specific commitments to causes that harassment via do you see it all the time on we care about the environment. I can't let them mean what does that mean right is that it. How right up and down a vertical through an organization is it really gets so true I think consumers now hold brands actually to a higher standard. When it comes this is no under the surface 'cause marketing stuff NASA being your DNA. Of the brand part of the reason you started it yet that's exactly right. Now I think deprived equality your product also you gotta win on the shelf people think cause marketing makes up for. Somebody else Toms shoes didn't just win because it was buy one get one because those little Toms shoes are value for how cheap they are. Yeah they were local on their comp your mind and that's gonna speak to our lessons a minute. You do so even outline the five key points relative to may keen marketing cause marketing work for your company yet so here's our five points. The war allowance that we don't and so authoritative. But as we said first and foremost says Ryan mentioned you have to have a great product right in the must win and all the standard measurements from ingredient deck the packaging to taste. We get a brands approach this all the time that say hey I think about doing this the thing you can look and say well pitcher product right for them. It people pain hard earned money for your cookie or stowed. You're chip bag your cereal whatever it is they ultimately want to know that they're getting their money's worth and they bought something that does great. In other words no one can will care about you if your products via the true spirit about the second one. To pick a cause that you. Actually believe in don't green wash your mission and by that we mean don't just sort of saying it sounds like some the main consumers would care about them make it something that. You actually care about right. If you don't care about shoes for tiny elves and they'll say you do. Right idea I think tiny elf elves it's a holiday Scientology like tiny hand they tiny elves tiny hands tastiest. Let those ill let those elves fend for themselves if you don't hit it and it would support the cause effect. I'm thinking about launching this through the elves campaign that's how I don't care about. Revealed that it gets an insult or what kind of man yeah I know that things down the hill no no no entertain different campaign after this holiday show so probably not at the time to have to go into more detail about. My through the Alf campaign. A great example of Kerry knows daily greens we've had Sean telling Larry the founder of daily greens on the show. And we we've had her on its talked about her reality which is seat she battled breast cancer and one. Which is amazing right pitch he had inserted her sister I think at the same time from them right mistaken. So when they support breast cancer funding and research and they're all in right every day Shawna lives that life. She really believes in the cause and it comes Hewitt everything that she does so I think consumers who done good at being able to tell authenticity. They're looking for that AM yup thank you so the next point. Invest the time and actually getting to know the forks folks the forks just for me bananas and then nine is already couple created. If you are eating in these people they. Don't get to know the folks at the organization have meetings go visit them in person spend a day volunteering. To actually do. Whatever it is that they view right. The car should be close to your heart. And nothing does that more effectively than real live people the people. Means so get involved and I think then the organization starts to meet you puts a face to who you are as a brand. And it becomes a lot more real to them. A full. Find ways to leverage the partnership and by that we mean inning good way right at taking advantage of anybody. But leverage the partnership for example we refer re referred to earlier. Fusco soda. So and the marine and along with us we met with each one of those that's PCA humane societies in each of those eight markets. And we connected with their fund raising efforts and the results ended up meaning credible. Right so if you look for example we did we were on the lives telethon on SP CA LA defect I got the hang out. Who was stiff for his mom remember that actress in America Americans. The American government and American by an ally on the name audio right. But she was on their fact I got to walker out to her car where she asked me. Though the oddest question is that do we ever have we ever thought about developing a beverage for regularity. And I remember thinking that's kind of unusual but she was really funny so that it maybe who's trying to be laughed at by you is this kind of crazy a crazy experience but we are on line that the appearance of us PA. This piece TA LA that in fact she was on their 'cause he had heart for right of pet adoption. But we get Mo mobile pet adoption RVs parked out front whole foods in Denver and boulder. We had SP CA in Florida creating these amazing blue sky team posters were each of like twenty different types of cats and dogs robbery in the soda with a little hats on it was. I mean. Did these these are not things that he hadn't gone in and actually spent the time to meet these folks in person and bring the brand to woman talk about it it would never happen otherwise yeah. You know it's sort of have that. And that real life so the results ended up with the means the brain and meet up something like twenty years 30%. The year that they did this and that's after years of just having been kind of around right yeah it was a it was a brand had been around so it works of the commitment this day. You know you don't far. Finally take those real live means events fund raisers and turn it loose on your social media just when you know all about the power. A social media so if you're actually out there doing those things it creates contents. If you didn't put in social media and part of what that poses to the consumers the viewers the people who follow you in validates. Him whole. Would love scene behind the scenes to who's actually working at the brain and to one of the people look like when they buy this product through they. Sort of directly interacting with full indirectly an absolute Rosen. And who doesn't love you know only animals absolutely it was. With the daughter whenever whenever cause winds and arias people and people like to see that a lot. So what's our lesson here in a nutshell. Don't do it and cholesterol. This is just gonna look goofy and honestly giving away a little bit of money is not gonna make much of a difference. Be all in and then all of sudden it becomes interest Steen and cost marketing them very far from being debt. That's our reality show and hopefully that's a nice theme even though I ask people if cause marketing candidate carried about people during holidays is that and know it's. Now it's not just going to be all fallen and we just you know lesson in life. That is our marriage with a little note for you with it and if yes how they show B Holland. But thank you for joining us on our holiday show if you want to learn more about the natural underground go ahead and find us on FaceBook. At the not natural under animal post RL last minute holiday ideas there as well. If I can say one thing too is since it's our sort of that into the year's show for us right. And we're counting our blessings even though it's not Thanksgiving it is were really really appreciative of those folks who listen both on the air in Austin as well as. On our industry podcaster we. Wish you absolutely that happy list of holidays and a great happy new year and great 2070. Sounds like a made appearing Kimberly display some I hit it just so fast. Yeah I'll have happy holiday season and we will see you next here see you next year.