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Dec 19, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now. It's time for comment on get with your host Michael Carr guilty are brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms. He is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news and CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon. Hostin takes. There's still loud music capital of the world but let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. May and I tell you. I must be getting some amnesia or something. Earlier this year we were in the Texas Capitol. And I got to see quite an absurd display. Of dissent against recently implemented legalization. So known as the Cox not blocks protesters. A group of students. Came together in in protest of the campus Cary law. That passed last year. And encourage others to attack the phallic symbols. To their. Backpacks. Now students in Madison Wisconsin. Apparently felt the same way in our planning on a similar protests next month. Now state representative Jesse Kremer. Introduce a campus carry bill in 2015. That would have bypassed college campuses. In the state to ban firearms in school buildings and he plans to reintroduce it this next cycle. Now kept kirwan who represents the UW Madison college of letters. And science on the associated students of Madison's coordinating council. Who now that's a mouthful. Is the lead on this copycat protests. Now he's calling legislatures and he's signing petitions. He's actually part of your game plan bled. Com the reintroduction of this can be scary long they're protesters claimed they won't show up. With deal goes in hand claiming to fight absurdity. With absurdity. But they're right it is absolutely. Absurd. It's absurd to try to change people's minds by way of being penises FM. And if you're not trying to change people's minds. Then what are you really tried to game. Now exactly so have any marital aid. Strapped to your book bag is about as effective. But technique to stopping campus scary. Now as it is T using defensive your life. So today we had been a studio deny heals my cohost tonight. Welcome to come to target how you doing this week current carrier outstanding end. And we have just the loss from Mostar a gun rights on the phone just in no lying to what's gone on their Justin. I'm carried on foreign an insider studio we also have Zach mr. With the global good news reporter out on the field what's the exact. Vladimir. Brandon over to my left yet Montana Bowman. That's just like the state Montana. You don't forget it the joke is so you always forget your name you're never gonna remind. And then also we have a a special guests this studio we have the armadillo road band member is what's going on armadillo. We go and how we guard Marcus Harrison we have Jeremy back. Eons rank your serve Marion in TJ he'll yes sir. Nine and also we got Charles question in what sub Charles I might Harry and Charles is the one let's bring in all this music that we hearing. Inside the studio together now that first song we heard was down. The Jackson 5 friend for you know what goes on in your column he had loved you know I love Jackson 5. Yes and that that's that's I mean I want to hear that that I know it's it's Christmas time. Thanks so now let me change gears just a little bit and I wanna talk about eight Christmas cards and action receive tomorrow house. Now usually I get a lot of Christmas cards every year you know Ira I really enjoyed him I'm like looking at. Had different pitchers that people send us of their Stanley insult like that it actually feels Ginn now always forget that they cannot should've done this earlier in the year and cement my Christmas card. Right so yesterday I got a Christmas card to my hope. That the business. Center takes is gonna works I gather this card at my house. It it was a card. Down from a group called the Betsy Wright yet. Now on the face of the card debt and there's no return address by the way and it is says that the lord. Ray I test the righteous. And the weekend. And the one who loves violence. His soul hates. And it quotes scripture. And in the other side and it says the NRA gives the gift of non fatal gunshot wounds like these T 100000 Americans per year. Your continued support of guns everywhere legislation is directly responsible for this health epidemic. In your heart do you honestly believe this is what Jesus wants. Shame when you put this honoring Jesus Christ with your support of gun pushing legislation. Signed the Betsy Wright and it has to pictures of people with gunshots to their face. Now. You know we get a card like this you know I never opened my own mail cell. You know all the people open my mail inside the home so you know we're missing Christmas card music have the you know. Little nieces and nephews and a orbit the home you know may open up the card and that's to open this Christmas card so that's. You know what. The kids saw an open of the Christmas card. So this picture that. That someone with a gunshot. To their face. You know and that's what they sits in my house. Let me bring to the conversation deny and deny and I mean this is crazy he saw the Carter correct idea and I saw the card which will you think. Oh gosh I have a lot of thoughts on it my first thought. What I've initially saw it and I'm. We saw who was from I looked up there FaceBook page and I looked up their web page to get an idea of who they are. And they say they're neo suffragists feminists. So my first thought is. People like this really annoys me because on one hand they wanna quote the Bible and try to make you feel guilty and shameful for your own personal views. But given that they're stating that there. Feminists I would probably bat that they are pro abortion. He's I don't think the Bible says that that's a good idea. Now this is coming from a conservative that is pro choice. By the way so I'm not judging them. What I'm saying is they're all over the map their pages just. I don't even know what they're trying to convey. I can tell that they're very very angry so maybe somebody that they know god. Killed by accident I don't know but they're not coming from a good intelligent logical place. I don't have to agree with them but I don't think that the message that they've chosen is going to do any good to. And I I think it's horrible when someone uses the Bible. For their own personal agenda. I let me bring into the conversation John Griffin the associate editor. Of the daily caller on line one John Griffin out of Washington DC welcome to come talk to certain. My goal is launchers a pleasure to be on the program how are you take certain do a 3-D NLD you're having a wonderful holding is decouple these studies are holding. Well I'm trying to edited how they that you know what those pictures on that card just for really disturbing Michael and I can't believe that they want. Thinks this solving gun violence starts like that. And in what I'm hearing John is that d.s this Christmas card actually went out to use quite a few people quite a few state representatives of different states. And I ordered some US reps in US senators you know around the country. Any known that in the pro Second Amendment community. You know Michael let me just throw this chapter for your Lister I know we are limited time today I there's there's a statistic that. These people are sent discard Betsy writer for the call themselves should really look at. And that is from the FBI and department of justice's own analysis these figures and this figures last. They say that for every time I'd go our fees and the commission a violent crime each used three charts. In self defense and Michael we know we're not really a perfect world we live all in the world where all people make mistakes and commit crotch. And we also have the ability to defend ourselves thank fully expects its. And all you do every day on your Schroeder you're big you're on heiress or. People being able to do and themselves. From the spokesman called the violent images that you percent so to actually report your list or do you take on the so violent images. Those are people committing crimes. With guns not people defending themselves that's. Have absolutely and down and you can be heard of the different people that didn't actually have received distant and no I'm. And I quite a few people actually. I know representatives jumped the stick and receive one I think wanna say Dana law should and earned. The reporter start radio host I received one as well quite a few people back she receives its exact same Christmas card. Relative virtually put charter free for people who think they act artists are just automatically this source of every problem. It happened on the street and Michael you and I both noted that you know was a generation. Were you the child. In a world where people commit crimes we have to use individual citizens peaceful law by accuses the loose. To protect them and they're saying what you California Michael. It's so crazy that someone got actually punished. The court system punished we that we apply. A big packs because they defended their family when a burger came millionaire homeless guy and started shooting. And he put the bird out of his car. And he was actually find it is a choice between LA jail or or are. That hurt defending it sandwich or Michael. The spokesman silly started saying I have to believe eater your child. Eight urged. And child like in their sinking or their propaganda icy slopes and actually used the latter it's really just traps. It shows really how violent they really are shows how violent. And really psychopathic that the left really is who we need every tonight Ali asked the governor Blanco and you just gotta be sick individual to do their due to Christmas time who thinks of something so hateful. Do in the holidays I mean holdings a good time up you know enjoy your family and celebrating life and an and the birth of Christ you know. It's a religious Holiday Inn to go out and do something like that to be so hateful. I think he had definitely kills a spirit. You know let me just say to those folks out there a Merry Christmas C anyway those are not the and we we all don't wish you know or course they don't either way I'm so Merry Christmas. What could happen if you had to say demand taking John they're really appreciate and Yemen tight schedule and I think you have current joining us today on the shelf above. The RA you know wonderful risk here your weekend. From may not and I tell you you know my grandmother. And I had this saying my grandmother was she was about to almost eighty years old when she died. And my grandmother. When she was a little girl whose act she. Hit with a rock and was blind in one guy who she's a little girl and she can't partial sight in your other eye. So when I was little kid that was actually my grandmothers like seeing I don't. He's now went everywhere with my grandmother. And so. We used to travel on the city bus all the time and as always we're getting on the city bus or get off the bus. My grandma beast always have this saying she would always tell everyone when she got on the bus good morning Jesus loves united team. And end whenever we got off the bus she would always say you know you've everyone have a great day Jesus loves you an idea team. So I like to tell you know those people would and Betsy Ryan. He'll just remember this. Jesus loves you. And so black and I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas because I'm gonna enjoy myself tee and I key week they have some big non again. And have a couple drinks and just sit down by the fireplace and in enjoy my popcorn. My different my three different flavors. And Mike Turkey my hand. And just think the lord for a wonderful Christmas. We're talking about holiday would talk about Christmas were talking about Kwanzaa we're talking about Chanukah. I almost called days this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening. To come and talk to. Is this neighborhood that is done impeccable and I think you're listening to you to comment at all it is fun talk a third of being beaten me. Welcome back to come and socket and now here's Michael Cargill. And Rudolph. Harry call in number is 512643. Live at 526435483. Common talking. All right so let me go to the phone lines and grabbed eight. I'm sorry legislative process AJ and welcome to come and talk to surpass. Hey thanks in the first stop I want to stay happy early us. Birthday baby Jeter's first and foremost it's the but I'll you know I didn't have a question about beyond this upcoming. Fashion here she can actually it's Chinese that we say wait and equipment. Plus segment from Jonathan Strickland talking. And it's so holder you adds later by six state rifle association. Saying that they pushed for the you know. Or at least restrictive. Got lost sort of checks and send. What members of small but my question is I hope you help me almost armed. But I sort solo maps and ma are appalled. He has heard. I thought solid contact Alice took fumble in the other section as well just look at the the FaceBook posts concerning don't consequence until age feet. There's 7 o'clock for constitutional. Carry this forward. Didn't I've looked on the web site for the bill Tucker chimed that's so wonderful but there's forty and shocked. I know what that is not even listed on the air from like what questions will they be Seattle social according. Constitutional purity and hopefully I thought I guess that. Passed so we can have up. Constitutional her own license bill what the majority of the nation has. Or what's the word they stand on the on the clock this forests and patient it is certain spot or constitutional period is right now. And so I've been searching for answers and I can independent analysts say the words constitutional Kerry. How little like our president can't say it's it's normal extremists or something like I'm. Right I tell you what I don't know but what I will do in our promise you this. He is I will ask. Alice trip this week is I'm gonna have her inside the stadium this week. Then do an interview with Terry and there were on the air on Christmas. On Christmas Day as a matter of fact. So I'll ask that question I ask your you know about constitutional Kerry in why is it not on the TS Surrey. Pax got website. Did you say that you're seeing is not on the website correct. We actually act on the other active list on their. Schwartzel legislator hospital bills and what they're supporting it and understand all the big CEO's it's not Alter. You cannot not received I received their meanwhile missed anything and everything while told Tom actually down. Our personal messages cull up with all this talk until the conflict actually get their field even speak the words constitutional period for some reason for it. Bob I'll just see if there are so important that we need help boost after our legislative process. I plow would definitely ask him and that's that's what I can do and I'm not sure what is not on there. Hey thank you eight GS show appreciate your brother and Merry Christmas to you in Gillers. All right so let me bring Justin Justin the loss most are gonna race just in what's going Unser. You hear I hear you Greek. Political all of our military when you speak when you speak with. Our outlook strip club this week what do you. I heard you know she's gonna say you know third -- got to go to line on when you're out smoke constitutional curious that they they say new bill. All just support whatever is going to past. On the public or go to the line are launched to announce her body you know it's not gonna pass universe genomics devotion or receive this CME vote it's gonna get. Because that's kind of their go to they they typically what they'll do is dole or session starts so go around and absorb what is there what they show comparable doing. And it's usually not much. So that that's kind of where they superb baseline sort of they're going to do they doubt call legislators. What are you comfortable doing an illegal art the public consult the public like well this is all we can your recession guys and sort of actually pushing for a bill and trying to strategically get a bill to the floor to see what happens you'll never see them do that. Okay I'm deaf and you never hold on hold on just and then in exiled and getting hair aren't in the studio this week in little. We'll do something nasty bunch of questions and stuff in here for a good 45 minutes and ourselves and it will air network on our conversation I had. I'm home on with me there kind silver chrome DJ this fair so Tony must at least Christmas songs weird. After the first one was Jackson 5. Yeah it was sort out the Jackson 5. Who didn't love Jackson 5 yet low. The Lil Mikey he's good at that it would just pure innocence you know everybody lows. Little Michael Jackson founding. Jackson 5 fan. After that he had the Beach Boys little saint nick not like that when that was that was there Obama and classic. That and came off. There's seven out on that they put out. The beach boys and put out a Christmas album had a number of original tunes that they had ridden church for the holidays and I'm not only does cover. That they did. An end in after I had never heard I'm never ever heard run run Rudolph. I never heard that before it. You've probably heard run run Rudolph with Chuck Berry doing a low nest the classic. It took married and write the song and I think he's the first one. Who recorded a it in nineteen 5858. That. Yet that song was actually written by Johnny marks a guy who wrote. What we all know Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. And then the death particular Merz has been covered by lots of different folks that then there was covered by many kill Meister a motor head. And millions on guitar and Dave Grohl on drums. And Jeremy ware and they prior recorded net net it's the Seattle studio that data earlier on a day. Rules soon name what are was is it. Dave crowbar all of the boards and you boards and stuff out of a sound city studio on LA. And I'm pretty sure that was recorded on that nor can save on power and almost guarantee that they do I think it was a I think that came out on Micah. Rock and roll Christmas album it was Dave Grohl altogether some kind. Heavy metal Christmas present medals afternoon and I had Ming in New Year's sometimes you have to exclusive. No man and then ask that. So. Charles you know because edu are the one that you you put all the stuff together and eat you bring everyone get a you have all this music knowledge. You know we're always said that the boring Yellowstone about you know this song in the history guy how I knew so and you know what's the what's the history and I let her run run Rudolph. I don't know TJ can. I know ultimately you know ground and seen what Joseph has always Leah are certainly in Germany do we got TJ we are little production meeting at. Procter Bender and there were actually you see this is what have all of this is what happens when I don't bring alcohol see you eat Charles loses his memory when there's no alcohol involved so if I give him liquor down didn't Charles has is he's like an encyclopedia. Of music. Bell said he sober he does know anything but you don't know anything it's. And it's OK okay so I know I never seek agenda and he needs a link it up this about three or four drinks in you know everything. No Jesus comes from and everything right. Look at the show I and then them and then the next one that we're gonna hear is the Ramones another TJ. So today's show don't tell me about Ramones the Merry Christmas I don't wanna fight tonight but I like that I like that Sony. Yes Ramones. You know they're one of our relief. Punk rock bands that got us. They're credited as one of the yup when the first fans are really. And get on crime going on and InfoCard start earlier nab that they won a big names so one of the pioneers. Got to get in 74. What year this sunk amounting. This didn't come until 89 it was actually what you know sort of the we've called the second Ramones or something you know they're they're they're sort of resurrection they did under the movie pets cemeteries tell yeah I had a year they do that song was on there. And as well as as this on this one of the more unique Ramon because it looks different you know. Oh yes the Ramones were there. Iconic as far as part croc bit mirror image was something that nobody has come up before another in all black leather and they look like hippies was all black leather on something new something different CB GB's was blown away end. You know they influenced everybody. Particularly in England you know where the Sex Pistols and all these fans would come out of later on but. Yet they were bubble gum pop music they feel they're that she did like The Beatles of punk rock so. That epithet now the there are regular road then he you guys I. Now really no. Last year we had learned much Christmas songs are. An event that we played. Is where we play act Susan. Cedar Park here is your mark yet they did they had they had ailing light rail of the light staying. And we played dared. They're opening. Deal financed we had to learn much Christmas songs. And some other at you know we just can I had just. We were so thrilled over the pictures and songs leaked and ended. Still actively trying to find some cool and that we like plane and one that we did cover was run run Rudolph yeah that was a phenomena Blake is its. I mean it's truck girl yet it's like Johnny B unit you know Tucker I'm Mary say it's gas does go rock and roll that must find. Another one that we did that was pretty close. Santa looked a lot like daddy you know. Apple buck Owens and tin has Garth Brooks had ever happened later is a how does that one go. The Santa looked a lot like daddy. And daddy look to our liking him. Hate quiet arrowhead empty chair and saying look must do tinian. Didn't come down the chimney. So mama must let him Meehan. Santa looked a lot like Danny and Danny looked alarmed lag Kim nice and yeah I hear that in the near misses out on a whole bunch of stuff that's I. I think you guys house for Christmas. And I got to make on our house tonight we're at the white horse at the white viewers and add a Manny gets to me doesn't Christmas still don't know. Now don't would you be at the white horse wears really celebrating going dollars in white horse that. Fifth and Kamal. Today what time we started 9 PM where there every Sunday night nice okay. All right so I'm gonna change gears a little bit in Ascap Montana just like the state Montana so tell me and give me seven. Some good tips I can give people especially the lady star and you know protect themselves and this holiday season. Well first off the army and educated because as we talk about a lot. Come one thing is just staying vigilant always watching in and just being very deserving because he tells you matter to me one thing is they Casey from making a lot of mistakes her. Or whatever issue there's been tension need to know now once little bit. So pay attention the does mineral travel around the ground like my father traveled 50% descending 5% the year growing up. So Marmol had a do manly things you know she had. You know that explains everything I can't signs. Well you know so you might do some manly things all such as you know maybe got to learn to defend yourself and stuff like Demi yet. Com. You know pick up some errands or just mean every kind of the original and then notice say young and had to do this thing and I used to doing in. Don't have to do that home wondering as I would highly recommend is learn some basic. Numb hand to hand combat phone is another thing you just go go to boxing gym because they have to get worked out. Into that elation not a thorough good punch because you never know when you might need it somebody video and I'll see your kids and stuff like that Torre about. Thank you yell or defend yourself because eat you could be in Austin, Texas where indeed. The government here in the local police farm ideal test a rape kits. So you can't depend on them whether or not gonna find the rapists and as you better learn how to fight right deny him. It's extra shots you may have to dig in and fight for your life you know what it would summit some advice you can give the ladies out beard to protect themselves this holiday season. Some simple advice I know people here all the time that. I see so many people when there I had that one of the worst places for women is parking lots and grudges parking garage just things like that and given that a lot of people are shopping. Stay off your phone when you're walking to and from your car. I know we always hear that but so many people still do you need to scanned parking lots and make sure that. It's safe and I also noticed so many people are willing to give out a lot of information. Which I don't. That's another thing just because someone is approaching new. It doesn't mean you need to stop and talk to them and it doesn't mean they need to give them your full name or anything like that so just. Do everything was an air of caution and be alert pay attention to your surroundings. All right and then down especially when you're going you're walking going DOT you like the stores. I I tell you this make sure that when you're going back and forth to those stores that you actually. Lockyer items in the trunk group and I believe anything out in the open so some breaks in my he walked in this. The parking lot fear walked into vehicles and CD EF some now and opened sabathia hide it Lockett. Taking with you and what I like he is Alec has someone sit in my vehicle you know while we're out shopping. I don't because you're you're going from store to store to store. So it's easier someone actually sits in the vehicle you know and watch is items in the vehicle that way you don't worry about it that way. And everyone else is inside the stores and that's all is it a good thing to do. And I like d.s elect a little cold word I use a code word. That we use on our our cell phone is look text message so we can communicate with each other in case there is some type an emergency or something like that. So weakened CNET little worried out everyone spread out the Sowers you know we can meet one general area and get the heck out of dodge. So I'm all about protecting my stand them kind of selfish like death and if they like to be. On the team and another thing I do I know costs a few extra dollars but whenever I can I valley park because. It's just say it. I know who's at the front or lease the hotel does write whoever's driving my car. But I don't have to get to and from the parking lot they bring it right Timmy so. It might be a few extra dollars they if you can. It's certainly to me the safer route to go if you're alone especially if you're alone. I'm actually ballet saucy I appreciate it is hot hot hot and nice I'd say. To my people I would the Betsy right you just remember this in Texas. Iron guns handguns. But this is Michael Cargill. Merry Christmas happy holidays will be right back and you're listening to come and talk. Yeah there is is love. It's. And. Harold are you have the precinct three Kelly commissioner here in trials. Campbell and you're listening to come into office. Welcome back to come and talking with Michael Cargill. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael kargil and now it's time for GG in. Global then needed just go get news sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online guns stored in Texas. In the knees. Texas congressman gets ten years congressional veteran of Philadelphia and major gun control advocates amongst other things Chaka Fatah. Who recently was sentenced to ten years in prison. After losing the primary election earlier this year and months after being indicted on charges including racketeering. Bribery. Wire fraud. Honest services fraud and money laundering conspiracies. The congressman resigned. The congressman was sentenced this past Monday from charges filed and when he fifteen. There's one of the longest criminal terms a congressman will serve in history. In 2007. Chaka received an illegal loan of one million dollars for his campaign to become mayor. And repay part of it by using charity funds. He also use campaign funds to repay his son student debts and took a bribe to help a friend get an ambassador position. And yet he still maintains that the charges are politically motivated. His son was also sentenced to five years in prison on separate charges of fraud after also misusing funds to pay for personal debts. The ex congressman with a staunch gun control advocate and was appointed as vice chair to the gun violence prevention task force created by Nancy Pelosi. You voted in opposition to the repealing of the assault weapons ban. He voted for the 72 hour background check amendment he voted against the firearms manufacturing protection bill. And against the bill allowing reciprocity for concealed carriers of other states. Gallup polls show statistics for victimized gun owners. Earlier this week Gallup polls released statistics of a questionnaire taking gun ownership data from 111000 adults. Age eighteen and older in the US. The results showed a statistically significant percentage difference of five points and gun ownership between people who had been victims in the past year and those who haven't. 33% of people who are subject to a crime in the past year owned guns. As opposed to the 28%. Of non victimized individuals. The polls failed to capture of the reasons behind the individual's ownership of firearms or whether the firearm was owned prior to the incident or incidents in question. Some would naturally suggest that the once questioned experienced a crime then bought a gun out of fear of being subjected to another recurrence. But the poll doesn't specifically show that. Another explanation as the people own firearms based on how afraid they are to be a victim regardless of whether they have been in the past or not. But other data from the poll shows that one of the biggest factors of gun ownership as gender. Men tend to own firearms more often than women and men also tend to claim they don't fear crime as often as women. So that explanation doesn't hold up very well either. But from a poll taken in 2013 when gun ownership was at 27%. Says that 60% of people who owned guns listed self defense as a reason. So it doesn't seem to be that difficult to tell why Americans choose to own guns. Self defense that McDonald's a man was attacked by a girl and her boyfriend and I Hialeah McDonald's and use deadly force to protect himself. Police say that as the victim was sitting in a drive through. While the attacker was having a conversation with the teller at the window. The victim honked his horn at the two talking and apparently that was what prompted twenty year old Vanessa Puente to start banging the driver's side window of the victim's car. The 22 year old victim got out in his car to stop her and as he did he was blinded by twenty's boyfriend. The man talking to the teller as he started punching the driver in the head. Well the pair were assaulting the victim he attempted to use his phone to call 911 but Puente slapped it out of his hand. So he pulled out his concealed firearm and shot the boyfriend in the pelvis. The wind was not life threatening and he was transported to the hospital. Puente was out on felony bail for another altercation that was unrelated. While the victim declined to comment he was legally licensed in Florida and won't be facing charges. The couple on the other hand will be facing battery charges as well as a witness tampering for stopping the victim from calling the police. Ten day waiting rule ruled unconstitutional. California Circuit Court of Appeals is added again doing what they can to encroach on the Second Amendment whenever possible. Back in Tony fourteen the United States district judge Anthony each sheet of California wrote that quote. There is no evidence that a cooling off period such as that provided by the ten day waiting period. Prevents impulsive acts of violence who already possess a firearm on quote. Judge he she issued a ruling that the ten day waiting period was unconstitutional. And violated the Second Amendment. This was a pretty big win for the firearm community in California but just a few days ago the ninth Circuit Court came out with their own opinion. They concluded that the waiting period was a reasonable safety precaution for all purchasers of firearms. And need not be suspended wants a purchaser has been approved. The ruling states that an individual who are already owns a hunting rifle may want to buy air rifle with a higher capacity to do more damage if they intended to fire into a crowd. And the ten day cooling off period would discourage such conduct. While supposedly not converting concealed carriers. And this has been your global gun news for this week of December 18 when he succeeds. It was brilliant speed run DMC huh. First from 1987. I had a I was told how to think their son. And that's you know I'm glad you really hip hop in there has. The classic hip hop and the one of the pioneers deal with congress is huge. I think it was previously noted that Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy what about this us all right well. Let's look first I'd like to say that we heard the Ramones before that OK and of course we had. When you see here both those spans coincidentally or maybe not so coincidentally are out of queens New York now and so. Christmas in Hollis Hollis avenue queens New York so you do think Chris there was houses how they do Christmas there you know so it's a whole story. Is that he finds this sack of money that sent a lost it he tries to send it back to San acoustic keep the money would be wrong. In Sana said no that's your money so than they have this big party there in Queens you know. You wouldn't hear that today any improper or arrests on the would have probably Jack salmon. And fascinating I know I. Whatever you know in a song it's a legit sung and his clean and wholesome. And I thought I thought it was appropriate that we did something from run DMC. On your show. Considering that jam master. Probably by someone that he knew we don't know who did did that murders not been solved as far as I know. And maybe maybe if jam master. He would have been safe. But he wasn't so I thought that that was something that we are putting their around christmastime you know. But he came around 87 it was something they didn't wanna do it first they were approached by other record label to do this Christmas. Song in the Salomon and they did really wanna do it. And my guy there with the label name. Bill Adler he he kind of recommended the idea of doing something with their neighborhood so. They came up with Christmas in Hollis and like a safe positive message hip hop. Christmas song where you where you can hear that pun again you know again soon. Also maybe three famous movie a lot of movies and lessons zero them die hard. And most recently the night before. We say most recently we talking like twenty years ago the movie was geez. It would join Edison new in the just come out with a the Seth Rogen and on them. We'll probably reduce listened to a commercial yesterday for guitar sinner yes guitarists and they got a netted on their for the commercials are right now. How can I have a Christmas song. I don't think I don't mean me clear my throat and I don't know. I knock on the first day of Christmas my parents gave it to me oh brand new twelve gauge shotgun. The second day of Christmas my parents gave to me. Sued Tommy guns and a brand new twelve gauge shotgun. On the third day of Christmas not bans gay to mean. Three uzis. To tell me guns and a brand new twelve gauge shotgun I'm give their last no wrong on the fourth day of Christmas my parents gates in mean. For forty fives three uzis to Tommy guns and a brand new twelve gauge shotgun which can't say. Mother to say armadillos are gonna criticize. How good to see how good isn't it great I thought I deserve litre marriage and it has set up on earth did the day of Christmas my parents gave to me. And say it's. He moves forward forty fives three uzis to tell me guns and a brand new twelve gauge shotgun. Condit did day of Christmas market bone that's it that's why cynnex on the sinks in they occur is must prior periods gay to mean six Smith and lessons. For forty fives three uzis to tell me guns and a brand new twelve gauge shotgun. On the seventh day of Christmas my parents gay to mean seven desert Eagles six Smith and west since. In CHT. For forty fives three in disease do dummy guns and a brand new twelve gauge shotgun have had TJ. On the edge in any day of Christmas my periods gay do means. They Lugar pistols seven desert Eagles six Smith and lessons. Back on the ninth day of Christmas my appearance gave to me. Not as sniper arrivals a Luger pistol seven days and Eagles six amid the US is thought. They're M sixteen. Is. Full forty fives three uzis to tell me guns and a brand new clothes gauge shotgun at him on a T and they have Christmas my pants gay to mean. In gatlin gain champions nine sniper rifles eight Luger pistol seven TDK's would come from six Smithson was is five. M sixteens. Full up forty fives three use these C news' Tommy guns and a brand new to move gauge shotgun. On their eleven day of Christmas my parents gave to me eleven coalition is cause and Gatling guns nice that we're rivals K Lugar is a seven day as an Eagles six written lessons. 5. AM sixteen. Stuff. 4453. Use these seeded Tommy guns and a brand new twelve gauge shotgun. You get down backing down and look on the twelfth day of Christmas my parents gave to me got twelve rocket launches blood courses calls to end Gatling Canon nine sniper rifles and Lugar is seven visiting Eagles say let's admit it wasn't I. Air sixteen. Yeah America. For forty advisory and uzis seeded Tommy goes. And our brand new explode geisha. I our guns GAAP Qassam talking non that's Christmas they had to leave that clinched a constant. And who really discuss parents that. Could I not know me. Kind of but it's a teams it's a great Christmas we we really until we go to raise in my house just so it was a cruise to say this branch are pretty rich in my opinion the don't talk about all the 200 architect Stanley out of lowered into the beautiful tax stamps. That's him ample indication I didn't give tests Al Unser. Harrington and so I'm now we're talking Lawson safety tips Ethier come. Now we gonna talk about being healthy. Because I want everyone to come back till they don't eat too much frank. So we got exercise no SF has got to keep in shape you never know. And a whole day's issues when people are trying to break into the home instill some of the president's because they nearly everyone's got almost nice little present Sunday Chris history. So they seals boxes that you put outside in the trash that next day so I think you know. This is a long list of items we know they're in that house because you have boxes outside so we need to stay in shape so let me get bring you end. As Zach history is he's gonna tell us what are some good ways that we can stay healthy and stay in shape come on Zach. Who well one of the best ways is fighting with other people at the mall over Christmas gift us. I have to think that's really a boxing comes and guys there yeah yeah I know though if I would people at the mall don't do anything. Fairly easy battling over you know very sought after gifts. But what are some things it we can do you know. Once word you know after we finish eating dinner before we before we start with some things and I can do this holy season T. You know help me digest my food a little bit. Wait you wait a little bit and then go on a walking as long as is not to goldmans to get way too. Bond with Sam wins is getting outside getting outdoors. Just moving around. He. Gave some I didn't do that. Lots of water drink lots of water water is responsible. For every chemical reaction in your body. He needs thing indeed and I gadgets and Lincoln lots of yeah continued back. Chase you with some odd crazy with the water again I'll try we'll drink too much water before he again. Name your odds are and then how tragic quarter before I eat because I gotta get my my liquor in there. But I sort talk about the holy season how we're talking about Christmas we're talking about Kwanzaa would talk about Chanukah. Almost called nasal whatever you celebrate you know this is a great time where you join us sells hot this is Michael Cargill and you've. Are listening to come into. I'm back now sound. I'm made. It's not on the brink. The brilliant. I know. Oh. And they started communion will she was called the us senate close and is donating communal as a real famous one of their man. And they used to sit around and groove all the time you know millions. Really good thing men's tennis welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill and and what they did most loved and always make blood Moody's you know. And then everything they needed day. The sound may. Well we check through the years. And I know what they needed his once a year and a little bit as good regional is to put it in the name just. In the lead and the men and deliver all the boys and girls all the way around the world. All we. That's saying you know I. Now I know it's Christmas you know not the here and she can truly is especially in Austin are. Now knows that reminds me of medical marijuana you know that would trying to get passed in Texas. You know a bit and the governor governor admitted he knew he wants to surely. If he wants to Chile had his veterans and show his conservative values he would definitely help us in this prohibition though they plant has given to us by god. And I and I think and that will be a wonderful gift this next legislative session if we'll you know. We would actually remove that plant from being you know from Melissa being prohibited. So hopefully that that that happened but the and that's when things I'm wishing for for Christmas and from my governor called governor and I know you're listening. You know c'mon you can sign it just grabbed a pin in and push forward medical marijuana you know that's only asking for consumer have a lot of people that are are struggling they're suffering. And Nash is one small way. That they can relieve that stress especially for summer rock veterans here at you know experiencing PT SD. The people that we sent to do the job that some of us could not do you all were free to do the least being weakened do you. Is help relieve their stress they're suffering. And help them with their PT SD and approve medical marijuana in the state of Texas. Tablet but Jeremy tell me about this songs I know I got a feeling you take this week. Who hooked up. There are all okay it's like I label TJ is to blame for the last 20. All located so TJ don't buy those last teeth. Make as we NN it was. Was it clans Carter yet into Carolina Carter in just before the break. And we actually chose that one. Because. The run DNC Christmas in Hollis and less somewhere on the show. We try to. You were talking met a few songs when samples come from I can a lot of hip hop music. A lot of the music the background music indeed saw stuff a sample from something else so when they made that song they actually. You know there's been Christmas song. They sampled indeed they used to be from Clarence Carter's that Dorsey and a and so that's for the music comes from. Clarence Carter. He was born blind he's from Alabama. Can armies sold a blues. Singer. And I don't know what year that came out that he's. Obviously meg Norris and a consists 6868. Gas can got a little risque. Text shouldn't clearance card he's got to know for songs like debt cheating songs and things. And then you have been other when they're there we you know team making enough breaking fashion and with that assessment that. With the teaching Sean Evans scholar Santa clause in his old lady correct and that's. That's just I don't know to me that's a classic Christmas she rarely hear that on. On the radio. Sometimes. You know if you flip the due to stations you know this time a year you might tension on the college radio station and a the local rock station that. Maybe only once if you catch it at the right time and it's funny I really it is funny. And I actually don't I don't you don't. I don't personally do marijuana or or what to do it at all I'm not a small creepy like that's I actually don't like how likely need to know my body. Well in his liquor you know I do have that happen you have to forgive me for that. I had I do have my vice. But I do think that everyone should have their rights yen in that I don't think we should be in the plant some net you know that was. You know given to us by god you know content that can beat us we help making nature. Against the laws somewhat unnatural and it really is Aaron CID think that because you know necessity and I would do. As I just don't like it kind of I don't like smoking anything this league serious or anything so but hey. You know it into something that can help someone else the balls are a whenever I think we she'd deftly good legalizing but then son you come with them. The Chichi John version and number that. Well his teachings. On network and so. And if they came out on him. Those and so that's kind of a Christmas out of her opinion ranks yeah it's been around nineties and you want to. He's so usually your. But not not recently yeah Herrera this Senegal's kind of rarely hear that on yeah that was starts and you know cheat she's trying to write this song. And. He's not Santa Claus and then you know John he's in there is like. You know read darken a mad man hopeful that denies there's still a Nevada and the whole thing Christmas him when his reindeer and deliver presents to all the toys and chunky steak and he's talking about some musician he's eyes. Mean it deacon played with him before. I. Well meant so let me let me go back to Justin had just the loss lone star gonna rain it's just an tell me what do you wish floor for Christmas. For Christmas horror darkened gym this can this go under Tony's seventeen. I have absolutely something that you wish for for Christmas and maybe it will come. Fruition in 2017. Well I'm hoping that we'll get our constitutional carry costs and taxes. And how he IE how do you tend. We are going to move force off Republicans and a week Republicans to finally bring the total for both on our. I don't think you trying hard enough just in you know why don't think he's trying to enough to Jeanne we know those Christmas cards. Yeah ounce so you need to trap harder. Faster car joked about. It though me and I know you need us debt that just means a year even if they weren't able to find your home address does is no. Clinton in my path. Yeah my address book and he would readily available like. Yes because as he does Aaron ran for office so that's how they're easy if they can easily find my address. My home address but you know you can you know definitely keeper home address the seat because it's not just you know. Mean I don't care you know but I have loved ones at my house you know on that in my loved ones open something like that yeah I still like that. You know that that. It's over it's over it's it's better you know for for somebody I guess that's trying to put that out of all those trying to trying to do something about it a little extra. I mean at this point what kind of conversation did you and out of these people get. It's not gonna help their cause I'm gonna fight it even harder this year. I'm gonna be much more aggressive than I've ever been before all because of their Christmas card. If can't get no holds barred on my seat now at the table I'm not going to agree with you 12 I'm gonna shed and down Nikon allowed to speak or nothing whatsoever is commonly come out just as harsh as I possibly can. So you know eat you motivate me he woken the sleeping giant. Well. Yeah I actually as they and that's that's what it does for me. Yes and I am. Well you know all keep trying maybe one of these years or get along well faltered. Come in at today and in the end. You know we found a deafening NN. Gonna do work on that TS Surrey in some other organizations up and wanna get back. Any GRE in here on the show so I want to see what your thoughts are after this next coming obsession. And sell. What yet and hopefully we'll get them this year that's what then another thing I'm open for for Christmas and I wanna give any GR and he would tell us. Hey how can we help you as an organization. And no Elisa. It but it didn't think I can now what's the next song we have coming up. That's that one Britain from the other players that well that's actually a very famous song where it's in the shows Eric Claus is coming to town. It's one that I grew up with that was a personal pleasure are my dad. Dad you should drink for calm voice over bullets. And you have a few and that he gave givens when warlock impersonation. As well so it'll put an educational advice from me. But one foot in front the other about Mickey Rooney in Keenan Wynn from. Yet there are nursing due invoices because they played they were the voices of Chris Pringle and winner warlock and and who is an animated you know circular and recognize her. OK so I still CRE saloons and that's all about. I would talk about the holiday season where is giving years some taste of music here cannot relax and and wow and then down the year. How the year's almost up next year we have the legislative session 2017. So we're going T hit it hard to come next year. We're gonna have as some surprise guesses I inside studio maybe some surprise guests who dipping and have some on the on the telephone. And the gonna talk to us about some of these are trying to get done here in the US as far as getting the and so our answers as oppressors taken off the list so they're not in FE I don't. Also also that Yuri kingdom license will be recognized in other states and also hopefully in Texas he constitutional Kerry pass and taxes. How some people feel that. You know getting constitutional Cary pass would affect the handgun license program that's not really true at all. Social and have a a bit strong Hindu license because you you've got to carry outside a stay at Texas you know so if there were able to get that kingdom licensed. The reciprocity across other states. Pass. Beaten by the US congress and get the the president to sign off on it then I think we are going to be wow sitting really nice because it's just like a driver's license your driver's license is recognized and other states so we get the kingdom license we recognize in every state just like driver's license. Boy we can carry everywhere so that would work great for California new York New Jersey so. Who work and heart were pushing on I gotta get that done the of the US congress would contact your US senator. Contact your congressman. And give them to get the ball rolling I simply give that dealt with in the first hundred days of the trump presidency. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Okay. Here. OK. Okay. Okay. Imagine Britney lane and I get my levels and news that Michael cartels on coming top kids. Okay. CDs. All these days. Miss and games. Okay. Here's I. Welcome back to come and socket and now here's Michael Cargill. Save that many Stanley makes me feel like you and eight knockdowns and definitely ask Caroline though it's in the in my local club all have a couple drinks you lose. You meet their room all right tire out definitely Joseph Lieberman has nice warm drinks and about. Fifteen minutes. And I got a all right so we're talking about the holiday music guide for what now a year down getting ready for the legislative session. And and I just came across is nice little porn and is said. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house every person was packing. Even the spouse. The analyst at near the chimney with tiered unique case. In case a godless commie gave us a skier. Now the children word cowering afraid in their bids as my stories and al-Qaeda style through their hints. And I eat in my Bandelier. And my wife and her guests had just sold in. Wait long winters jurists. Went out of the law and their roles such a clatter. I immediately opened fire without thinking into the matter. Well what into the wind chill I threw a flash Bain. It blew off the shutters in my ears fold they ring you can. The moon shining through the haze of the blast. Today airing gave this sinister cast. When what in my wondering still did appear but a silly and eight tiny reindeer. Would be little old driver so loudly amiss I knew in a moment it must be crisis. I'm more rapid then scud missiles. He is cursor is being cane. And he whistled all Muslim he like I called them by name. Now I dasher now dancer. Now prince surge in Dixon. At that point I fired. So tears don't win. He met the top of the porch at the top of the wall now far away far way far away oh. As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly and how we sure I had blown the way that slid bright guy but no. TV house top the cursor is a flute with a slow. Holes and let let a little slave near full of danger and may come this team. And then would be burst I Shaq due to roof aiming for the pawing of each little aloof. As are really in my rifle and was turning around down the chimney big gun grabber came with that barrel and he was dressed all in fur in neatly quite Sheen I'm Iliescu. ER fifteen. A vulnerable threats. He had flown on his back and he looked like a burglar right about to attack. His eyes they look foreign his skin not white. He would not an American so I got to read a fight. He's droll little mouth was drawn up look like a Michael boat so I gave them a burst to give him to go. The stop of this pipe I shattered right at right out of his teeth and the smoke from the discharge circled this kid like Aretha. He dark is brought him so I aimed at his belly. But the bullets bounce off like marshmallows off jelly. He advanced on meeting in. No pretense of stealth and I wet my pants couldn't help myself. A week designed in a stern middle finger let me know that he had no intention to linger. He spoke knotted at first but went shrink to his work feels stockings with cold been cold the merger. One more middle finger and that phrase. Give didn't and then up and up the chimney he wouldn't. He sprain to his sleigh to his team gave a whistle. In no way they all flew dodge in my last missile. From what I heard him explain. Aaron did you roll out of sight. You've got the nets are awful and you suck in a fight and if oh man knows when that's going all right so and so TJ tell me about this. Was last seen here was that there was Merle. Yeah I'm Merle Haggard. Like great Margaret. Silver mills. To doubt here in 2060 we lost a lot of not on his birthday dad you really can't got on his birthday six wow. You I go bud go my birthday and as kids and they need you come and you go out on the same day you relive that day in my we ask for the chances of that happening. What is what and for 65. Really. Follow a low and apparently wawa. And you got me and that was okay yeah admirals a classic that is Mormon greatest. Country artist of all time in the greatest country singers. I don't nice and get an NN. In the last song meant is that Otis Redding yes yes sir and that's an Ole miss I don't know a lot of you know is just my favorite musicians that's like after the Jackson 5. I like Otis Redding Otis is one amok. Tosses well and the analyze real big oldest and I Groupon Otis I don't know I mean my mother listened to a to something now know when there's this is so we picked the last minute who was you have. You know and never got. They hear this song come out this was something was released after three died he really done 67 and then this came out the next Christmas. So something they recorded in. And came out posthumously so it is. It is something that we never which we have here in Austin. That's career. Against us or we don't want snow is there a and that's IAA we may get some this year. Because good good innings yesterday it was like seventy degrees. You know was really nice I was wearing shorts you know I went black shorts would my richer. How could not redshirt off a and then in it's ten minutes later as Freescale is seriously a slight pain and happy to get my fur coat out. So yeah it was actually pretty crazy yesterday and then last night. To justify the fireplace so what do you as gonna do putting Indian Christmas Day. Oh plant show then they'd be channels into clinical NRC but a white hairs on Christmas Day nice okay. How would he indeed hobby and which don't falls Wichita Falls what's up death. Healthier. Good group for the yeah. That's a I really need to next time I get him in steel and I'm deafening gonna bring the bottle because he talks a lot at ease in about five drink tax cuts and I want. It's quality okay. RA and then that Zach what do you do in this Christmas. Weekend. Hamid treason my butt off in Wisconsin. Who would even go get a Wisconsin. Girlfriend was there. And move their honey do list recruit the moon her her legal this year simply to propose or something was happening here that's it's gone now for the holidays. Way now you can't talk. You you know you think about it also what's happening here and tell us we wanna know. And down for Christmas go. You know. I think now with her family but began her mother something for Christmas. I did not matter toaster. And now began their dads something for Christmas snow the other half of the toaster. Assistant Larry the IRA. And though men there it's TJ woody woody and the other didn't play in the end. Plea has gained there. We'll be I mean. May hobby lobby here in Los in the whole time. You know we honor every Sunday show and Desantis a follow on on Christmas Day saw nothing went out fighting possibly working. Work and do out the weekend and plug in to see my family and a couple weeks are good to go down and spend my spend my holidays brought in January with us and we we can achieve because sun it's on a weekend. Yeah that this week and that's so much better you may have Christmas in the have you Saturday and Sunday off. You know so we try to achieve this year a little bit woody indeed in Montana like the state from going out to west Texas seen the Graham parents home. Go say out of the great grandmother and use among. Okay and then tonight woody an idea. I'm going to enjoy Christmas here but the next day I'm flying out to Panama with my daughter oh my goodness this is so worn their way around that's why I'm going. I have no idea was it was going to Florida. I miss for a lot of don't miss hanging out and end on the beach on the isthmus to. Is that what that's wood and that's what's in Panama and this most of Panama now. Just check out the Panama Canal nice if it snows there. Global warming or just Israel that the fifth but if it doesn't snow there this is a cycle that the plan is going to it'd be all right. Ranks right so I'm now hey Justin what do you do this this Christmas weekend. Online team just. Eric yet he didn't go for it. Probably need a law student probably gain about arbor extra ounce. Glad you are gonna be alone you know you got to work it off now because I need you in shape and I America's going to be breathing hard is a walking around the capitol in January. I'm are now. That it's going to be a lot of work getting is good she's. Famous indoors hurry. Earlier I gave me and hopefully no one puts their foot in the door this year so we did you know we'll have a niece she's. Should your problem but also around RA. I will miss. I'm deathly go achieve a match gonna stay here I'm not going anywhere. I've already done my traveling a little bit you know doing things given so our state stick around. Here for the holidays in and when they catch myself and to watch them what is it team if Bornstein the film's him thrown into her own team thrown him and why it's about five seasons a game with their homes. Some sit back in Washington I'm really cooked on down. We'll state that regularly the mother dragons. Yeah I'm written me as she is awesome I love her the mother dragon she's got like three little dragons will their big dragons by the time I get down in my box it. Buddy stars is little dragons and she's just man I'm going tee freak all the sleeves and I'm going to teach you know we gonna kill me there's slave masters I love it. Maurice oil and every. NASA it's awesome that's a US I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays definitely come back safe. And be wary surroundings at all times protective mainly carried gun carry all the late. All days every day to remember in Texas our guns handguns. Emotional any rational arguments played the minds of Americans on the entirety of the political spectrum. We no longer have to be factory where think critically or make logical sense to quote. Win an argument unquote. Now strangely. In the age of information. Is not a matter of how right you are but rather how emotional. Response she can get it is. Not the emotional arguments are anything new but in our culture it seems there's an outcropping of anti intellectual isn't. That overrides are critical thinking functions. Now it's a shame really. As a cold hearted as it seems to ask the question about a tragedy what to think recently about sensitive. And controversial topics as opposed to jumping to the most immediate solution. It's imperative to not making terrible mistakes. Hatred and prejudice have their roots in the fear of intellectual lives. Feared being proven wrong or fear of the unknown in need. So what's the answer to this predicament. Well how do you exchange the common American on biases. Or inaccuracies that they aren't willing to admits. Admit exists or face. Far be it for me to give the definitive key to solving the cultural problem. Involving an entire country. But hey don't assume that everyone has had the same experiences as yourself. Or for that matter has the same perspective on those experiences as you do. And don't look down on people for those opinions that you know are factual. Leak incorrect. What you're trying to do an argument. So are you actually taken the best approach to change this person's mind. Or are you only alienating them more for disagreeing with the the wonderful thing about the First Amendment. Is that we can have this controversial conversations. But you won't get others to open their argument for constructive criticism. If you bashed him for just disagreeing with you. If you're seeing in a room where everyone agrees with you and you're not going to change you're not going to become a better thinker. Just remember. That more guns. Equals less crime. Glad by yourself would get even listen to come and talk it with Michael corn. Yeah man. Although laugh. Who's. Oh big risk. Yeah I'm. Mold.