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Dec 17, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well guns are real estate radio read your host Jason studs wanna share your real estate stories. Come out at five point 26409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. It is Sunday were backed central Texas this is grossly radio I'm your host Jason Stubbs branch manager both in our mortgage. In an Ellis number 181407. Annual consumer advocate for all things real state OP gust caught our television show and KV EO. We run and I'm from nine to one. And also on on Monday through Friday at 8 AM so take a peek rules state radio will be over night in your living room trying to bring Texas hill country. Homes and in just got a whole rules state community. To you guys in down of course right here on talk thirteen seventy. Every Sunday at twelve so if you're just tune and we appreciate chip and thank you offer from reaching out to us with your questions and your. Your your suggestions got a couple loose. This weekend. Made weapons without further duke and join Bob Parker my friend co host Sean Finnegan senior officer at in our home mortgage Sean I don't tell me. Do all right hello hello how this Sunday treaty not bad so far yeah. Aren't well we've what we're back again and we got a good show coming up what to what we have coming up as slowly out self employed folks your own stick around we got some on new loan options and not just a tease a guideline information free all that maybe you're not sure about we've also got Melissa and Bailey team of really awesome here talking Japan springs and lace trend it's real estate. Arm and also you know when's the best time to purchase invest in property elect and now last finale three of Kristen Jacobs our real two or three department grew crops on the show today like it. The same we've got so little bit or something for the self employed folk out there we absolutely did especially this time mere self employed folks get ready do close are your books and start getting your tax stuff ready for next year. That's a helpful hints for you guys. Nice roku like us to be gotten questions some also. Our Tex lines open so he got in these in these situations with your your realtors are not are not having. An agent not sure how to choose want we can help you with that also all things mortgage obviously. A we'd love to hear from you that number that you can text right now stop 12640. 96. Tin can doc can't go any further news show Sean about talking about our app we hit a thousand downloads. All right so I think we were finalized on the award from the south that. 1000 app no horror were at a 1011 right now. So we'll have to go back and see who number fouls but the foul that could put 1000. Apparently got me all stubborn over here but I yeah wool wool level B so from a thousand. Person smokes and I its debt there I guess so because yet dollar app it's such release should do. You pull a text message the number of Richard at Texas 31996. And you're going to enter the letters atx so text atx 231996. Your get a link. Click on that link scroll over download home screen and then you can Star Search of homes look at mortgage calculators for all types of loans. There's an affordability calculator on there. Mortgage news all the things that affect interest rates and if your rate nerd like me you'll love it that's one of my favorite things about this happens. All of the different factors that affect interest rates. Will be on there and I'm shocked I mean we're gonna get in to rate your little bit but we've seen. We've seen him come up and WEB Tony got refinance about a year now and you've you may have a little time to do that she may not sound but it's definitely getting tougher so. Check out the gap rates are on the league in leisure insurance you can ask questions. Once again text atx a 31996. Thank you all who have a been a part of that. Keeping count and we love it. Also Sean I mean let's just get into a man you know we we bitches interest rates and you know what where and where you know what's happened. You know defendant came out yesterday announced that they're gonna raise you know the benchmark interest rate for mob. The range of point 252 point five million 2.5 two point 75 Sybase they raise of about a quarter. You know. We've been here in this is gonna come for wallets it's actually a little behind prior when we thought I was gonna happen what would I mean they said that they're raising three times and they got to a they didn't so from career as a clique. You're the rates or raise a mean they bump that up on Wednesday. A salute and you know that's the first time we've seen so what's or what he things happen over the next couple years well yes trio is yours get that immediate. Impact like that day no announcement comes out also and you know he started you know but lease us the mortgages your email search blown up techs are blown out. Brady increased rate increase in price freeze rate increase that happened twice answer yes sixty had too little mini bumps in the rates you know after launch. And then a lot of times you know bills they'll just kind of flat out have to you know it's an initial Russian known Dresser forget now on investors are in a move some money out of bonds and other things. Sponsor and get that initial. You know ball and I mean. You know what get has gone up like you said I think rob were probably. You know almost close to a full percent down not maybe not quite on average on a thirty years I'm thirty year fixed since the elections ruled out since election you know we've gone from under four. We're still under five you know I mean I still priced on an investment offer somebody a street under five. Source so talk about being a really good rates. You know but that but they're not you know where they were they're not where they were for election and honestly you know with the rate hike come in and it sounds like they're. Anticipating possibly two to three more rate hikes over the next twelve months he. You know each time nearly generally Ariza more than a quarter to a half right arm in anyone hike so we you know in the next twelve months I. Backed down I mean I think the days of under 4% are probably over for. Meanwhile bottoming out at three and a half is ridiculous I mean ya said the C a three quarter coming out of three its worst nightmare for a little while couple weeks ago I mean I kind of pose a question of how much money would you loan somebody of 3% I mean it's not much a 00. None in Canada I wouldn't look much but. Yeah you're talking about you know hundreds of thousands of dollars and yeah there are some other factors you know you've got duke steers there are some good things that come with interest rates. Going up which is like you know. Well first this year bank is actually gonna maybe start paying you more than point 0040 yeah and year. Deposit but the potential for all types other loans to go up include mortgages auto loans credit cards and all those things and kind of take up. But I mean that's a sign that our economy's improving. And it shows a little bit of a little bit carpets and also you we think about you what these rates are bumping up to you know. Ford happy closer 5%. Some of these investors get back into the industry which opens up the door for for new products. In. I definitely do. One thing I'd do you see loosen up some guidelines there's stuff with some guidelines loosening armor Tommy NASA groom if you want to buy now you know so self employed we've we've got a one year tax return to the hospital quick guys if you're just tuning your looser rules state radio I'm Jason styles we are Sean Finnegan senior loan officer. At aero mortgage we're talking interest rates interest rates. On the coming up next we've got to Melissa Roberts and daily Perkins from. Realty Austin cellulose a graph that but John back to it I mean interest rates obvious you'd be. The did just different being able to give them a mortgage loan for self employed people has never been more difficult but then what we've seen of the last several years do you think anything's gonna change. I do think they're gonna start loose. And up a little bit Obama said we're we do have there's a one year tax return program out there so you can get away with if you discount you know a lot of self employed people. You know they take there's a mentally lazy man now the aunt you know and everybody takes advantage of the tax code you know it and they try to you know offsets some of their income was expenses and it's completely within the law you know the thing is he the way have always told people is. You know like well you know off I'm following guidelines like I make this money in the government as I can write off you know XY and Z and but now when it comes time to get a mortgage and getting penalized for Jeff out at any kind of what I've always told people les Minnesota's. You know. We on the back in 08 or nine to government pretty much. Bought out Freddie Fannie Freddie taking over you know which are basically you know more or less you think about their insurance company. You know the government more or less is ensuring all these mortgages and the governments not to ensure alone. Based on income brackets that you're not paying taxes correct so they're gonna get through one way or the other elect paid the man who warned year yet is that safe bet. I mean you know maybe one year you can tell your county not to be as aggressive on an Israeli yeah. You know is is really what I what I tell folks in that and that's a lot of people are doing right now you know they're they're low blight the ball one here you know they they won't be as aggressive on their taxes just we get him into a house we get them locked in on a nice you know thirty year rate. And then the following year you know stressing now I mean look let's be honest rates prior art don't back down for gas if you're if you're gonna four point sixty fives. Thirty year loan right now the odds of you refinancing that place in the next. Five to six years is unlikely. Though you can kind of go back to to do what even Dylan you know but still. Still get that house C don't you don't need to two years I do you see. Sooner or later I I think you're gonna get you know we have some bank statement programs available even now they're not as attractive and I'll tell you what is as interest rates rise. On the Fannie Freddie stuff you know some of those alternative programs are gonna become more traffic and I have folks I've got some folks that say would. All pain picture. Point five to not go through all the hassle of Bethlehem all the other guidelines yet so I can you know sure if I can provide semi 5% less documentation. You know take a hit to make of the process and is yet. Definitely our guys but it shark got so we got in amber macabre and on hold in does she is say one in my favor agents out there. Aybar are Yucca. And what are your lol yes I can I do in the Sunday. And get our primary battle fantastic. We'll have to get you back in studio. Here coming up pretty quick but. Amber an article on bin on the the TV shows several times and couldn't be here today but hey ember on the senior property force tells about. Ideally the property or eat out when near downtown. Thirteen no more Leona extreme and it is a new construction. Beautiful out and bought it for that and three about. How hard would learn. Utility overlooking downtown it's been beautiful home. That we wanna get you out there to look at a news like that you contraction though it never gonna live again and who really really great property about 2030 I've cleared. While felt great out. Good angle. In different so I mean I love that area and it's blowing up over there and I mean there's there's there's just so much to offer. On the especially being so close to downtown Lugar would great property how Orleans passionately Corliss who's in touch with the number. My I Hamburg wouldn't yet call you wanna go look at the property I want you. Three news seven tune here and I dictionary it scheduled Korea. Perfect girl hey enjoy your Sunday we appreciate Colin Campbell talk he saw. I don't. That we got we analog. Let's in are you there. Arab power you go out there were fantastic good to see inner talked yes it's a unit in CO2 they gonna talk to get the recap what we've you can't see us and we can see that's all right. So it tell us a little bit but you've got to you got to property was sure of us. Do you like here aren't Eric 290. Stepping into retail outlet pass swords and that one has got years of boycotts and. Well. So. Its point by attempting to Wear a C three Decker extreme cold out of Atlanta where air with a where are gonna include about the need a master suite got another I think she's talking and you just got the effect is like offer from their. Clark I'm hoping not to study. Seller list or 49. Keep me call time when she UG 669. Year achieved cheers Christian getting an inch to the justice on it I mean you can't look ma I'm. And don't forget I've heard I've been in this house before Duckett did I don't think you mentioned the custom garage built for a boat and a car seat is that it 127 foot ski boat with a tower. In nectar odds along with your best TV they'll both fit in the garage and you are literally a minute from having that bunt in lake Austin. You know you're Lake Travis school district super low tax rate. One minute from having that boat in the water keep it right your garage. On we will view is is I've been and it's great house if you own a boat and her pain for 500 dollars a month to store that thing. And wanna be my term school district I mean. Just think about that save that for 500 dollars a month of your pain is your pain store them booed every month and keep the right near ground Jeff. Definitely and that's top 110 dollars a year. To be a launcher vote right from being in a block down from how to deal and a deep. It either. How do our listeners in touch with a. I give me tingle or taxed at 12266. Narrowly here if you. Fantastic who appreciates colony and and will look we'll get back onto. Yes there are on the up about working on a couple of lunches so. Couple others and Apache short circuit that folks that are within. I'm in contact you were much often won't have taken care. Fantastic won't get you back on next week to. During weekends ago. Our guys we got to cut it right there. We have baca we've got Melissa Roberts and Bailey Perkins. With the Melissa Bailey team rules Jos and guys who wanna miss a stay tuned. They welcome back to the show's central Texas this real state radio I'm Jason stubs if you just tune and we appreciate you you stuck grumpy that break. Hey thank you very much for doing that. Obama got Sean Finnegan senior loan officer in RL a sit in all day and cohost apartment we just I got done not chat about interest rates are on the bit on the climb he Gaza heard about it we've been talking about for for months and months and months in the air here don't panic. They're still potential for. You'd get a week Marchand mean a rate under 5% I mean do we have to. I mean that it's that's not a bad rate is so greater it is it will. Fact army nice ads in the one negative decides or is going up I mean he could eventually affect you know what folks Mexico all fought for so yeah and actually have a negative impact possibly on. You know some home value springs and prices down death on the use casino if you think about you know let's say 400000 dollar loan give or take. Yeah and APR around 4% and and you know. They're three and 4% loan 5% on four thousand's going to be roughly about 240 dollars up. You know assets that that wolf fact sometimes and especially trying to push those TGI limits a little bit where you know maybe can't afford quite as much as as he Steve. Selected you know possibly. You know keep prices down slightly you know that's always one effect definitely. Just on affordability. Actor no doubt will give back more to that but I'll want to introduce some folks and we've we worked with real justice quite a bit nuts. Oh introduced Melissa Roberts and elite Perkins with the Melissa Bailey team how we doing. Then any good deal ladies thank you for being on the show today we're we've been excited looking forward to this and Melissa this is not sure first time last time you were on you just have been absolutely. Gorgeous. House and I'm kind of springing this on you but what it would Telus will be developed on again what it was smear Joseph. Well it it is an awesome game magazine has editorial. And scores and that's the only description we get. Bailey and and yeah it's in Spanish oaks. 86 or nine square feet I mean. Totally contemporary it minimalist style. And if you're familiar a Spanish oaks it's mainly not Spanish colonial style sentences really any for the neighbor hadn't. Definitely worth checking out if that's the type of lifestyle you wanna has so used in every atom. What it's featured in in what. Constantly and I don't always awesome game that's for this month. Yes it's the winter issue without rain now fantastic. While when I'm off to himself owning a kind of check it out of but. And we'll take you can't you have no doubt well I mean guys let's just get to it I mean. You you've you've you've we're we're all still working and we know how our industry works and you know what regardless if you're on the you know inspection side appraiser side mortgage rules say sides child companies it to fifteen or sixteen or nineteen Ellison takes a hold hands and and get these transactions done. We see our business drop off a little bit towards holidays that we are here now so let's talk about like this season. In Melissa tells little bit about like what's it like buying in the winter time. I'm not buying right now that it. Form my buyers and for buyers in general and I aide don't get it but. Year after year and it's it's always October hits and buyers to start circling and being indecisive. And it drives me absolutely crazy. Because it. It's about time that I may get even bigger guys. Oh really yeah I mean if you're house is on the market in your cellar you have to sell there's a reason. They usually always going to be or price reduction if you know I think it's on right now and their motivated. They am have that and it's intense so. We train our buyers and their savvy. Being an endless and they're Smart and their make and some free equity in there. There comes Ari can wait town the second week in January and start competing in doing multiple offers yelled. Make a decision. I love the December. Purchase happy handset made its you know a lot of people know that my holidays are coming in we don't mess with it what. You're safe thousands sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in December because the folks that are sell and they know they have to sell for some reason. So they're serious about getting their home you know. Sold and a new rebar in October November a missile Obama house's blow me last note about was in October and I mean I say thousand dollars and if our by the streaming house loser are kind of the same thing. I mean what is that I mean less competition in or are we don't think. I'm also builders from ear and eating hamburgers. And he had definitely there's a lot of competition I. We've had so many showings on Ireland seems that fires just never end up buying likely follow up with them in ages and up well I think we're gonna it's gonna wait. What do you laid out for him. Actually here's a we've got oil and now that we're we're we're doing it and yeah its kind of contingencies they've got to sell their own person they've got some folks and they've seen in couple offers that they they didn't like. But if it's funny that you bring up like help help picky if there's no listen up there. I guess I have to deal with the consequences from our ornament. You know if you know what would it what is it you know why wire where's. But the hang up is it just we don't deal with because it's holidays of me or is it our job or not out they're saying. It's a test on a bond because I mean we'll see price reductions like we've seen over the last sixty days. No not at all if he's on the panel less than vast majority of homes have had a significant price reduction in the days on markets are longer. Bethlehem were so let's flip the script I mean that's for that's for buying me obviously. In a you know we we've said that you know you've got. And is less competition. And before we get to the seller side are you most he mentioned. Builders I mean the best deal would you can get on a brand new home inventory you know that is is too. It's to buy it before the end of the year wiser. Well we just had a client close her she's getting ready to close and you build a home. Owner and injecting spring's draft. And it was originally was set up for a total fives. Had a price reduction and we ended up getting an additional. And I was sorry for 45 was originally priced as it was port 25 and leave. Started working with her after we got it for under 400000. I am pleased that three it. 88 yeah now from our Fareed I and that's huge in these build a form off the books. There's there's you know you can there's many reasons why but you up. Year after year. You've seen it yet and so yet the builders out their listeners like you asked him after. But hey you know we're we're we're here to. To help you guys and they and hopefully we pictures of seekers and helping us a little bit of money so let's look script I mean. Let's talk about you know if you lift your home now you. What are some of the frozen in cons I mean yeah at what point do you advise somebody illicit now or or wait. While some of the present actually be how we've mentioned already less competition and I mean there's less inventory out there seed toppling get more of the spotlight. I'm I would say what you really need to do is find something about your house there really sets you apart from what is out there. Whether that's the kind of incentive with price seen up or a credit towards. Maybe even something like paying me just something to help. That buyer pulled the trigger and actually get a deal done because that's really what we've seen is while we still had a ton of showings. People really are just kind of taking their time in making their decisions. Yes definitely we're oppose real quick on I think we got Alan. All on the line hey Allen you care. Know a guy awards we'll try to get him on. And actually shall we run. Okay so are discussed your students are rules say radio I'm Jason styles we appreciate taking a little time out your Sunday. It's been in that with us we've got Melissa Roberts and Bailey Perkins of the most some Bailey team of real T awesome one of our favorite companies. That we work with them folks been around awhile and just got fantastic agents and Allen was gonna call in here Loeb mobility he he owns and a new place out lake way so while we're trying to get him on. Let's. A little lake play with or knowingly and with 200 likely right now I'm a little and a little biased I'm. Lived in lake when mine pull I think you I was in high school and then my parents lived a sucks Iceland's a year from like way I am that's awesome yes I was there before that if a bomb. Them is yes I remember when that one weekend a winner on homecoming game is that right it was. Am saddened that I spent on backseat now ya. They've just finished state now. And no late clay highlighted gorgeous Greek community in Austin schools. We actually in how the only staying. In Lake Travis I steering now and if you're familiar with the area you know it's really hard to find a home under 360000. That counted out. I can tell from personal experience from the secret guest shot multiple shocked shocked just polish really to get congratulations thanks. Well yeah in Lakeland in late night we do have one it's not in only quaint how but it is only Travis highest. And it's listed at three year 57 if I if four bedrooms. Three bathrooms. She living area is. It's really neat it's. So in the master suite in your closet. You have a stock while watcher Gerry unit stepped area but then downstairs. You also have a full larger and down there you see your kids can actually do their own laundry and you're not going up and downstairs which is great. I'm nice beautiful hill country is great neighbor head. At that address Fred Allen is 10116. Looming skyway. And it's a brand new build it should be done hopefully by Christmas but if not then definitely by the end of the year. And anyone who wants to make an offer on it their stellar since election he can make sense. That your own style on the finishing touches. Fantastic MB I know that you guys have another property were to get sued but tough where it's a quick break we'll come back. To that not hey guys if if you want to be got any questions you and get contact with Melissa or Bailey. Our Tex lines are open you can call us 5126409. 610. And we're talking Lake Travis would come back we're going to be talking a little bit about dripping where we talk a little bit about investment properties is her opportunity in central Texas to find an investment property that makes sense do you short term long term stick around you'll miss it Bure back. Hey welcome back to the show's central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason spelled we appreciate you sticking around to that break we've got to Melissa Roberts and Bailey Perkins with realty Austin and we're talking dripping springs lake way. They got a couple properties that are. Our I have had had just arrived. For you guys so we'll touch on those your little bit but before we do that since were on the lake way. Topic a we've got Todd Allen on the line. Alan you there. I hear how you do how do I got shot Finnegan here with me to. I am going to lie and I had advertised. We'll look Alan. Meant you know we've we've this is a role Seychelles and Campbell we constantly. Kind of wanna how far. Our hands in in what's new what's going on and I understand that you've got a new little spot over their lake way that actually Sean not below working lunch there. A last week in man Al so impressed tells a little bit about your place. Gartner. Create here in lightweight. Based on my hat. Am leaning Latin MacArthur and I could eat my dad it was then that we need it for thirty years. Public gonna go to that could be that the win in this business so we are eight aluminum sport desperate. Like build out and it got hurt but that means that it gat. The draft Beers on tap and it going to sources not just your regular. Continues. Well yes Sean and aren't there last week it what what was what were you tell me to order the Becker record Chela and nothing about their record to pry my favorite. Food option is between 71 and 2020 so they were so. Exactly. As being named after eight and LE football player called Becker. You eat that every day. Almost every data coming in order that Sam is not on the media. Elena tackles the three years ago when I did it. Then I would change the name of the analyst Rebecca wrecker. Eat sausage did. Well done and where you where you located just drumming on a polite way but tub kind of help the folks amid c.'s Sunday. You'll get a couple people in there where how to get their. Or get filthy game all the 39. The the final game on TV without enemy port yet we have I'll rip up all the brigade on. But I'm in the on lake way in what way out the warning but they're Biden and between the new HB and the new right but bowling Alley. Right in the middle that complex. Fantastic well Peabody has the question to me guys if you haven't been out to macarthur's it's fantastic in. I mean I went in their stuff my face and how much to go box on left it there are also so Omaha. He added able edit shares. It doesn't include you know win streamed on the patio heaters on the patio. He gave out there are some night light it to dump some nice. Appears second to none in out in my opinion. I I'm agreeing to test of that if you're looking for other sports and wings in cold beer. All what your primary threes there are things in life besides my wife and child. Macarthur's is definitely the place to be in lake where there's no other place in I was way now and so that a NATO delay get that place open but. We're excited they're open and we will patronize you send as many future ways possible money. Alan we and we appreciate you being with us on. On this so wonderful Sunday and I can promise you you'll you'll see it you'll see us soon feel pricey mean if you are analyzed and kind of yeah severe way. 630 and we get draft Beers for three dollars. And it you name it we get great debt capital get sued so I'll be thirty today. Keep up the good work buddy we'll we'll talk to you soon. Also there ya like that guy I don't. You guys are where the mic authors as I at its next one of our favorite places aren't scary horse theory. And a place is so cool we'll have to we'll we'll have to get to those folks on here to pump price departs period and. That's straight from my experience out there no doubt guys who you're a student in this Israel say radio I'm Jason sell we're here every Sunday. From twelve. 21 hand job joined Bob Melissa Roberts and Bailey Perkins with the realty Austin these two teamed up to form just a fantastic team we talked about Lake Travis and and also. Little bit about actually have even got to dripping yet. But our guys I mean before the break I kind of told folks who were talk a little bit about investment opportunities can you. Tell us a little bit about what someone needs to do or or are there even any investment. Opportunities in central Texas anymore. I know of queries. My goodness yet at press. I number one thing and definitely Geary search and it's consult with their real tank down pressured. And speaking of dripping springs Hays county it is the fastest growing count mean and Texas is now has a population every 101000. So we're talking about dripping springs Kyle impeded us and Marcus. A ton of opportunity out there especially and dripping springs right now which is just the main. And Louis says as actually and resident and dripping springs and she has all the former UN or not. Yeah so if there's land. And dripping springs to develop at its price rate or if you however realtor such as Melissa we're ending each day and then it. We have some great ideas for you in fact we have a lot at any rate now we are starting and development actually it's called heartland. And and we are gonna be unique. With college coming to injecting springs it's actually gonna be. And more affordable. With larger alliance and because that. As the growth is coming that's something that's becoming a lot more rare portable larger lots is not something you hear very often it's. Texas we that environments sanitarium. It's important Timmy and I think it helps the economy and I think it helps families and bring nothing broke up. I mean we're getting a ton of people. Subjecting every day what's the draw for dripping I mean I love it because there's some cool spots out there. Are always kind of driven through there are just I mean go the long way you know if you're goes a long way around let me go through dripping it's just a little gym but. You would what do you think is it is the draw that way. It's the cold germ it's Mercer street this historical down on old fits you it's twisted next furry it's. And Mary eleven minor knee deep Eddy smooth Amylin. Rain and then it's just the potential and by a van and he should seed. All the different and people that live here now when you walk entry TV it's like finally becoming cool. And having that culture of a small town here and delivered in the schools school excellent schools out there have Lilly. My eight children go to dripping springs school and another fun thing about Jeff being as he could still afford to have Landon have chickens and and which I do have taken do you really I didn't test how well I'm I'm. I'm a little bit jealous we've been kind of north I guess can we call the domain north central. Just knowing I'm just your opponent yeah and a very yeah that's what you are trying to stretch silo that. About eight X it short downtown but gadgets I think it's right Sony would be looking in our you know Al scores which here. You know liberty hill or. You know spice lewd. Briar cliff Sean there trying to remember Clinton says he loves spies would prior consistently in chief our little sea floor or richest it is it is and it's not that far and remember when circle ceased to be far yeah okay dissuade me from frilly. I mean Austin so small gang. It is easy to most own ass U me talk to that in that. Personnel there that's been one to invest in rural state. And you just let's say we got a primary residence we haven't pulled the trigger we've always kind of played with the idea and investment property whether it's long or short. There either one the guys you know what can you advised that. Guy or gal out there that has not pulled the trigger on that investment property in its bid on their mind because you're out there I talked to eight years teen years they've been thinking about this. What's what do they need to do. Well they need it called Mollison bailing and then just start there we we actually have a fabulous listing right now in dripping springs IST that. Then seller is Smart and savvy and her. She's actually listing at thirteen thousand below appraised value which she got it appraised last month by a third party. And great idea yeah and so word we're selling and we're listing in at 325. And that addresses side ninety used stone view it's NN hill country setting where Sharon. Views out of the dining ram and the balconies and it green about backyard it's on a cul-de-sac. It's an ink needed. Fun social community with dripping springs schools. And and you can rent it out we did that mapped to when he 300 a month easily there's hardly any rentals and dripping springs. So it's only 325. While. So let me speak about bats are probably just gonna ask you in general and of course you've got an opportunity I have my own right now also real quick phone number filed 126409216. You can text that. Or if you'd like to get in contact with one of these two or both of them directly. How would you let us. Well you could call or text either wanna bes and very mean mrs. Bailey you can text or call it by twenty UT TE when he 34 iron. And we also have a FaceBook page it's these let dot com fax slash and we sell Austin. Cole in will put these pro these. Properties on now are up FaceBook page also which Israel state radio who. Just search FaceBook real C radio. And apple won't pop up and you'll get a check out there. A bull ladies we appreciate you coming into the studio. And it's been a fantastic. Tom to what each has back in here but one more time how do we get in touch with the gas. Nothing I. I got you can colored text as it by going to you on T 28. One 34 iron. Horry confined different face but at FaceBook dot com back slash we sell us and fantastic. We appreciate you guys coming on we'll get you back on soon and in dot thanks for spending your Sunday with us holding CNN. Our guys got to cut it right there we get back we've got Kristin Jacobs with with the region property group and we got tons of good stuff coming up. So stick around. Am back central Texas this is real estate radio I'm Jason Stubbs. We appreciate you stick around with this. A little bit today mom my pocket right hand man and in senior loan officer Errol mortar shops and again Mann appreciates you. Being with us today drop a little knowledge on the as a rising interest rates. Glad to be here I think traffic glad to be here. Hey they'll say we mourn yet. Rates are coming up in in they have picked up a little bit too and but may you still got a chance update you really do you still got a shot to get anything under 5% come on I mean for those men really serve any or 6% still did yeah you know definitely there's still some. Still some rates out there under five so here if you're on the fence and you waded in he thought they might go back down at the jump. They're not gives you call yeah. What more through the elections bad move yet he had anyway or guys up like to welcome Chris and Kristin Jacobs. Over the region property group to the show how we do in this week in and well thank you good analogy if okay did get. We've got we you know are we're talked a little bit you know during that commercial break in we got lot to get to but before we do that. I'm unleashing you have a little bit of experience in radio tell us about them. I do it spin probably about twenty years. I was a college DJ with my roommate fantastic you Alley and as a traditional Scott ray gates and are you kidding me. Stop likely areas most people don't even know what that is an estimated one step beyond good free. A lot of fun is that still around Yemeni like old. What was good that take over the recording devices yes yeah. That's OK hey you gauge yourself that's RI and I made my first cassette tape what was I think you might have been The Beastie Boys little online you sit back and 87 Madonna yeah Yorkshire and I think malice and allies Elway video to anybody I just shot appreciate that. So fantastic well welcome welcome back him in on the you've got the voice girl I mean a lot of it. Well I and this is little little bit different of a setup and what will happen in college so. I feel a little more leads links yet but they're not glad to be back on there it's fantastic what tells a little bit about you your company. Okay. I am one of the many Austin transplant Sunday have lived in this fabulous that he forgot ten years. And started a family here and have. Absolutely loved living in Austin and I was initially a public schoolteacher and I met here yeah and overtime on that was not a good fit being a mother I want more flexibility and so I have sons in real estate for awhile now and absolutely loved that I enjoy helping people. And might work for great company where a boutique brokerage who how Westlake and I'm just really kind of focus on make it excellent customer sir. Good deal he said Tina you've been in Austin ten years track so I guess what five years ago alassane if you did in Austin ten years seeking claim it. But I think. There's a particularly extend that little bit I'm not hit I hit I hit I hit my tenure marked this February on the for a ten yard fourteen I mean my first. Well actually no you know what my first hello Al Adel in 2000 so. Yes sixteen years and I was I was content as snappy and I think he shot and I appreciate you sharing that. But yeah it was it's it's been a little while also get ten years house just stuck kind of self proclaimed. All tonight after two and snuck a myth that sticks welcome we got all snide and it in studio today that anyway so what do what do you do you do more and Chris indeed you warm your buyer cider or seller Solder. How about. Thirty to 40% on the listing side predominantly work with buyers didn't. I earned my credit to buyers representation designation and and so really enjoy working with buyers feel like to explain what that is to us sure I'm. It's ended at three day course that really just goes in depth about providing excellent. Customer service to buyers. And I enjoyed working with buyers because they feel like I really get to establish relations that definitely has its your relationship business more than transactional. And a year you're you're working with those folks for some time so we talk about don't pass shows Chris and and let me know if you. If you if you. You don't agree you're not good we are we think in that. You have the U almost like when you're kind of in your agent your interviewing you for the job of helping them find their perfect home I mean. I think that personality. Is got to be you know it's got to be there that because you've got to work together for so long it you guys are in charge of walking them down. This journey. In that journey can get. Tough sometimes. Deal whether it's multi. You multiple offers or you lot of folks don't realize that. You know do this the second negotiating period is after you didn't inspection back you know what if there's your plumbing issue foundation issue I mean. Those things in it you haven't to be versed in all of those different things I think that's that's a huge of value. I think having been an educator to buy and she definitely has the problem solver in quick definitely quick thinking and so that's really come in handy as a realtor. Nice any anything especially you do in regards just tears your services in general. And I really try to provide absolute best customer service arm. Before even starting to show properties with. Guiding my clients towards working with the lender a local lender I think is really essential. And then throughout the process with just guiding them and educating them about the process and what's going to be in their best interest. I have my certified initiation expert as a nation to and I just think yes that really helps with the upfront negotiating negotiation. On a contract and then again during an option period negotiating repairs at Sutter. So what I have a lot of patience is I think that's. And again I mention that it's more relationship business to me and this transaction. Oh without a doubt I mean if you're not you know if you don't like people. This is probably about the industry for yeah. On the guys they've reported your distant in the central city radio. This I'm I'm Jason stuff we're here every every Sunday every Sunday that mean. Mean Sean and we try to bring. The just the top agents in central Texas. And we've got a young two year to help you you know navigate yourself through that natural state transaction we've got one with us right now Christian Jacobs. With regional property group. And Christa we we offer. Our folks our listeners out there to tissues a quick question here in there and I've got one bubble for you to that if you have any questions for Chris and or just in general. Our tax laws 5126409. B sixteen and and done our our questions from. Let's see where are we says what's the best way for us to estimate the value of our home do you recommend tax office source sites like zillow. I mean there either. So I saw this on near Austin jump all right so let's cut to tell us what a great. Honest truth is if there I wouldn't highly recommend calling a realtor professional who has access to the donated Jesus comps. Uncertain lame I I look at the tax record but that's just done based on countering them high. As a zillow and I highly recommend not looking at pillow her. Not that that's and not sit doctor mentioning is that. Sola yes as well you know we we've talked to are subject you know what it is and you know he B sample mean I can look right here there's a little piece of property author red bud. And it was a I I've I saw her dolls look and on zillow in Osaka new build. Offer red blood for under 400000 dollar some thinking. You're back close to downtown almost so what I found out that it was is I drove out there myself and it's a real piece of property. In the air is you know a semi permanent. The offense going around is so it's real property. But this was an agent trying to generate a phone call as you do in the form of a lead they wanted they were trying to. Give Leeds based on that price they really weren't settlement house no way not that there's a particular real owner that's had a house for sale on like Austin for the entire ten years have been here yet the house seems to not naming names yet he. I think that's a lead generation enough for sell side. And unfortunate that. They would they go about it that out. And quite frankly anybody can post property on sell us that there are a lot of scam in doubt about it and it listed no doubt I mean it almost you know you've got that a lack of cred credibility and it's almost like you know Craig's list and really monitor. You'll what goes on CW got to be careful what you Chris what are you send me some folks out there I mean this question. Feel it if it came from month. I assume laughter out Cedar Park about won't name names but. Obvious to me when Iran and Allison can. Why you know why are you thinking and you need to go to tax scatters zillow to meet it might be that mentality to light or an -- gonna try to you know sell me something or you don't think that's the case it all mean you'd these folks are are here for a resource it and end you most summer just happy to say hey look you know let me just take a little bit common. I'll take a look at who we come up with. There was some of things that. That. You know you'd recommend that that they do not knowing. You know how much are home is worth it to me like not knowing that buying power on the next year what would you advise these folks that are are sitting there. Probably it looks like it may even think about. You know for sale by owner would tell what's your vice there speak with a professional. Tennis is just. What popped in my mind as he went and diagnose yourself based on. What you found online going to let him dear to our website like that will be a web indeed doctor now though we you know we can't stay at a Holiday Inn expects its inherent right. You know this is what we do for living it day in day out we have access to tools that the public does the general public does not have I got us to. Besides. And beyond just Saldana. RPR is a great resource that really helps us out with pricing. And so I think in terms of their first sell my that you mentioned. I think it financially actually could backfire I know the intention is it ultimately the Elmer money but it can backfire and a and a dollar could lose money not to mention. In some legal issues because they are not familiar with them the paperwork and then the crack process through this transaction. Definitely well hold on there so I'm sure you've got the property that is not quite listed yet to coming soon. Tell us about them. I'm sure I it is at fantastic. Home it's about 2400. Total square feet including about them. Like the guest house is about 450 square feet it's actually egg against. It's a garage apartment has really what it is and the but the primary house is about trying to fifty or play 300 square feet. I'll be back quite added up to 24 but DS is roughly four under on that exact figure we've got me here. And it it is banned completely rebuilt by the owner are its craft managed in south Austin 7704. Office yes by the torch is talk. When you hear this price tag and hear the sound and a full day or make a guest Obama everybody else can't be under 600 no not under Florida. Hey thank everybody her roof for their ears popped up and for those you that are are new to town or if you're from California which you have of you probably are listening on. Yes 77 of four is highly sought after. Area so. Home what's the tennis within what do we do real assistant for. I'm Tom it would be about 1798000. In the run run Peru by a garage apartment may be a little lost supplemental income. The help offset that cost that's correct and it's a it's really beautiful it's craftsman style to which I think is really also for the area or else that's an alien. 04 seems all the contemporary and I'll says has so much charm and so much love was evidences that the build that that it's gonna make it buyer incredibly happy fantastical how or listeners in contact with you. They can go to my FaceBook page and realtor Kristen Jacobs. And my website is home search atx dot com. Fantastic and guys you got any questions you can also. Tech's Chris and 5126409. B sixteen and or give us a ring did you contact with their end up got to say thank you opportunity and I hope that this helps you. Navigate yourself when your natural state transaction. In doubly sure to tune into our our TV shows also on Sundays. At twelve and okay be be joked we'll see you next week.