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Retirement Planning Show, 12/17

Dec 17, 2016|

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Welcome to the retirement planning show with Teamsters ASCII. Call Steve now at 1804571298. And now here's Steve's just asking. So well and welcome to lose this safe money and retirement planning Charl. This is the mistress a ski euros. And thanks to tune in this weekend. But I do wish you all very Merry Christmas. And a blessed new year and of course thank you for your support your points extending. We had an exceptional year. And and then had an exceptional year with thirteen 70 am. Word for your new people just listening. We're located right here in the Austin area we're in round rock and have been for over thirty years. And we've been on thirteen seven the AM now for overeat years. Run every priest Saturday at noon and Sunday mornings it dated him. So grab a piece of their burn up and you're gonna need this number. That's 1804. Spies 71298. It's 1800. 44712. Non and they. You have some questions he has some concerns. Please give us a call. And also check on our web site which is the money taxes dot com that's a moaning taxes dot com sued check on her website we have Vanessa Alex theatre on there that I think you'll find. Exceptional so they can help you don't as far as your risk and volatility. Umps to take a look at that. Condition of that you'll see some exceptional articles as well. In you know and of course are number again it is 1804. Pars 712. In and day. You know I'm licensed by the stated taxes. I'm an independent agent were ironies specific companies or any large. Corporations have two girls who were pro government as well off from what knocked off for. I'm independent. I work for you. Know what I'd do is glow in the world of finance to find the best cutting edge products and solutions. To meet your specific. And rituals. As an independent firm. And restricted in any products or services we offer deal. We feel there's professional and tendons. That is critical. Ability to suit your best interest. Camping limited. With an offer. You know the variety of options that we can offer as a result of our independence. Is one of the main reasons our clients shoes were reverse. And we feel that this financial the financial options available to you should only be limited. What's available apartments world. Give us a call 104. Pars and 1298. Our team receptions for standing by 24 sevenths you can call any time. 104. Par seven. Well O nine DA. In the course like core philosophy errors and blew that all wealth. Comes from and it is my responsibility. Dubuque good Steward would go on trust him. And a good Stewart should the first to protect his wealth from laws. And second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base all my clients recommendations. You know. So you give us a call 1804571298. And the course as always. We're going to be talk. In discussing the issues that face our listeners who coach from retirement. And those who view over the retirement. With everything there is going. Was news to say it's some pretty exciting things happening. We just elected a new president. Mr. Reese warn them about a month. And all of these issues and things that are coming around. Because of that it's. Probably going to be a pretty exciting year. In addition to that of course is. Feds decided to increase some interest rates are increased interest rate issues. And of course and of course the market known. And down bounce and a little bit just like you Euro which we did what we expected. What you do it's all so would that's the only mention was is that she's looking net. Bonds and interest rates next year and possibly three times. Who's going to be pretty interest in this he with the results are because of that. These are of course major major things that do affect your finances. And there's things that you can do to prepare yourself to make sure no matter what happens in the marketplace. That. You protect Europe's it's. That you make sure in a matter of the market goes up down sideways or whichever way it's gonna ago. That you protect the dollars that you do. And then of course with the volatility in the market in the market Meehan is there an all time. The risk concerns about when there will be a correction. Than most people agree that sooner or later. There was going to be a correction. And you wanna make sure that your position properly. So that you don't have a major downturn in Europe Europe's. You know. As we can talk about today and in goes through all of the of those scenarios and things it affects you most when you come off to retirement. I mean. You know things such as in complaining. In complaining this. Probably a major. Major issue. In most people's finances as pars and especially when you come off closer to retirement. So for those of you are who are retired. And Promos for you coming off to retirement. This is scenario which you have to research and research. In compliant and is an area that was specialize in here. It's an area of that oh over thirty years of my career and areas that are specialized him. So make sure route then as far as we're in complaining the truth heading in the right traction. We put together Houston exceptional program. With horror and complain and tools. We can help you and assist you to make sure that you you know right there as far as your budget. Future abuse and set your goals and make true your goals Euro. We have an order. In the make sure that all falls in line with your. Are you finances Ross structure. This is an area again that it is crucially important. If you retired as well. You wanna make shrewd ghost phones that you can last. For the funeral rescue lines in your spouse's life as well. Others. Other crew on the things that come into play that are. She is exceptionally. Mean and very crucial and and area in London in addition of that something that we get up and so easy to forget about and most certainly more talk about and that is OK when we die. Houses account and or your finances going to be there star. Many times receive it. The designation of beneficiaries are structured. And this can cluster beneficiaries would leave thousands and thousands of dollars. Goalies. And of course and parsley. And of course we've probably process. There's things you can do to avoid all those. So again. Would come there to you come in a retirement or close to retirement. Now's the time. Think of that phone. Give us a call. 1804. Pars 12 and that's 1804. Pars 1298. My team a receptionist for standing by. 24/7. He. Fallen. This just peace process can lose me to do. To save money and we are planning to show. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve's recessed even if you're looking for annual interest rates of 78%. Guaranteed up to twenty years with incoming guaranteed for life income that can continue for the life of both spouses and start and stuff as he pleases plus all moneys left on your demise go to your errors then Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to Easter recess PM 1804571. To ninety that's 1804571298. Working at Steve this hassle free there's no sales pressure Steve's been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for you. And he can help you as well it's only for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market. Gobbled up by broker fees were taken by Uncle Sam. All Steve she says he now at 180457129. Innings that's 1800. Or 57129. Combat systems to assess fees. You listen to lose the money were to chill. Thanks for the in this we. You know we're located right here in the Austin area we're in round rock. Have been put over thirty years. World on thirteen 70 AM every Saturday at noon. And Sunday mornings at 8 AM. We've been on thirteen seven you know for Wolverine years and then just a great relationship with them. So grab a piece of paper and you're gonna need just number that's 1800. 45712. Non and they. My team receptionists are standing by one T 47. You can call any time. With any use your questions here. One discussion of The Who situation. Just give me a call at one or 1804571. To nominate. We've deal appropriate information with my team receptionist. And I will be there to you personally and answer those questions for you. So. Give us a call 1800 port port 7129 BA and don't forget website. Save money taxes dot com that sees money taxes. Dot com. Easy enough to remember if you're driving down the road new war contractors were with the through your current his nephew. Stuff driving in. Or give us a caller circus around that city money taxes dot com and again you can contact us receive money as well. So give us a call 1804. Price and 1209. The eighties. No. I'd like to mention we're located right here in the Austin area. And wanna we stroll over listeners Merry Christmas and a blessed new year you know we thank you for your support over. Last year it was sixers please explain reduced. Had an exceptional year hand. We've appreciate your support your listening to miss any news on us. So from one and a world like to offer you news or report coffer. We use for you for your support. This we have an exceptional ball or for. The body and mind it's telling that ruled. Stress free retirement. This is an exceptional read. You give us a moment of her this week you know and we can come true impunity in your hands before Christmas. It is a great great book it's an exceptional book. It talks about. How to protect your life savings against loss. Hard to read income streams you can never all Lou. On received the unlimited upside gain potential was zero risk of loss. On this exceptional allocations today that. We can use and in various induction. In action news that you talk about. With these allocations should really those views from worried opportunities. And discusses. In his book and its ruling. She's Burmese ingredients. And of course stopped in those and we management fees years dock rule in your money managers. And it is a book it's a great read I know you're own thoroughly enjoy it and he would. Readable finances and you're concerned about your future if you are retired if you are coming off to retirement. This book should be in your hands in action should be read in his shoes to an exceptional rate. Lecture that you receive it. And we've charge. No cost to you. Only good news call one he's under 45712. In the ninety's. We've DO property and information my team receptions. And you bet you respond to make sure that you receive it. And it's stressed pre retirement. She is an exceptional read take advantage of it. By calling 1804. By 7129. Days to. In addition net use cuts and questions need some answers. And it's going on the world today and maybe that's him questions about wood which you should have been doing text as. Some of these news from government in that area over should you be doing a raw that should be enough to do off. You know all of these things especially now are extremely important public opinion of the year and common right there on the corner of the taxis. Do you want to make sure that you have everything in the appropriate position toward true picture taken advantage of all the tax laws that will help him assist you. And there's rules and regulations that you can use. Did you know you make shoes that you pay. Just your first year taxes and more than your fair share. Give us a call 1804. Pars 7129 the date. And take advantage over our. Free consultations. And no obligation. Levy chart look at home. On the in my office world come to your photos of business to residence. And that's just make sure it would union you're on the right let's make sure. That you're getting all you're adoption rules for 27 to mean that you can enjoy. Retirement if your monopoly retirement that you use everything done properly as far as income planning and making sure that you're not gonna have major losses before retirement. Which is extremely important as well. So and that can happen by calling 1804. Pars then 129 DA. And let's just make sure that your writhing in order. If you are retired let's pictures you're making your account workers artist possible. And it's ones. Trees and it mean when. We have people come in with vine. Thousands of dollars in new CD's and no money market accounts literally doing nothing for them. There are things that you can do. There's you can do in this case that you don't have to rescue money that used to hitting yet exceptional returns. Give us a call 1804. Pars and 1298. Take advantage for a consultation. First there was who provide you. Parents and there's no cost there's no obligation. Is no counsel. From their office will come deal. And news service that was offered or are free to our radio listeners. On news call 1804. Pars 129. Enemies. Take advantage of for a book or through consultation. Onion or obligation the future of home. You know the areas that are specialized in his shoes. Retirement income is in compliant in. In check this web site seed money taxes dot com. This is Steve's recessed U listening to. Save money Raton planet show. You know. All you back. Thanks for listening into the retirement planning show with Steve's recess cheap if you would like to reduce your future income taxes reduce the amount of your Social Security income included as taxable income. And avoid taking required distributions from your IRA that you may not need. Plus provide airs with a lifetime of income tax free distributions. Steve can help. Got the phone calls to Easter recess PM 1804571298. Working with Steve has hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in fourth down to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. So wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. All Steve she says he now at 1804571298. That's 1800. 457129. Ain't. Welcome back the sixties was a ski in your listening to news a money in return planet show. And prescient tune in this weekend. You know Jim we're located right here in round rock for right here in the Austin area have been for over thirty years. Were. Convenient and easy. To give to. Again elect to commence for free consultation. Can come and office or Warren's would come view as well please to business or your residence. Take advantage of our free book offer stressed for retirement. Is just an exceptional read. Give us a call 1804. By 71290. My team receptions are standing by one you force seven you can call any time a lecture that you receive this. The report on the body Patrick. That's your belly it's just great read. Stress pre retirement. And again in this freedom radio listeners but Cong 1804. By 7129. DA to. And again we've been appropriate information moment shoes you receive. You know we're talking about. And before the Euro on. Speculation. On speculation and again the problem is we speculations you don't know. As for bonds are going to be there when he needed them most. So you know without speculation with non speculation. For example he indexes are talking about it we obviously hampered guarantees we're guaranteed to principal. We're also guaranteed that once he interest is credited them locked in that it cannot be taken away from you. Us and Europe accumulated earnings can never be lost. In addition of that in the non qualified accounts. He grows tax deferred Kuna toward a vote taken parties it means and senate and onto the arrests every year. It is. All of those that stays in the account as well. And do you make to determine time winner in the polls phones now. The longer you leave it in there than rigorous and uncle and grow its rude remarks as simple. The good thing is as you do so that the government use side. Win this in the money use and win to pay those taxes. In addition of that. The account itself as lawsuit proof. Soon news sent to. A lawsuit whatever it might be. At least you have the protection there as well. And of course I'm Margaret was a great tool to assess its because it does do without going through probably process. In disputed taxes and who. It is time as long as you just in the 20 profit beneficiaries. It's going to be passed on to them. And who would do and directly without going through your world without going through. The probably process with missiles gave you time and money. This is just too and indeed you know indexes are in Houston great tool for qualified in on all of money. Qualified money we can have income streams and said and structured accordingly. And this really becomes extremely important when because when we're talking before. About speculation and the have phones through portable protect you know on the one determining what its non earning. And use their phones phones. And you have to phone and so when your account is losing money going down. In results are generally not good. So of the advantages Hume used to tools we have available today a forest. Is we know. The check is going to be in your counter remark. Month after month from all of the matter to. And no matter how long lived to be a 150. Unit that checks going to be there. And the great thing about this is that in this case something happens in the news Tuesday after you do started. What happens is that account you. This past and you're gonna Fisher's. Or your spouse. War we consume enough in the majority of them in sort of from the a joint account were so we have a joint tension during personal pension. That passes on just the response and just continues to play and just as before this is nothing happened. So these are just exceptional tools were just a great tool. That everywhere today governor toolbox Wednesday in this case in your retirement account. Should be one in there. And that's in all your phones in have been combing. But he did those really made the investments side on your speculation. Moaning and brokers on him they sent actually a lot easier because as you know which you have here is going to be here. It's going to be you no matter what happens in the marketplace. It's going to be yours as you can draw and draw the terrestrial life if you would like. Structured that way. And this is so you don't have to worry about the responds. So miniature speculation account true makes it a lot easier to make those decisions. Al-Qaeda unit now audio cues it is again you know when you lose you've captured guarantees you know the bill's fate. There's just an unbelievable tool that everyone should have been there. Who's who's more problems and unstructured or your where your retirement. So use the author of that you give me or call 1804. Pars and twelve the eight. Set a time with my team receptionists and come on and take advantage of would you under no no obligation. You know this is a free consultation. My radio listeners. We have the retirement income and now losses in the Social Security analysis as well. Those tools were all incorporated in. We consultations through the panel move move move move to a California. At least then you know. Where you are were you headed. You know along functional Armstrong the war last. Make sure your taken phones out of the appropriate places and that they have more taxes to Uncle Sam and what you should. This there again and again to are highly enough about these news programs that we know there are putting you. In pre charged with what. What an expert. Except that you would recoup Coffman union program. So give us a call 1804. Plus 129 A that's 180457129. DA. Our team in receptions standing by to take advantage of the free consultation. In addition and I can mention rebook or stress free return of but he Patrick Kelly. It's available to you as well. We want you to become educated we want you to know what's of bill Walters today. What's not available through that what works for you with those who were preview. That's possible be so. Come in in and become educated. There has to assist you. But call 1804. Process then 129 DA to. That's 1800 port plus 71298. And begin to take advantage of for a book offers. And news the retirement income analysis Social Security you know losses as well. In those tools tools Lohan mania news news it's just makes cents. And you wanna look at an income and have all of the income were it is and 01 of the next few others as far as taxation. Com. Begin system. And show. Who you've been listening to the retirement planning show with Steve stores asking. Call Steve at 1804571298. And tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning staff.