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Dec 11, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They welcome to inside us and I mean host Matt Alvarez and I'm actually fairly happy to have our next guest on she's re occurring gas now. I hope so for the next few few times throughout the year. She's executive director for nominee Austin and Alan welcome Karen reign as back Karen thank you for joining us thanks for having me back so. We had a really good in every year earlier in the year when it was a lot warmer yet let's remind our audience when mommy Austin is a what they do for the community. OK well not me is the national alliance on mental balance over one have like about 900 affiliates in the United States that tear an Austin. Primarily what we do is provide all kinds of classes support groups and advocacy for people who live with mental balance both. The individuals and their families so we do a lot of that all at no cost to the community. But you're also the community pride in all kinds of education and support in schools. Faith communities workplaces. Part of FC at the really at the foundation of what we're trying to do this kind of changed the mental health conversation in the Austin area. To make it really something that we talk about just like we do physical health because so offer what we know is that people. When they don't address their mental health issues. Like all things that are rooted in needing you know medical treatment. They do you get exacerbated an can get a lot worse and so part of what we do is try to just change the conversation so the more we educate people. On what the signs and symptoms are and how normal it is what the prevalence rates are. We held that there really invites people to live talk about their mental health issues and to get help when they need it. And so. Joseph you view as provide. Point four hour phone service for people. We do at the national level will actually locally here where usually open door doing standard office hours and I think the best resource that we have if you're looking for 24 hour you know where can I find good resources is our website. So that's not me Austin dot org so that's and AM hi Austin dot awards we have. Lots of great resources that people can download and print for themselves. Great information infect an that's part of the reason he brought me here today was talk a little bit about. One of the resources that we provide during the holiday ice. Now yes so the holidays. For some people aren't Jolie's. Produce a joyous time of year rate. Maybe even people that. I know that when I first moved here I yeah I didn't get to go home for like the first three years that I lived here because I can afford to. And you you can take that two different ways. It can be a little bit refreshing to any different. Or it can be very sad because you're not around loved ones and family members and so bad and does have. Affect our mental health too great. Absolutely and you know it's interesting because you say. And those two things can actually coincided the same time you know you can be excited about the fact that you're in an in place in your detention. Try on different kinds of ways of celebrating a holiday. And at the very same time you can have that longing and that yearning for what you've always known. So certainly that's part of what what we call the holiday blues can be about I mean that's only one aspect of it. Is oftentimes it's that sense of things not being the same that can often happen when sometimes just a loss. You know I I know a number of people in my life right now who've experienced a loss in this last year they lost a loved one. He can be a parent spouse or child and that can be that shifts with the holidays can look like. But it can also be a loss of job a closer relationship you know if you've been with someone for a year to have spent holidays with them and then suddenly. You're no longer with the you know someone. And that can definitely shift with those holiday fuels like as well. And then you can just be distress. You know we had that image of the the holidays is supposed to be this really. Happy and joyful time in everybody's getting together and every image that we see. In the media in all of the ads tell us and that's what this season is about. And so there's all this pressure to sort of feel that Chileans who as we just don't I mean sometimes. We're struggling with the fact that the expectations are really high sometimes this time of the year. The finances can also play a part in that. And just the sense of feeling the extra stress I thought it was really interesting nominee at the national level did a serving on too long ago. In the numbers that they discovered I thought were really interesting they found that 64%. Of the people that responded to this survey says that they experience the holiday blues. I mean that's a pretty high number. But I got this number was particularly interesting that 68% of them. We're really stressed out by the financial aspect of the season OK so for a lot of folks it's like finding the perfect gift didn't you know. I mean all the right things at your family dinner and there's just all the stress they can play itself out financially as well and we know a lot of people put themselves actually. I'm a great risks during the holidays right they'd you know they put everything on their credit card and then suddenly January comes along and it's the stress of how to like pay this off. Yeah and it's trying to pay up the interest in trying to like beat it to the punch and and different things come up all the time right you know winter is often a time where for coincidentally. Your car breaks them yes. Absolutely intent is to have something like that to just set you back 800000. Dollars and it's just a a large amount of stress. So. Not me Austin it's it's for the mentally ill cracked right. But it's lazy have resource is there for even someone that they may not feel that they're mentally ill that that meant that they can go there because anyone can feel the holiday blues right. So and so I think part of what we wanna make sure that people understand is that the holiday blues are real thing when people really do experience this time. Using between Thanksgiving in years where you can trying to get in this funk. And we want to make sure that we distinguish that from like clinical anxiety or depression. So holiday blues of the kind of thing that will come and go around this holiday season. You know I had some of that myself like right after thinks it would have a great Thanksgiving and then like that Sunday is on my kids were getting ready to go back to school and there was just this sense of you know I just was in a funk on then Sunday of knowing that it was coming to an end and and then you know. I Tuesday I felt myself again you know was it like you know lingered for a long time. So we'll wanna distinguish that there's a difference there that holiday blues kind of coming go during this season. But it clinical inciting depression is something that will be persistent. And one of the things that we tell people just to pay attention to that in those feelings of the blues or the anxiety. Linger for more than two or three weeks in and that is definitely something that you should go see your doctor about. Because holiday blues she kind of just coming go. So we're certainly focused on mental health in general so one of the things that we did and during the holiday season is we have a web page that we put up that's just that the tab on just this holiday blues. See you can click on that there's a video you can watch and then there's kind of a list of here's some of the things that. That are signs at the holiday blues here's some things that you can do. And then if those blues linger on for more than that two or three weeks here's some additional things that you can do and then on that page are also things like. A crisis resource guide so that. And you've got information about if you think you are in crisis or someone you care about is in crisis. There's also a mental health resource guide for the community so it's a list of all kinds of support groups and other resources in the community and then we have this other great resource that we have. That's a list of sliding skilled low cost counseling and places so please is reaching go get some fair beat. Eddie you know costs are sliding scales goes we know oftentimes people that's sometimes what will keep them from. Accessing therapies just the cost him to have got some great resources on the and that people can access as well as some other links to other blogs about holiday blues. So we're providing some things that. Isn't necessarily mean that you have a mental illness but it is about addressing that mental health issue which holiday blues can be one of them and again paying close attention to. If this lingers on and make sure that you go in here doctor early and don't wait. You know I think one of the things that we know happens in our communities a lot of times. People are quick to address physical health issues of their concerned about something if you broke your arm. You know fallen down the stairs here at work you wouldn't wait around to see if it would heal on a telephone at a hospital right away immediately and but we have a tendency did you get with mental health issues OK so we feel in a conqueror film a lot of anxiety we just. We Wear isolated we don't feel like ourselves and we'll let it linger and linger and linger because we keep thinking I'll feel better it's going to be fine I'm just gonna do this from an idea that our I don't want to address and and like all things that are rooted in this medical issues which it is a medical issue. You've you've got access help in the earlier that you do it the much better your outcomes are. And so it's just like that broken arm I mean you can ignore it but at some point that bone isn't gonna heal correctly if he'd just say I'm a statistic in a sling and not worry about it. So our mental health is no different that if we just you know continue to letting go untreated. Those symptoms can become worse and then the process of it and healing takes much longer. So we really hope by addressing issues that address that affect lots of folks I mean if you figure 60% of people say yes I had some sense of holiday blues break. We know it's coming at a a lot of folks have to deal with and so kind of meeting people where they are in those places that address mental health is really important to us. Well I'm I'm glad you brought that up and also you mentioned something in there as and maybe a loved one or something someone you care about maybe experiencing it and then that's where it's up to you because I know. Every time I go home I see that with my mom my dad's usually pretty common sight I'm I don't work and and do this I'll go buy some gifts. No pressure yes fun with it. He enjoys it he likes for some reason shopping last minute ace to go with him as a kid. My mom on the other hand. Being at home all day she feels like the pressure would mean going on the issue as to try and pay all my favorite plates of food. And then she has to. Make sure they she has enough for. Other family members coming over. And then my sister works. And her husband works in the so here's three kids to watch over why you're trying to prep the whole house and get everything festive and decorations and I color and she's completely just stressed out so. For me what what I went what what would I go to go on maybe if she doesn't live in Austin but like I could certainly have access their resource correct yeah. Sick need to go and take a look at the site and see some things that it talks about it and how are. Com so one of the things that it does it sort of list like how do you take good care of yourself to in the holidays to avoid getting into that holiday blues stuff. So part of it might be. You know you sharing with your mom that you know I really appreciate that you do all of these things for us but I really would like to just spend time with you can you do you not to feel stressed that would be great gift for me you so. Let you know giving her permission to not have to make all of your favorite dish price. Or to say to her. I would like let's spend let's. Figure out one afternoon where you are ninety something together that you might like to do but let me tree UTU taking good care of yourself I mean I think some of that road is about giving her permission and I won't tell you. And I may be biased as a woman that I think you've touched upon something that is really prevalent I think in our culture you know which is it tends to be debt. Dead though women. In our families tend to be you know of the Christmas elves right they take nearly one hour that they they make it all happened right. And so they make sure all the decorations are up and it's all beautiful and they make sure that the Christmas card don't get done and they make sure that everybody gets their favorite meals. And they make that long list that shopping list and so. I know it's always interesting for me to get to this time and to be talking about this in the community because it really forces me to do some self reflection. And so I know even in my health family I had to kind of say you know. What are the things that I can do you differently and so one of the things that like our family decided is that this year and I do a whole lot of gift giving. Because when it tends to mean his Ali gift giving means I'm not at the mall. I'm doing most of the shopping for everyone right. So what this means is it that instead we decided we're just gonna have some experiences together instead write with so we're all kind of what are the things that we like to do with limited Canada's. Pottery painting places you know it's a great relaxing things so. We've decided that's when things were gonna do right we're just gonna have an afternoon re going do that may be will go grab some kind of dessert afterwards and just have an experience now. Vs things that we're opening up that someone had to go shopping and and then to spending time together. And I think actually this year as sort of a sentiment on the other day asset. I don't think emanated Christmas cards this year and teacher and she looked at me shocked and cheesy you're not and I said no I don't think so. Because I really feel that it's kind of it's much is I there's some aspect of it that I enjoy dealing. And we sort of gotten to this place where we're into December and I don't have anything planned and it's like is that just gonna add another layer. Of pressure forming its like get this so. Maybe I won't do it this year maybe next year I'll do it again. But I think I'm gonna give myself permission not to do it is carrying amount in July there you go could start a little better out here. But I think that's part of it is that honey blues isn't just about recognizing things in ourselves and being mindful of when we're sort of in a funk you're feeling isolated they were feeling overwhelmed. And how he did that self care so. Certainly paying attention to ourselves but I think it's really important to do it for other people know because sometimes we. It takes someone else pointing it out to us to say he seemed like your really stressed because there's all these expectations. What can I do to help you. How can you know how can I help lessen you're you know your list of things to do by saying my you don't have to do that for me like I'm totally happy with just this. Make this disc is it's my favorite dish right might be what you say to your mom. Mom and aunt Hattie turned it into some kind of experiences while we might even say to her I love this dish. Like maybe we can make it together so that I don't think I really know how to make that and I'd like to learn how to make it so that. I I have some understanding of pat Smith so that you're really kind of turn it around so that she's not in the kitchen by herself right which again I think is so often what happens. With the women in our families and in those kinds of situations where again it sort of the Christmas theories of their making it all happen. And the rest of sit back and enjoy it but then that person oftentimes is in the kitchen isolated a loaner whatever. So I. That we also pointed out and say hey and often say to it's really important to come and it from a non judgmental place. Think so often we have attending say hey you yeah to line you know and coming from the scary judging sort of plays vs Eliot likes being told that. Well right yeah so I think coming at it from a place of just saying I'm really concerned. You just don't seem like yourself I know it's a really rough time of the year and I'm just concerned because it seems like it's been really hard help. You wanna talk about it and really just opening up opportunity for somebody to share what their concerns might be. And would even then if you were to bring it up with someone may be a friend or loved one which would it be you. Something that she could go with them to maybe maybe the U feel that they need to talk to someone professionally. And they may not have the money. Would it be wise same like hey let me go with here to see this specialists and we can go together we can talk together. Absolutely because I think one of the things is that when people are feeling and that kind of rat and they know that they don't feel like themselves he. It's often takes a great deal of energy even not just talking about the financial aspect edit the just the energy it takes to. Figure out where can I go whom I can see all those things so absolutely that's one of the things that we can do for someone has to say. How can I help you with that I I'm happy to go with heat that visit. Our help you to do the research to figure out who's on your insurance plan you know and and that kind of stuff that's intense can be overwhelming when you're not feeling like yourself. So absolutely that's one of the things that you can do. Is opera that kind of support yeah well Karen is there anything that you would like to add. I think it's just really important to recognize that again holiday blues is is very common. And lots of people experience it and I think one of the things that we can really do is just be attentive to it you know with those signs are if you go to our website to the nominee Austin dot org website. Click on the holiday blues tab and there's a list of things that you can be looking towards things like isolation. Since of loneliness. Just kind of those kinds of things and not kind of really feeling yourself. And then a list of how he'd taken care of yourself and honestly some of those things that you need to do are things we should be doing it year round but particularly at this time. You're being carefully get play near Preston sleep. And eating as well as you can because it's that time of the year number I'll just eating a lot of Swedes. We're eating more than we usually do and then alcohol as well. Mean so often were going to parties but if you're not really feeling that great and you're drinking alcohol I mean the realities that alcohol as a depressant and it can actually preach you. In a bigger group. Funk right. So be careful about alcohol consumption and then wants to take care of yourself and and have some quiet time sometimes it's good to not just completely isolating either so kind of surrounding yourself with those people who really. Are in good influences and who are supportive of you is really important. So just a lot of really good self care and they know that there are some great resources in the community as well if you've got questions about that and you know need to know what where can I go who are at where the places that I can turn to you can give not me a call mommy Austin. Our numbers 5124209810. And again you can answer visitor reds like as we have all kinds of resources there. And that's not me. Austin doctoral work OK and thank you so much again Karen reign as executive director. Or not Yost then again such a great conversation about you know not only focusing on yourself by focusing on others which is exactly which one for the holiday season. So like Karen thank you said. You know keep an up further signs for yourself it's common give enough for others talk careful another. Yet it's the best if he can give this year is the gift of self care right in encouraging others do the same so thanks for having me. Thanks for something much. Yeah. And you're going to lose. You're going to need us and. I. All of its. It's going to need or technical skills and I'm Max yeah engineering students. You don't you need to ask how quick you want to. He and this is. You're going to need their organizational skills a problem solving skills. You're going to need a determination. Our aunts and our compassion. You're going to need the next generation of leaders to face the challenges this future will bring. And we comics. Who people. Today. For age is going the next generation of leaders. Support us before age and go to work. There's something very dangerous in your home. It could be hiding in closets for weeding in the basement. It's not sharp or toxic or flammable. Either helped send more people to the trauma center within. Any other household item. Hey I'm Dubya fever or not gallbladder forming on the better idea let's just call somebody to clean the gutters are. To scope out a few leaves I'll be done and Hartford all. Using a ladder. Might seem easy misusing one is even easier. Ask any of the 150000. People who fell off their ladders into the trauma center last year alone. Don't let it do it yourself project to yourself fan. For tips on letter safety visit or go info dot award. A public service message from the American academy of orthopedic surgeons who want to keep your phone safe strong and well connected. 11 AM last 181000 need help other people royals the feel good dear part of team always feels good. Go for it don't don't even hesitate. For more than a decade major league baseball players in action teams of high school students have been working together to train and inspire the next generation of volunteers. Once you get there and realize how much you can change someone's life this war veterans from world. Just that simple act. That takes you know five or ten minutes of their time is making a difference and as transforming someone else's life. All star Jon Karl standing for his cap you wanna join action team captains to make a difference in their communities and and you can too. Just try and just go just go to one of fat when actions in baton. We also together about blew us all well it's not just one person in the news group. It's been incredibly rewarding for me yeah it'll just make you feel so good about yourself and do anything to come into this your horses. For more information go to action team dot org. Oh the book lovers touch his two healthy for words and the nature lovers hacked it flies times compared. Beyond that was hired drumming vibrant with Connor. Food lover's heart it's smooth it's a crown winner here at the music lovers hot how it's always in tune and Mac lovers and scientists can write to us. And but the heart of someone pulmonary hypertension PH for short. Flavors. PH it's unbearable stress on the heart which can cause deaths from heart there. And it's often misdiagnosed as as the woods early accurate diagnosis new treatments are helping people with a PH lived longer and better. The pulmonary hypertension association gives hope to PH patients and caregivers. We want people to have the. News. We're putting our earnings of signing it European morning PH association I don't work ends PH association. Sensors ten to ten. And repetitious behavior. Black eye contact you can see signs of autism in children younger than eighteen months and learn the signs that Autism Speaks dot org slash time. Route antibiotics and speaks and the act council. They welcome back to inside us and I'm at all various and we're here speaking about the stuff. The bus event happening December 9 through December 11 and I'm just gonna go ahead and go around the room and let everyone introduce themselves. My name's Amara and I Rick for Whole Foods Market here in Austin Jane mark heading into new relations my name installation up and yes I worked for the central Texas speed banking community engagement. And my name is high and a bit O'Neal's and I'm with cap from a cell and I. Cool her will welcome to show everyone I'm glad year old can make it so let's go heading get started what is stopped the bus so supplements is an annual few try if that capital metro and hoping youth and the big bank partnered together. And to raise it turns the Texans and the holiday season. It. Really find few giants showed this year we are parking puke capital metro buses outside the Whole Foods Market. I'm one down on the south Lamar area and then wind and the humane and those by sizzling parked right in front of the stories and we're basically trying to stuff the box. Though partners can purchase food the Whole Foods Market and taken out of the bus to fill up the bus with food. And the costs make a donation after register but are basically trying to fill the last withstood and then serve and took a Clinton need to. So I hear your goal is 50000 meals for people on central Texas tracked. So this is the first year Richard amounts. No this is our fifth year and we've been the same partnership the past five years so what would got all of this started a merry interest and. Yes so I think. Every lancet a success is aware. Are we hope that their aware of you know as Austin gets busy here in Austin grows we still have that means growing in our outlying counties and its outlying cities and capital much has been a great community apart iron bars I has as a whole foods and think it was came up point or they wanted to do something really creative. To bring awareness that issue and also raise student funds for the few bank knowing that during the holiday season we really are helping to feed thousands and thousands of people through that time. And it soaks up the bust was a really creative idea that they came together and worked on an M became a tradition that first year and everybody enjoyed it and those are creative idea and then sent only grown mormino surpassed goals and raised more feet Denmark finds very community. And but it really what came from an organic ideal let's work together to get really treated and I know ways and monarch community. Am and some great community partners raised a lot of student funds through these these families now Mara. If somebody walking through whole foods later on today. Would they be able to serve making donations. We are going to opening donations up on December 1 at all of our Austin locations of for the first two weeks in December he can come to any story and Joni. I cash donation at any register. Which is pretty awesome and then the stuff the last weekend like they mentioned will be December 9 through eleventh and those are the that's the week you're really pushing those being pantry aid and donations. Also accepting cash donations because we know that both are very important. 2 does central Texas food bank say yes there's a number of ways that people can participate this year. When you go in there is it like a set meal like a bag that's set aside that you can purchase or do you do you get deer on chopping. So we will have at our domain are downtown in our bee cave story we will have priest after bags will be five or just under five dollars and they're going to be filled with some of does most needed items in those they'll be available to just grab input into needed these. Big boxes that we'll have they'd been donation boxes or into the buses at the domain in downtown store. Just under five dollars sounds pretty inexpensive. Yes I mean you know it's not a lot but it's gonna go along way in inside those back those bags are going to be four different items well and I also highly encourage people like during Thanksgiving and there's things that you don't use any canned pot X thirty team that you see on the list that you bought for the holidays and you don't end up using and you can ring get to a new applications. And topping off at the bus or at the food bins that we're gonna have some pins also isn't distillers. You have to confront you don't have to by the informal bids if you haven't actually came out of home I want to bring about the less he definitely can't know. How much truth Kenya fined two by ST no that even if you heard my peers I know it's a lot. Pretty much a lot of mean though the seat the buses are pretty they they're not 35 feet and they have a lot of ground. And what we do is to put boxes inside the bus fares. And then we stuff all boxes inside because we don't want like bags flying around and things going on America and then we also decorate the bus is little lie it's. And we've let kids linked come in there and take pictures exit and the steering will and we'll also get them out stickers. So it's a pretty funny that doubts about task is how like family oriented that the military is granted we are actually also excited this year just you know it for the buses. Kind buyer is agreed to donate which are really excited about their level for its markets and our favorite suppliers and there are. Going to be getting 5000. Buyers this year helping celebrate the fifth anniversary. And they will be added domain and the downtown location giving out time buyers to anyone who comes up those buses and donates nice. It who doesn't like free food right yeah exactly hit fifty so 50000 meals do you think that's going to be H. And it's a lot of them aren't playing when he comes there register donations. One dollar equals form meals that are really hope bus hit that goal we have because Griffey Mbenga really great purchasing power or were allowed to buy food at a huge discount and really mean that dollar strapped. So when one night calls for a meals. Monetary donations are really gonna help let's get that the 2000 IR 50000 meal gold. So yes feared even if you're not able to come out that weekend just up the bus if you've got a lot going on your at a town those first two weeks in December where accepting donations at every story. Yes sorting December 1 heard and it's in store only not online in sterling yes okay cool. Now with the food bank. We do stuff every year. Especially around the holidays as his own grief when we all come together with the food bank isn't just open and a couple weeks before it. You know Thanksgiving and then closes on January 1 straight about. Parent we are both banned all year at this does tend to be air busiest time of the air and people. We love our very generous during the holiday is and we really you know appreciate all of their support during that time but. After the holidays did you see a drop in on terrorism and people go back to work they get busy go back to school me completely understand. And that we do you know. Sara Clancy the entire year. Summer happens to be their biggest time of need when kids are out of school easily fuel water on the summer to make that work her reading enough meals for those kids that are. Out of school but yes here around the program sunnier around to make sure that I Clancy receiving food. And several different ways that are getting through to them through partner agencies across the 21 counties that we serve. As close to mobile food pantry is all of our partner pantries and soup kitchens and other organizations. Really working hard all year around ten makes that we're serving our community but also I figure you have to be ready for anything like a natural disaster. People being displaced from home from their homes at any time of the year correct that's correct floods fires emergencies. Even in different areas recently we went so Louisiana to help out with the flooding that was happening Marion took a truckload of food over attacked. Just support our local feed into Louisiana and make sure they had the resources they need. Loud to slightest say that you know an addicting that adds. Back to deletions point about volunteering. We actually can actually went as a team and volunteered at the food bank and it's really need to see. How much help they need with all the food they get all the donations and sorting and and just. It's a lot of work and I can see how they do millions you ought to help because a lot of people do need this food. Aside eyes. I recommend highly recommend that you go in and volunteer at the food bank and see what it's like to sort doubles meals for people in need. Police seeking to us a little bit more about volunteering yes so it's a really fun way to get involved and that's an attending an lantern making a monetary donation and we and take volunteers as young as eight years also told an Iowa and the command Montero with us. And we have plenty of opportunities than we have volunteer shifts and our warehouse sorting food fix it's a week as money can Saturday. In the morning from nine to twelve and in the afternoon from 130 to 430. And the first Tuesday of every month as he can Catalina is 120 spots open and every shift and free to come help us sort foods they really appreciate the help. The entire nation says well I'm not substituting things evening shifts for adults suck except that first Tuesday. Of the month and it's really easy to sign up you don't have to commit to anything huge within three hours shift and that's all you have to do if you want you or you comic everyday be above that. Am but it online turned upside potential toxicity bing dot org click the volunteer but you create a quick accountants and it for the shift that you wanna come on chat. We knew post just for the next two months and Timmons and Indiana so if you see a shift in the next month they want to bring your family and friends to. You know I didn't have now it's on the Connors makes everybody attends but they're really fun I'm going to get mobbed and get back and you DC. Our warehouse space and how much it is and then I'll listen that we do need while you're sorting. And checking for labels speaking Charles those cans are still clean nothing is too dented. None checking. 171000 volunteers every year. And they're the equivalent of about 45 south. Members of their huge part of why were able to do what we don't December 9 or eleventh is. So the bus event at the domain and downtown story that our whole foods is there anything else people should know about it. Yeah I mean that that's the big weekend the big push it's going to be fun will be a lot of energy cap metro is out there as well as essentials Texas food bank at the buses intriguing people. Again we'll have kind r.s for every when he donates should be. Really finding if you can't come that weekend bring near a pinch hit them this any time the first of the fourteenth to any store. Her come in and you make a generous donation any registered that time period as well. Ninety added any folks or downtown we have capital metro transit store. And it's really cool we actually did a display with a budget Cannes film I make a Christmas tree. And it talks loss of the bus so you can come to our store and drop off. Any food diet food items drain work and and any time near downtown where is actress fruits of that till nine west ninth street that's on nine and the Ibaka okay. Cool so it's easy to find yes yet look further big a big play playlist can ultimately bigotry is. But couldn't. Okay very well you know. It was a thousand cancer rate here. Her deficit until it was and it's at this time billing at Betty we made some mount San. And then there's some snow coming off the mound and than and we built the cans in the final a tree and they all. Reading greens so like soul that is professionally done consistently through. Can you want more information and and encourage you Avis say it cap Mechel dot org slash stuff the bus. An up or use our hash tags stuff the bus on any social media will be sending out tweets and and pony promoting the event on social media as well. Just think you for your support in our fifth anniversary in coming out to help us reach that goal let 50000 meal local episode if you think is such. Ifill has an important organization it in this town because we do serve 21 count means. And I 46000 people every week so I do know that the nation's I am making do stuff the bus but even outside of staff of us now whether it's through where Kathy school or through church. And those funds early going a long way and serving communities and families outside of Austin all the way out to Waco. And then those are kids adults all daily groups all has populations that are receiving. And benefits from these the fundraising hemisphere it's really really appreciate the support especially now. Well thank you I think I'll preview thank you for coming in today. Again that's stopped the bus happening December and ninth through eleven than you'd like to make a donation at any whole foods. You can go ahead and start doing that on December 1. Their locations for a stopped the bus are going to be at the downtown whole foods and the domain source. For more information you can visit cap metro dot org slash stopped the bus or is a hash tag. Stopped the bus is food Pena. This is the sound of Salmonella gyrating on your undercooked chicken. And it looks like mom might be taking it out the little group. Don't let someone delicate okay with chick. On average one in six Americans will get a food borne illness this year. So use a thermometer cook each type of meat to the right time. Keep your family safe at food safety dot gov brought you by the USDA HHS and the Xbox. Yeah you it's me your heart listen to me each cop talk high blood pressure is serious and your. Well what how to west we used to be so much more active little you've been ignore me I know you think I'm just gonna keep taken away for ever. Do wrong to do so much more to control your high blood pressure doing the minimum isn't doing enough. I'm under a lot of pressure and can quit whenever I want Betsy to know that. But I like my job just treat me bad marriage only thing green to nibble on every once in awhile and maybe we can do some exercise and occasionally. Let's get to weigh it. After all we're in this together. Listen to your heart don't let it quit on. High blood pressure can lead to stroke heart attack or death get your blood pressure to a healthy range before it's too late. Find out how would cart dot org slash blood pressure check change control. A message from the American Heart Association the American stroke association and yet council. I'm Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. I don't know six. One thing on my mind. 106. Mondays for spent playing basketball every chance I could. When I was six. My dream was to make its debut. No suits. My mom had a stroke. So once you learn the signs of stroke fast. Pest thing this team. That's true. They aren't we. Best speech difficult tee time to call 91. Because the sooner they get to the hospital to see me go get treated. McNamee remarkable difference in their recovery. I'm Paul George. Protect the ones who vote. Spotted strolling this day best T fast. And like this one and visit stroke association Donna you were brought you by the American stroke association. That council. It's engine meant under the age of 35. You know would really impresses. The ladies when a guy has a few drinks and later gets pulled over for buzzed driving. Thank you just you around 101000 dollars in fines legal fees and increased insurance rates they're goes let's grab dinner and a movie. Oh I know. If you drive more carefully when your books you've proven that hundreds of times a woman admires that Danica confidence. Any practice how to speak giving cop does pull you over soon. Leave him politely legs good evening officer and a woman admires that kind of forced sex. And what woman doesn't find it did adorable that you code because even though the love calls it drunk. You can just 101000 dollars could die alone with any chance of having a girlfriend. Because nothing says comics. More than a guy who lives in his parents' basement and calls it. Buzzed busted dam broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. If you own a gun you have a full time responsibility. When you weren't using it be sure it can get into the hands of curious children troubled teenagers thief or anyone else who might misuse. Your family friends and neighbors horrible count. Remember all of us. Rockets for more information on firearms storage safety presidency PC dot war. This message brought to you by the national crime prevention council the bureau of justice assistance and yeah. Club since analysis and our guests today are actually returning guest is Bobby painter if you don't remember him he's actually the interim executive director. For American gateways. Bobby welcome back to show thanks for hanging. He gives some background of American gateways yes absolutely we're as central Texas nonprofit we're based in Austin that we also the large office in San Antonio. You provide immigration legal services and low or no cost to the immigrant community in central Texas focusing on people it. Below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines and this is American gateways is one of the largest nonprofit immigration legal services in Texas yes that's correct. Right what kind of and with American gateways look at what kind of things CC going in there with with immigrants in families. One of the things that I liked I was a lot is just. The empowerment that comes through stable immigration status we we work with. Clients from all over the world who come to this country and all sorts of circumstances they work a lot with refugees survivors of human trafficking in pretty serious crimes. And just being able to provide that platform of immigration as a work permit that they know the knowledge that you don't have to worry about deportation or where you're going to be living. All of that serves to really empower our clients to go out and contribute to the communities they they do it. Perhaps a smaller scale than our arteries that each one contributes in their own. The way I think one statistic that I like to throw out there is it every year undocumented immigrants alone contribute more than. A billion dollars to the Texas and to Texas through state and local taxes. So for the past thirty years you guys have been providing legal I've received for immigrants. The field. Like the country is like split in half on refugees right now has that taken its hole on your job in any sense or where are you just powering through and we're powering through we take the position that. Applying for asylum is a human right that all immigrants irrespective of status have. Fundamental human rights and our objectives through all of this is to make sure that they are empowered to claim has rights themselves. He has that I imagine America fairly. Large nonprofit organization. And I think you help more people than you may have the manpower to. They've that you may have available in our office CU. Tate volunteers at any time of the year. Yeah absolutely ET volunteers. Both as interpreters and translators we take it volunteers who can help with administrative responsibilities at the office and we also focused a lot on professional volunteers meaty. Physicians can different medical evaluations or. Attorneys who want to take on a pro Bono case and all that information is available on our website as well and you can sign up there and somebody will get in touch with you about. What opportunities are available any time. Bobby and do you have any last words. I think appoint an owner meek we as an organization are there to advocating and our all immigrants in central Texas not just the ones that. Had a successful. Architecture careers are film producer of the people who work every day to contribute to this community. Bobby don't think you again for joining us thanks for hanging happy to come back and of. Again that was Bobby painter the interim executive director. Or American gateways. If you like more information on American gateways to visit their website American gateways dot org. Again American gateways dot org. This is the sound of E. Coli splashing around in raw hamburger checks when you're cutting. And it looks like mom just put the tomatoes and onions. Don't let me call live mosque it's an estimated 3000 Americans die from an important. So always separate raw meat from vegetable respond to cutting. Keep your family's pet food safety Geico brought you by the UST VT test India. I'm Lance bass and I will not be news today. I would not make another push to be the first man in space with frosted tips and a Coca shown necklace. And I will not go viral as my terrorist caught on camera when I realized that in the vacuum of space. Knowing increasing. Now I would not be trending today because there is a much bigger story that needs to be heard. People that still needs our attention follow the response recovery and rebuilding at trend on this Dodd or. Brought to you by USA ID international medical report came out so Sarah I'm dropping off and emily's. And Josh you're going to soccer dad soccer practice Ryan oh by the way I just want to let you know when I'm picky both him up I'll be wearing my short shorts and it. Yep and a darkened data had an undated human dad dance for all your friends don't let. So because I like my short shorts of course I could be talked out of it if you guys are just buckle up your seatbelts without giving me a hard time. It's important to get your kids to buckle for safety no matter what it takes and sometimes all it takes is your parental powers of persuasion. And luckily. Good choice I'll just have to do my dad dance at dinnertime. Do what you have to do to make sure your kids are wearing their seat belts even on short drives you never give up until they buckle. A message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council does it say for cart dot gov slash kids buckle up for more information. You must have thrown a thousand pitches teach him to hit a home run. That helped the saudis running routes we could learn to hit an open receiver. In this afternoon's teaching me how to hit three. How much time. If you spent teaching. What not to hit. Teaching boys at all violence against women is wrong sort of the most important things men can do learn how to saute the conversation and teach early to award brought you buy futures with the violence India counts. Today's school out and a lot. In chemistry. I learned that no one likes me. In English. And learn that I and disgusting. And in physics. I learned that I know Boozer change school Allen then I'm ugly and useless. And Jim. Allen's an empathetic. Image. In history. And learn and on track team school and parents I have different. And in English and learn how many people centric. And an at lunch and learn that sit in my room because ice mountain. Can chemistry and learn that no one in biology chemistry commended them fat and stupid. And in math as talented and trash. The only thing they didn't learn in school today only thing I didn't learn today the only thing I'm did you learn. So I know whenever helps. Kids witness bullying every day. They want help but they don't know how. Teach them how to stop bullying and be more than a bystander at stop bullying dot gov a message from the ad council. I think for joining us and answer in Austin today and my next guest is cabaret Bates. She's a special events coordinator for the aids services of Austin amber welcome to the program. Hey thanks for having me you know I like our listeners get to know who's speaking. So Camille Little bit of history by you yeah. Santo us I moved here at Hostin from Philadelphia. In early July and it's I've been working in as the field. Aids services. For about. But even since I was young had a lot of art projects list my family. That surrounded you know HIV awareness so my mom she has a nonprofit organization called the kind of in productions. And when I was about twelve years old we did sure stone. I'm about HIV and how he you know has no color no race and anyone can get it. And so that was my first exposure to that come as well as my hat she had her partner of ten years. H and B a still has HIV so. That was my initial exposure and that made me want to do more work in the. Field that sort of sparked an interest where you win. From what I got from your bio you felt like if people are often thrown off by the letters HIV and and people are kind of outcasts at from it when they when they come out too that maybe their family friends. And you won at the public to know that they're just human beings. Yes. So even when my introduced her partner to the whole family. As a sirens basis I cringe and I remembered this onetime. Around I wanted to taste ice team that amounts partner ahead and had drinks on Monday and my mom I pulled me aside and she is having to do that. You know she has HIV. And that just may mean a wanna do more research and learn about it and from then on of course my mom became more educated about it but that initial reaction and that stigma that came with her having HIV. This really just. Seem odd to me because you know person as a person and and just the fact that so many people don't know you know the ways that you can get it even now days. Pound and they still have fear like they don't want me you know sharing utensils or something or someone mantis. I didn't sit well niece now hours on it and do something about it in just. Educate people on the disease. Honestly very McCain W two's just want to learn more about what HIV was there is and it instead of just how casting someone right away. That doesn't happen what everyone so. You came here from Philadelphia area and so that's about a year. Now of only been here but they're month low do you like it. Like its empire it's just not that great. But now the weather is kind of getting married since then like spring more than summer about efforts and here I'm not an arraign the homeland those kinds. Yeah. And that's a gets like that in Texas so. So have you found your place in the aids services of us with their outreach that to the community and all that power hungry like command and what do you wanna do. I love my job right now. Especially because I did I worked. And an ISO and Philadelphia and so a lot of that things that I am doing now is just on the larger level of unit. Things that I used to doing that pass out. How am I worked on and other large fund raising events and out with just. Other HIV clients and have really helped in the Italian community in Philly cell. And like doing married satellite talking to people and getting to know people are getting though their stories and then being able to advocate for them. And I feel like being a special events Courtney there. It's just a lot of educating and just trying to build awareness and getting out on the community and those are some my favorite things well what about collecting year round and maybe volunteering. Do you have that available for people's well. Sweet dale brown says some a lot of our programs I depend heavily on volunteers and one program. That always brings up as the food banks so. I know one thing with HIV people are living now days so. But there on medications in the eighth and a huge part is you know staying healthy is your diet so. We have the food bank for our clients where they can come and get bags of groceries but the only actually have. Two staff members that work in the food bank in the grass is just completely volunteered so if anyone has interest did in signing up for something like that. They can contact that it services Austin and they can go to our website. And yes awesome dot org and find out volunteer opportunities that way out we also have condom distribution and because. One as. Our largest tears as the no prevention. So it's anyone's saying you know put together some condom packs and some healthy. Sex kits that would be great as loud. Cabaret do you have anything that you would like to hand in the last words may you what you do for the foundation and our. Or around the what this watching CN. This slop definitely means a lot to me. Being. And another it. Thing that motivated me to gain even more involved then how I've been in the past was the statistics surrounding. It. Stay in the disproportionate in a lot of communities such as African American community and the Hispanic community and just. Being a black Kwame and then knowing that you know 61%. Of all women. That eight contract HIV are black women so that definitely. Is one of the reasons why I walk. As well as just knowing family and friends. Who have come down with HIV. HIV doesn't have. Race Eric color or sex or gender and they can affect anyone. September rebates Allan thank you again for coming in and speaking with us today. Thinking. Again those temporary baits the special events coordinator for the aids services of loss and if you like more information. On a terrace is a loss and about the walk or to volunteer or anything throughout the year he commits it AS Austin dot org again that's AS Austin dot org. This is inside Austin and will be right back. The following message is brought to you by goodwill in the N council. We have here and right to work a little. One of the element of revenue and I've read in the evening. Bad. Are they have led to the bottom of the Mediterranean. And it's landed it should be with a high prevalence of debate Hillary saw this opportunity is available. Law the enjoyment of all. We have broad list of problem arm Rea requirement. Let the real low finding baby bat on the that we have. Your stuff and he not powerfully you think. You staff can be a resource for change and donate to goodwill. We your donations helped my job placement and training for people in your community and did well yeah donate stuff and create jobs. Yeah I your nearest donation center and goodwill that elect. Aaron you know like every lesson class. I don't have school yard children. Eight and ten and again. Like any parent and I'm playing then he. Plan on it every time tonight in an email. And instant. This proud and I think and in pain Bernanke can't tell me he can I mean after only one. I'm planning granola and be semi. Apparently yeah. And hips every. Please this evening man can. And I really hope they make the list. Every gallon of your help tonight into. It's likely plainly struggling. And time it may in fact you tonight yeah. We ask kids what it took to be dead this is what they had to say. A father's always president and who are tired but real father figures you have they're not there. In order to be in good dad he bear who Iran. Love inside you need AA. Air current gas senior currency don't drink down and now from nowhere and he needed and made them back faced he'll. I mean just maybe don't play me like a board game was me or. To just stay home and play on some video games as me just should do like that one little thing is what I really look forward to. I'm not asking him to be a perfect dad that he should try illusionist. A constant for a tonight there's no undertake a lovely conventional because it's not compare bolt anything else. Take time to be dead today. Call 8774. Dead 411 or visit fatherhood dot cuff brought to you by the US department of health and human services and yet council.