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Dec 10, 2016|

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Morning right. Another wonderful Saturday. Bobby this week like it was last week. That's okay it's been little change of weather renowned men and a lot of folks. Enjoyed. This time a year hustling and bustling out going shopping probably today in your cars and now a little cool weather. There's always something. Put a spring in your step and so on but thank you for joining us for this edition at Texas insider I'm your host Jim cargo on talk thirteen seventy the right choice we is. Usual have got only have half an hour the fastest half hour and talk radio and too much. On the plate here to be talking about and let's see what we can get into today and try endure usual version of the little. Truth maybe I was little reason insanity and politics. That's happened the last week and I tell you it has been all about. Stars I can tell all about Donald Trump and all these appointments and he's making. I am a lot of folks who were Donald Trump fans are thrilled with this pixel lot of Hillary your Barack Obama are Bernie Sanders fans on the other hand are going absolutely. Bonkers. You'll remember we've talked about on the show how. Barack Obama was on the campaign trail for Hillary and he said. I will be insulted if voters don't turn out in my legacy is on the line well. Gotta be careful when you say that type of thing because here we are a couple of months later and sure enough that. Legacy the voters have spoken in them rejected that his legacy is flashing before their eyes and shirts like it. Out of body experience but before we get into well some of the appointments that. Have been going on the last week or so and he's gonna Donald Trump's gonna continue doing that I thought it. It was interesting to kind of put a framework on. The week I saw. And Tuesday I believe it was maybe Wednesday yet I. Have been a subscriber to time magazine since. Kelly 35 years ago now college days them. Learning about the world expanding your circles like you do in college but. And lo and behold trump was named the person of the year on Wednesday by time magazine. And this people like myself. Are prone to do every now and then I've got old. Newspapers on the wall at the office of god old Ronald Reagan time magazine person of the year Barack Obama. Magazine in my coffee table and went back and looked. And you have all the time magazine treated Barack Obama for eight years ago when they named him and see a similar thing happened justice. Donald Trump this year is obviously the person of the year out of probably think there wasn't anybody even close. Eight years ago Barack Obama was the person of the year and the same thing happened for him for appropriately. But the soul food and similar and he's really stop and about the fact that they both. We're name here's here's some example and as we've talked about before we just need to get ready and be expecting this the political laughs going to be. Be going nuts and pulling their hair out end. Attacking attacking in negative negative and get ready for that but nonetheless here's here's some of the things that. Time magazine compared to eight years ago for Barack Obama and then do. So on Wednesday for Donald Trump the summary of the movement that I your best I could tell because they actually used the words. Summary firm time magazine naming Donald Trump person of the year was for better or for worse. And I am you know quite an endorsement for the person of the year. Obama when name. Gave him the person of the year they were optimistic they were hopeful they work. Looking at it is a historic nature of his presidency and so forth here's exactly what they said. In 2008 for Barack Obama for having the confidence to sketch that kind of future in this gloomy hour. And for showing the competence that makes America hopeful that he can pull it off. Barack Obama is named time's person of the year for 2008. Here's what they said this week for Donald Trump. For reminding America that demagoguery you know I don't think a lot of people have even know what that word means but it's for gin and people up and presenting a point of view that they don't agree with that's what they're saying and fur reminding America that demagoguery feeds on despair and that truth it is only as powerful as the trust in those who speak it. For empowering a hidden electorate. Hidden electorate hello this was the masses coming out this year weather for Donald Trump or for Bernie Sanders on the left people were sick and tired of being sick and tired for empowering a hidden electorate. For main streaming its fury is in the lives streaming at spears Donald Trump this time it's. 2016. Person of the year. Rich you can come discount of one of them punch somebody in the face or at least as myself. Another Obama eight years ago Obama's confidence feels him with a genuine self confidence. For trumps the demagogue and there's a demagogue word again one more Latino one black votes than the 2012. Republican nominee. For Obama he made moderates feel hopeful and even among the many core Republicans who did not ultimately vote for him. Obama inspired. Admiration. For Donald Trump it says his rhetoric had in fact opened up a new public square were racist and misogynist. As another word you know I don't even hardly know until I had to look it up twelve months ago what misogynist means those read. Don't understand it's of high flew in the lead just word for. Claiming that Republicans or conservatives. Or. Average bub was or white collar people. Treat women differently then men it's you know again the leftist agenda that we have to. Hit everything as you verses mean your black vs wider man verses women. Donald Trump's just trying to make America great again I think that's what voters and that's what I want at least so. Even among Republicans. Who. Didn't vote ultimately for Obama he inspired admiration Wear your their same for trump. Where racist and misogynist. Could boast of their views and claim themselves validated. Because it just kind of makes you wanna punch somebody in the nose but. Another thing right behind they have this week I tell you was. Guess whose popularity is going up in the polls. That's right Donald Trump's and people are still being told her no you're tired of it but. Both the economy. Is being viewed more positively. Think there were something ten days ago where we talked about. It last week the economy. According to Gallup. The the future of the economy. Is hit a high nine year high in more people have confidence in in the US economy. Two weeks ago than they have in the last nine years. That means that they feel the current economic conditions are gonna get better number one. Or they in fact feel that right now in front memorized the economy is improving. That's the highest score in nine years in 94%. Of them Americans. Say that the economy's getting better. That's huge. I remember back. And Capitol Hill when Nam. As George Bush used to say when I was union. And inexperienced. Or an immature I was young and immature back in my late twenties and thirties working on Capitol Hill. I'm Ronald Reagan had just. Been termed out after two elections and Ronald Reagan never used to talk at all he would get peppered. By the press and his daily press to our weekly press conferences about how. Mr. President don't you think sit. One month's unemployment figures are Mr. President don't you think that the Consumer Price Index is gonna go down he would just smile and say well. And kind of walk often not address the issue. Daddy bush George. Herbert walker bush got in there and blesses hard doggone it in the first six months he's he would actually answer those questions. In wince when you start getting into that down that rabbit hole the next thing you know you're talking about things and things come to fruition. And sure enough the economy went into a bit of a recession. During the George Herbert Walker Bush presidency and Bill Clinton comes along and they can say that the economy's gone sideways I think the same things gonna happen. With Donald Trump people are already just the fact that we. Have had the weight of the world lifted from a so I'll get into one of Trump's pics here in a minute further Environmental Protection Agency. You know we EU have had it. Eight years. Unheard of regulation eight years of unheard of race baiting. Eight years of either. Black lives matter or Wall Street matters is what it was four years ago. The Democrats gin up all these things to divide us now we've got somebody out there it's talking about make America great again in the next thing you know what that's one of the things the president does is sets the mindset for our nation he sets. Foreign policy and travels around the globe and sets an image for the United States globally but domestically that's the most important thing. And that people voted for is that they want to feel good about this country Gammons is opposed to having somebody in the White House tell us that we're not thinking right. And that's what's gonna. Be different and that it's. They've lifting a freeing it. Type of dynamic in the human psyche across America and just like the stock market's been up for the last month to Vinnie you've been watching the stock market for Pete's sakes I think it was up. A 140 points yesterday 200 points to one of the days before the stock market's gone from 181000. Sell almost 191000 in just. Four weeks since. Donald Trump's been president. And you're gonna start seeing more this is the economy's gonna start rebounding you can go to Texas insider dot org. On our home page there's an art article by Alex mills whose. Executive director of the Texas alliance of energy producers talking combatant trumped tampering and Oklahoman Scott Pruitt has been up. Attorney general Oklahoma he's going to be the new head of the EPA and he talks about that Alex mills does here in Texas insider dot org. About a hell boiling gas folks Irv. Feeling just ecstatic that they've got a new lease on life that's going to be the same thing. If you're in the labor market. People there's been money folks billions upon billions of dollars. Sitting on the sideline waiting for something positive for a better outlook. Unwise not to mention their third job market took a common now we've got it but in the meantime you've got to left. Crime in their milk it's been a very very tough decade for the left. After this election. Talked about it before Republicans now control a greater. Level of the White House members of the house members of the senate but the most important thing is in state legislatures. You know right now Democrats. Only hold the governorship. And the house and the senate. Of the states of Hawaii you can kill him on one hand folks Hawaii California and the massive states of Delaware and Rhode Island. And yet it's 69. States I'm sorry 69 legislative bodies. Across the country if there's a house and senate and in all fifty states she get a hundred but 69 of those. And the governorship are controlled by Republicans and that's going to be due more to help creative. Positive environment for this nation and anything else well we got to take a break. Appreciate you joining us on talk thirteen seventy the right choice DJ is run in the board. There in Nam were thrilled you're listen in to us as well pitcher Aaron around shop and we've got more talk about who to. Know Texas politics. City of Austin super. Then hustling and bustling we appreciate you taking time to listen I'm Jim how hard we won't be right. And tomorrow. Yeah. Going king who is. I NS gifts we bring run Lola. Welcome back folks in Texas insider I'm your host Jimmy Carter want. Caught thirteen seventy. On the right choice in job their DJ love that song. Britain us and them little Christmas mood in realizing. That. As my old friend bill Mercosur and former Dallas times herald writer there is more to life in politics and always good to remember that but speaking of politics doggone it I got about. Fifteen or ten more minutes to be visiting with you we appreciate you joining us for the Texas insider show Bieber pictured have. Go check our Texas insider dot org home page gut state rep Jason Isaak from down under can springs talking about. They've come in 2017. Legislative session for those of you don't know the Texas legislature road joy comes back again on January 10. Jason Isaak whenever local conservative leaders. Talking about what may be coming down the pike for the legislative session and in particular he's working on some education reform things the start tests on them no. All of us who have kids in school worry about it and their future and getting through to curt situation and so on and aristocratic just was elected chairman of the Texas railroad commission met stories up there. I got to headquarters. Talking about some things and and not if you don't go to Texas insider dot org check us out on FaceBook. Texas insider pages well I wanted Q a before and run to Donald Trump's some of his picks this week. I saw something the other day. On the old Washington examiner. And came out just. On Monday I believe it. Barack Obama's family travel and vacations during his eight years of the presidency has cost our country guess how much. Eight years. If your president your running around on Air Force One it's a big goal of 747 airplane. Some you may have seen Barack Obama's been Austin your three times even Donald Trump when he came the other day I remember going home. One night at about 630 in her seven as always do end they had north bam Mo pac. Blocked off the police were because people. With security clearance and if you're the president you get that they have to. Shut things down the first family spent over ten million dollars a year on travel and vacations and that is still growing and it's totaled 85 million. Over the eight years judicial watchers agree data Washington DC it's charted the travel in the cost and the expense of presidential vacations. For years and they said I guess on Monday or Tuesday they had received a final batch of bills per though. Barack Obama's family vacation last year in Hawaii. In a brought the total Christmas vacation for Barack Obama and Stanley took almost five million dollars. He's expected probably to go back there are you noting we've established that that's where Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. It's on the airplane goes out there you got security detail that Hess travel with the media hotel rooms for the security detail you get air flights yet Secret Service. What really doesn't get candid don't think about this you've got. Good. Pacific fleet of aircraft carriers each got all kinds of communication cost. Am I hot a million a million dollars alone 1000458. Dollars and 63 cents on lodging and hotels. Connie uninteresting things to think about I mean we got to have a president he's does have to travel round but it. You know. Just a little tidbit of information there if you're going to why every year for your Christmas vacation and let's jump real quick as we'd. Grand out the week on Texas insider. Check us out on Texas insider dot org Donald trumps. The naming. His cabinet Adam and I guess you can say a record pace certainly faster than most president Joseph the president elect's have. Here in the last twenty years. So far this. Am. Last two weeks he's named A administrator of Small Business Administration her name's Linda Mac my hand. This one is kind of even curious to me she ran for senate in kinetic kitten a couple of years ago which she is the co-founder. With her husband out of the profession whole WWE. World and I don't even know what that stands for but it's the world wrestling. Association. Believe your whatever. She knows veteran small business that thing makes money hand over fish she's going to be running a Small Business Administration. Last week we talked about Betsy the Boston one of the family from the Amway founders. Up in Michigan that Betsy to boss has been a long time for those you follow education policy she's been a champion for school choice she'd been champion for charter schools. Little consternation between the left and the right in the Republican. Party she's been named education secretary. The team spell my name by trump to run the Commerce Department this guy by the name of Todd rickets he founded TD America. TD Ameritrade I'm sorry. What you've probably use that he's also got a co owner of the Chicago Cubs. Boy what a story that was this here at the Treasury Secretary Steve mentioned. It's been trumps national finance chairman he's perhaps a little one where I think criticism of triumph because he is a Goldman Sachs executive and trump said he was gonna break the mold but you gotta have somebody who knows the world's financial markets and Treasury Secretary. The labor secretary was another big one I tell you I am. Andrew. Proposed during his men the fellow that's been running the parties in the Carl's junior restaurants. He's against the minimum wage increase because he believes that. Costs more to employee to employee employees at fifteen. Bucks an hour than a dozen ten bucks an hour and he said this week that. The left means don't understand that the restaurants. Right now are looking into automation. To take customer orders we don't. Go to fast food restaurants. When net be so men and hit to them hard working Americans in that whole restaurant industry and then. Wilbur Ross has been named chairman I heard the secretary of commerce. One of the big ones last week was. Naming Elaine she now she was. Transportation secretary under. George W. Bush she's married to Mitch McConnell the senate Republican majority leader. Trump named her to run the Labor Department that's going to be him a big interesting thing the custom. Obama's push to bunch of things through in them. The labor. Standards and union dues have been fighting disclosure for unions and that type thing but the biggest one this week. That's caused the most consternation. This is the head of the Environmental Protection Agency everybody's. Favorite. Agency. Commonly known as the EPA end. Thank goodness for Greg Abbott here when he was attorney general before it became governor and Adam can Texans doing the same as our current attorney general but. Donald Trump named a fellow by the name of Scott Pruitt this week who had been the attorney general of the great state of Oklahoma. Commonly known as. The sand pit them up above problem. Those of us who were fortune enough to live in Texas but. Scott Pruitt and Greg Abbott and AMP like 28 other state attorney generals have been filing suit after suit F pursuit fighting all these. Global warming all these science change and I'll give you just one example a lot of new. Appreciate having cars and I know I certainly do having cars that get more miles per gallon but the way that happens and I'm. My major reason that we have smaller lighter it more dangerous car urged these days is because the federal government through the EPA. Forces on full word they force on General Motors they force on Chrysler or Toyota. What's called a cap court corporate average fuel economy so that each one of those companies. Have stepped on average have all their cursed. Run at a certain miles per gallon the Barack Obama administration has been trying to. Upped the cafe standards to like 56. Miles. A gallon now if you're thinking to imagine if your Chevrolet and you've got or your ram trucks you've. You've got to balance everything. From your little Ford leaf or whatever gear collector car is to your big pickup trucks and they have to average 56. Miles per gallon that's gonna lead them to figure out how to increase in meet that goal that leads to more plastic that leads to smaller size. That leads to. Lighter engines that feel like you gotta squirrel marijuana on him merry go round run and is opposed to real engine. That's just one of the things. That in every day life affects us from the federal government but Scott Pruitt. And that about 28 other state attorney generals have been fighting. The Barack Obama administration on climate regulation that they've been fighting the shut downs if you live baton or have family and Cameron. North east of town where they shut down that Alcoa plant they've shut down this is what happened with. Donald Trump carrying Michigan and Pennsylvania I saw something this week that only eleven counties in Pennsylvania voted for. Hillary Clinton granted one of them was the county worked that Philadelphia is in and that's the fourth biggest city in America but all those coal country areas. Have been shut down and decimated. By. You know there's a way to do government and there's a way not to do government conservatives like government to move slow. You test something you re testing you've pilot it then you piloted again and then maybe you roll it out over a long period of time. As opposed to what's been happening now eight years were you trying to make government move fast some bad things can happen. A Barack Obama was even trying to. Regulate air conditioners and refrigerators and your stink and lawnmower. Not just airplanes and gas plants and your automobile so. Scott Pruitt I'd tell you the left is just having an out of body experience. Again I saw one quote and you'll leave it with this that. All the things that I've done in my life that I feel most professionally proud of are going to be blown up. And should perform. Another of them former Sierra Club president said it's the end of the EPA's agenda the clean play our power plant is. Plan is dead let's just forget it. That's going to be good for business folks that's good for America that's good for the average workers who work. Sick and tired of being sick and tired in one go back to work. Which. Speak and going back to work yes. We'll leave it at that for this week's Texas insider show and now here you can visit which you know appears next week.