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Real Estate Austin 11/20/16

Nov 19, 2016|

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Well guns are real estate radio read your host Jason studs wanna share your real estate stories. Coming out at 5126409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. In welcome central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason Stubbs branch manager of general mortgage and your consumer advocate for all things real state. My goals to guide you through your next rules state adventure purpose of the shows to engage in power you so you can win in the central Texas market. It's tough it's competitive in do you better know to get yourself into. You gotta learn to market and we'll get into that tell later in the show we got expert panel of wonderful. Real city agents that will be chat with her just a little bit got to people. If you can't chart shows a you can do that your living room every Sunday on KB DO. Also right here crusher radio waves on thirteen seventy talk thirteen seventy right here every Sunday at noon. Tex lines open 5126409. 610 and we've got expert realtors are right here coming up guys out. Since your questions and for those of you that reached out to us we appreciate it. Questions are coming up hats and fantastic conversations with the gossip keep that up that number against Bob 126409. 610. And DO I'll probably talk about this every week but people move and attacks is in the masses. And you know if if you guys are looking to have to make a move whether to bar sell whatever it is you've you've really need to engage. With your agent and I you know part of that they show we hope that you take away. A little bit of that Mike to help increase the communication with your agent or how to choose an agent. Also coming up later we've got expert. Senior loan officer and now in our own mortgage we've got Sean Finnegan. Common he's going to be talking about the ins and outs of of a potential refinance you where are we in the calendar year how's that affect you have as a factor escrow accounts. We will look at your mortgage in C are you in the best possible position you can be and that's coming up also. Guys are out this but it's it's just stock act I'm just thrilled. We've got a thousand downloads now you guys are using that I love it. You could shop homes you can look at interest rates are mortgage calculators for all types of mortgage products there's refinance calculator mortgage news. Links to pass shows you can get pre qualified you can analyze your insurance you calculate total fees. Or an on and on download that thing is released in due pull up your text message your text. Atx to 31996. You'll get a links it to you click on that link scroll over clinical one saved home screen and you cannot you can access the app that way. And feel free to ask a question you guys wanna get involved with our show you to join our team give us a call Texas download apps released are due. Our guys out could this show can be possible without our sponsor that. He's just really been a huge support for us patent law firm has been support to show for four years now. So thank you those guys they're absolute best auto company in central Texas avenues and on since 2003. And you know for for you folks out there that are are in the business EUU realtors builders if if you hadn't seen what they do for your clients. In for you and your business you need give them a shot. That's patent law firm Ian thanks for them to come our guys we're gonna get brought into this. We've got to we've got to open. Glover with realty Austin in the city of how he gets her a man are you welcome back is bill allow. Good deals Ando we've also got done on the social Kevin McCarthy. Born of Mya favorite realtors so ever indie does though you madam I love ya too but this guy we we've we've worked closely together side by side and you know. Strategize then and now all kinds of fun stuff. Ted liberal Jos and welcome back. Led to be just awesome to we've got broker associate with the lovely Leisle gossip how you don't tank and cover Sotheby's. You don't hear again and topple bola welcome and we appreciate you take a little time this Sunday that to come hang out with us and in that talk a little shocked yes. And to be here we'll get built so killed and I mean. Tulsa little bit about John almost bring this on you but I mean as a fellow he Stoney and you know how long you've been in Austin in a bit and also now fourteen years fourteen so you and I both got out of Houston same time there goes the same time right before Katrina play good so that's right after. Natasha I try to shut the gate on I can have been his study as a quick comment. It didn't help enough in and help it didn't help so anyway into Gaza. A humble reduce we got questions from view I think let's just get right into it or unless are talking about. You know what what to what what are folks think out there where they need to know. You know let's let's start with you. I got so we got a question and it's up a bit in my house for teen years. We living great tools. And we've been talking about selling for five years in we just can't start the process what do we do and I think what's going on here is you know. The folks move into the home it's probably not there forever home. And year after year after year kind of goes by you because I had three year plan the five year plan and we look up we been sit in this house for ten years. You know how can you revise. These folks to to kind of get a plan in place or were they start. Yeah I think it's a great question I think a lot of people have trouble just pulling the trigger and getting a hard it. I think the first step is is lining up agents got to pick a handful of agents to interview all. Once you have your agent selected. I think it's great to shock the market with your agent under competition. Get an idea. What other buyers are going to be looking at when. There on the market definitely and then from there you know create your to do list of what needs to be done with the home. You know in terms of staging and getting home ready to be on the market it's never too seemed to do that because sometimes you realize after. Talking to an agent and it can be you know significant amount of work to get the home ready got you and maybe even if it's not it just to have an idea addict to do list of of what needs to it to get done you know. To have the home. You know market ready. Is always nice and I think once he had that to delist. Sellers can get excited and have a plan in place and fantastic. Gotta you hop in on that. You wanna you. Well in my opinion isn't it is the same I agree ruthlessly. 100% as you know deathly I would interview at least three. Tops I like that you guys are scared look competition let's I'll lookup that is as always great name again the deathly interviewed three solid. Agents in the marketplace. And then always recommends Marcellus again. Probably going toward other acts of homes on the market and as well as you've been in your home at least ten years down to you know do pre inspects and easy because a lot of things we did you salute award on a daily basis sometime need a little. Attention and yeah see and deep cluttering the merchandising. You know sometimes you have a little roof lead right there to win familiar with the cars sometimes you know. Does that you know termite or something like out of this way you're not caught off guard to an option period when the buyer wants to come back and hit you harder negotiation. That's how that second round and negotiating correct if that's the biggest saying we yachts Osce a drop by and see somebody with a sign in the yard or sex for sale by owner on just kind of shake my head like I have no idea. Which you get yourself into it you know I've renamed that the city to a baby Hollywood. So that sets in the name of our town Cooper and it is the truth I mean it's it's hot here in its tough. Sometimes so you know. We don't know the last couple years ago a lot of fire's moving and fled into the marketplace a lot of you'll find stuff on coming soon as multiple offers and you know really you have some people it would have been going home inspectors just a winner bill. Yes that's linked. Our McCarthy hey I gotta get you involved over here. We're gonna turn the page we got in G. Some from the very hot and popular 78704. She's under home for eight years and wants to know how are re model. To our market and sell for top dollar. Well that's kind of the big questioned their methods that is 7704. There is a huge range. Of properties over there. Is it. I mean. She is she saying remodel under assuming here that it's an older ho is an older I'll something that was you know. Site Condo or something that was built more you know. You know more recently drew within the last ten years so. I mean the first thing you're gonna start with is he'll get an inspection of your house down beaches. You first wanna make sure that your irony in any issues with it and talk to a few different realtors about the house and some recommendations. And definitely get a recommendation. From a friend got a realtors to you know at that can. Well you know maybe you know go a little bit outside to go a little bit with a recommendations here and talk to different people and get their opinion on. You know on your house and so the Pacific you know kind of things that you could do because. Depending on the house it could be. You know you put he put Ting grandin and you get fifty you're an out right. But it could be put. Forty grand in your own Guinea a thirty granite Cecil what's the point yeah you know and and only added it is going to be able to tell you where those brakes are you know. As is. You know. Do these touch points and take your own self out of it. And just look at you know the the dollar figures don't have time because you know a lot of what a lot of sellers. Run into is well I really like this color I would really do this next question is not about you anymore especially how Sonya it's definitely get a professional opinion on. On dollars to to value with no doubt that's gonna turn on what outlet you and pop in on us. Yes and so I may. Where it. Recommend that the seller takes a good look at what the front yard. And front door look like I mean I think so much of it is just getting buyers inside a group. And so curb appeal is is everything and if it's not gonna photograph. Well people are going to be interested to come and went there and diet. From my experience I I found that. The biggest return on investment is seen through bathroom. Master bathroom and kitchen remodel such a that the places where. Families tend to spend the most time like this it's about a guy responsible remodel I mean. You let's just talk about the kitchen you know if you're gonna updated kitchen I mean what defines that kitchen is being updated. We can't just paint cabinets anymore. We have to stage I think on top of trends and so specifically you know four. You have this sort of contemporary. Trend that people there are wedding news from potters Grey's. Also seeing a lot of brushed. Brian's been up right now I'm so I think that. A good realtor said that could help you have not had point in the direction of and interior designer that could help you. Make even just changing out the hardware and kitchen. Sort of bit the maturity of the. The one choosing the materials purchasing materials have on their own time these are some of the things that these homeowners just don't put together. I'm governor we're gonna cultural quick help will be back before you know it this real state radio I'm Jason stuff we're here every Sunday KV EO. And also our top thirteen seven will be back. We welcome back central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason stops thanks for. Joining us if you bust a grumpy that break we appreciate your thanks for a for watching. And has always be sure download or app which release you do you shop homes look at interest rates mortgage calculators all kinds of different things is release a duplicate text message. And you're going to type. In atx and you'll send that to this number 31996. So you'll text the letters atx a 31996 you'll be links and T click on that lake. Scroll over. Add a home screen and you can start search and homes right then. All right we're back attitude. We've got. Fantastic pale of expert contributors and rules and agents here central Texas. Calvin Glover and we've got Leisle got sit and Kevin McCarthy. Here for for round two. So we're gonna are brought back into this guys though were answering your questions so keep those common. On the Tex lines open it's 5126409. 610. So it's not too late get your questions in now and we'll try to get those answered. Tom all right so before I left off we were we're talking about a real model no for an end on that could probably be a whole entire show. But whenever the hot hot 04 you know I mean it's almost like folks to get neck tattoos now if you little know for your like soups super cool that you can pull off the neck that is that is that fair to say this I was a code with the lifestyle it hey there you go about it that. You know hey that's gonna sic. Heartless give back to the guys we've got and we've got sucked cared any Angie and I actually spoke to to these two in it was a pretty pretty funny conversation but. They're South Boston in the question is how we know our realtor knows what she's dealing. It had been so do what's there to what's a double that. So I mean. Brilliantly if you have to ask that question yeah I mean. You might wanna make a few phone. If I mean I would I would ask them the tough questions. Bill. There's there's things that do that are realtors the basics that they should know yes you know. But out there if you know more about where you're looking or I mean I guess it depends on if you're looking or if you yet I seldom do they really specify in Iraq they're. If their if their houses on the market. You know and hasn't sold yet maybe you wanna take his. You know I don't conversation with moon well why it hasn't sold yet bring that up to them yeah. If they're looking to buy and there. Looking in an area that you know more about that area than the agent those then there may be problems. Listen we think. Yeah I didn't know if they or seller or buyer so for the record they're they're looking at selling their home in this situation is one of those two where it's somebody kind of in their social environment. So they're not real sure you how many homes are we sold ever. I don't know how many years experience I didn't get in all that would get them but. Have Baird hired an agent Don yes. So he had an agent is is hired I don't know that the specifics of that but you know what advice can you give did they just have that feeling like something's not right. So I found that you can never over communicate with the seller Duca. At at the very minimum. And Karen Ann Angie should be receiving a week you weekly report. The traffic that's going through the property. Open house's and the feedback associated in a long way out. What's that open house he. And if they're not getting that communication at a minimum then they need to sit down and and have them visit with their agent. Johnson. What an I agree with that into. Also. It is an agent of the market I mean did you know what the homes and so I'm over there for price per foot he the they have an idea what that actual market dornin general. And so it's that they don't know that. Felt scared us a little basic. Yes look I mean it it's it's a Tom I think the Holmes was there for about five weeks. Not a whole lot of showings and in the you know a lot of time to con how to think you know what's what's the problem I think everybody jumps on price I'm not sure you know the the strategies on. You know that that. Price to that make me move price can hurt chip sometimes stuff so yeah or Joplin which got. So that this breezed into a thought that I was having on something and over the weekend looking at a few different houses with some clients. Over the weekend. And these are houses that are priced appropriately right button. The there was one and he was totally listed wrong the master is down. And it was listed in there looking for mastered down it was lit up that was listed as a master up it was just there wasn't any for. Photography where you could really tell all the way that the where it was out of nowhere and and so I was like you know what I'm just gonna pop into this house has tears right. And see if it's mastered down. And it was and I call my client as soon become the meal we here and now we wrote an offer on grass so if it was listed properly. It it probably would have gone a lot faster incident sitting on the market for a to do so on the market for about eighty days and we were able to really. Kind of beat him up a little bit because they hadn't. Then ended marketed properly yeah so. It's a scary. Can in his skin tests are up next we got this is a tough one end I get this question a lot you do it it's unfortunate that you know Austin, Texas. AKA baby Hollywood is kind of pricing its first time home buyer out of the market you were turning these folks into you know a lifelong renters almost with these price points so. Be rewritten this commercial among all lock this up to you Kelvin. I'm a prime pre qualified for 255000. I can't find a home. What do audit. So who hurt her a (%expletive) brought the subject. And earlier he is like we know what all what are they looking in my back it almost doesn't matter because there are. If you go slugger Alex you took time joke early in my climb through a secure driver to qualify in some time. Should it could really. You know the fact that that is you know dive down into what are you looking forward UK were Condo he then you're okay we're condos. UK and older Condo Condo conversion definitely if it's a home OK if it's a home. You know again you have to go on the outskirts of off. Austin area did you plug in government pays bass properly we have to count and he what I can tell you that is. For the Austin Travis County area that's what your interest in and the 45 zip code right now is really hot. And for those who don't know familiar with that you're talking about a airport over there even that is just south the 71 you got this new miracle Addison dot com some part which means you're seriously. Goes the growth bit immature and naive and inventory of a bit new bills got a pretty good night common good night I mean you know so this phenomenal price for a I would say get in early. The next phase of Abbott and Athens is the park are to see that. Jump in potentially over 300 spray but you're still 1520 minutes from downtown. Yeah but what's your slug keep drive until you if you can afford it he dropped the ball well driving I don't call. Are not fair that I think if there. All I love. Four so I got a buddy of mine home we we we call him Mississippi Mike. But you know they bought out now you liberty hill and having you know I think he was a case where it was a lucky USDA area at that time. And which is under percent financing to grow up and down on it can't I don't know that that was your forever in all be all home but. You know where they billion for years now so you're looking at a ton equity if you could just get in the somebody said conned us do you walking their Condo. It's built 87 it's been untouched for a big you look at that Erica all right this I can qualify can afford this house you move in there. And you're getting appreciation. You know what I mean is it fair to say 8% 12% in some areas. I mean I had a guy that bought one and over and very common we both I think it was old he got a bit and I mean my came out make almost double. Just because again going in there and toll. Re doing the place from top to bottom and then it got pretty much about his lifestyle for the definitely all your cougar was grabbed schools and good but how does not recognize so you know sometimes that's that's. That's a good option and you know for those of us are those that like the location sometime you do you have to by the fixer offers easy to have the location yeah. The rate of appreciation I mean I mean heck it would long ago we were thought houses and hope. Texas 400 or 5000 right have you looked lately you can give give and huddled under 200. Announced it aside and you know it's it's you know it comes down to. You know got some some folks who don't show that you talk about. Yo what's the rate of which people are saving you know a lot of folks out there dollar buying two years person like I love that person yet those are some favorite conversations and much here. You think you re making more money you think your Chris can be better and you think you have more money for down payment that's not the case. If you think about it. Appreciation levels you know what percentage are you saving money you know reverse that appreciation level. In May offset each other so you're you're a meet your you're chasing your tail at some point so if you if you can sacrifice. And I talk to you guys out there be walking in there are talking I don't volunteer army bears live here but ya look at that things like a little baby bank account feature in might be your only way to get in what is to get in that Condo so guys let me take quick moment real quick on. For those you out there you listened to our rules state radio and hopefully watch OK BDO. Come on Jason subs and now we're here every week appreciate tune in and art were on the move on to one more question. And we've got Sarah Khamese Austin says we built four years ago and we consider selling now. How can we get a snapshot. Of our market in this gossip let's start the. I would say to use air from east Austin to reach out to a real tour de gras and and have your realtor. Do eight compared compared to market analysis group. And also I think it's a great idea to hop in the car with their agent and drive the market. Have them really understand what. There competition and these fires are going to be comparing their home Q in the house is only four years old. But maybe they're competition you know there's there's would throughout or there's. You know. Improvements in the backyard. It's I think a great idea for the seller to have that knowledge of what the buyers are actually going to be seeing in comparing their homes to ask bold on. Cal and east side by ice to do property tours areas pre filed at nine. In this guy I would ride around we have pluck a little bus and we we toured the east side of it in you would like point behind you can like okay over here we got that new construction got CBS going right they're like you're not even looking back it up like you know that area yup you can. Are you here are considered east side or your house says you know if you're out walking distance I'm down there about the south coast Liberia the new South Shore district hit yeah five got it right growth going carpal eight. How love it I mean if somebody wants to work with yet a mean I Gaza and in this group are part of what we do use which we get the best most qualified agents on. So folks will be in contact with you come and how they do it premier called my number five point 24152027. Effort to reach out to your help pay go let's see how we in touch with you. You can call me at five point 29427267. Or send me an email at Leisle at Leisle gossip dot com. Perfect McCarthy. You can neither a reach out to be phone or text at 5125874050. Or take a look at my blown a day in real estate dot com hey we gotta get on that little bit more that's fun stuff man this guy put himself out there without blog I mean it's. You know he's he's sees. Go and live with that in in all that stuff so get well done there are guys all think you offer for being here's a little Tommy your weekend with this and won't get all of you back on soon appreciate it. Our guys got to wrap it up well we got more to come we've got we've got Steve Kline custom builder coming on. And these guys building one heck of my home so you wanna stick around for that were also talking about. If he's your mortgage where should be you need to refinance you know at least stick around listeners to if you. You'll make sure that your in the best possible position to be an. We'll be back when. And welcome back the show's central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason stops thanks for sticking around let us. In Neptune and we're here every Sunday right here OK BBO com also crossed sure radio waves on here talk thirteen seventy. AM we appreciate Chang and Alice. Come with out further ado my friend in builder Chris Dodd sales and marketing manager with Steve Kline custom builder welcome back sir adding. How you got a bid that you have made your you kind of but a familiar face on the show recently it's been my quotes to us there you go hey that as SRI. We'll what we're gonna do I mean you guys are build all over the place it in in you've meat has a built 800 homes in Texas and you do that it in I would say I mean a lot of it is. Is is a lot of word of mouth for me a lot of folks don't know who you guys are still 800 homes on how that's possible. Who have been business for a twenty year that'll do it when he hears a building we started in Victoria Texas a couple a years ago yeah. Moved up to the central Texas area about. Thirteen years ago and we've primarily been building customs and Georgetown last year to we've been branching out doing more similar production. Stuff so gosh that's kind of where we started to really grow beards and tactical so I mean central Texas let's get specific Amir a lot of it. Come what areas are you guys build this central Texas George down liberty oleander and cut. Not a little little luck in Victoria and victory to our ports yes so only. Let's talk Georgetown he wants to trawl over there I mean did to Georgetown schools schools all schools you know you have all my tax base yet as being pumped in the school system except that tax base is using it so. Give all these neighbors that are blowing up in Georgetown. The fastest growing you know city in the US right now I mean this is so a lot. There just aren't here I hear that's where the grownups left. I guess yes you can promises that a lot of drug what's their tagline it's like just north of weird bit Seth were down did it in I mean in that may hero there's going to be a good job too I mean they're they're they're lead and then there are very hard to do and guess leading edge I mean those folks got to go on over there. And it you know Doug bows cart in about US for the grownups let off CR usually say north Austin has really grown up slope that's ordered or anywhere else but again you know at the presidency Asia and it didn't but yes so you'd Georgetown you don't you think about it and end. Units in the dynamic is is just that I mean it's schools it's it's quiet it's less congested. What we look it's it's just you know there's there's. You know trees and it looks good in their assumed from Rolling Hills and things like that. And so it's not a lot of cookie cutters were it has been a lot of testimony for a long time via some other neighbors are going in but you really mature trees. The builders are building out there don't plow the entire. Lots neighborhood done bill he'll track homes got to get a lot of you know different looks breached they were that the Georgetown fell so ain't Tina for that person that doesn't wanna be on top of their name bird. You get got you more land yes yes she did yeah sure. Good deal but so so would you have the only thing available standing out there Georgetown I have some houses available right now. One is 296 with they would circle cup on its in deservedly Georgetown which is brought up winning drive. It's about. It's our four model it's we're moving to a new models offer point nine probably beginning next year because so it's going to be it's writers like 644 right now so. For thousands wherever home while on of one acre lot. While it talk a little bit about give design and what can folks expect from that hump we designed almost there anything we have 77 different floor plans I customize anything to anybody wants 7777. And exactly yes so you know. We never really build the same house twice mostly his new people come in and they you know they wanna make little change here a little change there yes we accommodate any of those changes they wanna do. And so. We're you know the process is pretty seamless you've been doing this for a long time. We're very detail oriented on how things come out so we try to get everything done up front so we're building a house it's all put together gossip so we've we've got one out there that are kind of have my eyes on its one my favorites but let's talk about. Your liberty hill house reports come out over its out of court a lot it's heavily wooded it's over maker. It's a 4000 then 96 square foot house is four bedroom four bass. Three car garage. It's just a beautiful house. What's what's what's control of their liberty hill. It's a day schools school and everything were you know the growth in the of this neighbor has a little train do it. So this particular a lot of pretty flat but it does oval you know the neighbor has a lot train train do and so those streets go up and down there not just picking gutter. Lots of trees in the neighborhood some nice views and things like that too. So what type of design mean it would talk about just features war CME. This household Tacoma code of is it's beautiful and toast little bit about you know done the specifics on you worn TV steer features designed now that was just ticker house's system. Big wide open kitchen defend room connection so. It's got a humongous island insisted that the you know in the kitchen. So you know if these people are in the same room you're not cut off at all skip Barnard's of big flat bar. It just had a very great family. House it's a ten foot ceilings throughout all the bedrooms and ten foot ceiling as a master bathroom is. You know got a quarter two you know with two windows on two got to walk in shower. It's just a really. Flowing well at double front doors I mean. Big study with a built in both cases in this is available now available right now for 596900. Perfect. Good deal. Cool guys and if for those of you that I want to know more information on this for those yelled on the just listen on radio. You can not reach out to us at 5126409. 610 you can call or text that line. Aren't so. There were some of the other available homes amid I know that you won't get into a little bit more of the custom more than the build on your lot stuff but. You would you have that standing right now somebody's out there in that market. And they wanna get something done before the end of the year. I mean there's there's obviously I mean there's homestead exemptions that you can you'll get if you guys closed before the end of the year you've got that homestead exemption right there that you can use on that 2017. Exhort your CPA so. I mean we have home between 500 council spring grove Boca which is in great wood which is in Leander it's another one acre lot depends 47 oak trees. On the lot I mean while 3100 square foot homers three bedrooms three bath three car garage I mean you have your own park. Under a lot that is all your QB play in those leaves in the spring. Yes they like if they call all my folks if it goes at least take charities are going to be able to kind of drop below is you know and I do the lottery you deal look cool so what where a judge you got sound and they got a couple others out there have another one and our liberty yields were. The cut they may sell it to 3900 square foot home it's four bedroom four bass we. Consider cul-de-sac. It's pushed way back to save some tremendous oak trees in the front but the backyard is just quiet cozy you know all years of birds chirping. He VD deer out the back of recommend that but we can't do that so that house is rated. 5699. Fantastic in liberty hill is you know it's it's really come along the last couple years I mean before he's got to go off their body and give you four acres and it in you know you it's hard to do that now player of the schools have come around. You got a brand new high school we're through so I don't know and they really love their front and I football there though. They had a really nice stadium yet is that yeah I mean that whole immediate that's a family history oriented it's very Little League oriented and kid oriented. You all away from the elementary due to high school found my commission last segment about got friends that that live out there and in our kind of got my hi hello bit on on liberty hill. I don't think mullah Flemmi moved up for album coming out I told mark Norway Iceland could you know well there's good liar and a third almost structure all the way in delivery. Right no doubt we got to viewers tune in this is real say radio I'm Jason Stubbs we appreciate you a stick around with us on the on this Sunday. And we've got to witness Chris Dodd salesman in marketing manager Steve Kline custom homes. Let's league gossip. Broker associate with copper Sotheby's Sharpton again we'll give you and your little bit Manny hanging in there I'm here to look at we we we got some for you comments or just. Hang in their list. But Chris or talk about. Those folks out there that are saying custom home you a lot of people that I've talked to you and interviewed. They they kind of have that feeling like what you say custom we can afford it you know it in what can you say to that person. That's kind of going well I just it sounds like too much building a home ot out the guy can do that if. It could be very very overwhelming process is gonna if you don't. Do you just steps Jeanine do up front so we were very detailed with our blueprints. That you sure like the camera which are correct all the plugs are in the right place. And you know so it's not overwhelming. You know. As you build lumbered up or change George Fletcher every five minutes write books this year and these changes is going to be that much more my guess we try to get all that done up front so before we start to house. You know exactly how much of paying for the house nice so we go to all our decorating up front. Everything's done upfront and we try not to do any change or should we get by with him but they're always going to be something. Yes definitely let's sell it to our turned the page a year over here and I mean I know you've you've you've worked closely with the elders for quite some time on the custom side the other side but you know what would you what are your clients you know Tony give me you know who are these folks out there that are you looking for that that custom home I mean have they done that before it's her kid kind of talking about that. Cheri I think that fire out there is becoming more and more savvy with the home profit. Home buying process and at with apps and web sites such as house they're starting to learn you know. What does it mean to be a green home got an and efficiencies and they're starting to ask questions like well what you know what is this insulated away is this spray from nor is this flown in blanket and you know wanting to know very specific questions so. And I think I enjoy showing homes where the builder and takes those things into account. It's weird it's very important for people yeah and quality of windows and I think two. Just having with a custom and side having. An idea of cost per but statue. You know at most buyers that I'm working with right now. When they're building new construction. Have this idea of of homes costing that they don't break it down and the doctor but and so it's. When you sit down and talked to build or get an idea. Of what that is it can be manageable. There's people that spend you know 80000 are on a kitchen and there's other people that spends 20000 dollars on a kitchen. So it's just I think a good builder can say it and value engineer. A plan in a budget that works for you get in that. Price for a fact that you're come to work. And do it we'll get deal. So Chris I mean if it's forest oaks that you own their own life I mean can you are you guys work with those folks in in how does that work. We you know basically we do the same process as any other custom house we. No go to the same blueprints you design it exactly the way they wanted me and basically they just fill the differences. They just go getter in construction alone and we dish draw off that well or build the house is gonna really did the rest the process is all pretty much saying. Got you and so we go out check their lot make sure you know. What they deemed crucial test and you know all those various things that you have to do but it's it's same process is relatively simple. Cool art will we got to cut it right they're gonna take a break but not hey Chris how do more about how are how is artist in contact with you guys the best ways do you plan dot com perfect KLE again. In that will get to you I'm guessing that'll get to me I'm all homeless on the fantastic value I appreciate you just been in the Osama on your Sunday with us and we'll get back on soon. Our guys we got to cut it right bearable coming up we've got senior. Loan officer shocked that it will be talking about the refinances if you need to do it or if if you don't. Stick around. And welcome back central Texas this real sick radio I'm Jason stops in here with us for this. This last little quarter we got here. We've got Chris Dodd steep climb custom builders a Leisle gosh it's been with the soul Tom we appreciate you broker associate with copper Sotheby's. We've got shot Finnegan and a senior loan officer in our I'll mortgage. X eight Xavier. Baseball stood. There's about your again just like since baseball pitcher now it yeah yeah it helped you land that Jim mobile Wi-Fi I'm guessing it did help me let. And literally I. Recognized this how that pitching her work up. Waltz in here a few today so. What do you think yeah brave men were armed we're happy to have you we're happy to have him. Certain guys what we're doing here is I mean we've got so we've got time. Come in and you know just as far as the the refinance thing goes I mean you've got some folks out there that you a lot of people like ocean we reform should we not I mean I think that there's more of a question. Or it's just it's a deeper question than that so I mean before we get to that are casts a while almost got almost forgot which just me. Lastly before the show she came in second what are we don't let's talk roller rates are doing after the election. So before screwed up and skip that what's your take on I'm wearer interest rates would they do and the election was not sing god that's over but. What happened or interest rates. They definitely did go up slightly have gone on average it's 830 years. Fixed mortgage went up anywhere from about point 25 to point 375 I mean but you're still looking at you know 4%. Some folks can still get less you know on the PR also it's not the end of the world let me still ridiculously low rates they know the folks I complain to me about the 4% night you know you what are we gonna yeah I mean what happens four or guess what I'm up by an out of market before you know what they're going to be 5% we just passed a happy and gosh our passion and we we've got to start set the table on -- for use of bill word and policy views and agent I mean for pursue its common Iraq could be wrong have been wrong before. But. You that 4% mark you know in on our side on the mortgage side of things we have clients out there. That call cycle you know your. He got a little investment property or there's something out there you may be low credit issues I mean you're you're right up 4% in their role well Leo we we we've seen too afraid. And Estonia free money that is you know let's look historically. It's still as indoor we do without me going back a hundred years let's start with five years we've and I when I started in the business in 2006 I mean our member of people who you know rates for six and a half a hole and I remember the first time greats when under six now sleep on the floor underneath my desk phones was retiree for every five then when they hit. For a half same thing yeah then when they finally here for a quarter. And then when they finally went below 405. And a half in seconds were like seven point five on the Toronto seven point five somebody they're gonna pass out but. Yeah I mean you got to get that fourth person it is wage or paying way too much as wage job we've got to start they can 4% it's insanely low interest and how much money would you guys loans for 4% zero I wouldn't loan ten dollars it's been there for 4% you don't mean let's let's hundreds of thousands if you. So easy to be nicer Jason yeah well. Yeah well I'm I'm working on that but my wife says the same thing but you know and she doesn't and they got to think compared to you know other I mean credit card rates so high on the. The next the next thing I think we're looking at. If you watch all the analysts inquiry into the cash how refi booms come and again I mean this year casino folks and cost of living is going up 303540%. Out. Folks are making 303540%. More money at their jobs so what are they doing. Iran that the credit cards and yeah if you look credit card. Credit card debts up somewhat conjuring 3540%. And he on the whole on the average of the country yeah so those folks are paying 10111213%. Of their credit cards. They are catching up their Livan and house of equity she'd know ups here again 1020%. Equity more than you had. You know 1824 months ago the smoke should come back and you know they're tired of paying 67800 dollars a month in credit card out and they're coming in and they're they're gonna cash out Dick either house again and you know cut that 1213% credit card and Sri down if you know fourth fourth quarter so we've we've talked to a couple log up cash out refinance of recently with clients but. Give me example your last cash out scenario in a perfect world we just did not come close about 23 weeks ago. You know these folks got an FHA loan about six years ago. Pop with a three and a half percent down because their payment was around 12155. Dollars a month all in pass taxes insurance PMI and all the good stuff. Then they have on top that they were paying 600 dollars minimum month. On the credit cards. Seek they had about to that was their minimum minimum payments that was a minimum nevermind what it was activity to pay those cards off their pay 600 dollars minimums you're looking. But 18150 dollars a month they're pinning credit card minimums and their house payment well you know we're we're refi and get to 40000 dollars out. On cut or trade down the degenerate under 4%. And they cut that payment down to 11100 dollars. So not only did they cut their house payment. Down by a 150 dollars they eliminated all occurred occurred at his rough innings 151000. They Garrett 151000 dollars in 1213%. Interest. And save themselves are sins of some 700 dollars a month so I mean you talk about savings I mean I'll talk about increasing catch cash cash flow so I mean now's the time to side. Save it a New York spend and you listen now take that money throw it you know Indus in some type of you know it I'm amok and go financial advisor binding me was it's also those cut those cards up. Save your wonder T need that rainy day but I think those are five and come up you know run amok again don't be call me. Now fifteen months from now saying hey I needed any another equity loan program as critical and while I got a new car that he had. Yes yes yes got grass and that's really you know finger that Timmy Thomas some are almost even rarer for 8000 dollars a year and that's it from your former K pretty IRA yeah how pretty your kids' college fund definitely take a trip. I'm as you can even put that torture mortgage. Ya in pay your mortgage off on the year you know few brief if you do the cash out you take that term up to thirty years. And did you add that 750 on top of your minimum payment which is your principal interest taxes and insurance and you can knock off. Years years yeah fifteen you don't Mazar hypocrisy we are no folks have bought their house you don't thirty year loan maybe 78 years ago. The other cut down and Yossi gal what roughly 22 years left on their mortgage yeah you know they're cutting down in there there refinancing to a fifteen year. You know. Keep their payments the same couple folks even here we have some meat they want from thirty years fifteen year. Cut their payment thirty dollars but sheets six and a half years off their mortgage while you have your talk is revered you know. 15100 dollars a month. We talk about tens of thousands of dollars you're gonna save in the long run. Yeah and it's just it's a no brainer. Yeah you know it's it's a no brainer it you know for the folks out there that you know we run into we have conversations all the time you we have folks tried to refinance and you know let's talk about the season that that did the month that we're in you know before the end of the year. You know whats are are there any advantages of refinancing. Before the end of the year. The one you're gonna have is you're gonna be a little immunity to write off for closing cost doctor county got some of those closing Cotchery tax deductible. This Tommy you're December. In the biggest hold up it's we have for people trying to refine its especially liked escrow. Yeah like me that are bad savers don't have that you know they wanna pay their tax insurance every Munson the Rebecca December right tax bills or did yes so whether you escrow or not. Yeah if you're close on a refi. Usually serve most companies are November November December this you have to pay your entire year's taxes. So if you're current works company hasn't paid your taxes yet. Yeah I got a comfortable way to account for that now holds some people up but. The good news is most mortgage can be start paying those bills in November right so assuming your current your current mortgage company your current servicer has paid your taxes. On that second hole joppy mark join us to you know tested tough left Weir's taxes that that's useful but you know people. People come November like mass growing into. I don't wanna you know either I don't wanna write a check for 6000 dollars or I don't wanna you know rule 6000 dollars in in in my mortgage yeah we just recent attic. I had that you know armies property taxes were 25000 dollars a year so you know we refinance and last month we have to collect death have to you know that that four year that full 25000 which you're put in I don't topping your balance and you know back in effect you know we're here your payment is not quite gonna go down as much as it couldn't. So post new if you can wait until now exactly and we don't have to collect. All of that you your total tax yeah. Of 25000 I mean that's not typical all homes but trust me there's a lot of homes and Austin, Texas paying 25000 dollars Europe from a ships so. And that's what Ford you know Ford does morehouse and Steiner I think your property tax to about 20000 if it's a fair and yet we had a course longer to learn yeah yeah we we had a question from Steiner a little bit ago and yeah out that they. We're talking about property taxes a little bit out there but you know hey it's something we all do. It's part of an house for our live in Texas. And does that that's but good shots so crude should be looked in. For a refinance. The first few wants apps Lou that needed you know give us a call are are giving you know give their. Give their financial advisor you know arrange. If you've been in your house over two years and her pain PMI still it was for the most part Austin. You know most people's values have gone up 50% Brian last week for months even so those folks for sure your pain PMI get rid of it. You know the other I mean they're still I still see a few people that have called that they're current rates in the fives right if your if your Kerney trees in the five genius golf dot com. You know we'll take a look at not it doesn't mean a refinancing doesn't make sense for everybody right audio that is the old rule from east to be you know 1% if you can if you tell 1% from your interest rate is probably gonna make sense and but that's on lesser of the case your pain. You know half a percent points 65 and between the the the half a percent and drop their PMI. You know makes sense number if it doesn't make sense will tell you don't know had a lady call me if Shillue leading lady mortgage warehouse still only known her rate was like. 5%. But you know she had 90000 dollars and had like twelve years left right pitino but to enroll in the closing costs it's still makes sense right now we talk we are shorter reach. We showed the breakeven point and and all that stuff so if it doesn't make sense once you know it but there's no culture to go call yes or no cost well. Thinking everything is as if you can't refinance if there's not a benefit there for you. At least you know you're in the best position you can be and I think that's important to note. Especially you know we got folks that data refinance and make they should've done it years you know a year ago. Or two years or three years ago and then we know what you finally get to that table and you your clothes and refinance you can't look back on passing this much. You know you could have been safe and that for you know the previous years to south. Our guys reject a quick call a we've got Rachel Hoffman. Real estate agent with realty Austin on the line our Reggie there. Yet I don't care what's how how you doing the Sunday. I'm doing great how wonderful week or good we'll tell us a little bit about this how she got. But and that kept out Austin area where the young people live yeah. A leg up import five. Very hot then cut it to four better Q back over 17100 square feet. No carpet whatsoever beautifully landscaped backyard. And they vary very. Huge big curious the Bagger it makes. Bigger site at Sears also my church street bubbly Della street landscape to ABY. Orbiter to bat and 45. Can laugh completely redone and now I mean it's beautiful on the kitchen think clearly that would granite is an island. The working pot quite content to backyard. I don't know what else they about it can sell itself. Yeah no kidding expression that price point I mean we don't we were just talk about a previous segment about how. You know though the prices of Austin are kind of getting out of control and inept that that is a fantastic price the house won't last long you know it. You brought recent multiple offers before you know it. But Rachel how or how does our audience in contact with you. I didn't give me a call myself I even take tax it's 512825. 70 point three. I think come down and seen rule. Out that Q a one star brightened your eyes 277. Export side. When your support. He's a little freshman and then the fact. Oh cool. Are horrible we appreciate you call an end and it take a little time out of your Sunday and that open house again what's an address Rachel. Well one start great or fantastic. We'll talk to you soon girl. All right by about. Are we got to wrap it up right there Gaza we appreciate you stick around whether it's special thanks to Chris Dodd Steve Kline custom builder. Broker associate lovely Leisle gosh it was copper Sotheby's thank you for spending your to your some of your day with us shopping him in or else in your laughter gosh we appreciate it. And for you out there please I download are out. Release that do you get a text atx a 31996. Also if you get contact with this gives ring 512640. 916 and we'll see you next Sunday central Texas. Thanks as well.