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Retirement Planning Show 11/19/16

Nov 19, 2016|

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Welcome to the retirement planning show with Teamsters ASCII. Call Steve now at 1804571298. And now here's Steve's just asking. 00 and welcome to receive money in retirement plan and show. This is to use to assess the year host and things can tune in this weekend. I'm located right here in the Austin area weren't rounder are have been in round rock now for over thirty years. We're on thirteen seventy a down. Every Saturday at noon and Sunday mornings at radio room. So grab a piece of paper and then you're gonna need this number. That's 1800. Four by 7129. Days. And don't forget our web site. Which news city money. Texas'. Dot com. And it's a money taxes dot com. You know I'm an independent nation. I'm licensed partners to Texans. It is. We don't work. It is it is a world for a specific rule were company in Europe. Large corporation that. Tolls are represented as well offer or whatnot. What we do very simple is glow in the world of finance to find the best. Cutting its products. And solutions to meet your specific financial rules. As an independent firm. We're not restricted. In products and services. That we offer you. We feel that our professional independence is critical vulnerability to disturb your best interest. On the bride of options that we can offer. As a result of our independence. Is one of the main reasons for artist whose work with us. It's not obligated in specific products from any specific. Programs. You know we've fuel. Then our financial options available to you. Should only be limited. To what's available. From the excuse me in the world of finance. There was initiative everything at your fingertips. Give us a call at 180447129. Nate. It's 1804571209. VA. You know mark core philosophy news that I believe that all wealth comes from guard. As Smart. And spears new mark responsibility. To be good Stewart award gone and trust immunity. And good Steward should first to protect his world from loss. And second to make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I based Wal-Mart parts recommendations are. Give me a call 1804. Pars 71298. My team a receptionist or standing by our. On the course when you can call any time with your questions and needs some answers. Common. -- be appropriate information. Will call you back personally and answer those questions for him. At 1804. By 7129. Days. You know. Then if you're one of those people off there. There are losing sleep. Because you're stressed out. Wondering how much for your future retirement dollars. Are going to be lost forever. During this volatile and uncertain market. At the same time if you living with those fees and charges in good times and that. And for those who view or money market accounts from bank CDs. Are you waiting for those interest rates change. You have it and you have to be fine and almost impossible live on the return. By the time you received the news small amount of interest and in the end of hand taxes on it who literally have nothing. And if you inflation into it but then you are upside down you are actually losing money. Me I suggest an alternative. With my advanced planning. Which offers few guarantees. In bonuses. And are your we returned. And the bonuses to credit your account immediately. So the bonus even compounds where you. As well. You know we go 100%. Guarantees if he. With no means no charges of any kind. And no taxes. Where your money compound are bright future. And of course you have liquidity. You may call 180457129. Because it is possible to participate. In the upside in the market. And be protected. 100%. On the downside. I don't talk to you and earners and show this and today. About how you can achieve high annual returns. Who wouldn't talk about a program that has contractual. Guarantees. That she'll never suffer a loss because a market of car. You'll never experience anymore of those guarantee losses. Do you broke for trees. And charges. And taxes. You know if you could could do them for so far. Some your current term it means in this and that would never lose value in the marketplace. But steel realize time average gains. When it be of interest to him. If your money is colonel in the market. Are you happy with all the uncertainty. In the volatile. You know reality years. The market goes up. It goes side wins. End goes down. Can you really afford to have all of your life savings. At risk. Especially now. In the used to say there's a lot of things going on. That can raise Cain on your investment accounts. She'd give me a call at 1804. Pars and 129 name. Let's discuss your concerns. And answer questions. We also offer free consultation to a radio listeners. Indian foreign. And cost units and governor are Christian and it's sort of the time proven Connery 104 pars seven world in 98 number. Sort of on the come into the office where she can for whatever reason for my. Much pages. As time restraints. What will do is come to you was well. And whether it be your place of business or your residence. But now owes it to harm will come on up on you ended the year. It's time now before the year's to be alone make adjustments. And make sure. That everything is positioned properly. So that you are giving. Their tax breaks that you should be unit so that you are Guinean in keeping. The gains Western Europe now. Give me a call 1804. Pars one to nominate and it's. 1804. Arms and 129. Day. This peace process be if you listening to save money and retirement plan show. Oh. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve's recessed keep its you're looking for annual interest rates of seven to 8% guaranteed up to twenty years with income guaranteed for life income taking continue for the life of both spouses and start and stuff as he pleads plus all moneys left on your demise and go to your errors then Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to Easter recess 1804571. To ninety that's 1804571298. Working at Steve this hassle free there's no sales pressure Steve's been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for you. He can help you as well. Only for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market. Gobbled up by broker fees were taken by uncle Saint Paul Steve she says he now at 180457129. That's 180457129. We'll. These studies to assess the news these 2 this morning with some time ago. And thanks and in this weekend. You know we're located. Right here in the Austin area. In round rock. And we've been he helped people in the round rock area in the Austin area known for over thirty years. Helping you to prepare for retirement. Pollutants in retirement. Who've been on thirteen 70 am now full glory years. Were on Saturdays and noon and Sunday mornings medium. Grab a piece of paper and opinion in the dismembered. That's 1804. Pars 11292. Don't gonna website. Which is www. Safe money taxes. Save money taxes. That. In taxes is all I've. So give us a call check out the web site. Use and sure you enjoyed whoops it is well. Straightforward. Some great articles. And there's massive. Alec theater on there. I'm sure you'll enjoy that as well. You can call us one he forests of them. My team receptions for standing by you have any questions you need some answers. Give us a call 1804. Pars 7129. The eight you know we offer free consultation to review listeners. It's meant no obligation. No pressure. No announced hole. Come into our office will leave and come to you. We're skis and you'd come and you have a great cup of coffee and and make canoe for an hour or movies who will you viewed opportunity to have a certain opinion make sure that your on the right. Make sure there are things in order making sure you receive the maximum amount of income. Making sure the last all of you. Give me a call at 104. Pars and twelve line the day. And take advantage of free consultation. In addition. And books. My ability and talent. And pat wrote an exceptional book. Called stress. Free retirement. That and national national bestselling author. The numerous books in the past. This particular book news exceptional. It won't bring to you. Tremendous amount of information about the financial world. It's a great read. Adam it is abort. Two page pamphlet. You're interested in news. Expanding your knowledge. About your finances. And finance world what's Alter what's an arm around there. Various. Product. Some voters investment world benefits humans and ones stay away. Again it's a great read stress. Re retirement. And if you do mr. call at 1804. 71298. I'm will make sure. That you received this great read. Stress free retirement you know and it's just an exceptional book. And three. Hour radio listeners who used for spam. By calling 1800. Four r.s 7129. A Buhner you free of charge no obligation used to agreed re do's and your knowledge. On financial world. Give us a call 1804. Pars one to nominate. Along with that if you have some questions about Social Security. Not quite true won the draw. And you wanna make sure you receive all the benefits that are due view. We can assist you as well. Union call 1804. Pars 71292. And mouton and assist you with. With you in the area of Social Security to make sure that your. Drawing a time drawing off the right person that your view bounces. Making sure that you know leave. Hundreds and and thousands of dollars on the table. Make sure you receive all the movement that your total. And we can assist you with that. So give us a call 1804. Pars and 129 BA. Wanna take advantage of free consultation. Revoke offered averages cuts and questions votes secured. Give us call the man treated the right answers. In the past who room. You Durbin talked about then all the variations in all the variation of products that are available. And yeah and as you know is insane it's different strokes for different folks. You know do you heard it ever since drew you were little every body use different. And we have different ones. Different goals. And dreams. He knows and can also beliefs and about every person when it comes performance from leads. There's no one's ours it's all strategy. To meet every once financial objective. And especially in retirement. In your financial rules. Your needs to be entirely different and those are your neighbors. Use of the wounds were children. Your financial risk tolerance is probably different angles and your parents. And that's why a wide variety of ours have been created over the years. Ago meet. The objectives and so many different types of people. It's when your guitar provoked in Borneo news segment this is more we are independent. Sooner obligated. To to push some products are the just talk or certain area. And we've improved provide you bring to you. What's available on the French world. And you know during the past decade. The dramatic cycle of the ups and downs and the levels and everything else we've seen in the financial world. Have left many of us wondering about your futures. What are the best options we're growing. And saving our assets. No this is probably wore the most frequently asked questions that are registered. And of course cancerous. It's not the same for everybody. Everybody's different. So let's discuss your concerns. Give me or call 1804. Pars 7129. DA. And let me answer your questions. Take advantage for fruit which is. Taking advantage of our free consultation. It's for eight. An honorable given. Comment and like I mentioned come to our office or. If need be will come to you. The place of business for your residence. But at least take the time. Took you years and years and years as they would choose it. Now spend the pro am on a time to make sure that you're drawing of properly making sure that you take in new distributions properly. The pictures taken advantage of all the tax breaks that are real. And making sure that you have money corner restaurant you realize the matter how long you left. He lived to be a 150. You're still gonna make sure that you have funds permanent. And that's who we can assist you. Give me a call at 1804571. To nominate but that's 180457. 12. And he. This is to use his speed and you're listening to save money in return. When you show. And home. Thanks for listening into the retirement planning show with Steve's just ST if you would like to reduce your future income taxes reduce the amount of your Social Security income included as taxable income. And avoid taking required distributions from your IRA that you may not need. Plus provide heirs of a lifetime of income tax free distributions. Steve can help. Got the phone and call Steve's recessed PM 1804571298. Working with Steve this hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in fourth down to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. So wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. All Steve she says he now at 1804571298. That's 1800. 457129. Ain't. Keys to assess you lose and lose money in retirement plan and show. And thanks again to tune in this weekend. In a new located right here in the Austin area weren't rounder. Have been for over thirty plus years. Help people in the Austin area to prepare for retirement to lose in retirement. Should give us a call at 1800. Four pars 719. A my team in receptions are standing by. On T force sevens beaten colony time. To give us a call. And and you view of profit information with my team receptionist I'll give it to you personally and answer those questions and and concerns that you have. Or take advantage of room for consultation. Original obligation. And we chuck pocono. And then come to our office will come to you whichever of warrants. He and take advantage of bird or retire. Analyzer which uses an exceptional exceptional tool will. Provide that service to you are free of charge. It's Houston great cool news view if you are either retired or coming out of retirement. This is something you gotta do. You need to do to so tired so when you do retire that. You have the accidents in your taking of ones you definitely. It's in just a great tool liberals as humans. Give us or call 1804. Cars so when one to nominate to take advantage of the free consultation. In addition of that if you like that we've book. From my ability that. Stressed re retirement. And it's just again is an exceptional read it and copies to give about. And again if you wanna be you know in expand your education on and on finances. You'll love this more weeks ago. It is a Booker snuck into pamphlet. But it's a great read in the news you read he's in understand. And choose during human knowledge that you need. About retirement itself. And how to have a stressed pre retirement. In the great book. So if you like to take advantage of the free copy to you. And improved unit can go to your hands who got to post his tool gambling. Give me a call at 1804571298. Odd woman choose to receive this book. Great tool. So it was a call you on the ticket evidence of that again free consultation. More of just cuts questions. You've been called. The 1804. Pars 712. Nate. You know as we were talking before. All the news what's available through Warner's on the Euro options. You know on this skills available financial products there are higher risk products. With potential for higher returns of one time. And yeah the donors did from parks would lower risk returns and long. With lower risk. Lower risk and returns. Union is unfortunately just slapped with a market is today but when we look at your higher risk options. Which they range from stocks. Bonds mutual funds. Variable annuities. And bond funds. However. Without higher risk options the risk of possibility to lose no money. Losses worn to the investment. So we turn to lower risk fixed income options. Such as money market accounts and CDs. And savings accounts. And the returns are so small. And then by the time you pay your taxes. Are that you really isn't news who were. Investment. Do you maintain that your gonna spend that principle. So you have your principal guaranteed if you don't have to spend it with those rates returns you gently. More often end up spending some pretzel. So somewhere in between is a strategy to use that in any market. The strategy to help you protect your assets. And provide the potential. For additional interest. In a strategy for an market. Who's looking forward principal protection found and fixed income martians. Will still maintain and a potential. For additional interest credits. And benefit immensely. Fixed index account. In with a fixed indexed annuities commonly referred to lose at he's. Is a product that offer business in much much more. So exactly. What exactly is in there aren't. It's a product with an insurance benefits such as minimum guarantees. And death benefits. And also with that in Rome do include most of their include some Sunni index camps for index roads. In practice partners or participation rates. The great news is today news when you look at participation rates and we look it's for a it's. It gives you the opportunity. To capture the majority of the market. So it gives us an opportunity in essence to maximum. And in addition of that because of the news from the east who knew him from. Relatively new locations. It's well. Worth looking into it. And essentially when it comes to securing. Your financial. Future. It's the best of both world. This Friday. That seeks to run to. Both protect your principal. And provide. The potential. Credited more interest. Misses it's become real in exceptional tool. If you'd like to learn more give me a call at 1804571298. That's 1804. Pars and 129 the day. You know the key word ruse used simplicity. And from most of lost the simpler the better. And that's when I do. For you is to simplify your finances. So that you don't have to worry about the market. Toward that mark is whether it's point of down sideways there whichever way it's gone. My clients don't worry about the next news show that talks about oh with the president says now it's affecting them. The markets over what's going on in Europe. What the deficit is. Or which corner and China for that there. I can show you how would eliminate those FedEx. Just findings raise money plans for you save money places. That guarantee your principal. I guarantee. You neither gains to be locked man. And of course provide liquidity. You know. You can hand. Simplicity. And clear understanding. And no were you going with your finances. And what to expect when you can. That's what my advance planning us. Give me a call 1804571298. That's 1804. Point 71298. If you're in the market now are you can't afford to lose you want an alternative. With a great alternative for you with our advanced planning. You wanna take advantage of free book offer. On free consultation. Q a near call 180457129. DA. My team a receptionist is standing by 24 sevenths you can call any time. Take advantage of free consultation. Or the free book. You go on or before largest jets from questions give me a call. At 1804. Process one. I'm killed. Home. You've been listening to the retirement planning show please Steve stores asking. Call Steve at 1804571298. And tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning staff.