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Oct 30, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the natural underground and I'm your host Al spring here for you laugh every time I do that. He just took it. Decided to study got to start off somewhere good. And then slowed he dwindled down to average debt deal in my in my life I think it'll go wild afternoon that there. This program is brought to you by new brand university the educational arm of the touch agency. Joining me in the studio today of course are. Fantastic big pink cast Tina Taylor isn't peanut gallery. We are Ryan like Kris see in a man on fire great every day he paints a new business masterpiece that is. Created new reference that category that we can just do Denzel movie references from now on yeah a lot of oh my just wants one I don't remember what what cancer really looked and I. Ali as always everything character he has lovely guy under what's been more than got a net that he he yes that voice you hear in the background and the background did you go in the background player. No honor I didn't that is just land. And bullpen yeah. And moving on the back of Islam that I just Caroline. Delicate if there's two things need to know about just harmless cyst get to it there's two things he's not about just one she's big and local theater. And when she visits the city she immediately signs up for ghost tours a man proud of them slowly and only later to be sorely disappointed that you didn't see any gusts. Click click click click. Well yeah that's a good story aren't there it is in my chat about them from us. He now all. I in it I do like to Congo's stores and to be honest and only actually ever been on the wanton. But I've thought about it a lot so I finally did do it and we go and I'm makes you go in some other people go. Postal store so that we find ourselves as a group in the Big Easy to write what I like to call. Now the mountain balance. And coastal city right that minute just one drops her bags off she signs a saw love her and goes to our thinking you have to understand the entire way over there just. Chat it up about how great this is gonna be this is the just puzzling I wanna I wanna go really need what kind of crazy story and a moon so we get over there and we should make up the guy's name in case he's still work in the species listening reality column Duncan done even if it's good to go and you look at it doesn't know Doug is more dynamic than any thing that this guy conflict though it's first of all Ryan it's 98 degrees and right you know it's New Orleans right. He pitches and now they're great his hunt down now but it is that a bit of breeze. Hitler sit there and wait in line for like 45 minutes just with all I'm not people she's pumpkins on until he goes. I'm at this point trying to get in the ghost but I'm sweating just profusely. And so. We get our guy right knee comes Lee calmly comes correct in the beginning he brings a little energy he's got maybe let's call it of anger or something we had a things yet what and real thing Julia and file like he would put them or didn't pan am glued on and how exactly right. So we get in line and permanent thing India and then too he gathers up and takes us and meanwhile while we're waiting we're watching these other groups go by and each of these other groups looks like a ruling party there's correctly and Mary angle on the idea they've got. Lobster deal then. Dinners are that they're carrying a weak party that he's he's weakened does. Does about a block down the street from where we started. And stops based Hearst on this kind of hammered on about some building a likely in mind this pillar you've got this and that there and he. And so all cool. Except we notice that ten minutes later we're still on that corner and he's gonna lost in some story that no one at this noble Nolan really gauge for all still hopeful now meanwhile these one group after another laugh and celebrate you could hide behind an. Music plain little band behind them make you go home buying and onto our next to host an article thirty that would have been less. Dip more depressing is if ghosts had been with the other he can. And we got none of us who are mentally alike how do we. A evacuated right are there any app so you just got done conceivably sell the stuff that he was nervous and like really can't practicing in the Mir and think he had a and then I get every group you have the one overly sincere woman who's so into his answering all has questioned his selling in Seattle how does he goes moved through walls and she's like trying to offer -- you know deal she said because the walls weren't there before. Lou that's right in the inept and it was like yeah. He Ottawa team that was them the highlight of the whole thing you got to think it meanwhile now we've lost ten to fifteen pounds a sweat we have removed off the corner. And so we start making eye contact each other like we we just have to bail as he picked the play write it off money Morley spent. But they've best thing about it is while we're on the corner. As were organize ourselves and sort of slightly shuffle into the back. Somebody can leave first and act like they just had to go but then the next person really sort of you know they don't they own and that I should. Consensus had been acting stint clay pan set I was have arena. Well I don't think heart attack I think I did because we are at that corner and I remember points like I just am a panoramic caught a big important it is. Yes hey you know just within a minute come around the corner kick it into so we did and we started running late on girls and then it got apps. And defense and and I and I remember looking back and seen the lady who was right next to mom just with a look of death might ask you think that's a lot here if you quit and I'm telling you I think we went to dinner. Had some drinks on Irvin looked down the street there were still on the notes and now an unattractive. It's not about that dale Lott and I wish I would estate almost but I also think remain there into so far include a minute I will I will try to find a morally object ghosts are out there and I'm inviting all of you and your welcome to cut yet it. Let's move onto our saver apart ever weekly show this is our salute to our favorite food and beverage addictions we calling it when you are eating this week. But I'm minister calling it. Pie hole in terms of wins. It's no good song. In my phone yeah. Who. Nicer Diane Gordon and harmonize a lot for you this do you think I'll start. This week I've been all over the cliff by not butter filled bars saw little new ones so well and a good Atlanta goodness it is this. Delightful didn't hide pro team high protein grams Chris par because as we don't know now but is very good team dance. Susan Osama excited we do indeed special recently among others yeah yeah I got some big trend. What's gonna verified that more than Clif bars huge company can re doing that and SharePoint you've said before when big companies do something when big companies innovative idea. I'm a level haven't seen any smaller brandy I know it's a small brands who come up with the the innovation and make every semi exaggerated yeah what they just copy and bury him with money further out this time this time clippers lead the charge and a new thing that I think's going to be big well we've always enjoy. The bar and our agency because the founder of the far. Kari Erickson wrote a book called raising the bar about a third of the way in the book he quotes us at the touch agency about whether a brand has mode Joseph or not. And how hard it is to it. Kind of create Mo Jo ending keep mode GO as you build your company Austin Powers knows that yet that's where we no doubt where we stole the words there. But with that said later in the show we're gonna try and take after our guest. Interview guest entrepreneur we're gonna try and take emitter to. A few minutes and talk about what do those five steps that help a brand. Get mode joke Nolan and keep mode Joseph. About personal moto I need to appreciate all of you a little bit of that hit a real quickly my favorite product week Kirby lane that the the great sort of instant and I. How did institution in Austin for late for after late night partying go have some cool pancakes go have some case though they now have you beating case allowed. And it's been a whole foods just I think in the southwest right now but isn't malicious. Go to get your. Adults aren't very many begin Jason Richardson plus zero idea other than that one and yeah and that is kinda. My product is actually this for you out called love beets I know are all about the deep spent about love. Clinton but soon. And Clinton. Rick nominees little. It's like a little almost portable Tug container in the these little baby beats NC can open them and re sealed and have a bunch of awesome flavors like. Sweet fire which is little spicy southern baby beats even on the go other mid Ohio he may be beads in tiny little packages with 1010 and then hands anything. I didn't say we don't have those in the studio to know into that let's go put pattern over the Internet and come. The B beats are very high in vitamin C fiber and potassium so I don't call by inhaling smoke pot and Nelson juices and friend announced that he won figured. He must fear that out if you wanted tried amount I should say in gotta love beats dot com. OK we just to to break. We return we're gonna take a great guest on the show and the perfect chip for that case so we were just talking about exactly that the case of turbulent second blood. Until we return we'll have the founder of the good being on the show are you listening the national underground. Yeah. Yeah. Welcome back to the natural underground look we are so lucky today to be joined by sorrow Wallace of the good being. If you're in a better free snack Kean and you have not yet discovered to bid being here have you bailing people what are your Mac billion and these goodies are so taste the so addictive. Sorry thank you so much for visiting natural underground welcome. Yeah so far listeners who have Maine out of play early landed on this planet this morning and they don't they've never tried this before. What is the good being. But did you know the Brandon being tricking now and we would defer. In the industry can launch read it to be used to I don't know. And and Aaron did get it to accident toward the fact of quality plant protein and couldn't wait forward speed that innovative achievement there. Except knack involving Libyan. Potentially elaborate leaked out let me get in use some good protein into crude beat try to get out. Toby launched cards. Do not good to beat Richard may get them. To be that truth can contribute that potentially could create and to be barred entry Nachbar yeah it's not free products. And then to be a look at him because he's not being chipped native and a different types can be done until then treat particular decade. So the tortilla chip that the being shipped in case that pot to people would know there will be affected if people column. That could happen green bean nutrition and without the am gonna in any case and the fire. Other competitors have in the marketplace. And then most recently we have just launched a lying. Rootkit father beamed and Greenpeace the coconut oil. And get to that expanding the portfolio are being tracked an option for people who are looking for electric and. Good pitching nutrition. Without without that. That the detrimental to accept and other protein to like the way and very little. Today gets so many forms that's what makes it kind of fun to you to get your kind of healthy snacking on. So let's start with your chips that I love I personally love being chips and I love the good being. Why are these chips so unique and why did you end up in it so tasty so to your point there's really no sacrifice. It's quite the opposite when she sturdy knees did they become the standard of what you consider tasty chip to be how did you do that. And assured those little bit of background and white being the vita game about. You know when lead into the category of being checked we did think that and you know that deputy a huge market for it because people are looking for nutrition connect back to the people continue to. More mart and into meal. But let me look at the B to the market based economy had a very strong will be any case to them. And and it and it made us think that perhaps the markets that being. Limited because of that because the people being turned off by that he could have been in the beans and baby eating them you know I like you got to put a cap right. Which should not be something you experience when you're not talking about to be about fun and indulgence and a lot Laporte and all of that could concentrate so. He'll be checked out to me being checked but he did let Turkey get. And what we learned that when he added speed that he goes you are being tipped not only to be king in. All that could be Biggio nutrition they get the country Decatur picking aren't great source of beta carotene vitamin today. But he'll candidate can't look at that being looked labor completely and got to like a really delicious Marshal excuse the ship. That got it out of the blue chip category and more into a better for you. Tortilla chips so the way that we think are being chipped. It's not been chipped it got lucky being tortilla chip and not only that you know more delicious. And more addictive and that critics maybe you'll believe that it brings income mentality to could be which marketplace can about it brings in people coup. Might be tortilla chip contemporary looking for a little nutrition. Connect after the being chipped that we provide and the coach Q. Existing good gimmick of the being checked category who are eating be to stick it made it get to determine that that would take. Or at. That they believe in nutrition better but ultimately. You know all the good he looked at market picket people. People put their money where their not there and the amount is where Pete and until we wanted to make sure that the case the supreme in our in our product. You know it's funny I personally discovered. The good being because Els looking for chips that had a little bit more protein a little less Harvey vibe to her feel. I discovered being chips in the and that's how I discover the good mean. And it in you get addicted to the flavor is that how most folks come into your brand and get introduced your brand is they were looking for that ingredient first and then were blown away by the taste. I believe so you know we editor of The Who the good thing or not that we we get a lot of feedback. And I chipped up from people saying you can expect them to taste so good. I'm not sure that that's what we expect anyone hear somebody tell. You know when they have a moment of truth and to keep our product being do you get ready to be surprised by it and that would Beckham about the got you know the wake me up advocate got hooked it. They have a mistrial at audible at that Edmond to people not possible to really get into that trap on their opinion on what being shipped can actually do. When you mentioned the flavor in the taste and how surprised people are so first of all they come an amazing flavors writes we Chile helping your chatter seesaw. She's not show barbecue bacon. Who are just off funds are a side question what is your favorite flavor personally. Idaho looking at chatter aren't that well I have that I love that products. That's when he went and I didn't at a time. That's it that's though one and I'm glad Jiri your own product that's very good. It is is that guy you know. I think it. It's dangerous how much of that that he actually. Is the C you know burn out on your I always think if you're working on a brain how easy it all that. And all. Not mean that in a product or. So is all appeared chatter in the wind if you add up chance to have the person try a new person tried the first time that be the flavor. I don't think so I think that the claim that I would have you know just any trip and make new consumer try would be to beat Chile. Did it happen that a black light to actually been pretty content epic beat ecstatic keynote slightly Aaron. The critique labor as well with a good little tang and little treatment a good little chilly got to ready ballot labor and I think it has more universal appeal talking a checkered in the direction he had that could mean it would appeal to me. That the that the teacher Elliot or you know pretty am appealing. And got borne out by art opening decree Chile neighbor and contempt and that actually at number one coming labor. And usually you know in that category Christie called. The basic. You know and our entry level. Favorite the one that always wins but in our case this Chilean actually out on the people in many major market especially at Kroger. Very cool I restarted ban them calling it chilly head I don't know why but it does sound like hitting and the answer has only yeah. I can't be a chilly at that they're not somewhere they may not be on her mother somewhat. So one of the things I noticed her tip when I. First started buying your chips. They look like they have more of it I'd Justine of spices and flavors on on the maybe some the other being shipped so that on purpose and is that how you accomplish these amazing flavors. Yeah we we set out to really create eight like except that the intelligent tracking experienced. And one of the things that meet Michael standards projected all they've been to beat. And you know what I think about to vetoed and I think about out like that this evening the it's like you know left and that lingered on your finger you gonna be like afterwards. And talk about the bag mean guy but what makes jokes which experience to really intelligent. And really you know one of the core values advocate being it to create a well Don Young to actually experience. Because we do believe that we're acting at the out at that level of you know kind of that guilty pleasure and tell what you wanna be able to do is make. How these snacking and better feel snacking at acceptable to act many people as possible. That track you know trying to. And mutilate the ex gay people get veto it or people that he wanted to do not get the touch that all of and until you know we release it to the other at a better future and we found them to be. But he could have lightly either end and maybe pocket Parker looked like to help people asking template can be wanted to depart from that because we didn't know that an extent to cap a value. And so yeah that didn't deliberate choice. I'm on chips have non CMO gluten free and made in the USA certifications how important are these called Q since your company. Paramount to our company and so first of all you know crummy hand commands meeting be it you know we are completely dedicated UK Christina gold and to supply chain for all of our contacts. We're in that actually beat on a tragic beat they're grown in the Dakota and and Washington State. And we are connected to. Deeply connected with our that the farmers to grow the contact with the aggregators lieutenant car resting and propped up then and then. And Annika particular bank picturing soak in a week we believe in. Got to like change for a number of recent one of which of course just the it equality with the inability. And hot enough to comply chain and the other we'll go with that you don't want that but it got heated debate been as a round. Batter aquaculture and that if you know popping the kind of company that actually happened impact on big act and so what are the things that great about the group in general. It's people in particular is that they actually do make a dent in modern culture and them on a culture beat story. And so on because there you'd get an invitational cropped to bring tactician into the oil and out of farmers to what you need it back. You know there's been could affect a slight shift not a huge hit yet but the deputy growing around you know the big the big toy being. Good in industry and and I'm sure they would even. Where the good putting ground and external current. You know that they're being whipped it demand our industry can actually make it change in this case of American agriculture. To be more divert to go back to everything will be used to be and should be coming up two really important to us. All right we need to take a break when we come back more with sorrow Wallace from the did beam. You're listening to the natural underground. I mean come mile and an announcement meant. Hands on us. I mean those laugh NBA. I'm Sidney. Welcome back to the natural underground and we're joined today by sorrow Wallace of the good being. This segment of the show where we began to turn our attention more to the entrepreneurial side of building a brand. So we're gonna get is some questions now to kind of like how you started the business and what that look like. Sorry we would ask you two questions we ask every lunch for northern comes on the show first we drew up. I could happen in Bombay India. Very well you're the first person on our show that had that answer of that particular city so we really need a map now and that's very at all. Secondly what you wanna be when you grew up and was making two suspects are part of the dream. You know and not at all it probably county Internet entrepreneur pattern repeated back now a bit but never on my radar I didn't actually been pitching held at love it wouldn't. And it always like as a kid I Ankara like we look to be cut which is an odd choice for kids. I think he actually got one to be a writer. And and I think it into journalism school and of course happened and then I can expel into the food industry because it just so happened and it indirectly. And department and repeat until one of record job out of college not immediately. But he hit doctor what the left are in the marketing department and you know want to let the other at another event that. But industry been going in Russia that can achieve a recurring meeting at the time and cliff of course going Lily copped. And I ended up to being a brand manager at our brand managed. With the state Brandt and I also am launched an art. And then from that point forward I ended up and going into that and brand of talking company cut out of where I worked on. Some of the biggest natural troops Bratton and the country including Koch she pot yet. And so on until you know might lie exposure to that Russia the industry that cemented a pretty dirty case in my career. And I ended up working on that it is kind of brand and seeing a lot of ground out from being looked you know pretty slow. Long ish ran into some major players that they are now in the market. And so that's really been my entire career hit it in brand building. And building brand particularly in the natural food industry. You know it's funny you mentioned Clif bar we starter show the first segment of our show quoting from Gary ericsson's book raising the bar. That's funny developed prior written not long after you know you were you were involved in that brand and then. You mentioning you mentioned Lou and and I was quote consulting to balance bar at the time. And I remember a contract manufacturer product developer shopping this concept. Of having a coding on one side or a bar and that I gave the people of balanced by the advice that that's a lousy idea that's going nowhere. And and they're fast forward to use you guys take loon and make it sort of the rock star of the category there for years so that's. Heck undoubtedly yeah. How important were those experiences. You know act cliff consulting to brands. You know when he came to the real old world harsh reality of building your own brand. Sure that an excellent question. And my answer complicated and that. It's so interesting. You know building brands and I did you know potentially on PowerPoint. And you know having ideas and then. And then having done that you'd be really look at it implemented by existing construction the companies that I could pumping war. And already you know after the company that got cut or work car they were all could have been there you know. Since two young adult speak of their extracurricular. And no ill and and I had a lot to does that really get to cut the organization and all I believe Hackwear. It is a strategy and though you know I think that it couldn't get a knock them nor gave me a all kind of security around my cap to the success. And and I could eat about the notion the moment company but I realize that. You know building a brand that are in PowerPoint did not contain it at launching a brand in the market to. It is truthful observation. And it is very humbling for me to realize that an attack and the realization that but and period. And kinkle. But you know the all of these it'd be complexity of supply chain and run cheering and infrastructure. And finance and most critically the execution would think that I didn't get better we have ownership over in my preview but I. And so these are elected but I learned the hard way. Aaron and learn the hard grip it got a lot of money because we didn't happen or at least under the old tired old. And and without having you know the kind of clout that I had as high as bigger and more important clue you in my. And though it is really interesting to peek on troops can feel. Which I think I had never got four at the yeah I never liked it. And ended up becoming obese get it in pretty good being and having to live pretty live from the ground up what it next Q how would indeed industry. And it was it was really kind of liken their big period for me because I didn't under and distribution. I understand brokers and understand. You know promotion curb correctional Canada. And the but he didn't I didn't like knocking on doors then. Can get out you know we'd like iron up to its strength to pitch count. So in that it was all a big and got you look at them but I learned current. When he actually being another one and wrapping up manufacturing. I mean and you come about it because the cliff but not that much like I needed you and so you know dot. But look at it coat pocket relationship then and an understanding costing an understanding. The complexity. And a supply chain thing I have to learn. And and in particular I think because we're extension be launching a category launching a brand new product and know what it never heard asked actually. In venting from the ground up process from fort leaking this product. And and not to tank that that I I'd really like who plan and so I ate pretty much like that you know. I learned how to learn can make food but little. I am with the know. Kept in place to adapt to the truth to be really had to think a lot earlier around manufacturing. Without. A lot of tiny learned a lot of undue. Deport and go into the into the Betty contracting experience and you know and at a tiny bit straight up that it was not. EV and they're happening to pick up a lot of but a lot of and I try to Eric to get to where BR now and even to the daily be continue to hound. You know leader and you can't be can't make mistakes everyday at Munich and that part of the trot out ask the united the door. I'm get being interconnected that you know you get by the time your you've gotten everything down at. Document did Diane you're ready for the next thing so yeah the common isn't even that integration of the. They common theme sorrow we see on almost every guest we have on the show is that this entire activity. I don't mean every the radio interview the entire activity of starting a business and building a brand on an ongoing basis. Is the hardest thing among the hardest things they've never even dreamed of doing in their life. It is just what used to added it's not all this sort of semi sexy stuff come up with cool package gene or telling your story in front group. Is the behind the scenes into Ryan. Every day of the right its cash flow its manufacturing challenge is it's all of those things that they. Where. Yeah. Orders not delivered on time you know customers up because there have been on the product. It's all those things it takes a unique tattoo kind of fight through that and and met and make it all worked Bryant had a question. So did you have any trouble convincing retailers to carry no snack in how did you tell the story to get them interest in the first place. And yet he deafening at a lot of trouble in the comedian Jerry sack I think it. A big part about it because we've got a little bit had a part tying it into the plant approached little phenomenon only began to but he could take couldn TB IQ you're the could be. The companies what export and the and so in the beginning of the jet that made that. The question of you know committing retailer even. Take a meeting because they understand what should you let it didn't understand when but it the door didn't have any state that anyone would want would Carrol want to buy an extra. And so it just a lot of perseverance and getting it out there it took a couple of retailers believing in Iraq and end up being able to look. Take our data and he got the man had been a good story and then and then. And then launch it out to the broader. About the distribution. And what do you think that you know. And it could be the only collegiate not a core audio market that the again going to be happy future be comfortable to everyone not just cute he. Not sure who told would go to work. And bill you know one thing that people picked up from the get go is is it a try to appeal to connect red broader map and conventional market tickets. And I think got a beta release significant strategy trap operated with dot strategic. I really a bit more for the black and hack into it and happy accident but you know it turned out that got. And locking up cutting into the conventional marketplace. At a time when you know conventional wisdom if you will would say after little premature that you got your natural food brand you should cubicle and I will go to each different. But we really do that we went out. Even directly into the big marketplace. Current and back with something that is really great Kyra but a lot of Q launched the category but he brought legal ready. And a lot of why you're being. The enormous interest and being broke it being a Colby tracks now advocate and a good effort to be made pretty early on an entire back. Think we have time for one more question right if you can go back in time and whisper one piece of advice and you're only here which is weird concept but it's wrote me here. What would it be. It would be to get the product perfect before we launched at. How do you do that though because that always in a ball I don't think both the. Particularly good question and but I think that you know you do in the club that you only get one chance that you you only have brought up change it. For depression and it because again we do it will begin though. On beef up the more important to get product out there I couldn't get it to be to the plate wreck until it would really you know immediately. And so Aaron. I think that we re still definitely have the fallout from being. Being a product that but in the market as you'd expect and figuring out kinks and band. You know certain consumers being lake while I hate to get product I had to go and it looked great but we did not. And we got something that I wouldn't do it and. This has been so great just approved you saw that we're celebrating here that noise in the background. Is so yeah. It or anyone seeing here in a second pitches though where I don't are very excited it's been so great having you on we you know hey we enjoyed. Example not put you. Yeah we have enjoyed having you on the show and we got to get you back on in and just kind of track how the businesses doing over the next couple years so. Thank you again for me not a we'll be back after a short break you're listening to the natural on the back. Crazy. Thing you know they. It. I mean come mile and every now and then. Welcome back to the natural underground. Then it was great talents are on the show early out not just have chips in my mouth L I'm ED good there's. So good I am and see what I mean about there's a lot of dusty spice like on the coding on the yeah yeah they're really gut I mean it's not like. I'm not missing a tortilla chip right now right now. Look at early in the show in the first segment we talked a little bit about as a brand have Mo Jo and I think are we pulled a lot of that from the founder of cliff bars him which was really Eckstein which he mentioned that I don't food Africa that you came to clip showed today yeah his live show. And and and for heard kind of a launch salute though which is such an amazing Brandon then still with all that experience have to deal with the realities of trying to. The hard realities ability your own brands a perfect testimony this this gig is an easy thing that's comforting in some way that it's hard for everybody and decided not comfort and William Brown PowerPoint and a lot easier than building mineralized Lorraine yeah bay yeah right. Also a funny about that book and held the mode Joseph phrase came was. We were we were staying dean at an industry show we've referenced before is certainly our listeners in the industry know it real well expo west. Out in Anaheim every year. And just to set the stage for folks who have not for some reason or been there or blisters on the radio haven't been there. You have what we know 77000. Attendees and then you have when I'm guess scenes a thousand booths or something like that may be zone many more Iraq phenomenon. And so I was standing there with with Gary Ericsson and he looked we were looking around and we talked about. Does have brain and have mode gel and what we meant in that very practical moment was there was a Booth across the way and it was quiet key. Urban Meyer today so at any other just awesome yellow can cool stuff we've talked about it before on the program. But Al infinera Booth instead of one person there was probably fifty shoved into a little 10 X 10 or 10 X 20 move face. Then music playing there were all wearing groovy hats the kind of test that do you just fund would like probably more than Ryan. What I'm not and there are just kind of like. Like Fedora or is that I'm on some adventure had to insulate you know theater tat tat he there hat trick yeah world traveler had. But there there. All have been fine and then a little later in the event they mixed drinks in their past amount and you could just tell like while they kind of get it. Meanwhile one Booth a way there'd be a dude unknowns like you know I got the shark cartilage rose hip. Drink mix and it's like one guy in the back of the Booth. My himself doing his homework because no one's bothering them asking questions yeah it is just. They did a safe everything was safe right of the very practical and there was no mode GO. Mean are raised them right yes so what we should know we would do is okay. In this spirit of that and if you certainly Ryan I think you go look across categories and see this as well right. Look you see across industries as well why did Starbucks develop mode Joseph and some other coffee chain never really got to. Why did apple develop mode Joseph and other companies full Smart people didn't. Yeah I'm always amazed at valley you can really feel some free hands and businesses does have a totally different energy than others and it's not like they're not trying minutes just let. Creates that spark what makes customers once migrate to that brand because it. It's a visible difference CC and it's it is real does that mean you really be it on some brands have it some brands out. CL a good back at the touch agency and you bring university we love Mexican lists every name is sort of a top five right. So we thought today we would say we kind of formalized those steps that a brain and or person in your case just elegant among look into it. Accomplish how do you accomplish mood Joseph on a brand around a business all right so let's do this number one. The war room much like their voice that is a real credible voice. This is probably that the boring step of the five steps but we every project that we. Attack of the touch agency starts with brand positioning and fun. It is because it I find it a moment clarity which is in three steps to the process three elements. Hoosier target audience in other words who you trying to tell your story to. Who we are going after who do you expect to buy this product. The second one that is the second part of that is. The brand definition which is what MRI. You know what are you how do you talk and Richard little elevator speech as to what you are and then the final and third part of that element is what your point difference. The reason that's important is you're not gonna create mode Joseph for your brain and in less you know what's gonna be relevant interest leanings I mean. Motivate mean. For your audience for the people you're trying to connect with so even though it's a very practical business he sort of step. Time and time again we see hands that just don't take the towers do that. It's interesting when their target audiences may be not what they thought it was going to be in you can see them fighting that yeah. Again this is her grandma leveled out and really it's for babies and gas. And that's always sensing conversation seen them it is like with who they wanna be vs two hundreds are much Crocs. The company crutches for grandma's notes for babies who hasn't hit it I really liked this show you know they started making like. I really cool shoes yet to hit yet boundaries are comfortable. But definitely get back to the thing you come out of cliff like you know tech company on wall Canadian related that is what we do know we better do when they're relevant. We got to make some moves here break okay the second one. 250. Find your unique voice right. So the example is the brand that day we were talking about why a key you clearly got what they were about you spend two minutes with them. With a little. Moment be and their gourd and their little south American story about. Urban Monta is and you get this sorted adventures some you know let's go out none and have a drum circle do look at it drum circle on the party. Love that is exactly and that is funding beautiful thing is brands and am mode gel almost always you'll see that they they have a voice and their voices. You get it from ten seconds and and that voice is consistent. At the same thing in your life if you wanna make yourself. A certain person if you're trying to penny in that lower yourself factual as a nation is and that's who you are. Then once you find their voice your life so I'm happy or did you kind of he's some taken notes you've taken into the number three. Yeah yeah. This is the hardest one we think for most brands and certainly for emerging brands and M and fairness probably to establish friends well don't play it safe. Read my gosh here you've taken your own money most likely and you've decided you're gonna go forward and start a business or start a brand. Why in the world do you wanna just play it's so safe at the bit that the in reality you're gonna bore people. There's already somebody price five brands doing which are doing. You know the push yourself a little bit I can remember the early days of watching monster energy development Hanson's we're that was all into that. And knew that they were sketchy now the claw marks and in in that one graphic designer was kind of playing around with one of the senior managers they're doing that. Then they were talking about you know strippers and Vegas and that we're gonna create this crazy wild atmosphere. Animals like wow that is a risky is that okay a billion plus later and and they figured out that there's people who just wanted that energy drink on the way to Vegas and then that would sort of become. Aspiration only wild for all other elements of their life for a built the brand then you can say whether you like it or not you have to look at it and say wow. These guys clearly did not play it safe now not school. Number four little fool. You know consumers today particularly in the better for you natural healthy space. They love romance copy they wanna discover something in my letter read about it we were just talking yesterday to a brand dole go nameless for now. And we were explaining to them that they took time to build this amazing back story and it is legitimately really cool uninteresting and and yet. Do we didn't feel like they have Foley gone out and set the camera leverage backed out of this so that people connect with this character they created great and then now they know something more about their brand. But it's it's people in our industry particularly the consumers who want to try things that are on a treasure hunt that discover new stuff. They love. Buying in to whatever your putting down if you think Justine you've taken the time. To row and really righted up formal Foreman up formalize it moon it capsule an opportunity for brands. No you don't far. Okay finally. What are things that we we spent years looking for is kind of a common thread that goes through the different brands that we work with to say. What are they doing that makes those brands more of those more often successful than some new ones are more. What am part of it is you know establishing memo Joseph and what is that common thread. A lot of them are on a mission and in in the natural food industry a lot of brands. They're out there on a mission or they started off to be on a mission or maybe they started off that they wanted to make a great product and now they've found a mission. But consumers respond to that a lot and we get pushed back all the time from entrepreneurs who say. Hey you know I don't know about I mean I wanna help by donate to a cause or non profit or whatever but I've heard that it doesn't really make a difference. And you don't want it doesn't because so often it looks like it's slapped on at the end. It's you know by the way we're gonna contribute some money that you're not sure what it is north and you're Dana elephants here we're seeing the elephant since one cent on every package for fives. Nine and it just seems like an okay or is already calling green washing and sometimes it just feels like people put that out there. But you know I can think of brands to work their mission. An early days of Amy's kitchen was. We believe people would love. A vegetarian and he knew it would be more open to a vegetarian. Diet or lifestyle if they knew the product can be convenient and incredibly tasty and satisfying. And nutritious all those things. They really were on a mission you know they with a soul that thing. A years ago direct but he didn't because they're on a mission. You see that with a lot of brands that do well they really have they really haven't their heart I can think about. I chocolate company that we're talking to right now. And I always struck the name I think it's mad did Manning gas. Chocolate but they are. They are. Committed because there were all former peace corps people in app Kanye and they wanted to be able to come back and do something that helped. Build out that I. Economy and give those folks a chance I think company cultures they party yet be authentically into it. Yeah just left a mission knowledge shows when you don't actually yeah it does people sensed some like it had a re only as a great example of one that started as an extreme climbing thing you worry about the environment. And then grew into this brand brain exact same today. A perfect those are five very important enough points to keep in mind when building motel. That's our show for this week thank you so much I guess sorrow Wallace from the good beans. As a reminder of the touching agency is always available to help you build out your food or beverage brand or idea. Since 1998 we have help build out over 100 brands some brands that have a lot of great mode gel. If you want to know more about us in contact us at info. At new brain university dot com that's our show for this week thanks for listening to the natural underground we'll see you next week.