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Oct 10, 2016|

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A. Welcome to learn to buy and sell cars with your host Randy and our I would call -- surely you can see Randy. Is your dad. I'm ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. You're okay. Again. It's their pain you know. As fast central Texas she Randy Adams learned about so guarded like com ninety pertaining MLB Evan great. Sunday afternoon and I am darn Airpwn Torii Hunter rich fashion guru beautiful out today this is the best part of the year in my opinion. Well I don't know for the car business Marco would go seventeens company and we get six things over. Bunch of sit around we got Dave Hersh Graham when we got every Ghana and it is too good to be true Micah Terry. Moral I actually it is. And now I'm singing and all kind of make wage only guard your mom talk a little bit better about that on the Internet won't talk about the AF amount apartment how the trainers are telling everybody take a little break. All the diggers you know 80% of the diggers who ripped you off and shattered don't not and you know I'm I'm also a little good touch in Austin. But to San Antonio. 80% Ireland diggers were ripping you off 20% which made it trees do it right. I want you to return now and ask why all of watched over to go to Russia Roy. And master up he goes it right and wrong doing it but I do he's got zero interest. Own 06 staying model trucks what a great deal. Well or don't talk a little bit more about that what goes on main that's a great opportunity. Oh just did to think about that zero interest on Brandon sixteen. Truck load GL ship later Jim sleeps. So yeah you need to take that still don't talk about expectations what do you expect out of yourself well others. Well what have bigger ships out your purchases. Though we're gonna talk about jumped you know. I go to schools and I teach young people. Don't bankrupt if there are strong topple a bit about that. And how productive are you how much are you growing how much you'll Arnie. You know they say our brain cells need do you need to continue to challenge yourself and grow and understand who our little love and just me everything we can be. You know I've that's what I wanna made that's what this shows about. You know I tell you about the car business but I want to exercise your thinking outside the box exercise that you know what's going no. Exercises an exam you're less purchases. And no you just take control. Take control of your mind take control. You know if we mountain could. Would our heart instead of our man who might go up motor decision if we use common sequence. If we use watched practical what's states our budget what fits our needs. Can't all pertains. And no you didn't wisdom and knowledge and can work to help you know and you know football players basketball players in baseball players all work out to get better do you buy any effort in your purchases. Do you put any effort and or nor what you're doing. Come main. Too many people just jump ball one they run down the car lot may you know it's kind of funny we don't trust our neighbors. We don't trust each other but we trust car dealers why in the world would we trust car dealership. Know that we don't really know. Their capture all of our money ever bit of it. You know so we we trust him with their financing. We trust a sales person. To know what we need. You know like they really know what our financial needs are water and main needs are. And we we put all our trust in in the L. Her. And you know Darren they're making money on us and most salesman like twenty proper sharp welcome dear makes after the pact. But on the package that money goes and regarding your pocket. And they don't give none of until this soils and those sales mom has to Mike and there's a lot of packs that are 22500. Salute shells person don't get paid till after. The dealership makes 22200. And then there shall not dealerships. That enter into your contract you'll see 250 dollars or 350 dollars. And friend mine and leadership it. A decent one exists. So that's a salesman's commission you gotta pay that piece and I got to pay that. Don't work for money sure. Knowing he's had this job for you got the best deal with G also it's the only fear he went back and forth the sales manager three laps. Pete and worked to our our ball which sales manager told him what to say and what to do this no what no dummy page Josh oh caller years ago. I'll just have to have the exact the exact colored the exact equipment how wall. And you know I'd act gave the all penny of profit on the deal and now your ball but reaching fifty for the salesman commission does cows hot. But he sold cars before he understood the process he understands what's going home. And you don't want you you're young person out of high school here's a thought just I'm just asking just popped in my mind just now. Thanks pop in Mumbai and I ordered his little bit too late. If you're young salesperson. Make Europe call rocks Covert. And you know you wanna be a salesperson you know our. What an education gulf stock try to tell you all. And Austin how the universe to Texas and he's given education by actions it's all quite far they've got billion cigarettes. In the bank but if I was young man and how we understand what I wanted to do it didn't really wanna go to college. I don't talk to rocks about becoming a salesperson or mechanic or char virtual router. Our general there's a lot of money and built to occur song young person that wants to work hard Walsh to alarm wants to grow old should be productive wanna beat. You know didn't want to be successful. Called rocks Culver and his office and leave word rocks. Our opportunity go to work through the Covert are hungry. I want an opportunity to learn and grow and get educated. I hate. Animal deep balls rocks and number. And I would like you need there if you're looking for a career change. Abdullah Abdullah about guitar to what you do when you feel like you're full potentials are you dot there you're not make the money that you would like to make. And a Covert Allred there's in my opinion the best group to work for you in Austin, Texas they've been there forever they tell the truth. My my don't get a chance to talk about the guy he ran each version ran how. Machine great great great gap. But anyway I've loved you in time you get a chance to call rocks Covert talked to him about a job and also thanking bush posture they show. If you get an opportunity I would really appreciate that's mop tie my play is still warning people go to my website twelve. Don't want people to listen my show and call rocks Covert and his number rocks in the inning and he's not there to Delray Beach you can. Tell leave a message Jonas ball early it would took. This sector. But it is number 721318721318. Brock's cull. Thank you really enjoyed talking to him number one she not many owners that you get a chance to talk to and they're very successful I killed. And very humble. And now Maine just won't last discuss I know all specially. Especially in the car business went to a sub. Guard leaders to get aired it at an old timer till we want to army should you know. Recently today but garbage is initially pretty close to forty years ago when I was young and hustle and in the business and do well and he said you know. I'm not drawn a good good car people in a lot of good mannered leadership. And bad just get along with the Ben just everything's great and made bad dealership and immediately become a coach all immediately. Barack's Covert she never been better way I've known him for forty years nominees Joba but I've known a lot of their bowlers then immediately if they're ownership. They go to a different level they think they're better than most and you can't get him he can't talk I reactions doors opened you don't have many walls on his office. And I go on our top ten volatile but don't need stopping them and talked to him Salim about a body unit to tell them. He's shown Toro ladies and good friend of this. So I'm maintain this opportunity given columnist Bob wanting. 721318. And you know you might be a great opportunity for some known person to find a career. And I Perry grange let her forever. A rig Moses mend their master up forever I Robbie terror and that's to lessen my customers today. So they must be a great creator they're successful they love what they do they love people. They love helping people but you'll love working for a man that would should tell the truth. Don't play no games no mass no Betty around no blatant shall we each know do all the things that while these other leaders didn't. And they do it right and that's what this enjoyable work was so much better way. But I know better solve the change is what we're doing in the car business is they don't pretty false advertisement out there. They don't put false advertisement and her one car courses sold time you get there. They'll treat you right now multiracial Jenny stepped lightly he's put no money in the trades. I had some friends of mine that Warren Moon on new vehicle we sent him out there and first golf. They beat everybody in San Antonio but 3000. Dollar she. Own the price. End they beat him and me on the trading in a big dope dealers said Tony about 15100. And then JB made another Bob Hunter only trade. So he'd be sharing and talk to rocks and give him call his numbers filed wanting. 7213. Wanna callebs thank you for sponsor Randy Adams show. Goes invitational without rocks my mobile mayor Austin, Texas. Load baggage she should work with me they're great people and Dylan's own book. But he's not think most men trained up pretty good he's million double team leader and I would just go one tradition they're going to Dylan. And we're just here to have a great time token amount always good to bad the idea but the car business. And all the latest magazines. And was going all. And what you know we've talked about here's New York dealer Nissan dealer found a 101000. Ordered deceptive practices home land. Well here we go again they revealed it. The reveal it to dealership this charging as much as 5000 per service contract without the customers are translation. My hand I guess sugar packet I am original we talked about packing time it's I'll explain that achieved pretty well. But anyway you better watch it contract when you get ready shiny you'll be imprisoned for 84 months Sydney two months. And now they're token honored in twenty months. The aim at a rodeo. I'm telling you clowns are Null and you've got to play it you know and this this New York dealer had to pay it. So I mean there's so much going on in the car business. And only deal with the right guests almost a truce our hotel either truth. I'm right now there's a big article on magazine finance and cherished dream steps is selling road hazard protection. AAA has given aftermath manager a three billion dollar reason for ever customer. Needs to drive off the lot was road hazard threat protection. Well. There don't they figured that dealership don't like three billion this year shelling new road hazard. Through Marcia Marcia Marcia you don't think there after every available dollar. That's why I only need to. You need to be you open minded you need education. I am not a preferred customer with a VIP card. All my and they base good friend much Iranian to visit and I want blue Honda and man and I just you know I didn't really won't have to structured day. She showed up and Harry had to be at peace corps that was a preferred just Cho went over and I bought this new Honda. Now she's strictly bella she was kicked in 2000 upside down she tired to figured out she played way too much for the car. And then they had a minor accident the car did they. 80% of the people that walked into the 80% of the dealers that don't treats you right could go Terri the truth. Walk out with a car they don't intend to black she knew she was one of the now she's wont get rid of the car it's not what they wanted not what they intend about a as shields with actually our report own about 2022000. More short. She should combined real sick about it upset with the dealer she walked energy center contract ICG. Our names and tell us again and you should have calmed me Randy you're so busy. No and at day anybody can golf and in my take their data to call back but I will call you back into cars not all shale and Warner to gauge it to do it would mean debate. 830. Sixteen. 715. Basmah opposite number they sure give me a cult don't talk about any dying I'm their boy you love to help you. But do not answer any questions you get become and threw down through New Braunfels. And I do know Craig saying other but I been born razor all my left in the Germans used to say you're bronzed glow. But anyway. We had a irritated. Customer that a listener I love it to be easy listening because he's been listening for a long time but he still don't like me. So they don't matter I can't please everybody nation as you big twelve will. Archer. 300000 miles you prove that wrong. And so this guy he wrote a letter raw extolling that you shouldn't march must show he wrote a letter to make. And was trying to Craig may and I can back up you know I'd get on the show I can back up and it's going on to go to our site. And no I tell you what let's Obama phone lines of people like to call and talk to make. Any disrupted customer make any listener did not happy with clear what I'm saying you know what I'm doing and you know butter might. Well they're both sides of the story. The junior golf filed want to 643. 483. I forget to open up the lion's share in Austin because I don't get many caller I don't understand why and a I guess Boston people don't like me out of what problem do so export three. 483 would get a lot of calls and senatorial. I got a new show in San Antonio and second I I and color and then we're at a Colorado and a shall we couldn't get take. So I don't know why most of people don't want I asked me questions or talk to mayor. Tell me they like me or don't like me that I had a good shall month they used to sell cars show Antonio. And he Schaub coalition to April while men white tree legislation opted that I disagree don't be shall regional lot you telling the truth. You're done exactly the way it is exactly. What's going on in the car business he should not just finally got sick of it and I got out the car business last year so we're weird you know I'm I'm here. No the problem with almost all about a new car New Year's kind of get air get what they. Become owners. Tried results from the over value waiting. A partially hopes that's over evaluating arson or an under federal value under valuing others. Italy to restlessness because it makes is dissatisfied prove what we had. And concerned about what else should somebody is doing you know what I own yet I guess just jealousy Hala. And it keeps is this always hungry for more attention and admiration. Oh man don't you do is Loeb an aberration oh geez somebody beat you up with do you just they had great how Smart you are. We'll Carter years of their ethnic tell you that. We don't logo and all you real album does global. Man what are no at all shows up I just agree with them and continued degree and continue to topple book to continue to get them excited. Well like they really know what they're doing in their winnings for men about that time I go hidden clothes well you know. But that they're all we're all trying that way we are all trying to understand exactly what we're we're trying to day. So our main. So those people you're going against trained team of shows people are blown chill. You walk in there by yourself you got three Gus. There's salespeople are all came members may try to figure out who can closure and then you DK anxious the other guys start. Then you got close he got closers and know how to react. And actors. In it and should know exactly what's going on then you got sales managers you've got used car managers. You got all of that now what did you do your knowledge knowledge is power. Only need the education. I don't you have preferred customer bill yet because mark. I want you to be educated. And control coup calm collected competent no one knew exactly what you're doing million prepared understanding. These boots byte for Walken. You know up and walk out my hair don't read twisted foursquare it's bomb around chasing. Minerals. Eight he'd just you know I wasn't his only effective when you put an action I'm telling. If I give you educational was a mental. And you don't put an action you don't get Bolden a word get Bolden what your doing. Hey they'll still Christian journey you've got to be Kirk and as part of the reason we lost hassle free I'll remind dotcom crash in three auto buying a cup. We do the buying for you. He chooses carved from their home. We make sure as (%expletive) credits correct scores up good math you clean up your credit I've got a great. Credit commander who used to work with Dave Ramsey he's the best round he can work out of court proceeding you don't have to don't know where you knew it from home. And journalism traditions are great gap. Give us a colleague my opposite 83062. Shoveled 159 and and give Mitt Kolb goes I'll tell you what's going around and how to help you in what she can do you direction you wanna go. And getting cleaned up then we're gonna talk to your creditor. Aren't financing institution or banker media biz with or your best best credit rating. I'm telling you. You wanna save that money you wanna see how much to ensure going to be what the told Imus gonna be what the total interest rates going a big. So you know pitcher budget stitcher needs stitching or whatever you wanna do a main assault world's challenged by asked who should. A 120 multi I'm an honor may not play in 84 bumper and pushed to Gaza cars afford containable and it kind of Ford's. We'll ever achieve it hurts your relationship. Karachi pocketbook. I remember if you got to 20000 dollar Motorola car beat up by 24000. And ordered by your eyes after tax money. So but we want cheap abundant would you can afford it we won't cheat about what she can afford. We want you make those decisions own your own not to salesperson that's why hassle free. She works which he will shop prize will make sure your trade dry make sure that you own it right. We want you know exactly. Where you stand in ever part of note today stereo might lead to tomorrow's drawer. You know my two choices and you don't play golf tomorrow. But you know nobody wants to invest something would know retired. And it's tough what brand makes strikes. I mean you know looked like about an automobile you drop drop show on board yes is going little money. Yes is going to continue to lose value yes is still gonna Wear out parts breakage. Maintenance insurance show these ensures people land terror arrests in May big task I'm telling you. They are mad at me. Goes and they keep this under our pay insurance company must close there right. When I'm Bob policy give me a quote but give me apprised what my car's worth. Let me know justification. Options show many people recently. Knoller and 15100. A year own insurance. And you know they don't like quote in full coverage good you know got most of coverage on her house yeah I know liked it better. Most of the coverage on there. And then if the car's totaled up I 7800012100. They're conscious story even bother mannered guy. Amid tight I've got to go blow you producer. They're heroes station in San Antonio Houston and 15100 a year for insurers his car got totaled out. And her pain in my thousand dollars does that make sense. He's predicting hundred to get back up thousand why did they tell and share you should realize a just in case something happens. You get totally out but hail damage or somebody cheer ranch you can actually would mean his spiral. And his seizures agents not going to better inform not going to work born. What is it paid four car black and told you about danger agent San Antonio that cult our producers should Randi. I don't rusher or putting mown no fair which year us this was a breakdown also want to mention Manning he's how to achieve rob John I can tell it. I'm supporting my home all black appeared dying us are so important moment Eric he should I ended he should go you two grew up on her own. Oh she shares agent must say that I am I should be well you're all wrong that's OK let me ask you something. Associate Bob order if Bob. Go to get a policy for me to quit which amount I've got to pay you are the company he should the company culture I'm I don't quote dirt and I should not just had an action and I got hit from the rear you know Bob ball. And we're losing about eight. And does your company help me or does that claims a gesture come Manning did that pressure should claims adjuster comes in gives price. I'm so how old your job. He said what I said yeah. Polls show policy indeed not to say I love you come back next year and that's what these injured they keep us in the dark they don't tell us what to go on a tight. Another situation in Austin Tex I mean San Antonio Texas a guy has a prim and he's been here a dodges. Gear entered totals about his own Condo. Take a and so. Big time dealers San Antonio when everybody know she above mentioned staying back he's got a name called wanna build a junior versed at Texas. And his right hand man come should read we need your help also with well. Initially got distant Jewish clank and these people 101000 dollars only this is 101002010. Under original. And that's okay they said that he shares should gesture wants to get 7000 dollars for. So that's ridiculous he said yeah we need your help we're all call them and tell we're hiring you to fight source. And we need to help and it Carson and how to cope arch would you rafter look shot around to her book look to our real well. And so that I call it claims adjuster and Austin what we do a and so I didn't know when he tried to break. You're one man I pass and a I looked at guys say well the car meant racially ray should know you were gone but not. He says that's all car is worth Dawson limitation on the car were all over to a grant our mother I'll bring in net. I should yeah they are. To show off the I want on Craigslist for 8000 dollars is nobody I more my money gimme that phone number he would give me his phone number shabbat found one owner Fernando Costa give me at all number X a mogul but make money would give me that number. After a battle after truth does set another guy about the love does what color is big tab Gator. Listen here's the daylight get 111000 we're need to go to court he's ten my buddy Shamu might. Can you got enough ammunition go to court Russia are gonna examination business just so the only. Our lawyers Lanny would that you want to hours when I moved him up for a grant. The lady had a thousand dollars to get another car. She would that she would moved 3000 if you lift the shank you shares Khamese. Code dude try to get these Pete people out fishing Randy Adams learned a nutshell cars dug down ninety tells their drinks said. Greg de and Austin, Texas Dylan's mother producer thank you see and we're gonna leave Baghdad may tell your friends or neighbors can tune in to us. So I am now. Every young American. Hi I'm Randy Adams let me tell you some. Friends of Covert Chevrolet GMC and Buick amassed throughout Texas on the news and business with a Covert family over forty years they're the the best people around they're honest they're fair and tell you what we've done business all over the years and we never had a problem not one thing when you're dealing with money and not have a problem you know there are good honest people in fact they do this is the way I teach people combined sales if you're gonna shop for flash they're going to be everybody's prices I'll refer thousands of people to home we do business every day and it's a pleasure doing this little they do business real flashy way no gimmicks no games no problems and our loved unpleasant little you will tell you. Over and Iraq's Covert is my favorite leadership produces wind. And when you do business with a you'll feel the same way so give them my colleagues found wanting sub 7131. Right now Austin, Texas and go to their web site. Over the last drop dot com. We're just here. You know I'm. Okay. Her change. I. My motivation. Yeah. Man. Oh. Okay. Okay. Oh man. It's. Either work known godless. Thank serve us well we're talking about. Hassle free auto buying your you know you're shopping for you're doing it thanks to Nate how we're just yeah we just gave us opportunity give us. To go to work for you to honor 9000 dollars we do all process we double check your replying. We signed the unit you need to make sure the media arrived press Mike sure you get right for your train. You know not everybody's like. Because he'll immediately right Craig money on the planes there's a lot of people try to make tremendous amount of money on your trading and they do you. You know Bob I've got to dealer makes 220000. A mob owned training and don't want they don't won't not to traded and something that they won't it. And they make even more they make 3040000. Mark only good trades because they show a lot of harsh that you need to know what your car is worth the Nassau. We've we launched hassle free auto buying it while also we have learned about so cars dot com. I wanna buy your car they don't wait till December. To sell your units that you need to run off get out your company get out your company's name. Too many people wait the last two months other years CBS's clean out this stuff like to run out in this day that. Everybody wants to do it the last two weeks out here vice honing. Everybody's vacation everybody's looking neat Christmas and you're drawn to dump units on the market wondering is a little scale of this is a little off. And you know so you need to sell those units now. Go to my website or to buy and sell cart dot com. Follow the easy part. Process describe your card you're against a victor's Obama jumped com office 83062571. Not. I'll bide your units are care I'm wait don't hook bankruptcy deal nuclear pushed it to two trucks on trundle back. A name we'll Bob brand trucks will allow Kansas to pop must. I just voted thirteen Range Rover supercharged. This hit derive from there are still runs in grabs people didn't want it did more weight on the body shop didn't wait. Warn him drop a call bad car fax orders settle it now. Give them a new and wash your hands not drop Randall Gay go on and go bell wrote. Well out after third day vulnerable brand new Range Rover. Above their thirteen Range Rover borrowing drove ruled by a motor. About 860000. Miles course out of warranty. 60000 miles out a warning and eyeball range over the bad motor. But our Range Rover come to think about it was bad. Was the bad transmission about a year ago so how about the good the bad and the ugly. So go to my website I'm not like older triggered I used to be with owner trainer bank center. Aren't they don't do that right I don't want to entice somebody to come Kamal what could've been number eon. And then we could G-20 25%. GG they're Biggio forever little scratch they want you to be to ball boy ever scratch every. It's easy scars she is going to be used it's not a new car it's not 4050000. Dollars it's a huge car. But I'll give I don't have any problem that have to take something. In order to show that we've gone to talk about it and figure out what to call stay as I have got bring me an expedition the other day with a bed transmission. We had to cut it eighteen ticked because that's what it cost me to go to transmission and and so I still body is into it. We'll ask what I wanted to do with you I'll wanna buy your yen which did good the bad the ugly should keep in mind go to my website apple are about self. Karzai cup. The other side of our web site Powell's just like castle three auto black. We want you to get your credit rating get Jewish gore clean up your credit. Shop shop shop talk to your bank Tokyo credit union. And our our process find out what you trades work so you don't give that away we have lady the other day that I ball her Nissan. And she had. 2012 Nissan had some miles on it eighty some thousand miles. And she'd went to trade at the end but they won't give her 3000 dollars for and I gave 7000 dollars she was thrilled about it. And that's helped jerk and she actually found you know from an individual we told her what the era's worst we got her through the purchase we made sure there are so many. Dealers had under the wells under the regulations. Under what they need to be doing and right now in scams are going home you gotta watch out if you cut everything up for sale it is unbelievable. What's going home I'm telling you. I had got. There petty dodge I've gone on dodge. Club mad over three crew gap for whale grabbed nearly six speed with 51000. Miles. And I college many said hey how do you tell you're also a moral midget blinding you cashier's check. So rob taught these scam Domtar all these. People that are telling me all Kansas stuff and he said. Are warned sales some but possible limitation on let me back up what I've got to shake let me do a decent home numbers and you've got any doubt what they all need be somebody you can call and talk to right now. Patient world. I said and I tell you must sit and pummeled radio on the guy OK TSA he showed up her out I don't know who I'm all into. Decent right now more dice some members scam in the world man Wear me out trot about my truck I know it's a great truck got no slow moms. Patient and I said well I want chief truck shop ball to truck she got to watch out for the scam you gotta watch out do it could be cured. This is what I would do if I was not a car from a dollar an individual. I won't say that time that brought blacks live to title his or her mind so many people run around by car. And they've reached element I won't tell the truth form. And they've bypassed. Lou walls adopt national. That title work there really that wide open and you don't murder your biased tribunal will ever thanks in order incorrect. The stage we're at all the new car reviews car dealers because there's so much money laundering go on Donald. And we just gotta watch out what you do at any if you decide to share your car please don't let anybody know where you live. Don't let him know you can Wear the title is only shown that title made about the fire station may have but the police station. In San Antonio won the city councilman heard me tell everybody they actually it was his bride idea to bring in up to cancel. I'm glad he could say he could take it he could take Enron would that now people have been told. But Alicia need to make sure they do it doesn't like. What shall we won't we won't she shaped and shy around girls and all of Ohio there's been a bunch of killings the people who went in there. Know it you're the people live Michelle McArthur home and they knew they had to tie when they saw they had some money. And so they came back killed the people stolen car stole the time Stoller was flying in the house and what I'll. It's not worth the cart should really not worth it show don't let him know where you Leo I get a picture of their driver's license. I've got to Brenda mine that was shown her car. And it was a tip to die Chevrolet. And I tell rush and be sure and get a picture of their driver's lessons before you meet him at the police station. And so you know who your dinner which of them and make your kitchen shun all your daughter get all the help you can go bother. And go wait do you show this car too dangerous nowadays people are crazy can't guarantee you this do you cars tee time Steelers playing the guitar absolved. We don't want that story we want you to make the best decision we are what she's safe and sale was going only missile world. Yeah like I told you hey you know. Did you ever feel like you're cherry snow William. Own your automobile that's what I had a guy tell me the other day I love telkom demolished their stress while watching culminating 3062. By a 71. Land love token amount listeners should you already got black and chased no win question and I answered the mobilization yeah. Person I understand what you mean he should never tell my butt on new car. I'll fall in love it. NASA home and don't tell me you do all straddle. Than dealing no we yeah. Take a live without it I said it was Golub into one you goalkeeper ever. And now you're in the fifth year and it's almost played for a new word is worth they need bank and your last won't manure and you're won't Manila. You have also DelHomme and Palin on her own car already gone home. He does so well but it appears the key if you paid and you won't go all doesn't do either take advantage of the there's you take you don't warning nobody else wants a baby Kay used to many miles shale they're not gonna keep it they're just gonna dump it. But tell me if you're just gonna dump but let me up on how Randy Adams and give also can email. I know you've Dell does take advantage of your bad attitude toward your vehicle. They'll pay cabinet pick and it does show we ever little damp scratchy new age be fiction and don't we all it's got to have new tires and it don't. Always got too many miles and it don't always going to need brakes and then you don't. Well I they're gonna work on news Hart is a key. That's their job that's what you're trained you're forgetting that. Salespeople. Dealership train training 365. Years days and the year. They want us take advantage of every available to our dictate they can get. We're not talking about all kinds of blank shape and phone number here's Bob want to say six more three 483. Give us a column. We'll talk about any kind we've got a few minutes I also people tell might. Randy Adams only whining makes good sense these totally stumped and he's he's always got some crazy idea he thinks outside the box. But you know what just like tall thirteen seventy. I care about your well being I care about your finances and you don't have to ma are shelling trying to make listen my show Mario and grow. I've got. I've got books and pages of notes and odds fans I have been brought up about how they'll affect your emotion we sell all your emotions we sell all your feeling. Each year is cheering control what you understand how you it's just like football pay when you understand how the defense is shut up you can win. But if you are still want a defense is doing but I don't alert you Bala at what Texas happened yesterday. Our defense wasn't very good. I'm Matt Roush heartbroken about it but anyway. How would you educated we're prepared just lack of professional fighter when you didn't have rain with a professional fighter. Was what you're going against you going gosh professional people little box shears off and take your pocket. Give every available dollar that's why you need to be edgy more rocks Covert. And I wanna teach you. We want should educate the rocks understands that your well educated make it better decisions. Understand in the car business understanding your needs that you are happier customer and you're gonna return. Extra cheese. Yes you can afford a new car yeah slash switch unique asset pitcher bud that your family. But when you do that right you understand how to do that you're more excited jinx on him when you win aren't cheap shoddy when you know something. Well I strongly wall rocks and have teamed up here in Austin, Texas to teach you how to me it's cool calm and collected. In your next purchase should be ready to make that best but Prejean. And talked thirteen seventy bank came after me because they heard my radio show and and Corpus Christi and all in San Antonio. I've got to show it at 3 to 4 o'clock the next RT TS I Amanda studio Jed TSA I just grabbed the Mike. The owner ear phones and away we go and it'll be a little different shelter but one. But you can tune in to meet update DAL three to four this next hour but you know there's people out there. That won't even play and deal and that's rocks Covert he wants you educated and I need to. Dylan dog away will be right back Dave brings an existing mantis. Just. I am now. Hi I'm Randy Adams let me tell you about my friends and Covert Chevrolet GMC and Buick amassed throughout Texas amended and there's little family over forty years they're the the best people around they're honest they're shares a -- what we've done this is all over the years and we never had a problem not one thing when you're dealing with money and not have a problem you know there are good honest people interact play do this is the way I teach people combined sales if you're gonna shop for flash they're going to be everybody's prices I'll refer thousands of people to home we do business every day and it's a pleasure doing this little they do this -- -- -- way no gimmicks no games no problems and I love doing business with them you will tell you. Covert and Iraq's Covert is my favorite dealership business where. And when you do business with the you'll feel the same way so give them my colleagues found wanting sub 7131. Right now Austin, Texas and go to their web site. Over the last drop dot com. You've made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. You do. You know I'm. Okay. Hurricanes. I. Blue moon mission. Okay. Now. And okay. Yeah America. All of America. My son just not just don't understand. Everything that's going home. I'll tell ya just love America but you know what. True wisdom can be measured by the depth local person's care insurance man. True wisdom can be measured by the death of the person's character. I guess we can do. We came measure that we'll politicians are remote workers laid out why that they're negative when it comes to care and you know I don't really believe when did America lose. Disarmament over right or wrong man tell you what they'll say one thing do some may also turn around say they didn't show it they've. Didn't do it may get it now a talented politicians are weird take may. I'd be you know and car dealers following that dale 80% number oh actually student are huge and yen per square in everything else. But that's why I'm I've been in the business fifteen years I now know the good the bad they don't know completely new you need to deal would it. And I know the special lives just like rocks Colbert right now's got zero interest owned. Sixteen brand new trucks and I she huge discount. That's they got the best discount. I had a friend of mine won't under truck the other day massacre and took my game make she huge discount. And has zero. Man I'm telling you can't beat that deal. This is no joke we're seeing news structure brings much she loved that the options. Unbelievable indoor almost all about while ago I just have to think about some anger is cruel. Theory is overwhelming. But who can stand the Ford jealousy that's proper 27 and four you can stand the forged jealousy. And Pierre mentioned jealous of somebody Vietnamese guard you can go on all by hand. It might activate a full 48 I'll make more than male bonding this Sunday that. Is jealousy consumer miracles. Can you give it you Matt router away our disease still linger and there are won't go nowhere. Well I'll show you know iron sharpens iron. One shy of one man sharpens another hope I'm sharpening your car tax cuts improper 277 Dane also. I want to sharpen your. Best buy our common sense best star pitcher situation best car to look into future make a decision today. My choice is today they'll fail to mark. We're but can choice she is today that we came out awards five years down the road and when you're talking about a 108 month kindness 84 month and much. What's going to go B are you going to be healthy they are you have the same job. You know bombing things happen and people slash I get irritated at people who look down at people's credit's bad. Because one day some micro just never been bad but a bad team bad train wrecks. And I'm telling you they've won doubles and abortion was from you know where. And in it was a tough situation room but I survived. I gotta love Alabama UK keep a good mad yeah well we need X do you know about her redo the Irish special UK and keep a good woman down. Because you know you get out does still britches off go to work that's what I did I put in twelve. And you can do it too. True many cache control no tiene twelfth state to bells in my lady friend enough. Tension and New Braunfels. Shows 20000 too much. So we don't want Jean in that situation. We won't cheat coup calm collected. Not a preferred not a via. Understand and what's going on your budget. I tell you I'd get excited. I get so many calls every week I don't get where. I came hourly go anywhere in San Antonio without somebody want to talk to me about my show because I've helped so many people. And it got one about buddies stop many Sid you know what. You're right I said well good Lamar out of that he said slowing professionals. Asa human insulting is like it's making someone bio what you want to sell and not what they need. What you've got a special on what you've got a bonus so he should yeah I'd missed big these car salesman. At as big a lot he said it and we were trained to show what we needed to show will not what the people need to. We were trained to agree with Tom. And so yes this is a great choice for you show you Guzman. And this would not be a better opportunity this money up you better this money absorb I assist what I this has got more equipment. How we would changeable around so many times did she mixed up and entirely would be greater silent these well. How do you response. To unpleasant results. Of your own choices actually no most people know how to get those choices she spun around. Do you. Also took time but did that right fit for deal. And then we want to blame my own. Well it would take some great opportunities are often destroyed by small decisions. If you're not in control of your decision. Do you ever wrote everything that I tide pen and paper are buying that salesman says Mike you know. When McDyess a meal Mike some of murder discos or why until each teacher write everything down and her get a little wishy washy. Only moment. Me tell you truth and I know that your time you get it. And I'd have to now opposite may lose every year little different way. So we won't you really can't move great opportunities are often destroyed by a small. Decisions. Decision. Of what's going home near black canyon your business because I tell you what. It's so quick so easy to get at after that department as somebody tackle Ty month. Or followed. Dealer prep. Your prep lab 200 we got some leaders are George fab hundred. Canadian dollars presumably dealer came to town and barriers banks and that's taken time what you need us and that there are gone up. They're gonna blow go to court owner or they're onto something you own it. Just stay out of his way. He started a known him because he knew he lost a couple of deals. That the prize was a hundred dollars cheaper but they charge 580 for dealer prep. Busting their proportional wax job they either don't do that anyway but that's not a bad. Some day there. In San Antonio that do 18100. Were actually lunch which is wax up and shot which is detained twenty dollars. And bad romance. When was so why don't what happened to 34 Mets didn't come when the car. In the manufacture stole their land. Do they took home and now to dig their charges fall 18100. That's a rogue and then Brenda mine was mine one and they popped at eighteen under Saddam I don't I take it operation we can't take it out. Bono and all we can't take to entrap ball clean tech to formats. It's opera ball for much entering take her. Shall we can encourage singing and so he's an all it is election held by about five gallon drums in the evening coast you've got to either take it all from wall canal. Well that ball ball ball Bali was walking out my soul in the car not dot 18100 but how many cans does that 18100 get married. If you're not thinking about it you're not prepared pork not educated only would you come far you know. We want you. We do is I still talk about after tax dollars cause nobody else there's. I still talk about the shares keepers in the dark and nobody else noticed how still talk about banks enter in the we're looking for banks and yes the mind to read you pay too much goes you pay more interest that way. They're cycle of debt they keep be trapped with no more you won't go to any other bank I don't know. World for a banker Bernard. Credit union or somebody. Two co host our show I still cost me some money. And I appreciate rocks Covert now wished you'd call him and thank you missed 127221318. And give him a call and tell him that she's dying temporary help sponsor the show but we're look for somebody and it banking business end of auto parts business. We want people to go to all of parched when would you buy your parts. And we'd like to talk to our reports are about possibly do some things what does solve our web site. And pure runner parts store shopper news liked average has loose you may call 830. 65715. Not far fewer bank concerned about the will mean being the right financing the right. Budget for your custom Hersh. I've got a lady Nikki style demands San Antonio but coming to your preferred customers the good customers that the bank. Given in my class and churn questions I'd go to banks. Then there's several banks are several schools all of teaching mineral bunch churches. I love helping all of the opportunity to get back. I want the colleges to give back McCall's the Internet by far the classes are by far. Universe Texas sentinel billions while we charged ten dollars a class to work hard working people is got a job for a single malts. Here we're helping them get their wouldn't they be productive Wii give opportunities single mom to play ten dollars a class are even free I don't care. But it's tight partnership Albanians University of Texas let's educate everybody. Listen get unproductive B list let him get an education. Are we rather keep on pork uneducated so that we can keep their votes. I hate communism socialism but worked anywhere in the world we need capitalism. We need people are being productive are we train our kids to be couch potatoes color we train our kids should be. Just work on my Internet play games are what are they gonna be productive are they gonna be the best they can make. I wake up her day won't none are wont alarm all grow our problems one public was foolish and ended their learning. I wanna grow I want to help but I won't shorter. I've got to serving hard and I didn't have years ago I know loving heart. All of ever Bada bing now women ready kids are curious. All of a mob wanna give back. The show gives back. Gives back in education is free. Yes and it's paid car bombing rocks Covert that is straight. And we won't seem that if they'll keep if they're single moms can keep up their grange and at a time and time bring up fashion and managed. They productive. Dinner my education so they can be productive showed their kids to raise six were supporting male will show their kids. It their own welfare maybe we need to have a finish one class ever semester cartoon clashes in order stay on welfare. Give all my nap pad so they get educated and they can grow. And they can show their kids. The terror productive and their kids will steal but they wanna be productive. We're not trying to teach people to be productive. I want to teach you to be productive owner known your choices. Owner education on everything that's going around this you Randy Adams are above sell cars dot com. Hassle free auto buying dot com take 3016. Someone I'm glad I hate. Live longer forgive everybody. Don't call letting NT. I'll tell you what the most loving person on the world's rob my sister candy maybe she sells furniture Bassett archer Pierre who about their own. I don't know of their. Burn it road. Go see her our phone number candies phone number and she's. She's a great interior decorator she's she knows furniture well 128771. 7574. Has filed 128771. 75474. Umps are shoved 742. Candy Pena however. Send it to. Just because you meet her you'll like her a lot better make she'd better and I am she's a lot true leader and I am god bless Austin, Texas and you actually. Let's get everybody educate let's give back think about it you're lifting her up and you're serving big you're helping. Just me or this thing a manager ever body I wanna be your mantra probably your trend god bless Alston Texas. And I were called Texas and I love it to an end to this JD SA bucket gave him right now we're we're change Mike's got relations. So I am now.