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Inside Austin, 10/2/16

Oct 2, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to inside us and it. I guess today is an Indy meant to. The chairman for Autism Speaks Austin she's also a mother with a child with autism. Mindy walking to the program thank you. How you do and carrying the do well. I understand you here's speak about the Autism Speaks walk at the domain happening October 9 but let's let's consume background about yourself I'd want people know what you. I am I am a mom of a child with autism his name is Charlie and he's nine he's going to be tennis November. And he was diagnosed later on a lot of kids them. Didn't just because Jamal lot of kids a diagnosed earlier on he was diagnosed later on it to five. And so I've been involved with Autism Speaks her Austin since the diagnosis comes at this past 45 years as the chairperson for Autism Speaks here in Austin. And so when you reached out to Autism Speaks Austin was it necessarily for help. Forward did you wanna expand your knowledge on autism. Am a little bit about I think when you first get the diagnosis of autism with your time you comment are like a deer in headlights you don't know what in the world just happened. And and my husband I had just heard about the Autism Speaks walk and we heard that there's a large resource and there which is kind of a one stop shop for parents. Am with an autistic child to go and get you know meet all of the areas service providers and therapy for writers and town and so we went just mainly for that we went. About walking that was you know five or six years ago. First time ever and then I'm left out walk and you know I said you know when I'm on a voluntary you guys and seven and onto a sense what did you expect when you went to Autism Speaks a loss and then and what is to get out of it. And I expected help. Unexpected better understanding of autism. And Canada that of a resource for. From a son I needed help in finding people that would help him I also needed. Point one and everybody to understand ought to Somalis in Autism Speaks has. Has provided that they have per credit kind of a stage for parents like me to share what boxes and in so that our child and her children her acceptance. My biggest fear with autism wasn't that Charlie was not going to be a productive adult my my fear was that. He wasn't gonna accept and you know he was gonna happen to you and a hard time. Alter at a slight just letting. His life going to be. Regular person and I mean you know on his quirky he's got his differences I mean he's he's marching to the beat of his own drum and that's fine but I want everybody else to understand that it is fine. Autism and sent. Bad it's not ugly it's different and once except that difference. And once you know if everybody would accept a different then than Charlie will have companies here. Pass and I think so for listeners out there that may not have a clear understanding of autism. Mean could you put it in in layman's terms down so autism is. It's an neurological disorder and it's characterized by differences and communication. Repetitive repetitive behaviors and and such on actions as a kind of like that three. I mean buckets I would call it. And that in each one of those buckets or some. Very tough big differences right so some people with autism are completely non verbal summer very verbal comments. The spectrum disorder so you've got. A varying degree of difficulties or challenges in the east so you know like my son and he he can talk he's and he talks a lot he doesn't stop talking sometimes. And but he can't tell you. What he did yesterday and you know has a hard time if I ask him an open ended question like. You know who did you blame it on the playground today he can't answer that question and if I give them an option did you play with you know. Leno hour of you know John and he can tell me a plane with Johnson and so he struggles from a communication. Perspective and from a social perspective he struggles. There's anxiety issues from them. And knowing I mean he's he's sensitive to all kinds of things you think. Am hypersensitive and some areas and then he's got some deficiencies and others so. If we go to hold its we can go through the Sify department because he has you know hypersensitive sense of smell and he can't handle it. And that then on the other hand you know there's things that. Just Ian and that's right Evers had him and he knew he still struggling to learn to read and write. Am and he was just potty trained so there's a lot of and he's nine so move and there's a lot of differences but then again there's other other people about the senator and very high functioning. That don't have the same talent as Charlie hasn't vanished and lets you know. More challenges that are you know. And there are merchant at the beat of their own track and so it's it says is a spectrum disorder. And four for Charlie for your son Charlie. Did it does he gain a lot out of it like being part of Autism Speaks awesome. I think he does. I think so he's. It's given me an opportunity to talk about autism with many people and I have been. Able to you know spread the word about autism. So that Charlie is understood that mark. He doesn't know what it is and he doesn't understand that he has autism. He doesn't understand Autism Speaks says that this kind of thing when they he well. But he does. Understand that people understand Canada bar you know on their their their understanding that. Charlie Charlie and there's nothing wrong with them he's just different. Note a beat before we into the wok as a walk is can be very fun and kind of thing. Partisans exhausts and nonprofit functioning year round. Who shared this isn't the only thing you guys and now we've got a lot of offense. Am so Autism Speaks and Austin does help families and in general so whether you're new to autism diagnosis or your new into town. As a great resource to just reach out to end connect in Austin with other families of service providers. Can not understanding the diagnosis happening tool kit online that's a hundred date toolkit that Colin minutes. The first hundred days after getting the diagnosis am and it shows you what inning to do because like I said before. And autism diagnosis is that's it you know it's like a bomb dropped on mr. fine why on a little bells rang and you don't know what's out commenced what's. I had like at a sister in law iced a sub assistant she was pregnant it was their third child and there's just there wasn't enough and I guess it was in just enough of certain fluid. Going into the babies' brain and stuff and so right away. A nurse panicked and and and gave her news. That her or her baby what could possibly have Down syndrome and it was just like devastating and left and now yet you don't know and maybe cannot perfectly fine that night but you know it's it's just an innocent yet to panic for every. You have me when you have a child do you think baseball ams with the boy you know I mean baseball games and soccer games and you know rough and tumble tighten. Burris needs and that kind of thing and then when your child this this is you know come on a different path than. You realize that there are different there's something not. The same as some of the other average cans who your panel like I don't know what's next you know there is no. There's no but it says okay if your child has autism. Here you go this is this is what in their life is gonna look like and then Autism Speaks they do provide the first candidate who can and that's kind of just. Okay you got the diagnosis. Here's an accepts them so that's a huge resource it's it's it's great. But other otherwise in Austin we do have quite a few events we. We have a golf tournament coming up and the search fourteen year old to relax and bad pants open. And it's a third place country club on Monday October 17. Through that and and it's it's so fun to elect says an amazing job their great partner with Autism Speaks her constant. And and great friends of my family and am. So they're gonna and it's it's. Everybody wears the pants like here talk about 10:30 AM gulping what a plaid and earth yeah okay cold air really bad bet and that three out of and they raise about a 100000 dollars for Autism Speaks atom which is great mom and then the walk is coming up like we talked about on October the ninth. We should see around 3000 people minis are all family use. That are either affected or. No. Other family is or you know are just there to support people with autism in general. And then we walk a mile around the domain now when there's a huge resource fair great kids area others enemies feared tracks and very family friendly event I'm and it runs from 9 AM until name. And for anyone listening or are now wanting to take into the markets open for everyone to our young man. Is there is their way to registered absolutely it's Autism Speaks walk slash Austin. I'm and you can register it's free to register and we do. And you know encourage fundraising and if you raise the senate amount of money I think it's a 150 dollar should get a teacher for the locked. And the furious at thousand dollars you are grand club memory expert perks and get singing that kind of stuff at the lock itself. But it's a great just kind of beaten support. Celebration and autism and in a way you know I mean there's. There isn't a reason why you shouldn't celebrate autism in the system again Monday. Then during the month of April we do you have a lot of offense because April is autism awareness month none so we do have quite a few events around town and whether their. Women only kind of Martinis in manicurist kind of fund raising events like fat or. Coming just general. Awareness events light of that blue too it's where all of them buildings around town and around the world actually turns a light blue and in celebration and not have them. It's. So. The unit chairman for autistic sauce and you know more than anyone now says it's excellent manpower now and and it's not just for the walks I'm pretty sure it's throughout the year end. So. For people to get involved it is or what type of income is it do you have a link on your website that they can registers well. Yeah at the same website www. Autism Speaks walk slash Austin and that will give you kind of an information on who to contact Karen Austin move to get more involved if you did when I'm. Volunteer be it be a part of the committee we've. I'm got a committee of parents basically and in service providers that have been. Serving on the committee for quite some time and we have quite a few events and so we do need volunteers to help with each one of those events. But that's a great. Just as the website you can find information on how to contact us. What chemists at the have a available for volunteers to what kind of things can they expect to go in there and help out with Abbas we have everything from. You know logistics. Tear people we have. Sponsored terror people we have people that are helping with developing the resource fair we've got people with a golf tournament we've got. We got groups that basically support. Each one of our different events throughout the year. And we do mean as a as a general group typically once a month and and then during the events seasons we we meet you know usually once a week or. Twice a month and it's a great time actually it's in the fun bunch and. What sounds good sounds interest seeing and it sounds I don't know just very engaging sense. Again if you're just joining us I'm here with that many mental issues chairman with Autism Speaks us and we're talking about the 2006 not as a speaks walk that's gonna happen and October 9 at the domain. Mindy do you have a specific dollar amount to raise. Yeah our gold shares to 1050000 dollars for the lock. And I think we're kind of halfway there Muhammad a lot of our donations come and you know none of them the next couple weeks until the locks out. And you know and again in the event we do have a dollar amount that where. Kind of targeting to raise him and at this event is about the families it's it's there we're we're hosting it has to celebrate not too. To just raise funds the F. And you know meeting that goal. People can obviously you. Donate and in time on your website if they decide at the last minute to the lock that are like in on something funny to you today it's Sunday morning the weather is great because it's October. Could they still registered until walker and. Last minute now they can just come come to the walk and look for event and you can register when you walk up there and to walk between you know there's no. There's no pre registration card we would hope sound and so we can have an idea for how many people are coming. But otherwise you can just walk up and and join us and a big group of people at the end it's always a great surprise I have an open area and like I said this is a big event you know we've had it. I think this might be in the eleventh hearing or not Stanley Cup host a block it's Bennett can't neighboring years passed this year recommitted to the domain. Which are really excited about because we're gonna walk. Straight through that remain in and down menu rock grows area unions and visit some other I mean so we can kind of it is big down there and as head and pull another city and now it is a whole matter cities that we're gonna actually I wasn't around when Jose. It's gonna light Mann has some the united stories here I have this incident and might amount that we're gonna close it down for a little bit on Sunday morning beautifully run and amass that. The businesses Simmons spent and to sell out LaMarcus markers you know walk safely around and it is handicapped access all. Dogs are welcome to share wagons welcome you know it'll be in Italy fun family event. Well mending before over wrapped this up in do you have any last words may be. I'm not so much about the walked it may be about two and speaks us send her autism itself. What you've learned. Yeah I'm wetland is. You know having a child with autism is that it isn't a bad thing it's not scary what is scary sometimes because it's amendment. And you know they knew people with autism cannot. Batter uglier or are stupid or anything else and they're just different and Autism Speaks has helped me as helped a lot of families in and hoping the community actually just understand that that autism is not lessons different and and these people with box and they need you know our understanding and our compassion and armed. Our support them and that's. That's my son as well. Mindy meant the chairman. To the speaks us and Mindy thank you so much for joining us an. Again for more information you can visit Autism Speaks walk dot org slash costs and. Well yes since the storm it's been crazy business for us. We got all kinds of office desks coming in. But here's it's a fancy one right here this this and a leg the that's all right what do. Washers and dryers from laundromat. Or check this out another deep Fryer. And I'm not sure what this doing here is. Yeah most businesses weren't ready for a storm like that you know there are works really pilot appeared Robertson sons salvage. What will become of your business after a disaster nearly two thirds of businesses aren't prepared for an emergency. And 40% of businesses to experience a disaster never recover make an emergency plan now before it's too late. For a free online tool to help she developed an emergency plan to keep your business up and running should disaster strike. Visit ready dot com forward slash business. Brought to you by the Federal Emergency Management Agency the American Red Cross. And they had canceled. Today's school out and a lot. In chemistry. I learn that no one likes me. In English. And then that I disgusting. And in physics. I learned that I know Boozer teen's school Allen then I'm ugly and useless. And Jim Talent and empathetic. Image. In history. And learn an amateur teen school and parents have different. And in English and learn and meet people sank to an at lunch and learn that sit in my room because ice mountain. And chemistry and learn that went in biology chemistry commended them fat and stupid. And in math. And landed on trash. The only thing they didn't learn in school today only thing I did you learn today the only thing to do learn. So I know it never helps. Kids witnessed bullying every day. They want help but they don't know how teach them how to stop bullying and be more than a bystander at stop bullying dot gov a message from the ad council. Very welcome back to inside Dawson. Joining me in the studio today is Jarrett crypt and he's the co-founder. President and chief Porter part of move together ego at the very pursues job I think it's an important job it is easier to Muslims photograph peeled some days you know we got regular dose could. Puns got a loan. Jarrett thanks for joining us on the show it's my pleasure thanks for having me so what are we to start off with just some background on scare for it here. Sure absolutely I mean aren't I was always kind of a guy that had a crazy over the top Christmas the over the top Halloween. And my wife Norma fed my addiction in around 2005 our little home haunt got so nobody coming it was crazy it shut down or subdivision. And so me too much or friends. From Richard curious former Britannia manor harder house which is in a world famous and extreme. We all kind of got together and merged in four obscure for cure we are 51 C three charity. And we're just a much crazy people like to put on a crazy extreme interactive hearted adventure and we thought hey what better way to do this and raise money. He and we chose ten years ago this is our tenth year. To support the breast cancer resource centers of Texas and we also mature a lot of used in central Texas. You know my day job is that of an Austin police detective orbit with a PD for 24 years. And I'd rather much. I'd much rather deal with the kids I was scared teaching them special effects make upper how to build things and on the day job as you can imagine a lot more in Iraq ER RR hole is much more interactive. There's a lot of great ponson central Texas and Austin and I loved good all of them. But ours is more a story driven first and much more theatrical work as you know great show like scream hollow in bash drop. It it takes assert my return to get through and ars takes well over power to get to the whole thing what can people expect. From a I am I meant I love haunted houses are always have been when I was a kid. And back where I am from all passes the most of the radio stations are charger it. And seek Intel which ones are cheesy which ones are not some of them are really scary some of them you know they're just OK but like what what can people expect from you ours is different there were trying to put you in an adventure we would you have an experience on some haunts your your your walk in through takes ten or twelve minutes things go boom and that's great I enjoy it yet but ours is a story ours is a place. OK I think X open architecture across 35 stages which the customers the star of the show. So you may have to run crawl climb slide swing you're gonna come a covered head to toe and blood and gore there's no way around that had its. Very disgusting just some people Wear my work chains and where you do not Wear nice clothes and Wear good shoes and come on if this was the zombie apocalypse you're not gonna be out there are flip flops are high heels and so when you come to scare word good comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting a little messy. In word good shoes you're gonna have to interact with other actors you're gonna have to solve puzzles. And again he may have crawl you may have to slider swinging it's it's pretty extreme heat. It we may get abducted as well so of mayor walked through the hole with your group of five or six in the water show sultan to Bob because you know mobs over there and then all of a sudden bumps. Grow. Where did bump. In the had a rescue bubble later so it's all it's all good fun. And it's all safe because you are detective with us on our offense. We make it as safe is humanly possible safety is Joseph borne its gear we're here and sounds. Got it sounds more like an experience. Than anything else they just like yeah. Those those haunted house is that I was talking about where. Pretty much a pop out of somewhere scare you would they hit the ground but the ninth them when they make some sparks and then you like walk away and then you go on to the next thing that this. A story sounds I mean gosh like you've taken this whole create this industry. And it that was built on creativity. And he'd done so much more with it well our our kitten all take credit for that wanna work with a lot of people who are lots short. Than me but we actually got this idea I got the idea from Richard Gere you know we don't go or urgent computer systems here. And he started Bertini manner which he wanted to make people feel like there were trapped in a video game gone horribly horribly wrong. And we got that idea from Hillary used to work for him back in the ninety's. Early nineties for throat too pleased orbit and I just latched on this idea and he gave me his blessed scene and we were uttered his property for a few years. And now Renton Maynor at a place called ghost town in Maine are okay and of course although the look links and descriptions are scare for a cure dot org. If you want more formation but Richard Gere is really the one we pay homage to him is that he's the godfather. Of our show scare for a cure. So you said it's been on upper quite some time this is our tenth year I mean this whole session is crazy yet. And it and this year it's out and meaner. We are in Maynor ghost and that's our new permanent location can't overdo this is our fourth year there we have. Seven acres to play on. And we use almost every single inch of it. Hence. Awesome and you're an eight in you're expected for an hour ago after the F it takes about an hour and the nice thing when you're at a ghost sound. Is that they'll arrest drawn out there are so you can grab you know afterwards you Graham here murder or Reno beer and soda you know and hang out kind of make it an event to date. And it and so again for people listening right now the funds and that your raising the money that your raising the they're gonna go for our benefit correct yeah actually this is our tenth year were supporting the breast cancer resource senators okay. They used we noticed the brick the breast cancer resource there's Austin then enough taxes and eldest of the universe scores are awesome and they're growing but were huge supporters. In women and some men. Battling breast cancer in the support services that this organization provides are critical to helping people you know battle this disease do you have a goal in mind. I'll always have a goal. We try to up it by about 5000 every year and last year I believe we gave 30000 dollars this year I'd love to give 35 but honestly if we sellout and I can give fifty grand. Were given 50 grand am yeah. I don't limit how much tweaking give we give every possible since weekend. Scare for here's a 100% Molitor organization we don't get paid yeah we're crazy we've put in thousands of hours a year and we do it for fund were slightly mental. Nobody gets paid but the charities we support look at you know it either goes to the charity order by two by a force in paying. The nice yet. And then what about people can involve or use you mentioned something earlier about late you know getting the youth and talking to kids and teaching how do you make up and and maybe build Blake sets and stuff like that. That's that's great because you know. I was a Cecil Halloween and Christmas and stuff like that one house a child and always wanted to do bigger and more. Vietnam but my dad would let it won't let me we had a budget piazza. I'm all about bigger and more. A Fiat. I like working with kids all of a sell their we have a lot of vote a lot of money adult volunteers are. Teachers paramedics EMS firefighters. Cops. And in just normal they're British people we get a lot of volunteers from corporate you know Austin's very eclectic group. And one thing were all agreed on is and I talk to them about is our war kissed come out here want to learn how to build this so I'm a gamer but what I say or what to kidding you're from a computer screen for a little while it's healthy. You have to to have a balanced life. A lot of these kids don't have the benefit of knowing what a tape measure is or what's a level four or how to work a drill driver or something. So we got there were teacher to build stuff if their interest lies in special effects make up for acting or improper or whatever we try to find with interest of them get him out there it's work but the bureau now we were out their slug in two by fours on gravel and mud and it's still hot it is still hot we start July. But there's a benefit you learn something and it's work but we wanna have fun while we're working replace some amazing eighties music playing music mix. But everyone loves a police state dominated. Then. We we try to build this project when when you step back and look at it when it's done whether you're you know. Twelve years older or so we have volunteers all the seven ace in the seventies. You step back and look at agreed to I could've done it by myself but with all these other people we put on this amazing shall we built this incredible thing. That I was a part of it down and in that really means up and these kids I've got kids coming back to me for all. I've got kids from 2005. When it was at my house that still come out there and our kids Timor gap during their twenty's yet they're still volunteered out there without us and that means a lot to it's a one how much is admission admission is forty dollars okay per person and you have to buy tickets on line we don't do a whole lot of walker business because when you buy a ticket. You buy tickets for some 45. More for 805. Is EU and like go to a movie it is like a movie it's like a play. Win it you go to a regular voter how she see other customers yeah when you go and our show our goal as you'd ever see any of the customer but the ones that in your group. Groups are five or six people. We since you win and you should see anything but what we want UC you don't see it customers you may hear them scream. But that's kind of a bonus yes you know. But you go in and we wanna submerge you into harsh story. In give you were true experience. That you talk about. It's raining we've got park and all side but we have a bus shuttle to drive back and forth but generally you pull up in there you follow the signs of say scare for a cure. If we get Lou some amazing folks love has rid of the Austin police explorers out there it's a great group to comes that are reared helpless up helping you parked cars. And we'll get to the ticket Booth engaging in the show. When does that start when you get open doors we have dress rehearsal Friday we have our. Beta test night this Saturday no limit to about beta test beta test is kind of what a club we're called soft opening. My tickets are half price of an early twenty bucks and that's because. Opening night is always an unknown. Yeah you know what works what doesn't work. Does the story part does this dialogue where does a special effect trigger on time. Does the gore campaign go off for a exposed to in years we have several gore cannons that. Blue blood and chunky bloody gory picture and it's amazing. So port it's half price and the reason that have prices because we're not sure work all the time we've been in this ten years we got a got a pretty good sign it's. But still a lot of unknown factors. And then we're open every Friday and Saturday in October plus the last two Thursday's token. Sosa world opened tonight's. Awesome so we sellout generally every most every year will sell out our tickets so I'm no scare for your dot org that if and is there anything dosage you'd like to add. You know we always need volunteers we always need more people to come out and have fun and bring your your group proud bring your club if you need volunteer hours. You know for the honor society or something and you're gonna work richer are gonna have fun what are you doing derby a part of something that are really can't explain how awesome it is to step back when it's also don't go hey. I was part of that no. I've been doing this for more than ten years. But being a part of skier for cures the most important thing I've been a part of in recent memory. And if I get so much out of it I enjoy scaring people who enjoys building stuff but when you step back in you can hear in that big old prop check. To the breast history's first ladies and in here there shores for me there's just something warm and Fuzzy about the that you can't get that anywhere else. Well worth it. Yes absolutely months of work months and months one last question do you do any voice work for the scare for the careful I do do some I do some voice work forward to. Old men bad guys scream so you know we amend them scattered in their little bit. It's awesome it's fun again that's scare for a care scare for a cure or docked four ORG. Mr. Allan thank you again for coming up. Paintings are very appreciative and thank you love. If you own a gun you have a full time responsibility. When you weren't using it be sure it can get into the hands of curious children troubled teenagers thief or anyone else who might misuse. Your family friends and neighbors horrible count. Remember all of us. Rockets for more information on fire arms storage safety presidency PC dot war. This message brought to you by the national crime prevention council the bureau of justice assistance and yeah. You must have thrown a thousand pitches teach him to hit a home run. It helped the saudis running routes we could learn to hit an open receiver. In this afternoon's teaching him into three. Which time. What not to hit. Teaching boys at all violence against women is wrong sort of the most important things men can do learn how to saute the conversation I teach early got to work brought to buy futures with the violence India counts. The. Welcome to inside us and I'm Matt Albers and we do have a full room right now. We have had their Jacob and Isa. I'm just gonna go and go round table and that everyone introduce themselves and let them know what they do. Thinking am I am again yeah I'm Heather and I am with Texas efficacy project. And we are a statewide nonprofit that gets free legal work and prevention measures for domestic abuse dating abuse sex assault and stalking victims strapped state. My name is Jacob we err on the executive chef at Juliette restaurant tail on Barton springs road. Easily tell I'm also with Julia let's go ahead and just start with the basics Heather. Again let's let our listeners know what the Texas advocacy project is. Basically we provide free legal services for domestic and dating. Violence victims and sex assault and stalking victims throughout the states have. You know if you need to get out as an unsafe and unhealthy relationship. Where there to help you with the legal services that you might need like a protective order or divorce or. Custody of your children or you know. Help getting into and out of your niece and and different. Different areas along like OK so it's it's it's a place for people to turn when they need help and they have to have nowhere else to turn. So how does someone go about contacting your nonprofit think you are actually in order ten receiver services. Typically you would content contact us through our 180374. Hope mind. And that and I gets you access into these legal services and in touch with our attorney said that we can help be specific to your needs. Do you have an example or story or or something of of someone you may have helped in the and the pass. Absolutely you know last year we closed 5600. Cases and that helped about thirteen thousand Texans have. That's the primary in the secondary victims in Nissan power based abuse. Situations. So you know we've helped I think last year that the youngest person we have two was eleven in the all of this was 88. With a wide range of legal services that they needed to get out of an unhealthy relationship and and you know. There's an example that there was a gal that came to us. A few years back and she and her father was abusive and her promise trying to get a divorce and room. Various and sundry ways it turned out that she was going to end up having to. Act two joint custody. And that just was not acceptable to her and so she came to us and we were able to get Herman anticipate it from her family says that she could become an adult and then I took the lie and she ended up finishing high school currently live in turnaround get into jobs she went to UT she graduated from mayor she graduate law school. And she's waiting for the results of her bar exam right now and she's moved on to Houston and has a great job. So we really yeah we're really able to help people at at the most difficult time where their struggles of the greatest. But were able to get them something specific to get them safe. Where they can move on and be able to you know. Live a healthy and safe life. This is a statewide agency but you're located in the Austin and absolutely asked her boots on the ground are right here in Austin that are attorneys travel everywhere throughout the state. And yesterday. In Victoria we are able to get determination at that. Man's parental rights because he had been highly abusive to the Stanley Cup house umpire with a feeling inside. The area to get them say except. Yeah that's all throughout the state do you have a website people can visit we GAO candidly that website is in the middle of being redone so when you out there's a lot of information there I go back again and a few months. It's Texas advocacy project got all work it's that ORG that's the tough on that. Texas efficacy project up pork okay and yeah we're really excited that that we're being able to do this work you know we'd love dork herself out of business but since we can't. You know we are small and mighty that we're out there and help and maybe Diaz take volunteers as well. Absolutely we have volunteers throughout the year helping us out. We have bunch of outreach campaigns have backpacks for helping him next perhaps. And then hope for the holidays and all of those are really geared towards getting our information into the hands of survivors and they need it. So for example the hand extra help week taking used gently used purses and we refurbish them and then without our help line inside event. And then different information and we ship those to 98 shelters throughout the state. And then if there's mom in the shelter we get them there on time for Mother's Day and they can't can pick out any person give to their mom is against him in the us have our hotline number secretly hidden in there. We're also really I am getting involved in you at the university level because we're working really her team have them work ourselves out of a job like I sat you know we wanna work on prevention. And as we sent to us starting this conversation and have. You know we've been working when I am a bench at the different universities like CNN in Tampa and in commerce and we've been working wet. UT in San Antonio which and a bunch take back the night. We really wanna get to that younger population and and help them to identify what a healthy relationship is. And how to you know maybe spot some unhealthy things. And if they're saying that to be able to communicate to be the first responders that can get people help and they need it. Out I was gonna ask a younger person may not be married but they they can absolutely be an abusive relationship and they may not find a way out. Could they still context here. Oh absolutely and actually Anna Texas a gimmick has. Defines. Family violence as it does not have to be a married couple a time is you know could be gaining partner can be somebody that you live with another member of household. So you can access all of these services and these protections. Whether you're married or not and you can still give us protective order so excellent. Even a roommate to maybe you're trying to get away from Mecca work to absolutely and we've actually recently had a case clear. We were able to get a protective order and then that person had to leave their apartment. And and break that portion of the Leeson and by code that your able to do that no longer have to certain you know pay the rent. If you got that protective order by their landlord is having some issues with that we have a conversation with him. She does it get out of release and everything was fine while it's just not limited to just a marriage kind of thing it you really are. Open for everyone's absolutely and it's interesting we ask just worked with Travis county sheriff's office this past week. To talk to send students some high school students actually football players that are. Talking about dating violence and I think it was about ten different. And school districts that are participating and in their rare purple ribbons on their helmets and we talked about what is okay and what isn't okay and it relationship you know it is okay to say you know I'm I'm busy today text me tomorrow it is okay. And it and encouraged for people to listen to that there. You know boyfriend girlfriend partner whenever. And still be of the same in the and you know we can agree to disagree. You know it's not okay if you don't wanna listen to somebody and if you don't they don't agree with you that you get angry or you know controlling over themselves. And we start from a healthy relationships look like in these younger generations to so that they can. You know kind of figure it out. You came here today with in partnership when Juliette. Restaurant and what is your partnership with Juliette and at the texts after six project and it's a really great example of a partnership and you know we have then am I getting prepared for our black and white Colin we've been asking for sponsors and donors. And we reached out to Juliette restraint take. And bays said you know remind Jews have a little bit deeper something a little bit more impact on powerful. And that was just the beginning. A fabulous relationship and so that they have and decided that they're gonna not just donate one thing for an option you know that old. Raise money but it won't really I get the word out about what we dealings have they decided to do something deeper and I'll let them talk about it and it's really exciting for us. Okay yes so I'm on October 18. We're going to partner with the techs advocacy project and Juliette racer on tape. I was cut. Several really fantastic artist. A couple of jewelry artist and we've got a couple of painters. As ceramic artists in a makeup artist. We're all going to be joining us there and we're gonna have some some bites. And complementary winding cartels from time to seven and the term. 25 dollar ticket price for teacher complimentary wine cocktails and set this putting together an amazing. Menu to be passed around and enjoy value shopping you can shop REE consulting jury. Obviously Nez ceramics and Emeka. It's just it's shopping we call it artists for advocacy so all of those local artists are going to be supporting Texas the conceit. By donating a percentage of any sales from the Savannah. I did had to say that that's a wanting a really do like about this town is that we have like there's always those lake. First person of the month on south congress or sometime back and werder all the artists do get together to show off their work and problem is that there's never enough food there this I don't think there's gonna be empowering and I think we can cover food in line. What CM firemen to what type of food do you serve that what you want people to expect when they walk into your restaurant. Sure and so first divide Juliette we serve Italian cuisine were mostly. Inspired by the southern. Coastal Italian regions. And what we want for people to feel and they walk and is just ultimate hospitality. Meant sort of a family environment and that's kind of how we. Sort of impetus for getting involved with this type of organization. You know what the mindset. Big Italian families and everybody kind of living happily together and anything we can do to promote that's what we went in. Well I've you know with the Savannah kind of sounds like like a great little backyard get together with the community. And and I think that's I think that's what people can expect from a new. And I want to plug that grilled octopus that they make that shot he has nailed that it taste just like what you get in Sicily it's a gut and absolutely and so on do you have a specific goal in mind you said tickets are 25 dollars but the umpire is there a specific goal as in trying to raise enough money. Now it's our first time this is a very unique event to pull together six artists and creative shopping experience and bring all these different. Factions of Boston together I don't really know what our goal is just to do the very best we can do and help as much. Yes though McCain I mean I think today it's the first one that your doing none you're laying the ground work. And obviously next year you got like ninety has a big census into what you can do and you can set a goal and surpass that. So far listeners right now is their place of purchase tickets or could do Kenny purchase tickets at the door. You can purchase tickets at the door ban them best thing you can do is too candid Julianne dash Austin dot com. And click on our events tab and you can purchase tickets right there on the web site. Okay and where is the event can be held. It's going to be our beautiful patio right there on 15100. Barton springs road just west of Lamar on him and springs road. Big white building. Right across the street from Toms market and of course that's going to be out who where angels maintained yes so that's going to be. Clear of all the ACL traffic I can imagine. Heather what what excites you about this event. The thing that excites me the most about this event is not just a wonderful gift that they're giving asset helping to support our work financially through those donations that. It's a tough subject manner the work that we do is hard right hand it's not something that people really want to talk about and it's not something that. People really admit is in their community very often but statistically it is one and three Texans will be a victim of violence. Them or their immediate family. That's that's that's you statistic and yet we still don't talk about this and this is creating an avenue to create discussion. And that is the biggest gift that they're giving us these six artists are gonna learn more about the work that we do. Everybody that attends is gonna learn more about the work that we do. And that's gonna help us spread the word to get our services to more people who need them. And Nancy that's a huge gaffe because when you do access legal services to get out of these these unhealthy situations. You get free you know it's how minutes freed arm and it's it's a new beginning and so for us to be able to share that information. In such a beautiful and supportive environments. It's it's a big gift for passover really appreciative. Your starting a conversation. And now you're helping people starting new chapter in her life now Jacob and say is there anything that you'd like to ask about the event. Yeah I would just like to say. You know. We're really excited be partnering with the Texas advocacy project. And the other thing they were really happy about doing here with this program is promoting our local artists and now we even got some coming in from San Antonio. So. Kind of just getting involved. A little bit more work with the community. And doing good for the community. Getting our staff involved as well I think so often Mikey says one out of three people. We beat themselves or family member of experience says and 99% at times I don't know portico. Our how to get help for that there is top of that there's anyway out because it's so expensive usually. So we're just really wanting to be anchored in this community and get back to the community and show our stuff as well. Well I think you guys are doing a great thing and this is of a great start to Mike that conversation. Heather do you have any last words did you want that. You know I just wanna thank you off for having us here and I wanna think Julie ever thrown Jiang and and everybody involved all of the artists I know and some of them have supported us and pass and are you sure you know willing to support us right Allen it's it's just we're really grateful thank you thank you. Now outside again as Texas advocacy project dot org. That's Texas advocacy project dot org. And the event artists or advocacy is Tuesday October 19 from bites you in the ninth campaign. At sixteen hundreds of pardons greens. And Julia restaurant today. You don't use against top ten from a sixteen year old. I am here to tell you about a different kind of stopped. It's called better future and so I stopped for social change that's not a bomb making mind. Instead you invest our students like to meet Bud Collins which ends up making that he's just better for all of us my name is at least half and I came here dividend. Invest in better futures UNCF. Visit you in CNET dot org slash invest a mine just terrible thing to waste a wonderful thing to investors aren't you yeah. Perot. So let's just remind folks in case they have on her for awhile you know sum up what the Salvation Army Osce area command really does 365. The united Laramie I think a lot of people think about Christmas stuff. On but there's a lot more to it. We are serving people the Salvation Army 365. Days a year. We have people continually coming in it to the Salvation Army who are really a scene at that moment of crisis and their lives and at the Salvation Army. We will work to meet them where ever they are we need them where they are to help them. And we work with them from anything from helping them with day camps for their for their children for case management life skills training. And of course we helped them win having a safe place to sleep in warm. I guess that's what it means when you talk about doing the most good at the Salvation Army mean that is. That's a phrase that really encompasses kind of everywhere that you help individuals and families. Yeah at this Salvation Army we strive to do the most good and I mean that's really a pledge that. We take very seriously and it's doing the most good for each person we encounter and so hot summer days and times such as sharing a bottled water. For another family might be helping them with child care so mom can continue working. While there working on their budgets so they can stabilize and then into an apartment. It's really mean people where they are and doing everything that we can with the generous donations we receive from the community. The reality is. You contrast the Salvation Army when you make a donation of the Salvation Army its days of locally here in Austin serving Travis and Williamson counties. And we are helping the people in your community. The reality is homelessness is a very different look and you may think and some people think that you know it's. You only see homelessness the only seed you see what you see those that are experiencing homelessness but the reality is there's an entire invisible. Population of those and experiencing homelessness. At the Salvation Army we're seeing more and more women and children. Our wait list for people to get into shelter. Hit above 600 this summer only us more than 600 women and children the summer we're looking for a place. To later heads to ensure that they had safety stability and they can move forward in a moment of crisis well so every day we are trying to do the most scared to move people forward and to help the growing need in our community. Well I. I'm honored to actually witness that happened the way that the Salvation Army lends a hand out to people who are in crisis and then really sets them on the past. On to self sufficiency which of course is the best example you consent for your children it's what every once we all hope for our children. On the so I know that the Salvation Army cannot do this. With out its generosity generous donations and I know you have some fundraising events that are coming up and we deftly one invite people to get involved. So let's talk about. What's happening. So we're so excited to come share with everyone about the rock the red kettle concert. This is an initiative that's fairly new for the Salvation Army and it is the concert that kicks off red kettle season. So aren't five. Along with Cory morrow the chair of our committee was to come up with that. A concert a way to bring the community together to really kick off cattle season and get everyone excited for the Christmas season and educate folks with the Salvation Army is doing. And so in that we have compiled. An amazing weekend at that kicks off with a concert. With Corey Moran attacking ground and friends. I'm the silent auction and live auction and we're gonna have sued tracks we're gonna have. A lot of plan. And that bowls and to the next day at a celebrity golf tournament a cool yes it's of the golf tournaments chaired by mr. Joseph Ogilvie. He is here from Austin at PGA player monks and the idea with a golf tournament is at every team that plays will be paired with a slippery. So either be played paired with the PGA player. Or are possibly Cory morrow general grammar pac green and say you get to have a great experience supporting the Salvation Army and having a lot of fun. Why you made you laugh. Mean I cannot. And that there are there are some people who are just golf aficionados who have be so excited you that we'll really excited it's going to be a Barton creek this year so in a world class golf course. And our hope is that those come out and just have an amazing experience and enjoying a beautiful theory. Playing really gig off and needing some celebrities and maybe even some tips from the pros and that's really nice everybody wants to improve their golf game. We'll what away that you set this up because it starts with the rock the red kettle concert you know which is an experience. You know that you got. Cory morrow on stage with Jack Ingram and and true Womack and I mean and then things like that's a great. That's a great thing for everybody to kind get involved with the with friends. C have a good experience also donating to Salvation Army at the same time and then you've got this. Celebrity invitational golf turn and in the next day at Barton creek I mean that's and that's something that I think people. Remember most these experiences that they have that bring people together and caring somebody up with a celebrity. Mean that's and then they'll be talking about really like not just this Christmas season long but for a long time com. Absolutely and the thing that week it's so special about it is that you are kicking off. This is beginning its way to kick off that season with your family its way to kick it off with the Salvation Army and so winds. We really hit that. Christmas season you see the kettles out and you start hearing music at the kettles and you know it's Christmas and that's out there you know earlier part of that thing you heard there on foundation that building. Up a wonderful Christmas season and helping women and children our community. So how can people. Get ready for this and like. I can't sill like that golf invitational might Philip quickly we are filling up quickly sponsorship packages are going fast there are still tickets and for some is available all. That you really do when her re you wanna go to Brock the red kettle ATX dot org. And there's all the information and if you wanna play off if you wanna come to the concert he wanted to do boat. Please visit rocked the red kettle ATX dot org to learn more about this exciting weekend with the Salvation Army. And said this is happening on the weekend of November 20 to so we're talking about race. Yes so it's the weekend before Thanksgiving and from what I have seen I am most schools are out that following week leading up to Thanksgiving they are bad it's really a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday. The concert is gonna start early Bergen and doors open at 5 PM it like Boston church. And it's a beautiful ample theater out in the hill country near the why don't kill them. So you can make and it's a very much a family friendly event. Bragg that's and I think and I was actually picturing him get the whole family out and that I think that would be so so. Fine and special look the same time. Very fun very special and you can it's a great way to get your family involved and getting to learn about. How they can support and give back to the community and as a mean and giving us fun they're fun ways to give an attending an event like Procter red cattle and hearing amazing songs are learning about that. Songwriting themselves. And it's degree night out well it's great. Wade is established this tradition for your children CU help them understand how important it is to get to those here are less fortunate because in the case the Salvation Army. On I looked I look at the clients that you haven't I think. Vaccine have been neat that could be me Sunday I mean like it really. Circumstances can change in her life and such a way that it catches you off guard and so it's such the word that the Salvation Army I think does in particular is something I think that. We can all. We can all identify less. Mean the reality is is that all of us can think of someone in our family that they work for are we sent before the grace of god grant there. There I go by the grace of god. Or if it weren't for an amazing friend or family that was there to help them and the reality is the people that we're helping at the Salvation Army they don't have Ephron. They don't have a few remember that can help them because who eat meat if they did it that's they would go. These people don't want to have to come to the Salvation Army for help. But we will be there with open arms and that we will be there with a smile to give and dignity to give them and help them forward. It's just two points you know because. We as a people hate to ask for help. He's hard to ask for help sometimes for feeling when you need it and then to ask a stranger. To help you out that's it takes so much courage. And so that's a with an important point the American other thing we're talking about. Rocked the red kettle a TX dot or. These proceeds are gonna benefit everything the Salvation Army does here locally in Austin for women and children which includes some of the dangerous hi Nina earlier rate emergency shelter. Therapy day camps life skills training and in the life skills training is so amazing at Salvation Army so these are really. It's all about helping people to get on the path to self sufficiency. Yes I mean it is the things he said it's employment assistance child care. It's also a teacher to meet them back at the shelter at the end of the day to help them with their homework. A lot of times when kids come to the shelter and they're staying with us that's when they get back contract with school. His could you imagine what it was like before they got to the Salvation Army. They were in a tumultuous situation they were in a crisis they were on a wait list once it finally get to shelter these kids need stability and we're so thankful for all the support of the community and what rock the red kettles going to do is going to raise funds to help these kids. So if you wanna participate. Rocked the red kettle atx dot org is where you've got all the details on the concert. This happening November 20 subs with Cory morrow in Jack Ingram that's going to be an incredible night of music food and fun and of course getting which feels good. And then the next day is the celebrity invitational golf turn a man and I jumped on getting that signed up. If you assign somebody up that's special in your life maybe you can take the initiative to do that. Again all the information that rock the red kettle atx dot org this is going to be a special weekend kind of anyway you slice it. And I'm just remind people that. And as we talked about this before or Jameel that on any given day there are about 250 women and children living in the Salvation Army and what you just said more than 600 are on the waiting list this summer and and you know homelessness does look very different than the guy that is at the stoplight you know we'll hold an up cardboard sign. And if you've got a mind to get involved even just a little bit I think it pays back incredible that the fans I think. It it's it's important remember that we were told that the poor will always do with us. And the Salvation Army has been in Austin for more than a 127 years and they will continue to serve those that have the greatest need is there. Anything else Jameel that you want to let people know either about the Salvation Army or about rock the red kettle concert. Coming up on that weekend before Thanksgiving or the celebrity golf invitational. Ten. You know one thing that I would say is that. We're so grateful for this community for them all that you do in all the EU pledged to do to support all of those in great need. Did rock the red kettle concert is in fabulous way if you've been trying to think I'm nearly one again involved I'm not sure how where's a good plays. So overwhelmed there so many nonprofits in Austin. This is a great opportunity it's a very laid back fun night you will be making an immense impacting your community. And you'll be working with the Salvation Army to ensure that women and children have a safe place to sleep tonight. Our well sad says the website again rocked the red cattle atx dot org that has all the details on the concert. Mark your calendar for in November 20 S. And that's to be a good time and it's so wonderful to know that you can celebrate with your family Sadr an incredible tradition for your children in terms of teaching them how to get back. And Salvation Army and all the wonderful programs that they have. On helping women and children experiencing homelessness and Austin is going to be the beneficiary of that so many TV that website one more time. Rock the red kettle atx Donna work. As all the information on the red kettle concert as well as the celebrity invitational golf tournament. That is happening the next day circled the date on you counters the weekend of November 20 that we're talking about. Janelle thanks so much for being hair and them letting us know about that just reminding us really but the good work that the Salvation Army does and how we tell them. Think and having seen.