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Sep 25, 2016|

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Yeah you it's me your hearts. Listen to me each cop talk high blood pressure is serious and your. Well what how to act we used to be so much more active little you've been you know me. I know you think I'm just gonna keep taken away forever. Do wrong to do so much more to control your high blood pressure. I'm under a lot of pressure and can quit whenever I want it back to denote that. But I like my job just treat me bad marriage only thing green to nibble on every once in awhile and maybe we can do some exercise and occasionally it. Let's get to weigh it. After all we're in this together. Listen to your heart don't let it quit on. High blood pressure can lead to stroke heart attack or death get your blood pressure to a healthy range before it's too late. Find out how would cart dot org slash blood pressure checked change control. A message from the American Heart Association the American stroke association and he had counsel. Welcome back to the don't show up next we have such such who's a member of the shelter pet group that's trying to recruit and especially for their coach smuggling Maltese and based Lipton title and he backyard pool and of course companionship. But what breed would you say such memories. I need to deal with medium lavished through your own twelve looking kind of mix. Tremendous style and I don't select an obsession is coloring. In brown black and simply marvelous. Yeah it's such a treat to what you don't like this. That's an infection. Next on contact with your spouse that's actually known as the trees Stan how intuitive. And now appears to excite you tuning in circles. Happy dance so common with this group. And finally there's nothing fixed. We can't just gets in there and well Linux fantastic but really the best way to know an amazing shot to pay my attachment is to meet one. Visit to shelter pet project dot org today adopt what Cuba and that is on the human society United States in the council. Hey this street McEntire and I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about a serious problem rot here in her own backyard and did you know that there are nearly sixteen million kids struggling with hunger in America. That's one out of every five precious children in this country not not get to eat anarchy. Let's hope he's just around me because there's enough healthy nutritious food produced in this country to put a smile on the face of every last time he'd. And that's when the feeding America nationwide network banks steps into the picture. They collect surplus looting gauging their communities in solving hunger and giving hope to the hungry kids in there and they need your help so join me supporting feeding America and your local food bank. Monday I have you can hill at feeding America god alone together we can solve home together and we're feeding America. The message from treating America and the council. Welcome to inside us and that my next guest is in Beverly Hamilton and she's CA executive director. Of the Austin diaper bank. Beverly Wacom tense at Austin have to be there. Now you large the executive director for the Austin diaper bank could you give us a little background and explain what the paper paint for us in this shorter. Well. I learned a little over three years ago that papers are covered under assistance programs. So people on poverty. Don't have a good way to get diapers which are very expensive basic meet. So it's about a thousand dollars a year per child. And that that cost can and BN to reach first summer of our families here in central Texas. In Travis County alone we have an estimated 121000 diaper aged kids that live in poverty. So it's a dire situation that is kind of a silent crisis and Decker banks have started popping up across the country to address this need. And I founded the diaper bank and like I said three years ago at a despair ventured in my house. And got some friends and volunteers and then some donors then we have been growing ever since then. We just hit that half a million. Diaper mark Weil and we've provided. Diapers over 4000 people in central Texas today. That's that's pretty impressive I mean fairly amazing how did you when you serve often ask you where you mostly. Getting donations played like pushing it on social media immune. Social media has been great for us and we're very grassroots but you know we've tried to go where. The diapers are so talking to preschool parents talking to moms clubs. You know those sorts of outreach efforts have briefly paid off so we partner. With a lot of drop off locations around town so that children still worse. Different boutiques to. Let people know that they can and drop off diapers there. And that's another way not only does it give more diapers but it raises additional awareness so that really gets amplified. The month of October 2 together turning 30 facility. You said it's it's going to be. You have an event called the great central Texas round out. They're very central Texas stepped around Nokia is forgot and I our effort to have a region wide diaper drive. That's not been done before we really like to make it an annual effort. To both raise awareness but also collect diapers. For babies cents seniors and in the area. So we have partnered with BD NT banks and the steppingstone schools. To have collection points set all of those locations all across central Texas for the whole month of October. So that anyone can bring in diapers to support us. It they can even be. Open packages loose papers that you don't need anymore aren't there have been in the bottom of the diaper bag eightieth. It all gets re bundled and goes out to where it's really needed in the community. Now for anyone wanting to get involved in May be with organization. Do you take volunteers. Absolutely. Volunteers are really the lifeblood of what we do and it's only way we've been able to service many people undo the work that we do. We have. Volunteers come in and they they sort and count on an inventory diapers and need they do the re bundling. And help get them back out today. At partner agencies that we he. Work with to serve all the different groups that we do. For someone listening are now it's a website that they can visit to volunteer. Absolutely if you go to. Debbie can be Danny got cost and after being dad who are GE. We have a get involved tab and that turns you on in different ways. Thank you candy involved with us volunteering holding and diaper drive that's that's huge and yes how and how does someone hold a secretary of picketed at their houses they can do it at their house we have people instead of asking for gives that a baby shower may be an addition and will bull have people bring diapers. House were means that then you know sometimes sit in May be you know just something nice that they went into. If either pro scout troop or church group needs to have a service project. On you believe is a box and some science and and get the word out. That's a great question and we would really love. To raise a 100000. Papers. Since it's the first time we're really not sure how how it's gonna go but and last year we did just over 200000 diapers for the whole year and this year. We hoped to. And be put over 300000. So. So the month of October is going to be that pushing until October could be oppression also. Leads into the holiday season which is basically people are thinking on how to give back and holidays usually end up being. Pretty good to us as well so we're hoping in just kind of all. Roles together intent to one huge effort at the end of the year yeah and and it's great that you also include it's not just for. In a new born it's it's for senior citizens as well absolutely. Seniors are very important to us we feel like. They are often forgotten about and absolutely. The that is the population here. That is growing people are retiring in and moving here and that's our baby boomers age that's occurring population. And it's also very important to DOS and I privy to support and children who are. Hold third in my. Be an attacker needs so. Either disabled children Ers for some reason delayed. You know that can be in theory expensive. Burden for parents on top of the additional care that those children need. So this Wednesday we're gonna be having our grand opening of our warehouse so this has been three years in the making them raising money and writing grants and trying to demonstrate to people Haiti we just like food bank has commuting needs of food bank of community needs attacked terrific you. And so. We are having a grand opening number warehouse Summers so excited about that with the 21. And then. Kicking off diaper need awareness week which is a national event. It has been declared by. Governor and it and this city of Austin the economies of Travis and Williamson and to really raise awareness about the need that is for diapers in our area. We're having on Saturday. September 24 Ers from twelve to 3 PM at the northwest rec center. We are holding the family fun fest and diaper drive it to completely free fan community event. And we are having. Austin fire department there with a fire truck. For having princesses. Lingo building new music and dance kids' classes. All sorts giveaways just completely free fun stuff and all we ask is people try to bring some diapers or alma monetary donation for the diaper bank. We have been less than before and it's really great fun we have a lot of people turn out there's plenty of parking sweet yeah. Not a problem in this town can come up parking. Oh do you feel like you're gonna have more events in the future I mean you said this is your third year but I imagine you discuss the warehouse. Here growing in new what do you what he's seed implant for the Austin they prepare ink in the future well. Mom we absolutely need to continue to grow we are in a very modest warehouse rent seventy net square feet. So. We're gonna need to continue to worry about that the risk funds. We just need staffing I work largely for free I just turned my first staff member. If it does take some men Paris did you do all this and work with 45 different partner agencies and all the things that we do so yes we hope to. Do so more events we went the diaper around up to be every October we hope the family fun fest continues to be an annual event. We're looking at hold saying that they merger be in May. Play and that's how I can talk. If sir but that they yeah I mean we wanna be is integrated the community. That in the can be that we serve. So and you always taken diapers and be brought up a great point. It costs money. To keep a nonprofit open so again our website it is constant diaper bank stat OR TE. We have a donate button there. There's we are also very happy to be involved but amplify Austin if every march and there's the Tony for our day of giving. And we absolutely participated in cannot and love the idea behind that. Those are two great waves. You cannot so. Content you know if you contact us through the website that comes right to me that's a benefit of being a small shop and having. Literally two separate trips. So I'm happy to talk to anyone that and they wanna. You know and invest in our community in the way. If you're just joining us on inside us and I'm here with Beverly Hamilton and if she's here speaking about the Austin diaper bank and Beverly for single people out there. Especially listening right now. You can watch her HEB and completely ignore. The diapers action what's like the average cost of a diaper and and how quick can a family go through like a package of diapers within a month even. Well they the packs and all different all different sizes. You. But it's you know few C. And that's probably 3804 teeth. Of papers. So. I'm not not very long it's gonna go quick approximately eight diversity day I'm even more of their newborn equipment. They know every three hours that there are newborn so it yet and for families living right on the poverty line that's absolutely others a study. I almost on an appeal in 2013. And then. Is reported. And parents who are in in poverty who days. Their diaper need is is just a stressful to them as not having enough food. And I was the first time that the diaper he does as a I think it's really documented in the academic literature. But it it it absolutely is and you know we surveyed in. Talked to our clients and we asked them what did you do before you buy diapers now on papers improved her. How have they improve your lives and them. You know. There's all sorts of things. That that happened when you don't have enough diapers that that aren't good outcomes right I mean there's for health issues and everything mental issues the stress. Just the the desperation. He thinks you know of well I guess fleas fast enough concern T shirt served you know what do you do now him. But them. Yeah 11 in twelve moms reports that they have left their baby in and diaper longer than they needed to just because they've had limited resources. A donation of something can really help a family out absolutely you mentioned you know need money in a way is always better and that's because we have access to wholesale. And diaper purchasing. We can get the best deals. You know from from the manufacturers. We wish you were cheaper head back of it but it's still much cheaper than he can do going into your local store and invited him. But that being said. Any any day per dollar makes a huge difference. We still we talk about November's well we. And yes so to. It is great central Texas Tech around up in October will culminate and and and fun of ever doing for the very first time. And we have to continue to do it but it's in partnership with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. And had to Krispy Kreme locations. On Thursday November 3. We will be doing papers for doughnuts and people who come and donate dollars or diapers to us there. Will receive a sweet treat from Krispy Kreme. I missed Rihanna felt were really excited they have done it Constance I mean it's it's going to be a thing Kia. At a Taco Bell and where is that going to be yet again they Krispy Kreme locations so there's one on 183 Norris and then there smile and then south I think it's Stastny. And for more information on that they can visit us some type of paint dot org Beverly Alan I think so much for joining us today do you have any last. Make a difference right here infant intensive. Again that's Beverly Hamilton and the executive director of Austin diaper bank. For more information on the Austin paper bank to make a donation the cash donation. Diaper donation you can visit costs and diaper bank dot org remember. A takes a lot of manpower to run. A organization and nonprofit organizations so they also take him volunteers again everything I'm Hostin diaper bank. Dot org this is inside us and and we'll be right back. You're struggling with your mortgage and you think about it. You don't do anything but think about it what are we gonna do if it was how. Where we gonna go to work. Let anybody find out and sold embarrassed. And dinner how can tell the kids. It's gonna affect our minds it's. 3 o'clock in the morning I don't know what to do I don't know how to get through this what's gonna happen to us. Time to stop thinking it's time to start dialing. Call 18 KE DD 995 hope for free government program that offers expert one on one advice about your mortgage options. And all of my own. Known you know. We've helped over a million homeowners can leave it helps you and now there are more ways to help. Call 1888995. Hope. Or visit making home affordable dot gov brought to you by the US treasury hunt and the ad council. Le. The moment my sons are redwood tree. It is the moment I knew that for him you. Even this guy. Has no limit. There are some moments only the funniest comments I find dealers that discuss for the first data right. Learn about forest near you can discover cool things to do when you go like hiking and biking fishing or camping. I do your own thing when you get the air with family and friends. Your moment has done the scientist at discussing the fullest doesn't like. That's discover the full list and I don't like. Brought to you by the US Forest Service and he had counsel. I'm good. But I have a story and I don't know when stuff I'm getting but I feel. Alone in the crowd and good. Past keeps coming back when the servicemen who are veterans in your sense and again are you really listening and good. But I can't get out of bed I'm getting. And I can't sleep and and I feel overwhelmed. I'm good but I don't feel safe. I'm good. And I still how many hands and good. I don't mean and I'm good until anything anymore because then they can live like this and believe not some good. W it is listen. Suicide prevention is everyone's responsibility. Listen to the veteran or service member in your life if you are in crisis or know someone who is called the veterans crisis line in military crisis line 81802738255. And press one for free 24/7 confidential support. Top five reasons guys turning eighteen to register with a Selective Service System today Jason. Line it's a law. You know selective service registration of federal college loans and grants. Three social service registration government job you treatment. For H like two minutes five job no college you a loser credential. Guys. You can probably come up with five reasons to register was selective service when he took eighteen. Please be easier to just register that's SS dot gov. This is a message of warning for people seeking legal status in the US. No Atari o.s and other unauthorized consultants try to take advantage of the confusion surrounding immigration reform. Don't let them take advantage of view. No new laws have been passed the deferred action program does exist but you should seek qualified legal help before applying. You may find out that your eligible for something more permanent then deferred action wouldn't that be great. But if you have someone fill out your forms who is not qualified. They may ruin your chances for a legal status for ever. Talked to a licensed immigration practitioner. Ask questions and report of Dario who are trying to take advantage of you and your family. For more information go to www. Stop no tar heel fraud dot or. A public service message from the American Immigration Lawyers Association. All intents and us and our guests today are actually returning guest is Bobby painter if you don't remember him he's actually the interim executive director. For American gateways. Bobby welcome back to show thanks for having me. He gives some background of American gateways yes absolutely we're as central Texas nonprofit we're based in Austin that we also the large office in San Antonio. You provide immigration legal services and low or no cost to the immigrant community in central Texas focusing on people it. Below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines and this is American gateways is one of the largest nonprofit immigration legal services in Texas yes that's correct. They American neo is gonna host and then our thorough and gave way. Awards are honoring immigrants of achievement yes that's currently lead traditionally tried to do manual amendment this is. A new spin nominal demand the gateway awards is designed to do to really draw attention to and to celebrate the achievements and contributions at all immigrants maintain a central Texas. But economically culturally socially politically. And when doing that by spotlighting the achievements of the few local individuals who really made their mark on the Austin community. So we have three honorees this year the first is Elizabeth Leon she's a local film producer Venezuelan born day and lives in Austin now and she is also the Kono co owner a troublemaker studios. And addition we have Michael shoes who's Taiwan born Houston raised architect he's seen his his buildings as restaurants and and and stores all over town. And then finally a doctor Alejandro Moreno who's an old friend of our organization but is currently stepped into the role of assistant dean for clinical integration of the don't medical school UT Austin. He's also a lawyer and has been a pro Bono volunteer with American gateways for several years. And so I mean it just reading through Aziz. Made these names and and seeing what they've done and accomplish and they have quite a story yes absolutely. I think each of them has to some extent from speaking with me I'll draw from their experience as immigrants to into an informant for the work that they do it and to motivate them to it to achieve great things here so what can what can people expect from the honors that they're gonna receive at this event where we're hoping that they're going to speak to yes how they're immigrant experience has informed their careers and put them on the trajectory to achieve so much and today and what how to motivate stunted to get back to their communities. Each each honoree will also have their own present during who will be. Hopefully speaking their achievements a little bit more refineries themselves I'm and then we're also and to have Gina Hinojosa who's. Our current candidate for state Texas State representative who'll be who. There and seen the entire event in trying to pull out that narrative immigrant achievement throughout that he. Well I mean this is really speaks man for us tomorrow MacBreak person that love story telling him how low people stories. And these are all successful immigrants people that didn't probably come from alive right what kind of and with American gateways what what kind of things CC going in there with with immigrants in families. One of the things that I like to I was a lot is just. The empowerment that comes through. Stable immigration status we we work with. Clients from all over the world who come to this country and all sorts of circumstances they work a lot with refugees survivors of human trafficking in pretty serious crimes. And just being able to provide that platform. Immigration as a work permit that they know the knowledge that you don't have to worry about deportation or where you're going to be living. All of that serves to really empower our clients to go out and contribute to the communities they they do it. Perhaps a smaller scale than our retirees that each one contributes in their own. Way I think one statistic that I like to throw out there is it every year undocumented immigrants alone contribute more than. A billion dollars to the Texas island to Texas through state and local taxes. So for the past thirty years you guys have been providing legal I've received for immigrants. On the field. Like the country is like split in half on refugees right now has that taken a hole on your job in any sense or where are you just powering through and we're powering through we take the position that. Applying for asylum is a human right that all immigrants irrespective of status have. Fundamental human rights and our objective through all of this is to make sure that they are empowered to claim has rights themselves. Now the gave way awards honoring immigrants of achievement ceremony is Thursday October 20 place sixteen. This is open to the public. Yes tickets are available now online at www. American gateways dot org slash events. You can buy individual ticket sponsorship packages are still available as well. Doors open to the general public at 8 PM. And there is a VIP cocktail reception for sponsors that begins at 7 PM and ticket sales are they contributing to anything specific. They're going to contribute to. Well a number of things that we. They they supplement our grant funding to support. For instance travel to detention center astute to help with immigrant detainees were applying for asylum it helps us cover. Things like our phones and power our technology expenses things aren't traditionally covered under the grants. Now he has I imagine her a fairly. Large nonprofit organization. And I think you help more people than you may have the manpower to. Com they've that you may have available here office CU. Tape volunteers at any time of the year. Yes absolutely we take volunteers. Both as interpreters and translators we take it volunteers who can help with administrative responsibilities at the office and we also focused a lot on professional volunteers may be. Positions have been different medical evaluations or attorneys who want to take on a pro Bono case and all of that information is available on our website as well and you can sign up there and somebody will get in touch with you about what opportunities are available any time. Bobby and do you have any last words. I think the point that I wanna meet with a game winning awards is that. As I said before we're spotlighting the achievements of the few members of the immigrant community in Texas that we as an organization are there to advocating and our all immigrants in central Texas. Not just the ones that. Had a successful. Architecture careers are film producer of the people who work every day to contribute to this community. Bobby don't think you again for joining us thanks for having me happy to come back whenever. Again that was Bobby painter the interim executive director. Or American gateways. If you like more information on American gateways to visit the website American gateways dot org. Again American gateways dot org. Now is not the time to stand on the sidelines. Our country hasn't had real bipartisan immigration reform in over a generation. Every day that goes by without reform is another lost opportunity for economic growth and security. We need congress to take real action. Call your representative and senators and tell them to support immigration reform that will help families businesses and our economy. And reflects the American values and principles on which our country was built. We need a bill that offers a path to citizenship for the undocumented. Reforms to the family and business immigration system. And measures to strengthen our borders. Do your part to tell congress to stop wasting time stand on the right side of history and move real immigration reform forward. A public service message from the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Working to promote justice and advocates for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy. September is ovarian cancer awareness month. Ovarian cancer is one of the most common cancers in women in the fifth most deadly it is responsible for more than 141000 deaths in the United States each year and has the highest mortality rate of all time ecological cancers because early symptoms often go undetected these symptoms may include bloating pelvic or abdominal pain difficulty eating or feeling full quickly and frequent urination. Celtic culture sounded blood tests are currently the best methods to diagnose whether these symptoms are from ovarian cancer early diagnosis is key to successful treatment. All women are at risk for ovarian cancer is increasing age of the personal or family history of the disease can increase your risk for more information about ovarian cancer risks screening and treatment is it radiology info dot org. That's radiology info one word that our team this country Niger is from the Radiological Society of North America. Did you know that people born from 1945 to 1965. Have the highest rates of hepatitis C but most don't know they're infected. People can live for decades without symptoms but over time hepatitis C can cause serious health problems. Including liver damage and even liver cancer if you were born from 1945 to 1965. The CDC recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis C so I talked to your doctor about getting tested it could save your life a message from the CDC. This graduation music he talks on. Rooms for many of us communities in schools is proud to play an important role in the lives of so many high school graduates as the nation's leading drop out prevention organization we work inside public schools to ensure that at risk kids. The chance to see this day. Your which some recent graduates had to say about communities and schools they've always had my back it's always that anything now let me communities in schools is critical for the success of students whose ability to attend school is often jeopardized by heart chips. And then there apparently and I had any questions any problems personally anytime I needed for why they weren't there. I communities in schools we not only help kids progress to the next grade we support them on the path to graduation. So I hear guys say they just stay calm. Please communities in schools ever give up on me kill me I can do it and I didn't communities and schools proudly serves one point five million students every year. Others give all eleven million at risk kids to support they need and the same chance for a better future to learn how you can lend a hand go to communities in schools that award. Love playing thanks for instance. I love the competition the camaraderie the bands the crowds all the pageantry. And I wanted to keep tonight. But I graduate who know college is cold and neither did the probes. So to stay close to the game I loved I decided to become a high school official you know referee. When I played high school sports I learned the importance of integrity. Good sportsmanship and respect for the rules and now as high school official I get to help model these same values to others. Maybe the colleges in the pros didn't call. But the kids in Texas did. And now I'm enjoying the competition the camaraderie the bands the crowds and pull all the pageantry of high school sports. All over again. This message presented at Texas university in your scholastic league and the Texas high school athletic directors association. Yeah. What have you been up to with conviction yoga in the past couple years. Well. The most and exciting thing that's going on is that I have joined forces with the yoga yoga which is one of them premiere the other places and Austin area. And day are willing to do a teacher training program in the prison itself. And the idea is to teach that inmate has teach and then populates. The prison system itself like send them to different units. Have them become the yoga teacher for the unit and so I instead of me having to find free world teachers to do there. To do yoga program this we're gonna park try to populated with inmate teachers. Well that makes some sense because I think it's so much more logical or aren't so absolutely Anglo Irish remember you talking about you were teaching at five prisons and you were driving all the time. And and this is a volunteer program to the silly gimmick takes you two to four hours just to get to present the becomes quite a volunteer projects. Yeah there was one in my days was that on a Tuesday or would go to Tennessee colony and it would. I would jarred our lead at 5 in the morning and get home at 930 or ten wow and I would teach in three prisons in one day while they there was. They have there's a lot of clusters of prisons in Texas they'll be. Four or five units within driving distance of each other. And it's just. I think probably what happens is the state has a land out in those areas in the very remote. So they put these little prison clusters out there Brian. And so it's actually been beneficial for the program because I can just after the cluster grab us several places. But the reality of the remoteness of the presence is just it's not working anymore. For sure and it's not sustainable like if you wanted to find free world yoga teachers on to alleviate the burden off of yourself that's you've got to find people who are willing to to do the drive so that's what makes so much sense. To have the prisoners themselves who are entrusted to become yoga teacher trainers certified against attack. And really like command and out of that. Still go to the he's unit and gates felt. And then me and dad are. Really that are hard core come in my class and have been coming in my class for several years are very interested in learning how to teach at Hammond thought so it's I think it's a great up for. Yeah it's an absolute win went so yoga yoga is partnering with you on this venture and when does it all gets started CO NS begin the process of that teaching the inmate's right. Right. Well it's this is a new program. And so this is not something that has actually been approved by the prison system itself affect. Our I had submitted. A new program proposal to Huntsville. It as it's actually is somewhere in the deciding process it's. Send it on June 24. And I still haven't heard it was actually last week that Iraq was able to finally confirmed that they had received it. Oh wow yeah it was tough even chests and they know it's had a look at it tough. But that's that's very much have a system kind of works you know it's there's a lot of bureaucracy so one arm. The system doesn't even know what the other arm is doing. So like I have to go through the volunteer services department. Which is organized in and conducted by people that are paid them right. But like everything that's considered rehabilitated. Is done through the volunteer services and kind so. The Texas prisons are completely reliant on volunteers to even make. Any level of rehabilitation happen wow there's no people there are. Designated. This guy's in charge of rehabilitation. So make sent home. So and so historically at all and I've. Church based offerings home they do you have like educational and vocational. But those in those are go on within the system itself and there are people that like a paid to manage that aspect ever like go have. Metalworking Sharpton and one of the units and you know. Here you know various different trades that the men can learn how to do. That. Anything that's done that's considered even remotely religious or spiritual has to be done through the volunteer system I say. OK so. What happens you know as you yet to get to that initial. Block of bureaucracy. In each submitted to the volunteers. People. And then they submitted some birdie and then that person submits it to somebody else and so who knows where it is now I know from getting per fifty. Very definition of red tape yet very that's yeah. If you're just not joining us on inside DOS and I'm speaking with Jim Freeman he's the founder of conviction yoga and I guess when you first started. Teaching yoga in Texas prisons. I mean. Did you have the sort of bury your century TU with the bureaucracy like getting going there was actually easier getting yelling than it is to get this new aspect. The program approved it was in the very beginning is very frustrating because I have. And you know I just made the decision that I was gonna do it and so I started calling that prisons that were closer to Austin. And said hey wanna teach yoga it's your. Facility and Al always ended up having to talk to Chaplin. Tend to get that idea started and they always say no like. We have heard no probably 25 times moved from 25 different units tea. Home and then finally I'd kind of snuck into the back door I was. There was a group that was teaching Christian meditation. And one of the teachers that was coming in going into the prison. To teach the meditation and was teaching them yoga poses. And then they decided well it would be cool if we can get an actual yoga teacher to do this and so. Somehow we found each other and it's a kind of long crazy story that we for a nation that. But then I started going in without them. And then I figured out like if I go in as the eastern religions. Eastern religions volunteer they can't tell me now I think. Because it's a right to religion issue for sure. So that's the tack a sort of take after awhile and then but I still have to column and say hey. I'm not a I want to be in eastern religions volunteer in the chaplain can say yes or no I'm like he can still decide narrow. In in usually it's always based on this idea of like we don't have anybody in this prison that's eastern religions. So it's kind of and then. I'm like I've been trying to get into the female side of things which almost all of that goes on and gates which is the two hour drive from Austin. And a pair column has wrote books. Wow I would thought it'd be easier for you to get into women's prison to TJ advantages and and Ryan considering their. I think most yoga practitioners. Mean there's only 80% is FEMA torn right arm yeah somewhere in that range. And they're just making the decision like announced that eastern religions on their paper works and every you're going to be interest in Kenya background which I'm sure entrees are not sure how that's frustrating bureaucracy. At its very well better remember what we're dealing with very remote areas. So they and in all the chaplains are always christianity based share. The reality of it is it's it's a more fundamental mistake mentality. In rural areas right in mean moral you're more likely to. Come across fundamentalist Christian and in a remote area right right that's and that's kind of treated her so these guys don't think that things like guild. Offer anything that value Wilshire KG are trying to tell people may be who've never done yoga. That this will be valuable for inmates riot. And city don't have a personal experience with that it's hard to see the value some time tracked and unfortunately because our culture has adopted you know this is a primarily as C a physical activity right like athletic yeah yeah so the but it's very spiritual. And then he had the mental benefits. Heard you know disconnecting your breath here movement by itself teams has this huge. Mental benefits now and you know so especially people that are in their incarcerated. 95. I mean I would probably say it's higher percentage of the people that are you locked it's from they had experienced. I'm resolved trauma. No matter who. Who didn't understand like there's the one of the reason essays like fish to primary responses to and the result trauma it's addiction and violence men pretty much everybody that talked after airing their for one of those two things how your right hand. So. You know and just the that it's just. So well documented that my infamous activities yoga meditation center. Is all really great for resolving unresolved trauma. Acute even have to know what the trauma is you can put somebody in a yoga class. And networked harm the trauma can work its way out of their marquee. I mean they're they're being able to scientifically document this thought to travel and crazy that is. That's powerful stuff yeah. So there's really out of can't imagine a better populate them more of a population that's better suited. Yeah to have yoga presented to them. Which is why it's all the more frustrating for you in this current position that your end because where you were teaching a five prisons now you're only able to teach at one right right so. The other guys are trying to carry on without you Mamie. But it would be so great you'd be so instantly valuable. See for Huntsville to approve this this next phase of your program which is the partnership with the NB Endesa that your actually training the inmates to become. Uncertified themselves to tease Ryan how. So you know it's a twofold thing you know they become like the unit yoga teacher. And so they get that opportunity to help others you know in other people benefit from the yoga practice. And then when they get free. And they have a vocation and the potential application prone so there's it said you know and it's a double whammy they get to do great things inside to help. Like ease the suffering of walking out there. The car off the world suffering his eased the tiny bit Sharon some people in prison that aren't suffering as much we'll share. It surely it makes some sense that yeah you want your your your citizens you are incarcerated. You why they're suffering the east because if it doesn't I mean. Most of those guys are gay now right and if they haven't learned how to deal with their difficult emotions. In any way then. Why would they behave differently when they get out of prison rather than just. What my what my argument always is like you know if if a guy goes prison he's in their for ten years and he literally nothing has changed for him. He's going to be standing in line at the grocery store someday next year that's right right and do you really want. Can come up with completely that hasn't changed completely at all do you really want him pretty. That's a great question and a. Makes sense to me we would certainly rather something have changed something you know act cataclysmic shift in fact. Whether it's addiction that landed him in there or whether it's violence or both I mean. You want your society to be filled with productive citizens. Because it's. It's the thing that's best for all of us were all affected at some point whether we want to meg Knology or not and life is stressful enough surveys on their own path and every has our own struggles. But this is an incredible journey that you're on gem to to bring yoga to a population of people who really need it. I think it could be I think you'd be could. Kinda changed the world in a tiny little way. You know I think you are -- world and makes me think like if prisons all across America had programs where they were teaching yet been inmates. The male inmates and female inmates this right now this is only happening in a segment of Texas prisons for man one tiny little prison once and he's kind of a 112. And mean that really he won by one changes everything I think we incarcerate over a million men. That's an incredible things here the man. And we know that incarceration does nothing to rehabilitate. No I mean in peace if you ever like it could experience it directly. It's the most and it's a really dangerous place to be mom and there there is no. I mean it's it's completely storage. Like they literally store humans now there's and if if that person doesn't completely take the initiative himself. To change what's going on he's not gonna go anywhere. You know there's some they get education there's some find religion and but those are very few very tiny percent and so on. So what went. What would help you right now what do you need right now to move forward. What I in the morning thing is for Huntsville say yes you can do it right. And I'd even. I've even reached the idea that I would be content with just let me teach them how to teach yeah and and don't worry about. You know poppy laying the prison system with these teachers. You know it just let me create let me start a teacher training program because the program in its entire you would involve inmates coming to raising gates bill yes where they could get trains. Many can go through very yoga teacher training and then they would go back to their home prison and I can teach there that's that's my vision that's yes the program working as it said. And now it but even if they would just allow me to do the teacher training program that same model could happen they could come from where wherever. Take you know do the training and then go back to their Communist and then maybe they just take some petty somebody and you know some other people or their cell block cracked. You know us it's a grass roots thing drag SARS on my on yeah. If somebody happens to be listening here can help you out with this Howell could they get in touch with you. How about my email address now work it's it's pretty easy Freeman FR EMA and law firm. Atx. Edgy now at Kraft easy enough freemen and law firm atx Gina at cracked if. You're listening any think you might be able to give GM a hand here with his nonprofit conviction yoga which is teaching. Yoga too. Men who are incarcerated right now in one prison he was teaching in five and have them more remarkable program really already to go out if but for the approval of Huntsville. Do you have any ideas on how you might be able to get him to help expedite this process he'd love to hear from you. And his email address once again is Freeman law firm atx like as an Austin, Texas atx at Gmail. Conviction yoga has a FaceBook page felt good OX I actually works tomorrow I can't expect a visit Jim's face that pays a conviction you know got is the name. You know I wish you so much success with this because I think it's such a good per Herman and any of us who have done yoga I know the difference that it makes. In your body not just physically but like your home mindset likely you're talking about the practice of mindful that so. So breaks my heart a little bits and that you've here it's so on the way with this concept and it blew peace so beneficial to folks. If only you get the approval and I can just say is you know 'cause being good like to you thank you. 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