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Sep 19, 2016|

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Welcome to lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show. The real estate investment pro. Listen and learn how to use realistic to build wells and passive income streams were you when your family. We bring you experts every day to discuss intention your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. And now the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show. The show I'm your host Lynne Breaux and as always here on the lifestyles are limited real estate investor radio show where focused on your personal and shiny. Labor mutual funds. Results in 95%. Of Americans failing to retire by age sixty soft and you realize plays 65 you'll have worked. Forty plus years. Forty plus years forty plus hours a week. And still 95% of Americans cannot retire. But the good news is you can look at these 5% you do retire before or at age 65. And the majority of members of our way before about. If you look at what they're doing. 70% of them owned businesses in real strength. So guess what you better have been your portfolio. And all unrealistic. He is life changing. It's life changing when you start building. Passion streams of income and how we Jews number 8000 months you can go for less than that if you want. Where you go for more than that I'm quite sure that there are several members of ourselves on the move them over a 100000 dollars a month. In passive income. So there is no limit to do it either she's the 8000 number because. The average fuel for an American dream when this this car and hotel snowed toothbrush toothpaste to know his fourth house run at 4000 dollars a month. So if you've got Tony rent houses and those Tony Reynolds is make you a thousand dollars profit every month. That leaves you 4000. Dollars for romance. For fun for travel. Unexpected medical expenses. It's just a good number I think it's 96000 dollars a year. Again if you want to say you go higher in America more power to your eyes so my go way way higher than now. So everybody's different I'm just using the 8000 number because it's pretty much gonna give everybody. Anybody that's a pretty darn high quality of life side. So that's what we do is we go out instead of shrinking saving and speculating in the stock market making Q3. 4% on our money. We go around revised income producing assets. They give us rates of return the first year in excess of a 100%. Melanie say that in June because the senate on yesterday's show and I literally got an email. From a listener that soon. Did you mean to say that the first year you own a single family house. The average rate of return is over a 100%. Yes. That is exactly what I mean besides. Because what people don't realize. Is that while stocks only make you money at one maybe two ways. Our appreciation. And cash flow if you got one that pays dividends. We'll still make you money. Four ways and lets you keep your money because of the tax advantages. So we call that five ways your rebellion of peace real estate management found ways. But when you had the Jack recapture. The appreciation. For the equity buildup. Hand to cash flow forget about the tax advantages just those four. Our rate of return that's for sure we don't seem extremely else's over a 100%. Indians. The second year may drop to 20/20 5%. But. You've got to ask yourself. How are you doing with the rest of your portfolio. Are you make in 20/20 5% rate of return. They're not Martin not even close. See these are life changing numbers. If I could convince every single one of you. To at least by one single family house this year. One little singled in the funny Tom what do you do it. One of single family house. Do you realize you'll have done more to retire yourself then all of your efforts in your life your entire life. Up to this point. To determine if that is correct before you do is you simply quit your job. Richard John. And they asked the question now how much money. Do I have coming in every month. The answer to that out is how effective. Your plans for retirement. Has been so far. And remember you're not allowed to touch your savings you can touch the interest off your savings. Nolan to sell your stock you can touch the dividends. How much money do you have coming in every month. For most people the answer is 00. So your all your efforts towards retirement. Have been complete failure. To this point. But if you buy one little single seemly house this year. Then make your 400 dollars a month profit every month. Does it make sense when I say you've done mortar retire yourself in the next two months and ten years of labor twenty years of labor. It's a fact. Because if you quit your job that 400 dollars still come soon. Now go way back up and over the next summer juniors. By twenty of those little things. And then you have 8000 dollars a month coming up. When do you have to go back to work. You don't. You're retiring. In this amazing it. For many people. In it shouldn't be but it is amazing. When people realized. Retirement has nothing. To do with age. If it did. Then like magic. The moment you turn 65 that everyone would retire Brian. Cause us to stage. Its. We have retirement has to do they know it doesn't that's why 95% of Americans can't retire at age 65. But I've got a student. Or retired. Literally in their teens. My son retired at 24. And many other many many many many members have done the damage. That's what this show is about that's what we're talking about. She is how to give it. Real estate in your portfolio. And start building these cancers streams of income so what I wanna do I do have some submachine covered today. But I don't want you to worry about the subjects I'm covering two I don't want to know what you need to know. To get out here and start. Building these past two streams of income in other words you've got questions. If I've done my presentation effectively. You're going you know makes sense I would love to have. Another income stream this on my job. Blunt. And what comes after the book is what I would love to hear you call me about you may say but. I've got bad credit but. I don't have a lot of money but. I'm afraid of attendance thought I'm afraid of taxes that insurance. Financing whatever it is. Com Leo yeah. With whatever challenge you now and I'll share with you the best practices. And the business model that gets us around those problems or fears or whatever you want to call. The ones are open at 8777115211. Tape 7771152. He left. Now on yesterday's show made a comment that I got emails including from truth natural producer of the show. It was the comment that the reason people never become financially independent. Is because they never put any effort towards that goal they don't think it's necessary. They see it that's for the rich and there's a lot as a sales peoples on a wannabe ridge. I just. Have no idea how people say that tonight. I hear it. The reason they never chief financial independence. He's because they already think they are independent. She from the time we're old enough to walk. Our parents started using the word independent. And they start telling us how to be independent. So as you grow world you're taught that to Kuwait to be independent. Is to do real well in high school. And get into college. And either take out loans or get a scholarship for whatever it takes to get to college. Do you go and get that for your degree. And you get out and you get a job. And then your independent. Will people I got bad news story. That is not in the room. It's actually deepen its we'll talk more after the break thanks for what's. Lifestyle some limited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that is taking people by the hand and taught them how to invest in real state for over 24 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passing thing found that they won local state and national investor in the year awards nine of the last nine years it's easy to see quite personal real estate investor magazine named as the best in the US if you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access our free live training events scheduled. Wondering who the free workshop is for we did amazingly successful with people who are pressed for time. Doctors lawyers small business owners and corporate professionals. Who are grinding their lives away for deferred income and don't realize they can start creating passive income today. Within that confines of their schedules and commitment. Want to get started now go to my passive income workshop dot com it's my passive income workshop dot com. Me. Will I have enough income winner retiring. MMI doing the best things now to pay the least amount attacks as possible remedies are questions you don't have great interest to you may not have. My total retirement plan. Well local trusted coach still Capriati today. For a complimentary a valuation of 808511636. I tune in for the financial safari on Sundays at seven and 11 AM on top thirteen 70. You know our rich people live. The drive quality pre owned vehicles Dave Ramsey here ghosting my friends at first Texas Honda Austin's hassle free Honda dealer. First Texas Honda has a huge selection of used cars I'm talking over 200. They also have a great selection certified pre owned harm does each of which has been driven fewer than 80000 miles. And has been thoroughly inspected by a Honda trained technician. 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How was smoke reached digital and how did your business. So ANC can track and I am the director of the dealers that can be her hands in Austin what I know for sure is that from the time we engaged in the activities that we need soon. Equality and I'm relieved that I love that kind of people that weary wariness my business brings absolutely great people. I'll find out how Smart reach digital can help market your business even better take your next step towards success this is Smart reached digital dot com today. Read I Arabia over your most miracle plea and Gary MacNamara. On the Sunday night Monday morning show back from a big weekend and we are just about seven weeks. Donald profit taking the lead in some key states like Ohio and Florida. But also the whole show and Eric Maryland schools and thousands of students without government mandated vaccinations. Stay awake with the red eye radio overnights on top thirteen seventy. Welcome back to life styles on the unlimited real estate investor radio show on your host Steve Davis if you've got a question for me please join me now again do not worry about what I'm discussing. I mean you know where you need to know. To get moving forward on your goal of financial independence and please write it down somewhere. Get your goals written down somewhere I know everybody preaches I've preaches. Get them written down he does change your life is cheats and physical and mental commitment. That's different than just thinking about it so please write it down financial independence and start putting some effort towards. Questions on how to do it call me at 87771152. The eleventh. 8777115211. Now we're talking about corporate dependency. And the misconception. That people hanging out in the maturity continuum. That. When you get a job. And you've got a paycheck coming in that your independent. But you've got to realize that where the you do chores at home is secure and to get an allowance at the end of the week. Or you do chores for a company. Can get a allowance. Paycheck at the end of the week. Do you understand why this silly dependant stage. You're dependant on the job or corporations for European Cup. See the maturity continuum. As outlined by Stephen Curry in the seven habits of highly effective people. Moves from dependant. To independent. Something people mean. Almost nobody knows about a thing called the inter dependence which is the ultimate goal that's true retirement. But most people never even bothered to get to the independent stage. And the independent stage is kinda you can easily be defined. As self employment. These are doctors attorneys. CP a piece. Roofers plumbers. Construction people that are that. Are self employed can remember it's not a business. Boy opened a can of worms here. Tournament I have to explain. To seek self employment is not big business. See most people especially when I consult attorneys and CPAs and these guys they always go yeah in my business my business my business. And not always an assist question I say well hold on just a second. Let's ask this question. Continued disappear for a year from your business quote unquote. And make the same amount of money this if you were there. Well that answer every single time I'm 100% of the time is enough. See that's not a business. That's self employment. Now is there anything wrong with self employment especially when it's wonderful it's it's the stage you really want to give us. And when you own Tony rent houses than you manage them yourself. Granted it only takes about six hours a month. Toronto when he houses. But it. You're you're still self employed in other words if you disappear for a year things are gonna you're wrong problems you know arise. And you make less money than if you were there. Interdependence. The next stage is when you own a business. Can give a business. It is something that you can literally disappear from. And make the same amount of money as if you were there. An example would be the apartment complexes and I'm owned over the last fifteen years. I don't have a key to the front door. I don't know the code to the front gates. I haven't even seen some of them and I was an eleven apartment complexes at one time. I only saw maybe five or six of them. The other five or six I never even saw them. I never even drove by them. See that paid business desk inter dependence. And again that's the ultimate goal for ultimate retirement. But most people. Don't wanna do nothings. There's a big misconception out there their retirement is about you know. Doing nothing that you just sit under a tree and shook my 'cause all day and I'm telling you are retarded about. Thirty. And did that for six months drove me nuts and I hated it. It was not fun it was. He was debilitating mentally. I hated it. I went back to work. Like I said they may have been shorter period live in three months or six months. May have been three months not six months I would like to work called Dolan and says hey hill how come back plus aluminum work. So so. Retirement is not about doing nothing to. Because it you probably go crazy she and her position occasional ones are open at 8777115211. 877. 7-Eleven. 52 the eleventh thanks for most. Long time lifestyles member Curtis. It's a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle lady can't please thank you enough still for best. If we were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of the bears no doubt about it and. This road map of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of looks thousand's fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my advice. Take Curtis Strange advice coming felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. Attend the workshop getting your map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. Here and peoples are actually compound prescriptions for Dodge & Cox cats ruts lizards wizards toddlers lot of layers canisters sisters grandma's cramp caused little any Todd so big hot shots Chinchilla guerrillas sea lions know the nonaligned sweet little -- and deeds and tax -- embarrassed it's true we Suarez at people's RX Austin's favorite local full service pharmacy we can make taking medicine easy for you and the furry feathered scaly friends you love did we mention bacon flavor for you or your friends and judgment. Did Dave Ramsey show where common sense and makes dollars and cents. So we know you have absolutely no chance of winning the Lotto and you buy the tickets anyway if you're 27 times more likely to be killed in the car wreck. Driving to the market one mile and a by the winning ticket when you get there that's how bad the statistical evidence at all which makes you mathematically challenged a lot of ticket is a tax on people who can't do math. Weekdays at eleven on top thirteen seventy it's. If you saw it. Good to go she. When it is what you'll be ready. It's. Austin's all over Texas a and M football talk thirteen seven million dollar right choices presented by pay extra service. Some might very show hey folks it's Michael Barry and you might not know me yet but I'm new to talk thirteen 70 and I am delighted about it Jimmy chance won't even I'll come around after Sean Hannity and we'll talk about politics of course the set when you won't talk about the law also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we'll talk about the back rooms which I left fried chicken. Whiskey and country music Billy Joseph shaver. Willie Nelson University of Texas and all things Alston and beyond weekdays at slap on all thirteen seventy there right. Choice. CBS news special reports the blast rocking New York City last night injuring at least 29 people. 1000 additional police are now called into duty New York governor Andrew Cuomo just now I guess. On there's no evidence followed and international. Terrorism payment anyway this didn't sit and watch bug. It is very very early enough today. CBS is Anna Werner reports of police are checking surveillance tape. Survey analyst video shows the blast that occurred on 23 street you can see a white flash and an explosion. Then people running from the scene and now police are trying to determine if there is any more video that will help. Them a second unexploded device found a few blocks away CBS news senior national security analyst Francis Townsend. He consumed terrorism is only Islamic extremists that carried them in. Trying to instill fear in a population. CBS news special report I'm Jim Taylor. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the life tells unlimited real. Real estate investor radio show remember you can always find us online at lifestyles unlimited dot com lifestyles unlimited dot com got a couple of emails here from people asking about our free introductory workshop. There are there's some coming up in Dallas. Live events in Dallas. Austin San Antonio and Houston. If you're not near one of those cities we also have been available for you online which is when guys change. This from California. The other California. You have to watch online or fly out here. But go to lifestyles unlimited dot com and on the left hand shot I believe you'll see a little picture. Where access free introductory workshop for something to effect our click on that and now deal. Dates and times and how to get access you have premature true workshop. Doesn't even have a question for me phone lines are open at 8777115211. 8777115211. Or you welcome email me as a few of you have done. It's asked Steve. Had no you find in C dot com ask Steve and bill you find NC dot com. Okay this is an interesting. Very honest question. Can I give us a lot. It it's basically homily the person anonymous. But it's basically the question is real estate so good Steve why aren't you just you real state why you so memberships and teach people how to invest in real state. Tom there's a couple of reasons the first reason and I wanna sharing your ride out in the open is because we make a lot of money. Training people and selling memberships. Across the United States and really in six I think we're in six other countries as well. So we make a lot of money doing that us and doing the radio shows and someone. I'm glad there's a no other reason that people. Don't really graphs. Until it's. And they think deeply about it. And it's it's because real estate is not mine number one passion. I'm makes a joke sometimes that I don't even like real state. And that's not 100% true. But it's. Despite comparison to teach me. I don't like real soon. My passion and tells the same way Dole's my mentor he goes or the radio shows. He's a natural born teacher. Taught kind of learned that. But now he calls me a natural born teacher and I called him a natural born teacher. And that's where our passion lies. So I don't like real state I don't like managing you're not only dealing with food. By comparison. To answering emails like for us to doing the radio show. It's just flat out fun for me I give our charge. An example I'll give you his last week I was having. I don't know that it sounds corny but I am a bad day. And just kind of depressed and not not really feeling good or whatever you wanna say because I myself a little bit from depression. The end it was just a bad mood. And then I got a phone call. From one of the listeners. A distribution. And he began asking me questions about investing real soon. I felt great. Did it got me jazzed up and got me fired up and got me excited really made me happy. I realized. Again how can this realization many times that I'm exactly. Where I should be. I'm doing exactly. What I was on this earth to do. So there's your answer to choose sides of it. The first side as we make a lot of money in the second side is we love it it's our passion. Compels a little more active in his realistic scenario. I'm completely passive and all my real estate deals they'll actually in Torre's. The business of real stakes are he does a little gross. OK phone lines are open at 87771152. Elevenths. 877. 7-Eleven. 52. You love them. Next question is a guy and I guess he heard an advertisement. Staying. He is asking what does it mean it's not the money this lifestyle. Don't you have to have the money to have the lifestyle. Can end the answer is rather complex. Because yes you have to have some money. You know it's a capitalist society. You've got to have some money to have a quality lifestyle. Foot what a lot of people think you say you have to have a tremendous amount of money. Forward way more money then you need. To have equality like stone we'll discuss that we come back from the break. Call me with your questions at 8777115211. 8777115211. Thanks for looks. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right man. Appreciation. Real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity buildup. Renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally this tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate. Which is why you real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend one of our free workshops or call 1866971897402. Lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718974. Go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. Why no one likes to be surprised by high water bill. Austin water encourages customers to be extra water wise during the hottest summer months when outdoor water use is at its peak. 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You can't afford to miss this free money matters retirement seminar choose 1 PM Saturday October 1 Renaissance Austin hotel 7 PM Thursday October 20 hotel grand duke got a 1 PM Friday October when he first half and in Georgetown these reserve your seat now and money matters dot net. That's money matters dot net or call 80994030. Su. Yeah. Welcome back to life styles unlimited real estate investor radio show we'll get back to this email in a moment now we'll explain why it's not the money is a lifestyle let's go to the phone lines which are open at 8777115211877. 7-Eleven 5211. And talk to you draped in San Antonio. Drake thanks so much for calling in how are you today. We'll do a great barrier islands. There so. I don't. Because there so I won't get you started real stadium I'm still you know pretty young but I've read some books on it. The Coleman I know Arab. A lot of money for a down payment and it's a little about you know doing also fueled them and whatnot. What's your advice on starting out the storm not a lot of money but I'd I guess from wanna start getting you know some assets under my belt. Sure will remember this you've got to know the right types of loans strike winner of people. Are inexperienced. And they go out and they talked to a bank to bank says you have to put 20% down on the house. And then you have to put up the repair so let's take a 150000. Dollar house issued in my for a hundred. They would 120000. Dollars staying home. And then let's say that house has Tony thousand dollars worth of repairs. That would be 40000. Dollars out of pocket for you. Here but there's a thing out there called a hard money loan. In the hard money alone has yet has a very high interest rates that you only use it for about three months so it doesn't matter. But down on the loan includes the purchase price the end the rehab. All in one deal. And the last few deals that I have done. Worked 121000 dollars they owned it then 181000 dollars down. Way below off the 40000 dollars down that I'm normal deal. Would be extra footage you'd be expected to come up well. OK so you need Laura yeah. What are your first step straight kiss keep reading. But you also need to join a real estate investor group like ours please give ours the shot doesn't have to be ours but please give us a get around other real estate investors and then save every dime that you can the end. So that you don't look eventually have the down payment necessary to do these deals. It focus so. There's and I quote Obama FHA loan had who would you recommend one of those. FHA assure their their fun week here is your first and deals so we're probably going to be Cheney made. Federal national mortgage. So. The FHA's are fun especially for an owner occupant deal because I think those things are only 3% annual. When your monitor personal residence. Do I have got a problem with FHA loans yeah bill bill required 20% down. For an investment property saw I didn't fill the role for investment properties. I protest there appear live America it's a good but not earn about OK actually yeah. Focused so hard my own all right wolf thanks thanks they saw us summation on our yelled doesn't look into. This is the first salvos of the radio show though in all those things within two relies so when limited him. Our New York Santonio first. We actually have an office in San Antonio yes so no radio free. You know they'll be a free and drug free workshop next week the so try to get it Edison machines. Yeah the elder from the elbow frigate. It's not. Okay I've appreciated Drake and try to take your. The Obama. Yet the young you've got to you know notice comes across as distilled spirits. Whether it is but you've got to be a member of a real estate investor group it is not. Why this. To go out there on your own and invest in real state it's generally. And I know this is brutal wanna say it. It's experience. That makes people do. They think they know at all. But what happens is. Once you join a real estate investor group. And you start hanging out with people that have more realistic than you do if you start to learn that their techniques. On one of the guys. His name was Bruce I think it was Bruce Richards. I mean that's the guy's name but I think I think he was one that said this to me. Because I am so much should look you you've already got thirty houses where are you joining Fleischer also limited this was twenty years ago. EO Steve because I don't know what I don't know. He was just that type of god destroy you want to. He should stand I was like why I don't know what. Old. I'm. Give it. You don't know what you don't know. Meaning there's there's so you've got to constantly be learning in this business you've got to constantly be improving. Or you will stagnate the end eventually fail. If you don't. Okay all right phone lines are open at 8777115211. 8777115211. Or email me. Had asked Steve. Good old UYMC. Dot com and ask Steve. Though you find C dot com thanks for less than. What would happen if you didn't you look for work tomorrow. For the next couple of days for a week a couple of months a year how long until you lose everything you workforce in a fraction of the time it took to earn. It's this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach has lifestyles unlimited starts with a free workshop. Go to might pass it didn't come workshop dot com and find your true financial pieces like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. Are you business owner looking to reach more than 90% of the population between there did you know that more people get their news and information from radio than any other form of media then why not take advantage of the amazing location where advertiser meat audience. 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A lot of people think what you gotta have a lot of money to have a policy for quality lifestyle. And it's just not true the way that we. Talking amount lifestyle she let me give you an example. That I always use. Go back twenty plus years ago. Come on news that Dell was making about 250000. Dollars a year off from his real state. I had a relative. Who are also new was making them out a quarter million a year about 250000 dollars a year. The end. Both men were making the same amount of money. But when I looked at my relatives. He was fifty pounds overweight. He was. Out of the country or out of the state away from his family too and sometimes three weeks a month. No I'm not exaggerating. Two or three weeks a month. He was constantly miserable he hated his jobs he had a horrible relationship to this felt so horrible relationship of these kids. Make sure of that screen here. Don't make turner junior. He was in shape he was fit he was with the woman of his dreams he was spending time with his daughter. He was he had. The lifestyle. So these same amount of money. But different lifestyles. She is not the money it's a lifestyle. Go back. Hi this is a young twenty plus years ago when I first became financially independent I know. A couple little apartment complexes. That wasn't rich I'm probably only brought him that we felt when he found about 7580000. Dollars a month. But it was. Complete. Financial independence. I was driving around and afford so Steve. I am no happier today. In my porsches ferraris. Then I wasn't. Know how much happier. I enjoy the Ferrari I enjoy the portions but. He is this is making sense to you. Even. Driving around in my fortress diva I had the time with my wife Jessica I have the time with my son Trevor and my daughter Katie. I was in shape always working out I was having fun. When it's time for romance when you Tom for travel. It was an incredible. Life shot. Forty years later selection washed up until I have a lot lot lot more money now but. Am in any happier. I know you're so are your going what do you talk in Iraq but I'm telling you I'm not in any happier. I was so dog gone happy noon. And doggone happy now. People is not the money it's lunchtime. Because if you go chase the almighty dollar. And do with the wrong way you can literally get rich in ruin your freaking life. I see it happen I've seen it happen hundreds of times because remember Robin mentor for 26 years. We have 22000. Plus members. I've seen at all. I've seen dentist's suction doctors who destroyed their lives sure they made 500 million dollars a year. Their lives were a complete disaster. Horrible. Wondered just came to me. This in man I miss seeing my son grow up I'm not gonna miss seeing my daughter grow up. Get me out of the industry. And he bought about a real secret industry he eventually went back to dentistry. Because that was his passion when he went back to ministry for 3040 hours a week not 607080. Hours a week. That's how we destroy his life. So. I hope that sheds little light on the concept. Of what we're talking about when we say is not the money it's a lifestyle. But that leads to another interesting concept that Dell has always taught. That more is not better. Better is better. More is not that are better is better. Kim what this your first you or give you one quick example. I had a 22 unit apartment and I had some partners in the deal. I came to kill innocent young generated by another twenty. Or 26 unit apartment complex studios want. And I said well I want more income which just by the partners out of those 22 unit you're already you know you'll have no more work. No more responsibility no more risk and you'll make more money. Looks like yeah I think I only got so instead of mine in an apartment complex. I just thought alpha partners. In the complex already owns no more work no worrying thing. And made almost tripled money all right this is been lifestyles on limited drills. Mr. radio show thanks for listening have a great rest of your dad. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles a limited real estate investor radio show remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. I should not be construed as legal investing more tax advice results may very always consult a professional. Before making any financial decisions if you'd like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles unlimited. Please visit them online at lifestyles unlimited dot com.