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Aug 28, 2016|

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Welcome to the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show. A real estate investment pro. Listen and learn how to use real estate to build wealth and passive income streams for you when your family. We bring you expert every day to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. And now. The lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show. Morning M welcome. To the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show on your host Steve Davis ware as always we're here talking about your financial freedom. We talk about what wealthy people do with their money in hand. And she's been. You'll notice that I didn't use the word rich. Because we we make a distinction. Of now being rich which is high income earners. And being wealthy which are people who are financially independent. In there really two different things within the reason I bring this up this cause I've got an article to share with you today. From business insider. Website that is. Always talking about money and finance and things like that the end I'm going to be. Kind of harsh. The majority of their stuff that is. The standard. What your financial planner would tell you they talk about stocks they talk about mutual funds that talk about diaries and borrowing case. But once in awhile. Somebody writes an article on that website that is. Distinctly different and this is one of those articles and were shared to me from sheared. To media. By. A these incredible. Investor's name is Trey stone he was a student at lifestyles unlimited. Four or five or six years and then went on to buy that. A huge number apartment complexes I wanna say fourteen or fifteen. And we're not talking small stuff we're talking 200 all the way up to like 600 unit apartment complexes. He eventually went on to my shopping mall. And he's he's a kid who started like me with a bad credit no money. And now he's worth somewhere around thirty million dollars so. When he share stuff with me. I make a note of it can come and share with you as well. But I I do wanna start off the show by talking about something different. In the mortgage in this article. And it basically has to do with the fact that I just got back from a week for eight weeks vacation. Went to Disney World to stand in Orlando. Can stated the animal kingdom lodge which is just phenomenal. You it's so hard to describe where you wake up in the morning grab a cup of coffee step out on your balcony. To see giraffes. Zebras. Cantaloupe. It writing your balcony. Community is re easy. Wonderful I think is the only word that. Describe him but it appears just phenomenal had an incredible times. But. What do you brought to light for me finally. There was something that I read a long time ago. And dole shared with me Dell my mentor shared it with me in it he is the point. That you want to design a life. You don't need a vacation from. Melanie said that one more time. Let it sink here do you want to design a life that you don't need a vacation from. The end. What happened on the trip. Is on notice that while I was here in the midst of Disney World which is. Incredible I mean just how they thought of that stuff and actually did it. I can think of some of the stuff that they've got there but to actually do it to execute it. Just mind boggling how they created that world. Just just phenomenal to their belief systems and those I think they're called imagine years. It's just incredible how they think of it. And you'll do it. You know America that was. Spurred on by. Walt Disney himself. But they they just they think of it as crazy as it seems and they just go do amazing stuff. But what I noticed. Was. Was no happier. No more relaxed. Then I was. Got home. You know I realized. That I had achieved. I have achieved. What my mentors had suggested to me. Is that. If created a life and bear with me if this sounds dragon oceans are importer of the word would be. I don't mean it to me what I mean forage is to inspire you. To start designing a life. Like this for yourself. Where you don't need vacations. Not that you don't take vacations to see the world older you know for Romanians or whatever. That's not the point is that you don't need them. I mean. When are we flew back in yesterday's sperling we are back in Houston much too. I had just as much fun yesterday evening as I did in Disney World without the roller coasters without the runs. Just as much fun I was just as happy. So that's really in a nutshell. Is what this shows about. You say well it's a real estate investor show I agreed. But why do we invest in real state. To build passive streams of income. They give us your lifestyle. So you were enough money on limited. We're lifestyles. Unlimited. And that's what it's all about. And bill has a phrase. Again my mentor. Still has a phrase it's not the money. Since the lifestyle. This is why. So many of the members quit investing in real stay once they reach a certain point. They don't mind anymore Moore is not better and better is better. They've achieved their goal. And they just stop. And just enjoy their lives. Now some of us myself included. Have very very high financial goals that we achieve. Monetary. Success. Higher than the average first because that's that's just our things. But it's not everybody says. You know I've never put. Never put a cap on how much money I wanna make I've never had a specific. I wanna make a million dollars a year. I've never showed up. I'll always that I wanna make the maximum amount of money that I can't. Whether that's one million a year to move your three moving here whatever. I don't campus. My goal is to continually grow. This year almost make more money than last year next year won't make more money than this year and somewhat. But the point don't wanna get across to you is that. Climbed in the financial position that I immune. Because I designed to my life this way. It was a direct result. Of my mentors Warren. Making me believe that this type of life was achievable. And the two laying out the map for how to achieve it. And then three me going on and doing it executing what I learned. Which brings me to another point I wanna get out it's that he have you ever heard this phrase knowledge is power. It's not a I'll apply that knowledge is power. And Stephen Covey says to know. And not to do. Is the same thing as not knowing him at all. To know and to not do it is the same is not knowing at all. Now that can be harsh week for the listeners who listen to me for months. So you years. And still don't own a piece of real estate. Vicious. You know it. I know you know if you listen for that long you know what to do. But you're not doing it which is the same thing as not know. So keep that in mind as well. Come but that's what I want for you Houston apparently it's a new lifestyle. That you don't need a vacation from the circuit want to vacation. But you don't need it like I had a friend that this is the phrase I'm talking about. It. They go on vacation. And then they post on FaceBook. Boy I needed to us. We'll ask are you designed the life sucks. And that some of its guilt literally some people a lot of people. Feel guilty taking a vacation they really didn't they feel guilty. Like they don't deserving or something like. So that's part of it but the majority of it. It is they needed. Because they designed their life so poorly they made decisions. That put them in a position where they have to work. Many times in a job they don't like it. Or enjoyment. Or have any passion for. Darn to Bermuda vacation from something like. So many people are in positions. The vast majority. I'd have to say. It's already guessed. Yeah I'd say seventy plus percent. Because remember the statistics. 95%. Of Americans failed to retire by age 65. So probably. A huge portion of them foreign jobs there were there working. Because they have to. And they're at a job they don't love there at a company they don't believe them. And they've created this life that they need a vacation from. Well if you're listening to this show. You're on the road to building a life that you don't need a vacation truck. And we'll talk more after the break this is a lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show you can call me with your questions at 8777115211. It's 777115211. Thanks for most. The lifestyle some limited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that is taking people by the hand and taught them how to invest in real state for over 24 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passing thing found that they want local state and national investor in the year awards nine of the last nine years it's easy to see quite personal real estate investor magazine named as the best in the US if you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access our free live training events scheduled. Wondering who the free workshop is for we did amazingly successful with people who are pressed for time. Doctors lawyers small business owners and corporate professionals. Who are grinding their lives away for deferred income and don't realize they can start creating passive income today. Within that confines of their schedules and commitment. 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That's money matters dot net or call 809940302. Have a need for CD. Then get that track without fast this hour on the radio speeds city with John massive gap left Kaiser and Jonathan green. Ferrari having the worst year than last year's. Let's head of the NASCAR turn left and railways and featuring the latest Lotto sport news and interviews and then guys are never short on a genuine just. I believe I would. The bills and dresses up like now lies about telling the speed city Sunday night seven days on talk thirteen seventy produce use those sent origination. But they've been very clear there's a battle for western civilization going on now you've got world civilization you've got Islamic supremacy. And you've got those attacking white people around the globe and guess who's running the war against western civilization. These western white people at the highest reaches of the progressive movement Michaels suffered should fall almost like no other. When did you become a part of the Savage Nation weeknight eight to eleven on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show on your coach Steve Davis. Remember the phone lines are open for your questions right now don't worry about the subject matter than I'm covering come. You know I cover a lot of the psychology. Of the successful real estate investor for the for the simple reason that real estate is easy people are hard. You've got to always remember that out. The real estate is easy for people are hard getting people to believe in themselves getting people to understand. That their psychology. And their attitudes. Are what keep them from achieving their goals. So even on discussing this if you've got a question about locating deals. Evaluating deals may be need to know what a good deal is. You have questions about financing you've got questions about dealing with tenants wire what are we love tennis. What are we not have fear of tenants destroy our property. You know we know the best practices and the solutions for those problems. You may not. And so those fears holds you back. So give me a call share with me. Any reason excuse problem you feel is standing in the way of you getting some real stating your portfolio. Let me know what that problem is I'll share with you the best practices to deal with it. Stand. We will eliminate it so that you can move forward toward your goal call me 8777115211. 8777115211. You're also welcome to email only has a couple of you have done already. It's asked Steve. Had an old you are in C dot com. Ask Steve that though you can I NC dot com. Come to these the two emails I've already gotten part too long for the radio show us all leading knowing you after the radio show. But keep on coming up if I can't answer from on the air I will answer them. Myself. I do not have an assistant answering my emails and actually comes from me. So feel free to use that email 24 hours a day seven days a week. It's ask Steve and I know you are in C dot com ask Steve. At OURNC. Dot com. So in the first segment basically no. The whole concept. For the takeaways. I want you to our first. Designed a life. That you don't need a vacation from. But the second one which is really more important. Is to look at your life. And if it's not what you want realize that he is you. Who designed it that way. You made the decisions. And you can change it and only you can change it. Electing a different president is not gonna change it for you for your corporation is not gonna change it for you. The government side is just not gonna happen only you can change. OK let's go to the phone ones now let's go to Sealy Texas and talk to shut. Chuck thank you so much for calling him how are you today. Hello chuck are you there. I'm turned out pretty good can you hear me. Yes I can even touch him now sorry about that chuck can you hear me are here. Hello hello chuck. I don't think chuck can hear me. So well welcome back to chuck in just a second. So these digging and the idea is. Take responsibility. For your present financial position your work position your relationships your fitness everything. In your life you shore responsibility. Meaning you can respond to what can I know it can be painful at first because it's like to talk to me it's me. It's so hard to admit that it's my fault or here's the thing. If it works your fault. Could you do anything about it. Know. You want it to be your fault. That way you can change it. Does I hope that makes sense. To you if it doesn't think deeply about it. If it wasn't your fault. In other words it was some outside factor controlling you. Could you change it. You know my brother. It's believed. That life. Was out of his control. That everything that happened to him with somebody else's fault. It was my father's fault it was the Air Force's fault you was. The places that he worked it was all their fault that he wasn't a good employee. That he thought that the whole world was screwed up and that he was the only one who wasn't. Talk about a painful way to live. You know and it's sad to say he took himself out. He committed suicide. The it was just it. Almost an insane and I guess it is an insane. All right we'll talk more after the break and chucked in Sealy we'll get to you the moment we come back from the break here on the lifestyles on limited real estate investor radio show I. Long time lifestyles member Curtis. It's a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough still for best. If you were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them for no doubt about it here and. It's rose mass of cold and success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of left thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. Attend the workshop getting your map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop. Losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. 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This is all an attempt to intimidate people from speaking out on the issues they care about because if you don't plowed down to whatever agenda happens to be in the news of the day you are responsible for helping inflamed the passions and needs psychological profile of individuals who are on the edge I hope he'll understand that's that's why they immediately once they hate speech issue. Hate speech. Terrorist act you're healthy radio addiction starts every morning at eight Laura Ingraham show on talk thirteen seven day. CBS news updates GOP vice presidential running mate Mike Pence says Donald Trump has not shifted his position on immigration you're gonna hear more detail in the next two weeks. That lays out all the policies that there will be no change in the principal appearance on CNN's state of the union trump campaign chief Kellyanne Conway on CBS's face the nation with some specifics. First there's still no amnesty secondly he's building that law. That is being the centerpiece of his candidacy in his immigration measure from the beginning and it has not changed one inch. Third we have to and a Sanctuary Cities. Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez says the first trump Clinton debate could provide a hint about the direction of the election. If these campaigns are within five or six points going into that debate and Donald Trump has a good debate it's going to change the course of the next couple months leading to the election if he had a poor debate it's pretty much over. The election a little over ten weeks away CBS news updates I'm Gary Nam and talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show where the phone lines are open for your questions at 8777115211. That's 877. 7-Eleven. 5211. Let's get on the line now with chuck again from Sealy Texas. Chuck thanks lot for calling him how are you today. Well I'm under great extra. About it or questions I answer the brittle property and I was talking with a young friend and that's why don't give a burial. Aren't there are happy about this new investment environments and later told him that there should get interval property. I'll. Treat you like Robert good question. I try to do of course is supported in your earlier question about our society and the timing to god he's not anger channel. But laws were changed where previously. For the most investors today have had accumulated their properties in years there were rejected. Yeah something happened in America I'm not saying those who give up the Robert for whatever reason. The economy earned bell and and they just weren't enough routers may could make payments. They could walk away from a property are gonna bankruptcy. But now the largest change where. A mortgage companies are allowed to go are you personally to recover. The balance of the loan above board and dole or short order. Sir we're spirit I use their way to protect yourself and your Family Guy so against that. Happening. You're known not that I know of you know everything has its risks. Yeah but I think that's a relatively low risk in other words wind crashes come and chuck. If you listen this show for awhile you know what we're praying for another crash. Ten people don't understand that it's like whoa hold. I'm in the stock market I don't wanna crash well let's adjourn the stock market. In real estate we thrive during the down market because down payments dropped dramatically. Values drop dramatically so you're able to pick up large amounts of real state. But chuck when the crash came in 2008 guess what happened to rents they went. So the crash is not something the really worried about. Because it it it's not. In other words I don't worry about that except. For people in the smaller towns. The smaller towns that are dependent on and you know one big corporation. And those people can't get hurt when that corporation goes out of business and the jobs disappear in the renters disappear. But if you're in a diverse. Larger area. Or near a larger area. Meaning I don't invest in Houston I invest in Acadia invest in. Well I I stick to Katie to be honest with you but we invest in all the bedroom communities around here -- being one of them. We just don't run that risk. It's not a very high risk that that's ever gonna happen so the answer your question is no I don't know of any way to eliminate that risk. But. You it's a very low risk to. Okay. Brawl broke out alarmed or my don't know bill that'll convince her murder your business this election. Telling them listen to the show if you don't. Well I did I didn't as a matter of fact we talked about bacterial. Bigger and I'm her I'm a regular what is there when I when I have challenged. And she's idiotic issues and she heard it a few times and heard news. Synergies. I don't understand why and and the Houston to your question Chile I don't understand why aren't. Didn't think I can make so much money I'm managing investments while he's stands. Any time. On the radio or what Israel lifestyles are limited if they're not enough problems. Yeah both the reason is I make good I don't wanna brag but I make a huge amount of money off of lifestyles are limited as well. The other reason is kids. It's my passion. Is like when I'm some medications this last week I missed my radio show. I'd. I mean I literally missed it it was irritating me that I couldn't do it found it is my passion you look at my mentor delve. The founder of lifestyles unlimited you ask him why well he makes a lot of money doing lifestyles a limited. Not as much money he makes off Israel's state but he does make a tremendous amount of money off of it but he's a natural born teacher. To and he is passionate about it meanwhile Oregon it's you know he's probably. Twenty million or more. Why would he do it because he loves it and people don't understand that because there in jobs they don't love. There and careers they don't have passion for and they can't understand people who do have a passion for their careers. So there's the one obvious reason we make a lot of money doing this and in the second when his associates are passionate where most of my time. I guess you'd think a bit like this to chuck you know I don't like real say I don't like managing and I don't like dealing with a that's why I'm all pass and then my real estate investments but I love teaching him during the radio show do you mind holding off for about four minutes we'll talk more after the break. Church trying to hold on chuck. All right this is the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show on your host Steve Davis we'll talk more after the break thanks for list. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation. For real estate doubles in value about every ten years. Equity build up. Renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally this tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate. Which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend one of our free workshops or call 18669718974. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718974. Go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. 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Did reconnect into major and teach your kids about conservation and just how beautiful this country can't find ten cent one inning he west dot com. Com that's one thing wouldn't and number one what you are one thing. It's. Welcome back to the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show let's get right back on the phone with chuck in Sealy Texas. And see what his third question was I know you have won any added one. So you've got one other questions are right chuck. Who are well I do and I do like cattle well but I completely understand here it is that you don't fashion. War what you do I I don't so I didn't know all I wish I didn't do it looked at all really make any money at it. I was on my journey that is that is something I'm passionate about doing it helping. People we and I enjoyed it gets kind of weird balky back. But I I totally understand. That's awesome congratulations. That you found out that is that's amazing it's very few people find their what their passionate about and actually go do it. But aren't they go to. Both days I just stumbled into because I. I had friends and family members did just that are hurt in the investment world. And I got them back I don't I don't and you know we're going arm sort of look at me it's I found out I had an interest and found out that. Good and I didn't really needed money so much as I just like. Sharing it with people inside and argued that he had done very little of those things where you don't really important bias here. Yeah. Deepak Chopra if you ever have read his work. One of the things there was remarkable about his book is that he says that he says that you fuel open your mind. And beat because you adapt this thing called the wisdom of the insecurity. That. The idea that life will show you your calling if you're open to it but if you close the doors and you. Over you over certain goals in the U direct your life with too much control you may miss that opportunity that's right in front of you so. It's that's an excellent job. See it in a guy they aren't that aren't our energy drink company. No no and I don't you know from here. I know a little bit about him but not much. Each. Well I have a question and dear are you know you've been you know leader garner no area there are better nor does it. What do you think about an error an opportunity to acquire bear are right we didn't really gears so. All I can tell you is still owns a couple of apartment complexes up there and they have done well for him year after year after year after year. Come a lot of the members own single family in the air. Then again same result. Well. That skier rocks I think that's a good opportunity joked. Some guy OK thank auto industry you're aren't being. I appreciate your phone call chuck do you take care you're welcome. OK phone lines are open at 87771152. The eleventh 28777115211. Got a couple of email questions here come on leave them both anonymous. I think. No one of them they did give their names but normally this first one anonymous says I'm in the process of buying a home for me. And being him. Poised for at least two years at the same company is a recruit these requirement. To get a loan might produces excellent so that's not the issue. So the question is how can I get loans for rent houses if I quit my job. And I really wanted to quit. There's a problem. I realize that our objective. Is to replace sure earned income with pass an income so that you can't quit your job. But you can't quit your job prematurely. You've got to have a job to qualify for these mortgages. So anonymous please. Don't quit your job. If you need to change jobs that's fine. In other words if you're bad unhappy at your job by all means please. Do not suffer. And that's what it is. Do not suffer. Got a jobs that you are unhappy with your unhappy with the people you're unhappy with whom she with the product or whatever she's making you unhappy at the job. Move to something else that you are happy with happiness it's okay to be happy. Many people like us that feel guilty about taking medications they feel guilty about being happy I know you deserve to be happy I guarantee it. So go find a job you do love. And keep and told your passive income from your real estate meet your wants and needs. And the way that I analyze it is 8000 a month you may more than that you may need less than that yeah. But the average hills for an American dream when our 4000 dollars a month that's car notes how's no garbage yes electric food. And if you have 8000 that means 4000 goes to bills and then you have 4000 dollars for Romanians for travel for fun. Unexpected expenses. Things like draft. So I would recommend first anonymous go get a job you're you're not unhappy worth. And second keep it until you're passive income meats and your wants and needs then quit your job. Now the good news is at that point you'll probably still be able to bomb more realistically should you choose to. All right. This is the lifestyles unlimited real estate mr. radio show on your host Steve Davis column 8877. 7-Eleven 5211 thanks for listening. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow. For the next couple of days for a week a couple of months a year and how long until you lose everything you workforce in a fraction of the time it took to earn. It's this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach has lifestyles unlimited starts with a free workshop. Go to might pass it didn't come workshop dot com and find your true financial pieces like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. 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Welcome back to collect shells unlimited real estate investor radio show on your host Steve Davis phone lines are open for one more segment so if you've got a question you need to call me right now. 8777115211877711. 5211. All right Gabe has emailed me. With the question uses what's the best way to sell rental when it's got a long term tenant in it without giving it away. The properties in Minnesota. You know I had between nine you know 100000 dollars equity which could translate in the forest homes. Here in Texas she. Being able to purchase foreclosed homes here in Texas. So he can have anywhere from. 16100 to 2000 dollars a month cash flow with that money. He's only getting 200 dollars a month cash flow from that money right now market values for around 285000. Dollars. Okay there's no easy answer this one either. The rule he is and there are exceptions. But the rule is you've got to wait for the attendance to. I'm move out to get your highest price. So what you wanna do is thirty days before the end of that lease. Notify them that you are not renewing the lease and that they need to be out at the end of that thirty days. Then you need to make the property perfect too young. To get the full price. You know sorry she's just very very difficult. To sell a rental property at full price you've got to find them very. Uneducated investor. To do that plus hits out of the price range for most people for rentals remember the rule. And this one doesn't have an exception. Faith 300000 dollar house does not rent for twice as much as a 15100 dollar house. And it gets worse. The higher you going price. When you stage gave him in the 12170. Price range. You get your highest cash flow right around 400 dollars profit per house. Of unique group. Because remember even though there's a risk for twice as much as 300000 dollar house has twice the expenses twice a taxes twice a year insurance twice the mortgage. Yet your rent is not twice as much so get out of those 295000. Dollar houses get down into that 12217. East and like I said. You pull a 100000 dollars equity out of that you come off four or five houses. In that price range and get yourself 16102000. Dollars a month. Cash flow offset 100000 dollars not just 210 pound thing about that that's ten times as much cash flow. Is what you should expect. From a 100000 dollars it so I hope that helps even though I don't have a she. You know. Easy answer for how to sell it with the Kennedy in there and hopefully you haven't signed anything longer than one year and hopefully some of those months have already come by. And again at the end of the lease thirty given thirty day notice. Or thirty days before the end of release. You may wanna let him know earlier than that I generally tellem. We're at the beginning. If it doesn't matter she told six months in advance or whatever just let him know you're not going to renew the lease so that they have Tom. As much time as possible. To play on getting out. The property on that date then painted. Replacing carpet is needed to make it all but perfect. That's the only way to get full price for a house. OK phone lines are open just a couple more minutes 87771150. June 11. Or you're welcome to email me she had asked Steve. Had no you apply MC dot com. This is especially for those people who were little shy. Where you feel like you've got a dumb question email it to me there are no dumb questions. Don't ever forget that when I first joined myself a limited. I was a health of instructor. I didn't even know what escrow was. There are no dumb question some very sympathetic to the quote on quote dumb questions. Just email me those questions at ask Steve tell you I NC dot com. All right so how did not have time today. To get to this article to let me tell you how to find it online. It's business insider. And I just Google business insider. And the name of the article is. Wealthy people can make different choices with their money then the rest of us. Wealthy people make different choices with their money than the rest of us. And that's again business insider. I will be going over this at 12 o'clock hour. So any of you that want to tune in or came into noon. Tune in and I'll actually start the show at 12 o'clock with this particular article into fund radio stations. There that we're on at noon today. Go to lifestyles of unlimited dot com. Lifestyles unlimited dot com. And click on the radio town and a scroll down to UC this Sunday at noon show we're a multiple stations. Many of them I think all of them you can listen to on line if you're not in range. Well the signal. But I will go over this article at news. All right this has been the lifestyles unlimited real estate mr. radio show you can always find us online at lifestyles unlimited dot com. And you can email me your questions at ask Steve. And I told you I NC dot com that's asks the I had told you I NC. Thanks for listening are very frustrated. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles and limited real estate investor radio show remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. It should not be construed as legal investing more tax advice results may very always consult a professional. Before making any financial decisions if you like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles and limited please visit them online. That's lifestyles of unlimited dot com.