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Aug 21, 2016|

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Welcome to lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show. I'm real estate investment for. Listen and learn how to use realistic to feel welcome passive income streams for you when your family. We bring you experts every day to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. And now the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show. The show I'm your host Glenn Murrow and as always here on the lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show where focused on your personal and financial freedom. A little bit about needing to issue not had a chance to hear my radio shows or attend one of my classes. I'm real estate investor and those single family and multifamily rental property a mentor. And the executive vice president of lifestyles unlimited Ira and the daily operations of the company for our foundered Dell wants late. Over the last 25 years Dell has built an amazing community of successful real estate investors. Almost 20000. Of them. Our members are incredible people who inspire me every day to carry on the message and the mission of lifestyles unlimited which is to help you. Create wealth and passive income through real estate investing so you can buy your life back from corporate America. I want you wake up each morning and decide how you wanna spend your time and talent today no schedules no box just you. Living your life to the fullest. Today I'm going to take you one step closer to that lifestyle you can join the conversation or ask me questions by calling 281558. 5738. That's 281. 558. 5738. After 35 years of business consulting and mentoring at the last six focused on helping real estate investors establish and run their businesses. I've realized that one of the most powerful things of mentor can do for you. Used to help you identify when your at a crossroad that would change your life. So that's what we're gonna do here today and it's not enough to just know you're there right you're staring at the fork in the red that's not enough you have to choose which rated well. Otherwise someone else is going to choose for you. And that choice is going to be based on the air wants and desires. Not necessarily what's best for you. Two days we'll also talk about how actively choose your own path and those important moments in your life. There are three signs there were gonna go through today to indicate your at a critical crossroad in your life and it's easy to miss them. So we'll talk about each one and see if you're standing at that crossroad right now. If you are the choices she made now what change your life. The question in this will that change be for the better. Or will that change prevent you from reaching your full potential and creating the lifestyle you desire for healing your family. The interesting and sometimes really frustrating thing about life thing. Is that we rarely recognize the critical crossroad minute to curse. It's usually only in hindsight that we can see those pivotal moments were looking back. And we concede the decisions then that changed our life the challenge is to see them in the moment when we're making those decisions. Sometimes we look back with regret when we do that. You made decisions in haste or something my mantra don't want it talks about a lot you let some announcement that the decision. When you don't actively choose your own path to someone else who chooses for you. They'll get you to do good things to serve their goals not yours. If you're dedicating the majority of your life to working for someone else you're doing mess your boss you'll always have more free to do. At lifestyles unlimited I'll often reminder team that we have five lifetimes of things we want to accomplish. And it's my way of reminding them that every once in awhile we need to stop just put everything down and walk out the door. And enjoy all the other things in our line of work can't really wait. Dell walks his talk consider why we don't want our team to work more than 35 for forty hours a week at most. We want them to invest in real estate and create enough passive income that they don't need the job. We want them to work with us because they're passionate about helping people not because they need to pay track we want them to work out and stay healthy. He enjoyed their hobbies spend time with their friends and family and do the things they love to deal. That's a balanced life we don't want our team to sacrifice their life their future their happiness for this company. But Tom back to hindsight and the decisions that we regret. Maybe you were just moving so fast you careened through that fork in the road and ended up stuck in the ditch. Dell relates this to the type a personality that's higher rating aims style. Taking action is great that got action needs to be deliberate. You need to determine your destination. Creator roadmap to get there and then followed her match. Sometimes. Instead of regret though your choice is result in an amazing and rewarding journey. We all want more back. And this is what we help our members achieve their lifestyles are limited real estate is the vehicle. Capacity ink com is the destination. Along the way we learned. We meet amazing people we realize that this business is a great way to help others and give back. While we create enough passive income to replace RW two or 1099 income. That makes us financially free. And financial freedom is an important step to personal freedom. That he. Is. Really actively choosing your path that's the key to success. No matter where you are right now on life no matter your personal or financial situation. Each day. Provides a new opportunity for you to choose who Umar. Choose how you respond to the challenges and opportunities at life presents you. And choose the lifestyle that you really want you choose it one day at a time it's not gonna happen overnight there's no fairy dust. But it's an opportunity for you to take steps forward every day. Toward the lifestyle that he wanted to really enjoy the journey. I've mentored people of all ages backgrounds personality types and life circumstances. And I've observed that we all have three keys signs that tell us. We're at a critical crossroad in her life. The first sign of that served is to appear it appears that. The thing that you're gonna see first is feeling of unrest. That feeling may be subtle. You may feel like something isn't quite right. Slight change is coming that you don't know what it means. You can even be a slight tinge of fear. You've got this underlying fear you have no idea. Really why your feeling afraid. And sometimes the feelings much stronger you feel trapped. You feel like you he had to keep doing the same thing each day or you're going to go insane you have to escape. You feel restless like a caged animal and sometimes. The sign manifests itself as depression. A feeling of helplessness or a constant low level stress that you can't explain. I think all of these banks are mined in our body working together to get our attention. To get us to slow down long enough to focus on a bigger and longer term picture of our life. If you see this signing your life it's time to focus on what you're feeling and thinking no matter how busy you are. Or the responsibility she carried you have to make time. To think you need to find a quiet place where you can think through the reasons why you're an easy honestly evaluate your life. And except that you have an important choice to make. It won't take long. But if you don't take this time now. You look back and realize that you gave away your power to choose your future to choose. The outcome of your life. The second sign that appears especially if you ignore the first is critique. Where once you were full of energy and enthusiasm. You now feel lethargic tired and worn out. You might find it hard to Muster the energy in the enthusiasm even for the did you lot of detail. Nothing seems quite worth the effort to different felt that way. You might feel guilty for not accomplishing more for wasting your time when she thinks you're wasting your time or for letting other people or yourself down. When you live your life on auto pilot you let others determine what you do when you do it how you do it has sometimes you don't why you do it. You lose the inherent join my weeks. You feel out of control. At this point you've lost sight of your why. That thing that makes life worth living he gives your life purpose and meaning and treats its energy and passion. Necessary to persevere because your wife is so strong it's a danger to the difficult challenges in life right. About when you really overcome something to what was a driving force. What was he kept thinking about it. Every time you wanted to quit. That's of goods. Indicator of what your wife and slices. And and when you feel that fatigue you can lose sight of that why. Because to teach your body's way of telling you your life is out of balance it's another sign to slow you down. Think teaching to pay attention to the choices your making these first two signs. Are easy to ignore. We just keep pressing on we make excuses. I'm getting old. That's just the way life it is. I'm too old to change each right I've made mistakes in the past store I didn't get a lucky break. And this is just the way it's going to be for the rest of my life really I can't accept that. He was sometimes you're saying to yourself as soon as X happens. I can take some time for myself and figure this out right you're constantly. Not living two days because of something that's gonna happen tomorrow. Right I know I've used all of those excuses and and many many more. But the key is to really see these things when they're happening to recognize. Not just the symptom. Which is that feeling of unease that. Low levels here low level stress but. To recognize that these things. Mean that you are at a crossroad in your life right now after important decisions that your gonna make consciously or unconsciously. And they're gonna change your life. It's so recognizing. That in the moment instead of waiting until years from now looking back and saying he asked. I remember that time in my life. I remember. That and now I see the choice I made and I see the results. Right so that's what we're gonna do today it's time for quick break the good news is I have solutions for you. When we come back from the break we'll talk about the third sign you're at a crossroads that would change your life and what to do about it so stay with me. You're listening to lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show I'm your host Lynn Merrill. If you have a question call now at 2815585738. That's 281558. 5738. Copyright back. Lifestyle some limited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that is taking people by the hand and taught them how to invest in real state for over 24 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passing thing found that they won local state and national investor in the year awards nine of the last nine years it's easy to see my personal real estate investor magazine named as the best in the US if you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access our free live training events scheduled. Wondering who the free workshop is for we did amazingly successful with people who are pressed for time. Doctors lawyers small business owners and corporate professionals. 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If you look at my teen's father in Orlando stay anyway behind Hillary column on support had guys that is anti gay guys that support jury apparently you'll get all that it's right behind their -- they wouldn't even denounce the guy who's thrown but it was David duke UBS again and again and again and again again announces announces you know imagine Dylan rules parents find trump where they're just imagine what the outrage when things. Perhaps Sean Hannity weekdays the floor on top thirteen seventy. Are you business owner looking to reach more than 90% of the population between there did you know that more people get their news and information from radio than any other form of media and why not take advantage of the amazing location where advertiser meets audience. Advertisement sock thirteen seventy you're talking thirteen Sydney we're ready to offer solutions to secure advertising and marketing needs listener you see your business to our previous. Listeners contact Bob at 5123296233. And find out why talk thirteen seventy has the right choice for you and it's time once in 3296233. Led back. When you think of the United States think of it in time integrated global. We are the spoiled kids. Oh yes literally were living off our trust trust was killed by capitalism in this constitution and were all sitting here living on and and whether we actually protect better or not and invest it wisely. We don't know how to doing things. We are living off all of the good advancements that are ground we're living off the trust. This is that Glenn Beck program. On weekdays at eleven on top thirteen seventy. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show I'm your host slim Murrow and today we're talking about three signs are at a critical crossroad in life and how to make the decisions. Double change your life for the better. Decisions that will help you create the wealth or passive income you need to live the lifestyle you desire for viewing your family. If you'd like to join the conversation or ask a question you to give me college 281. 5585738. That's 2815585738. So far today we've talked about two of the three signs that your at a critical crossroad in your life. The first sign to add here is usually a feeling of unrest. Whether it's a subtle feeling that something is not quite right. I'm much more powerful feeling of being trapped or something in between this unrest. He's away for your mind and body to warn you know that you need to slow down pay attention. And make an active choice about the direction of your life. The sect assigned to appear especially if you ignore the first is to teach. If you're worn out or feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Your mind in my ear telling you your life is out of balance another sign to slow down can't pay attention to the choices that you're making. So now let's get to the third sign your at a critical crossroad in your life this is there reason our founder Dell once we started lifestyles on limited. The third sign is the realization. That in spite of your hard work and all your dedication you don't have the things you want out of life and they're nowhere in sight. You've probably done all the right things. Your successful. You've done the things you've been told to do your entire life. Maybe he went to college and got good grades CU to get into a good. Are we went to school and got a great seat to get into a good college right then when you got into that college. He did a great job because you wanted to get a good job. He worked hard sometimes she spent 455060. Hours a week at that job. Youth then successful. Maybe you put money away in your 401K. You invest in the stock market just like you were told to. You bought a home and you pay down your mortgage. Or maybe year a little different maybe you took some detours along the way you didn't conform to all that conventional wisdom he took a different path and yet. He had the same result. You're not living the lifestyle of your dreams. You want something better for yourself and your family. You don't have the money you need to be able to wake up each morning and decide what you wanna do with your time and talent today. You continue to trade time for money hoping somehow something will change. You keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results and you know what that is right. That's insane. So don't want to started lifestyles are limited to stop that insanity. He wanted to counteract the conventional wisdom that keeps you trapped in corporate America. Or toiling weighing your own business working long hours. Missing precious moments with friends and family and somehow never reaching that place of personal financial freedom. Never experiencing the joy of knowing. That you can't outlive your money because your money working for you while you truly. Enjoy your life. You concede these signs your wife teach you. Human mind sometimes it just takes a want to slow you down and point them out. Right. And we don't wanna see him in hindsight it's too late then wordy weighed down. The road at that point we've got to take the time to turn around in journey back and start over. The good news is you can choose to slow down right now now that. These are coming in to site. And even stopped at the crossroads before you. You can choose your own path. Make your own decisions create the lifestyle you desire no matter what your circumstances aren't life you can do this. One of the things that Dell has done for me as a manager is push me through my excuses he just refuses to hear them. No matter what excuse I drew out there he has a counter to it something I can easily do to move forward and that's what a manager ducks. We tell you what you need to hear not what you wanna hear the example that comes to mind and I I think I can tell it real quick before we have to go to our next break. I had surgery on my foot action was on my little toe right so not a big deal on the doctor told me take about two months to recover. And I wouldn't be able to walk or run in the meantime and I had a pre teen. It's walking three or four miles a day and no running into each other physically active stinks. And well we've got doctor definitely. Over promised and under delivered in three months down the line I was talent Dell why I can't do all these things you know I can't run can't work I can do these things and he said cook pitcher pat on the bike. Frank that was a breakthrough moment for me right I had just paradigm that I had to do what I have been doing my manager told me now to something else you can do to get there it's time for another sharp break your listings. Lifestyles a limited real estate investor radio show I'm your host Glendora. I'll be right back with more on signs you are at a critical crossroad in your life and how the choice is you're making right now what changed your life. If you wanna know more about the real estate education and mentoring we provide and lifestyles a limited check this out it lifestyles unlimited dot com. I'll be right back. Longtime lifestyles member courtesy. Do you see a real choice for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough skill for that's. If he were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them for no doubt about it if you have. This road mass of cold success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of looks thousand's fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Take Curtis Strange advice. Come meet go like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him attend the workshop getting your math. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 186697189. Somebody or due to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles and limited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. Back to school supplies and you've got it covered it would have helped your kids pay attention in class. We're calm their anxiety or boost your immune system lets a knowledgeable staff at people's RX Boston's favorite pharmacies set you up with the best vitamins and natural remedies they can help with sleep -- focus and more and that people's they have experts on the floor or even natural passing doctors and safely natural remedies that can make all the difference plus gluten free and Haley a snacks to help kids stay low and focused. 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Michael Savage all posts like no weather when did you become a part of the Savage Nation weeknight take. Eleven on talk thirteen seventy. I'm Steve case and when CBS radio news. Together with the talk thirteen seventy we bring you the latest headlines from across the country and around the world at the top of every hour. And when news breaks you'll hear it here first with the unmatched worldwide resources of CBS news. Count on us to keep you informed every hour on the hour CBS radio news or only on Austin's home for talk. Talk thirteen seventy. She BS news update this Summer Olympics wrap up in Rio today CBS Steve saw her man is there a big event today for the US is the gold medal basketball game in the US will face Serbia the US is the favorite since basketball became a sport in the Olympics in 1936. The US has won every gold medal except for times one of those times was in 1980 when the US boycotted the Olympics. The US has won two in a row in 2008 and in 2012. The US beat Spain and. Ericsson swimmer Ryan Lochte speaking once again about a tall tale of being held up in Rio whether you call it a robbery when you call extortion. Or are us paying the font just for the damages like we don't know all we know is that there was a gun. Poignant and our direction and we. We're demanding they give money I. He tells NBC he exaggerated but still does not admits he and three teammates. Actually vandalized a gas station bathroom CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodrigue yes. You. Here back I'm in my earlier post today on the lifestyles on limited real estate investor radio show if you'd like to ask a question and or join the conversation give me a call at 281. 5585738. That's 281. 5585738. So far we've been talking about the three science that you are at a critical crossroad in your life. Will review them one more time quickly. And then we'll talk about what to do when you know your at a critical crossroad in your life and the decisions you make right now we'll change your life forever. The first time we talked about is a feeling of unrest. It's that feeling of restlessness unease that things are not the way they should be. As time goes on you begin to feel trapped and you know something has to change. The second signed to appear especially if you nor the first is to teach you lose interest in things it feels like you're going through the motions. You lose focus on your wife got motivations to help should persevere and achieve your goals. Even when things are difficult. For most of us are why is our family our friends at the people in our lives. Those people around us that we care about and the people who depend on us the third sign is the realization that in spite of your hard work. You don't have to danger one out of line. And nowhere in sight it's disappointing to realize that you worked hard been successful in many things. And yet you don't have the lifestyle you want. Or if you do that it won't be sustainable if you retire because you don't have enough pass then comp that income that are right to your bank account every month. No matter what you choose to do each day because you have solid investments that don't require your daily attention. If you don't feel financially secure it takes a told. Takes a told mentally emotionally and physically but over time. So now that you've slowed down enough to see designs in your life. And you're aware that you're at an important crossroad in your life what do you do. What do you do or maybe you sped past the crossroad. And you're in the ditch. Or you didn't make it deliberate choice of rich wrote wrote to take your just now realizing you're on the wrong path. Now I gotta get that car out of the ditch. We gotta get she'd make a U turn and come on back to that crossroad. Either way the decisions you make right now are critical. And then change your life. It's happened to me I'd been there and it's okay to stop right here and take some time to get this out. The world moves as such a fast pace it's it's easy to feel like we can't slow down or would get run over. If we don't slowed down. At these pivotal moments. We'll just end up with a ditch. Or further down the wrong route it. How do you turn around and start over again. I guess that I know I've done both. Just because you stopped for a moment it doesn't mean you're not taking action. Making that decision to slow it down to stop until at the world go by he. Had its hectic pace. Well you take the time to think. It's a really important action stuff. I learned this lesson raising my boys if you have boys you know that life can become chaotic pretty quickly and usually when you least expect it right. So what did you get out of control. I would just say hey slowdown stomp the and that gave me the time to think it's time to take a breath. The time to figure out what needs to happen next and change direction. And that's why you might need to do right now. So the first actions up I have for you. At a mini DV four by the end of today's show is just slowdown. And determined to your destination. Think about it if you're planning a trip the first thing you need to do is choose a destination. Once you know where you wanna go you figure out how you're gonna get there you might drive you might fly it might take a train. The boat walk ride a bike you get the idea ranks and then you decide. When you can take the trip. And what you do along the way. And what you do when you get there. And then the last step then is to figure out what you need to have to be prepared and comfortable for all of that. My dad reminded me constantly. Debt planning my life. Deserved at least as much time and attention as I spent planning. A vacation. And it's a great analogy. You need a clear vision of your destination how do you wanna live how do you wanna spend your time. Who do you wanna spend it went for. What causes your import Indian what you wanna learn. What do you want to experience it take time write it down. Add as much detail as you can because this is your Disneyland. To have his place honors for you and your family. It's a tax cut up with big and it's time for another short break you're listening to lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show when I'm your host Glenn Merle. After the break we'll talk about the other steps she could take to make sure the decisions you make right now at this critical crossroad in your life will produce better results. We spent 25 years helping our members make decisions at these moments decisions that have changed your life for the better. Check this out at lifestyles a limited dot com if you wanna call. It's to a one prize fight date 5738. That's 2815585738. Copyright back. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation. Real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity buildup. Renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally the tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate. Which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how attend one of our free workshops or call 18669718974. Go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718974. Go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. 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Breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right herein by I like knowing things joined the right choice club the top thirteen seventy dot com and Julian enough just go to top thirteen MD dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seven these right Jolie's. Thirteen seventy. Active lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show on your house land marrow and today we're talking about how you know. You're at an important crossroad in your life without having to wait for hindsight and looking back. And to know how to make decisions right now that will lead you to the lifestyle you desire for you and your family. If you'd like to join me on the air give me college 2815585738. That's 2815585738. Today's show's been about identifying the signs that your at a crossroad in your life. Usually we identified as critical crossroads and the decisions that change your life in hindsight as we reflect back on her life. I'm minter can help PC to crossroads as it approaches. So you can make deliberate choices and choose the path that we'll take you to your desired destination. That lifestyle you want and deserve. The signs are there for all of us but they're really easy to ignore until someone points not TO and that's what I've done today I've pointed to now. Now you'll recognize that feeling of unrest and fatigue is assigned to slow down and pay attention to that decision sure making. You'll recognize when you're not living the lifestyle you truly want and you'll know what to do about it because. It's a little bit of time we have left here on the show today we're going to explore the force steps you can take when your at a critical crossroad in your life. To make sure you make the decisions that will lead you to the lifestyle you want. In the last segment we talked about the first slowdowns and envision your desired lifestyle your destination. In. The first thing you do is decide where to go you do researching look at all your options you decide on the vacation destination that will be the most country you. This is exactly the same exercise except it's much more important and an impact fall. So it takes time to really think about the life that will be the most fun trio. Could you wanna spend your time with what he wanted to do what you wanna learn and experience. And how do you wanna get back to other people. The more T tell you have the easier the next three steps will be. The second step is to decide how to create the lifestyle you've designed to. This is the travel route in our vacation analogy. What we drive fly take a vote for a bike or walk. Will we go on a straight line from where we are to our destination. Whether route involve more indirect path perhaps through the mountains of the desert. When you plan a road trip you enjoy those things right when designing your money you conceal mountains and deserts as obstacles. Or you can view them as experiences. Your journey will be easier if you can view them as experiences. Maybe you're in a desert right now. Are feeling like you're climbing an insurmountable mountain. It's part of the journey that's part of the experience. But it may be time to get back on the road. And move forward to work your goals especially now that you've brought them into focus. And your really clear on where you're going. In this second step you'll take an honest look at where you are right now then look at your destination. What will it take to get there. You might be really close literally right around the corner you can walk or take a short fight right and then you're there. And that is great if he were that close you know just make a few course corrections free pack your bags so you have the right things with UN in a short amount of time. You'll be living the lifestyle you just aren't. But maybe hear a little further away or even a lot further away and that's OK too because you're still going to get there. Your route we'll take a little more planning. It would take a little bit more time to make the trip. He'll need to pack more for the journey so that you prepared and comfortable. And you create the lifestyle you mentioned. In either case you might want some help. You might want someone. Who's made the trip before. This familiar with the roads familiar with the challenges along the way. And someone who consider just some great things for you do. All the way along your journey so it's fun and rewarding. That's when you know you need a miniature. Your manager should be someone who's familiar not only with the destination and the route that we do chosen transportation as well. So let's take our analogy back to our own lives right in mile life pilots are managers who are living a lifestyle like the one I wanted to. I wanted to freedom I want it to be our ability to get up every morning. And decide what I wanted to do I didn't want anybody else call the shots in my schedule I wanted to wake up. And figure out what I wanted to do today and who I wanted to do west. And then I looked for someone who used to seeing that I plan to use which was buy and hold real estate investing. Some Monday you had created wealth or passive income you're real estate investing and they re using those same math that's. And that's what I found lifestyles on limited and now you sound just do. Well it's time for another sharp break. I'm your host Munro and you're listening to the lifestyles on limited real estate investor radio show when we come back will wrap up today's show with the rest of first steps on how decisions. We strategy critical crossroad in your life you don't want to miss husband's a stay right there popping right back. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow. 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Long time lifestyles member Curtis Payne. The real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough feel for that's. If you were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten yards. That help other people you'd be one of the viewers no doubt about it do you have. This road maps of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of the thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Take Curtis Haines advice come meets a like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. Attend the workshop get you were mapped. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. A reminder to register for the special free money matters retirement seminar. Choose 1 PM or 7 PM Tuesday August 30 hotel grand duke if you're retired retiring soon don't miss it's. Get our current analysis of what to do with today's market. Find out how you can take advantage of gains while helping protect your retirement plan from a stock market crash. Learn how to properly diversify your portfolio of establishing Social Security was so much more threes are about money matters dot nets that's money matters dot net or call 809940302. Your season. You saw it. Good to go she. When it is why you'll be ready. And still. This is Dave's out right people a ball return Saturday September 3 at Boston's Jackie Holmes taught thirteen Saturday brings an about page tractors. Welcome back the last segment of today's lifestyles unlimited wrote stated. Master radio show I'm your host Glenn Murrow and we're wrapping up our conversation on how to identify when you are at a critical crossroad in your life. And how to make the decisions that will change your life for the better. Let's pick up right where we left off once you learn the signs to recognize your at a crossroad. Or you've passed it they need to turn around or even drag yourself have to ditch if you missed a turn. I have four steps you can take to make decisions it will change your life for the better and if you toward the lifestyle you desire for you in your family. The first step is to know what that lifestyle is. You need to know your destination the more. Say you think about it. Spend some time. Really contemplate what you love to do you. And what a perfect life could be trio. Frank and write it down. The second step is to plan your route and figure out how you're going to get there and our vacation now geez this is where you choose a car plane train of voter biker your own two feet. As a transportation and you select the route you're gonna travel some of us we'll have a longer journey. Some of us will have a journey that winds through mountains and goes down through deserts and others journey will be a little shorter and that's okay. Because life is about the experiences along the way. Which leads to our third stab considerate things that you do along the way. There's things you may need to learn to prepare you for the road ahead or to prepare you for your destination. They're experiences she may not won a message you travel. Almost every once we have to read director finances from consumer debt to debt that produce is passive income like Bristol will stay. But along the way you wanna enjoy your life to. So you planned for special events and experiences. You planned to buy a new car you plan to contribute to the charities that are meaningful to you. Do you plan to do anything else that inspires you in this part of your why the things that keep you going when times get tough. At lifestyles on limited we call this chump change. When you know what you want and how much it will cost you can plan to invest in rental real state it will produce enough passive income to fund that activity. So instead of saving money for a big family vacation and blowing that money on the vacation we're never gonna get that money back. You can save that money. And buy a piece of rental roasting. You compile a single family help. And let it sound all your future vacations and build equity on top of that. So instead of your money being gone on your money's actually invested. It's in the bank of 123 main street is sitting right here. And your tenant is building more equity and paying down that mortgage for you every month. And you and your family did you take that cash flow and go on vacation. Over and over and over again this is how people with a high net worth to create their lifestyle. They decide what they want and they create passive income to pay for it. They invest an income producing assets that pay for the things and the experiences they want out of their life. Canada isn't exclusive to them there's no magic about this and there's no secret I just show you how to do it. You can do it. Just like high net worth. People creating their lifestyle piece you can use the same strategies to create your lifestyle. Finally step number four. And the last only have time to cover today is to prepare for the journey. When you go on vacation you consider your destination for your method of travel all the things are due along the way it all the things you're gonna do when you get there. I need to kind of packed. You wanna bring all the things you need to participate and be comfortable. Tearing this experience steering this journey. And your life things exactly the same why. Now the have a clear picture of the lifestyle you wanna create and the road you're gonna travel to get from your current lifestyle to the one you desire for you and your family you have an idea of the things that you're gonna need to do want to do along the way. Like free pass then come to fund this new lifestyle an escape from your job force love your work at least make it a choice. Instead of meeting a paycheck. You can make a list of the skills you need. And the person you need to become. To accomplish your goals. Don't want sling has shown me and really hundreds of thousands of other people through his radio shows and the education and mentoring the lifestyles of one minute. Dead for real estate as the best vehicle for creating passive income we've seen that throughout the history of this company that the wealth. The best way to create wealth is through real stakes and passive income. Is the key to creating a lifestyle. I want for me and my family. That's what I learned from my mantra don't honestly I hope that you're going to consider now creating passive and come through real estate investing as well. We've done all we can do and are short time together today but if you want more help you can attend our free workshop and find out even more. You can sign up online at lifestyles. Unlimited dot com. Or you can call 866. 9456565. That's 8669456565. To sign up for free workshop near you. It's one of the first things you need to do to prepare for this journey. So our time on today shows come to an end it's been a delight to be with you my name is Lund Murrow and you've been listening to lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show remember you can do this. You can recognize these signs. You didn't know when you're at a crossroad it you can make the decisions you need to make to change your life. For the better. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles and limited real estate investor radio show I remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. And should not be construed as legal advancing north Texas nice results may very always consult a professional. Before making any financial decisions if you like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles unlimited please visit them online at lifestyles and unlimited dot com.