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Aug 14, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Up next is Christine hammered. The founder and CEO. Of swan songs and swan sciences. And experience in which musicians hope to inspire and honor. Through their performances their life intimate performances for people. These personal. Concerts are well if it's kind of hard for me to describe. Some just gonna go ahead and play Christine tell you all about it. Christine thank you for joining us in studio today. The organization that term ball to with a. Is swan song thanks Chris can you describe to our listeners what swan songs as. I would love to thank you for having me on. Swan song this is a nonprofit that fulfills. Musical last wishes. So if there's someone who is near the end of their life who's facing a terminal diagnosis. And has loved music they can Collins found songs and request. For a musician to come and perform for them one last time since they can no longer glad to hear them and they can request. Any style of music. Or a specific local regional. My Austin musician. And we bring that to them. Now you said viewers of the founder and CEO of swans until yes so what motivated Judith found this nonprofit organization. The original inspiration I am first of all and then Austin musician and as my lifelong career I've lived in Austin since 1982. And I am a professional musician. So the Genesis of it came from the experience. A singing for someone who was a fan of my music and who used to come out with his wife and hear me play regularly. And he was very ill and could no longer come out and she asked if I would come and sing for him. At their home his name is John swine. And it was very moving as a musician. To take your music to someone and you know how much it meant to them. So the idea was born man and along with my friend and co-founder as a woman named Gabe Logan. Who's Austin psychotherapist. And at the time she was very involved in hospice. And together we created the concept of swan songs it wasn't called swan songs that was in the early ninety's. I'm and it is it we did it informally for a number of years. I'm a much smaller scale the someone with with an illness like this at the end of their life could request music when I founded swan songs in 2005 her family. Created a nonprofit. And took the leap of faith to formalize it one of the reasons I did that. To create a structure for it so that we get to more outreach and more people could learn about it we can handle more requests but also says that we could raise funds. Too often the musicians and honorary him. So there's no charge to the family. For this but we do like to pay the musicians because we're counting on their expertise and their talent to their professionalism. And rather than constantly calling people and asking for favors felt. Have more integrity to me in as a way to support the music community and to acknowledge and their gifts. So that's worked out very well so then in 2005. Actually founded. This. Iteration of the organization. So we've been growing slowly and steadily and surely for eleven years now. And that sounds wonderful line and absolutely. What more of a beautiful wave in ninety. To just listen to music music I mean for me and I think just a lot of people have a love for mum. To have a live performance from have you considered just listening to something relaxing on in our radio. Now you have like a performer of like a couple feet have you. Yes and it's very intimate and it's also. Tailored to that person. So what might be meaningful for me is not the same thing that would be meaningful for someone Nelson and one of the surprising things for me over the years has been. The diversity of their requests and I really didn't expect that and it's. It's really a gratifying. Sometimes we just get on Google and we're doing and search for bad pipes and Austin you know if you could crest for bag pipes. Than ever share classical of this and we do a lot of mariachi. Polka. Right now or putting together one for a big band music another one for sixty's music. Say it changes as Irish songs it's Spanish ballads it's you know. Opera. Choral music. The Bette Midler songs you know whatever has been really special to someone. So do for the musician that's very powerful because you're going in. Knowing that what you do has been requested. That you are not. Questioning its already very sensitive environments so there's already a bit of you know a year is your uneasy a little bit when you go into especially the first time as a musician. Because it's such a and have. Intense environment and there's so much emotion in the room. With dean recipient an especially the family members. And it is for family members that's a lot of whom we serve I think because it gives the family and the friends. Something to common gather around with their loved one. Rather than focusing on the illness they're focusing on the music and they're sharing something. And then if you add to that defected to music. Is already a part of this person's history and a life and who they are. Everyone knows that everyone feels that and the musician feels the musician knows. You know. This person who loves mariachi music so they go and open hearted and offer their gift. And it. Surprisingly joyful most of the time it's very rich. A lot of varying emotions that and rich and vulnerable. In our villains pretty wide open more a situation. I mean yet a they can just to some magic and I don't know just thinking about the from relatives. That if I had access to this in my hometown let us sex certainly my grandmother would have them loved to have had something. Like this in her own home especially on her like her last days reshoot pushers motionless plane ride and I blew that all men. I don't know I would say. Even you speaking about are now under slave this is like so great that is where he's Haitian and you leave this. Yes Al is almost like it's a no brainer Janice is ours is disabled like we have this everywhere apparently wrote we're working on that yeah. The salute you mentioned they're growing and your you give your name out there do you have any events. That that that are really just re trying to spread the word. About swan song itself and what she did for the community right. Well we have we have an annual. I'm an annual event called the swan song this serenade. It's our annual fund raiser. But it goes features music and people bring guests and then they learn about the mission and then they come back the following years so it's see it's in music event. This year our guest artists is the Bellamy Brothers. And they're coming in to perform on October 20. At riverbend Centre for the arts. In years past weekend last year was Delbert McClinton the year before it was ray Benson. We've had Jerry Jeff walker allies to go to some and Jimmie Dale Gilmore and butch Hancock so we have a lot of support from the local music community and at that event. We do a silent auction. A live auction. A seated dinner an open bar and and then a concert. So it's it it's really a celebration of swan songs and it's also way that we raise funds to help I'm support our mission. Throughout the year and we're constantly doing concerts in homes none so opportunities like this for me to spread the word in the community. Four. People to volunteer we're volunteers liaisons that attend the concerts and acts sort of says the the connection between the musician and the family. And the hospice and we have to concert managers on staff that do all of you organizing on the front end. And then we send volunteers to actually attend the concert in two very gratifying work. So we have opportunities volunteer opportunities that are serenade her songs on serenade his or big public event. And right now we're. Putting together silent auction donations. And sponsorships. In a companies or individuals can sponsor a table and invite guests and attend the event and provide us with. And then the needed resources to keep an organization like this going. So for volunteers and and people listening are now. The easiest way would be either go to swan songs dot org yes and there's I see it get involved laden. Com and click on that and you can certainly go from anyone from performing to volunteering. Even donating. Them yes and we have. We developed some pretty. Robust forms on our website they're really helps because on somebody's interested and how volunteering at the front and the rear front end they fill out form and they tell us what their skills are and what days of the week they might be available and but they're interested in and and obviously. We then have follow up conversations and there are their realm of interest might change based on learning more about the organization that gives us a starting place. Like some people know. That would be too intense I can't sit in her room during one of the concerts but I'm grade at ad man I'll comment and help viewing your office or I'm grade and and fundraising and going out into the community and finding silent auction items we o's need help put that. I'm that the forms on the website kinda gives you some options to choose from and then we'll have follow up conversations. And I should say for the musicians as well that's the best ways to. Initiate contact with us because the first thing we're gonna do only talk to you on the phone is so what kind of music do you play in what are the styles and what are the different things and what. And this way they fill it out first we have a starting place and they can see all the different styles of music to choose from. That's not saying that. What they do if it's not on there isn't something that we're going to need to and so then they can fill out a narrative and describe more of what their strengths aren't. For instance one of her requests once was for Lithuanian accordion. And I would never thought to push checkbox of do you play live doing encourage we just deal is that when it comes and go home I think Ellen I ended up. Finding two posting on FaceBook and reaching out to friends in the eastern European music community in Austin and one person led me to another one to another locked. They found person yes we did. And someone come before. A musician gets involved it is there a trial period do they have to audition and there may be send a file an MP3 file to him. Yelled we do we actually do ask for her MP3 or. A link to a website with music that reaching here and the swan songs is really at a will work at a professional level so we're really working there's a lot of musicians out there that. Would love to volunteer their time or very generous and gracious. And who are not professional musicians are still might be just fine that we keep trying keep it at a quality and that. Professionalism that. When when these people going to a home they really rise to it and and put on a great performance because it is it's a concert. Now if you're just joining us you're listening to inside us and and I'm in the studio with Christine Albert CEO and founder of swan songs. Christine for listeners if they want a request. The concert have worked in the on their website to find that. There's that you go to swans Feinstein or gay and if there's also a form for that requests a concert because there's a line information we're going to need up front. The facility in the address and then patient's age and mud this situation is and what kind of music. And then they'll get a call right away from our concert manager whenever concert managers do you know or drama. And them and get more information. And then they need concert managers costar looking for the right musician and then start coordinating with the facility or family even musicians. The liaison. And you can also if you're not you know if you don't wanna be online doing this. Time you can go to our website and there's a phone number you can just call and it's 5124167926. So it's 512416. Swan. I was it was a lot of grace involved when I went to. To get a phone number and that number was available that's what it was all heck yeah meant to be exactly when that have a nice okay now I've got to stay committed I've got a phone number. Quote you know you've you've been doing this for sometime. What we're sorry your fondest memories. And messier there's so many of them but. And one. Powerful concert for me there there was a woman that. Was very ill and they request isn't. Jimmy LaFave. From local songwriter and musician who is also a good friend of mine. And so I think the ones especially when my my friends his music gallery love is involved it's is especially emotional but. We went and Jimmy and John Inman has guitar player played for her and her home and her husband there. And they were such big fans of his that they had to his lyrics engraved in their wedding bands but had never met him they just his music meant that much. So is very emotional to see them together. Kind of reliving their courtship and their relationship through his music. And then I'm like a year and a half later I got a request in she was still alive. I think her. Heart had been filled with so much joy from that concert or how I'm really thinks that she went into remission for a while. And then they said can we the second concert in the sky and Kennedy allies to go caucus and who's actually Don my very best friends and I'm so I got to go back again to that same couple but all their friends around. And they requested specific songs from allies and analyzes music plays. Behind a slide show on our website there's a slide show of photos from swan songs concerts is very powerful ones one analyzes songs called when we walk on. And she a lot of lot of songs that really. Very openly embrace and talk about that transition. And kind passing over to another world another life. And so it was very it was very moving that they were requesting those songs because that's those are the those of what they wanted to say to each other and those are the kind of reassuring comforting words that they wanted to hear. At that time. Those so those two concerts for the same recipient. And who happened to be. The requesting very close friends of mine was I was pretty emotional for me you have I think I can imagine how. I'm like yeah it gratifying it's like. You know I. But we're starting with gay Logan. Who helped the initial program and putting on songs together through all of the board members and all the people that have worked for us and all of our friends. And volunteers in the community it's definitely Bennett takes a village. And that support. Either I gain respect and appreciate it so much and when day. Go into one of these concerts I just feel like. Together we have done a really good thing to create keep this going and let it grow. And we are growing it into other communities where we would like to do data we have requests all the time you. And we have a pilot program right now and then hospice in South Dakota. And I'm Dan. They just were very established they really want this program so they've adopted swan songs as part of there hospice of us are you really in place and I knew the people involved I knew a lot of musicians out there. So we decided to go forests and as a pilot program I just got back from their last week. And they they've adopted swan songs and through the relationship with them we're kind of creating the template. For how we answer that question now one other communities come to customer not quite ready but we're getting closer all the time so we can say yes you can have a swan songs and this is how you do it. Well I can only imagine it's it's as an artist symptom dispute one of the most rewarding feelings. To see. Here just to see your work move in so many people as they all one intimate setting. No swan songs is around the around so anybody can come in their request. A concert at any time that through and through your web sites wants audience dot org. But numb and we do have the fund raiser on October 20 yes October 20 at riverbend Centre for the arts and now and and logged. While donating is is I'm shared taken all year round. You know assert is there anything that you would like to have. I'm glad you said that because right now I'm between now and the event on October 20 we have a new. A new project annual. Initiative that we're going to do every year called remember and reflect. Where people can donate. In honor or memory of someone who's close to them and they don't have to have passed away. But quite often it is in memory ones or an honor someone that has meant a lot to you. And we're building a virtual wall at our website at photos if you'd like to submit a photo so you make. A donation for instance I'm. And I you know we donate my husband my donated in memory of my mother in law so there's a picture of her on there. And at the event on October 20. At riverbend Centre. We'll have physical wall right now as a virtual wall on our website and then we'll have photos and the names of all the people that have been donated in memory and a and starting next year we hope to have it evolved into an annual gathering a memorial gathering for all the families that we served and so that all of us. Families. And the musicians and the liaisons have attended concerts can all come together and sort of celebrate the lives of the people that have been touched. And so this year we. You know we've we created this. Recently so we didn't have time to pull that together but we're looking ahead to next year's to have. Sort of are an opportunity to remember and reflect as the name of it. So we don't lose touch with our families they have a chance to come back. When they're maybe a little bit more removed from the intensity is losing their loved one they can come back and remember them again. Poker seemed. Allan thank you for your coming in today and step in and speaking about this spreading the word. I hope it. Honestly goes everywhere my head I can visit it sounds like a great thing. And there's a lot of artists out there is a lot of talented people and there's a lot of people that would certainly love to listen music. Yeah I think so and there's the other is a wonderful network of musicians all over the country indeed. Pretty easy to tap into and you know the got a thing called the worldwide web Obama. They enter aware of the. Christine thank you for joining us that I. I thank you so much for their opportunity really appreciate it. And swan song serenade when he sixteen with a Bellamy Brothers is October 20. At the riverbend Centre for the arts for any information on the event or to get involved with swan songs yourself. He can visit swan songs dot org again that's X one SW pain and songs. You're going to use this. You're going to need us. I. All of its. It's going to need or technical skills and I'm Max and engineering students. He's going to eat and how quick you want to. He and you're fit. You're going to need their organizational skills her problem solving skills. You're going to need a determination. Our aunts our compassion. You're going to need the next generation of leaders to face the challenges this future will bring. And we comics. Who people. Today. For age is going the next generation of leaders. Support adds up for apes and go to work. It 632 PM. Time for Steve Plano and his son Dylan to do the dishes they talk about everything from the asking this of girls to the awesome tennis of his soccer team. Sometimes they don't talk at all then. The credit splash fight a Danica. And it's the best time of the day. Because the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. Take time to be a dad today call 8774 dad 411 or visit fatherhood dot gov brought you by the US department of health and human services and the ad council. Put them back. To the capture up next we have Niko. Because it was a member of their children that group that's tried the gluten especially for the sunspots and people choose from the moment and of course companionship just concussions front. Sections that place and see how she cools open couples have Goosen. The pitch on her purring simply perfect nice one fantastic cat but. Really the best way to know an amazing shot to pet like neat it was to meet one whose that this took to put project dot org today. Adopt what Cuba and that is on the human society United States in the council. Our whole mission of the news of out who weren't so we're not the ones are gonna enter cancer and up once you're gonna cure prostate cancer. We want you to get ahead of so you have to suffer from prostate cancer said. Joining us today on inside Allison is Davis Tucker in the founder. 14100 miles dot com am 14100 miles outcome is about prostate health information. Awareness and action and Davis came in to speak about prostate awareness and the Austin community right happening on August 27. Your ball know what that and the need for volunteers. And their big write the 14100 miles happening September 18. Davis I want to thank you for taking some time out of your game joining us on inside Austin Austin. The city itself it's it's very healthy there's there's a lot of people you know you can drive down a Sunday morning with our. You know running into a bunch of cycle list or runners right so I just wanna go ahead and get a quick background. On the nonprofit you run and how he got its ardent but it. So. 14100 miles which we are now move into don't through the finger dot org. Eyes and non profit for prostate health policy health awareness where I got started with about news. Our minor debris operations of north and northwest rostrum romo's best way of prostate cancer about fourteen years ago now. And I he is pretty much Myron. Combination brother mentor for brewing father figure almost so I it was very intense for me and I wanted to do something that I could honor of the difficulties he went through he's still suffers from the effects of the prostate cancer is still with us. Which is great but. I want to do something that would give guys an opportunity to get ahead of it we talk about. Don't through the finger obviously with prostate exams is so globally humor. And then we tie in our of our bikes and beer and humor to get to get our point across. You gay keep mentioning don't fear the finger and one that rated online site. And even when you say renowned. Kind of biting my and my tongue to not laugh about Africa Irsay. Come what may do I am very curious a what made you like think of that slogan make it's it's so catchy. Like you described under website lake gets funny the lake yeah you are thinking about it right. Well and that's an exact through one of guys to think about it and Schumer is not helpful tool I think that I am in anything really but particularly when it's something as personal. And guys horror particularly. I threw some more worried I guess are concerned about maybe going to get prostate exam because of or cult DRU which is actually a digital rectal exam and son not a digital was then. Digits on the computer it's vigilance and the fingers that are forward don't fear the finger he and most everybody I'm does think it's over humorous and hopefully it lightens the mood a little bit and guys. Who were pretty stubborn for the most part. Rule. Keep that in mind and if you didn't sink him today maybe it's things Tim Mueller going for their first their physical exam. And they go the physical exam they remember bastard doctor page you know. Is it time is it time for me to be getting my prostate checked because after forty particularly it's resistance in your family it's really important to be doing that. And and it's at the age that he should be asking your doctor because usually the doctor will bring it up if you're in their fur routine physical but. For young ladies and men who don't really like go to physicals. Every year every other year. I won't pass the age of forty is one nation real would be keeping a mile per especially if it is in your family doctors sometimes won't give you prostate exam when you're forty go toe to wait till fifty and he and while IE certainly don't want to I'd get into. A discussion of doctors on what's better or worse. I know that we have stories about individuals who we've talked with who actually because they did get checked early actually found that they did have. Some issues and were able to get ahead of and actually make sure that they didn't suffer the same consequences of somebody who would've waited till later. So forty is definitely fits in your family. You should be doing checked and I just think it's a good idea and you can always ask the doctor sometimes. There won't we won't to do it but if you particularly are asking for the digital exam. On that in combination of what's called PSA which is we'll give you a blood number it would give you a number of that. Will actually give you a baseline to work from PSAs early controversial these days but they are a good number work with in addition to. The digital exam. So you just mentioned that there about three exam so much Cotto for prostate exam well really it's to me it's the new stats against the it's the GRE. Britain's channel were digital rectal exam and he Columbia arteries and in the PSA the PSA is one draw. And they rule taken blood and mayor there markers that will say whether you are at risk. For prostate cancer and that's basically a number and if it's. If your point 020. Okay are absolutely no problem. If you are point if you're at four within yes you definitely haven't an issue that should be checked out. This is gonna vary in every every person so that's why it's important to be combining it with the DR re. And talk to your doctor about it because. If you have a conversation openly even you can actually decide do you need to be doing more expiration or not. We don't want to have people overdoing things in terms of medical procedures we're also don't want people under doing. So pay it that the key point is to maybe just not wait. More so than anything just don't wait make sure you're getting checked ask your doctor about it. If he is reticent to do it in my one lone talked through another physicians if they would be ruling. Thumb but in general yes don't wait when it comes your crosses the way when it comes your health in general why cycling to raise awareness while problem we've. The easiest answers as to some cyclist. Okay how pathetic so. He has looked pretty in shape now as is like I know he he does something with high Carty because I was and we myself I'm more of a runner okay. My wipes or what's marathoner and time and a phenomenal phenomenal marathoner. Unfortunately. I'm slow on the on the ground the wheels however the slow to pay ahead. And so so yeah I'm a cyclist. End. The cycling community tends to be more male oriented. So we thought that was a good time and and then also because I am in the craft for your business and have been doing craft rear since 1987. The majority of craft beer drinkers and journalism are also meant so we've got a good combination between my slightly amend my area I craft beer community. Put that together with. The group of guys from who were more involved in those items to get the word out and doing something like a crazy fortune under a mile ride over the course of two weeks. Gets people pay attention as well also want to thank you guys think him you know that's a long way we can beef just do the math it's fourteen days working under miles it's hundred miles never today. Somebody is more somebody is less. But it gets people have to think about it and say at all. While humor into this is worth checking into or at least at least clear they don't look at the website and that gets them again thinking about the prostate health. He could you speak a little more about like the 1410000. Miles like where where is it maps out its. I mean you keeps you mentioned and I'm just like okay well. That's how I like that sort of France the lake where they start her or does it and right oh I loved beautiful places in the right right well. Actually one of the most beautiful days to me is the very first very rewrite out of Austin the Austin, Texas whole country is just phenomenal. It's actually our second largest day of all of total climbing because we have so many ups and downs in the in the Texas hill country. So we arrived from Austin brown would that's a 140 miles the first English erection shorn a little bit to a hundred and warning. Because in years past we've figured out that people weren't just about done that a 112 miles for a given day. So we'll be starting off at some good friends of ours at read more and bring him coffee. 1431. And former lame. So we'll start there on August is to be on numb September 18 and starter right to brown would. From brown would we start a series of trips we go to sweet water. The next they pursue order real love it I will tell you that's a very a couple of flat. Very the long distance vision day's heat we're still in Texas and we are still in Texas Texas a full three and a half days to get out of Texas. Our third day of pride in we get into love recommend the force they're bright and we actually get to close New Mexico. And so once for a New Mexico we start have mourned north. Go to Santa rose which is right on highway 66. And now. That's really kind of kind of cornerstones are for highway 66 months America further north and have a very long they're actually up to a Santa Fe, New Mexico. And then we do take a day off in Santa Fe, New Mexico and we have a group of thinner that we're going to be doing some events worth. And then from San affair we work our way out and I can. Give you day by day if you like but we also row we end up going to us from Santa Fe. We go on up through and Colorado we go to actually the second day after school center we go to town called obvious Q. And attitude is short right that day but we extend a little bit out into the canyons just outside about Q. And then the following morning we start writing and go to produce springs Colorado. That's about another 120 miles back to is that is beautiful yeah it really. That section of of love road between I'd be cute and produces springs is probably one of the most gorgeous sections of road and river I've ever written or driven. It's when you leave obvious Q do you it's sort awful plateau and as you start to descend down and whose value. You see these colors in these canyons that really even reminded me of the grand came in the gorgeous beautiful wonderful cause these reds and yellows and we called Kunduz which are sort of these these fires of stone. And then there's a natural amphitheater. Out there that we rode up to last year just to take a look at it is so beautiful with a rock and everything behind you. From Burgos we have a shorter day over wolf creek pass the wolf creek passes they're really nice climb. It's his way out they way they have vented beautiful beautiful climb. A great challenge. And the guys really enjoy it enjoy the ride. And you can take it that your own pace or you can decide okay I'm going to be the first guy who topped. And then the great part about that is good about a year fifteen mile descent down the other side which you can do some really great speeds if you like battery can take it easy. Then again you've got this beautiful descent to strum along this creek that goes along just. You can hear the water run and then. You do as you continue descend on down we end up in the town called south fork. And self work as is fairly small town from there we had north and it should go to Lebanon over the next thing. And by a smaller with the liberal 100 it's very others who have both by Chris known by Chris and they've running race. That's that led though I believe bundles like 121000 feet. And so lines high high altitude so once were writing and electoral. It gets pretty tough on the on the longest. And then from landfill we write the next day to grandy. Grand B is just outside of bra Rocky Mountain National Park there's a postal grand lake. Which just my point of interest on my wife and I my now wife and I were married. At ten grand like Lester on the Ryder. Oh nice to we got married we are planning to marry in March and then she was hoping with a grudge and I'm kind of tired of organizing things can we just could Riordan's has done he hit and I said sure and so we have when you were coming up to Graham blatant. So all the guys pulled up to their kids than their we all were. We're in the black kind of cycling kits that day from post six brewing company. And we're all ruled out man should not come out there early as the real roller may have ceremonial gentleman who tried with assumed five year old to remind people Waldheim. Who rides his bike like crazy and also is actually prostate cancer sufferer who he wrote in to run over a thousand miles of all right Lester what this. And they did finish the right he's from the Denver area. But he married us and then we got on the bike and rode the top of the mountain in the recommend national park on the trail ridge road which is beautiful. Unfortunately the winds up there were about forty miles an hour that day it's not always that way yes but counsel my wife was Merrill Lynch can descending. We actually got in the car and then the rest for guys to send a better time than mu went home to go on down into. Lions Colorado and then from lions. That next very went to you buster we stopped at a time Oscar blues who's now Peru relocated here in town. Renting their lines than numb. We and had dinner in Beers there that's one of the great things about the trip is that we. Because I am in the craft beer industry retired the solar and that's kind of why we do to secure this route as we title and with a different craft brewers a long way. And I actually missed today we go back the slider to let slide it'll until so it's self portrait slider and saliva political. On that's a self portrait slide a day you actually go by the great sense national park. Which can conceal from the distance it's that's wonderful. We've been very lucky the years we've written that sections were usually get much when he milestone plastering the third and on our tail went. Which was fantastic because you can Telluride not a whole lot of work. But there's and also it's like everything about that was there's debris in saliva. That we stopped out there as well and so. When we finish up reliance the next day we actually. Rides on down into Denver and in Denver where there are times on Sunday and we have an event at Tom. Falling rock. Pub for a probe was started by Chris black and his brother Chris black is actually from Austin originally. And he worked with me way back from there mr. Lugar culpa concert longer 1987. And so we're still good friends may have an event force there at their place in moto down in downtown Denver. And then through much the road the ride is done but that's the Wii too great American professed. Yeah and oh we finish it up with the great American her first full we have events that are tied in to dole for the finger and we've got. Cycling events oval the shoe will have to kicker trainers there and you can challenge your your body donate five dollars to. We're 200 miles and don't for its finger and challenger buddy and whoever produces the most Watson most phone suffered over thirty seconds when severe. Case. Stats are expected time and exercise appears likely that Federer is planning it all sounds like. A fine and then one hell of a trip ten people still entered for the right should they they are still if you go to 14100 miles thought com there's loop of you can click on the big ride. And the big righted as a fund raiser and we do desperate to raise funds you can do as little was three days of the ride. Or all fourteen of the rod okay calm and his fund raiser and all we have to charities are two groups we were with maturity call punts for prostate switch. Does what we do in general just all year round we are more specifically focused this time of year where they're. Getting guys to talk about this at different events around the country all year round and so we donate to them. And then we have PC EC which the prostate conditions education council and it took me long time to get cut straight. But they will do blood work they will do the the PSA exams for free. And so while we donate to them in order to promote the B. Taken of those PSA exams at all different events in a different events around the country as well. So you can go get your PSA in the provide actually it's some owner also with the blood work that they provided to you when he will be doing those that are Vinson Denver. As well as sun the other activation so we've got to go moment. People can still register for that they can also register for one day arrived to which we called Austin community right. That is on August 27 and will be out at twister vick's brewing company. I'm we've got roots of 2040 and sixty miles for about. And we also who is who you know speaking of earlier. I need volunteers so if you wanna come out and just you can come right you don't you can go to web sites without as well when you click on when you go to 14100 miles dot com. And click on the Austin community arrival of the volunteer but mayor. And you can volunteer and in exchange for volunteering you'll be able to have some great barbecue I don't read sports should in north by northwestern reds will be doing barbecue. And through forests. They'll be a lot of great craft Beers up they're not only from posted expo from several others north by northwest. And our friends out Hopson grain will be either but stand brew will be better. Providing beer and refreshments for the folks who have written as wells the volunteers so you can click on. The vulture about volunteer if you just wanna come out with your spouse or significant other who's writing. You can come out and just even drink my own. Then he'd be barbecue and drink beer with us and that's that's only ten dollars before they let's support that yet support exactly all that support and so. Biehl and and it sometimes it makes it easier to. Lot of times folks who have cyclists. As husbands or wives or significant others very. Have to suffer with the fact that. You can go right for how long. You know their spouse or their friend or whomever. And we give them an option and it is only ten dollars to go to improve her craft beer and barbecue that your interest and in particular you know and obviously on the underside within reason and paying attention to. Consumption levels. And that is August when he said that's obviously sent don't and that's called the Austin community right 2016. Brett and where where's the meat of that again the media for that is that twisted ex Bruin midsection in the whole country right outside of dripping springs okay beautiful location beautiful rides I'm there and all of the signage and signed postings for the ride we do them and know what's called chalk paint on the road. So it'll wash off runs totally about regrettable totally environment friendly. But it lets us have plenty of notification so we used to turn coming up you'll see it on the road but that is a sinuses don't for the finger and hand pointing the direction you need to be going three and so that'll be all over the roads and it'll be in our traditional blue blue. And about that brighter blue color is the traditional color for prostate health awareness. Oh something that is just it's a funny asides that. Peter Walton and more mentioned when we're on the bike last year. We arrived long I think somewhere in New Mexico and you get a lot of time. To talk because you're on the bike for you know quite awhile on this enjoyable and truly beautiful out their big girl and your override at a moderate pace. So while you were talking about earlier for now people like to thank all my gosh I could never good fortune and most well known fact you can. We have guys that time. Ride your bikes may be only you know. Hundred miles a month of the most of it done right with us. And it's a matter of setting in comparison to compare herself from paying and paying attention to how you're feeling on the bike which is also a good metaphor for. Your health in your arsenal to but but Peter said the reason I did this ride is because you guys are working the front end off the backhand. And professor Helton was coming here yet because there's really are our whole mission is about awareness. We're not the ones are gonna cure cancer or not once you're gonna cure prostate cancer we want you to get ahead of it so you have to suffer from prostate cancer. If you can get the information you need and get things taken care and future body in line with where you need to be. Then the odds if you having to suffer from prostate cancer burden significantly diminished. Come one thing that they've found some major contributor to. Prostate cancer is and what we call trunk you'll obesity. Which means just belly fat around the waist. So certainly cycling is a good way to any kind of exercise on studio I don't want a lot of wanted to say cyclones only way to get there you know more combat. Reducing that right around the waist belly fat is one of the best things you can do. To improve your obviously helped in general guarantee for heart health as well. You may have shown that this is one of the best ways to reduce your incidence of prostate cancers so I just burning as many calories as he can. And an end and just keeping keeping fit and and that thing we know is that it's just convinced that you and all kinds of ways from mental health standpoint as well. What this meant to warmer time because it is so close is event on the calendar the Austin community ride. August 27 and people can go to fourteen under miles dot com to British Serena correct correct and registration is 45 dollars if you register before the day of the event against your two dollars on the day of the event. And again we arsenal also are looking for volunteers who you can also register on the website for volunteers. Would love to have a bunch folks coming down right ruthless we haven't it's a beautiful day in no country. Pastor register phenomenal ride rehab folks who really really enjoyed themselves and a lot of great compliments on him. So root for another great ride this year I just really hope it cools Alfre. Half well you know we didn't actually know last year we got lucky and knock on the move. We. Had a cool very bad day it was really kind of interest in him one too particularly hot. We do starter who will restart the ride early in the morning I believe are far longer ride starts at seven or 731. Publisher wrote that bit. And so we trying to keep people authors. Didn't interview today. But it is. I'm gonna count on the my family being part of an Irish in her the luck of the Irish to have crevices of cooled in the home country even better. Now do you have any recommendations for anyone that would like to write is an open to everyone. But I mean since there's a chance that it could be hot would you prefer people that are well hydrated that day well you definitely do well hydrated anybody who's writing should do a hundred we do you have rest stops along the way in a cast votes for supported rides to your going to be able to stop and if you take your time exactly if you can if you're doing the twenty mile ride. When you were were happy if you you know role would you miles an hour you can take a tad easier you can roll it. Twenty miles an hour under the sixty mile right either way or but he anywhere between their even. Animal model less likely embodies our race out of the driveway series almost Thursday's which is criteria answers turned down. And rope more of those guys come out they'll do it really quickly will be done voted for most of us will be put. But yeah that hydration issues very important any time and in Texas a different opinion on BB well hydrated it's better. If you can hydrate starting a couple of days out even I would almost say hydrated in advance. Is more important than riding in advance death anybody's to be able do these rides a failure favor in the bike at all they're going to be able do these rights. It's a matter of making sure your hydrated and fueled. We also have with the rest stops we have cliff bars at the restaurant we have shot want to throw stops we have. Cook is always have cookies because my seems to love with the rest stops. And bananas and peanut butter jelly sandwich is so we keep people hydrated. I have a joke sometimes that I think I gain weight on the one may arrive as. They're losing weight is in stopping generous people with the rest stops and it's a lot of fun to have went. And just one more question. So for anyone that has a bike it can be a road bike can be a mountain bike erode by two mountain bike he can be a hybrid a lot of guys who recycle Prosser and Tanya rider crossed like if you like because it is all paved roads. Tandem bikes have absolutely can't mikes are simple welcome I'll. One of my favorite things to do is get behind the tandem bike America's you can really get the draft off room attendant the benefit. Well that's Gray Davis thank you so much for joining us is there anything else to do wanna add. The most important thing for me about all of this news. Paying attention it can save you so much harder if you just get out ahead of it. You know if you're talking about a somebody's brother or dad when you think of him in terms of those things in terms of family thing to them terms people you love that you see on a daily basis. That their response been going on inside of them right now that's. If it's easily detectable and then can be dealt with once you know it's an issue. Just to wait. Don't. Suffer needlessly and put your family through those kinds of that's the effect the kind of suffering and pain that will go through. If you won't do it for yourself to look for them and that's what I say the other way around if you have a husband or brother or son. That is reticent to do these things. Bug him about it given to do it you know sometimes people don't like to be nag but sometimes you gotta be squeaky. And this it's important and it's so important. You know I'm almost lost my best friends to this disease. The end for me it's very personal. And if you can disable. One person for me that's what the sold out a fight to save one persons have one family the suffering that they would go through because than the fact of their family member didn't get ahead of this disease I feel like we've accomplished something. I. To volunteer for the Austin community ride or to register for the right itself. You can visit 14100 miles dot com the same goes for the. Big gripe the 14100 miles then again at 14100 miles on a calm and his Davis would say. Don't fear the finger. I simply can still make an impression and my man can bring others a bright future because when I don't he must have to deal will helps one job placement and change for people over in my community goodwill donate stuff to create jobs find you nearest donation center and quilt out of work are you going to win in the council. Back to the dog track up next we have such growth such who's a member of the shelter pet group that's trying to recruit known especially for their coach smuggling Maltese and based on the internal thinking backyard and of course companionship. But what breed would you say such memories. I need to do with medium lavished through your home to home looking kind of mix. Tremendous Stowe and I don't select and essentials coloring. In brown black and simply marvelous. Yeah it's such a treat to watch you don't practice. He mixed on contact with your spouse. That's actually known as the tree stand how intuitive. And now it appears the excitement and running in circles. Happy to have it's so common with this group. And finally there's nothing fixed. We can't just gets in there and well Linux fantastic but really the best way to know an amazing shot to pay my attachment is to meet one. As additional to pet project dot org today adopt what Cuba and that is on the Humane Society of the United States in the council. Welcome back to the dog track. Up next we have such growth such who's a member of the shelter pet group that's trying to recruit new especially for their coach smuggling Maltese and face the internal thinking backyard and of course companionship. But what breed would you say such memories. I need to do with medium lavished through your own twelve looking kind of mix. Two men to bestow a consulate and essentials coloring. In brown black and simply marvelous. Yeah it's such a treat to what you don't like this. He makes eye contact with your spouse that's actually known as the tree stand. How intuitive. And now he appears excitement and running in circles. Happy to have it's so common with this group. And finally the loving face. We can't just gets in there and well Linux fantastic but really the best way to know an amazing shot to pay my attachment is to meet one. It's official to pet project dot org today adopt what Cuba and that is from the Humane Society of the United States in the council. Welcome back to inside Austin we have one last story for you today. Courtney need the marketing manager for them to the Osce humane society. I've called in to speak about a very special. Dog that unfortunately. Was hit by Clark. He needs surgery. And most importantly. He needs your help. Courtney thank you for joining us on inside Austin today. You're with what the Osce humane society. Is that correct yeah crack and so I brought 21. Under on the show today because. There's a special a special dog that needs a lot of help and a lot of care correct. There says yes the name of Cho here today beautiful brown and black out in the big noise about ninety pounds. And he came in that hit the south served. Just about a week ago. And he had sustained some serious injury is that we think he was hit by cars out yet they have like a broken hip and his knees were pretty discharged from that yeah he's we've been calling until the broken vodka at. Allow. So how's he holding up so far Aziz is he in good spear such. He isn't good spirit he and you know we're very happy that he came in Turkey where weird. Taking very good care of him we have an amazing clinic came onsite here. I'm actually happen in my office all day yesterday he had just landing right next to me while I work so he's getting lots of attention and then. And affection. And obviously he's medicated right now because he's in pain. And so what exactly does does Joseph need right now. So those I'm hip injury is actually going he'll honor on tour we have to we a little bit for him to get surgery each. They need surgery on his knees he. Toward them. Ligaments and muscles and it means that he can't pretty unbearable to walk on he's having a pretty hard time getting around and he's not a lot of pain in the Serbia there in editor of the serious surgery term wellbeing. And and what's see the estimated cost right now forward for his. Surgery. She had surgery is estimated to be around 3500 dollars. And so you're doing it. A little bit of a fund raising under web site. We are yap and actually what you mean and we we lots of peace church had just yesterday and we have actually raised enough funding for him. However. Then there figure out a lot of these text that case that's so we have a lot of other animals. You know if anyone wanted to donate toward channel. We can cover his surgery but also start directing those funds towards other animals for example we have not. A puppy named bishop who also hit a car and got chopped and yet the broken left leg which requires sprinting and surging continual monitoring in the we have some rather animals that are carried out the need surgery so. The funding and though is going to do it an amazing cause and helping us improve the lives of so many animals and are there. Absolutely and it just say it doesn't stop when Joseph paid like you said it's a there's plenty of other animals and need help right now. Now. What web say to dealt with to make any donations for helping out these animals who if for anyone listening or can they be directed. If you go to huge not to humane society dot org. Slash help. So now. That god is Joe's son specifically and that and anything over than 3500 for his surgery will go towards others specific medical case as if anyone wanted to make a general donation and I'd just says public care for animals indicative that and humane society dot org slash give. Okay. And and is Joe's still up for adoption made it does Joe's so need a forever home. He he will need their forever home he's not available for adoption yet we have to wait until he's. Foley matter so right now we we are looking for a posture for talent. Someone who talked to him now and then threw his medical treatment which. After he get surgery on knees probably about a few months. Physical therapy lack. The doctor Richard Clark attempted to help him. Learn how to you'd have legs again. So if anyone out there as if wanting to. Posture than we play you know we're we're looking for and Mickey Mouse doctor to care app of the humane society dot org. Now to before we go any further. Because I percent to EC picture of Joseph long line. And then you hear the word Foster. And and you see the pain days and and and the natural humane thing to do so wanna like. Bring the dog and here all my arms and Mike you know take care remind your own but Joe's probably gonna need. Lots of attention correct. He yacht he does right now to use you know he's a lot of pain that you really want saying not only just emotionally he's plotting some. He men. Human companionship around him are trying their most of the time. Obviously after the surgery when he'll be dealing and dealing with the typical therapy at Powell. Will need to want to carpenter about of course. So preferably someone and that that has a lot of a lot of time to scale it and love to give to the dog. Exactly time and loved definitely like if someone. Who works from home I know there's a lot of work from home dot and options were hooking up and that is something like about it. Yeah no absolutely hey if I didn't have to be at the radio station for eight hours a day I or if I could bring him here I would absolutely do that he's. That's sweet glad I don't doubt battle and a good place to it's just you know we'd have to plan. The right person didn't. Yeah well up you know real quick before we go now. How. At the at piazza humane society. Do you always need help and you always need volunteers for anyone listening and and you would like to get involve a home where can they go visit. They can't come there's so that's. We're located at 124 left Anderson lane. A 183 and thirty times and our section or they could go on line too often he means society that are compared to age. Cap on top doesn't get involved I have all of it. The information on volunteering and posturing. Oh well that that's also might you know of I wanna thank you so much for joining us today and ansari cornea tripped over my words ridiculous kind of way toward Elena Allan thank you so much for joining us today. And I wanna leave our viewers with any final thoughts on anything you would like to add. That we're just very. Great all just Terry has resonated with so many people and it's to doing what I do want to note that. He's done that goes. Toward chest surgery and even beyond this surgery elastic such an animal like and that required these extensive and expensive surgery is. But you know we're nonprofits so. We rely and the donations to. They actually. Picked and he'll leave animals and get them like they deserved to thank you offered donating and helping out. Again I make any donations order volunteer for the Austin humane society. You can visit us in humane society dot org again that's awesome humane society dot org I remember just because. The raise enough money. For Jones. It doesn't mean that there's not another life they can help. This has been in times.